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April 7, 2017

Assad day for Trump and his voters

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I’m going to start with a direct and complete copy paste from a poster on ZH. (emphasis mine)

Not really, or not only: it was a message to Xi Jin Ping.

Also signalling to the American public and world at large.

Recall the Russians (and possibly through them Syrians) were given due warning and had time to vacate the premises, save their planes. So it’s an escalation in tone and sabre rattling, not so much as in violence.

Recall the month started with a stern warning to China about North Korea (Sort it out or we will). Note the Chinese Premier wass at Mar-a-Lago for talks.

Want to take bets that Trump said to him: watch this, see what we can do if you are recalcitrant.

Everything from the chem gas attack on to the tomahawk launches is just a show of force to cow the yellow peril.

It says we can stage the pretext, script the media narrative, fire at will, and do so with total impunity.

It simultaneously nixes the Russian gains on the ground and ups the ante in China, Korea, Iran.

It also signals strength to the electorate to paliate his ridicule emasculated image. And finally It says, that the agenda is back to military complex normalcy.

really it’s just a case of pulling out his willy.

and a good dose of gunboat diplomacy.

casualties be damned.

truth especially.

So, as I said back at the Beginning of all Things Trump, words have now become meaningless and worthless, especially words used to claim the alleged actions of others, so it is important to reserve judgement for known factual actions, nothing else counts.

6th April 2017 (end of the the tax year in the UK) and the jury is in, and yes, one factual action is enough to know or convict.

Trump is evil or stupid, there is little difference at that level, more importantly, Trump is just a label, same as Hitlary or Obummer, the MIC got rebranded and relaunched like Union Carbide after the Bhopal disaster in some sort of 4 yearly PR/marketing stunt, but the bottom line is welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss.

Few if any of us are really surprised, few if any of us expected any different, few if any of us needed any more than the sudden transition from “You should be in jail” to the “The Clintons are good people“, and few if any of us buy that line of bullshit about having to speak or act in a certain way if you want to play politics.

Few if any of us felt any surprise at all when a certain female reporter who was on the ground in Aleppo etc said on air I’ve been there, I have first hand experience, there is no 4G, there is no 3G, there is no 2G, there is no wi-fi, there is no broadband, how the hell are all these “reporters” managing to hold skype conversations with western media?? If you are on skype you are NOT in the area you are claiming to be in and the area you are claiming to report on…”

Ditto the “white hats” and all the rest of it.

None of this says that there are not deep schisms in society and politics and power circles between red team aficionados and blue team aficionados, there are, and many snakes and influence peddlers moving in the grass against both sides to further their own agenda, but the greatest schism by far by orders of magnitude is the one between all of the above and the people themselves.

I said it here first (worldwide) the unique thing about Trump was he was a very successful and very sharp businessman used to making deals to further his own ends, so don’t be surprised if he leverages this role to become the world’s first trillionaire.

I never even hinted at the possibility he’d invoke martial law on day one in office and purge the three letter agencies and take the country back to its founding principles… that just doesn’t make any kind of business sense.

But, four months in we finally have one fact, Trump chose to fire weapons at a sovereign foreign nation in an act of war without legally declaring war first, which makes him a terrorist, and it really doesn’t matter one iota about some theoretical back story about a small necessary evil done for the “greater good”… tell that shit to Ghandi.

Commenter undefined in the last post about the butcher and fast eddie speaks for all people… Also, I had my suspicions that Trump was a shill. Its been confirmed now, the Goldman sachs/Kushner presidency.

Welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss.

So, what of us?

Well, being scientist / engineer types, we can now say one thing with certainty, and we can be certain because the Syrian air strikes are the proof (and no, warning the Russians to warn the Syrians so they have time to pull materiel and personnel away from ground zero doesn’t count for shit) that the new boss really is the same as the old boss, so the plan for the next 4 and 8 years is the same as the plan for the last 4 and 8 years, which in a way is comforting, it promises a form of stability, even if only a technofuedal one.

The big issue has always been the one about spinning plates and kicking cans down the road, the longer you do it the harder it gets and the more likely it is that trivial events snowball and wreck everything.

NOBODY has a plan to fix this, or even address it, it simply isn’t on the agenda.

So the form of stability we have been “promised” is just stability for a lot longer than we have any right to expect, but when the balloon goes up, it’s going to be a lot messier than it would have been and a lot more sudden and a lot more catastrophic.

Rome has not yet gone up in flames, so grab your fiddle and party hearty, because prepping won’t do shit for you now, enjoy it while you can.

April 3, 2017

The butcher and fast eddie redux.

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Rose Tattoo song from circa 1981, Bon Scott had died the year before, and for many of us AC/DC died with him, because it was the raw original stuff or you may as well be Murph and the Monstertones or whatever they were called in the Blues Brothers.

So I recently (for the first time) sat down and watched the latest Mad Max installment, Fury Road…. what the fucking fuck, max is still alive, so is the car, but neither or them look the same, yet in the intervening 20 years AT MOST literally everything about the world has changed…. you can ride for 160 days at 50 miles a day on motorcycles that never need refuelling (like every motor is a V8 with a rootes blower) which is 8,000 miles which is half way around the fucking world, and not get to the end of the desert, plus everyone is short of fuel, plus there is a town that makes fuel, and another town that makes bullets.. gone is the green and pleasant land of Max1, gone are the two way radios, gone are the railways, gone is the acting, such as it was (which being honest wasn’t much, most of the characters of Max1 just revisited previous roles from Stone) gone is all the stunt work, it’s all CGI, max himself and many other have however become almost bulletproof, surviving improbably spectacular and fatal accidents without even minor lacerations or bruises, it’s fucking Tom & Jerry, blood transfusions are done in the field and blood types no longer matter, gimps and skanks climb under moving trucks to repair busted engines with one 19 mm combo spanner, I could go on and on and on, but basically any 180 seconds you could sample under fair use clauses from Max1 would have easily exceeded the latest offering any way you liked to measure it.

I haven’t seen it but I gather the remake of Ghostbusters was the same.

Which is all very apt really, because the remake of NK having nukes so good that the EMP from a single miniaturised one could knock out the entire USA and shut down civilisation overnight…. is in much the same vein

It’s an old story re-told very badly, so badly that the original version, which lets face it wasn’t that great, now, in retrospect, seems great in comparison, Adolf Hitler was played much better by Saddam in the original and Ghaddafi in the sucquel than by Kim Jong in this latest remake.

But the message I got from Max 4 was quite clear, men destroyed the world, and nordic Valhalla worshipping white survivors are the worst, meanwhile the new milquetoast max 4 himself cuts a slightly comedic figure, even the current squeeze was all WTF!!! when he did not do the obvious thing and cut white boys hand off to release the chain, it’s not like that very solution wasn’t offered in Max1, but max4 doesn’t even sniff at the pussy, he clearly prefers the white boys cocks.

Meanwhile Odin himself builds bank vault doors into solid rock to keep the harem in, but they just glide through somehow, much like the unexplained underground aquifers or the energy to pump the water up, or the way his offspring is all deformed and retarded.

It really is on a par, intellectually, with the claims that the Norks have both nukes and the ability to deliver them to the USA, if FedEx flew one their from Israel they might get one, then maybe UPS could deliver it to the US, it’s about the only viable method.

It’s like my earlier discussion about lasers, nukes also have to obey physical law…

And we have an atomic explosion powered by fission, or a thermonuclear explosion triggered by fission and amplified by fusion, which itself is triggered by the fission, no fission, no thermonuke, just ordinary atomic nuke.

And ordinary atomic nuke is only “easy” if you have 250 gramme dodecahedrons of fissile material spaces out on a conveyor belt, and you start the belt and feed them into a nice hexagonal bucket until you reach critical mass, and you don’t get much choice in your output, sooner or later you will get a very very dirty explosion, but it will be measured in tons of TNT, not kilotons, no you really need a lot of very precise mechanical engineering to bounce as many neutrons as possible back into the mass, and a lot more very precise mechanical engineering to fit the definition of a bomb, eg something that detonated when you want it to, not when some unknown and unguessable internal state flops over from net loss of energy to net production of energy, and to go any further you need extremely powerful conventional explosives and extremely fast and accurate electronic timing mechanisms… the norks can’t even illuminate the land at night, it’s like looking at a patch of ocean from on high, yet we are expected to believe they can not just make nukes, but make advanced nukes.

Basic engineering 101, every new tier of technology needs a much larger foundation of the preceding tier of technology, so nuclear power / weapons sits at the top of a very tall techno industrial pyramid.

It doesn’t sit in a vacuum any more than Odin’s retreat in Max 4, it simply is not fucking scientifically possible.

Of course the strong empowered lead wimminz characters in Horizon Zero Dawn (haven’t played it, don’t have a PS$ or any Sony products, they lost me for life with the rootkits back in the day) and much more credible that the strong empowered lead wimminz characters in Mass Effect Andromeda (haven’t played it, won’t be installing origin on any of my PC’s) BECAUSE THE FUCKING GRAPHICS ARE BETTER.

Fuck the lack of a storyline or characters on anything else, see I was raised on books and radio, (we got a TV in 1968 for the moon landings but it was strictly rationed, I think it was 1982 when my parents got a colour TV) and in books every reader would come up with their own interpretation of characters and so on, radio you had voices, which didn’t help, nobody, especially DJ’s, looked anything like they sounded on the radio.

Idiocracy wasn’t a fucking prophecy, it was a documentary, with advert slots for Carl’s Jr and Starbucks, I like coffee, NOBODY who likes coffee would go to Starbucks (or costa) so it stands to reason they are going there for gentlemen’s lattes and man portable nuclear weapons, isher’s gun shops made real.


April 1, 2017

Freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

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99+% of people think it is a rude description of cold weather, and picture an anatomically correct or exaggerated statue of a monkey, cast in brass, and the testicles some how fall off.

The truth is back in the day a monkey was a plate with round holes in it, and you could stack cast iron cannon balls in a pyramid on the holes, if the monkey was made of brass, it has a different coefficient of thermal expansion to cast iron, so when it got very cold it shrank more than the cannon balls, and the cannon balls fell off as the pyramid collapsed.

Which brings me back to the previously mentioned HD forum and the oil filter thread, for my sins I pointed out that you NEVER pre fill any kind of filter, you fit it and bleed the system to fill it, that way you abso-fucking-lutely guarantee that nothing ever ever ever goes anywhere except through the filter medium itself.

So one guy says anyone who works on tier 4 diesels will know exactly what he is on about, everyone else takes the piss, been doing it pre filled for 40 years, maybe I should ride a british bike or a horse instead, yadda yadda yadda.

Fact 1, what I said was 100% correct.

Fact 2, 99+% of people pre fill the filter by hand.

99+% of people doing it DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT.

So… what can we learn from this?

well, tongue only slightly in cheek, we can learn that 99+% of people are stupid cunts, are proud of it, and have no intention whatsoever of changing any time soon.

It’s a *bit* like lasers, the science and technology isn’t actually all that hard to grep, sure, there is a whole load of real world practical stuff you’d need to learn that you possibly would not have thought of, but even that makes sense once you grep it.

So let’s look at lasers as death ray weapons, because it’s back…

Well, back when laser were just masers, some clever guy observed that creating a megawatt class laser wasn’t hard, nor was pointing it at a target, the problem was all the air in between the weaponised laser and the target, and you get something called “thermal bloom” which is like a huge muzzle blast of heat at the exit of the weapon, and bugger all energy making it down range to the target.

A notable exception to this is space of course, laser work well in a vacuum, just not a hollywood one, because they would not be green and red and blue and white, they’d all be invisible… vacuum see..

So while it is true that different frequencies have different atmospheric absorption properties, none of them are near as dammit zero, so none of them make megawatt class lasers practicable.

But, again, science, there is an exception.

You can buy commercial fibre laser modules for things like laser cutters and engravers, they tend to top out at around 100 watts so if you want 2 kw to cut thick steel you just mount 20 of them together and combine the beams, easier said than done, but still.

But, all of these fiber lasers tend to have one thing in common, you can alter the frequency of the pulses and you can alter the power of the pulses and you can do PWM etc, but you’re pretty much limited to 1 MJ per pulse.

I joule is of course 1 watt for 1 second, so a megajoule is 0.277 kwh, or 277 watts for an hour… but this is continuous power, say a third of a horsepower for an hour…. or a full horsepower for 20 minutes, or 20 horsepower for a minute, or 1,200 horsepower for a second, and my maths is drifting here, I’m about 10% low.

For reference 50 cal bmg is around 15,500 joules at the muzzle…. a one bar kilowatt fire for quarter of a minute.

So it’s a *reasonable* amount of power, and we can say that if a Bystronic 10 KW fiber laser can cut thick steel all day long, it will cut missile nose cones and jet aircraft engine pods all day long… except it won’t.

Targeting is just one issue, and you can indeed get galvo heads so fast and sensitive they can maintain a target lock on an aircraft 30,000 feet up and 60,000 feet downrange.

But without focused energy you aren’t going to do shit, and you only have to look at stars twinkling to know that focusing over large amounts of atmosphere is a *hard* problem, and it becomes n-hard when you are no longer just trying to get a sharp image for your camera, but are trying to focus a megawatt or so of laser energy, energy which is itself causing thermal bloom.

So essentially, ranged megawatt class laser weapons in atmosphere are a non starter, it’s an engineering problem akin to making a Nimitz class aircraft carrier fly… it’s not theoretically impossible, it’s just totally physically impossible and impractical.

But, when 99+% of people are assholes and want to stay that way, just say, “because science innit” and you’ll get funding to develop it and keep the pork rolling.

Or hyperloop, or small scale manned missions to mars that are only about 3x the size of Apollo, or dare I say it, draining the swamp.

I cannot speak for the USA as I do not live there, but I can speak for the UK, and it would be hugely erroneous to think that the UK swamp only extended as far as the outskirts of London.

It’s Everglades and mangroves and snowflakes all the way to the territorial waters, sure, the deepest and most primordial swamp my be Londinium only, but that shit has been spreading like cancer for 40 years, ain’t no part of this nation unaffected.

PS if this is all incoherent it’s because I am as drunk as a skunk.

March 30, 2017

Driven by You

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I’ve been using usenet since before there was an internet, back in the day as a place to meet and talk, nowadays as a place to download binaries.

Of course there is an ongoing war between copyright holders and posters, so with a few exceptions it has basically been a long time since anyone posted “Ghost in the shell 2017” as a subject title, and equally it’s been a long time since anyone used “G4057 in t4e 54e11 2017” as a way of deny the copyright search bots.

Nowadays you get a string of what looks like randomly generated characters “[153b9e8486b92c11a548d0b5550f0d5f]- “81b3780b7deea62dec0a8813c10379d1″” and to know what it is you either have to be a member of one of the listings sites, usually a paid member at that, or you look for posts with a “Proof.jpg” attached which will be a camera photo of the DVD/Blu-ray disk itself, with the rippers name hand written on a note obscuring part of the DVD and title, if the bits you can see have some light sabres and some kick ass wimminz faces and you can see “–ogue one” in the writing you’re not going to download it thinking it’s a copy of Little House On The Prairie.

But, this “suck it and see” method of sampling means you can get caught, a few days ago the jpegs in question were of pubescent pre teens and the writing painted across the image directed you to a URL, can’t remember all of it, beam.to/kiddiepron or something, but it was a beam to redirect, and it advertised cheap membership, same as the listings sites, few bucks a month being “cheap”.

Awwww fuuuuuck” purge the newsgroup cache, close newsleecher, gutmann wipe the directory (because legally I just “made” a copy of that file) and start again and make a mental note of the posting style to avoid it in future.

I don’t make a physical note or add a filter, because they work both ways and can be construed as evidence of intent or guilt.

I don’t join the listings sites because to me they are the same as the beam to kiddie porn sites, you pay be credit card up front, then someone has your plastic details and holds absolute proof you DELIBERATELY paid to access that site, and I don’t trust any of them.

I should also point out that it isn’t just the rare kiddie porn image (the last time this happened was over a year ago) albeit a *relatively* mild form of kiddie porn (just solo nudity, no actual penetration or other people visible) I also sometimes stumble across the odd jihadi thing or the odd”former prime minister david cameron fucking a pigs head” thing, and I don’t want any of them on my computers.

If you want to characterise my behaviour and attitudes I guess you could say I don’t mind breaking the law on copyright, I just don’t want to break the law on more serious shit, it just so happens the same vehicle (a PC and internet connection) is used for both, in the same way that the same literal vehicle can be used to park badly or break the speed limit by 10 mph, and also to mow down pedestrians on a bridge in London.

However I am not fool enough to belive that with my awww shit and deletion and wipes and mental notes to avoid that style of post again I am now free and clear, everything we do is logged by ISP’s and black boxes on the backbone, and thanks to the new law in the states it is also for sale commercially in a 100% above board and legal manner.

Which brings us neatly into people types.

I know people who work in the “cash in transit” trade, and they routinely drive around with millions of pounds of cash in the vehicle, every day of the week, asked about stealing it they all say they’d rather work 20 years to earn a million or three, it will be easier work and cheaper personally than nicking it.

Lots of these people and people in other jobs like bus drivers and carpenters and plumbers and so on are a lot like me, we are not “driven”.

We sit there in a traffic jam for four hours getting frustrated and wish we could get home, but hey, at least I’m still on the clock and being paid to sit here stationary in the traffic jam, with the radio on, and so on… if we think of other places we could be and other things we could do, it’s sat at home with a coffee, sat in the pub with a beer, going for a walk with the dog, painting the kitchen walls.

We don’t sit there thinking about all of the other places we could be and things we could be doing to make MONEY.

We aren’t “driven” like that.

The “driven” guys were the ones who worked three jobs 14 hours a day 7 days a week, and had two shops and three houses when the rest of us were still trying to buy our first house (and then they died of heart attacks at 40) but then again the driven guys were always the ones who had great ideas about drug running or bank robberies, and they’re all in prison pretty much forever.

I’d suspect a large proportion of the guys who sign up for jihadi kiddie porn sites are also driven, it’s perhaps not so much that they actually want to do kiddie porn or jihadi promo vids, or even that they have sat down and thought it through, so much as they *have* to do *something* and they already got excluded from everything else, so the devil finds work for idle hands.

Me, I have a scientific mind, it may be autistic, but it does see and think and enquire, so I say things like the above that to me, I can’t see any reason why I should trust a usenet listing site any more than a kiddie porn site, in both cases you are using your credit card to provide proof absolute that you are seeking something illegal.

The fact that one is much more illegal and socially unacceptable than the other is, to me, a completely separate issue.

But like I say, I see, and I wonder, the aforementioned “Proof.jpg” files are usually over a meg in size, nobody cares, who would when you are considering downloading a 20 gig blu ray disk image?

The aforementioned awww fuck kiddie pron teaser pics were I think less than 100k (this is one of the mental filters I have added, don’t check any jpeg files less than around 300k) which is pointless resizing from a modern tech perspective, so maybe it ain’t resizing, which means it is old shit.. I remember being amazed at the amazing 640 x 480 pic resolution of my first “proper” digital camera.

Nowadays I will casually snap 5312 x 2988 4 meg images with the Note4, and 1920 x 1080 30 fps 17 mbit/sec video with the same device.

It stands to reason if I was making kiddie porn, or jihadi death porn, I’d use the same sort of devices, and get the same resolutions and file sizes and bit rates as I do when photographing (checks phone gallery) such inanities as, in reverse order from latest, garage bill, serial and product info on a lead acid battery, state of connectors on lead acid battery, a couple of old coins, letter from bank with new plastic pin number, a clock face, a chart in an aquarium shop showing fish diseases, a street scene, as above showing some road markings, some views of a workshop I was considering…

And this is a 2014 phone I’m talking about.

So we have two possibilities regarding the beam to kiddie porn.

1/ it was a honeytrap running in 2017

2/ it was not a honeytrap running in 2017

and we have two possibilities regarding the actual images I inadvertently downloaded.

a/ they were taken in 1998 with a then current digital camera.

b/ they were taken in the last year or so, and for some unknown reason that CANNOT be bandwidth or filesize related, they were shrunk to 1998 spec

So now we can compose a grid, 4 boxes, 4 possibilities.

1a and 2a both suppose that the operators are using 1998 era images, so the question becomes why? If there is no newer supply that we can draw links to other historical things such as photos of WW2, you use what you can get, if you could get better, you’d have used it.

This gives three possibilities, and the first two are the same, any real government agency and any real paedophile could get current images, and the third is this is therefore an amateur who got their entire content off someone else’s HDD, or, in shades of paranoia, they are a government honeytrap trying to emulate an amateur etc

Which brings us to 2a and 2b in our grid.

Both of these would lead me down the paranoia route, either it is a government agency honeytrap trying to emulate an amateur, or it is a professional paedophile with new material attempting to make his material to look old, to mask the fact that he is the creator, as well as the distributor.

Clearly human nature being what it is, paedophilia itself is not extinct, and clearly anything made in 2017 is most likely to be made on a device at least as modern as my 2014 era Note 4, so it is going to be AT LEAST that technical quality.

Possibly, if I went looking for such stuff, I could find it, but again, if I was looking for such stuff I would not be looking in .teevee and .movie newsgroups, I probably wouldn’t even be looking on usenet, I’d probably be looking at Tor and P2P stuff.

I do not know, I can only “know” what is reported, which is that individuals join such groups by sharing their own material, you can only really do that on private P2P networks, and also reported is that people who are convicted of actual making of paedophila here in the UK tend to use their mobile phones, and again as we know 11 year olds have iPhone 5’s and on up, so none of this ancient VGA crap.

So who the fuck would post what is probably 1999 era kiddie pron link to a beam to pay website on a .movies newsgroup in 2017?

Well, let’s look at it..

http://www.beam.to/start.asp it’s free, so no startup costs.

The site you are redirected to can be anywhere, any TLD you like, and all it has to do is capture CC data, it doesn’t have to be a live verisign approved payment gateway like my one click amazon prime thing, it doesn’t even have to actually delivery, let’s face it, who is going to demand their 5 bucks is returned and report them to barclaycard because the quality or quantity of kiddie porn was deficient…

It becomes interesting, doesn’t it, is this the latest scam from nigeria for example (a place where you could make genuine kiddie porn in 2017 and get away with it) or some vector for other malware to infect your pc?

Well, like I said, I’ve been using usenet since before the internet, and back in the day a 20 gig daily feed to would take *everything* all the binaries and everything in every group, so I still know people (hell I knew who SPEWS was and even offered some of my colo equipment for their use at one time) so when I had my awwwwww fuck moment while the gutmann wipe was purging the newsleecher directory I fired off a quick email to one of these people warning them that the .movies groups were getting spammed with kiddie porn beam to links.

Guess what the reply was?

Yeah, thanks, we have been made aware already, the upload came from a UK IP address group we would associate with (amongst other things) a multi million pound annually charity that deals with child protection issues.

I was all WTF for a least a couple of hours, and then the fucking penny dropped.

Expect a “report” soon in the MSM from “experts” warning the public that the incidence, prevalence and desire to seek kiddie porn is at all time fucking highs, give us more fucking money and more fucking draconian laws.

Not too different from the police releasing acid seized during operation julie back on to the streets, because the operation was way too successful and you can’t have a drug squad if there are no busts to make, and with my own eyes I saw sheets of blotters (superman etc) with the police evidence stamps on the streets in the dealers hands after the bust.

Don’t get me started on how it was all the ethical drug dealers that got incarcerated, and all the nasty corrupt cunts who got a pass and a “friend in the force” to keep them on the streets and supplying and feeding “information” back to the po-po.

Guess what sorts of people inhabit these organisations for “good” lining their own pocketbooks all the way to the bank?

Driven people, that’s who.

But instead of using that drive to build and create something, (and maybe die of a heart attack at 40) they use it to exploit others and ensure that the seedy underbelly is the one that prospers, because it is the one that can be exploited.

Sheds old new light on pizzagate / podesta / hitlary et al.

March 28, 2017

The straight shit, for once.

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Not that I lie, or deceive, not intentionally anyway, but there are some things you cannot say, where the bodies are buried, who Flynn spoke to on the phone and what was said, because the moment you do your illusion of anonymity and safety just evaporated, you just fingered yourself.

I had a conversation with a wimminz about her 12 year old pwinthess daughter, spoiled entitled delusional little bitch, I commented that there are girls her age, *white* girls her age, who have to resort to sex and porn to live, they don’t get a choice.

Unlike many, this wimminz listened, so I was able to deliver the punchline, if push ever comes to shove, her daughter will not survive, because she is too spoiled and entitled and delusional to do the sex and porn like her life depends on it.

Fuck it, AfOR is on one of his paedo fests again… no.. not so much.

See, if you are 12, except for maybe going up chimneys, which aren’t around much any more, and except for being a powder monkey on a man’o’war, which aren’t around much any more, you don’t bring much to the table, self sufficiency and survival wise… nobody going to take you on for your great conversation, or secretarial abilities, or mechanical abilities, so it’s down to parents to keep you alive and fed and clothed and housed, without you having to do much in exchange.

But the parents have to be alive, and they have to have the spare economic capacity.

A seminal moment in my life was around 1993, my dad had been dead a bit, and for whatever reasons I decided to take one of my extended motorcycle vacations, so I saddled up the old shovelhead and headed for points Athens wards.

There are always things that stick in your mind about any journey, that particular journey was the trip west to east across the top of italy where it borders France and Switzerland and Austria and Slovenia, the road goes through Turin, Milan and Monza, Bergamo, Brescia, Verona, Vicenza and Padua.

It was basically 250 miles of motorways and all you could see as far as you could see on both sides of the road was industrial estates.

Nearly 25 years ago now, but I realised then that that one section of Italy had more manufacturing capacity that the entire UK, and they were getting well into the who automation and robotics and CNC thing even back then.

I haven’t forgotten about 12 year olds doing porn and tricks to stay alive, bear with me.

Last week I was with a few people, we were watching videos, these videos were of the “third tier” lower league chinese engineering factories, the ones using the cheapest and nastiest and most crude, facilities to make cheap knock offs.

There was a lot of hilarity, because the people I was with worked for a German company that makes cutting edge, well, I can’t even call them conveyor belt systems, because these systems can turn and sort and steer individual packages, even to the point of stripping entire palettes of different goods, chucking them in temporary stores, and then creating new palettes which contain a mixture of all of the above.

Think, in one end the truck from the sausage factory arrives and unloads palettes of sausages, another truck from the beer factory unloads palettes of beer, another truck from the baked beans factory unloads palettes of beer, and on and on and on, and at the other end of this system, an order comes in from one small shop, I want some sausages, I want some beer, I want some beans, I want some sugar, I want some rice, and this system puts it all together on a palette and wraps it, and a truck turns up to get loaded.

So the video they are all laughing at, is a chinese factory using the crudest automation going, and using cheap shit steel tube and cheap shit bearings and cheap shit steel rod and so on, and it is making rollers for cheap shit chinese roller conveyor systems.

And right there is the reason the 12 year old needs to do porn and tricks to stay alive.

Mummy and daddy thought the chinese shit was a joke, and the german stuff was whizz bang, and what the fuck anyway.

Well even the cheap chinese shit will boost productivity in any warehouse or workshop system, over a manual handling system, by around 500%, and that’s a conservative estimate, staff devoted to it will be one guy to lube the rollers and pull the odd one that dies, so what, replacements are only 5 bucks a pop.

It will never sell to the company that can afford, and that needs, the 12 million buck german system, it was never intended to.

People who are not engineers, and many who claim to be, but don’t have a logical brain, think that every robot and AI system is something that escaped from a sci fi movie.

I’ll remind you that one of the founders of IBM stated famously that there might eventually be a need for as many as six computers worldwide, massively expensive, massively complex and massively massive as they were.

50 years later you can buy an arduino or raspberry pi for the price of a blowjob in London.

The humble cheap ass crapola chinese roller conveyor system is a robot.

Old Pavel used the word properly, translated into his native language it literally meant “worker”, it didn’t mean “rocket scientist + lab + staff + budget”, and a cheap ass chinese roller conveyor can easy eliminate half a dozen human workers… even in a relatively small facility.

Half a dozen human workers whose 12 year old kids now get to suck cock to eat.

Think that’s grim?

Only insofar as the initial comment to the wimminz at the beginning was grim, it’s the punchline that is grim.

The punchline is we are not manufacturing ANY of these robots here in the west, even the really high end stuff like the fancy conveyor mentioned is pretty much going to be either German or Japanese, that’s Premier League.

Division 2, 3, 4 and all the way down is Chinese.

right down in the saturday amateur pub team level there is maybe one or two small amateur crap concerns that are maybe on a par with the 3rd division chinese shit, maybe, and with about 0.00001% of the capacity of the chinese shit.

those folks may be able to prevent their 12 years olds from having to suck cock to eat.

At this stage it is irreversible, we no longer have either the manufacturing base or the skills to avoid it.

The often mentioned and alluded to (like I said, I never intentionally lied or deceived, I just alluded to shit) all critical stall speed of an aircraft has direct parallels to engineering and manufacturing and economies as a whole.

When it gets below a certain speed a crash is inevitable, you can’t fix it, you have to build a new one, from scratch, there is a hole in my bucket dear lisa…

So riddle me this.

What happens when the shit 3rd rate rising sun crapola conveyor belt company can’t be bothered to make product to sell to say the UK, it’s just not worth it, other places, nearer places, more local places, can absorb all their output?

It’s like science fiction, none of it is good science… to have interstellar travel a race has to have such an eye wateringly monstrous ability to harness and control and expend energy, that no simple economy confined to a single planet or a single solar system could ever hope to compete.

DHL / FedEx simply can’t be done in an age of sail, or an age of steam and coal, and only barely in an age of oil, because you need digital electronics and computing and hey, you guessed it, robots too.

Amazon (warehousing) should blow your fucking mind, the few humans there are robots, and they are being phased out.

Since we here in the west basically do not make our own robots, these remaining meat robots will be the last home grown ones, the few remaining metal robots we make will lose *their* fucking jobs to foreign robots.

And it is only those western metal robots who do not have to worry about their 12 year old kids sucking cock to eat, because they do not have kids.

If you doubt me, tomorrow go out and try and buy that simplest of all engineering tools, a combination spanner, that is made here in the west.

Well maybe there will be a war to depopulate us of all those starving 12 year olds?

Seen western bullet production? Most of the factories look like something from the victorian era, people everywhere moving shit around, sorting shit, testing shit, loading shit, unloading shit, and lubing machinery that looks like General Motors made it.

Seen modern automated high speed production lines?

Shit like this does everything in one machine, even sorting the rejects, at a rate of 10 per second.

Recognise the language?

Think you can compete?


March 26, 2017

A dating update for 2017

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As always, many of these posts seem like they have nothing in common with the preceding or subsequent post, but that’s only on the surface, look deeper and you see shades of Twain’s nature rhyming, and more and more connections between apparently disparate things, while reminding yourself that connections and correlations do not equal causality, but then again, the four horsemen of the apocalypse never rode alone either.

As always it is mistake to take what I say about dating and wimminz as gospel, the guy owns a Ford F150 and he is writing about it therefore what he says applies to all F150’s, when the reality is that it is much more the case that the guy owns the sandwich shop, he’s just commenting on what he sees in the car park and what customers choose to talk about while waiting for their order.

A couple / three / four years ago I commented on the new (to me) then phenomenon of wimminz in a cycle of leaving and returning to dating sites with all new re-invented profiles (but the same pics from 1978..) badda bing badda boom.

A couple years ago I commented that I thought I was seeing the same thing on the swinging sites.

Today it’s official, you can’t go online on the swinging sites and not trip over these constant returnee profiles, part of me wonders what these wimminz are doing while away, is there another level “down” of depravity and debauchery that I myself have not yet plumbed and am not really aware of?

Perhaps they are all fucking wannabe jihadist bombers and plotting to overthrow Nutella.

I get very itchy when people start turning to me for advice and observation and information, as though I was some sort of smart operative with fingers in many pies and all of them on the pulse… when the reality is I’m more like the Goose in the original Mad Max film after he crashes into the car and the driver asks him what’s going on, and he says “I dunno mate, I just got here myself.

That’s me, I just got here myself.

I’m not sure when but some time in the past merely being divorced wasn’t enough for the wimminz, it had to be made clear to all that it was his ass that was thrown out and that is because he was a nasty bastard, but that was divorce and in lower stakes not so much, nowadays on the swinging sites they are coming back, after previously being a single female then hooking up with a man to be friends with benefits or a swinging couple or whatever, it’s all basically the least strings possible form of human interaction, and now they are all back again as single females and that ex FWB is a right nasty bastard, I mean, he has to be, else why would she be back as a single female?

The younger ones have it sussed, they like playing with older men, and they’d love to play tonight, and the sites have rules against prostitution, so they just post status updates about how they are skint or how they are short of something or how they don’t even have money for smokes or a joint.

You’re getting couples who “invite” you around for an evening of social fun and lighthearted interaction in their own home, they are both great cooks, if you want booze you must bring your own (because suddenly that will trigger licensing laws), and it’s only 30 quid each, and it definitely is not prostitution because sex absolutely is not on the cards, no sir, no way, you sexy man you…

Four or five years ago I had a skank sat in my kitchen, buck naked, legs apart, telling me she will do anything I wanted, ANY-THING… making it very very clear what is on offer, she is of course history in the wayback machine, make me a sammich bitch and shut the fuck up apparently doesn’t fit the definition of anything.

I have mentioned before that I live in a university town, and I live down that end of the town, so I can sit here and look out my window and all day there are young people walking past.

You know what I have seen change in the past few years?

Group behaviour, groups used to range from 3 to 5 individuals, and it was quite often a mix, now I see groups of 10 or 12 or 15 or more walking past, if it is a group of guys there may be one or two wimminz in there, if it is a group of wimminz it will be all wimminz, the groups walk down the street like separate regiments, all going more or less the same way to do more or less the same thing, but separately.

The point I am trying to get across here is that it ain’t just Trump and Hitlary supporters, or Brexit and Bremainers, society is fracturing all up and down the levels, so then even “pure” lizard brain no strings shit like swinging has changed, and changed in ways that I honestly do not think will change back any time soon.

The once monolithic feminazi edifice is cracking all up and down, with leading feminists starting to claim that feminism has not been great for all wimminz, much less great for everyone, just today in the daily fail there is an article from a former icon of the feminazi movement admitting that the movement caused men’s wages to be cut in half, and it didn’t benefit the wimminz either.

Yeah, sure, cry me a fucking river, that’s not the point, the point is the edifice is cracking, the eternally insane and fucked up Liz Jones railing against celebrity virtue signalling, of course really it is all professional wolf criers railing against the boy who cried wolf, because now everyone is suspicious when anyone does cry wolf.

It’s a bit like the influence Bomber Command had in WW2, bomber command commands the bombers, not the fighters, not the navy, not the army, just the bombers, so everything is either a bombing mission of taking resources away from what should be a bombing mission.

The high ground (30,000 feet and up) is great if you want to target infrastructure.

Ground troops and no support (tanks / arty / mortars) are great if you want to preserve infrastructure.

Ground troops = crunchies and cannon fodder if the enemy fields medium calibre and crew served weapons and arty, so what are you now fighting for, it isn’t land and infrastructure because you are all destroying it.

And those who lived through WW2 said exactly that, time and time and time again, they all described it as an “orgy of destruction”, take a look around you, not one single thing would survive, the house and walls and windows, destroyed, the chair you are sat on, destroyed, the sink and cooker and lights, destroyed, the beds and carpets and clothes, destroyed, the vehicles and tools and books, destroyed, all destroyed like it had been through a modern industrial shredding machine.

Any european native in his later fifties or older *can*, if they choose to, remember growing up around rubble that was still left over from a war that ended 20-25 years earlier, in modern western countries that were powerhouses of industry and commerce in the intervening two and a bit decades.

No-one young has a fucking clue what I am talking about, no american has a fucking clue what I am talking about, no australian, no indian, no chinese, no middle eastern, no muslim,

Sure, “syrian immigrants” come from a bombed out hell hole that was relatively prosperous only 30 or 4 years ago, but the fighting is ongoing, it is just NOT THE SAME as living in an industrious and peaceful and civilised places where 20-25 years of solid work still has not eradicated the scars.

I do not mean like there were black spots on the map either, you could walk across england and sail across to france and walk across europe and you’d never really get out of sight of some evidence of it, unless it was dark or raining or foggy.

And in reality it wasn’t any of the aforementioned countries that did it either, we did it to ourselves, even literally one whole century ago when the internal combustion engine was a new thing and heavier than air flight was a novelty and all we had was the old 308 and some four pounders and some other bits and pieces, the odd ten inch gun in the navy, we managed to blow the shit out of our own stuff to such an extent that Aleppo looks like all that happened was a two day war in comparison.

Go to the Somme today, it looks like this.

Go 100 years ago, it looked like this…



eg it looked like the desert around Aleppo does TODAY.

But it is only simple logic, any civilisation that is advanced enough and industrious enough to build amazing things is also advanced enough and industrious enough to destroy shit to an extent that you would not believe.

But, the lessons of Bomber Command in WW2 were not learned, the Yanks in Vietnam dropped more tons of bombs than were dropped in WW2, and there is nothing quite like bombs and arty and mortars to wipe the face of the earth clean like everything has been fed through a planet sized wood chipper.

And what happens?

Well, the people move back to the same places they were before, pretty much, france becomes france again, germany becomes germany again, even if it is split in to, poland becomes poland, sure, borders have moved here and there (creating new ethnic problems) but the peoples themselves pretty much repopulated the places they came from and re-made them from scratch.

Nations then are not either the land itself, because you can wipe that clean and feed it through a woodchipper, nor are they borders on a map because you can re-draw those at will and all you will ever do is create more problems if you ignore historical ethnic boundaries, so what is left?

Nations *are* peoples.

A fact that was very very very much acknowledged 100 years ago when our collective leaders decided that a nation without land was a bad thing, so we will create the state of Israel, the home of the Jew, that will solve everything.

Lebanon, Syria and Palestine got robbed of land, those people got kicked out of their own nation, so contrary to what most are told, Israel was not created in the 60s by the british so the displaced survivors of the nazi holocaust had somewhere to call home, the FACTS are that the Turks, then known as the ottoman empire, sided with the Germans in WW1, when the germans “lost” so did the turks, and the ottoman got divided up, and since the Jews had been immigrating to Palestine since the 1880’s in a bid to create a Jewish home state, the british (the french had the north) bit of palestine got divided up Sykes Picot, and the argument was well why not, nobody had really moved into Palestine since the Jews moved in 2,000 years ago.

It wasn’t exactly a great bit of land, and it didn’t even have oil, so fuck em all.

With the broadest brush you can use you can characterise the entire middle east problem as one of arab peoples vs jewish peoples, leave out the land itself and lines on maps, the two do not get on, especially when one occupies lands that were historically either occupied or sparsely occupied by the other.

You want a finer brush and more detail you can start to talk about Persia, or you can start to talk about sunni peoples vs shia peoples.

The ayatollahs for all their alleged stupidity aren’t that dumb, if nations are peoples and for example radical salafist islam is a people struggling to have a nation, then 7 thousand years of human history teaches us that bombs and bullets do not eradicate peoples, nor does moving lines on a map and renaming empires, what eradicated peoples is fracturing their common identity.

Look at videos of Iran and Iraq in the mid seventies when I was there, prosperous western style culture and commerce, hardly a niquab and hijab to be seen anywhere, and they were obviously the country hicks come to the big city for the day to go shopping.

Marxist / Leninist / Stalinist had all also seen the lesson first hand, you can put the land through a wood chipper and redraw the lines on the map, but people’s defined nations, even within the union of soviet socialist republics, same thing goes for china and the cantons and dialects.

I ain’t never been to the good ole yew ess of aaa, but I’m damn sure a Texan knows when his ass is in Alabama, and vice versa.

So to do anything of any long lasting effect, you can ignore the land itself, and you can ignore the lines on maps, even where indigenous populations were simply wiped out, Argentinians are not Spanish, Oztralians are not English (or Kiwi) there have been no exceptions to this, ever, anywhere in human history.

So all you have left to work with is peoples.

How do you destroy peoples?

Well, you have to destroy common features like family units and culture and so on, enter stage left immigration, feminazism, safe spaces for snowflakes, and the plantation owners knew then, get the buck nigger out, tie the cunt to a tree, and humiliate and degrade him in front of his own people to the point where THEY no longer see him as human and one of their own.

Thing is, they (the plantation owners) weren’t wrong, from the perspective of someone bringing in foreign peoples but wishing to exclude any influence they may have on the local culture.

Human rights and all the other shit assumes that all individuals from all cultures and races (and sexes) are equal, well, they aren’t.

They are all different, and the secret to peaceful and co-operative co-existence is to let them separate and have their own nations.

Arguably the west is hell bent on destroying all other peoples and cultures and sublimating their own, arguably that was most effective when it was confined to “we have harley davidsons and coca cola and levi’s and the beatles” and let them envy and covet and seek, and arguably that was at the least effective when we went in and bombed the shit out of them and stole the resources and armed both camps.

Which brings us back full circle to wimminz and dating and feminazim and all the rest, and it’s called internecine rivalry and conflict.

It’s not a two sided battle any more, shades of Life of Brain, splitters, the poison and bile is spreading everywhere, you can’t get away from it, even in something as lizard and basic as fucking.

Now, pay attention bond, please bear in mind I am in the UK, and in the UK the word “Asian” means everything from the turkey / middle east to india to korea, and it’s a toss up whether or not you include china in there or not

Three years ago on the swingers sites, which I like to think of as the lowest common denominator and bottom of the well, you started to see personal preferences stated such as “No Asians”

Initially of course it was seen as sexist and racist and comments were made, which were also shouted down with replies of my body, my choice.

Nowadays it is as common as fuck, no asians, and the black cock thing has split in to two camps, no BBC or love the BBC, but wait, it gets worse.

“No beards” is getting a *lot* of traction, as is initial filtering chats about must like a beer and a bacon butty, because we are filtering by religion as well as race now.

And now we get down to the meat and potatoes, some of the returning wimminz, I drop them a line and say hi and we chat, and some of them confide in me, they felt the need to walk away and take a sabbatical and re-invent themselves as someone new, because the some old had fucked someone who might be seen to be muslim, or asian, or black, or turkish.

There is also a definite rise in those presenting themselves as not white or english, but some celtic or anglo-saxon subset of that, doubling down on the whole ethnic heritage and racial purity thing.

The news papers and MSM may be studiously avoiding reporting on things, but the people are seeing, Lee Rigby was a WHITE soldier, Keith Palmer was a WHITE policeman, and when a short time later two guys pile into a crowd in Islington and someone posts a pic on twitter, what are the comments, left hand drive car is there, as is muslim style beard, followed by the comment no you can’t be sure, but shoot first just in case… even though the guy looks at least half white.

The *problem* people (and by people I mainly mean wimminz) are facing now on the dating and swinging scene if the concept of an “interim” boyfriend or husband until you find “the one” (die of old age surrounded by cats) just doesn’t fly, the concept of being judged not just on the quantity or quality of cocks on your carousel has also come and gone, and now it is down to being judged on the colour or “people” the cocks were attached to.

Even down at the lizard level of just needing to empty your balls or have some emptied into you for a meaningless half hour of physical stimulation.

It’s not a good time to get into swinging.

If you wanna get laid now go find your local white power skinhead neo nazi subset of the uk/france/germany first movement, and join up.

Or run the risk of someone remembering that you were quite happy to fuck that bitch that took all that foreign cock.

Story going the rounds here locally of a guy who last minute called off a wedding (lucky boy) to a white girl, when he discovered her sister is living with an asian guy, and all her family still talk to her.

Of course there are lots of people talking about how cruel and heartless to leave a lovely girl “at the altar” (it wasn’t, it was weeks away) and how he is rayciss, and lots of people just raising their eyebrows once and making that pout with their mouth and nodding their head sideways once and saying sweet fuck all, because they don’t actually blame the guy.

I’m seeing and hearing a lot of people say things along the lines of their eyes having been opened, or having pennies drop, or seeing things in a new light, stuff that they just accepted for the past 20 years as part of life.

March 25, 2017

Since records began, in 2004….

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It is with great sadness that the MSM must report that the great philanthropist and war hero Martin McGuinness passed away in his sleep, all peaceful like.

Him, Gerry Adams, and all the rest, were no more that dirty fucking murdering cunts, lest we all forget back in the day the IRA was every bit as much a terrorist organisation as ISIS is today, yes because of secret back room deals former terrorists are never charged and everything is hush hush and suddenly they are respectable members of a democratic society and then they die and everyone mourns the cunts.

Well, long long long before “records began” you’ll find that the state has records of my own personal incarceration for crimes againt society/the state / persons, and leaving aside entirely any arguments that could be made about well that wasn’t really a crime mate, or it shouldn’t have been, and all the other stuff, the fact is I was tried and sentenced and sent to jail, more than once (it gets a *lot* easier after the first time) and served my time.

That’s something you’ll get amongst ex cons like me, OK, we did the crime, OK we got caught, OK we got tried, OK we got sentenced, but here is the thing, WE SERVED OUR FUCKING TIME, we paid our fucking dues, (and in my case it was back in the slop out era where you had a bucket, no toilet or sink or running water, in the cell) and that’s that jack, and we may not be PROUD of it, but we as sure as fuck are not even one iota ASHAMED of it, fuck you, I did the crime AND the time and PAID MY DEBT, and this is what the entire justice system is predicated on.

You can ask any old school ex con what would happen if all the judges were replaced by ex cons overnight, well overnight nobody would be sent to prison for not paying alimony, overnight robbery and burglary sentences would start at about 5 years served, and overnight sex crimes would be life, but not segregated, in the general population.

But that isn’t the big difference.

The big differences is the new ex con judges would want to see EVIDENCE to convict, and testimony ain’t evidence, and evidence that puts someone at the scene ain’t evidence they did the crime, and lack of evidence incriminating someone else still ain’t evidence fred did it.

Foreigners who come here to commit crimes, and english people who decide to become foreigners like this Masood character (changed his name to an arabic one and became radicalised) would be in with the child molesters in general population, with the same general understanding that ain’t nobody getting punished for kicking the shit out of them, no matter how bad.

But of course the whole prison system is set up so that the inmates are not allowed to be “one people”, sure it may look like that to an outsider looking in, but on the inside looking out it is very different, you know who you are by what wing you are on, what landing you are on, what work you had, and other differentiating things such as being a red band or trusty (I always was a trusty) which was basically guys who were out of their cells 12 hours a day doing minor jobs like sweeping up outside and gardening and so on, it’s basically just the same as the army, if everyone is a boot private with the exception of a few sergeants it will all go to hell in short order.

Because everyone knows when you have masses what happens is either everyone riots or nobody riots, so if you want to control rioting you make sure there are no masses, and one of the ways you make sure there are no masses is you treat some of them differently to others.

Down on the sink estate left to themselves the “trouble” families would get burned out within a week, preferably at night when they were asleep inside, problem solved, when the trouble families get po-po intervention, which also means po-po protection so nobody else can exact rough justice on them, then they start to prey on their neighbours, knowing full well they are effectively immune.

Despite everything you have ever been told, the threat of mob justice and violence isn’t a danger to all, it’s only a danger to those who would divide the mob by imposing their own external systems of control and segregation and justice.

Mob rioting as we see on our screens now and again when shops and so on are looted is an entirely different thing, that actually one of those segregated and protected communities coming together to do violence, true mob justice would have burned them all in their sleep years before.

If you want to turn a town into a ghetto you have to destabilise it, bring in guns and give them to select people, people selected because without guns everyone else would have burned them in their sleep.

When you see the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again it ain’t just coinkydink, it’s fucking policy.

The phillipine guy who is basically telling his police force to kill everyone who has any quantity of drugs at all, but do it openly so all can see, there is your exception to the rule, and my god do we all in the west apparently have it in for him as a result, how fucking dare he…

The problem is, EVERYONE has a model of the world, the elites, the MSM, the SJW’s, Hitlary voters, Obamacare fans, they all have a model of the world, and that is what they operate on.

This is a very simple and profound point that most people will miss, so stop, take a step back, and re-consider and re-assess.

Let’s take “business management” you can read books about it, go to schools about it, get qualifications at it, earn money doing it, and it really makes no difference whatsoever if you are going into a pizza franchise or open cast mining or aerospace, you will all learn the same shit, maslow’s heirarchy of needs and so on, you will all learn the same shit.

It’s all business management so sure, there are some minor wrinkles you need to learn when you go from law to finance to intelligence (Comey), or from property to IT to transport, but it’s all management.

This is a model of the world, the model pre-supposes that the above two paragraphs are valid, factual and true, and the one thing that must never ever ever be questioned is the belief that the model as a whole is true, else where would we be? Why, the only way you could ever get in to management in any trade would be to start at the bottom in that trade and work your way up, and you’d never be able to transfer to management of another trade, you’d have to go back to the bottom and start again..

But of course this is only ONE model, we have other models for finance, models for urban development, models for public transport, models for infrastructure, models for economics, models for politics, models for society, even models for trade and models for war.

All of these models are used all the time, and of course the attraction of a model is that it is a simplification of the real thing, and you can experiment with it.

The elites, the MSM, the hitlary voters, they all have a model of what the world and the US is, and now we are getting back to Vonnegut and what the man believes *is* his religion, because all these people believe their models are good models.

More than once in my life I have seen time served engineers eyes popping screaming SHUT IT DOWN! at some twat, meanwhile the twat is looking at gauges and meters and also warnings and alarms that have not tripped, and they look at the real engineers who are going by sound and vibration and smell and gut feeling, and say what the fuck are you on about, and then everything starts to shudder and scream and groan and everything stops with one of those “very very very expensive” sounds, the twat has his hands to the side, palms up, the real engineers have their hands on their heads.

So why are you attacking my model becomes why are you attacking my religion becomes why are you attacking me?

It’s like yesterday’s discussion of R, there is genuinely no comprehension amongst these people why the model isn’t working as the model says it should, why didn’t hitlary win, the model can’t be wrong, so someone was maliciously feeding it bad data or otherwise messing with it.

You have ten times more chance, and I speak literally and figuratively here, of convincing your radicalized muslim that in fact the entire canon of the Koran and everything the prophet stands for is in reality about as valid as the Peppa Pig storyline, as you do of convincing these assholes that their models are wrong, because the less sophisticated and “educated” the individual, the less able they are to slightly modify their model over time.

And I don’t mean to single out Islam there, fundy believers of all religions are just as bad. Belief in rewards in a life after this one is all the same schtick, no matter whose name it is promised in.

Of course once you have a model and start looking at the world through that model, all you will then get is confirmation bias, because one of the things Jung introduced to models was the idea that there are players, and some players only exist to undermine any specific model.

So sooner or later you run into problems.

Problems with YOUR OWN FUCKING MODEL that is, problems such as the fact that I can remember living in the UK when we were not a part of the “Common Market” as the EU was then known, when we had our own currency of Pounds, Shillings and Pence, and so despite all the false rhetoric about it being needed for computers etc we had to go for Pounds and 100 Pence decimal model in line with all the then separate European currencies which has the same decimal model, 100 centimes in 1 franc, or which simply has minimal value like the peseta so 9 pesetas for a rum and coke, of which the coke was 7 pesetas.

That’s a problem faces with all models, so you just alter where the axes start (I very very very rarely see a graph now with XY=0 as the origin) or if it is a data set just change the date at which it starts.

Since records began in xxxx, and of course the more recent xxxx is the more they had to fudge and fuck with things to keep the model even remotely usable and credible, so you’ll have “records began” for house prices in 1988 and “records began” for inflation in 1995 and “records began” for unemployment in 1975 or whatever, all numbers picked out of someone’s ass because that way it makes the model look better.

God Forbid we have some shit that does not fit the models like global warming or whatever, everything that supports the model is “climate” while everything that disagrees with the model is “weather”.

Because that is the real problem, when you start looking at the world through models, you have to start looking at the entire world and everything in it as models, the models for society is for canada to declare that islamophobia is a crime, quebequois ragging on english, that’s just culture jack, now gimme two eggs, side by each.

Lech Walensa and Solidarity and other such popular mass “colour” movements FUCKING TERRIFY those elites (unless of course it is one they are funding and promoting in order to bring reality more in line with their models) because they represent all the models being thrown in the bin.

Merkel came from this, every model they had went down the crapper in 12 months, nothing terrifies her quite so much as the same thing happening again.

You fucking CAN’T fucking BREXIT because NOTHING in our models can account for that or deal with it.

There is a rather well known quote about the stock markets that says something along the lines of you can sell to early, and look like a fucking asshole, or you can sell too late, and looking like a fucking asshole, either way you look like an asshole… it’s just another apex fallacy because not everyone, by definition, can sell at the peak, for there to be winners, there have to be losers… if you take away the losers with QE, you also take away the winners.

Meanwhile back on the streets with the common man, well, nothing much changed, lots of us still live in the live now pay later / house as an ATM / my property appreciates more than my salary / gimme dat f150 raptor on personal lease, and lots of us live on the “Earn 100 pounds, spend 95 pounds, joy… earn 100 pounds, spend 105 pounds, misery” model of the world, one of the most basic and fundamental models there is.

Some of those voted *for* Trump.

Some of those voted *against* Hitlary.

When I said things like if they had run Kim Jong or Saddam against Trump they’d have had more chance of winning than running Hitlary against Trump, another way of saying it is that the more closely they adhered to their models of the world and the future, the more likely people were to reject it.

Thse models still profit them, until and unless those models more closely approach the model of being a drug dealer in the phillipines, ain’t nobody going to abandon them, they will just double down on the belief that the models are not wrong, what is wrong is the people actively working against the model.

You know, terrorists.

Not terrorists like McGuiness or Soros or McCain, terrorists like Farage and Snowden and Bundy.

To *them* Vault 7 / echelon / panopticon is an *essential* tool and downing an entire 747 to eradicate 1 enemy is cool, to *us* we don’t need none of that shit, prey on your neighbours, meet gasoline, change your name to Abdullah, meet gasoline, come *here* and try to import your foreign culture, meet gasoline, spy on your own citizens, meet gasoline, try to destabilise foreign sovereign nations for profit, get deported penniless to live there.


March 24, 2017

Billionaire Bonus Ball

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A commenter asked for my take on the Rothschild death, it’s a good question, so I have been thinking about it for a bit.

I’m not the CIA/FBI/NSA/GCHQ so I don’t have access to records of what was said and done, social circles, and so on and so forth, in effect, I don’t *know* anything about the now deceased individual in question.

I do find it amusing / risible that the press constantly refers to such people (Soros too) as “philanthropists” because generally speaking a philanthropist is not someone who would make the world a better place if they were penniless or dead.

But I’ve met a few billionaires, and it’s true, they are constantly surrounded by people who are less wealthy, and seeking a way to become more wealthy.

I guess you could draw an analogy to a famous hollywood star, there are thousands of people hanging around trying to find out how to become famous like them.

Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, they would all probably have ended up pretty well off and comfortable, they all had a good start in life and they were all fairly driven and good at what they did, but, they were all also born at the right time and in the right place, just down the road from the Fairchildren, to get into the new field of personal computing and not be merely successful, but to become billionaires.

The chap I knew fairy well who was a multi multi billionaire, well he started off quite well because his dad owned a bank, and he had the right connections, and at the time he was investing heavily in the then not yet released canon print engine.

We can draw parallels with hollywierd fame, on the one hand you have your Brando and Newman and Dean, on the other hand you have your sons and daughters of other famous hollywierd types like Curtis, Eastwood, Huston, etc etc.

Trump hisself is of course the latter type, started off with dad’s money and then went on to make more.

It doesn’t matter which sort you are, you’ll have no end of hangers on, groupies and sycophants.

The question is, WHY?

And the question is, what does it do to you?

We “learn” that the recently deceased Rothschild (hereafter referred to as R) had the ear of all prezzzidents of the US from the sixties onwards, as though there is some correlation between personal wealth and IQ, or personal wealth and human nature, or personal wealth and philanthropic big picture viewpoints, or personal wealth and anything….

If my life depended on it I couldn’t name anything kate winslet or shia lebouf have been in, yet they feel entitled to an opinion that is worth more than mine, worth more than anyone else’s, just as the late R’s did, he’s a fucking billionaire so his opinion is worth more than mine, more important than mine, more perceptive than mine.

I have met literally a couple of very very wealthy people who did not fall into that trap, and they were both intensely private and quiet people, no retinue of servants and drivers and PA’s and bodyguards for them, and I have met many who went the whole personal retinue route, so when bin abdul aziz turns up in Nippon with 459 tons of luggage and books 1,200 hotel rooms for a fucking 4 day trade visit, you know which camp *he* falls in to.

The two very quiet ones were at least above average intelligence, you could talk to them about many things and many fields, even your own specialist field, and they could converse intelligently.

The others, honestly, dumb as a box of fucking rocks is the lasting impression, and arrogant motherfuckers to boot, I well recall one incident when the rich cunt in question is sitting on the sun deck of his yacht (which itself held an art collection the envy of the louvre) reading a paper and asks the flunky stood next to him to ask the craptain stood next to the flunky to ask the engineer (me) stood next to him when the problem would be rectified so the ship could sail, we have to be in Monaco by nightfall tomorrow after all.. there was a bit more to it than that of course, they delay was caused by everyone else’s incompetence and uselessness, and the bloody useless engineer was the worst of the lot.. “You can tell him..” in a loud and happy voice that could be heard on the vessels moored on either side, “.. that the *only* incompetent person there was someone who uses the heads in the master suite, and ignores all the notices about not putting sanitary towels, tampons, what looks like bikini bottoms and all down the fucking toilet, that’s what’s blocked up your holding tanks and mono pumps, and that’s why they are full, and that’s why you can’t sail until they are emptied

But the fact is the flunkies and craptain and crew were eminently suited to work for an ignorant asshole like that, given that they themselves were wannabe ignorant assholes who chose to be exactly where they were, as though the wealth and fame was some sort of disease or infection that would rub off on to them.

And when people used to ask me why I tolerated working for them, well, the stewardesses were some of the most drop dead gorgeous (that’s why they were hired) wimminz anywhere on the planet, and I liked fucking them, plus, the money wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, they were all as corrupt as fuck and tried to make as much of that money as possible stick to their own hands, but they lived in fear of someone who basically *had* to have access to the master cabins and inhabitants as well as engine / genny / steerage etc actually opening his gob and saying to the exalted one in question something about the money or bill.

I had a standard procedure, maybe 3 craptains *ever* refused it, I’d pad every bill by 15% and when the job was done the bill was paid in full, and I’d hand 10% to the craptain, how and if he trickled that down was his business.

It seems like I have drifted a long way from the commenters question about the death of R, but I haven’t really, because this is how it works.

You’ll get people who will slit each other’s throats for positions of “power” and “prestige” aboard the yacht or on the estate, all in the belief that they will somehow be closer to the one, be noticed by the one, be elevated by the one, and of course when the infrequent visit by the one is scheduled they turn up with the entourage, and *their* self appointed job is to keep the “help” away from the one, and of course the same thing happens with the “inner circle”, so sometime you would see the word come down, the one is arriving some time in the next two weeks, and will stay anything from a few days to a couple of weeks, and then they run around like headless chickens or turkeys ready for christmas making everything ready, a couple of days later the entourage may or may not turn up, and they will critique everything and get waited on hand and foot (and fuck all the stewies) in what is of course just QA testing, and IF the entourage turn up then MAYBE the outer circle will, and IF they do then finally you possibly / probably will see the inner circle and the one, or it may just be a couple of associates of the one, or flunkies of associates of the one, being given a freebie.

NOBODY is as enslaved as the person who fights tooth and nail to climb the ladder of servitude for the one, and so they turn this around in their head and become the most obnoxious arrogant pricks the world has ever seen.

Back on that sun deck everyone in earshot was looking at the decks looking for a sub millimetre hole in the teak and caulking to slide in to, utterly silent and immobile and scarcely breathing, trying to become invisible by sheer act of will… the paper crinkles and folds down, a quarter of a head and one eye appears, a voice asks me how long will it take, I gesture at the flunkies and say if they get out of my way and stop making demands that make my job harder, I can get it done some time that evening, you can certainly sail by midnight, I smile and say there are no tides here so you can sail as soon as it’s done, but I need to crack on and the aft deck and passarelle will be unpleasant because I need a vacuum bowser there asap so you may want to consider being off the ship till around 10 pm.

The eye nods, the voice says thank you, the paper goes back up and the one addresses the flunky, we shall leave for Marco’s within the hour, see that we are expected and see that we have our usual balcony.

Everyone else starts to breathe, I’m already walking away back to the machine spaces.

I do know of people who did not treat the one with contempt, JS had a very successful business doing the exact same thing as me, but he had 30 employees and so on, but he’d come from Caribbean hotel management and obsequiousness, and one day someone got offended, and next could come a whole load of speculation, but the facts are that his secretary and cum bucket decided to type “FORMAT C:” on the office computer (early days of the PC, no backups) and JS basically ceased trading overnight, he had no idea who he owed money to, who owed him money, nothing, all gone… a week later the secretary is esconced in the craptains cabin on the boat owned by the guy JS had wrung his hands and crawled to.

In shades of Obummer wiretapping Trump, I sincerely doubt that the one directly ordered such, and even if he had, he would not have stooped to communicate with the lowly craptain, so it might have come via the flunky in the inner circle, or it might have come directly from the flunky, seeking to curry favour, or the next level down.

Who knows.

What I do know is that with the exception of the aforementioned two very private and very wealthy individuals, every single other one oozed contempt for the entourage, after all, take away a few billion, and they would be exactly the same as the one, personality wise.

Now at this point I want to say something else, it may sound trite or amusing, but it really is very very very significant, as regards to the question asked by the commenter about R.

Not all billionaires are the same, some have more billions that others, some have yachts with more decks and greater LOA than others, some have estates of greater acreage than others, and so on.

I never ever ever ever ever ever seen even the remotest most distant most trivial form of what I would call piracy, nobody is running torpedoes or limpet mines against other billionaires yachts, nobody is running anodic / cathodic corrosion measures against the yachts moored either side, nobody is sabotaging bunkering or messing with crews.


It’s a closed shop / private club, and while there *might* be some very very very private schadenfreud when something goes wrong with a neighbour, all you will ever see or hear is solidarity.

The guy with 3 billion looks up to the guy with 30 billion just the same way the guy with 3 million looks up to the guy with 3 billion, he is like me, but better, and therefore worthy of respect, for he is what I aspire to be and hope to be one day, and of course the entire entourage is along for that ride.

The fascination with the Kray brothers here in the UK back in the day wasn’t because of their wealth, Tommy Sopwith could have bought and sold them 100 times over out of small change, the fascination was that unlike all of the above, they did their own dirty work, shades of old school mafiosi.

The man on the sun deck who wants to sail for monaco summons the shore engineer to see what is wrong, hey Luigi, who fucked up my boat and my schedule, well boss, the bimbo’s fucked up the shitters and the craptain is getting in my way because he thinks you not seeing or smelling shit is more important than delaying your departure.. Don Coproleone turns to the craptain and says Mario, you have disappointed me, I expect better from my people, you go help this Luigi clean my crappers, you get armpit deep in my shit so Luigi’s hands stay clean, you do what he says, now Pietro, go down and put some plastic sheeting down on my stateroom floors, I am going to teach Ciccolina how to read a da english signs on the shitter wall.

R died naturally of old age (even if some of his younger scions were whacked) and Soros may well do the same, but my suspicion is we have already seen someone blink first, and we have already seen the first whackings (poor George, he accidentally fell from the 5th floor window and shot himself in the back of the head three times on the way down…) and just like the r/K stuff in other areas, it applies in billionaire land too.

I worked on Adnan’s boat (before it was sold to trump) and in addition to the usual art collections and so on, it has some fairly sophisticated missile systems and some heavy machine guns strategically mounted here and there, and a great comms suite, more of a Q ship than a yacht.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking all billionaires are like R or Soros or the Saudi’s, content to meddle and kills tens of thousands at a distance, surrounded by sycophants like GWB or Obummer or Hitlary, eager to please their masters.

Some of them are either much more private, or much more hands on, or both (the man I mention at times here features nowhere in any lists of the world’s 500 richest or most influential, he should be in the top 20) and they aren’t as dumb as a box of rocks.

I still woudn’t give you even money either way that Trump survives 4/8 years in office, or that Trump becomes the first public trillionaire, I do know he’s just the man in front of the curtain, too high profile to go anywhere near anything messy. Behind the curtain is the same as China, light on lawyers and professors and war hero’s, heavy on engineers and scientists and technicians.

Trump isn’t Adolf, he served his time in the uniform and in the trenches and in the prison, he did not mind getting his hands dirty.

Ditto Putin, he is not a paper tiger either.

War hero’s (sic) like McCain think they have been to hell already, they haven’t, they have only ever glimpsed the “lite” version because behind the scenes there were not people like Trump, if the deal goes bad walk away, and tell the other side, those prisoners you got, bury them as a pre-condition to any further dialogue.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.. >;*)

Except those on the inside who have been planning for or against it for years.


March 21, 2017

Congress, Comey, Trump, Obummer.

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Well, one thing for sure nobody can say with a straight face, no matter which side of the fence you sit on, and that is that this is just some small time political struggle that people are only placing small bets on.

It’s Watergate and Nixon, in the sense that it is a full on balls to the wall 24/7 shit or bust operation, it’s big, it doesn’t get any bigger without literal assassinations and blood on the streets.

It’s also big in terms of size and numbers of people involved, watching the “investi-gay-tion cmtte” on youtube (linked from ZH)  it’s very very very clear that this is an open secret and all concerned are reading their parts and also quite assured that everyone else concerned is going to stick to reading their parts too, self assured in their own “too big to fail” and enronesque self proclaimed smartest cunts in the room, but turn the sound off and there was also quite a lot of shifty body language and facial tells.

It’s no coincidence I was reminded of a bunch of lawyers in a court room simply going through the motions to record and ratify a deal that they had all made a couple of hours previously in the court cafe, because most of those present are fucking lawyers.

There are two sides in a courtroom, and they are not prosecution and defence, they are lawyers and laity.

This was the same, lawyers and citizens, wolves and sheep democratically deciding what is on the menu for lunch.

More than *anything* I have seen or heard or read to date (disclaimer, I’m not a US citizen glued to the idiot’s lantern) this simple youtube broadcast brought it home to me, we are not talking about simple decimation, or 1 in 10 being corrupt, in some way that they can be removed and the remaining 9 can pick up the ball.

We are talking about (at this level, eg top management level) maybe 1 in 10 *not* being corrupt, and I mean *totally* fucking corrupt, as in you cunts can’t touch us because you can’t touch us without taking down and destroying the entire government apparatus, so we are untouchable and immune.

They are not even fucking PRETENDING to believe the words they are uttering, their contempt for all is not hidden.

Back when gulf war one and two kicked off a local crude comedian by the name of Roy Chubby Brown (you fat cunt..lol) reacted to the news that Iraq was a threat to the UK (what with WMD’s and all) with the statement that Iraq couldn’t kick Hartlepool‘s ass, much less the entire UK’s ass.

But why change a winning playbook, now Kim Jong and North Korea pose a nuclear ICBM threat to the west,s’funny, cos I sure as fuck did not see any supersonic diamonds in the thrust from the static rocket test that we were all shown as proof that Kim Kardash ^H^H^H^ Jong now has nucular intercontinental ball istic missiles ya’ll, yeeeehaw…

Being neither an american german rocket scientist, nor a russian german rocket scientist, I don’t know enough to guess what fuel we were seeing there, but it didn’t strike me as being very energetic.

I can’t link to those actual static test pictures that were being touted as proof, because the few that are remaining are all low res, all the higher res ones have mysteriously gone missing.

It was all the higher res ones that showed a distinct LACK of secondary effects around the rocket blast, you know, otherwise solid things being burnt and blasted into vapour….

So, I have a challenge for you, in the 1970’s the UK went through a very tough time, there were mass strikes, social unrest, 3 day working weeks, rolling power blackouts nationwide, rubbish uncollected for weeks, bodies unburied for weeks, the army was called in to replace the fire brigade who were on strike, the beat went on and on and on.

I lived through it, it was pre digital age, but we all had televisions, most of us had colour televisions, lots of people had film cameras, and it was of course basically THE topic on daily news shows for literally several years solid, but I defy you to find anything on google video or youtube video search showing *any* of that archived footage, even the little Pathe footage you can find mysteriously has a muted audio track, even though it was shot in the 70’s on professional 16 mm film with quite good mics recorded as an analogue audio track right there on the film itself….

“Since records began in 1997…” because of course we can’t have uneducated modern cunts looking shit up and realising this is the exact same shit show that has been running since the sixties to destroy western culture and society.

Or you can do a search for videos of OTHER rocket tests and lauches, and see how they compare with Kim’s “orion” heavy lifter…. sic…puke…

March 18, 2017

If thine eyes could see.

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This is another one of those posts that may seem to make little sense.

Regular readers will know that I have an engineering background, and also that I like motorcycles and amongst other things own a twinkie harley. –>

So again on one of the forums one of the endless four topics comes up.

In case you don’t know, they are;

  1. Tyres
  2. Brake pads
  3. Oil
  4. Filters

So today it was filters, and I will tell anyone that asks or will listen that I have an engineering background and own my own twinkie outright and I will only use the genuine HD oil filter because it is the only one that mentions particle size (5 micron) and the construction quality is very good (internal structural integrity etc) and the only oil I will use is Mobil 1, and I know that neither of these options are the cheapest, I go with them because I believe, personally, that they are the best.

So we get all the usual and all the usual anecdotes and like someone mentioning nazi’s in a politics thread, it’s only a matter of time before someone links to someone who has cut oil filters open.

So now someone with a dremel is suddenly qualified via the MkI eyeball to look at the filter media and tell you all the relevant physical properties, what material it is made from, what the porosity is, what the particulate filtering is, what the carrying capacity is, and so on and so forth… I don’t fucking think so, so they talk about how many pleats there are or whether the spring is coil or leaf, and of course like all assholes everywhere, they have an opinion on this.

*MY* opinion is worthless to them, I must listen to their opinion, as though it has equal weight.

They’ll quote SAE certification and test numbers, not understanding that even the most stringent one for automotive lube oil filters allows the passage of 60 micron particles, and the 5 to 20 micron range is the most damaging to an engine…. The weaker test standard only does one pass, not even circulatory full flow.

They’ll talk about the colour the outside is painted, they’ll talk about being “approved for use” with HD, they’ll talk about the “high performance” label on the box, they’ll talk about what the local mechanic or auto shop sells (whatever makes a profit) they’ll talk about ease of fitment and removal (just buy a fucking proper filter tool / strap or stick a fucking screwdriver through it if you don’t want to analyse it) but the one thing they will *NOT* talk about is why someone like me with an engineering background who owns his own twinkie outright but ain’t made of money so does want it to last, only ever uses OEM HD 5 micron oil filters and Mobil 1 oil.

Interesting, because while they all own HD’s, 99.99% of them either do NOT have an engineering background, or do, and run bike repair / tuning businesses, and the customer is always right if you want them to open their wallet… yes sir, K&N Chrome body oil filters *rock*… they even have this neat nut so you can remove them..

Now, we do have to be scientific about this, create a forum for owners of jiggawatt flux capacitors and most of what you read will be people customising them, or tuning them, or fixing them, or asking what’s wrong with them, you don’t hear shit from the guys getting 100,000 trouble free miles out of them.

But, back to oil filters, a 2.5 micron filter will make the oil look clean again, a 1 micron filter will even take out the additives in some NEW oils like zinc and detergents.

In fact a good “deep flow” (auto filters are surface media) 1 micron filter will even remove stuff like some bacteria, red blood cells, pollen, flour, talc, spores etc, but, it will still pass stuff like viruses, sugar molecule, metal ions, dyes, clays, and of course water molecules….

Reverse osmosis (either high pressure or gravity fed) is only so easy because water is so small, almost everything else is larger so easier to filter out.

A *good* human eye unaided in good light can see down to around 40 micron.

And of course the “old” oil filter pulled at filter and oil change day is an excellent historical record of what has been going on since the last change, but that is of course just thrown in the bin… even the ones who send oil samples off for lab analysis *never* send filter samples from the same motor/change interval…

Which brings us to the caveat that I always end my 2 line advice with, which is that this is what I choose to run in my motor, you must make your own choices.

So what have we learned?

1/ The forum is only a subset of the whole.

2/ The silent majority probably get the fluids and filters changed (or not, just billed for it) at a mechanics, so they have no idea what they run.

3/ The forum subset who apparently care enough to post and read about it, don’t care enough to educate themselves, and seem to like some sort of status quo where one choice is probably as good as any other, and even if it isn’t, the differences aren’t significant.

One comment I often make that gets flatly ignored, <crickets> is why oh why oh why oh why do not everyone, mechanics ESPECIALLY, get out a sharpie / permanent marker and write the date and odometer reading on the new filter before fitting it?

Never had a single response to that.


Tells you something.

Now I’m back with Carl Sagan and what happens when you have a society founded on science and technology, when nobody within that society knows anything about science and technology.

Well, one answer is they go on forums and argue about redline shockproof and K&N vs Wix vs Purolator but none of them use any science or technology to back up their arguments…

Another answer is they want unicorns shitting rainbows with everything, which is why today a customer has come back to me for the third time, asking the exact same question, yet expressed in different terms, hoping for a different answer than the one they got the last twice.

Which is why I attempt, and fail, tonight to explain to someone that when an 11 year old girl is being victimised by her friends at school, it’s no good saying they are not friends and man up bitch we all had to put up with it at school.

A friend is a social (media) contact nowadays, and thanks to science and technology they are in touch and present and exerting an influence 24/7, not just during school hours, so while the UK still has relatively low rates for child suicides, there is a fuckton of self-harming baahaviour out there, and a quintuple fuckton of “alternative anaesthesia” to temporarily make the pain go away such as drugs and alcohol abuse…

Our survey said……

In 2014, 15% of pupils had ever taken

drugs, 10% had taken drugs in the last

year and 6% had taken drugs in the last



So in your average class of 30 kids 4.5 have taken drugs, 3 have taken drugs in the last year, and 1.8 have taken drugs in the last month.


So basically 2 kids in every class are regular drug users, and probably another 10 are on prescription drugs for ADHD or some such shit.


Meanwhile the kids are at the stage where by the time you are 12 years old in your first year of senior school, you need to be seen as a young adult, hip, trendy, with it, and so they are all demanding iPhone 7s, I shit you not… little cunts aren’t even legally allowed to go out and do a paper round and earn money for themselves, but an iPhone 7 and associated contract is a must have.


It’s that “social” “friend” “contact” thing again.


Without it, you ain’t shit.


Which is *kinda* where I came in with this post, raises hand, ooooh please, tell me what all the rest of the coolest of the gang are using for oil filters this week, cos I just gotsa fit in with y’all, other wise everyone will unfriend me on fuckbook like the fucking luser I am…


doesn’t matter how thin you slice it or how deep you dig, all the way down it all turtles and herd mentality.

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