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January 2, 2012

The Death of Apprenticeship.

Now and again in my old “day job“, which is to say my TRADE, which is to say TIME SERVED APPRENTICESHIP, I used to come across situations where I ran up against the fact that I was clearly one of the very last people to get anything even remotely resembling a PROPER old fashioned apprenticeship.

I didn’t have a PROPER old fashioned apprenticeship, my father did, his parents had to pay his “employer” to allow him to go to work every week for the first 4 years, because until then he was a drain on the company, and after 4 years he was good enough to earn them money, and boy let me tell you in his day if you laughed at your master for making a trivial mistake, your master would punch you in the mouth, and unless you wanted your apprenticeship to end then and there, you took it…

My own apprenticeship was not quite that tough, I didn’t actually have to pay for permission to go to work, though I did get paid sweet fuck all, and did have to take whatever was dished out.

Turns out, in later life, I realise that I had some other apprenticeships too, even though I didn’t realise them at the time…

Turns out growing up a boy in a traditional family was one hell of an apprenticeship in how to be a father and a parent.

Turns out growing up generally was an apprenticeship for being a Man, for being a Husband, for being a breadwinner, a lover, a protector, a provider, and another cog in the machinery that is civilization.

Turns out, many of those “skills” are as in demand nowadays as buggy whip making.

Turns out, that whole process of learning shit did not so much teach me about the shit in each particular subject, but more generally it taught me HOW TO LEARN.

Turns out, I learned, late maybe, but well… AWALT, fuck yeah.

Turns out, as I look around, the REASON that AWALT, the reason that “the youth of today“, the reason that “bankers today“, the reason that “industrialists today” etc etc etc are all useless fucking cunts, is that none of them had much in the way of these various apprenticeships while growing up.

Whatever innate talent I had for engineering, plus whatever exposure I had to training, it was like the christian parable of the seed that fell on fertile soil vs the seed that fell on stony ground.

A modern kid raised in a single skank ho mummy household is the “stony ground” in the parable, the stony ground specifically being that kid just not getting all those other apprenticeships as it grows up, not getting the “Kid growing up with mummy and daddy“, not getting the “mummy home maker, daddy world shaper“, not getting the “this is your home, where you are always safe and secure from the world” etc etc

It’s like learning languages, you cannot learn latin or greek or french or spanish or german, without also learning more about english.

Just as there are no longer any engineering apprenticeships available, no matter how talented or enthusiastic you may be, there are also essentially no more father / husband / man / mother / wife / woman / citizen / etc apprenticeships.

There is the feral skank ho slut and the feral skank cock on legs, we have reduced society to the level of rutting animals, and all those who possess the ability and experience to train a new generation of apprentices have been told, in no uncertain terms, like myself, to fuck off.

And we as men have listened.

My (male) kids only possible light on the horizon for anything even approaching an apprenticeship in being a human being is to join the fucking Army, and if that isn’t as fucked up as anything can get you don’t know your history.

The thing that should absolutely literally scare every western adult citizen out there into literally shitting themselves with fear is this simple fact;

I am in my 50’s, and I am the absolute last of those who can take on apprentices, whether it be studying engineering or IT or being a parent or being a son or daughter in a secure and loving family, and when I say I am the absolute last to be honest I am borderline…. really you should be looking at someone 55 or older…

But since this is my blog I will talk about me and my perspective, I am in my early 50’s, and I am the last ones who can take on apprentices simply because nobody younger has the experience / knowledge / ability.

But, why the fuck should I?

What is in it for me?

Nothing any feminazi skank ho can offer me will tempt me.

In another 15 years, maybe only 10 years, I will be too old to take on apprentices, in any of the above fields, and then it is game over….. all those skills are lost, and will have to be re-discovered, which is anything but trivial, quite the opposite actually, and then where the fuck will society be, where single psycho skank ho mummy raising feral kids who are the very definition of “stony ground” are the fucking norm, when that is all there is….

Who will keep the lights burning? Who will keep the bytes churning? Who will keep the potable water flowing?

It won’t be my problem…  maybe those whose problem it is can throw another skank ho on the pyre to keep themselves warm.


  1. Some percentage of families remain intact and their children will enjoy the benefits of father figures. For the deficit, they will either import or outsource talent. Here in the states, sales is already becoming more much more important than engineering and IT. A child with the charisma to sell snow flakes to eskimos will pwn the world, while the nerdy kid with a Masters in Physics will struggle to get a fat wimminz to say yes.

    Who would have guessed that KY Lady would drive an (Old)smobile. There is an example of marketing failure.

    Comment by anonymous — January 2, 2012 @ 6:14 pm

    • I dunno, Ransom E sounds about right for astroglide/ky

      So some jobsian kid can sell snowflakes to the eskimos, who is going to make the machines to package and deliver them, etc etc?

      Comment by wimminz — January 2, 2012 @ 6:21 pm

    • Ugh.
      Listen numb-nuts, if a sufficiently energetic solar flare hits the US it´s finished. As you can´t rebuild your own transformers to replace the would be burned out ones. And I´m not so sure if even we in Germany can manage anymore.

      That´s what your fucking Masters and PhDs are good for. Ordering parts from China.

      Comment by hans — January 3, 2012 @ 11:54 am

  2. VERY true again.
    I´m only a decade younger but light-years behind in self sufficiency compared to your or my fathers generation. Who could build a fucking (though a bit shitty) house and get most of it inside done without a myriad of handy-men.

    Though there are people trying to elegantly sidestep this obviously planned obsolescence: http://blog.opensourceecology.org/

    Maybe you should use your remaining time applying those skills instead of constantly cornholing ungrateful bitches and moaning about it.
    Just saying.
    In the end it´s going to be you alone that´s going to rot in your own hole, just like everybody else.

    Comment by hans — January 3, 2012 @ 11:37 am

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