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May 4, 2017

Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tales.. (sic)

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I appear to have triggered some ire, by repeating an anecdote as part of a story… of course being an anecdote it is by definition what someone else told me, not what I saw with my own eyes.

There is a difference between saying;

“years ago I rode the length of italy on the back (non autostrada) routes, and it seemed every junction and corner had two whores standing there”


“Fred was in italy, and he says at least half the wimminz there are whores”

In time gone by the difference between the two was crucial in a court of law, one was hearsay and inadmissible, one was evidence and admissible, nowadays not so much, and I can say those four words in red from bitter personal experience, that’s not hearsay to me.

Quite often you can then go on to tell another story, and use Fred’s anecdote as a backdrop, and for the purposes of the story, it doesn’t really matter if the backdrop is anecdotal or evidential.

Certainly, I do not want to either a/ get into a pissing match with someone else who was not there, or b/ get into a pissing match with someone whose sensibilities I have offended, neither of these are the purpose of the storyteller.

We no longer have camp fires and we no longer have the traditional pubs, both places where people took turns to say stuff and get stuff off their chests, now we have the internet and blogs, but all of it was all storytelling.

I try to tell true stories, but scientifically it isn’t possible to do this once you go outside extremely personal anecdotes, how many cups of coffee I have drunk today, how many times I took a piss.

So I am going to use two other true people as an example, I’ll call then Jack and Diane, those are not their real names, but I know them well, very well, I’ve fucked Diane, and Jack knows it, and so do their kids, Diane and me were a thing for a while, and to some eyes I was the reason Diane finally left Jack.

I’m still friends with both of them, and they are still friends with each other, and theirs is one of those now rare stories where two young people who were basically good people got together and got married, but neither of them was really suited to the other, but both being basically good people nobody got nasty at any time before during or since their relationship breakdown.

Jack and Diane will both tell you that they get on today as separate individuals and joint parents better than they ever did when married, they will also tell you they respect and care for the other today more than they ever did when married, I wasn’t the cause of their split, that was happening anyway, my contribution was to keep all sides civilised and amicable, while fucking Diane up the ass, as screwed up as that may sound.

So when you boil all that down you’re only left with a couple of things, jack and Diane have always been good people, and it’s because they are good people that a doomed marriage lasted as long as it did, and that it and the separation were as peaceful and amicable as they were… because they were good people, nothing else came close as a contributing factor.

However, we can also observe that just because they were good people it did not make the marriage work or true love ever grow… so we also know that these things are not all it takes to have a good marriage or a healthy loving relationship.

Good people can disagree with each other, vehemently, they just won’t resort to doing bad things because the other person was clearly an asshole who wasted the yadda yadda yadda.

The Philippine president calling Obama an asshole isn’t necessarily a sign of a bad person, the bad person is someone who starts bombing Obama’s citizens because they should have removed Obama from power, and since they didn’t, well, the assholes deserve everything they get.

For much of history, the difference between an epithet causing offence and not causing offence was simple, if the two people know each other, offence is unlikely to be taken, and even if it is, so what, I can call my brother an asshole and he can either take offence or not, it’s my opinion and that’s that, but it doesn’t mean I hate him.

Unlike the vast majority of the human population who I have never met, I’ve known my brother all my life, so he has had plenty of chances to fuck me over, and he hasn’t… so he may be an asshole, but he isn’t a nasty asshole.. most of the asshole comments I make are because he is too soft, not because he is too nasty or too stupid etc.

He’s an asshole because he puts up with that shit.

So I’m driving home tonight and I come to a yellow box junction controlled by traffic lights, and under the traffic light for our direction is a sign prohibiting right turns, so when the light goes green (i’m 2nd in the queue) the stupid bitch in the white car ahead of me pulls forwards six feet, stops, and puts her indicator on to turn right.

I toot my horn

She puts her hand up and sits there.

My window is open so I toot my horn again and shout out the window NO RIGHT TURN.

She puts her hand up again.

Fuck it, horn goes on continuous and I get up her ass, she freaks, hits hazards, hits left (legal) turns left, mounts pavement doing so, her and passenger look at me like I’m a cunt, I get through and one more car gets through before light turns red again.

Now *anyone* can fuck up on a road, so I’m not ragging on the bitch for trying to make an illegal right turn, she might not be local, she might not have seen the sign.

No, from the point where someone shouts at you, NO RIGHT TURN, and you acknowledge it with a wave and STILL FUCKING SIT THERE holding up all the traffic just so you can perform an illegal manoeuver and save yourself the 60 seconds it would take to go either straight and first right and back around, or left and turn around, then FUCK YOU.

Because FUCK YOU is *exactly* what you are saying to me and everyone else on the road who is trying to drive with some consideration for other road users.

I don’t need to know about your life or divorce or anything else, you’re not a good person like Jack and Diane, you’re a cunt.

Trump was an unknown, now Trump is a known cunt.

Trump isn’t a good person, so his statements about other people being good or bad and worthless, he is in no position to comment.

An american comedian recently made a comment about his “Trump bashing” which had been criticised, he had I have my comedy, trump has the nuclear football, which is itself a sort of comedic statement and true in so far as it goes, which isn’t very far, they are both symbols of the office, the comedian has his jokes, the prezzident has his power.

A better question is this, is the comedian better at being a comedian than the president is at being a president?

Speaking entirely personally I see nothing very comedic about the comedian, and nothing presidential about the president, but at least CNN gets a vote in how both of them get airtime, so they do have something in common after all.

Yanks, Spics, Wogs, Wops, Fags, I have known them all, and counted some as friends, but I’m a storyteller at heart, as are we all, and it kills the story to preface it with 6 pages of disclaimers about the use of the word Fag before I get to the anecdote about “Stephen” and his dyed pink poodle and penchant for silk chiffon scarves and huge hats.. if I wanted advice about commercial property investment or lettings I’d go talk to him, he’d bought up about one and a half business streets in a town that I lived in, one property at a time.

When you’ve got that kind of money you can dress like a raging poof and mince down the road with your pink poodle and get away with it.

William Shatner could be a crap one character actor who couldn’t do anything else, or he could be a great actor emulating a crap one character actor and coining it, who is to know?

Draghi could be a terminally corrupt and incompetent financial loon, or he could be a total fucking genius playing one for immense personal gain.

My friend’s personal Korea anecdote about the yanks could have been entirely true, or entirely false, who knows, we were none of us there, but at no point did either he originally or I in my retelling claim that this was the sum total of all experiences for everyone, or even that it was so common as to be basically true for all.

He had other personal anecdotes, many of which relate to how any individual soldier will feel in the field, when he was sent to Korea along with his mates they had all already been based in the asian peninsula for many years, Peter Stuyvesant (a cigarette brand), you could smell it more than a mile away he said, he said a bunch of other things too, all of them could be taken together and headed “things not to do when sending your troops into combat if you want them to live”

To be fair to him my retelling of his comments here may well have misrepresented what he was saying, he wasn’t specifically saying the yanks were trigger happy cowards with full auto weapons that the sooner they emptied the sooner they could advance towards the rear, nothing wrong with a full auto weapon if the logistics are there to feed it and replenish it constantly.

Lots wrong with it if you go into war half assed, old adolf got LUCKY with the tank blitzkrieg, he managed to over run fuel supplies fast enough to keep up the pace, because logistic fuel supplies were non existent, try that in the jungle and there are no fuel supplies to raid, and no roads to sustain 25 mph on.

When a soldier on the front blames “the yanks” on his flank for emptying their magazines and retreating and exposing his flank, time after time after time, he isn’t complaining about his fellow footsoldier under another flag, he is complaining about the brass sending in poorly supplied troops that even *they* could smell, while admiring the enemy who knew advantage when they saw it, there was a touch of Kipling in every foot soldier, and he did not tell stories of the fucking yanks attacking them or blue on blue, that was usually reserved for the arty, or quartermasters who could send 3 tons of blanco for white webbing that nobody wore in the field, but no quinine for the malaria that everyone caught in the field, along with the trots and trench foot and larvae nesting in your ass crack.

In shades of this, we can talk about whether Assad did or did not sarin his own people, if it was sarin, or not, if they were his people or rebels, if the video was real or white hat propaganda, and on and on and on.

Some all or none of it may be true.

None of that matters, it’s just the backdrop to a story, the story is firing tens of million plus dollar cruise missiles at targets in a sovereign foreign country without an official declaration of war, and then turning around and instructing others on how they should behave.

I am above all reminded of another man, and this is a true personal anecdote, from way back at the beginning of my own personal FRA hell, this was a good man who did all he could to inform me of things, in a field of human interest that I wasn’t even intellectually aware of before my own personal FRA, he was of enormous personal support and help to me, and for that I am forever grateful, but he blanked me on the day, during casual conversation, that I said I could not stand Bloody John Wayne or his bloody cowboy films or bloody war films or bloody any films with John Bloody Wayne in them.

But at the end of the day, I’m just a storyteller, none of my german readers have ever complained (in comment or in email) when I talk about Merkel or the turks or reunification and nor do they take the opportunity to pile in when I talk about the austrians or the swiss or the italians or greeks.

So in the odd instances in my life when I offend someone by saying that John Wayne was not god incarnate, or the yanks may have helped us win the war but it doesn’t explain Pearl or excuse Nagasaki, or Trump turned out as neocon as Hitlary, well, shrugs…


May 1, 2017

For my sins

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For my sins, I have been in a few places where all had the feeling that things were not right, and they weren’t, but what happened next was 99 different strategies to deal and cope with and address this (any less was too many eggs in too few baskets) and all it did in the end was make the collapse and failure all the more complete.

It’s the feeling I get reading the MSM “news”, yesterday kim jong was a fat twat, today the donald would be honoured to meet him, yesterday the chinese were honoured to meet the donald, today they are placing military ducks in a row.

From the spectaculars like Chernobyl on down to local issues it’s always the same, and it’s always “human error” or “gross human error” if it’s a big fuckup, and it’s all code for the same thing, 99 headless chickens running around, none of whom have accurate and factual information about the issues at hand, not that that matters, because they also have limited personal talent and limited personal scope of operations.

Whether it is the little big horn or the deck of the titanic or the Chernobyl reactor room, the more time passes the more the stories will talk about personal bravery and integrity and honour…what wonderful amazing brave self sacrificing honourable bastards they all were.

The voices closest to it in time and space that say that everyone even remotely involved was a towering fucking asshole whose incompetence was only exceeded by their own hubris are silenced soonest.

I myself speaking entirely from personal experience commented on two “projects” or “incidents”, one grabbed international attention, the other only national attention.

I knew people who were suppliers for one incident, and I loosely / subbed worked for the company itself in the second, so in both cases I was reasonably close to the coal face.

In the first case I said the people were shit and up their own ass with their computer models, and I did not buy any of it, I got a *shit* load of stick for this one because I clearly stated weeks and months before the incident what I thought the problem was, and it came to pass that that was exactly what happened, so it was real hard to paint me as an after the fact expert, but it came close to being told that if anyone had died it would have been on my conscience for not altering the team that I was not a part of and the project that had nothing to do with me that there was an issue.

In the second case I said the people were shit and the company was shit and everyone’s attitude was shit, and one day I walked off after telling everyone to their face, “you assholes are going to kill someone” and six months later they did, another person had a crushed pelvis, another one had busted legs and the last had busted ribs and a wrist.

Both of these incidents involved the sea, something that I learned from an early age was the most powerful force known to man, and even if you have seen it real bad, you’ve only seen 5% of what it can do, if it wanted to…. it’s like looking at a hot 16 year old chick and not seeing the poisoned psycho bunny boiling false rape accuser lurking just around the corner, temporally speaking.

Of course respecting something means being reluctant to fuck with it too much, the potential to be smashed into pulp by tons of very cold water before being swept off deck to drown alone is a big dampener on the whole “hold my beer and watch this” shit, and those who don’t respect shit are always prepared to rape it in the name of profit, monetary or otherwise.

Speaking as a life long biker, those you tube vids of crews of guys slaloming and wheelying down the highway, well, when it ends up in a smash I’m all “serves the cunt right, even if his bones ain’t broken at least the asshole is off the road for the duration” of sympathy for my fellow bikers there is none, because they aren’t my fellow bikers, they are the same as those that try to fire a rifle one handed and get smacked in the face, or any one of a million other hours of you toob senseless waste of protoplasm and oxygen.

I know, I’ll let a lobster grab hold of my cock and then I’ll taser the lobster, I’ll get at least 75,000 views and 5,000 new subscribers.

Me I’d leave the cunt there screaming in agony and bleeding out with half of his cock missing, why should I waste my time taking the cunt to ER so other people can waste their time putting humpty back together again.

that’s the other side of the “for my sins” bit, an MGTOWer expressed the sentiment best, I didn’t start the fire, don’t expect me to suddenly play the fireman when all your shit starts to burn down.

Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on, yes I know my own life is in danger and possibly lost, and yes I know you have the only key to the lifeboat, but the danger you pose is greater than the relief the lifeboat poses, so fuck you, I’ll take my chances on the air mattress on the other end of the boat from you, you’re the fucking problem, proximity to you is my fucking problem…

… which is why I can say I can comment on those two incidents, I was at some distance from one that I considered sufficient so sat back and ate popcorn, and at a distance I considered insufficient from the other, so I walked away, fuck you, and then sat back and ate popcorn.

If I was any closer some teflon coated cunt would have tried to make me the fall guy, while they moved on to pastures new…

I sit here and type this and have no expectations one way or another what next week will or will not bring…

>>war in korea

>>no war in korea

I have no idea, no expectations, and no fireman’s outfit at the ready.

I have no clue what the fuck is going on, and a firm conviction that anyone who claims they do is part of the fucking problem, and to be avoided.

I *will* lay money that the thing(s) that do go wrong will be a complete surprise to everyone, and won’t be any of the things we are constantly being warned about.

April 29, 2017

Simple problems.

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I’m far from being an excel guru, but over the years I have turned to it on several occasions and crafted from scratch spreadsheets that do some quite complex calculations and workings and analyses.

An excel guru would probably look at the stuff I done and combined three cells iterative calculations into one much simpler one with a tweak to a function or macro that I am blissfully unaware of.

Nevertheless, the point stands, any old computer running any old spreadsheet gives anyone and everyone access to computative tools that were simply unimaginable 50 years ago.

Now consider a motorcycle final drive chain, one endless roller chain and two sprockets, one driven and one driving.

For the sake of this post we will say the chain is 158 links long, the driving motor sprocket is 17 teeth, and the driven rear wheel sprocket is 48 teeth.

The gear ratio is simplicity itself, 17:48

The GCD function in excel is great for generating and simplifying ratios, as there is (AFAIK) no specific ratio function in excel, but in this case it doesn’t require anything more than simple math to cut it down, 48/17 = a 2.823529411764706 to 1 reduction, so 17:48 is actually shorter to write.

Now we come to an interesting problem, to promote long chain life each tooth on each sprocket should interact with as many links on the chain as possible, as equally as possible.

A 100 link chain and a 25 tooth sprocket means that tooth #1 on the sprocket is only ever going to meet links #1, #26, #51 and #76 and that isn’t good for even wear.

The short rule of thumb has always been divide the number of links in the chain by the number of teeth on the sprocket and look for a long non recurring randomish string of numbers after the decimal point, 3.55445268784664 good, 3.5 bad, 3.6 bad.

Actually doing that calculation for every single tooth on the sprockets and every single link on the chain for say 1 million sprocket revolutions to come up with a complex 3d surface, not so simple, yet this complex 3d surface is exactly the “result” you are seeking, and of course it should be as close to flat and regular as possible, with few if any steep slopes or high peaks.

Disclaimer, I have never sat down and created such a spreadsheet, nor am I aware that anyone ever has, doesn’t stop me from describing its function and utility.

At it’s simplest with our 158 link chain and 48 tooth final drive sprocket then tooth #1 on the sprocket will meet link #1 on the chain, then link #49, then link # 97, then link #145, then the chain is on it’s second pass and the next link is link #35 and so on, just repeat for a million revolutions of the sprocket, then do the same for a sprocket of 47 teeth, and 46 teeth (and 49 teeth and so on) and before you know it you have the data to generate your 3d surface.

It is just the sort of calculation that computers and spreadsheets should be ideal at, boring repetitive number crunching, and it is all solid integer math too, so no problems there.

Actually, it’s a lot harder to do than it seems.

In my own personal case it means sitting down and struggling with excel, though I am sure an excel guru could knock something up in 30 minutes, but that isn’t necessarily the hardship I refer to.

The hardship I refer to is the fact that the motorcycle in question will have an ideal final drive ratio, and the chain pitch in question (determined by the motorcycle power etc) will have an ideal sprocket radius and chain speed and momentum and so on, and as the loads and rpm changes you don’t want something that sets up harmonic or vibration in the chain, and you don’t want too much unsprung weight either, and the beat goes on.

So, on the one hand you have one of those n-hard type of problems that computers and spreadsheets are absolutely ideal for solving, and on the other hand you suddenly have a whole load more factors than just the simple chain link and sprocket teeth numbers that we started with, and these factors are much harder to integrate into that 3d surface that we generated in the basic version.

You are probably kind of back at the place where you’ll simply go 158/48=3.291666666666667 fuck it that is good to go, and 158/17=9.294117647058824 that is even better, fuck it, job done.

The important factor here is though it is theoretically possible to do the math and actually solve every single possibility for the problem for the next million cycles, the differences between theory and practice are greater in practice than in theory, it’s actually *hard* to do, because doing it means no fudge factors or approximations as they defeat the entire purpose of actually calculating the entire possible series of answers… so you not only have to codify everything exactly and accurately in mathematical terms, you then have to integrate it so it works as a whole, and does not give you any pentium floating point errors or excel floating point errors (doesn’t matter than the sum itself is all integers, the computer and spreadsheet will still floating point that bitch, because binary…)  so you need another layer for verification and checksums.

Which is why you don’t actually know how fast the brand new Ferrari is until you put the actual car on a test track and time the bitch.

Which brings me on nicely to dyno curves, all anyone looks at are the peak bhp and torque numbers, which is intriguing, because the fastest car on the track is the one with the greatest area under the curves, not the one with the highest peaks.

The current 2002 vintage twinkie harley only puts out a measly 75 BHP peak at the rear wheel, utterly pathetic for a 1700 cc engine, though it compares very very closely on those numbers alone with the brand new M8 engines, nobody looks at the left hand side of the graph, 25 BHP @ 1,500 RPM, and simple math tells you that means a shade over 87 foot pounds of torque @ 1,500 RPM, and suddenly pennies start to drop, despite the tractor weight and tractor engineering, it’s a lot harder accelerating than anyone expects, while sounding like it isn’t really trying because the revs just aren’t there.

Nowadays there is all manner of fancy simulation shit for engine tuning, and I mean at a level that almost anyone can afford to buy and run on their PC, doesn’t have to be real time after all, like the chain and sprocket spreadsheet it doesn’t matter if it takes 30 seconds to compute each run… nevertheless nobody ever got a prize for a simulated engine output, you have to actually beat the other guy at the strip.

Dragstrips are another funny one, all anyone sees and all it says at the end of the strip are your terminal time and terminal speed, drag guys themselves only give a fuck about two things, reaction time and time for the first 60 feet… the other 1,260 feet depend entirely on those two numbers.

Everything I have discussed here is a simple problem, you know this is true because you can sit down and explain the problem to anyone, and they understand the questions being asked.

Everything I have discussed here *should* be solvable perfectly with computers, but explain why that ain’t so to people so they get it is much, much, much harder than explaining the problem itself.

But HOW and WHY did intel release a CPU that made math errors? HOW and WHY are spreadsheets prone to floating point errors in ways that are impossible on an abacus (but which can be explained on an abacus…lol)

It’s a no brainer that forecasts for western economies are done on computerised mathematical models that have much in common with a simple spreadsheet on your PC.

At 02:50 AM I find myself wondering if the powers that be also use some sort of computerised mathematical modelling to predict global scale political and social events, we *know* they do for weather H^H^H^ climate etc….

Perhaps, like the chain and sprocket example “the norks have 5.9 million paramilitary personnel, making them the largest army on planet earth… = don’t fuck with them, for any reason” is a fuck it, job done calculation, that cannot be improved upon by any more nuanced and detailed calculation that actually produced every answer for every iteration in the series?

April 28, 2017


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“The neocons / MIC / banksters / mickey mouse fan club is pushing for a war, and they won’t stop until they have one…” we are told.

We are told this by people who do not move in the aforementioned circles, and nor do I, so it is all speculation really.

What I can tell you for a fact is that my life experience tells me that 99%+ of all the violence I have ever seen has had the same root cause.

Party A *perceived* some “wriggle room” into which they could push their influence further into Party B’s territory, while still safely avoiding conflict, but to Party B no such room existed and the Rubicon was crossed.

I personally may, and I say may, have witnessed an exception twice in my life.

Party A always had an innate belief that they themselves, like Party B, had no interest in actually escalating things to the level of violence, and even if that happened it would be gradual and easy enough to pull back from.

Party A also always had some innate belief that unless they were actually squeezing the pips out of Party B, they weren’t pushing hard enough, and of course Party B would complain, that was just Party B doing the same thing in return innit.

As a society we have changed in the past 40 years, a period about which I can speak with some authority, because we have an entirely new lexicon and approach to things, just in time delivery is efficient, therefore everything else is inefficient, maximising profit margins is profitable, therefore maximising quality within the spec is unprofitable….

My small business is at the only level left where there is old school haggling and negotiation face to face, Tim says to me that job you did last week and charged me 40 quid for, I’ll lose money with my customer, can I cut it down, well Tim is a good and regular customer so how does 25 quid grab you, OK good to go says Tim, I still didn’t lose money on the job and Tim is still a good and regular customer.

At every other level it has been replaced with the shit, Fred asks me if I can do this for a small production run of 50 items, I spend some time discussing the details and working it out and tell Fred yes I need more details for a firm quote, but we are looking at around 15 quid a pop, Fred tells me there is no way there is more than 3 quid a pop in the budget, I tell Fred good luck with that and add him to the “asshole” file, if he or any business he is ever associated with ever comes back to me in the future there will be an automatic 25% surcharge, if that falls through he goes into the “super asshole” file and the surcharge is 50%.

I never actually refuse to do his work, I just refuse to do it at his price.

This negotiation or haggling is a lost art, in the western world in 2017 having work tendered and quoting for it is more akin to a hostile corporate takeover, much depends on the definition of “is” in the contract, and no area of the contract is too trivial to be subject to separate skirmishes over such minutiae as who will pay for lading, who will pay for packaging, who will pay for documentation, and of course the precise specifications for all of the above.

I’m tempted to say it all started with HR, because that was my own personal first experiences of it, no longer did the employer hire suitable staff after an advert and interview process, suddenly it is all farmed out to a separate internal department that knows everything about the art of war, and nothing whatsoever about the actual job in question or the skills required to do it.

And of course all these new internal divisions are like metastised brain tumours, once you get them they cannot be surgically removed without killing the patient, and all they ever do is grow…

In the 70’s it was part of british army training and indoctrination that the less you looked like robocop or a mafia thug, and the more you looked like a regular guy who happened to be wearing a uniform, the better and easier and less tension your relations with the civilian population or indeed other local militias would be, much was made of face to face eye contact (no mirrored shades) and talking in ordinary voices and smiling where appropriate, nowadays everyone who isn’t in your own robocop regiment is seen as a potential enemy combatant, even the humble british policeman on the beat looks more robocop than a world war two infantryman, and a world war two infantryman had walked the fucking walk.

In the previous post I stated that nobody who had a mortgage today has ever known anything except a world where the notional value of a house could only ever go up, and a “bad buy” was a house whose notional value did not go up as much as a similar house 5 streets over.

It’s the same in the world of politics and banking and MIC, nobody who is alive today has ever known anything except a world where “military action” was a pretty much one sided affair on foreign soils that could easily be classified as being no more than some more intensive than usual on the job training.

McStain, one of the biggest warhawks in the US was a failed pilot in the vietnam conflict and a failed POW to boot, I remember well an ex britsih army foot soldier who was sent to korea, which was before vietnam, and he said it turned into a shit show the moment the yanks got involved, not that it wasn’t a shit show before then, because from his perspective on the ground in a foreign country he did not want to be in, unlike the brits at the time, the yanks turned up with battle rifles that were capable of fully automatic firing, and in his words the moment they knew the yanks were “supporting” them on their flank, they regrouped to repel an attack from that flank, because what happened every time was the yanks went full auto, then there were calls for more ammo, then there were calls to fall back, because everyone was out of ammo, then the koreans moved in to the exposed flank.

This was all known back up the food chain, but it doesn’t matter, because they are “partners” and “allies” and that is more important than your own men dying.

It was more important because it was the beginning of the management era, where exploiting that wriggle room left between you and your opponent (or partner) was a necessity, and failing to do so was a sign of incompetence or inadequacy, suddenly there are, quite literally, lawyers and managers having direct control over military actions on the ground in vietnam.

We have now moved on to a place where lawyers and managers are all that is left, what was a simple grunt in WW2 who got all the dirty shitty deadly jobs is now a special forces type, a tiny minority, the barracks themselves are full of barrack room lawyers and wimminz and transgender queens posing as an officer corps.

It’s very easy to sit around in peace time and tell everyone you’re a death machine devil dog that drinks the blood of babies (I knew three burma railway survivors, one was 6 foot six and had an especially awful time because of his height, one was a 5 foot 4 wiry little scotsman who was a royal engineer, in 1970 I saw him wearing a tee shirt, which was fairly new fashion then, and it had writing on it, which was totally new fashion then, the text said “yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, because I’m the meanest bastard in the whole fucking valley) but it is quite another thing to walk the walk.

My own uncle was in signals (navy), and was ordered to stay behind in singapore after it fell to the japanese, and report on their movements “as long as possible” which as military orders go was basically a death sentence. So he did it, until he could do no more, a lone white man bereft of all comms and support abroad in asia in enemy territory, the water was out, japanese boats, so all that was left was to try to walk out of there, while living off the jungle, and walk out of there he did, not the exact route on the map, but 4,000 kilometres all the same, an six months later he made it to the british base in Calcutta, where, since he was already recorded as MIA presumed dead, they would not issue him a ration book or rations, so he had to steal food and clothes from the navy to survive for six weeks until the word came back and his claimed identity was confirmed.

Let me tell you, in 2017 in peacetime, starting in singapore with the clothes you are standing in and nothing else, no money, no comms, and simply avoiding peacetime authorities, and walking 4,000 km to calcutta, and MAKING IT THERE ALIVE, is no mean fucking feat, one that only a vanishingly small percentage of modern devil dogs would even attempt, much less endure and complete.

50% of the norks would do it, even if their true politics is they hate kim jong more than anything and love mickey mouse, because, survival bitch.

Which brings me back to the beginning, that uncle, now dead, was someone who when presented with that “wriggle room between party A and party B” scenario where he was one of the parties, he’d take a step back and sit down.

He knew that what looked like 5 miles of wriggle room from one perspective looked like shit being 1 millimetre from your nose from the other perspective.

He knew that there was a difference between being willing to start something, and being willing to end it at any cost for the bastard that started it.

He knew that what looked like a perfectly reasonable attempt to get another 0.25 cents off the dollar from one perspective looked like being asked to say thanks for pimping your seven year old daughters out from the other.

He knew that when you crossed the Rubicon and looked back, there was no going back, and everything looked very different.

The true danger we face is not that the world is run be people intent on war, it is that the world is run by people who think they know exactly how far they can push the other guy and still get away with it and walk away with a profit, and if they don’t do so, someone else will usurp their place at the trough.

Peak Bubble

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It is intellectually bogus, lazy, deceptive, pointless and distracting to talk about a thing, for example fathers with custody / access, when the thing in question is just a vehicle for some other idea you are trying to promote.

I said back in 1994 that the UK house price bubble was insane and unsustainable, and properties that were “worth” £45,000 then are “worth” £175,000 now with no end in sight.

I *still* think it is insane, and at no point in the intervening 23 years has my mind changed, interesting when you consider that had I gotten a 25 year mortgage back then, it would only have two more years to run, a 20 year mortgage would have been over three years ago.

So who is the asshole now?

I still think it’s an insane bubble, I just *vastly* under-estimated how long it could stay insane, and how much more insane it could get, shades of the old quote about markets being able to stay irrational longer than you are able to stay solvent.

I can relate a story of an individual who purchased a machine tool for 10k in cash three years ago, he went back to the vendor to buy a new tool costing 25k, again it would be a cash sale, three weeks have passed since his first email, 5 days since his second, not a fucking peep from the vendor… they obviously have better things to do than talk to someone who was a cash customer three short years ago.

At this point world & dog start making excuses for why this could be so, perhaps the story itself is suspect, certainly no rational explanation can be made for something that defies rational explanation.

Yes there is more to the story, the customer started talking to the vendor about this prospective purchase in November last year, and got replies, so it’s not like they were unaware of suddenly emails are being sent to the wrong address or anything else.

He is going to ring them next week, he suspects the answer will be the same as last time, his emails were marked as spam and nobody ever saw them.

Again, it raises questions, how can the gmail account of a known cash customer not be whitelisted and flagged as a cash customer for immediate personal attention by sales?

This could be ACME corp or Twatter / Amazone / NetFucks, it makes no odds, or Uber, or Pets.com, or anyone else, never really made a trading profit, yet everyone involved is a billionaire and the market caps are larger than many countries.

Like housing the stocks are worth investing in because they have always been worth investing in because they have always risen in price.

They have always risen in price, BECAUSE they have always risen in price.

For values of always that a 20 year mortgage is a human generation, so nobody with a mortgage today has ever known anything different, no exceptions, anywhere, word…

Calling a “peak” is like falling down a mountainside in the pitch dark, you can’t see a fucking thing but you’ve been bumping and sliding so fucking long it stands to reason you must be close to the bottom now… right?

I mean, we have been sliding down this particular mountainside in the pitch dark for twenty five fucking years now, so the only rational thought can be that the mountainside itself is infinite in expanse, there is no bottom to it.

I’ve mentioned the Hargesian Goat Bubble here before, it’s worth googling and reading, in 2007 it was funny, now it’s scary, by 2025 Mr Wibur Smythe-Mahmoud of 27 Orchard Road will be in a position where his 3 bedroom semi detached house has a greater capital monetary value than the GDP of Bolivia…

Merely owning a hovel will make everyone an automatic millionaire, anyone with anything with two or more bedrooms will be a multi-millionaire, and the best goes on, yet, when I was a boy at a prestigious English boarding school in the 1970’s with all the career advantages that that bestowed, it was arguable/doubtful whether I would see a million pounds pass through my hands in my entire fucking lifetime, no matter how successful I became, 40 years working 50 weeks a year is 2,000 and 1,000,000 / 2,000 = 500 a week, at a time when the national average gross wage packet was £65… a new mini on the road was around 650 quid, beer was 36 p a pint and 20 cigarettes was 22 p, and we’d just gone through the OPEC crisis and inflation / stagflation so it wasn’t like nobody thought prices would not rise over a working lifetime.

2,500 to 4,000 would buy you a proper house, freehold, 10 grand something nice and pre war with a sea view and a 60 foot front garden and a 100 feet back garden, so talk of tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds, even a million pounds, was ridiculous stupendous meaningless except as numbers sorts of money, because this flipside was at an average national wage of 65 quid a week (paid in cash ever week mind you) a 650 quid mini was ten weeks wages, and a 2.5 grand house was 38 weeks wages, the 10 grand very respectable good area house 152 weeks wages.

Today average weekly wages are £528, nobody down here earns that, full time bus driver with overtime can earn 18k which is £346 a week, but we will take the £500 number.

Ten weeks is £5,000 which won’t buy any new car on the road, though it will very very nearly buy a Dacia Sandero.

152 weeks is £76k, go on rightmove and the lowest price house within 10 miles is £68,960 and it is a “park home” which is estate agent speak for a 12 x 40 static caravan, the cheapest actual bricks and mortar *house* is £150k and it’s on the local sink council estate, the closest thing to the aforementioned 10k 1970’s house is £575k, and at 500 a week that is 1,150 weeks wages, a far cry from 152 weeks.

So back to the plot.

Back in 1994 I said it was insane and unsustainable, I did say surely it must end / pop soon, for values of soon that surely could not be more than a few years away, but I did not actually call the peak being imminent.

Today in 2017 I would say much the same, I can’t call the peak being imminent, I still say it is surely unsustainable but I’ve been wrong about the ability of the insanity to continue to escalate for 23 years, and as stated it is intellectually dishonest and bankrupt to use those sentiments as a vehicle for some other message.

That message being that it is a set-up for monetary reform (new bucks instead of old bucks) and indentured servitude, because quite honestly I do not know.

I do know I only have two possible hopes of having enough money to buy some land (not even a property of 1970’s 5k house) and that is either a lottery win or get successful in business and earn it, and frankly speaking if I earned it, no way I’d throw my earned money at anything so insanely overinflated, it would be like buying twitter stock…  eg devaluing every single hour of work I did to earn the money to the point of uselessness.

THIS then becomes the real test of whether there is a bubble and if we are nearing the peak, what happens to the accumulated (however meagre they may be) efforts of your work to date?

A house whose value rises tenfold or drops tenfold serves the exact same utility to those living within, so if I was worth £575k last month but only £57k this month it still keeps you warm and dry and the bath and cooker still work and so on.

When it vanishes like my late father’s pension plan it is a different kettle of fish, that lump sum and income that was going to keep you in relative comfort for 20 years, gone… now you need some other method of putting food on your table and clothes on your back.

In Weimar germany and hyperinflation the loaf of bread had the same utility every day, cops still grew, mills still functioned, bakers still knew how to bake, what happened was the accumulated efforts of your work this week disappeared by the time pay day came around, come friday your whole week’s work was only worth what one hour was worth on monday morning, if you could have cashed in every hours work and spent it immediately you would have been ok

In effect, they worked for twitter stock, but when they wanted to buy something, only apple stock had any value, and rinse and repeat as often as possible.

So intellectual honesty and integrity means it doesn’t matter about calling the peak or the bursting of the bubble, all that matters is preserving as much as possible the fruits of your accumulated labour to date.

*that* is when it becomes interesting, nobody can take away from me my ability to turn flowing water into mechanical motion into electricity, nobody can take away from me the sex I have had, nobody can take away from me the places I have been and the things I have done, the fuck I had today is worth a million times more than the promise of a threesome with a pair of Romanian teeny twins with monster tits tomorrow.

My psycho skank ho ex took *a* possible future away from my sons, and it was only ever a possible future, played out one day at a time, so they could grow up with a dad like I did, some dads destroy themselves over that, just like some folks jump off a bridge when their company folds and their pension goes up in smoke.

the essential difference between the fruits of your accumulated labour to date, and the expected fruits of your accumulated labour in the future.

one can be preserved somewhere on a scale from 0% on up, the other one is the promise of the threesome, everything that isn’t likely to preserve at least some of what you have done to date is a distraction.

peaks and bubbles are a distraction.

as you slide down that endless mountainside in the dark, make sure you are listening to all of the people further down the slope in the night, because you can’t avoid the same journey, but you can approach it differently…

April 24, 2017

Betrayed by the beast within.

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One of the quandaries that you will face as a father, absentee or not, is the answer to a simple question, if you could sit down in front of a camera for 90 minutes to leave a message for your son(s), what would it say?

Don’t do this, do do that, watch out for the other, ain’t gonna work, it doesn’t take account of technological change or societal change in the interim, and it doesn’t address the 900 lb gorilla in the room, the boy ain’t gonna listen to the old fossil.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight I can tell that my old man largely saved his breath, despite having a shit load he could have said, he was more of a hope you don’t, but you’re free to make your own mistakes boy, hope they aren’t too expensive…

Let me put it this way, if I was living in the USA or any place where bearing firearms was legal the gun I would go out and buy today would be a lever action 45.70, it’s a damn near 150 year old cartridge but everything it ever did still holds true today, sure it ain’t the same kind of animal as a spitzer high velocity round but generally speaking I’d be more concerned about everything within 250 yards than everything more than 250 yards away, and within 250 yards you’re guaranteed target death in a rifle that is very very very tough and reliable.

(If you can do on the fly bullet drop in your head or have a fancy sight and a decent length barrel they’ll reach out to 1000 yards… 45/70 in the sharps decimated the american buffalo)

As a younger man I’d have been all over some tricked up 223 or 308 preferably with full auto and a 30 round clip…

Hopefully you see the analogy here, as a younger man being attacked by a bear I’d probably have emptied a clip of 223 into a bear to stop it, then been racked on empty and realised too late there were two bears, 45/70 one shot one kill and you still have 4 left in the tube

If my dad had handed me a henry 45/70 I’d have traded it for a ruger 223 and got credit for the scope and so on, so the “advice” of the older man is wasted on the younger man, and as in the case of my own dad he was smart enough to know that, so didn’t give me much.

just real basic shit, “you did it, you own it, you live with it, not my problem” and such like, I can’t even say I got one chance at everything with him, I didn’t… when I was 17 he went out and bought me a car (old vw beetle) to own and (learn to) drive in, he made sure it was mechanically reliable and safe, of course I didn’t like it, so he sold it.

that wasn’t *just* the end of car help, that was the end of a whole shit load of help, fuck you, smartass little bastard.. lol.. you know so much you can go sort all that shit fo’ yo’sel’

But, me and my dad had one thing in common, the natural hard wired youthful urges to go out and get into compromised situations did not necessarily mean going out and breaking the law… there *was* an element of that, and my earliest criminal convictions were for doing things that he did at my age, except they weren’t illegal back then, nowadays, it’s *all* fucking illegal bro.

*THAT* is the thing I am now old enough to realise, that hard wired shit that drives a young man, he really can’t help it, it really is hard wired, he gotta get it out, so best he do in a way that nobody but himself gets hurt or killed if it goes wrong.

I’m also old enough to realise that the same goes for girls, furiously flirting and exploring their sexuality with the one man on the planet that they were safe with, their father, and of course that shit has gone now, father is an absentee deadbeat dad getting bad press from skank ho mommy… but the drives to flirt and explore their sexuality remain…

Nor is there just one age of man, some things follow a decaying curve, others an increasing curve, and lots of things such as environment and success at any one venture alters the slope of those curves.

Nor is there just one kind of man… my mate was a dog in heat at the slightest whiff of female panties, I’d get random hardons 10 times a day and cream my sheets in my sleep, but most girls were just too much fucking work and hassle man, so he’d be off around town chasing ass and I’d be off on a road trip on the BSA A10 with a few fivers and a waterproof plastic 35mm film can quarter full of speed in my pocket, with a WW2 gas mask bag at my side with various things like toilet roll, smokes, grass, small flask of brandy all individually sealed away waterproof in plastic bags, thing was, it was an either or proposition, even if both appealed equally, you couldn’t do both.

We both got in trouble, we just got in different sorts of trouble….

Only once in my life ever did some guy walk up to me in a pub and start having a go about his daughter, and that was a case of mistaken identity, and only once in my mate’s life did someone walk up to him and accuse him of being the guy draped across the jukebox in a pub 100 miles away, playing  whole lotta love over and over, and that was mistaken identity too.

From an evolutionary perspective it makes perfect sense of course, by all means make the young males restless and risk taking, but don’t have all of them going off in the same direction to try and climb the same cliff and fall broken like lemmings at the base.

So the years pass and the changes take place and I’m still here and still pretty much in one piece, and people start saying shit like I am grounded and balanced and a little fucking kooky but mainly capable of speaking sensibly, well, guess what, any truth in that is down to me having been able to blow that steam off and not fuck up *too* badly along the way… grounded is a good word, earthed, in an electrical sense, able to discharge those potentials and not have them build up and change what I am and how I am.

The shrugged shoulders and the quick laugh and the comment “you ain’t changed have ya, cept for looks of course ya old bastid” is only something you can say or that gets said to “grounded” people, everyone else burnt out or short circuited something else or got fried along the way… betrayed by the beast within because they couldn’t find a way to let it out.

I never met the twat the US Senator John McCain is a great example of that, and the same could be said of someone that several people have invoked with me, Hunter S Thompson, politicians everywhere are the same, same as psychiatrists and social workers and bankers and lawyers and every other fucker trying to change the world instead of letting themselves change and let the bones lie where they may.

I have a close relative, he is somewhat older than me, and from school onwards he was one of those that always did the right thing, had a career that progressed ever upwards with a salary to boot, he is now semi retired and his pension is more (see previous article here about money a week or so ago) than most people earn, and his dear semi-retired wife has a pension that is twice as big as his.

So what does he do today, he bunks off work early to buy some antique hi-fi, and stashes it at an aunties house, he’ll sneak it back into his house some time in the next month or six when his darling wife is out, and stash it with the rest of the antique hi-fi he collects, so she won’t notice.

His own fucking money and he is afraid to spend it on shit he wants, and yeah, I know that drill, had it with the psycho skank ho ex myself, ah well, she didn’t want to give me enough hassle free cunt, but her daughter did (for a while) so what’s a bad boy to do but let that pressure out and pork them both.

That’s the thing see, you can’t escape or beat the beast within, it was a standard opening / pick up line of mine in a place that I lived that had a lot of UK/euro girls visiting, “What are you running away from babe?”

They’d deny it, and I’d just smile and say everyone who comes here is running away from something, and they’d start talking and later that night I’d be emptying my balls into them.

My earlier mentioned mate had already done his pussy chasing by then, I was just getting started, and boy that shit comes a million times easier and more successfully in your early twenties than it does in mid to late teens, plus you don’t have that previous small town pussy history to hold you back or make you fuck up.

That eerie feeling you get of destiny sitting on your shoulder, it’s just the beast within, you can all live life a little differently, and still be true to the beast within, or you can live it any way you like and try and deny it, and be constantly betrayed by it.

I can’t fuck an 18 year old now, no matter how legal it is, no matter how much fun it is, because I know that no matter what she says today, she will change with time, and unless she is true to the beast within, some time in the future it’s going to betray her, and then she will get pissed, and then everyone else better watch out, ask me how I know, this is where FRA’s and DV allegations and prohibited child contact and all the rest of that shit comes from.

And what are the chances of a modern wimminz not betraying the beast within, because that is the one thing they have in common with the modern young man, it’s pretty much illegal to be true to the beast.

YouTube is disappearing up it’s own ass while everyone is missing the point and whining about monetisation and lack of ad revenue for their wonderful channels, meanwhile there are some guys out there that walked the walk and talk straight shit, because they were true to the beast within, and just ate up and owned all the shit that caused them.




April 22, 2017

Things you can’t unsee

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Given the post title many people’s first thoughts will turn to stuff like seeing your parents fuck or seeing that obese chick naked, and to be sure such things can have a lasting effect on people, but these are not the things I speak of.

This is more about things like father christmas (santa claus is trademark coca cola company) not being real, you can’t ever go back to the worldview you had before, or see things the way you saw them before… once the veil is lifted, you can’t go back.

On a personal note I once opened a cardboard box containing various “rubbery” sex toys, it hadn’t been opened for a few years as they had been sat in storage, and it was the chemical smell that first caught the sense, and then you see them there, and they are all distorted and damaged by proximity and contact with other toys of different chemical composition… I haven’t been able to see one since and not be reminded of that.

On another personal note there is that first moment a wimminz makes an FRA against you and accuses you of everything else that is deviant on the planet to boot, you simply can’t ever go back to seeing any wimminz the same either, or any po-po, or any judges or lawyers.

Here is one for you “Jest got ate of the pool ur you free tomro” and “fery funey“, perhaps with some prompting you can work out that those two are “Just got out of the pool are you free tomorrow” and “very funny“… and leaving aside utterly the whole question of portable computing devices that have spell checking built in and mobile dictionary and thesaurus apps for free download, these are actual sentences taken from an actual ongoing conversation between two peers, and they *are* representative of the whole, not just off glitches like my many many many typos on this blog with my 1 finger poke and hope autistic / dyslexic typing and no real proofing, just type and hit publish.

If I’d *just* shown you pictures of the individuals having this sms conversation, you’d see they were female, and pubescent, and you’d think to yourself I’d hit that in a couple of years if I was 16 again, but when you attach the conversations to the individuals it transforms your perception of the individuals, my grandfather was two years older than them at 14 when he ran away to sea and joined the navy to fight in world war one…

Now I know there are people out there whose idea of the perfect sexual partner is a living doll or a female that never speaks or a female that is unconscious throughout, and leaving aside entirely the question of legality, I’m not one of those people, I, and I strongly suspect most males, find “sexy” to be something that is at best 50% physical, and the rest is the whole personality thing… so for people like me I can look at these two individuals and say yes, if all you ever saw were still photographs, I can see how in a few years a photo of these girls will make you go PHWOOOAR I’d hit that, the problem is I have seen the intellect, as have you in a small way with those text excerpts, and while the body may change sufficiently in a couple of years, there is zero hope of the mind advancing to the same level.

They’re basically unfuckable, and I do not have any daughters (thank god) but I guess it is a similar thing at work that a dad can see that his daughter has turned into a sexy young woman but to him she is eternally unfuckable and sexless.

We can’t unsee Trump going from “you should be in jail” to “the clintons are good people” and I really don’t give a fuck about being in office or playing sun tzu or anything else, if you can’t be polite be silent, do not under any circumstances turn into a bullshit merchant and start saying things that are patently false, not to fucking please anyone.

We FRA victims know this shit, we faced the very real prospect of 10 to 20 years behind bars, and at that point it doesn’t make a fucking bit of difference if you did it or not, you’re still behind bars, but we didn’t eat shit and say our ex’s were basically nice people and we wish them all the best.

So Adam Johnson (the footballer) is in prison of 6 years for a rape he denies against a groupie, a rape that a *lot* of people have serious issues wondering how it even got to trial, much less how he got convicted, and in the Daily Fail they are running a story, someone with an illegal phone in a prison recorded the guy chatting to fellow inmates (the Daily Fail is still branding him a disgusting rapist at every opportunity and if they could call for the death penalty they would) in which the guy says, IN FUCKING PRISON MIND YOU, I wish I had raped the bitch, I got fucking six years for it.

“I’ve done the time, I might as well have done the crime…”

This is not a guilty man


You can’t unsee it.

Nor can you uneee the facts of everyone else who has seen it and still goes on and on and on about what a disgusting vile perverted rapist he is.

And all this without the “special knowledge” that you get if you are, like me, and ex con.

This video was filmed in what in the prison system is called the general population, rapists and child molesters and grasses do not go into the general population, they are held in segregation under Rule 43, for their own protection from the general population, and this video could not have been made.

Clearly, shock horror, Johnson isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, he was just an urban kid with some talent with a football who got elevated to celebrity status and paid a lot of money and put a big target on his back.

I didn’t even get my cock out for fucks sake” is not the sort of language someone denying a truthful fact would use, not even an intelligent and educated liar, much less a thick footballer, in fact it is the sort of phrase that his highly paid lawyers will have told him for god’s sake don’t use language like that in court, when in fact it is exactly the sort of language he should have used in court.

In shades of The Winslow Boy even in that informal setting Johnson didn’t lie and put all the blame on the girl or make an excuse, he said she was always there after practice, but not with her tits out, always begging for signatures etc, eventually after six months of this she asked for a signed shirt, and he admits he kissed her….

Most telling of all for an ex con is the fact that he is in general population and as you can clearly see and hear from the comments of others in the clip, everyone there does not just accept his version of events, they also accept the whole concept of such gross and vile miscarriages of justice, nobody is shocked or outraged that such an obviously innocent man is doing six years for a crime he did not commit, moreover, a crime he clearly had ample opportunity to commit, and repeatedly passed up on.

Alan Johnson is not a sexual predator of any kind, if anything he is the nice naive wimp cuck kind of guy who gets fucked over in the divorce courts by the skanky wife after a few years of marriage.

Arguably, and I say this as an FRA accused and as a (for separate things, eg motoring crimes) ex con, his current fate is preferable to that other fate that might have happened in his future.

“I wish I had” isn’t even the statement of a man who has done the time so thinks he may as well go out and be hung for a sheep as a lamb, even this appalling travesty of justice has not made Adam Johnson a bad man.

I say this as someone who hates football, doesn’t even know what team he played for, thinks modern footballers are spoiled brats, and so on.

I see this as someone who also notes that the football illuminati from Saint David Beckham on down have sweet fuck all to say about this man’s plight… fucking worthless cunts one and all.

You can’t unsee shit.


April 21, 2017

Money money money money money

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It’s easy to talk shit about what you earn / spend / are worth on the internet, and many do, there was an old saying here in the 80’s “two cars in the driveway and fuck all in the fridge” regarding people who lived on credit.

Today there are a plethora of people trying either to make a living or to support their income on the internet, and a big bunch of that is people with monetized YouTube channels, the perfect apex fallacy.

When people like Dave over at the EEVblog are making 50-60k US$ per annum you know that most are making fuck all, and that’s the truth.

Apart from a fairly small overdraft facility and a single credit card with a £500 limit I don’t have any credit / debt, as a mid to late fifties guy that pretty much means I’m never going to be able to borrow money, even if I wanted to, so things like mortgages etc are non starters, as are things like auto finance, even if I wanted it I would be declined.

Rent costs me 550 quid a month, if I moved out of here I have exactly zero hope of getting anything else for that kind of money, maybe a one room studio, and that is just a maybe, really I’d be looking at 750 a month minimum to rent anything livable.

Council tax costs 1,000 a year, utility energy is running around 0.18 per kWh, I say living here costs me 2 quid a day electric, 1 quid a day gas and 1 quid a day water…. so 4 quid a day for utilities…diesel is 1.30 and because of my age and shit vehicle insurance and road tax and shit runs around £1 a day per vehicles and I have 4, 3 of them on the road, vehicle maintenance you can allow 500 per year so ex fuel you can say a car costs 1,000 a year and that is if you are running reliable 15 year old cars with a capital value of less than 1000.

Put the housing together and you have 550 x 12 = 6,600 + 4 x 365 = 1,460 = 8,060 +1,000 = 9,060, plus 3 vehicles excluding fuel 11,500 add in fuel say 30 a week for local commuting 1500 a year, add in food and bog roll and so on 50 a week = 2500 a year, add in smoking 40 a week = 2000 a year, we are up to £17,500 per annum in expenses to live, and it’s not exactly a profligate high end lifestyle, there is no going out to eat and drink or go to cinema or anything else in there.

The flipside is what is described ain’t bad either, own front door, hot and cold running water, food in the fridge, clothes on your back, vehicle out front that is legal and reliable, no shitting yourself when there is a knock on the door.

The “you really are taking the fucking piss” cisco kid job paid 17.5 k plus car, and the reality of that is the car cost me 2k per year in extra taxes, after tax and everything else it was enough to live here (no other vehicles kept legal and on the road, didn’t need em, company car) and pay the bills and a bit left over, but not much, every month… I could live with it because I probably only got 3 or 4 call outs a week initially and I had my own sideline doing PC stuff and I have to admit there was always something nice about knowing that 1,300 quid after tax would hit your bank last friday every month, you knew when and where your next income was coming from, be it ever so humble.

Full time city bus driving here pays up to 18.5k if you do all the hours you can, so however paltry it sounds in exchange for the skills and experience, the reality was 17.5k p.a. wasn’t a bad wage compared to the job market as a whole in this region, put it this way, while I could go out and find wimminz working on the state tit working to protect battered wimminz earning 35k, I could also find plenty of people just trying to make ends meet who would have jumped at the chance of 17.5k and a company car…

Bear in mind this is all “single guy who doesn’t have any debt to service” numbers, and while it is true that for many things “two can live as cheaply as one” this specifically excludes any scenarios where children are involved.

But the numbers don’t lie and they are all good, if you are a single male and do nothing but live and don’t smoke or run a vehicle or get public transport or go out socialising or anything else you can just about slide by on £13k per annum, thanks to free healthcare should you need it.

If you are a wimminz and have kids then the state has a duty to house you, so the state gives you money in one hand and takes it away with the other to justify their own finances, houses that I’d have to pay 750 a month for the skanks “pay” 280 for which is subsidised by the state, or if it is privately rented the housing benefit covers it all, and of course there are all the child (financial) benefits and should skanky work 16 hours a week or more she will get working tax credits (more payouts) and so on…. I know of one very rare man who has custody of his three children and he works full time as one of the aforementioned bus drivers and even so the state benefits match his salary.

When it comes to people “owning” their own homes if the people in question are less than 50 years old the sheer number / proportion on interest only mortgages will make your eyes bleed, bear in mind at the end of the term you have paid £0 of the capital cost of the house off and you hold £0 equity in the house, it’s like renting a place but being able to repaint it at will and put a conservatory up etc and not having to ask the landlord’s permission, but you’re also liable for all repairs.

I know people 15 years into this shit with 10 to go and not a thought enters their head about what they are going to do in 10 years time.

But anyway, back to money.

The car is an old volvo estate, really the body is a mitsubishi and the engine is a renault turbo diesel lump, 5 speed manual, it’s pretty economical but even so I rarely see 2k rpm in town and longer journeys I cruise at 65/70 which is just under 2.5k rpm in top, I’m paying for my fuel and it makes enough of a difference over a year that it is worth it to me to drive with a light right foot, when I was in the company car and not paying for fuel I’d often be doing 85/95 mph and I’d rev that engine all the way to get there.

I go to the farm shop and buy a 56 lb sack of spuds for 7 quid, I go to the supermarket to buy the 2 x 4 litre bottles of milk for £2 deal, my smoking and my coffee is my only regular weekly “extravagance” as it were.

I’ve got a good main PC and NAS box (talked about both on here before when they were built) and I’m mindful that at some point they are going to need updating.

I don’t have a job and an employer any more, just a small business, but I don’t treat it like so many do and start in with the directors drawings and salary and company car and so on, it would have ceased trading already if I had done that, in effect it is a separate entity financially, when I make enough profit to draw some money to live I do, when I don’t I live off the fat in the existing accounts and in the cupboards and so on, all the while trying to build up as much capital as possible for reinvestment and new equipment.

I jumped from the cisco job at a time of my own choosing, rather than hanging on until it progressed to the point where we got laid off or I turned around one day and told someone to stick their job up their fucking ass, because that reality is the same, the job market is such that I’d be scrabbling around 4 or 5 different agencies doing temp stuff while trying to find something else that paid 17.5 k as opposed to the 14 or 15 k most are offering for full time work, that’s if you get past the “competitive salary” or “great rates” or “earn up to 23k” (like your broadband is up to 20 meg, but usually around 4…) …

… it’s basically not a pleasant experience, all of the recruiters and agencies will complain about people with an attitude, but do it for three months and you’ll have an attitude too, and jobs like the old cisco kid one where you never visit the office and you are your own man out on the road start looking like the holy grail….

But the purpose of this post, as said, was to discuss real numbers here in the UK in 2017, and you have them, you can just about survive on 12.5k and you can live quite quietly and happily on 17.5k as either a single individual or a joined at the hip couple, but you won’t be taking any foreign holidays or buying vehicles on hire purchase or getting a mortgage.

the very few “starter” government supported mortgage deals now are basically shoe boxes on soon to be sink estates where the state owns the freehold and much of the equity and you’ll never get the option to obtain those two things in your name, so it’s a bad deal, land is running to crazy prices and good luck getting any kind of permission to live on it, and good luck living there without permission.

You can buy a decent (move in tomorrow quality) used 12 x 40 caravan for around 15k but where to put it, an acre or two of land is another 20k even if it is totally unsuitable for ever getting panning permission even for a horse stable, if there is even a remote chance it could at some future point get planning permission for housing it’s running nearer 200k, if it has outline permission it’s already being sold in handkerchief sizes plots for 100k a plot.

So it’s *possible* to live within your means, in 2017 UK, but as far as social mobility goes fucking forget it, and speaking as a small business owner the challenges of making your small business grow and survive are on a par with any social mobility aspirations, “build it and they will come” is the least of your worries.

So anyway, I have been asked a few times and I wanted to put it out there, these are real on the ground numbers for this region of the UK (it’s worse in big cities where rents are so much higher) of the sort of thing you yourself could expect to find if you travel here tomorrow and try to make a living.

What orks and rapefugees are going to bring to this party is anyone’s guess, if things are tight with little or no social mobility for law abiding 50 somethings who are multi skilled and experienced, you can work out for yourself how things are for everyone else, and of course that lowest common denominator shit is why so many real jobs pay such shit wages.

The bus driver I mentioned earlier is a good example, for all his faults he is a nice guy, and a good bus driver, I hear stories (bear in mind all equivalent make and model buses on a route / depot are physically identical) that he drives through tight areas in town due to one asshole parking badly, and all the other drivers phone in that they can’t get though, and he never touches anything with his bus or damages it in any way… they all have bus licences, but he is one of the old school type that always wanted to be a bus driver.

There are drivers and then there are drivers, know what I mean…. but they all get paid the fucking same.

I can remember as a lad a man doing that job could keep a stay at home wife 1.0 and buy a decent house on a mortgage and have a holiday every year, if the missus worked on the buses too they were pretty well off and could have two cars and two holidays per year.

Now he has his wages matched by state handouts for three kids and an interest only mortgage that is half what my rent is and while he is paying all his bills, he couldn’t find 2k without borrowing it from family or selling a kidney.

I’m in the minority as someone who doesn’t get any handouts of any kind from the state and doesn’t have any debts or credit, most people cannot say both of those things, so things get complicated when you talk about the economy or employment, what are you really talking about?

As stated, people like myself living purely on earned income and expenditure are the rarity nowadays, so we are the smallest part of the economy overall, however we are also the purest source… the ones who are 100% self sufficient economically and still staying afloat by selling our labour on the open market.

It’s not a rosy picture for the economy as a whole.

I cannot relate anything in my day to day economic existence with the shit put out by the media and the state, there simply is not any correlation, anywhere.

Anyway, that’s it, it’s only one data point but it is a true and factual one and while it does indeed omit a whole host of detail (broadband, mobiles, running harleys, 250 quid coffee machines, etc), if you moved here tomorrow and made plans based on those numbers you’d find that the reality was very very close, in effect the model and the reality would closely match.


April 20, 2017

Spread Betting

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Lots of ZH posters are a lot dumber than LeCarre, why would Assad sarin his own people a few days after Trump went soft on him.. ok maybe the sarin was a false flag because trump went soft on him, none went one step further and asked if trump going soft on him was a deliberate set up to perpetrate the false flag to.. and down the rabbit hole we go in plot lines beloved in Le Carre novels.

LeCarre himself wasn’t a complete idiot and based a lot of his stuff on real world ish scenarios, but, LeCarre was a novelist, not a scientific documentarian, his main interest was telling a compelling story.

Meanwhile back in the real world the rich and powerful and successful, and by success I mean those who have kept the plates in the air for decades as a minimum and generations as a norm, it ain’t like that, nobody who is on the ball bets everything on 13 black.

7 different factions at play in what used to be Ukraine?

No problem, that’s at least 14 different bets you can play, and a winning bet is one that lets you stay in the game and a losing bet is one that puts you out of play.

Spread betting in these scenarios is not betting against yourself, so a theoretical NSA in afdiggastan vs CIA in afdiggastan makes perfect sense if you consider that no matter who the victor is in afdiggastan, at least one USA three letter agency is still a player in afdiggastan.

Of course you also have to consider that all “losing” scenarios involve locals or incumbents having a seat and a voice at that table, and this goes all the way from geopolitics in distant lands to your own local council / planning committee / police oversight committee / etc.

By definition the vested interests of locals is always going to oppose the vested interests of everyone else, and you can’t allow that to get in the way of planning permission for a new out of town megastore that rapes the shit out of whatever is left of the local business community… it just isn’t good business.

Perhaps it is just my autistic engineer brain, but I have always struggled to differentiate morally between these sorts of shenanigans and grooming pre-pubescent kids for sexual exploitation or becoming drug addicts.

I suspect my difficulties with this moral compass are not unique either, which is why there will never be a shortage of people willing to engage in such things, and of course them using the “excuse” that everyone else is corrupt anyway will be met with horror, outrage and scorn.

How dare I suggest that paedophiles justify their actions because Tesco got to build a new out of town superstore. What kind of lunatic fucking moron are you?

But I never said that, I said wrong doing sees other wrong doing as excuse for its own behaviour, and wrong doing pretty much does not make value judgements about other wrong doing… gee, I better not break into cars and steal stereos because the only real crime in town is drink / drugs / violence, or I’d better not sell drugs outside the school because the only real crime in town is home burglary and graffiti…

The knifepoint mugger really doesn’t see the crooked banker as a different kind of animal, the same goes in reverse too, the crooked banker just sees the knifepoint mugger as a very inferior version of themselves.

Spread betting has long since descended the social scales too, the unemployed skank ho single mom with 3 kids by 3 different fathers is covering a lot of the bases, add in one “disabled” kid and one “challenged” kid and add in lesbian status and you just spread bet even more, doesn’t matter what goes down on what changes take place or what court she finds herself in, she’ll have cards in play, y’all can’t send me to prison because of my kids, of course the kids never get a say, even though everything is done in their name to protect them…  sound familiar?

Spread betting is how you change society, you start by giving wimminz the vote and then you bring in immigrants and rapefugees and since simple male and female isn’t enough you bring in the whole LGBTQ+ ever expanding spectrum, you bring in islam and all the other religions, you bring in gay rights and child rights and animal rights and safe spaces and everything else, the lone patriarchal male voice gets ever smaller and it really doesn’t matter where it all ends up because you have people on every single fucking committee out there.

Politics is of course itself a very early form of spread betting, take away the direct power of the king and put in ever more layers of ever more people, and before long it doesn’t matter who you vote for, even in legitimate elections, because government always wins, you as an individual aren’t on any of the committees.

Even 20 years ago here in the UK you could walk into the courts as a litigant in person and take on those who you felt had wronged you, and if your case was valid you stood a fair chance.

It’s all gone now… sure, in *theory* it is still there, but I can personally introduce you to people who have tried to put that theory into practice, only to find it no longer exists, illegal judgements being made in their absence, then what are you going to do, appeal one judge’s decision to other judges? Oh, and by the way, the “purely administrative” fees for everything have magically risen to the point where no individual can easily afford them any more.

In THEORY I as a citizen am free to run for a seat in parliament, in practice I need to raise a fairly significant sum of money up front to be paid as a deposit before I can even run, and unless I get a significant proportion of the votes, I lose my deposit.

Of course it was all done to stop Tarquin Fin Tin Tin Tin Wimb Bimb Limb Ftang Ftang Ole Bisuit Barrel Smith (Independent, Torquay) from standing for election and bringing the whole thing into disrepute.

“Anyone can run for parliament” you just have to change the definition of anyone, or anything, or everything, to permit spread betting, then you just have to sit back and wait, the outcome is inevitable.

Before you know it there will be 999 committees, and you’ll have people on every single one of them, and none of them will have private individual people on them, or listen to them, or be accountable to them.

You then have an echo chamber of committees, if the european railways cmmttee wants to know about railways in donbass, just talk to the donbass railway cmmttee, why would they talk to donbass residents who use the railways? Stupid idea.

You have US “intelligence” committees saying “our only sources of information inside north korea are satellites, regional experts and defectors” so your only sources that are worth 2 cents are satellites, and a lot of that soon becomes supposition because a simple photograph needs no interpretation, it shows what it shows, it contains precisely zero data about the significance of or interpretation of anything that it shows.

Was Kim Jong a blood crazed twat who decided on a whim to execute several senior military leaders, or was the western educated Kim Jong just executing those who plotted treason by dealing with foreign powers, and is it the cutting off of these serpents heads and the information (true or otherwise) that they funneled back the reason for the recent resurgence in the anti nork rhetoric.

I do know one thing for a fact, and it may seem to be entirely unrelated to all of the above, but it isn’t.

I grew up in the discrete transistor and thermionic valve age, we had things like lathes for making one off’s and things like copy lathes for making many off, so I saw and lived through the introduction of the computer and digital ages.

The fact that I will give you is this, not myself, or anyone I knew, could have predicted that the outcome would be that we have ever more disinformation and ever less fact as time went on, in fact, this was the exact opposite outcome of everything we thought back then.

And so the seeds of bloody revolution and conflict are sown, and the committees of the world are aware of it, and seek to suppress and control and steer it.

It does not matter who you are or where in the world you are, true individuality and intellect are the enemy of the state, better to be a failed tenth rate jihadi, at least you will have *some* camaraderie and peers.

Burn baby burn.



April 17, 2017


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Trump appears to have now gone full retard, The Pentagon has been let off the leash and granted semi autonomy, about the only thing missing now is to send Angelina Jolie on a peace keeping mission to the Norks…

Meanwhile back here at home I am feeling more than somewhat conflicted and lethargic, I’ve had these periods before so I’m not worried about it, it’s just one of those can’t be fucked to give a fuck phases that cuts a little too deep and stops you doing the things you should be doing as well as the things you shouldn’t be doing..lol

A commenter in a previous post asks if I am seeing a rise in “scum” people, and a simple yes or no answer will do, he got an emphatic YES, and that in itself is symptomatic of things nowadays, there is no need or desire to go into reams of discussion regarding the minutiae of what does or does not constitute scumminess, environmental factors, and so on…

Meanwhile back in Nork land go pro action figure Mike Pence turns up for his photoshoot like a lost child on his first day in kindergarten, with his name sewn on to the front of his jacket in case he forgets who he is or gets lost on the way home to mommy MIC.

To his left are a politically correct black and white minstrel show, between them they look like they could just about muster enough brain power to tie their own boot laces, and to his right the re-animated and long presumed missing and dead Burt Kwouk / Kato, choosing his moment to loose an unexpected attack on Clouseau…

“Not now Kim Jong, you filthy yellow swine, can’t you see I’m on the telephone to the UN weapons Inspector?”

This was always my objection to the local amateur dramatic society, a bunch of fags and assholes putting on fourth rate productions of shit that is frankly old hat and well past its sell by date, but it’s now become the pinnacle of achievement for the MSM.

The MSM themselves are now not a million miles away from being one of Kim Jung’s PR flacks, not only does nobody have any idea what lies they are supposed to be telling this hour, they aren’t even sure what lies they are *not* supposed to be telling this hour, and trying to stick your tongue up your masters ass when he wants to sit down and get a blow job isn’t going to get you in his good books.

*THAT* is the big change I’ve seen since Trump got elected, and now it’s on like donkey kong, the MSM is running around like headless chickens, won’t someone please just tell them what lies to print, and stick with it, not change it every 15 minutes…

Shades of Sum Ting Wong and Wi Tu Lo, take another look at that fucking Mike Penis photo, if ever there was a guy prepared to sign off on a US$4 billion black ops / aid mission to Kekistan this is him… nothing at all to do with the yuuge light sweet crude reserves discovered off the coast of kekistan or the untapped uranium lying under the foothills of the Aligee mountain range…

You great unwashed, you lawyers, you judges, you local council employees, you politicians, you bankers, you media types, you all think you participate in and preside over some arcane secret club that nobody who is not both an insider and a believer can ever penetrate or understand, you utterly fail to grasp that to many of us we see the child whose face is covered in chocolate who denies eating it, the child holding the black marker who denies the scribbling on their brother, the child holding the scissors who denies giving the dog a haircut, and we just nod and say OK and turn our eyes to other things, because life is too short to pull out a blade and slit you from ear to ear for being a worthless lying cunt.

People who cannot swim attempting to demonstrate their mastery of all things by progressively destroying the ship we all float on.

You think you are a threat to me, or more powerful than me? You are, as long as the ship stays afloat, so all I have to do is nothing to contest your claims of being officers and crew, nod politely at the craptain should his gaze befall us, for we are not worthy to speak in his presence, much less be invited to dine at the craptain’s table, nor are we gravid and mercenary enough to take MBA management positions in the kitchens or keeping the shitters unblocked, content to carry out the “trash”, one sack of sealed empty HDPE perrier bottles is an island, and because it is *trash* none of you will want it until it is far far far too late.

In fifty years I have gone from a toddler in short pants and fuck all else into an adult that can no longer even begin to explain to the vast majority just how much basic “make and mend” knowledge that I have that they are not even aware of, much less the implications of same.

In SHTF post apocalyptic mad max worlds, which being brutally honest aren’t that different to any warzone from WW2 onwards, the last of the supercharged vee eight interceptors will make you a nice coffin and ensure your early death, the humble honda c90 will be the object of survival and desire, as well as the few tools and most importantly the skills required to maintain it.

The next level down is the humble pushbike, and it’s still a jetliner or spaceship compared to the Mk1 leg and foot, and even that here in this western utopia they either get maintained by one of the five local pushbike shops and fitters, or they go to landfill, because basically nobody can even maintain or fix a fucking pushbike.

I know of one of the last genuine honda c90’s bought new in this country, nobody knows how to maintain it or fix it, nor can they be bothered to take it to a dealer for service, so it’s dying, destined for the scrapyard in the sky, because while it runs nobody will sell it for anything less than 3x what it is worth, nor will they spend 0.05 times what it is worth and maintain the cunt, so it sits in a shed, dying slowly, because the 13 year old son wants it when he gets older, ignoring the facts that when he gets older he wouldn’t be seen dead on it, not cool enough, and in another 3 years or zero maintenance it will be that much closer to landfill status anyway.

I sit here and tell people it is in many ways vastly superior to my 1,700 cc hardly ableson, and at best they smile and thing the incredibly cool and delusional harley twat is just being polite, not that he would ever be seen dead on one in real life, completely missing the fact that the c90 is the one that stands the best chance of me not being seen dead, 90 miles from a gallon of any old gas and a steady 45/50 mph up hill and down dale from something light enough to push for 5 miles and quiet enough not to wake the neighbours at 3 am, but to them it is a piece of shit.

My 2002 harley twin cam is a big girl’s blouse, yeah, sure it is all kinds of fun and cool, but that shit only flies when everything is rosy in the garden, the humble honda c90 is a finely crafted utility / survival tool in an entirely different league.

Even fucking honda can’t sell c90’s any more, which is why they stopped selling them here years ago, “scooters” are no longer utilitarian reliable easy to fix cheap to run vehicles, in fact a lot of the 2017 models have as standard features that I could only dream of on my 2002 HD such as ABS and heated grips.

I suppose in a world where nobody is even capable or servicing their own pushbikes any longer, it’s no big deal to make scooters that are dealer only CANBUS controlled mobile computing devices, ain’t no fucker going to be running it in 20 years because not a one of them will be running in 20 years.

I know of one local-ish independent motorcycle mechanic, who like truck drivers and everyone else, is not “retiring”, he is just quitting the industry, fuck it, I’m outta here, the straw that broke the camel’s back for him was the diagnostic tablet computers plus adapter cables plus software updates for this years makes and models finally would have cost him more than this year’s rent on his workshop / premises. Game over man.

We literally have no way to go now but “moar” and forwards, and that is utterly dependent on effectively free fiat money and outsourced cheap disposable manufacturing in places one short missile hop away from NK.

We are flirting with the very thing I have warned about here time and time and time again, that the various levels of technology are like stall speed in an aircraft, get 0.0000001 mph below it and it transforms from an aircraft to a brick, there is no soft or gradual transition.

It’s all very well having the bread / milk / meat basket of the country around here with all the fields lying fallow in the belief that the “capacity” is there to reinstate that production, it’s another thing entirely to try and do it, especially when you are looking at 4/6/12 month lead times, and ain’t nobody gonna pull the trigger without guaranteed sales and guaranteed prices down the line, that’s assuming it only takes a signed contract to make it so, and not skilled workers and working equipment and infrastructure and so on…

… assuming you can go on fleabay and buy a herd of cattle for milk or meat, now is a bit late to be planning next winter’s feed and housing and so on for them, you can’t get a plane into the air one piece at at time, either the whole shebang goes v1, v2 rotate or nothing.. for values of nothing that include a smoking ruin at the end of the runway that just ate all your capital expenditure…

Never mind, here come the nice people from the guvvmint / MIC, and they are here to help….

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