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August 7, 2011

Not with a bang, but a whimper…

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As many of you know, I was/am the victim of a false rape accusation made as an opening salvo in a child custody battle.

I could tell you the details, but frankly you would not fucking believe me unless you have seen the inside of a family court as a dad yourself, yes, outright corruption, law-breaking and prejudice against all men are the order of the day.

When I say corruption I mean affidavits sent by my ex to the same lawyer and the same firm who are representing her now, but back when she was doing the exact same thing to her previous ex, and what is interesting about these letters is that they are dated after she now claims I raped and abused her, (yeah, she was the first BPD female I had been involved with, so I bought her allegations against her ex, after all, why would anyone lie about such things… slaps forehead…) but they praise me to the heavens, while accusing her ex of exactly the same shit I am accused of now…

Since this is the same lawyer in the same firm, she cannot claim to be ignorant of this, especially after I attempted to raise the matter early in my case… lawyers are supposed to be barred from knowingly telling a lie to the court, e.g. if I say to my lawyer “I did it, but you can get me off with a not guilty” then my lawyer is not allowed to represent me if I plead Not Guilty… quite simply either my ex’s previous affidavits against her previous ex were perjury, or her allegations against me are perjury, since they are mutually exclusive and contradictory, therefore she is a perjurer, should be charged and convicted of same and attempting to pervert the course of justice, and nothing she says should be believed unless there is significant physical proof to back her allegations up.

Yet when I try to raise this the judge just disallows the entire thing, claiming it is “Not relevant to the current case.” You think?

I am smart enough to know that there is no way to fix this system via the usual civilised channels, the system itself is clearly so broken and corrupted that should I be dumb enough to attempt  to expose it or fight too hard, their simplest option is to imprison me for contempt of court, which they can do simply by the judge stating that I lied in the dock, and yes there is legal precedent for this, no jury trial, no evidence, no nothing, just the judge’s decision and down you go. I have already been directly threatened with this….

Then when you eventually get out you are an ex-con, and moreover an ex-con for lying on oath, nobody in any kind of authority will ever believe you ever again, not even if you claim the sky is blue and water is wet.

And yet there is a fine line between avoiding such a fate and the minimum that a man can do to maintain his self respect… a very fine line indeed.

So, since the system cannot be fixed by the usual civilised democratic means, what is left?

Well, “going postal” is out, you simply confirm everything these filthy lying cunts have been saying about you, and furthermore you make everything much harder for all other dads, and burning yourself to death on the court steps doesn’t help much either, the mainstream media won’t report it and all your kids will ever hear is what a pathetic loser dad was and frankly he did the world a favour by torching himself.

This doesn’t actually leave a lot, in fact it doesn’t leave a damn thing, all the peaceful and civilised options are out because they are totally ineffective, and all the non-peaceful and non-civilised options are out because they are counter-productive on every level you care to look at.

To quote Asimov, “Violence is the final refuge of the incompetent.

And yes, the family court system is extremely violent, just because they don’t bind your hands and spend 30 minutes pounding on your kidneys does not mean they are non violent.

So, since we can apparently do sweet fuck all about this, what does this leave us?

It leaves us with the one thing that will actually work, cut off the supply of money that is keeping all these family court cunts with their noses in the trough.

And lo and behold, here we are after decades of misandry and feminazi influenced government and society, on the brink of a financial meltdown, the like of which has not been seen since the 1930’s.

It is a well known feature of crowd mentality that once a certain proportion of the crowd believe “X”, then the crowd as a whole treat X as being a fact and start acting accordingly.

It doesn’t matter if X is a fact or not, all you need is a certain minimum proportion / threshold of society to believe that X is fact, and they will act as though it is.

As far back as 1995 I was saying that house prices in the UK were spiralling out of all proportion to sanity or anything else, and that the loss of manufacturing skills and basic education was going to have dire consequences. Google the “Hargesian Goat Bubble“… totally ignored by the MSM until around 2007/9

I was far from alone in this, however, I was in that ineffectual minority of society, while the majority (who think fiat is a car maker) could see nothing beyond their on paper wealth spiralling beyond their wildest dreams… when people are sitting in a house that apparently appreciate in “value” enough in one year to buy a new BMW and a posh foreign holiday and a new kitchen and lounge suite, without them lifting a finger, then you can’t really expect the great unwashed masses to question it too closely.

But what is happening as I type is that the majority of the great unwashed now believe that there is going to be an economic meltdown, and this is of course a self fulfilling prophecy, I can introduce you to people who bought a new house on a 20 year mortgage in 1995 for £50,000, who still live in that house, who have been paying the mortgage for 16 years, but who have been using its increasing “value” as an ATM via regular re-mortgaging, who now owe £315,000 on that exact same house, so that is the price on the For Sale sign, even though the peak has passed and identical houses in the same street are remaining unsold after six months on the market for prices ranging from £255,000 to £290,000.

I can introduce you to people who have literally not paid one penny of their mortgage for six months, and the banks haven’t even written them a letter, because repossession = auction and that will depress the market value of all the other property in that street, which will put everyone who isn’t in negative equity now into negative equity, such is the “value” of paper money and accounting.

And just about everyone you meet in the street either is one of those people, or lived next door to them, throw in ever rising energy bills, ever rising gasoline and diesel, ever rising food, and stagnating wages, and you can see why a major economic collapse is now inevitable, because everyone now knows that the emperor is stark bollock naked.

2011 in the family court system in the UK saw the introduction of severe Legal Aid restrictions, in a bid to cut the vast and ever growing legal aid bill, it was decreed that only exceptional cases involving domestic violence and/or sexual abuse would qualify for legal aid.

What happened?

Suddenly every skank ho seeking a divorce or child custody starts claiming domestic violence and sexual abuse, and since these are more complex and longer cases the legal aid bill for family courts has actually gone UP, and the throughput of cases per year has gone DOWN… currently it is running around 2.5 to 3 years from first filing to final judgement, and of course the police sex crime squad is involved in nearly every case.

This scenario always happens, a dire situation made worse by those running around trying to be the last one standing, trying to amass as many resources as possible before the balloon goes up, those claiming there is no crisis because this claim makes it possible for them to redouble their efforts to amass resources.

So it is nearly upon us, and we will hopefully be faced with some very stark choices, do we want street-lights or do we want children’s services? Do we want secret family courts or the national health service? Do we want legislature on affirmative action or do we want companies that can trade at a profit and employ workers? Do we want £10 a gallon diesel and a bloated government full of wimminz, or do we want diesel at £6 a gallon (it is £6.21 per imperial gallon as I type this) and a lean state and an economy that can actually afford to transport produce and workers?

Given that working men with families are far more economically productive than single men, or single mothers, so much so that a working man with a family is almost more economically productive than a single man plus a single mum, what do we want? Do we want the lights to go out and anarchy within 72 hours?

Given that “we” = voters and a large proportion of voters are wimminz, do you think they are going to vote for such economies as the street lights being turned off at 9pm and diesel at £10 a gallon and food and light and heat at 25% more than today and a court / police / legal system that is already creaking under the case load?

Or do you think they will vote for all night street lights and an NHS and a police presence ( to protect them from the ex), and throw all their sisters riding the family courts in the future (as employees of the family court and as plaintiffs making false rape and DV accusations) under the fucking wagon?

What if even then it is; street lights / NHS / Police, choose any two, because there simply isn’t the budget for all three, never mind all three plus secret family courts and all the affirmative action pork?

These are the PLEASANT scenarios…

The unpleasant scenarios all involve a breakdown of social and political order, and a breeding ground for extremism and nationalism such as we last saw, oh, just after the 1930’s depression started to bite…

How many disenfranchised British fathers, culled from their own children’s lives and the fruits of their labours, would not sign up for a new uniform, say in black, with polished jackboots, and the authority that secret family court judges have now, to simply grab someone, take away all their shit, and incarcerate them, on no more than their own authority and whims?

You think I personally would turn such an opportunity down?

You think I personally would not deliberately target my secret family court judge, lawyers, child services and not forgetting my psycho skank ho ex?

You think I personally would give a shit what the stated aims / claims / policies of such a group would be, provided they had the fucking power to make me the angel of vengeance in the natty jackboots, black uniform and long black leather coat?

You think it was any fucking different in 1935 in Germany?

If you do you must be a wimminz, to be that fucking stupid.

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