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January 19, 2012

Death’s Radio

It’s an interesting little meme used by Greg Bear.

Not quite the same thing, but sorta related and more likely to be felt by the average MGTOW is the “unknown but familiar and wholly understood signal from outside” we get when we stumble across a situation wherein a mangina / niggerz gets shit tested on the NAWALT catechism.

By way of example, some of us older guys, when listening to a young guy express shock and horror at the idea that his girl might have had more cock than previously suspected, and getting that “ping” over Death’s Radio from the same thing in their own past, from the long dead and buried mangina / white knight that they used to be…

The pic on the right is however a classic example of a ping from Death’s Radio being completely unrecognised, and treated as alien, probably hostile and malicious… skank ho mummy has a total and complete disconnect from her own feminazi cultural lifestyle and her young thug doing the two in the pink and one in the stink hand jive.

The next pic is of another skank ho mummy, and her own teenage sons copping a quick feel of her tits… the youngest boy is probably far enough into puberty that the paedo label cannot be applied, and the tits in question are covered so the sexual contact is limited enough the incest label cannot be applied, however, it is at the very least faintly disturbing.

Contrast the expressions on the boy’s faces, they are slurpy / sucky / sexual fuck faces, these boys are thinking about sex, not the comfort and innocence of breastfeeding, with the expression on skank ho mummy’s face, she is enjoying the taboo…. let us not forget the crucifix in the cleavage… a fine religious mummy… lmfao

This second picture may not be quite as obvious to the newer MGTOW’s, or to those who do not fuck skank ho’s for a hobby, in terms of the Death’s Radio signal that it is sending.

Those of you who do fuck skank ho mummies and have done for some time will inevitably have come across the situation where skank ho mummy is quite happy to indulge in sexual behaviour with you, in circumstances that make you feel decidedly uncomfortable, due to the proximity of her kids.

The fact is if either of these photos were reversed, a dad holding a pubescent daughter who made a hand gesture simulating a hand-job, or a dad with his two pubescent daughters with a hand each cupping his crotch, then not only would he lose custody / access to his own kids, not only would he be investigated and probably charged and maybe even convicted of child sexual abuse, the most significant factor is that in both cases a dad would have an expression of sheer fucking terror on his face…

In fact even sitting safely at home and looking at these pictures and just CONTEMPLATING the personal consequences of a role reversal would have most men paying a quick trip to the toilet.

Not many men end up with custody of their kids, and being straight I don’t fuck those that do, but I cannot imagine them being happy to fuck they new girlfriend on the sofa while the kids are still awake and floating around the house, a circumstance that at least 30% of the skank ho mummies I fuck are quite happy to do.

Of course the real Death’s Radio ping is when these exact same wimminz who indulged in this exact same behaviour (clue… AWALT) then turn around and accuse your entirely innocent self of the most indecent and disgusting acts, and all the feminazi state storm-troopers leap to arrest your ass and generally end your life as you knew it.

You get a Death’s Radio ping from the person you used to be, the father who loved his newborn children so much he carried them down to the shops rather than spend any time away from them (while skank ho mummy is “recovering” from the “ordeal” that is a western woman’s pregnancy and childbirth) a person who is now dead, and who has been replaced “Body snatcher” style, with a person who is now considered to be a sexual risk to that same child, and who has simply adapted to survive, and who has learned that AWALT, and wimminz and like police, the only ones you can trust are in the graveyard, and even then, best to keep one eye on them…

And then you remember, that tee shirt you bought in 1977, it said “as you are now, I once was, as I am now, you will never be” and you start to wonder, maybe Death’s Radio is like the cosmic background radiation, it has always been there, but you have to have your own baptism of fire before you become attuned to it.

Given enough time, you realise Death’s Radio isn’t just a signal, a ping, there is a lot of groove, a lot of beat, a lot of rhythm going on… Death’s Radio is pirate peer to peer radio for MGTOW, not broadcast, not one to many, but peer to peer pirate radio.

Death’s Radio is the special glasses in the immaculate They Live, We Sleep.

Turn on, tune in, drop out.


  1. the double standard is probably the big reason why a wimminz always get custody. Courts don’t trust daddy, and a wimminz doesn’t want the courts to trust daddy. However genetic daddy is only the first derivative of risk. The second derivative is harder for the family courts to conceptualize, but far more risky, that being the parade of strange cock a skank ho wimminz will expose her children to over the years until they are old enough to leave home.

    Compounding matters is that a wimminz don’t do discipline in the same way as a husband, so we get that portrayed in the photos above. Even when the boys are from intact homes, a great number of their peers at the government school will be the rot of a single mother skank ho parading a caravan of strange, who are plenty happy to show all their friends how to flash the two in the pink one in the stink for a “family” photo.

    The irony is that these feral boys are likely to be fairly street smart by the time they are 16, and considered “alpha”. So we will probably see them posted to hot chicks with douche bags with their tribal tattoos and flashing the two in the pink, while a pretty wimminz grins.

    Comment by anonymous — January 20, 2012 @ 12:29 am

      • I’ve made some postings on the usual manosphere blogs regarding automatic father custody, but they get very little commentary, so I am inclined to think that most men don’t care about that. It would make an interesting study to learn what percentage of fathers would actually take sole custody if giving first choice. As for me, all the other topics in MRA are mainly noise. If a man has no claim on his own kids within a marriage contract, then society has gone ghetto, and we should adjust our expectations and actions accordingly.

        Comment by anonymous — January 20, 2012 @ 1:28 am

      • Heh, my good sir I do believe I found that article, too. I hit them with some good old ‘nadsat’ for the guff of it all. We – as men – are on direct course for ‘Zero Hour’ aka Stunde Null…when the shit finally hits the fan.

        Slow motion civilisational toilet flushing…

        Comment by umslopogaas — January 20, 2012 @ 2:14 pm

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