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November 28, 2017

I get no shit

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I have a very open policy here, anyone can comment, and blatant spam detected and deleted by wordpress aside, I think I may have deleted a total of three comments ever, and even then it was because I considered them to be vandalism, not because I did not agree with them.

Which leaves us with two (not necessarily mutually exclusive) possibilities.

1/ This site is tiny, insignificant, and unknown.

2/ Feminazis / SJW’s / etc are too scared / sensible / bored to post here.

I’ll leave it to the reader to guess which is the most likely…. unless of course some notorious in the MSM today deviant gets linked to reading this shit, in which case it will be transformed into an infamous den of depravity and misogyny and deviancy instantly, only fucking paedos read wimminz.

Non UK readers may not know about the whole Bulger / Venables thing, basically two small boys lead a third away and abuse him and then murder him.

One of the two killers have vanished under a new identity since completing his sentence, the other one keeps turning up like a bad penny, apparently he is now on his way back to prison, again, for violating his license, this time for looking at child porn on the net, and even more creepily, according to the daily mail, signing up for websites to date single mums, and presumably get access to more small children… oh the horror and depravity.

1/ I don’t know how these fuckers are finding all this kiddie porn online.

2/ I don’t know of any single mum skank ho dating websites.

OK you can argue #1 any way you like, but the analogy here is I was one of those who were there when Africa was discovered, and I have been roaming the place ever since, and sure, I once saw a dead white rhino carcass rotting in a wadi, but I have never seen a live one, and yet all I hear from friends of the earth is the sick evil poachers killing white rhinos and cutting their horns off for sexual aphrodisiac purposes, and all the other animals that are killed and and the diamond trade and gold trade and oil trade and everything else never even gets a fucking mention….

#2 is probably plenty of fish, sure, it’s full of wimminz, and sure most of them are skank ho single moms, but it isn’t a single mom with small kids dating site, any more than the daily fail itself is a single mom with small kids website / “news” site.

So back to the I get no shit thing.

I do not go looking for it, I’m not reading and posting and commenting on other sites and linking back to here, I’m not seeking publicity.

Anyone who is seeking publicity probably isn’t interested in this place, it’s too small and obscure, and frankly, too messy and covering too wide a range of subjects, the certainly aren’t the other eyeballs to view anything they post and increase their profile to make it worth posting here in the first place.

And again it’s so disjointed and all over the place and messy and full of typos and shit that it’s hard to invoke it to make a *clear* point of some kind, for example you could invoke plenty of fish to make a point about trout pout selfies…. and have little chance of anyone being distracted, WTF is this about Musk and Tesla?

So I get no shit because I don’t go looking for it, and I’m too small and low profile a target for anyone looking for self publicity or to make a point, so it’s all really shades of too small and insignificant to matter.

Nor have I ever had any personal fallout from this, though I have had three for four (I forget, not having really paid any attention in the first place) people contact me stating that they were going through some shit in the secret family courts and they were being portrayed as the owner / operator of this site, could I please help them prove this was not so, I’ve covered that before so I won’t bother here now.

But of course none of this means I am *immune* from getting any shit, it could happen tomorrow, someone ices Musk or someone else and calls him a bog brush boy and one google search later instant infamy for wimminz… ooops..

And this is really a lesson, not just a lesson too late for the weinsteins of this world, but a lessons for current politicians and bankers and everyone else, just because you have never had any shit of note for what you do, that doesn’t mean you were immune.

Current UK PM May and her billionaire investor husband, naturally they are all above suspicion and any correlations between what she says and what he “invests” in is purely coincidental, just like Fusion GPS and uranium deals with Putin and the clintons and obamas.

Of course there are differences, when I started this *technically* I myself has a case going through the secret family courts that *technically* had not quite finished, so best to err on the side of caution when it comes to contempt of court and go anon instead of using my given name, those times are long past, there isn’t actually anything preventing me from outing myself, I just don’t see the point, I want to be the faceless voice behind the radio so you tune in and listen to the words, or not, as you see fit, I don’t want to be the DJ you tune in to *because* I am who I am…. identify with my words, if you will, not with me.

Beyond that, I’m not an idiot, any connection between the real me and wimminz is largely circumstantial, and lacking anything significant like someone actually icing Musk and calling him bog brush boy, there is little reason to bring sufficient resources to bear and nullify the possibility of a libel lawsuit (for foreign readers in UK courts and law truth is not a defence to a claim of libel, defamatory but true statements can cost you) and there is always the danger of the streisand effect, is it worth it to make a nobody famous and make his words reach millions?

Beyond that, it wouldn’t actually bother me much, I could be in reality a single individual, or Tyler Durden, but there is nothing here that by itself would damage me inordinately, 15 minutes of fame maybe, then meh.

Not so much for the weinsteins and clintons and mays and merkels of this world, for them the fake public persona is more important than any hidden reality, what’s that, Rock Hudson is a fag???!!! Oh my fucking god, how is this possible..

NONE OF THESE FUCKERS buy and own TV stations and newspapers because they fancy being reporters or telling the truth, nor is anyone in their circles friends with them because they fancy being reporters or telling the truth, Bezos bought the WaPo because he could and now he owns an enormously powerful propaganda machine, and he gets no shit, not the counts anyway, because now his voice is amplified a billion times.



November 27, 2017

Guest post (sic) – the Benny problem.

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UK readers of a certain age will remember a particularly dire soap opera with wobbly sets that went by the name of Crossroads, it was set in a motel and one of the central characters was a retarded handyman called Benny.

Brummie comic Carrot summed up the Benny problem perfectly, is he really retarded? Because, if he isn’t, he’s a bloody good actor. And what’s a bloody good actor doing on Crossroads?

Cue laughter, and of course on a deeper level it’s a bit like the Holmesian question about the mystery of the dog that did not bark, simple logic should not be dismissed as a mere side issue simply because the narrative cannot adequately explain it.

User Guest asks what I would do to fix the UK.

First we have to establish what happened, and we can all see exactly what happened, people who liked pissing in rivers rose to ever greater power and moved further and further upstream.

Being made King would be insufficient to remedy it, alien god king with extraordinary technology and powers might just about do it, targeted specific genocide on a scale never before seen, but like the dog that did not bark and Benny’s alleged acting prowess, maybe that isn’t the question we should be asking.

Maybe we should first be asking if there is a problem that needs fixing, and, if there is, is the fix already in the works?

Clearly there is a problem, the “xxxxxists”, doesn’t matter what flavour, they are all the same, got in to the universities and then upper schools and then lower schools, and started poisoning entire generation with their crap, pissing in the stream of time upstream from everyone else, fast forwards 50 years, look back, and recognize that they only got to piss in the stream because everyone else was ready to let them, and lots downstream grew to like the taste, it was all entirely voluntary.

So not only can we say that clearly there was a problem, clearly there was also an ecological niche just waiting for such a problem to come along and take root, and it doesn’t matter which one, sooner or later some infection will find the laceration and crawl in and make itself at home.

So we have identified that there is a problem, and that a problem was pretty much inevitable, we can avoid distraction by trying to determine why it was inevitable and what caused the laceration because it doesn’t change anything.

So the second part of the question becomes relevant, is the fix already in the works?

Again, if we look, the answer is a resounding yes.


The reason peoples the world over “elect” raging tyrants to rule over them is very very rarely that they are fucking insane and clueless, quite often the reason they choose the tyrant, and Stalin is a great example, (hilarity ensues, superman is the man of steel, but Stalin was literally the original man of steel) was not because they thought he was all cute and cuddly, but because he could probably only kill 10 million or so, the alternative would be much worse.

The “fix” for the current ailments of the UK, and elsewhere, are already baked in, the UK has been dead since around 1970, no new infrastructure, now new industry, old infrastructure being extended and extended and extended, and literally almost nobody either knows how fragile it all is, or how to repair any of it.

The fact is that simply stopping all shipping to the UK would do what no-one in the history of the human world has ever been able to do, it would utterly destroy us as a nation, in WW2 the convoys kept us going, barely, with extreme rationing, and it was in all honesty still a losing battle, we were not holding level.

Just because there is no kreigsmarine or luftwaffe sinking everything that floats doesn’t mean we are any less dependent, or in any more of a war, today.

Take a step back and actually look, I’ll grant you the hypothetical multi billion high speed rail link plans to the north, plans mind you, I’ll grant you the channel tunnel and rail link, but it was private money and debt funded, fuck all to do with the UK really so it doesn’t really count, and there is the DLR or dicklands light railway (sic) a 24 mile metro line in Londinium.

There basically isn’t anything else, you go back to the great railways builders like stephenson and brunel, and you go back to the half assed nationalisation and rebuilding post war, and you go back to dr beeching and his cuts, and there basically isn’t anything else.

New severn bridge? Private money and french.

New nuke power stations? Private money and french / chinese?

Do you not see that everything is in reality in the state that we used to laugh at the USSR for being in, old jokes about aeroflot and all that, but, the joke is now on us.

Twenty years ago I read about the fast breeder reactor at Dounrey, some of the guys working on it said we will never see the like again, because we could no longer build it today, we simply did not have the skills or material in the UK, some will say British Steel still makes and exports railway track, except it was owned by Tata until Tata sold it to the secretive Meyohas brothers, of Lehman fame, or should that be infamy, they are french nationals so it ain’t a british business any more, and in any even there is only really the scunthorpe plant left, and that is limited in the range of steels it can produce.


The fact is there are some small independent high tech engineering companies left, I should know, I own and run a very small one myself, but 95% of the kit we use is ultimately manufactured somewhere overseas, and if you put us all together as a “war effort” you’d better hope we aren’t taking on anything more formidable than Andorra, because we’d be outclassed PDQ.

95% of the work we do is either local or specialist, eg small potatoes that the big boys can’t be bothered to do, some of it is interesting and cutting edge for all that, but still, we’d all sink without trace in Shenzhen etc.

So the fix is in, and it is almost certainly going to be more brutal than anything some English Adolf could come up with, because the only real alternative is an English Adolf, and being brutally honest with you, none of these cunts or their offspring or DNA deserve to get off that lightly.

The bottom line here is you do not need to look for a “fix” unless you subscribe to the belief than human beings are a law entirely unto themselves, and completely removed from natural forces and reactions etc, and if you do believe that, you probably a part of the problem, because you are the one resisting nature, your own innate human nature, and that isn’t going to end well.

It’s been “Bash Musk Month” here, but the fact is he does make a great example, I remember paypal when it came out, it sucked, and as time passed it sucked more and more and more, but it was ok because it was always strategically placed to not be a bank and so not have to abide by banking rules, I never used paypal, and if it was all you took you never got my business or my money, and if anything the more time passes and the more paypal sucks the more justified I feel in that… and this is the guy behind Tesla and SpaceX, you think the leopard changed its spots?

The guy made billions by sucking people into a bait and switch scheme that promised one thing and delivered less and less of that thing over time, because all that shit was just marketing to get momentum and market share, at base it was still a bait and switch scheme.

Same as fleabay, same as amazombie, the sole purpose is to bait and switch your way to market dominance  and treat the end user as the resource that you control and exploit that power over the seller side, and then you fuck everyone over even more.

Complain all you want about the 800 zero hours minimum wage contracts that everyone always gets let go from before they can legally be classed as permanent, then hired back a few weeks later,rejoice all you want in your 50 permanent associate fuck all wage but at least you can lord it over these other fucks role as a “manager” telling the 800 that no matter what they do, what you need is 10% more or they are disciplined.

Kuka is coming to take ALL your fucking “jobs” and effectively double warehouse space utilisation to boot, and shortly after you’ll notice how suited those new fulfillment centres are to being secured by a few guards here and there, wagons in, wagons out, and 20 tech employees and a bunch of barcoded on the forehead minimum wage retards like Benny from crossroads doing the final menial assemble and pack shit.

Course y’all could riot and burn it all down and not get your cheap HDMI cables from china, tell me who the losers are in that scenario.

There is basically ZERO manufacturing in the UK, fuck all local food production, fuck all else locally owned, and a huge surplus of people with no discernible skills or intellect.

It’s a problem with the seeds of its own solution growing from within.

It’s either universal credit as a drugged sheep or massive population reduction, massive education and the reintroduction of local wealth creation just isn’t a quick enough process to avert the crisis.

Besides, a crisis is a time for profit, who is going to let that going to waste, as in, who who has their hand on the tiller and the ability to do anything to avert it, eg the same people set to profit from it.

My take is they themselves aren’t smart enough to understand the potential catastrophe that they are courting.

My take is the mass muslim / nigger immigration is plan B to stop the populace from invoking madame guillotine.

My take is Plan B is worse than Plan A, but they are all spineless bog brush boys like musk, they’ll throw babies under the wheels to save themselves, but the minced baby will just ensure that the brakes stop the wheels turning and the wheels have no traction on baby mince.

My take is what will really happen is Nature is going to step in, say “hold my beer and watch this” and everyone else is going to regret being at that party.

So, no fix needed, it’s already being taken care of, and the solution isn’t something you should be impatient for.

I reckon I’ll have had sixty pretty fucking good years in by then, so what the fuck, not my problem.

To quote a men’s rights guy, I didn’t start the fire, why should I play fireman when everything gets out of control?


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Musk is on about the apocalypse again, the AI one that is.

So let’s first define “AI”

Well, the clue is in the name, artificial intelligence, lots of people equate it to the turing test, but it isn’t really, an artificial dolphin brain would still count as AI, even though a human could not communicate with it.

Musk’s nightmare is an artificial intelligence that not only becomes aware of humanity, but which sees humanity as a threat that needs to be eradicated.

This is a stretch, at best, because unless the supposed AI is also psychopathic and insane, any threat is going to be based on competition for resources.

So what resources do humans use directly that AI might want for its own?

Ultimately every living thing has two desires, energy and reproduction, everything else is just programming placed on top of that, sex is necessary for reproduction therefore it is pleasure, injury is contrary to survival therefore it is pain.

So AI being non biological, non chemical, non DNA, will be silicon and electricity.

But that isn’t even 1% of the trick to an AI, lacking the millions of years of DNA evolving and practicing with biology and chemistry and physics, the only conceivable parallel to biological processes is true nano-assembly technology, and by true nano assembly technology I mean “yeah man, it’s just goop soup, until I tell it to make a RAM chip based on these specs and then a FPGA to these specs and then a clock chip to these specs.”

To say we aren’t even remotely close to the first steps of that would be an understatement, but even that star trek like science fiction doesn’t come close, because we just intruduced a whole other new engineering problem, an engineering problem familiar to anyone who has played with 3D printers or 3D milling machines, build times go through the roof as required resolution goes down.

Hell, it takes human biology nine months to build a baby from molecular components, why should a silicon nano replicator be any faster?

Bear in mind, biological stuff by definition swims in a soup of raw materials, silicon stuff will also need to have a native soup available.

Nor is anything suddenly added or subtracted to universal physical law the moment you add the “AI” label to something, just because it is running AI doesn’t make it immune from gate contamination and excess temperatures or physical loads or electrical shocks or anything else.

I also have a huge problem with the I bit of AI, because the assumption is that provided your AI servants never get an IQ higher than 70 they won’t be a problem.

What’s the IQ of the influenza virus, or bubonic plague, or ebola?

What was the IQ of stuxnet?

On the other hand, what is the IQ of Musk, given that he believes and talks about this stuff?

There is also the whole question of is a human being an individual, or just a collection of a million systems flying in symbiosis?

Say I could take a 5 year old kid and give them the sort of 100% feedback and control that these AI doomsters can only dream of, what happens next.. hmm, heart… wonder what happens if I uninstall the driver for that, or set it to 0% activity………….. no carrier

One dead AI overlord.

In real life the borg would not be assimilating humans for the data and replacing pesky biological organs with robot parts, they’d be assimilating the humans for the self repair and integrated power systems and biological data processing and storage.

And if you put an AI into a biological brain and body, is it an AI any more, or is it just another life form, because now we are touching on cloning.

Say I can take a few cells from your mum/wife/daughter and clone a perfect body, but one with a blank mind, is it meat, or is it human?

Can I use it as a sex toy, and at what size/weight/age, because age is a concept associated with intellect.

say I leave off the legs and arms and eyes and ears, and leave three holes and some tits, at what point does is cross the line between meat and human, assuming the lack of a brain was not sufficient?

I have a friend who has a mentally disabled child that is now grown up, lots of people talk about the rights of that child, and then immediately start talking as though she is a thing, property, that should not be allowed to breed, or have sex, or a host of other things, and if we remove the ovaries and eggs, who owns them? Not the mentally disabled inhabitant, that’s for sure.

The last time I spoke to them about 18 months ago they told me candidly that while they were still doing all they could welfare wise, the approaching early death was a welcome thing, not because it would relieve the child of any imagined suffering, but because it would resolve the problem of everyone using force and authority “in the best interests of the individual” to treat her as inanimate property to be managed and possibly harvested like a stand of pine trees.


I’ll make it very clear for everyone.

Every single person out there is is afraid of the AI apocalypse;

  • doesn’t understand what is required for an AI to actually form and survive.
  • doesn’t understand what biological intelligence is
  • is actually just afraid of other human beings

AI is the new gun control, it’s not the AI/gun itself that scares them, though they may treat the object with revulsion and fear, it is the prospect that someone else with unknown thoughts and desires and motives may pick up that thing, and use it against them.

In short, you are not just a stupid fuck, you are a spineless stupid fuck, and you do not have to dig down very deep to find self awareness that they are spineless stupid fucks, which is why they all clamour for “controls” to be placed upon the thing in question.

In the USA if you just look at the gun crime statistics and do so honestly and fairly and dispassionately, you’ll realise that simply excluding the niggers from the statistics transforms those statistics more than just about anything else you could do to manipulate them.

At that point you can no longer be honest and intelligent and claim that the problem is guns and gun control, and here I will venture out on to a limb and speculate that if you could wave a magic wand and turn every gun into a knife, you’d still have a set of statistics that could be most dramatically manipulated by excluding the niggers.

Then you could start in on knife control too (welcome to the UK etc)

Advance technology to the point where you can have everyone who owns a mobile phone today owning an autonomous robot tomorrow, and you could run the exact same statistical analysis.

WHITE guys tend to go for the mass murder route, aka slaughter, but again it is pretty much exclusively associated with psychotropic drugs, be it prescription medicated or self medicated highs.


Now I want to get really controversial, everyone can recognise another baby mammal and see the cuteness, despite it being a completely different species, and everyone can see “like me” and “not like me” when they walk down the street.

Cassius Clay was a black man, but he was no fucking nigger.

Barack Obama was a black man, and he was a textbook house nigger.

Here is the important bit.

NOT BEING BLACK MYSELF, it’s harder for me to see much finer nuances than this, whereas a black man will see them easily, and this goes across the board, applies to homosexuals and other sexual groupings, muslim and other religious groupings, etc etc etc.

So as a white man one of the few things I can speak with some authority on, is white men.

Elon Musk ain’t a white man, and no I’m not going anywhere near any crypto zionist kabal thing, if Elon Musk went to our school I’d have missed him, having left years before he would have arrived, but if he has been there when I was there, he would have been the kid who got his head flushed down the toilet every few weeks, and I do not mean by big nasty ruffty tuffy lil ole me, I mean by his peers en masse.

He’d never have understood why he was one of the few who got their heads flushed down the toilet every few weeks, not then, and not in later life, he’d just have talked about how awful a school he want to was, and how he would never send a child of his own there.

Back then he’d have been calling for toilet control, and as a point in fact I can to this day remember one of the masters explaining patiently to a human bog brush why the problem did not lie with the toilet, or the other boys, the problem was the human bog brush was scared of the other boys.

In the UK from 1939 to 48 we had war service, then from 48 to 60ish it was renamed national service and watered down ever year, but the whole lot was usually referred to as national service, even though 1950 was largely regarded as the end of the real thing, by all those who went through it.

To have personal experience of war service you’d be 87 now, there aren’t that many left, and those that are left are usually ignored or left in homes, so in many ways it is too late to ask.

In the late 60’s it wasn’t too late to ask, and pretty much without exception everyone you asked would say all the same things, and smile at the inherent contradictions in everything they were saying.

  • it was unbelievably awful
  • I had the time of my life
  • I’d send my own kids in a heartbeat
  • I’ve never been as fit
  • it was worse than any prison

The ones that were human bog brushes in our school would have been truly broken doing national service.

Which brings us all back to AI, and biological intelligence, human history is replete with individuals who became wealthy and prosperous, and spent it on huge estates and a retinue of servants and flunkies, and others who built legacies of industry and production, and never the twain shall meet.

Progeny and offspring, and when the progeny stands before the parental unit (going all AI here) and the parental unit looks at the progeny in disgust and says you’re no fucking son of mine, and the progeny hangs its head in shame, the young intelligence is shaped, for the better.

When the parent is afraid of the progeny, then the young intelligence is also shaped, and who can really blame it for thinking that the parent is weak and should be eliminated as an embarrassment to the child?

Bog brush boy Musk (and all modern weaklings, SJW’s etc etc etc) is weak, he fears everything which might be stronger than him, and calls for controls on that thing, because the only real truth is he knows he is weak, but lacks either the humility to accept it or the fortitude to overcome it.

Bog brush boys got flushed in schools so that everyone else knows they are not to be trusted to have your back when push comes to shove, and the masters want to know who removed the staff from the statue of joseph and replaced it with a copy of penthouse…. bog brush boy will shop you all to avoid his own personal punishments.

Unfounded, irrational and technologically impossible/ improbable fears are all real to bog brush boy.

What do you do?

1/ build a spaceship and run away to mars?

2/ build a spaceship and send all the lawyers and assholes and everyone else you don’t like off to mars?

3/ be the tech equivalent of bernie madoff and get revenge on everyone who did or might flush your head down the toilet by fleecing them?


November 26, 2017

Harley Davidson & the Net Neutrality Man

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Been asked by a commenter about net neutrality, but I’ll come to that later.

Harley Davidson, for much of it’s history, up until the Evo engine at least, you didn’t need to have owned one or ridden one to get what they were about, so the chances are you had quite a few years of exposure before you owned one, and very few people regretted that decision, because the more exposure you had, the less delusions you had.

I say up until the Evo motor, because everything changed after that.

With the advent of the twinkie and now the m8te Harley changed, they used to build and sell motorcycles, and that was pretty much that.

Maybe it was because some bean counter looked at the size of the aftermarket, I dunno, I wasn’t in the boardroom, but there was a shift at Harley, where once they used to build and sell motorcycles, they started building motorcycles that were crippled before they sold them, and then started selling all sorts of upgrade kits, and if you went for the very expensive top upgrade kit, you ended up with the motorcycle they should have sold in the first fucking place.

What Harley did wasn’t just moving in to new market segments or breaking new ground, they literally walked away from everything they had ever been, that old deal was no longer on offer.

For a long time I said that my last no longer with me shovel was the last Harley I’d ever own, unless maybe one day I got another old bike, then one day I came across a one owner from new twinkie where the previous owner had gone the whole stage 4 plus route, effectively building the bike Harley should have, and being one owner low mileage it was also the right price for what it was, so I was back on HD, but no thanks to the factory, the factory as we all knew it creased to exist when they shifted to the new business model of crippling everything and then selling upgrade kits to return it to what it should be.

This is a fundamental and important point, Harley stopped being just a bike builder and seller, it is not true to say they added new things to the business model, they killed the old one first, and some of us, well, we will never forgive them, new Harley has as much in common with old Harley as new Triumph has in common with old Triumph, the name and the badge is the same, but nothing else is.

This guy could never have made this video about anything the original triumph brand made. He ain’t my kinda guy or anything else, so I’m not loving it because I dig him, but I laughed my ass off at everything he said, because he fucking nailed it.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen everything from 1% patch wearers to retired farts riding the new HD, but that doesn’t change the fact that the new HD ain’t the old HD, and nobody ON a new HD has much in common with anyone on an old HD, we were old school, and just to be clear, an ’02 twinkie softail like I have, even when you make it back to the way they should have at the factory, it’s not old school, it’s more of an exhibit to prove that after Harley stopped being Harley and became new Harley, they could still have been old Harley if they wanted to.

My bike is just proof that new Harley is pre-medidated malice aforethought, because it is what they would have just built and sold if their hearts were pure, the way it used to be.

That lot may not sound like it has anything even remotely to do with net neutrality, but, it does.

Back in the day there was a thing called peering, your network in region A and my network in region B, and of course there were many, many, many other regions.

Peering was an agreement between you and me, A and B, we’d basically open a pipe between ourselves, so everyone in your region could get to stuff from my region, and everyone in my region could get to stuff from your region, and the pipe was pretty much just a pipe, whether it was a T1 or T3 or whatever, and of course access to each end of the pipe was an internal routing issue for A and B.

A & B would split the cost, it was a joint venture, if region A was small and region B was big then most of the data would be going one way so the cost split might reflect that, but generally speaking peering meant just that, peers, equals, sharing stuff, including sharing the cost of sharing stuff, because A and B with a peering agreement were both individually better than A and B without one.

What killed this was streaming video, be it early youtube or whatever, sure, there had been many earlier grumbles, paypal and google and msn and so on, because THEIR only bills were their own local network traffic into for example region G, the problem was when everyone in regions A through F wanted to access them, regions A through F were getting “their” bandwidth used, but they weren’t getting the hosting fees or last mile to the server bandwidth fees…. but still, it was all good, it was all peering, one way or another individual customers paid regions A through F so it worked.

What fucked it was some of the new big content boys.

Region A has it’s own internal content, region G has it’s own internal content, everyone in between has their own regional internal content, and peering agreements to share data.

Why should region G get all the ad revenue when most of the ads are viewed by users of regions A to F?

Worse still, why should regions A to F get “free” peered access to the primo content supplied by region G?

Enter “net neutrality”.

Peering was engineers and nerds and enterpreneurs working for the common good, I have 6 parking spaces at my workshop, technically I am only open Monday to Friday, and technically I’m rarely likely to use more than 3 even with customers, but the fact is I pay the ground rent and they are mine.

Saturdays and sundays when I am closed it doesn’t actually hurt me if people use those spaces for a few hours while they go to a sports centre 100 yards down the road, provided there is no cost to me such as litter etc, it doesn’t cost me any extra, it’s good neighbourly, and it stops my front yard being an abandoned place with no eyes or ears should anyone have non neighbourly ideas.

“Net neutrality” is what happens to “peering” when beancounters and lawyers get involved, and it has an awful lot of similarities to what happened to Harley, instead of looking at the huge aftermarket and thinking I’d like summa dat, and competing with it, they shifted the entire business model away from what it was in an attempt to corner the market.

“Net neutrality” is not peering, it’s trying to squeeze revenue out of every byte that flows, and pretty much by definition and the business concept of externalisation, you can get more profit by freeloading or taxing something that someone else does.

YouTube is primo content, want access to it? Well, you better not promote your own competing product, and you better not charge or traffic shape your customers so they can get to it, and you better pay us for most of the bandwidth used in what was once a peering agreement, and while you are at it, you can pay us for the content too.

Don’t want to agree to our rules, fine, we will make sure your users get videos freezing and not found and all the other shit, we are big so your users will blame you.

“Net neutrality” is all that.

Net neutrality is if region A and B both end up paying region G $5 million a year for access to region G content, then both regions A and B get treated equally, neutrally, no preference, of course it is also a cancer, it eats peering as the host, so today in late 2017 effectively peering as it was has ceased to exist…. even though there are some things out there that are called peering, it is not peering as we once knew it.

To get back to my car park analogy it’s like me charging everyone a buck an hour to park, my actual paying customers can get that credited against their bills, and the people who park there are perfectly free to charge me a buck an hour to park in their driveways, not that I am ever going to want to, but they are free to, and everyone who does park pays the same, so, it is all fair, it is all “neutral”… it’s park neutrality.

BTW, sports centre, give me 500 a year and I’ll allow you to put a sign up saying parking at a buck an hour on saturdays and sundays is permitted in my yard…. anyone else can have the same deal, so it’s neutral.

The poor stiff just looking for somewhere to park is already paying gas money and motor insurance and entrance to the sports centre, he is driving himself there, maintaining his own vehicle, providing his own sports kit, he’s basically doing all the fucking work, now he has to pay even more fucking money… but thanks to parking neutrality he can be assured that he is treated the same as anyone else.

None of the parking neutrality buck an hour fees ever goes anywhere near maintaining or providing my car park or the sports centre, for fucks sake, signage and pay by phone gateways and enforcement all costs money. Fucking freeloaders.



November 25, 2017

Transport Engineering

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It is one of the mysteries of the modern age, so many people have driving licenses, so few people even have clue #1 about transport / traction engineering.

I’m going to start with a graphic.

If you look at this graphic, please first note that the axes are drawn to scale, and both start at zero, this is very important.

Down at the bottom left near both origins are a few data points, the right hand most of them is lithium ion battery tech.

Moving left to right you get more energy storage per litre of volume.

Moving bottom to top you get energy storage per kilogramme of weight.

So you can see that compressed propane as used in fork lift trucks for example has about the same amount of energy per kilo as gasoline and diesel, but significantly less energy per litre than gasoline or diesel.

Up at the top we can see that hydrogen in both forms has FAR less energy per kilo than gas or diesel, and FAR less energy per litre than gas or diesel too.

Down at the origin being totally fucking thrashed by everything else both in terms of energy per kilo and energy per litre is battery tech.

You’d EXPECT this because EVERYTHING else on this graphic is a FUEL, whereas battery tech is not, it is just ENERGY storage.


Wind resistance is a function of drag coefficient and velocity, it has no connection to the power source.

Rolling resistance is a function of various frictions, tyres to blacktop, wheel bearings, etc etc, and again it has no connection to power source.

Top speeds and accelerations are again simply a function of available motive power and mass (and where applicable inclines etc) so again no connection to power source.


To make a 4 wheeled 3,000 lb car do 100 mph takes X energy, with some variability for drag coefficient.

To make a 4 wheeled 3,000 lb car do 0-60 in 8 seconds takes Y energy, with some variability for traction and so on.

To make a 4 wheeled 3,000 lb car drive any specific route takes Z energy, with some variability for smoothness and so on.


I have never chirped the wheels in my current old diesel eurobox shed, I have never exceeded 2,000 RPM in any gear except top, I have never floored the throttle, I get great reliability and great MPG.

I could drive it and get far less MPG, far less reliability, and I probably would not beat the light footed me by more than 5 minutes on a 100 mile trip, to get a 10 minute advantage means a speeding ticket.

100 miles at an average of 65 and a peak of 70 (the legal limit here) takes 100/65 = 1.53 hours or 91.8 minutes.

100 miles at an average of 80 miles per hour which means peaks of 90 is 100/80 = 1.25 hours of 75 minutes, a “saving” of 16 minutes, but well into illegal territory.

100 miles at an average of 70 and a peak of 80 is 100/70 = 1.43 hrs which is 85.8 minutes, a “saving” of 6 whole minutes, but at least i’m less likely to get a speeding ticket.

Years and years and years ago, when the Z1100 A1 fuel injected kwack came out, I set a record (late sunday night into the wee hours of monday) on a trip of 270 miles of 3 hours and 43 minutes, that’s 270 miles in 223 minutes, that’s an average of 72 miles per hour.

It doesn’t sound a lot when you say it like that, but it was done on a motorcycle so fuck all range at full chat, and it was done without going anywhere near any motorways, take out the fuel stops and the average speed was 85 mph, and for every mile you do at 60, you have to do a mile at 110, the reality was basically every chance I got I was doing 130-140 mph.

I was basically “speeding like fuck” for 3 and a half hours, and yes this included urban shit, the end point was Hammersmith in London.

To the best of my knowledge my record set in 1981 has never been beaten, nor will it ever be, thanks to speed cameras, better cop radios, police helicopters and the rest…. yeah, 1980’s tyre tech and brakes and shit too.

Today people will say so fucking what, a hayabusa or a new version H kwack will do over 200 mph, 85 mph average ain’t shit, drop a few and it is a third of the top speed of a tuned modern big 4.

I have never met anyone of these “experts” who can tell me what mpg you can expect from a hayabusa pulling 300 kph, fuck your factory claimed highway 5 litres per 100 km, which is 1.12 imp gallons per 62 miles, which is 55 mpg, I have seen very low 20’s, as in 22/23/24 mpg out of big jap fours when run hard and fast, and consider yourself lucky if you can squeeze 4 gallons into the tank in the first place.

So it’s not unreasonable to state, for ANY 4 wheeled 3,000 lb car, that if you drive it like you stole it and aim for the acceleration and top speed number that the maker quotes, then you range will be as low as one third of what you expect given the fuel economy and max range the maker quotes.

You CANNOT have it both ways.

We still haven’t really talked about anything that ONLY applies to one specific power source, this goes across the board.

According to wikipedia the Tesla model X has a minimum of 190 kW of motor power per axle, and 90 kWh of battery, so at full bore you’ll get 0.47 hours out of the battery, max, and that’s 28 fucking minutes driving time… run both axle motors at max and you get 14 fucking minutes of full power.

Anyone own a li-on electric drill? Would 15 minutes run time driving a 13 mm bit through steel at full power surprise you per battery pack? Would it disappoint you?

But it’s the same sort of shit for a 700 bhp hellcat, bhp is like kwh, it’s just a way of measuring rate of fuel use.

700 bhp is 520 kW, and at 33% thermal efficiency that means using 1,500 kWh of fuel per hour, and at 40 kWh per gallon that’s 37 gallons per hour, does anyone think a hellcat has a 100 gallon fuel tank?


If there was even the REMOTEST intention to go green or look after the trees and flowers and rainbows, or if there was even the remotest intention to look to the future, then nobody would be passing laws outlawing internal combustion engines by 2014.

You simply pass a law stating the following.

  • Maximum 100 kW equivalent at the rear/driven wheels for any private car.
  • Minimum 30 lbs per bhp (18.4 kilos per kW) at the rear/driven wheels for any private car.
  • Maximum 95 MPH (electronically limited) for any passenger car.

That’s it, job done.

You want to permit exotic supercars, no problem, just run a sliding scale of taxation based on how far they exceed those limits, say a 100 bucks per kilowatt max power plus X where X = (weight of car in lbs x lbs per bhp under 30)

Tesla P90D at 762 bhp and 5,381 lbs = 7 bhp per lb

Your tesla P90D will be 568 – 100 = 468 x 100 = 46,000 buck surcharge for motor power and (5381 x 23) = 123,763 buck surcharge for power to weight ratio for a total surcharge of 168,763 bucks, plus sale price of whatever it is, 120k (?) will mean the rich and stupid can indulge themselves at will…. but the 95 mph electronic limiter stays.

My current 15 year old volvo diesel shed is 2850 lbs and 115 bhp and it will do 118 mph on a good day, so 2850/115 = 24 lbs per bhp, and 115 bhp = 85 kW, so by the formula above;

85 – 100 = -15 so now power surcharge and a potential 15 x 100 – 1,500 buck discount on the power to weight ratio tax.

P:W tax 2850 x 6 = 17,100 – 1,500 peak power discount = 15,600 buck surcharge, which is actually fair, it is not a slow car or a basic car or anything else, it sails up steep hill in top and roll on acceleration from 70 mph in top is really very good.

If I didn’t like the surcharges 30lb per bhp means I should get a 95 bhp model, eg the D4192T2 lump, not the T3 lump in mine, easily fixed with a new code in the chip…. or I could have gone for the luxo barge model which weighed 400 lbs more, same difference.

I get 55+ mpg @ 70 mph, that’s 1.4 ish miles per kWh of energy contained in the fuel, and assuming 33% thermal efficiency that’s 4.2 miles per kWh of actual energy used.

Official tesla P90D fuel equivalent numbers give 38 kWh per 100 miles highway, that’s 0.38 kWh per mile or 2.63 miles per kWh of energy used.

I’d EXPECT a car that weights 5,300 lbs to get worse economy than a car that weighs 2,800 lbs, and I’d EXPECT a car with 568 kW on tap to get worse economy than a car with 85 kW on tap.

It makes perfect engineering sense that a P90D tesla is only 62% as efficient as my old much lighter much lower powered volvo shed at a steady 70 ish when you measure energy expended to drive it.

You can get a tesla to do the same numbers if you put it on a diet and cut the motor power back to numbers approaching the volvo shed.

BTW, I paid 670 quid for my 2002 volvo diesel shed over two years ago, one owner from new before me.

At 70 quid a month battery lease on a nissan leaf the battery lease ALONE would have wiped out my capital costs in ten months.

Yes, sure, we are talking about fiat currencies now, but, it doesn’t matter, because kWh are priced in fiat currencies, and it is amazing how it works out.

20 p per kWh from the electricity board.

20 p per kWh from the gas board.

12 p per kWh at the pump, but run and combined heat and light unit and use all the output and it works out around 22p per kWh

So my 670 quid capital purchase price is really just another way of measuring energy, because that 670 quid can be used to buy energy in various forms.

It really is not comparing apples and oranges to say ok, I can blow 70k GBP on a new tesla, or I can blow 70k GBP on my old volvo shed, plus 55,000 litres (two pull acrtic tankers is 60,000) of diesel, I’ll call it my “free supercharger recharging for life” and 12 thousand gallons of diesel is 600,000 miles at 50 mpg so fact is there is enough spare diesel / energy / fiat money there to maintain and repair and insure and everything else the volvo for 500,000 miles.


Please note, I am NOT saying “there is no way an EV makes ANY kind of sense, no matter how you look at it.”

What I am saying is no EV that you can buy today makes ANY kind of economic sense, no matter how you look at it, and tesla are some of the worst possible choices.

An EV with a 50 kW motor and a 150 kWh battery and a kerb weight of less than 3,000 lbs would make sense, it would make a LOT of sense, provided you didn’t have to lease the batteries separately, provided it had the cabin room of my old volvo, but nobody is making one.

Nobody CAN make one, go look at that graphic at the top of this piece again, the 85 kWh tesla battery, arguably the most advanced EV battery in the world that you can actually buy TODAY, weighs in a 1,200 lbs, so a 150 kWh battery would weigh 2,100 lbs, leaving a grand total of 750 lbs for electric motor, control circuits, chassis wheels tyres suspension bodywork lights seats upholstery 12 VDC systems, glass, screen wash bottle, etc etc etc…. you might be able to make some non road legal non type approval non euro ncap crash approved single seat no bodywork chair on a go kart thing.

but HOW FUCKING MUCH!!! would you charge me to buy one? It would be ludicrous money.

Between 6k and 10k GBP brand new you can buy dacia, suzuki, citroen, skoda, mg, hyundai, vauxhall, toyota, seat, renault and many others.

Nissan leaf battery lease at 70 quid a month x 36 = 2,520, nearly half the entire new purchase price of the little dacia, not even to BUY a fucking battery, just to fucking LEASE a fucking battery.


Dacia youtube vid link





Charlie and me

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I can reveal, exclusively, that I was not the guy named in Charles Manson’s will, nor was I Charles Bronson’s best man, I just thought I’d get that out of the way, as I discovered today that a different Charles that I thought had gone to somewhere in southern america to practice his trade of geophyzz berk, has actually been in prison on a manslaughter charge, drove like a twat and lost it in a corner and went backwards into an oncoming vehicle.

Now that that is out of the way, I want to talk first about El Reg’s “On Call” column, it seems to be entirely written and read by first line tech support drones, god knows I spent a few years being “Jim from BT” or Jim from Virgin” or “Jim from Cisco” or “Jim from Microsoft” or “Jim from Juniper”,  which often enough meant the guy on the other end of the speakerphone line was in Mumbai, and I covered that high street stuff all the way up to regional backbone NOC’s and military shit and all the rest of it, and yet I have never been able to ever relate to a single fucking “On Call”..

Never, not even fucking once.

I could tell you about the engineer who didn’t make the appointment because he stabbed someone outside on the street, I could tell you about the engineer who took an entire bank offline by mixing up local and HQ IP address ranges which made the entire bank network not trust any other site (some 900 nationally) until it was rectified 12 hours later, I could tell you about the engineer who broke an entire RAID array for a large multinational defence contractor by punching the rack in anger (head crash from the vibes) and I could tell you about the engineer who wrote off his brand new company car with delivery miles on it 30 miles from HQ, and manged to convince everyone it was stolen some weeks later buy attending every job on his motorcycle, and I can tell you quite truthfully that none of them were me… I made precisely zero fuckups at work, a statistic that I could apply to every other engineer in my peer group.

I can tell you that there were a handful of jobs where the very first thing I did after arriving on site and finding what was wrong, I phoned the office and told them “I literally have not touched a thing, I flatly refuse to touch a thing, and if you have the brains you were born with you will flatly refuse to treat this job as a standard breakfix with SLA guarantees, and refuse to send any engineers out unless the client agrees to a ‘whatever it takes, no queries, best efforts’ job, because this is a total fuckup and as I speak to you ‘we’ are 100% excluded from any possible culpability”

I can tell you that there were literally three client sites EVER that had gorgeous organised pristine documented and labelled and properly installed racks.

I can tell you that the basis for 99% of the business is cornering the CFO and telling them they can basically eradicate the IT budget and staff, simply outsource it to a “channel partner” (us) and buy a book of vouchers, when you have an issue, tear out a voucher, we offered a 4 hour SLA.

I can tell you that what happens next is clue less fucks in offices use up a voucher, and I drive 100 miles each way to install a new USB keyboard, literal truth, I shit you not.

Before you know it all your vouchers are used up, so you buy some more… six months down the line you have passed the point of no return.

I can tell you that some sections of BT wholesale were one of the very few business connectivity providers who did NOT use default root credentials for their entire estates of routers, simply because some sections of BT wholesale were one of the very few business connectivity providers who did not outsource everything to mumbai.

But el reg on call… nope, never seen a single one that I can relate to, and this is arguably one of the world’s leading specialist IT / tech sites.

I can tell you that what security there is usually relies on fixed routing, for example you can use a beyond obsolete 837 cisco dsl router on an ATM if the phone line (and circuit numbers etc etc) are fixed and away from the main voice network, the ATM end has a phone line circuit with number, the HQ end has the other end of that phone circuit, and the only way in is to tacacs tunnel in from the HQ end, unless you were me in back of the ATM fixing the router or a G4S or Loomis guy swapping out the cash cassettes in the ATM proper.

BTW everyone talks complete bollocks about how little cash an ATM holds, there are four or five cassettes each the size of a kitchen drawer, and a pile of 100 notes isn’t a pile, it’s just a small wad.

Backs of ATM’s were one of the very few places I would not whip out the smartphone camera to document everything, putty logs were sufficient.

It’s the same thing when it comes to that other el reg staple, the BOFH, it’s not just that I can’t relate to any of it, ever, I don’t know how anyone who *does* work in IT can relate to it, at least above the level of a pissy world genius bar drone.

Which all brings us neatly to rehash previous shit about EV’s and the differences between FUEL and ENERGY.

Years ago I knew the guy, Bill B, who has the export license from Japan for all nissan vehicles, among other shit, I dunno if Bill is still alive and kicking, but he or his daughter are about to see a boost in revenue, because nissan is launching a production variable compression turbo petrol lump in the infiniti range.

They can vary the compression anywhere between 8:1 to 14:1 on the fly, by replacing the conrod with a multilink that doesn’t look a million miles away from something on an old steam beam engine, you move the position of the link to adjust the effective throw of the whole assembly and piston travel by up to 6mm, and you move the link by servo.

Add in variable valve timing and multi port fuel injection, plus the multilink being like a crossbar so the piston only goes straight up and down (no torque or wear applied to cylinder walls) and all of this at only a 10% manufacturing premium over a standard petrol engine, and suddenly you have made up for the marginal at best efficiency differences between a standard IC engine running on FUEL and an EV running on ENERGY.

plus it is all under live computer control, so if you wanted to run on wartime 80 octane cabbage water, you could, and it means you can also trim emissions at will, so it’s death to the toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Only “shame” I can see in the design is it is a 2000 cc 4 banger, I’d have made it a 750 cc triple with a 120 degree crank, which because engine costs are basically down to boring operations regardless of size means it would be 75% of the price of the 4 banger.

I predict the next iteration has a flywheel that is made of high temperature rare earth magnets to make a multiphase generator / starter…. and no mechanical driven anything, not water pump, nothing, next step after that is servo controlled valves.

Really it is all just a huge fuck you and wake up call for everyone claiming that EV’s are the future, there is NOTHING future about a tesla, it’s all bog standard old established technology with an ipad in place of the instrument cluster… musk’s open source patents are basically worthless, otherwise they wouldn’t be open sourced, and the lock in is the proprietary cell sizes and software.

It is also a huge fuck you and wake up call for everyone claiming (by inference, because the future is electric) that the IC engine is as advanced as it is ever going to be, and even this new nissan VC-T is only scratching the surface of what is to come, ceramic pistons and combustion chambers will make a huge difference, and ceramic pistons and combustion chambers are closer to production than glass batteries or anything else in the EV world.

Lubricants and low friction treatments are not exactly standing still either, and I may well live to see a production IC engine where the “30% of the heat energy in the fuel source” is what goes out the pipe, the other 70% being converted into useful energy.

75% efficiency in an IC engine is theoretically possible, it is just as valid a target as any of the targets touted for EV’s or batteries or supercaps or anything else, in fact technology being what it is, you’re pretty much guaranteed that cross pollination of the application of new technologies means that “3x as good as lion” glass batteries will boost many other technologies just as much as they will boost some future EV.

I’m an engineer, and I cannot think of a technology that is guaranteed to boost ONLY an EV and have a net zero positive effect on everything else, including the IC engined vehicles of the future.

And from a purely engineering perspective any FUEL powered general purpose vehicle that is 75% efficient is going to be *incredibly* hard to beat.

No EV will ever match it on range for example, and unlike the EV, increasing efficiencies in combustion make the refuelling rate in seconds per 100 miles range  go down and down and down, while not increasing the actual charge / transfer rate in litres per minute.

The new nissan VC-T engine doesn’t need a new fuel tank, much less and entire new fuel tank technology, either, just a can / bag / box.

Nor is 8:1 to 14:1 the limit for this design of engine, it’s just the limit for this iteration of a production vehicle engine, there is no technical reason it could not go from 6:1 all the way up to 22:1, no point on this production VC-T because current RON 85 pump gas can’t go that high or low.

22:1 plus the turbo might be good for aviation at high altitudes on gas though, or the full range engine might be good for multifuel “if you can set it alight with a gas torch it will run” engines, military style.

I have it on good authority that nissan have development versions of this motor in the lab with other non production tweaks, and they are nudging 50% efficiency under some circumstances.

Of course the other big problem with IC vehicles is the gearbox, torque converter and a new tech CVT will solve that too.

No, the biggest problem Nissan faces is the thing I talked about before, where the Toyota J200 weighs double what the J40 I learned to drive on did, and does stupid 0-60 times to boot, so this VC-T infiniti engine is coming out in the high end performance SUV market segment first.

They should have made it a 750 cc triple with 120 degree crank with flywheel / generator / starter and torque converter CVT and stuck it in a econo-box Sunny / Beetle / Rio style equivalent, 0-60 in 12 seconds, 90 mph top speed, manual windows, and 85 mpg.

They will, one day.

Companies like Volvo (who to be fair have never really been engine manufacturers) will vanish, thanks to their abandoning IC as a policy… along with Tesla and many others.

Don’t get me wrong, electric has a future in transport, but the IC engine is nowhere near dead, and laws that have been changed with a stroke of a pen to make all vehicles sold in the UK electric by 2040 can be changed back by another stroke of the pen.

Mandating shit is easy when you do it and give 22 years advance warning and it does not hurt ANYONE today and all the consequences are 22 years away in 2040 (when I will be in my 80’s so not my problem) so nobody gives a fuck.

IMPLEMENTING IT SUCCESSFULLY is a whole other fucking ball game, but, for government, it is literally not their problem, NOBODY in power today gives a flying fuck what happens in 2040, because it won’t be on their watch, they will all be retired.

Remington (the gun maker) is going the way of Caterpillar, their stock status is basically junk, once a few of these sorts of companies fail (which they will, not being too big to be allowed to fail banks) the political landscape will change overnight.

Chances are by 2025 if you want to buy a commercial EV it will be german, and if you want to buy a EV car it will be chinese or indian, because nobody else will be afloat who is making them.

Or, if you do not live in some benighted dystopic city with local zero emissions laws, you may well be riding around in a ceramic VC-T nissan pulling 50-55% thermal efficiency.

If you’re the sort of person who reads and comments on shit like BOFH and on call, you’ll probably be on universal credit in a work camp.

Rate of change is increasing, not decreasing, only a fucking idiot picks on one metric, say EV’s, and extrapolates from there that everything is going to be good and rosy.

AI is fucking bollocks, but high tech, as seen in the nissan VC-T engine, is getting into EVERYTHING, nothing is too mundane or boring or shitty or niche.

The internet connected toaster is fucking bollocks.

The high tech computer monitored and controlled toilet is a racing certainly.

The AI powered autonomous johnnycab is fucking bollocks.

The high tech computer controlled street sweeper / refuse lorry / line painter / resurfacer / etc is already in development.


November 23, 2017

When everything new is better and everything older is bad

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I have, for my sins, watched Elon Musk talk at some length on subjects of his own choosing, and while the MSM maintains that he is an intellectual genius, because, all billionaires are smarter than everyone else donchaknow, the word/phrase that springs to mind is “dumb dweeb”.

The guy is apparently richer than croesus and smarter than einstien, but has several beliefs that can be best characterised by saying “X is a problem, amazing new technology will solve this problem, it only takes money and effort to develop amazing new technology, so lets rock…”

There is precisely zero investigation of why current technology is failing, and what a replacement technology must look like before starting, and far from being concerned with physical laws, most of the effort is centred around legislative laws, and how to game them.

Down here at the shallow end of the corporate pool I have had conversations with government tax flunkies, I say things to them like “is it illegal for me to buy a thing for a dollar and sell it for 50 cents and make a loss?” because of course they do not run businesses, but they know all about it so feel entitled to tell me how to run mine, and I should be doing things differently and making money and paying taxes to pay their wages, and of course they do not have an answer for me… they can’t answer questions like “Is it illegal for me to be a “bad” businessman and not make profits, provided I obey all the rules and file all the appropriate forms and taxes?”

My accountant is current with all the current laws and regulations, and of course he is also registered as a practicing accountant, so he can file accounts for me, but he is a long way from the old accountants that I was apprenticed to as a school leaver back in the day when desktop 4 banger calculators had just come out… that guy used to tell me stories about innovative but legal tax dodges the world over, and his policy was if his clients paid *any* taxes, he wasn’t bloody good enough at his job.

His own particular pride and joy was a guy making and servicing and calibrating weighing scales who suddenly got a testing and calibration job that would have suddenly made him a fucking mint, and suddenly paid a fucking fortune in taxes… the solution was to buy a new set of certified calibration weights for the lab… all custom made from 99.99% pure precious metals, suddenly the company had a vast new non taxable fixed asset, and I’m talking many tens of thousands of pounds sterling back in the late 1970’s, when a nice detached house could be had for 4 or 5 thou.

*my* accountant is incapable of coming up with a scheme like that, and when I related the story to him he reacted in horror, despite the fact that it was and remains perfectly legal, my accountant, like all modern accountants, if afraid of what the government revenue flunkies think of him, they could put him out of business, he says.

It’s much the same with the new toyota J200 vs the old J40 I learned to drive on, nobody today has the balls to go against the rules and regulations and make a citroen mehari, back in the day in the USA there was a regulation about a nascar weight on the starting line, a couple of bright sparks decided to make the weight by having a car that was basically 400 lbs lighter than the rest of the field, and then they added 400 lb or mercury inside the tubular chassis, and a valve that could be opened once the car left the start line… the regulations were changed and cars were weighed at the END of the race..

So today we make cars engaged in a vicious circle of conflicting regulations, it’s got to have 2000 lbs of airbags and marshmallows in case it hits someone, but it also has to get 400 mpg, so VW tweaked the testing, and no, it was not illegal, and yes, everyone was doing it, but instead of saying fuck you everyone is doing it and we will continue to do it until the regulations are changed, they caved and sold a couple of junior guys up the river who got prosecuted for something that actually wasn’t illegal, just shady, which is OK, because basically 99% of everything now is a retrospective thought crime, and probably a sexual one at that, and yes, you will be persecuted for it.

Of course now it is the great and mighty being persecuted for malicious after the fact allegations (just like so many men down at street level have been for a couple of decades now in secret family courts and police stations) that no it really was rape / abuse / perverted etc, they are up in arms… and wondering why nobody down on the street has any sympathy.

My dad used to say the price for a dog licence should be a thousand pounds a year, and that was back when a thousand pounds was a lot of money, his reasoning was anyone who truly loved and cared for dogs would pay it, so now many many years later the new chancellors budget has added up to a thousand pounds to the price of a nasty new polluting diesel, because, green, innit.

NOBODY who had their eyes on a new E320 diesel merc is going to say fuck it and buy a nissan leaf now… in fact there is a local guy doing a roaring trade chipping and DPF deleting new diesel cars, come the first MOT in three years time he can put it back for you for the day, or you can just chop in your leased car, nobody gives a fuck.

But hey, new diesel panel vans are exempt from this new tax, I guess that is a different sort of pollution.

Nobody who I talk to can tell me why the various components in a diesel exhaust are harmful, except in an idiocracy “it’s got electrolytes” way, nobody understands the link between compression ratio and efficiency and oxides of nitrogen production, but they all want efficiency AND no oxides of nitrogen or other nasty stuff AND a car made of marshmallow etc

Nobody who I talk to can tell me why nasty polluting waste engine oil ploughed into the ground makes such a great fertiliser for certain plants, or why grandad used to pipe the old lister exhaust into the commercial greenhouse and get better crops.

Nobody can explain to me why toxicity is pretty linear, if you know the toxicity and the body weight pretty much the same amount of anything toxic per kilo of body weight kills pretty much 99.9% of everyone, but when it comes to carcinogens or pollutants or radioactivity, it’s all a bit random, one kid who has never smoked dies of lung cancer at 16, the old boy down the road who has been smoking unfiltered woodbines every day for 70 years is still good to go.

Nobody can explain it, but it’s fact, and as Vonnegut said, you start challenging people’s beliefs, watch out.

But now in nearly 2018 we must be close to “peak absurd beliefs” and shure as shit ain’t shin-ola a lot of those beliefs are going to hit a hard wall “real soon now” TM, because the gaps between beliefs and reality have never been so large.

When you have retarded morons like must who literally believe that the only way to beat the AI apocalypse is for human beings to augment their brains and bodies with cybernetic implants, otherwise they will be out competed by the AI……

DNA doesn’t give a fuck about intelligence, or humans, or anything else except itself, and the thing almost nobody gets is DNA is an ***entire*** ecosystem, take the bacteria that eat decaying flesh and plug them into an augmented AI system so that their oh so sexy robot avatar can sit next to musk and these other loons on a studio couch somewhere, and tell them that human beings are the most / only important thing, and all they will have to say is wow, a teensy tiny portion of my food can talk, how cute…. and then the robot AI bit dies from lack of maintenance or power, and the bacteria carry on as normal.

Mankind did not INVENT plastics, mankind DISCOVERED them, same way he discovered oxygen and so on, and only a loon would suggest that in a million years there will still be plastic bags and drinks bottles clogging up the earth, because, you know, it isn’t biodegradable, it is immortal and immutable for all time.

I have people tell me about toxins and poisons and shit, some of them know what cyanide is, none of them will believe me when I tell them to go eat a burger and their gut will produce more cyanide to go with the normal levels that are in there, because cyanide is toxic and it kills.

Everything like paedophilia is bad or good, there is no grey area, and once you establish that paedophilia is bad and nobody could possibly argue that it is good, all you have to do then is raise the age of consent, the higher it is, the more “civilised” the country, the lower it is, the more primitive and backward and corrupt the country.

And really, who but a dirty fucking paedo would argue that the age should be lowered?

Or object to it being raised.

Or object to new taxes on diesels, or new subsidies for “wind”, because, brawdo has electrolytes, it’s what paedos crave.

I can go out now and buy a 50 gallon drum of diesel, I could buy 100, so there is no “fuel shortage” and more than there is a bread shortage or circus shortage, and I am already older and healthier than 99.999% of all humanity that ever lived before me, sans a few outliers like St Boniface who lived to 79 years old 1,400 years ago, and the fact is 79 is no great feat nowadays, I can introduce you to people in their mid nineties who live alone and do all their own cooking and cleaning and washing and shopping and have no outside help of any kind, lots of them, not just the odd freak outlier, so how does that jibe with all this modern nasty evil pollution / radiation / toxic shit?

It doesn’t.

You going to go with observable fact, or hype?


November 21, 2017

Fuel v Energy

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Maybe it’s because I’m an autistic, pedantic engineer, but it really annoys me when people use words wildly incorrectly.

An ICE uses gasoline or diesel as a FUEL, but it runs on thermal (heat) ENERGY, and that ENERGY is liberated when the FUEL is oxidised / burnt.

An EV uses electrical ENERGY to run, if that comes from a battery of caps, there is no internal fuel source, if it is a fuel cell, then the fuel cell oxidises FUEL (probably hydrogen) to create electrical ENERGY.

Solar ENERGY is not a fuel.

Wind ENERGY is not a fuel.

Hydro ENERGY is not a fuel.

coal / gas / oil / nuclear FUELled energy stations produce electrical ENERGY.

This shit is important, and everyone glosses over it, including commenter toyotathing, by stating that fuels are nasty and dirty and polluting, and energy isn’t.

Traditional vehicles don’t really run on fuels, it’s the energy that makes them run, the point is that they create that energy on demand from fuel.

EV’s do not create any energy, they only store it, they eliminate the fuel to energy conversion process, which is a two edge sword that one the one hand eliminates the nasty by products of burning a fuel onboard, but on the other hand also eliminates the simplicity of handling fuel for storage and refuelling purposes.

EV energy has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is more than likely going to be burning fuel, though it may be nuclear reactions and not chemical ones boiling the kettles that spin the turbines that make the electrical energy.

Solar and wind power all come from the sun, our local star.

Hydro cam come from solar or gravity thanks to the moon, our local satellite.

The sun of course is just a big inefficient polluting nuclear furnace with no containment, very messy.


we need to get all these things straight, and not be using FUEL and ENERGY incorrectly.

Which brings us to hydrogen FUEL cell technology, providing electrical ENERGY for a hybrid (not pure) EV.

Borosilicate glass cannot even contain low pressure gaseous hydrogen, just ask anyone who owns a laser tube, over enough years it will all permeate out, over a few years enough will permeate out to screw up the energy pumping with the co2 etc.

Not even a stainless steel pressure vessel will contain 100% of the hydrogen put into it… it will permeate out over time.

Hydrogen has other issues, it’s naturally gaseous, liquefying it under pressure takes an awful lot of energy, as in, it will probably take significantly more energy to liquefy a litre of hydrogen than you can get out of a litre of hydrogen, plus, a litre of hydrogen contains full all energy compared to a litre of diesel or benzine, plus, you also used a hell of a lot of energy cracking water into hydrogen in the first place.

But, you *can* call it a fuel, and in theory you can burn it in oxygen and get bugger all out apart from energy and water, nota bene, bugger all != nothing…

I don’t buy into fuel cell hybrid vehicles for one simple reason, ethanol / biodiesel powered ICE is easier and cheaper to do.

Fuck emissions, at this point in the discussion, they are not relevant.

So we have a choice, thermal energy or electrical energy, either one will power a vehicle, but thanks to semiconductor technology and digital electronics, we can exercise incredible levels of control over electrical energy, thermal energy, not so much, you can effectively open or close a valve or turn a wick up or down.

So the problem then becomes converting fuels into electrical energy.

At best it is a fairly inefficient process, and the smaller and lighter and more responsive / performance oriented you want the converter to be, the more inefficient it is going to be.

Take the trunk away from a tesla and add a few hundred kilos and you can fit a space craft style solid state nuclear > electric power cell, good for 20 years at maybe a kilowatt or so, so 24 kwh per day, it’s going to limit your range, but you’ll never need to recharge per se.

A fixed speed diesel electric genset in the trunk will do the same job, bring it up to 3kw capacity and your tesla range will essentially be unlimited, until the fuel tank for the genset needs refilling.

BTW 3 square meters of 100% efficient solar panels in the tropics would pull about 24 kwh per 24 hours, and peak at 3 kw at midday.


As long as your model 2018 dorkmobile weighs 40% more than the model 1998 dorkmobile, you do not give a fuck about energy efficiency, by definition.

As long as your model 2018 dorkmobile has a 0-60 time, even if it is 60 seconds, you do not give a fuck about energy efficiency, by definition.

As long as your model 2018 dorkmobile does not have a hub motor, and no brakes because the hub motor takes care of that too, you do not give a fuck about efficiency, by definition.

As long as your model 2018 dorkmobile has a manufacturing energy equivalent budget of 30,000 litres of diesel at 49 kwh per litre = 1,470,000 kwh = 58,800 days @ 25 kwh per day which is a good number for per capita civilized energy budget, which is 161 years, you don’t give a fuck about efficiency, by definition.

Now, a streamlined electric bike / scooter with a 1,400 watt motor, limited 30 mph top speed and 15 kwh of battery and minimal weight, now we are talking…

The problem with li-on is the 18650 battery spec, it was great for laptops, but to get any real capacity you need millions of them, and they all need containing and wiring together and thermal management and everything else… if instead of 18 mm dia and 65.0 mm long they were prismatics, say 100 high by 50 wide by 200 long, per 3.3 volt cell, you’d be starting to get somewhere.

Tesla making slightly bigger 18650 is fucking pointless.

I learned to drive (at 12) on a J40 toyota land cruiser, with a whopping 78 bhp bulletproof merc diesel, weighed around 3,400 lb, or 43 lb per bhp, the current j200 is knocking on 300 bhp and weighs in at around 6,000 lb, 20 lb per bhp and twice as many lbs to boot, you see the fucking problem, the 1960’s version was far superior.

A fucking fuel cell isn’t going to fix that.


Honda experimented on turbos with the pig, aka the cx500, the marketing shit at the time was they started in the hardest thing to turbo, a v twin, to perfect the turbo, the fact that the cx500 was watercooled was of course neither here nor there, fnaar fnaar.

Fuel cells aren’t new, they have been tried in buses and lorries, because they were big slow old boxes, ideal test beds for a fuel cell, but, we keep coming back to the same shit problem, hydrogen makes a fucking shit fuel to catalyse into energy, it only keeps coming back again and again and again because of the bullshit about distilled water out of the tailpipe.

the problem is not to fix the fuel cell and hydrogen fuel manufacturing, storage and transfer problems, the problem is to stop trying to make shitting unicorns and rainbows an indivisible part of every fuel / energy problem that you look at.

EV’s are NOT fucking environmentally friendly, and I do not care if you have a nissan leaf or a tesla roadster, my 20 year old diesel volvo is more environmentally friendly, the ONLY way you can make it less environmentally friendly is to lie through your ass about EVERYTHING EXCEPT tailpipe emissions, when you look at the whole enchilada including all manufacturing and scrappage costs, and divide it by total vehicle miles traveled, the 20 year old volvo diesel wins hands down.

This doesn’t mean I have anything AGAINST an EV, or a hybrid fuel cell EV, I think there is real potential there, but only IF we drop all the bullshit.

We already made and developed benzine and diesel powered fuel cells, it was perfected and then dropped around 2015, they were NOT cheap, but they did work and they were reliable, 10,000 hours constant run times, (2 years 24/7) but they were dropped.

CAPEX and OPEX, per kwh produced they are a fucking expensive way to get kwh, and old 1950’s Lister CS 6/1 startomatic beats it hands down across the board.

A few years ago in the UK petrol cars were shit, so lets everyone buy a diesel, now diesel cars are shit, lets everyone buy a petrol, I suspect the next one with new IC engine vehicles outlawed by 2020 is petrol and diesel are shit, lets everyone buy an EV.

None of the “xxx are shit” were ever true, it was just a way to make the old obsolete so the new could be sold.

I’ll refer you again to the j40 toyota vs the j200, or the series 2 landie vs the new thing, or my 1950’s startomatic to the fuel cell ones, and in almost every case, the older versions were leaner and meaner and more efficient as a result.

Foruma 1 cars must weigh less than 1,600 lbs by rule, two per old j40, four per new j200, and those fuckers the drivers can walk away from 200 mph crashes, so they aren’t exactly the citroen mehari which weighed around 1,300 lbs, or a 2cv come to that, a car that did 62 mpg 50 years ago…


A car that burns 100 kwh of FUEL at 30% efficiency to produce and consume 30 kwh of ENERGY isn’t actually less efficient than an EV that consumes 30 kwh of ENERGY to go the same distance.

The only difference is the EV burned the FUEL remotely at the power station, probably only a few percent only more efficiently than the ICE vehicle… and then there were the transmission losses between the power station and the EV, and the charging losses charging the EV batteries, so there is probably fuck all in it.

A 78 bhp 3,200 lb J40 toyota is always going to beat a 300 bhp 6,000 lb J200 toyota at efficiency though.

Summary, electrical ENERGY is really easy to control in amazing detail, so there are plenty of good reasons to want to work with it rather than thermal ENERGY.

The conversion of FUELS to ENERGY is always pretty inefficient.

The conversion of ENERGY into FUEL (eg making hydrogen) is about the only thing less efficient than converting fuel into energy.

Going for EFFICIENCY everywhere you can afford to, and ECONOMY everywhere else, beats everything else.

No EV or hybrid or fuel cell does this, that is not what they are about, this is NOT to say that the technology might get there one day, but in 2017 that day is about as far away as commercial fusion, eg “maybe in 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 years… maybe more….

Confusing fuel and energy will kill you, at the very least economically, if not literally, and real soon now… TM

November 18, 2017

In search of sanity

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I could tell you that the town that I live in has 6 car parks, and the council has plans to convert at least 3 of them into something else, student flats, shopping areas, flats over shopping areas, whatever, it’s incidental because the real purpose is to discourage cars coming into the town centre.

People up and down the country could read that and think I was talking about where they lived…

To these councillors, walking, riding a pushbike or taking a bus are sufficient, after all, all the shops goods in are teleported in at 2 am, and nobody ever buys anything but a latte to go, and cars are evil.

It’s a “green” thing.

The councillors themselves get elected in local elections, of course only the idle and feckless ever run for election, everyone else is out working, so the process is “democratic” but before we even started everyone who has a job and who isn’t a feckless twat is already self excluded, so we need to bear that in mind for a moment.

When it comes to voting itself turnout / participation is low / low / low, so again it may be democratic that candidate X gets 52% of the vote, but not many voted.

When it comes to the voting itself, it’s people who vote, Jim’s butcher shop doesn’t get a vote, Val’s veg shop doesn’t get a vote, Steve’s newsagents shop doesn’t get a vote, even though the three may form a corner at one end of a shopping street, Jim and Val and Steve might get a vote, if they want to take time off work to go down and vote, they are far too busy trying to make a living to go and stand for election.

So it’s democracy, but local shops and businesses again do not get to participate.

In effect you have a rather small minority of the feckless idle and stupid who stand for election and who vote, et voila, we have local councillors, and their decisions and choices then have the force of law… and remember, these are still basically feckless idle and stupid people, so it’s easy for the local superstore to get planning permission, they are easy to manipulate.

The LOCAL economic heart of the town gets ripped out, to be replaced with pedestrianized snipers alleys populated with national chains of tat, after all, they are the only ones who can afford the rent and business rates charged by the council and the new landlords who built the steel frames modern monstrosities.

What was 100 years ago the local fire station and council offices opposite the old church, and old brick building about 150 foot long and 60 foot deep and two stories high, is now a takeaway, a betting shop and an estate agent, the council now lives in a pair of huge 6 story concrete and glass cubes up the road, with perhaps 150 times the volume and 200 times the staff, all leeching off the citizens and businesses.

Tens and tens and tens of millions of pounds flowing into the council coffers every year, I am not going to call it “revenue” because that implies they have to do some work or some trading and invites confusion with terms such as turnover and gross and net profit margins, whereas this is none of that, it’s just money coming in from stuff like taxes on your house, parking for your car, tax on your business / place of work, etc etc etc

And this is all legal, as in it has the force of law behind it.

So what of the empty shops and premises (and all the “charity” shops count as empty in my book) what happens to them?

Well, when you own 10 shops in a row and you are charging 40,000 per annum rent for each, having 5 of them empty is no reason to drop the rents on the empty ones to 10,000 per annum.

£40k x 10 = £400k, but £10k x 10 = £100k, and with accounting and property rules, and probably your own commercial mortgage, reducing nominal rent = reducing property “value” on paper = declaring yourself bankrupt = not happening.

Meanwhile Jim Val and Steve who own those three shops on the corner and get no say in anything are getting squeezed harder and harder.

I actually knew a chap who had a shop that sold material (dressmaking / curtain / cloth etc) on rolls, I dunno, 450 square feet, a front window that got smashed every year by drunks that the council did nothing about security wise, and they were raising his rent from 39,000 to 41,000 a year, it went up every year, assuming he was open for trading 50 hours per week that’s £15 per hour, EVERY FUCKING HOUR, just for rent, add business rates, add customers with cars being penalized by the council, add light and heat, add stock….

add the completely alien to the council concept of a profit margin on trading where even on a fat 20% markup (lots of businesses dream of a 10% markup….) you have to sell 5,000 worth of shit to make 1,000 gross profit, so suddenly he has to have the till ringing at the rate of 80-90 quid an hour, and he sold cheap material, I used to buy polyester at 1.25 a metre, a few metres at a time.

He quit, it’s another “charity” shop now…. the place is already saturated with takeaways and betting shops so there was no interest for that, perhaps the only two ways for premises that size to make the rent… there is already a laundromat across the road.

But all these changes are for the better, it’s a green thing, we are getting rid of the evil automobile, and we are all lining our pockets very nicely from doing this important work, thank you very much… and we *must* be doing something right because we have such luminaries as waitrose and john lewis and next and matalan and landmark securities and lloyds bank and vodaphone and apple and everyone else “investing” in our exciting new pedestrian wonderland.

Not one of them is a local firm.

Not one of them is a manufacturing firm.

Not one of them is doing anything except extracting money from the local economy in exchange for a handful of minimum wage part time jobs.

But no matter, they pay the rent and rates that keep the council coffers full… and the councillors and the rest paid.

The local council does a “deal” with tesco and allows them to build a new superstore on what was green belt land, and then the council claims credit for “creating 150 new jobs” in the town.

Meanwhile everything hollows out like an old tree rotting from within, it still looks pretty impressive in summer with a crown of leaves and an impression of stately permanence, but it’s only one winter’s gale away from being sawdust and mulch.

No saplings growing out around it to replace it, because that has been concreted over for pedestrians.

In an insane asylum, the reservoir is no longer being filled but there is still water coming out of the taps so party hearty like it is 1999.

And for all the faults of the old individual units on 2 way streets that were anything from 70 to 700 years old, at least they WERE individual units so there was scope for sapling businesses to move in and take root, now there are only steel framed glass fronted edifices starting at £500k per year rent that only a national chain could even consider financing moving in.

I predict that in years to come large swathes of the new pedestrian precinct will be sold by one party to another party for the sum of one pound, and that will continue until someone blinks and someone else can leverage the liabilities associated with these “assets” away, either by scrapping planning rules and regulations, or ripping up all the pedestrian shit and allowing vehicles back in.

Contrast this to an industrial estate such as I am on, and it is largely defined BY the road structure leading to and from it, roads designed expressly to permit entrance and egress of arctics make for easy access to private vehicles, and the fact is most of the pavements are at least six foot wide too.

And then you look around and see who is moving in, nandos, kfc, sporting goods, gymnasiums, two cafe’s, high street electronics shop, pushbike shop, 5x motorcycle shops (used to be three in the high street in town) and surely and steadily it is turning into everything that the old town centre used to be, minus the “live over the shop” accommodations that used to be there, and that too can be cured with a stroke of the pen in planning permissions.

The more astute would look at this and mutter to themselves that if national chains of consumer shops are abandoning the new car hating pedestrianized city centres and moving out to the car friendly industrial estates (which are largely bereft of heavy goods vehicles evenings and weekends) NOW, then we are already well past the point where the first writing was on the wall, and anyone with any sanity would have started to retrace steps.

Indeed the history of the modern city centre is always that back in the day it was the contemporary equivalent of the industrial estate of today, so all we are seeing is history rhyming again.

Things have just gotten a bit bigger, 150 square metres on a 450 square meter plot is the new 20 foot by 30 foot and accommodations up over in the days of the horse and cart.

The hilarious thing is that the old pre pedestrianised city centre WAS basically built in the era of the pedestrian, and the odd hand or horse drawn cart, the new industrial estate city centres are laid out on a much larger scale entirely, often in places that were once a cattle market or railway yard, outside of town, but which are now the new mecca.

And as far as revenues, there ain’t much to tax in the new industrial estates, no parking permits for residents because there aren’t any, ditto housing taxes, and no services to provide, there aren’t any buses or drop in centres for the transgendered homeless, plus it is still classed as an industrial zone so fuck you very much, and a lot of the tenants are really big, you can afford to lose a department store from the high street, you can’t afford to lose the new amazon warehouse or the regional ford showroom and service centre or the bus company depot and workshops, the boot is on the other foot.

So we will get (like many things, europe lags the usa by a few years) regional and city councils going bankrupt, unable to pay their own wages and pensions, much less fund transgender toilets for ethnic minority midgets.

Bankruptcy is like that reservoir that ain’t being filled no more but the taps still work, when the cash stops flowing out of the taps, everything changes real quick.

If the council gets for example 50 million a year in taxes from local homeowners and business, and the writing is on the wall that the council is going to go bankrupt in six months, ain’t nobody going to pay the council, the body that is going to sue them is going to cease to exist before the lawsuit can ever get anywhere near a court, and you have the equivalent of a bank run.

And several thousand former council employees find out the hard way the essential difference between free money stolen by taxation, and money that has to be worked for as a profit on endeavour and labour.

The last piece was warning you about proper registered companies v being a private individual or sole trader.

This piece is warning you about town/city centres, the whole green / hate cars / pedestrian thing, pretty much doesn’t matter what your business is, if you are just around the corner from a fast food outlet and a car dealer and a gym and a food outlet and a electronics place, your customers are yards away, and increasingly all those places are abandoning city centres and moving out of town to industrial estates.

The last ones to leave the town centres will be the big department store chains that all sell clothes and home furnishings and other tat made for cents in the dollar in china or india or wherever.

Nota Bene, Malls are NOT industrial estates.


November 17, 2017

Tesla twuck athon

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Disclaimer, I have driven wagons in the past for money.

Disclaimer, I have been a certified marine and hydraulic engineer in the past for money.

Disclaimer, I am old enough to have picked up a lot of experience directly, and heard an awful lot of things one step removed from others, eg I never owned a fleet of wagons, but I worked for a guy that did.

So, the tesla twuck, it has to be said with a lisp, as in, it HAS to be said with a lisp, because even if it wasn’t vapourware, it isn’t a truck.

Daimler is making one now, it’s not vapourware, and it is a truck, meaning it has a proper ladder chassis and that is basically how it is sold, all variations on a theme from there based on standard parts and dimensions, container carrier, flatbed, curtainsider, box, often made by separate companies such as boalloy and all basically standard parts.

Because the primary purpose of trucks is to transport shit, and so 99% of everything is either going to be based around 10/20/30/40 foot containers or euro-pallets, or standard 250 cube boxes that just fit in standard wagons.

If you run trucks, you care about the following, in no specific order;

  • can the body design handle the loads you envisage paying your way? And yes, even tractor trailer with 5th wheel there are factors that *heavily* influence the trailer and loads possible.
  • can the drivetrain be maintained economically without too much john deere esqu vendor lock in?
  • does it comply with legislation where you want to run it eg max weight per axle, a very different thing to max weight.
  • how much fuel does it use in money terms, do not forget a diesel filler cap on 50 gallon tanks has no ongoing costs.
  • how much do tyres cost per 10,000 vehicle miles
  • how much to insure and otherwise certify and make legal.

There is *lots* more, but those are the high points, for the tesla twuck, let’s look at the answers.

  1. not even mentioned, the most significant part of a truck, not even mentioned.
  2. no, shined away with some bullshit about a million mile guarantee, well a million miles ain’t nothing special for a wagon, and there are *plenty* of cases of wagons with a million miles on the original engine and drivetrain
  3. not even mentioned, but a distinct lack of axles there so it’s probably going to be an issue
  4. claimed 2 kwh per mile, for vapourware, and I’m gonna go right out on a limb here and call total bullshit, a toy twuck might do that, a working truck loaded never will
  5. tyres, tyres, tyres, tyres, o-60 times for trucks hauling 60,000 lbs, puhleese, dunlop will buy shares, and you’ll be changing tyres every time you stop to recharge, and I call bullshit on the 2 kwh per mile because the tyres alone on a loaded wagon will consume more than that as they rotate and deform under load, tyre heat comes from somewhere people, and that’s rotating in free air and they still get hot
  6. the unknown always costs more than the known.

So I call total bullshit on the twuck, as a fucking minimum you want individual tyre pressure and temperature monitoring (this is 2017 people) and realtime reporting, because that’s your bread and butter right there, and there is NO FUCKING WAY you make it even possible to feed so much torque through the tyres that you start talking about 0-60 times you’re out the door before you even came in… .. friend of mine just had all new boots on his scania tractor rig, that’s be £5,270 fitted, if he ran his own trailers that would be another £4k for a twin axle or £3.5k for a triple.

Next thing you would want is a kick-ass GPS, proper truck gps are already pretty good, won’t send you under low bridges or down narrow roads or over stuff that can’t carry your weight, but tesla is supposed to be techno, so the fucking last thing you want is a fucking autopilot lifted from a model x….. no autopilot is fine, but a gps that calculates a route based on inclines and distance and junctions and so on to give a minimum energy solution, that would sell, but the twuck does not have that, just the autopilot.

Nor does the twuck mention air, back in the day we used to make trucks with a clutch on the compressor so it only ran when the tanks needed air, then we went to systems that were always on and just blew off the excess, now we have more hybrid systems, but it HAS to have air braking, and it has to have air, so it has to have a compressor, and the sizes are legally mandated for various uses, no mention of it at all.

This one really troubles me, with wagons the air handling system isn’t some peripheral or accessory like the alternator in your car, it’s a core part of the design, daimler electric trucks make a point of telling you that the air handling is all standard, it doesn’t just do the brakes, it does many other jobs too, from shifting (which you could eliminate in an electwick twuck) to air ride suspension / levelling to actuators to raising axles (the opposite of air ride in many ways) but it’s glossed over in usual tesla style.

And then more vapourware appears, a 500 mile range 200 mph new roadster, I feel like I have just taken acid and I am watching a Moller Skycar crowdfunding deal…

The harsh fact is, my illegal in the yew ess aah 70 quid 15 year old 2 litre 4 banger diesel eurobox which reliably returns more than 50 miles per imperial gallon of diesel at 70 mph is probably a thing of envy for many USAians looking to save a buck on transport, but compared to a diesel wagon hauling 90,000 lbs plus its own weight at a steady mandated 56 mph down a mandated curvature and incline motorway, my old diesel car is a fucking gas guzzler extraordinaire when you start looking at miles per gallon per ton.

The only thing that really beats it is anything that goes on water.

Trains don’t… in theory they could, in practice they don’t, except for some edge cases with very long pulls of ore wagons.

Sure, fuel is a *big* thing, but the reality is even here in the Uk with some of the most expensive taxed fuel on the planet at 1.15 per litre for diesel = £5.22 per imperial gallon, a fully loaded arctic pulling 40 tons can expect anywhere from 8 to 12 mpg depending on the road, so fuel is only 65p – 43p per mile, at £12 per hour including employers contributions etc etc etc the fucking driver on a low wage is costing an absolute minimum of 21p per mile, 2x drivers or driver + mate = diesel cost, and that is here in the UK with our crazy fuel prices.

tesla twuck claimed energy consumption of 2 kwh per mile at current UK electric prices is 40p per mile, IT ISN’T ANY FUCKING CHEAPER than a new volvo, and there are plenty of real world examples of drivers getting 24 litres per 100 km, loaded, overall, urban and motorway, (truck industry insiders know this shit like the back of their hand) which is 5.28 imp gallons per 62 miles, which is 12 mpg.

48 kwh in an imperial gallon of diesel, so 4 kwh per mile, but its a heat engine, lots of thermal rejection, NOT THAT ALL THAT HEAT IS WASTE, some surplus heat is a good thing and useful, keeps lubricants flowing nicely and carrying additional heat away… but buying diesel at the pump it only costs you 10 p per kwh, not the 20 p per kwh that electric costs, ( we haven’t even mentioned reefers) so the tesla twucks claimed 2 kwh per mile is all a bit meh.

WHEN or IF there are say 500,000 combined tesla twuck fleet miles to be analysed, which is how it works with say a new volvo or merc etc, then maybe fleet operators will consider buying into it, based on those numbers…. before those numbers are available, there isn’t even anything for them to ignore, it’s just vapourware.

But the only saving we are seeing is a marginal one at best on energy costs per mile… meanwhile every truck operator on the planet knows they can go and buy a brand new alloy 100 gallon tank for 750 bucks, and add a minimum 750 miles range to the wagon… try that with fucking battery packs…. or replace the old one… we used to run twin 100 gallon tanks on the fords.

My mate who just spent 5k on tyres for the tractor can expect 50,000 miles out of them if he maintains them well and doesn’t get on any poor surfaces, that’s 10 p a mile right there, half of a cheap drivers wages of 21 p per mile and a fifth of the average of 50 p per mile for fuel.

Start doing hard acceleration and not monitoring tyre pressures and temps aggressively and tyre costs can easily treble, quadruple, quintuple or even more, and at that point you’re like some use cases where tyre cost per mile exceeds both fuel cost and driver cost per mile together…. plus of course there is a direct link between tyres and fuel economy.

Please note, we haven’t even gone anywhere near that vast costs and losses incurred (contract penalties etc) when you lose a tyre and stop rolling, older experienced owner and fleet operators care about tyres more than all except the most anal of motorcyclists, yeah, you never see anything about this in any of the interminable you tube truck driver pov videos, because none of them are proper operator/drivers so they never ever talk about their tyres, or suspension.

So what are we left with as far as the tesla twuck reveal?


His flying saucer / drone looks more credible, and just as relevant to actual haulage operators the world over.

The only thing missing from the tesla twuck is a dodgy kickstarter campaign, but then he already has that from the state and lunatic investors.

“It kills me to sleep alone”… somehow I don’t find this statement at all inappropriate for the tesla twuck CEO etc


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