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June 2, 2017

Career advice.

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I just wasted two hours of my morning with a young person who came to me asking for career advice, coincidentally with a post on ZH about the types of jobs that are disappearing fast, you know, chimney sweep, buggy whip maker, etc etc.

I wasted it because I took it seriously and tried to do it properly, and the fact is it soon became apparent that I was wasting my time, but I found it interesting, so I followed the rabbit down the hole.

I should start by saying that in my opinion it is a really hard question even if you know the person, but the answer both genuine and cop out will be some form of trade that you carry out with your hands that you can do alone, Kenneth Williams (ooh matron) of Carry On and other fame was a Draughtsman (pen and paper CAD) before he was drafted into the army and ended up in the entertainments corp and thus began his career, all accidental like, but, he had a trade to fall back on, which he said was something *his* father banged on about.

The thing people don’t get is I’d rather teach a trained draughtsman electronics (as an example, not that I myself know anything about electronics) than a random kid off the street, because the trained draughtsman has already demonstrated that they have the perseverance to stick with something until they master it.

People I know with young kids don’t even talk to me much any more, my last comment that I hoped their 11 year old daughter got real good real fast at blowjobs, because I couldn’t see any other way she’d earn a living, kinds set the cat amongst the pigeons.

I’ve had a couple of people with mid teen kids who see what I do for a living, and in shades of being 20 and unmarried and everyone trying to arrange dates for you, these folks are trying to arrange paid apprenticeships for their progeny, oh, so you mean little Fred who can’t keep a computer running without constantly loading it up with infections, little Fred who has never in living memory used the kettle / cooker / washing machine etc, little Fred whose last comment to me was that I drive a shit old car, *that* little Fred, the little Fred who has never expressed the *slightest* interest to me in what I do, you want me to give *him* a job, *and* pay him, *and* train him…. is that right?

Um, well, he needs something, it would be good for him, umm.

So back to this morning and the wasted youth.

I spent the first 30 minutes explaining what a trade was.. ooh I get it, you mean like a barista…. smacks head on table repeatedly… kid, how did you get so dumb.. not a barista, or a hairdresser, or a celebutard shopper, or a kardashian.

A trade is something that someone comes along and either makes from scratch or design, something that did not exist before, like a welder / fabricator or a turner, or someone who comes along and transforms something from one state into another one, but does so elegantly and with little waste, eg a butcher or a farmer.

oooh, you mean like Pete the mechanic, dad’s mate who fixes all his cars? No, I don’t mean like Pete, I’ve seen the state of your mum and dad’s cars when they leave Pete’s workshop, and frankly when they leave they are worse than they should be when going into a proper workshop run by a proper motor engineer, Pete is fucking useless…  cue teen angst and outrage.

So we go through all the basics, and yeah, I know all that shit about rose tinted glasses and all that, and I know all that shit about most of what we learn at school is shit and who needs to know the great fire of london was 1666 and william the conqueror was 1066, but the fact is, my little shit, you’d been IN the fucking scholastic system from the age of 5, plus you’ve been surrounded by the fucking internet most of your life, so you have a good nine years of learning behind you.

So then I discover, and I fucking shit you not, that questions like “what is 100 times 1?” make you pause, ( hell I started of at 400 times 25 pence, and that wasn’t a question, it was just an aside to an example I was giving about piece work rates and making a profit, and then I saw the vacant look on your face and got side tracked…) and I can see from your face you guess the answer, and all your answers have question marks behind them, you do not KNOW anything…. and school is obviously a place where you can keep guessing until you get the right answer, no penalties.

So my career advice is either practice saying “Do you want fries with that?” or go and join the army and become cannon fodder somewhere… god forbid you are probably not even too stupid to get into the police force.

Because you’re fucked, at 14 your life is already over, and don’t give me that new age shit about little Fred may wake up one day when he is 16 and find something he really likes and start making a go of things and by the time he is 25 he will be a millionaire… that DOES NOT HAPPEN to people who are *totally* uneducated across the board, *despite* being surrounded by the internet, there is a whole world of fucking knowledge and interesting things out there and he doesn’t give a fuck about anything except the latest and greatest phone, and PlayStation 4…..  and maybe Ferrari’s…

And that’s another fucking thing, he is a mad keen Ferrari fan who knows everything about them, show him this pic and meh, some old prat in some old car, is it a mini> Well no kid it’s a cooper, and the old prat is one Enzo Ferrari..  what, so he has the same name as the cars??  Smacks head on table repeatedly again.

But, all this aside, it is true that lots of jobs are going to go the way of the buggy whip maker, I completely fail to see how high street shops that basically sell nothing but greetings cards and wrapping paper and ribbons have any future at all, ditto the £3 for some dreck in a cardboard cup coffee chain shops, in fact unless you are totally blind and deaf the entire retail chain from the factory to your door is undergoing massive change, and you can’t even look at any one sector (for example parcel courier) and not see still more massive change going on, retail is being attacked from all sides and it’s impossible to know where it will go, but it is easy to see that massive changes are looming.

I actually think a young person taking an apprentice ship today with one of the very few remaining true motor engineers / independent garages might not be such a bad thing once all the free credit / personal leasing / inventory stuffing has gone away, it’s certainly a better move than a main brand dealership doing sales or finance or servicing while on the lease…

I think electronics would be a good one too, because you *can* still do most things, after a fashion, with discrete electronic components, and so you’ll still learn what goes on inside an IC and understand it, electronics was the one career that always called to me, but never quite loud enough, when I left school I interviewed for a place at Harwell AERE learning electronics, the siren call of Castrol R40 and BSA pre unit engines was stronger, but I often wonder….

I think programming is a bad one, even if you specialise in a field with a future like CNC or machine vision, because it is likely to be one of those fields where you are either world class, or a worker drone soon to be replaced by a library…

Perversely, despite the total crap that is the hobby market, I think 3d printing / additive machining has a future too, but as part of the hackerspace thing where you rebuild and repurpose stuff rather than just scrapping it, I thing we are due a resurgence of things being used for purposes for which they were never intended at all, eg making a product such as a electricity generating windmill using off the shelf efficient parts from a washing machine etc, rather than trying to do a Dyson and roll your own from scratch just so it is all proprietary IP… this was big in the 70’s in manufacturing.

Beyond that I’d hate to say.

What I do know is, don’t even *think* you are ready for anything unless your basic English language and mathematics skills are up to scratch (basic trig and algebra included) and you need some sort of skill in logic and deduction and working through problems, and I’d also say that if the point of learning is the wage payoff at the end of it, you’re hosed, you need to enjoy the actual things you are learning.

It is true to say that 99.999% of kids leaving school are totally hosed for life, but if survival is the name of the game you don’t have to beat people like me, you only have to be able to beat people like them, and knowing your times tables by heart will do that, so there is some hope for you, you may get past the first tiny hurdle and have at least a shot at learning enough to pass the second one.

Back to the sound guy and camera guy in the bush when they realise they are on the menu for the lions, sound guy takes off boots and puts on running shoes, camera guys says you can’t outrun a lion, sound guy says I’m not going to, going to outrun you…

… sound guy at least gets a second opportunity at life.

June 1, 2017

Relative vision

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Things look different, depending on how you look at them and what facts are pertinent, and are excluded or included…

“Cash for clunkers” scrapping old cars can be seen in one way if you promote it as getting dangerous and dirty old cars off the road, though how that works here in the UK with an annual MOT Test that will itself exclude dangerous and dirty cars from the roads is another question, and the whole thing gets seen in an entirely different light if you put it alongside a government propping up a failing motor industry and a financial industry financing all of this with dodgy loans and personal leases that are then rehypothecated and sold as securities to pension and investment companies.

So, this is a cropped screenshot from today’s online version of the Daily Fail, and I am quite sure that it is not just me that immediately saw the connection, especially as the low low low interest rates are only fixed for two fucking years.

People, especially people who have played the property market for the last 30 years and become exceedingly wealthy on paper, get extremely angry with me when I talk about exposure.

Your exposure is limited if you are 100% mortgage free and own 100% of the equity and both own and POSSESS the deeds to the property and the freehold land it sits on, you still have some chinks in the armour, but things could be a lot worse.

Now that we have dealt with those 6 people (sic) let’s talk about everyone else, and everyone else falls into one of two categories, and the split is defined by law, which of course is itself subject to change, and that is the point at which your own equity share of the whole is sufficient that whoever owns the rest, they cannot force foreclosure and sale to settle their share of the equity… there is lots of “you have to own a third” or “you have to own / have paid off half” stuff going on out there, and of course there is a difference between a clause existing in theory, and that same clause existing in black and white in your own mortgage agreement… I don’t have a mortgage of my own to look at, and nobody that I talk to can actually whip out a legally binding document to examine, and everyone that I know who has “re-mortgaged” because of some “advantageous” offer from the loan company kinda assumed that most of the small print will be the same as the previous agreement, but again, nobody who I talk to can actually whip out a legally binding document to examine.

Then there is the third class, which is those who are blissfully unaware that a debt can be sold or transferred, and the person who owes the money has no say in that, and that the new owner has no legal force of any kind compelling them to adhere to the same terms as the previous lender, and in any event, it is the one who is owed the money that makes the rules.

Oh, yes, but those are edge case scenarios, they all say, well, no, that’s mainstream actually, *most* mortgages are immediately rehypothecated / sold off to another sister (but legally separate) company as securities that are sold to pension and investment firms.

So the truth is that basically none of those people who call themselves “homeowners” actually legally own a house, or anything else, other than a debt obligation, which can itself be re-sold.

Again, for foreign readers, the UK is not the US, in the UK you *cannot* just give the lender the keys and walk away from the “asset” and the associated debt at the same time, you can *only* discharge the debt by paying it off, and the “paying it off” is the bastard, because it can be sold and re sold, and there is nothing at all forcing subsequent owners of your debt to stick to the same terms as you signed up for in the beginning.

“Yes Mr Smith, we are quite aware of the fact that you had a repayment £175,000 mortgage with Max Friends Life Inc for a 20 year term at a 2.2% APR, however that mortgage is now owned by Max Life Friends Inc, and we are increasing the interest rate from 2.2 APR to 9.6% APR, you are of course free to either pay off your remaining mortgage in full in cash now (with a suitable penalty) or find another company who will take over the mortgage from us, we will be quite happy to sell your debt to Friends Life Max Inc for a £10,000 arrangement fee, and they will charge you 10.8% APR.

Welcome to the reality of being a debtor.

In UK Law, as it stands today, which can be changed, you can be legally evicted from your “home”, but you’ll still owe the money.

In Uk Law, as it stands today, you can’t actually be imprisoned for not paying this debt (provided nothing illegal went on, such as you getting a liar loan, or an ordinary mortgage for a property you subsequently let out, etc etc) and the lender can take you to Court and get CCJ’s against you, Bankruptcy is the nuclear option that nobody wants, you’re free of the debt but you can never borrow anything again ever from anyone, it’s like being made a non citizen in today’s society where even a mobile phone contract involves a credit check.

CCJ’s are the legal equivalent or being tarred and feathered, you still owe the money and you have a bad name legally, and depending on the CCJ in question… currently in the UK..

  • credit debts, such as credit cards, bank loans and hire purchase agreements
  • student loans
  • rent or mortgage arrears
  • income tax or VAT arrears.

are all types of debts that can have special CCJ’s with powers to deduct from your earnings at source, so when you go and live in a tent they can still take your money at source.

Nor are people aware that “my mortgage is always paid up to date by standing order, I have never been in arrears, it’s just the bloody 10k credit card debt I’m having problems with…” isn’t any kind of safety net, the credit card company can force your mortgaged house to be repo’d and put on sale to settle the debt.

Or the mortgage company can use the credit card debt as an excuse to increase your mortgage rate, you *did* read all that small print about you not owing anyone else any significant sums of money while you hold the mortgage didn’t you?? didn’t you? Oh well…


In short, you can argue that house price inflation is the least of the changes in the debt market in the past 30 years, the biggest changes by far are the changes to all the Terms and Conditions applied to these debts, and the attitude of the general populace to the changes that have taken place.

So, when you see two articles as above that just happen to be placed next to each other, when you are like me and see the obvious connections of even “cheaper” (when talking about debt, cheap means easy to get in to, it’s got fuck all to do with how easy it is to service long term or get out of) debt being used to prop up a shaky housing bubble for as long as possible, you see it as a sign, that finally the bubble may be about to implode and a whole load of chickens may be coming home to roost.

My own brother could be living mortgage free in a 500 year old house with 5 acres of land, instead he is living mortgaged up in a thoroughly modernised 500 year old house with 5 acres of land worth well in excess of a million.

The problem is, you can’t make an egg out of an omelette, and he can’t go back to debt free in a 500 year old house on 5 acres, through the miracle of debt, (and a few shoddy expensive modernisation builders) *that* property ceased to exist when he started in on the renovations.

He isn’t worried, *they* have assets equal or greater to the mortgage, “assets” like pensions and so on, you know, things that can be wiped out in toto overnight because the pension / investment fund that holds the million plus in their favour, “invested” it in rehypothecated loans, and now they are junk.. so what will happen then? Will his half million mortgage on what was a million plus property vanish? will it fuck.

The only things that will vanish are the market value of the house and the golden pension pot that made the mortgage seem like no risk at all…

Now, I can rail and rave about what a twat my brother is and how much I hate him and am jealous of him and how stupid he is, none of those things are true, blood is thicker than water, when my own FRA hit the fan he turned up with one of his sons to help me pack and move, and he has never once asked me “did you do it”, and it is entirely my own privilege to not forgive him for stealing my toy duck when I was four, even if he didn’t actually steal it.

He’s actually well educated and worked most of his life in the city as it were, and he is not unaware of any of the above, it’s more of a fuck it, if it does it does, in the meantime, why not ride the tiger?

I was actually thinking yesterday that a big part of his problem is that *I* was the financially irresponsible youth, spending everything I could get my hands on on motorcycles and booze and drugs and parties, while he was the sensible one who just went to work and started getting mortgages and never got in trouble with the po-po.

He never had a debt he couldn’t service, he never learned… I did, and will never forget or forgive, once bitten, forever shy…

He’s also basically spent his entire life as an employee earning a monthly salary plus bonuses and junkets, I think I’ve spent maybe 5 years of my life in that particular comfort zone, and comfort zone it is, finances are *easy* when you get a fixed sum every month and as soon as you get it the clock starts counting down to the next one….  finances are *harder* when in addition to next months rent and bill and day to day expenses you plan for stuff like regular major vehicle maintenance and so on, and some of those items are “as soon as I get the spare money” rather than things that just get booked in the diary.

I’ve travelled a lot, and well, and stayed in those places for weeks rather than the usual 12 days with a day either side flying there and back, but I’ve never been in the situation where I could sit down now and book next year’s holiday, I have no fucking idea if I’ll have the money in July 2018 to go somewhere and have a good time and spending money.. that shit scares me as much as signing up for a personal vehicle lease.

So it matters, a lot, what you look at, how you look at it, and what is sat next to it when you do, so much so that it utterly transforms the thing that initially you thought you were going to look at.

There was *one* interesting comment in the daily fail, a 44 year old man still saving up to buy his first home, because he missed the tail end of the old house price scheme before the bubble started.

It’s interesting because most of the hype in the MSM is about the plight of “first time buyers” and the difficulties they face on the “housing ladder”.. yes, a ladder, something you climb to greater heights, double plus good stuff, and the inference is that these are all “younger” people, you know, the people for whom this is the first time the fair has come to town, not those who have seen it all before and know all the stalls are rigged…

As someone who us currently seeking to rent / lease commercial property, I’m again in contact with those who work in real estate, and I have to tell you, they are fucking scared and fucking desperate, there is pretty much an even split between those who simply are not interested in talking to me because I won’t even consider signing a lease at £25k p.a. that I can’t pay, and those that would love to rent me something, but don’t have anything on the books that meets my requirements…

So it’s that a lot of the places that in the broadest terms might be suitable (size and location etc) and are vacant, when I go to look at them I see a notice like this on the door, the old tenant has been evicted for not keeping up with the lease… so now those landlords and agents are a bit leery too… there is a lot of distrust between all parties, and that’s one of the most effective restrictions on business and the economy going.

Of course I relate all this to my home owning friends, who dismiss everything I have to say because I am some sort of freaky archaic loser who does not own an 800 square foot “house” worth a quarter of a million, so I hit them with my “head assplodez” comment… this is fucking commercial property dude, you know, fucking BUSINESS property, you know, those places that have EMPLOYEES, people who go home to mortgaged houses that they “own” that might want to climb the property ladder up to something as awe inspiring as your very own rabbit hutch with enough land out front to swing a very small cat, maybe…

Maybe we can then revisit all those parties that you never invited me to where all the guests congratulated each other on how their houses had “earned” more than they had so far this year.

There was another post in the daily fail about an english couple around my age finally found living in a 20 foot container in Mallorca, seems they have been wanted since 2009, when, facing financial difficulties, they “rented” their under age kids to a paedo.

Imagine “market forces” coming to that town, where the paedo says listen folks, the guys in #7 have prettier kids, and the guys in #22 have  twins, and the guys in #56 have a couple of toddlers I can put on lay away (sic) so it’s not that I’m not interested in renting little Johnny for the weekend, but three tins of beans and a roll of toilet paper is just too fuckin’ much man…

… because let’s face it, what else do you have to trade for “income” when your McHouse is finally seen as the liability it is and not the fucking Disney princess asset you have all been seeing it as these past 20?


May 30, 2017

A fading empire.

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A steering box going on a truck will put that truck off the road until it is fixed…. lots of things will contribute to the steering box failing, but you can wrap 99% of them up by looking at mileage driven, types of roads driven, loads carried, and maintenance and inspection schedules.

Bear in mind the recent British Airways debacle here, just the latest in a series of high profile IT failures that are so common they are now the new normal.

Go back in time and it was understood that by the time you’d bought your fifth truck, you’d be splashing out on a workshop for them, and a guy to sit in it, and any truck that wasn’t actually out on the road would be in the shop getting maintenance.

Years ago I worked for a small family owned and run (vehicle) recovery firm that worked like this, there was no hilarity because the recovery firm’s own vehicles never broke down, nor did any of the systems on those vehicles, ever, not once, never.

Some time later that firm was bought out by a bigger firm, who then became the default operator for 80 miles of UK motorway and immediate environs, nine months later, after the big circuit board under the passenger side dash failed for the third time (reach your leg over and kick it while doing 60 down a narrow road at night) taking the entire lighting system with it, I phoned them up from 130 miles from base (I was returning and dusk was setting in, so I turn the lights on and they play up, so I pull in at the next services) and told them, “Your truck is sitting in Michael Wood services with the keys under the driver seat, I’m off to the services slip road with a tacho disk on my finger, thumbing a lift home, by the way, stick your job up your ass.

Nine months later that company killed someone, to this day I do not know the exact details of how and why and everything else, but it did not surprise me.

You see, when they bought out the old company one of the things they got rid of was Neil in the workshop, so nothing got routine preventative maintenance any more, it was a waste of money innit.

I can’t post it without redacting it to the point of uselessness, but last night I was working on a spreadsheet I knocked up, it has various things, cost of capital equipment, cost of workshop premises, cost of light and heat and phones, cost of this that and the other, and of course income calculated (automagically by the spreadsheet) six ways so total cash income / total machine hours worked / total machine hours worked as a percentage of total available machine hours, and of course capital, cash flow, and “burn rate” being the cost to keep the lights on with no work or customers.

I like things like that because I can play with various input factors and see how it affects output, one of the telling boxes tells you how many weeks you can operate until you are broke, I call this “time to die” if you are making a profit this turns into a negative number, what is interesting is how easy, and what changes, are required to cycle between a time to die of 3 weeks and a time to die of 40 weeks, assuming you are only working at 10% capacity.

It’s basically the proportion between your burn rate and your capitalisation, if you’re losing 10 quid a week and have 1000 in the bank you can carry on for two years trying to make the business work, if you’re losing 500 quid a week you have two weeks to live, which isn’t even enough time to plan the funeral (of the business)…

If the numbers aren’t where you want them to be, then you have to make changes, but the fact is, unless you’re living very fat and the first things to come out of the company are the manager’s e-class lease and the manager’s wages of 30k p.a. you may not have a lot of fat to cut, you may be cutting into the very meat of what makes the company long term viable.

What do you do then? Well, your company is fucked, so you down size or fold or don’t expand or whatever the spreadsheet tells you.

In my case the spreadsheet tells me that however much I want and need to invest in new and larger premises sooner rather than later, doing so could kill the business in just a few months, whereas waiting a bit brings the other set of problems of too much to do all at once, but at least I’m not going out on a limb financially.

“Going out on a limb” (as in the limb or branch of a tree) is a nice english expression, very expressive, very descriptive.

It makes you ask a fundamental question, is *any* part of this business about “playing the odds” type gambling?

In my case the answer is the core business is basically some variety of light engineering / manufacturing, so the answer is no, no core part of the business is about gambling, and unless you’re into prospecting for precious metals or something similar, it won’t be part of yours either….


…WHY THE FUCK do many businesses routinely gamble, because make no mistake, the BA outage is 100% down to a gamble that did not pay off, cut IT spending…. makes the spreadsheet look healthier…

Yes, it may well be the case that you can’t do everything right and not cease trading, so cease trading, or maybe explore if you are missing a trick or two, what you fucking do not do is just carry on regardless and hope for the best, maybe a unicorn shitting rainbows will appear on 17th June and transform the contents of Cell S43 from a negative integer to a positive one…

WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT of a CEO if they cannot get this one hard question right, what possible other use is there for them?

Arguably in 2017 any airline is no more than an IT company that happens to fly a few aircraft around, so the IT has to be flawless, as does the aircraft maintenance and operations, and if at the end of the day the market is such that you can’t make money, you should close up shop.

Back in the day of the BMC mini,  Ford could not work out how British Leyland were doing it, so they went out and bought a few minis and took them apart, and came to the conclusion that their initial analysis was correct, BL were selling mini’s at a loss.

Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s this was seen as the insanity that it was, abetted by the added insanity of a government propping up a failed car maker rather than face the mass redundancies of a closed car maker.

But the fact is BL didn’t have to die, it just had to stop making shit that sold at below cost, even if all that was left was a company that made steering wheels and seats for Ford, it would have been better than what happened, because sooner or later the music fucking stops.

Anyone here remember Pan-Am?

BA *can* go bust and cease trading and be no more, I used to fly on it when it was BOAC, so the history is there, at any time someone could have seen the writing on the wall, seen that the future was that all aviation companies would really just be IT companies that happened to fly the odd plane, and become the best aviation IT company in the world, the one that powered the back end of every other aviation company, even if they stopped flying planes themselves…

IBM basically do a turnkey banking mainframe, complete with software,  sure, you need a licence to operate as a bank, and you need customers and their money, but products like that are one of the reasons IBM is still trading today.

Microsoft is basically an office software suite company, that just happens to make a few operating systems to run the office software.

Apple computer is basically a specialised phone hardware handset company.

Amazon is a prime example of what BA or Pan-Am or any of the others could have been, an IT company that happens to sell shit.

Fed-Ex and UPS got global because they are basically IT companies that happen to move shit, quite aside from the fact that they also just happen to be one of the larger aircraft operators, fleet size wise.

In the US you have Swift trucking, they are only eating everyone else’s lunch because everyone else in US trucking is on a par with British Leyland in the 70’s, they are still a complete shower of shit waiting for a chapter 11 near you.

I genuinely don’t know about today in 2017, but as recently as 2010 when I was working in IT self employed I’d tell people quite truthfully that both my business, and EVERY SINGLE business website that I developed for a customer, were all INDIVIDUALLY more profitable than Amazon, and it was quite true, a 500 quid small business website that paid for itself within a year with increased sales is more profitable than every business that makes a loss.

And Amazon’s losses were not clever tax dodging accountancy tricks, they made an operating loss year on year on year, and yet they kept growing and people kept investing and buying shares.

Apple is cash rich, but it has sweet fuck all else going for it, so the only thing Apple *could* do is open the only bank trading today that isn’t insolvent and doesn’t use fractional reserve banking, they could buy several of IBM’s mainframes and banking software suites… but they won’t… they have a fag at the helm who is obsessed with being cool and PC spot on.

I get it, I really do… when you run things through a spreadsheet and do proper math you get unpleasant answers most of the time..

But the analogy is the doctor who tells you that you have cancer in the testicles did not give you that cancer, he isn’t changing the reality one iota, he is just informing you of fact.

Nowadays the only doctor we want to see says “Whoa boy, you have one YUUGE BIGLY set of balls there my friend, and they are getting even bigger every day…!” in a tone tinged with envy and appreciation, but not in a faggy way of course…lol

Back in the recovery yard back in the day, it was the business that made money, or didn’t, and part of the reason it did was the wagons were always ready to roll and never broke down.

Neil in the workshop wasn’t a profit centre, and you couldn’t make him one, it’s not possible, you have to be a total asshole to think it is even possible without changing who Neil is and what he did.

But Neil wasn’t treated like a separate subsidiary of the business, he was in integral part of the business.

Neil had a few sidelines going, lots of the stuff we recovered wasn’t going anywhere except the scrapyard, and by the time it went there the fuel tank had been drained and any wheels or trim that was in primo condition was also “missing in action”, nobody outside the company knew, nobody got screwed, it was all slightly grey but it’s the way things always were done, and if it meant Neil was so loyal to the company that turned a blind eye to all the goings on that didn’t affect the business, well, Neil would sometime put in a 14 hour day fixing a wagon *properly* instead of patching it up in 4 hours, roundabouts and swings.

Paul, the owner, always said to me (and the other drivers) there is an equipped workshop there, help yourself to it and Neil and filters and oil and anything else you want, but if one of my trucks comes in, your car gets pushed outside, done or not…

So the staff worked together, the owner is asleep in bed, one of the spec lift boys would get a call and go visit the incident and decide what needed doing “head gasket” was a popular diagnosis for people that wanted a recovery more than needed one, or more than needed to wait around for a repair the next day, and depending on the length of the run they knew who to call, long distance was me, so they’re sat with the motorist and they give me a call at 2 am saying they have a vehicle to go 380 miles to Newcastle, 20 minutes later I was leaving the depot with a fully fuelled and prepped wagon, maybe an hour or an hour and a quarter after the motorists first cal they were loaded and heading home at 80 mph (motorway recovery wagons are exempt vehicles..lol) and they might even get there at around the same time they would have if they had not broken down.

We got tips ALL the bloody time, from a £20 note to a bottle of booze.

The other company took over and the tips stopped overnight, I’d turn up at the motorist (no spec lift vehicle had gone out to see them) and the first thing I’d hear is where the fuck have you been, I called this breakdown in 3 and a half hours ago and every fifteen minutes since… I’d just show them my job sheet showing I did not know they existed 30 minutes ago, and say “Now, you wanna start again, because if you don’t I’m going back to the depot and then to bed, I’m not paid to take your shit”

Not long after the lighting board incident happened for the third time and I quit.

That company has long since ceased trading as a major / police motorway breakdown / recovery service, they are back to being a local garage and repair shop…. which they were when Paul started and built up the business that they bought out and drove into the ground with piss poor management and penny pinching.

Before I’d quit they’d phone me up and say “Hey, the GPS tracking says you are doing 85 mph!!” I say yeah, I’m paid per mile, the faster I go the more I earn, besides, the vehicle is exempt, the po-po all know it and me (we are the ones they call when there is a pile up or their own vehicles die) and anyway the sooner I get back the sooner you have a vehicle back on the available roster…

incoherent sputtering from the other end of the phone, but you’re only supposed to go 60….

bitch I’ve been doing this job longer than you.

I was the last but one of the workers brought over with the wagons and everything else when they bought us out to quit, and I put that 100% down to refusing to do anything but long distance, the other guys got all the shit, and quit.

Neil lasted two whole days.

He was smarter than the rest of us, but not as smart as Paul, who saw the writing on the wall and cashed out and walked away.

He probably did not use a spreadsheet, it was probably pen and paper, but the sums would have been the same.

My business may or may not grow / expand / survive etc, but some things I do know.

  • It’ll never go titsup leaving creditors / suppliers / employees owed money.
  • It’ll never have to use the money from Peter’s job to pay for the materials for Paul’s job.
  • It’ll never break a promise to a customer or not be able to offer them an apology and a 100% refund on the nail no waiting.
  • It’ll never offer “terms” or any other kind of loans to customers in exchange for work.
  • It’ll never borrow or lease money to buy capital equipment.
  • It’ll never be so tight for money I can’t turn down work just because I don’t fancy the job or the customer.
  • It’ll never take me out if I decide to close the doors and move on to something else.
  • It’ll never turn me into a worthless cunt like 99.9% of managers and CEO’s and all the rest out there today.
  • It’ll never be something you can point to and use as an example of why the empire is fading into oblivion, though I’m quite happy to be seen as feeding on the rotting carcass of same…
  • It’ll never be something that goes against the basic math of a spreadsheet when it comes to management and financial planning.

May 27, 2017

Facial Wreck Cognition

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You know there have been a lot of “kooky” pseudo religions and cults that talk about thetans and lizard people and alien spirits residing in our bodies / brains, wouldn’t it be funny if science eventually discovers that there is a parasite or an equally effective biochemical toxin at work.

I mean, look at Nancy Pelosi, you can look at Josef Fritzl and even if you didn’t know the history you’d be able to tell he was fucked in the head, so why don’t we ever allow the same yardstick to people.

The current squeeze is in many ways a student of mine, and my teaching methods do not involve brainwashing or indoctrination, they involve discussion, look at that, what do you see, what do you think that means. Look at their actions, look at what they say, reconcile the two, what do you think that means.

She’s gone from not seeing it, to seeing it fucking everywhere, the lights are on but nobody is at home, and if they are, they only give a fuck about themselves, and it is all plainly written on the face for all to see who wish to look.

In my youth I’ve been to parties where I’ve dropped a blotter or two of acid and a couple of quarters of speed wrapped in a rizla and I may or may not be sipping some booze or toking on some grass, and I’ve still been the straightest one there just about.

And yet there was less actual human personality and intellect present in places like the secret family courts and solicitors and child guardians and CAFCASS and police and all the rest of them than there was at those parties, where everyone present had gone to extreme ongoing measures of self medication to eradicate anything even approaching the “straight” experience.

I dunno, maybe it is BECAUSE I went to those parties that I can see and recognise a human brain that is all fucked up and not working right at a 100 yards, as for the current squeeze, she is getting there, and her comment about it, well, she hates it, she lived in blissful ignorance before and it was lovely, would she go back, no fucking way.

She’s just in mourning for innocence lost.

I travelled a lot, it all started at six weeks old, when I went literally half way around the world, not that I had any say or part in financing it, but the fact is I did travel, and because I was so young, the profound culture shock in going from late 50’s very early 60’s England to foreign parts wasn’t a culture shock, I did not know any different.

But being thrust into countries where at least 5 major languages were spoken and being born English with the closest thing to the universal language as my native tongue, you either became an expert polyglot by the age of five or you became an expert at reading body language and faces, having no linguistic talent or interest I took the latter path.

The other thing that set me apart from my contemporaries back home was the shit I saw, fifties and sixties England was an idyll of innocence and peace, and by that I do not mean that bad shit did not happen, Myra Hindley for example was plying her trade in that era, but by and large most kids were not exposed to any of the seedy side of life.

I, on the other hand, saw it all, at seven years of age returning to rural Devon for a few months I marvelled at all the greenery (I don’t mean Malaysia was not green because it was, it was a different green, england had fields, and comparatively few flowering plants) and the weather and so on, and all the buildings and shops were enclosed… and where the hell were all the opium dens and bars full of good time girls and why wasn’t anybody armed?

At ten I was in central africa and it was different but also more of the same, you know, there are things you just cannot explain to people, the concept of putting an AK47 into the hands of a 12 year old soldier, you’ve either seen it first hand for what it is or you haven’t, if you haven’t, you’ll see the 12 year old soldier and think 12 year old boy who should be at school, if you have you’ll think completely fucked little 12 year old cunt who will kill you as soon as look at you.

In the UK the age split between junior and senior school is around 11 years old, so in the UK if you’re unlucky you go to the “big school” at 11 and see this nasty kid in the next year up who is 12 who has a reputation for carrying a knife and hitting people and stealing their dinner money… I met kids a year older than me who had, up close and real personal blood spattered like, killed a dozen or more unarmed and helpless victims, and participated in a few shootouts, and seen more dead and injured than they could remember.

Coming back to the UK was a real fucking culture shock, 40 years later the culture shock is still there, how the fuck can you behave like that you asswipe? While I sit there fairly still and complacent, I’m waiting for the thing that doesn’t happen, the knife or gun to come out and someone to die.

We *are* importing people like that from Libya etc, I do understand them, at least, I understand what they are capable of, nobody here does, least of all the politicians and state security forces.

I have never been to the USA, but I watch a lot of shit, I used to laugh at the whole gun culture thing, and the hullaballoo surrounding it on both sides, where I grew up a gun was cheaper than a car, and it was used, not new, and it had been used to kill, no doubt about that at all, and it was probably *mainly* purchased because ammunition in that calibre was cheap enough and readily available enough.

If you couldn’t afford a gun, no problem, a parang will do. Most killings even with a firearm are done up close and personal.

I look at all the youtube vids people losing their shit in public etc, trust me, you have no gun or knife culture, not the way it is made out to be, because they are just tools, and tools are used.

Detroit has a population of 680,000 and had some 320 murders last year, and I can watch youtube vids of people in detroit and let me tell you, there would have been between 30,000 and 300,000 murders in one year if anyone had acted like that where I grew up around the world.

It was a big problem and a big culture shock for me, on the one hand you have this person who is acting in a manner sufficient to justify an instant lethal response / fight, on the other hand, here they are attracting as much attention as fucking possible, which is the exact opposite of what you want in an instant lethal response / fight.

I grew up with parangs and kukris (still have an original short ghurka ww2 one given as a gift by a friend of my father, because a 7 year old boy can’t become a man without his own knife) and that is a large part of why despite growing up in the culture I never took the slightest interest in martial arts (it’s really not prevalent at all in the far east in reality) because a kukri or a parang will end your day with one blow, bone and flesh parted with ease.

I’m on my second Buck 100FG in my life, I still have both, and it’s a pocket knife, good for cutting small stuff up, it’s not a weapon, it’s a joke for a weapon, it’s good steel and almost sharp enough to shave with and the locking mechanism is as solid as a rock, but a one sided 4.5″ blade just doesn’t have any weight, I’m not saying I couldn’t kill with it, but going up against someone with a parang or kukri I’ll die, end of.

And this is another one of those things I see on 99.99% of the faces around me, they haven’t got a fucking clue.

22 people killed in manchester by one suicide bomber?

At 650,000 born per year that’s 1,781 per day or 72 an hour or 1.236 per minute, so it takes 18 minutes to replace the 22 lost.

Put in another way there are 65 million people in the uk, divided by 22 that’s a shade under 3 million, so at that rate it will take a shade under 3 million suicide bombers to depopulate the UK if we sit around and do nothing and the survivors keep congregating.

Put it another way, of those 22 who died, how many of them weren’t already brain dead for life? Given they were attending a pop concert by some talentless skank that I have never heard of before, probably zero.

ISIS and the rapefugees, when seen from this perspective, aren’t a problem, they are simply culling the herd, a job we should have been doing for the past sixty years ourselves…. if anything they are doing a piss poor job at culling the herd.

They’d be far more effective becoming bus drivers and then committing suicide by driving off cliffs with passengers on board.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I think that the people who served and lived through WW1 and WW2 in Europe fucked up, they saw all that shit first hand, and as soon as the war was over instead of trying to get back to how things were before, they tried to make everything safe, and so they raised a generation of war babies (my parents were born in the 20’s) who were mollycoddled from birth, and then they tried to make things even “safer” for their kids, and now we have microagressions and white privilege and all the other shit from the 3rd or 4th generation raised in cotton wool and rubberised round corners on everything and the rest will be history.

Because they really are an exceptional group of people, quite the exception to the rule and the norm for the human race as a whole.

Readers with a keen eye and sharp mind will also have realised that basically I did not grow up in either a white or a christian country, and while there were many religions out in these places, Islam was one of the biggest and most common.

The Muslim’s I grew up in the midst of are not the same people as the Muslims living in europe today, in the exact same way that the blacks or the chinese I grew up in the midst of in asia and africa are not the same people as the chinese and blacks living in europe today.

I currently live in a university town with a significant population of foreign students from china, I’ll bet both my testicles and a blunt rusty knife that you can select one of these chinese from china students and ask them if they feel any kinship with the chinese living here, and the answer will be no, these are not chinese, these are foreigners with chinese grandparents.

I don’t see that vacant look in the faces of the rapefugees, I don’t see any great intellect either mind you, they are all hunted ferals prone to lizard brain action and reaction, but any one of them is worth 20 of us in a street fight…

Sadly for us we also have a local marine commando training barracks here, and the faces of the young recruits of today are just as devoid of intellect or character or will, which is probably why a significant proportion of them develop PTSD shortly after being deployed… being exposed to the radically different cultures and attitudes will do that to you, if you are not prepared to question your own standards in response to the challenge.


80 bucks, never needs reloading, silent, heavy enough to do the job in one blow, of course like all tools you need to learn how to use it, and how to maintain it, but it won’t break or let you down if you do.

I’ve twice in my life seen crazy / hungry / angry big cats attack a guy carrying a good parang, both guys got hurt and limped away and healed, both big cats died, one very quick, one got 75 yards away before bleeding out, the one that died quick took one parang blow, the one that got 75 yards away and bled out took two blows.

Even today against a mob a dozen roman soldiers with shield and gladius would start a stampede away after literally butchering the first 30 or so to get too close…. sure, one modern soldier 300 yards away with a long gun could take them all out before they get to him in an open field, but violence almost never happens like that in the real world, set piece battles with nobody present but combatants are ancient history.

I see this everywhere in western culture, one one extreme you have the UK where only a criminal can own a gun (effectively) and on the other hand you have the USA where ownership and open carry is legal in many places (provided you never been divorced) and all the arguments on both sides, but the facts are that 99.99% of all crimes are done up close and personal, you don’t mug or rape or carjack or burgle at 300 yards, you do it at 1 yard, and whichever side of the equation you are on, a parang is as useful a tool for the criminal as it is for the intended victim.

One of the fundamental ways to do a blind sort of white men vs everyone else is to put them in the proximity of a pissed off bear, give them a gun and they’ll probably face the bear, give them a parang and they’ll probably run away… don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have a 45-70 in my hands than a parang in that situation, but if I could back away I would, and I’d *much* rather have a parang than fuck all.

I can make it a fight, not a slaughter.

In England today we basically don’t have any wild animals, about the worst that happens is people get attacked by seagulls, we’ve pacified the land for so long that we have become inured to threats, in real terms even roaming wild wolf packs would probably be more dangerous than all the terrorist acts on the mainland since 1945, in terms of number killed, and the simple response to bands of sharia thugs patrolling English streets trying to enforce Muslim “standards” on everyone would be to whip out a machete and chop the cunts up, but, like the English themselves, 99.99% of these cunts only have the balls to prance about on their hind legs because England is such a safe and secure country.

Japanese history shows us beyond any doubt that if the populace is unarmed, very very few men armed with a long sword can effectively control everything, so it isn’t “the hand gun” or “the assault rifle” or “the edged weapon” that makes the difference, what makes the difference is a general population that don’t have any weapons, and a few that do, and who see them as tools that they are familiar with.

Switzerland has had three, count them, three terrorist incidents ever, two were planes on their way to israel, and one was the romanian embassy attack done by romanian exiles who were against the then communist romanian regime.

In guns per 100 residents, USA has 112, Serbia (remember the war there recently?) has 58, Yemen (war there now) has 54, and Switzerland is #4 in the world with 45…

In the UK it is 6.6, which puts us fractionally ahead of such idyllic peaceful places as Kenya, 6.4, Colombia, 5.9, Botswana 4.9, Kazakhstan 1.3, and bringing up the rear the positively ultrasafe Rwanda (remember the mass killings?) with 0.6 guns per 100 residents…

So basically there is no causal correlation between gun ownership and gun crime, nor is there any real correlation between “no guns” and “no weapons” because edged weapons did quite well killing 800,000 people in just four months in Rwanda…

So there *must* be something else going on, and it is disingenuous at best to say that there aren’t many wogs in switzerland, there are quite a few non white faces there if you actually go there.

*MY* take is western societies have become so risk averse and clad in cotton wool, that even outrageous behaviour that would get you severely fucked up everywhere else in the world has become the norm here, because it’s safe, and hey, look at me…

The availability or legality or presence of weapons is then about as relevant as the presence of minors in society, most people are not paedophiles, so the kids really aren’t at risk, it vanishes into nothing statistically compared to the risk of crossing the road…. there are kids everywhere and yet there are no incidents at all of roving bands of paedos gang raping them en masse in playgrounds and so on.

What we have is we have bred a society where the weakest barrio kid from the slums of Sao Paolo is more street wise and survival ready than pretty much 99.9999% of the population in the west, and the very few we do have who aren’t a total loss are likely recent immigrants from rawer parts of the world.

It’s written on all of our faces everywhere.

So, a long diatribe to get to this bit, because it all lays the background to it.

Conversation with the mother of a 13 year old boy who looked out his bedroom window and saw just 30 feet away in full detail some crazed dude with a knife in the street slice himself up and get tazered by the po-po, to die, either from blood loss or the repeated tazering that everyone gets nowadays who isn’t totally placid, because the po-po too are fucking wimps…

Mommy is concerned the her little boy is traumatized by the whole thing.

Little boy is all WTF mum, seen ten times worse on youtube and playing call of duty online.

Little boy, 5th or 6th generation since those who tried to make everything safe and cotton wool after the war, he ain’t so far at all from being ready to be handed an AK or a machete and told to ice ten or a dozen to become a man and be part of the man’s army.

Because of my upbringing and history I’m more comfortable with that than I am with the current crop of wimps and snowflakes and SJW’s and so on.

Really, even if you like in the yess ess of a and own 73 guns already, but *especially* if you don’t, go out today and buy a proper heavy duty short chopping tool like the Condor parang above, even if all you ever do is go camping once in your life it’s worth it, if it’s a zombie apocalypse, it’s gonna be too late, even with amazon prime, you’ll be left with what you actually have… which WON’T be what you actually want or need.


May 25, 2017

The Moslem Menace, an “intelligence” problem.

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Let me be clear, I’m not referring to the intelligence of anyone who believes in the real world existence and intervention of $deity here, though that is also a factor, because those behind the incitement and organisation no more believe in the 72 virgins than you or I do, so that shit is all a smokescreeen by the MSM.

No, what I am referring to is yet again we hear that the Manchester suicide bomber was known to the authorities, who have had both specific and explicit warnings about him as an individual going back over five years.

As usual I hear rumblings that the state is therefore complicit in and tacitly approving of these things, because they allow the state to further its own power.

Nothing, in fact, could be further from the truth.

I know someone who works in the UK three letter agency field, and we discussed this case specifically,we’ll call this individual Fred.

Fred readily admits that Salman Abedi was on their shit list, along with at least two aliases that he used, for in excess of five years.

Fred readily admits that at least half of his relatives and associates are on the same shit list with the same level of warnings and alerts.

Fred says there is the core of the problem, the shit list is fucking huge, in Fred’s own words it’s like having a database of all the Roman Catholics in the country, it doesn’t tell you who is going to put £25 in an envelope next week and send it to a priest so that a mass can be said for someone else.

Fred won’t tell me specific details, in his own way Fred believes in his job and what his employers are attempting to do, and Fred is loyal to his country, so for example Fred won’t tell me how many individual names of people either known to be or assumed to be resident in the UK right now is on this shit list, but will admit the number is closer to 1,000,000 than it is to 1,000, he won’t specifically be more specific, but the 1,000 number elicits a laugh and an “In my fucking dreams” and the 1,000,000 number elicits a pause and a “I can’t comment one way or another on the number you quote, but it’s a reasonable assumption as a basis for a theoretical discussion…

Fred thinks the UK security forces as a whole, if you are going to make sure you don’t fuck up royally again as happened with DeMenezes and a couple of others, could simultaneously monitor as many as 200 Salman Abedi’s at any one time with sufficient detail and accuracy to prevent the Manchester bombing, eg intervene at some point between the bomb going off, and Abedi actually embarking on the process and being in possession of either a ready made bomb or bomb making materials sufficient to get an arrest and a conviction.

So 1,000,000 / 200 = 5,000 so at best in an ideal world with no distractions we’d have a 1 in 5,000 chance of catching an Abedi before the act, in the real world it’s like the IRA, the 50 or so that are closely monitored and known by everyone including the subjects themselves and their associates to be closely monitored, they are at best a diversion, and the nett result is the chance of an Abedi being caught before the act drops from 1 in 5,000 to effectively zero or pot luck.

And of course, everyone knows it, especially the “bad guys”

Technically Fred reckons it’s easy to root out 99.9% of this stuff and the people behind it, just make everyone who isn’t both white and at least 5th generation white all the way down the rabbit hole second class citizens, and at the first and slightest “indicator” they get a choice, leave the country permanently or be moved to a prison island like the isle of wight until such time as  they are “cleared”, a process that won’t end the intrusive monitoring and control.

We all know *why* that will never happen.

Fred is a clever guy, and a student of history and human nature.

Fred says the feeling in the corridors of power is that they have no hope of actually solving this problem, but they must also somehow be seen to try to, because the real concern is that they don’t solve the problem, and the people decide to.

Fred says the shit list is just one shit list, there is another one at least 3 times a large comprising white people who are pissed off with it and might potentially burn mosques and otherwise ignite the tinder box of a race war.

Fred says whatever side rises to the fore in times of strife, such lists are usually turned at the stroke of a pen into arrest and internment lists, if there is anything history teaches us, this is it, lists created for one purpose get used for an entirely separate purpose.

Fred is only 50% white, the other parts are 25% eastern european / asian, and 25% western indian / arab, helluva fucking mixture, so on a personal private note Fred’s problem is no matter what sides form, he’ll be the outsider.

Fred says the backdoors into the social media that PM May and others seek are not to prevent further Manchesters, the state has kind of accepted that they won’t ever be able to do that, so all they can do is keep sparks out of the tinderbox and stop people using social media to start flashmobs burning mosques and islamic schools and so on.

Fred says the terrifying real and possible scenario for state security forces is a white mob descending on an islamic area to fuck shit up, because the security forces are the only ones who suspect just how many (illegal) firearms and weapons are kept in those areas, and if the white mob armed with knives and tire irons intent on burning some taxis / kebab / halal / etc shit in a street gets mown down by several “individuals” fielding AK’s emptying a clip or two on full auto, the next day we’ll have civil war.

Fred says the sectarian / Northern Ireland lessons were learned, provisional plans are in place to just move in barriers and checkpoints and segregate everyone and man it with the army, except this time it won’t be white catholic and white protestant segregated, Fred is a history student, lots of precedent, Northern Ireland, Berlin, Israel / Palestine.

Fred says you’ll know when they are really preparing for this, for the past 30 years there have been talks about a 3rd runway at Heathrow airport, Fred says in reality all those plans have long since been dropped in favour of a brand new major international airport just to the west of Leighton Buzzard or perhaps expanding gatwick and stanstead, because lets face it, Heathrow is smack in the middle of a *huge* muslim enclave.

Google maps the “E1 1JX” postcode and drill down to street view, hilariously a region of london called WHITECHAPEL, and it’s a muzzie enclave, go on some of the back streets and it’s like being in Beirut.

Fred says the feeling behind the doors of power is that the fundamental issue here is that the more “hardcore” each ethnic group gets, the more it encourages all the others to get more hardcore too, and the more hardcore they all are, the more their core beliefs are mutually exclusive of everyone else’s, and the only way to actually fix the problem was a horse that bolted out the stable doors in the 1960’s, so now the game is to delay the problem and survive the problem, for values of survival that equal all those in positions of power continuing to enjoy the trappings of the job.

Fred says a colleague of his with dual US/UK citizenship recently returned from a visit to the yew ess of a, a professional visit, apparently there was a lot of talk and opinions about the United States Marine Corps, apparently there are *big* problems potentially brewing there too, so much so that there are effectively two USMC’s, one within another, and the hardcore one truest to the traditions was in effect a not so secret society, invite only, and one of the questions raised at a “what if” think tank was what would USMC active duty troops do, if given an order to “pacify” or “quell” a group of citizens that comprised a fair proportion of veteran / retired USMC personnel. An interesting question, constitutionally.

Apparently the reply was “Sir. The Marine Corps would hope that the General does not give us that sort of problem to resolve.

The UK spook was ex commando, and he told Fred that in his own personal opinion he did not think the General in question, or the other staffers present, understood that it would be the person issuing such an order who would be the “problem”, a problem the USMC was likely to resolve with a bayonet.

Fred says this person says of course there is no constitutional bar to deploying active duty UK troops on UK soil, just look at NI, the problem is the troops are loyal to the flag, not the politicians or staffers, so the same shit applied.

Fred says this person says this is why UK politicos are so ambivalent about troops on the streets here, one the one hand military enforced segregation a la northern ireland will prevent a civil race war ignited by a bunch of white rioters getting mown down by muzzies with AK’s, on the other hand, this isn’t another place, this is London, right where said politicos bask in the swamp, and the bloody soldiers are likely to be loyal to the flag, not the politicos… our new muslim lord mayor of london is apparently on record off the record as stating that if the troops go on the streets of london it will be over his dead body, while he is still in office.

You know, the sort of thing your average hardcore USMC type will see as a problem that can be resolved with a bayonet.

In closing, Fred says the western states know *exactly* why Putin is building up strength along his borders, an opinion that if true could *never* be stated openly, Putin expects civil race war in europe, and he is just making sure his borders remain secure.

before we part I ask Fred what he would like, if I could grant him power or wishes etc, he pauses for a bit, and says you know, I’m not sure, part of me wishes I could be an ordinary ignorant citizen and daily mail reader, blissfully unaware of everything, part of me wishes no half measures, lets just get it over with and turn the isle of wight into a concentration camp, and part of me wishes there really isn’t a god, because if there is there are no clean hands or innocent souls here, and that means nobody will escape the punishment.

This may or may not be a true story or a work of fiction.

Either way you are of course free to go and talk to your local national “we get all the shit jobs, that’s who we are, by definition” branch of the military individuals, whether active duty or retired, and see what they have to say, and see if it in any way matches anything in this story.

If however you do find yourself in the future facing the “we get all the shit jobs” guys, do remember one thing, they are not your enemy, that is a role that you choose for them, not a role that they choose for you.

It’s the “amateurs” and extremists and politicians who decide these things for you on your behalf.

May 23, 2017

A list of ten things….

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Lately, the internet and MSM seems awash with lists of things that have changed, and how they have changed…

I could compare myself to my own dad at various equal ages and compile one, or talk about things that were normal as a boy growing up in the sixties that are unheard of now, but, it’s all more than a bit deceiving.

There is nothing new in the sexualisation of 12 year old girls, or indeed pre-pubescent girl’s playing with themselves, what has changes is that until relatively recently historically speaking 12 year old girls could get married in the UK… I’ll leave it to the reader to decide which is the greater deterrent, 4 years in chokey or a marriage to a child bride… it doesn’t deter the muslims in our midst though, so I have no idea why the Daily Fail felt the need to go all the way to Australia to report on such vile sick perverted predatory paedo behaviour, when you can find it here at home in Bradford and Leeds and Birmingham and London…

One thing that definitely has changed is teachers, the mum of a (female) head teacher of two local schools lives next to a rellie of mine, so there is a fair bit of interaction there.

Nowadays it seems every new school term much less school year is an entirely new world tour of a band, or franchise of a PC game, or series of a TV show, it’s all got to be new and fresh.

Back when I was a kid the dreaded French lessons in secondary school commenced with you being handed a copy of Dondo, the reference book it was taught from, it wasn’t a new book, because it wasn’t a new course, like the words themselves it was all handed down, Je Suis, Tu Est, Nous Sommes etc… in fact if you’d suggested that any teacher in the 60’s or 70’s spent the holidays preparing entirely new courses for the new year’s induction of pupils, you’d have been looked at closely, as a foreigner or some other sort of wierdo.

First year maths and first year french and first year geography and first year physics were all the same, whether you started in 1971 or 1972, or 1973 etc etc etc, 2 + 2 still made 4, Je Suis still meant I am, the amazon river basin was still in the same place, and Newton’s first law of motion still held true.

And the subjects themselves held enough material that year after year after year the Oxford and Cambridge examining boards could ask completely different questions year after year, all aimed at assessing your basic understanding of said subject.

I didn’t hang out with teachers after school but in later academic years I discovered that for most of them term time was a job like going off to work on the north sea oil rigs, and it funded the 3 weeks christmas and 3 weeks easter and 6 weeks summer breaks, when they indulged their hobbies, hobbies that often had nothing whatsoever to do with their teaching, we had an english lit teacher who used to spend every summer holiday walking around Tuscany, I later learned he spent the first 4 weeks walking around various tavernas getting totally shitfaced, and the last two weeks walking around detoxing, utterly unbelievable compared to the in class persona…

Then you started discovering things, the skinny little nun who taught religion could speak fluent german (to the point where she could adopt regional accents at will) and was also a qualified nurse, things that apparently came from a previous life before she took orders and joined a convent.

I was reminded of this this week, I met with a guy I know, we’ll call him steve, to look at him you’d think steve knew all about eating pies, and not a lot else, but old steve actually knows quite a bit, and is very dextrous, works in manufacturing as a manager who still maintains his hands on skills, one thing you would not thing steve would know anything at all about was gasket material, so I’m talking about a gasket cutting job and he just reels off klingersil and novus, two big brands, and starts talking about the relative merits of each… and he is spot on.

Of course all this sort of follows on from yesterdays post, people used to be far far more rounded… my dad was a time served engineer so imagine my surprise as a not so small boy in my teens to discover that he’d really wanted to be a chef, which did explain how he could cook anything, he just never did.

Again never in my life did I see an outside contractor come into our house, he did it all himself, no fuss, no bother.

Got a customer who makes Pietra Dura, I cut the templates for him in acrylic, look at him and listen to the farmer accent and you’d think he was capable of shovelling shit and not much else, visited him last week and was treated to a ten minute crash course on lapis lazuli (from afghanistan, 6 quid an ounce) bastard could have lectured on that one stone alone for six hours and never repeated himself once nor been boring once.

“Never judge a book by it’s cover” used to be ever so true.

nowadays, not so much, in fact nowadays there is so little depth to people that all the inner pages have vanished, all that’s left is the cover, with all the variety and wonder of yesterday’s beer mats.

Most telling of all is the list of ten things, ask anyone today, especially the youth of today, to write down a list of ten things about their favourite subject, and then discuss each for 3 minutes, and you’ll be treated to a horror show.

BTW I’m not ignoring the Manchester suicide bombing, I just don’t see the point in saying anything.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnddd it’s an allahu ackbar .. it’s become as commonplace and expected as an IRA bombing in the seventies, but in the seventies at least kids in schools were allowed to tell jokes about pass the parcel in an irish pub and take this piss out of paddy mcginty in case his school PE kit blew up… god help anyone else who tried to take this piss out of paddy field though, he was *our* irish git, we only needed two more to make a thicket… >;*) now put three spades against the wall and take your pick.


May 22, 2017

Technical ecstasy

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Today I watched an adult couple in their forties spend 30 minutes trying to wire a plug socket, they, mainly she, eventually did it, because I spent 30 minutes yesterday teaching her the basics.

It’s not like I just happened to trip over one of the few things they could not do, people today can’t do fucking ANYTHING for themselves… I mean, I have never in my life made a victoria sponge cake from ingredients from scratch, but give me ten minutes to find a recipe and I’ll give it a go, and it may not win prizes but it will be edible.

I’m sitting here thinking, trying to remember the last time I *had* to call in an expert…

  1. I *choose* to have my mate service my cars, he is bloody excellent and has all the kit and owns the garage, I’d be doing it lying on the road.
  2. ummmm, I went to the high street opticians a year or so ago for a new pair of spectacles, the hight street shop is just a front, nobody there has a clue how to grind lenses either, that’s done elsewhere and shipped to them…
  3. ten years ago I went to a lawyer in my FRA skank ho child custody case, I’d have been better off blowing the money on hookers and never even turning up at court.
  4. I’m struggling here…. ten years ago I paid a local machine shop to skim a landrover head and put new guides in and new seats and cut the valves… everything else I did myself including an all new wiring loom from scratch…
  5. ummmm…… I used to go to the barbers and pay for a haircut and shave now and again…

I actually can’t think of anything else…. I’ve never in my life called in a builder, or a carpenter, or a plumber, or an electrician, or a computer guy, or a cable guy, or a gardener, or a tree surgeon, or a vet (dog is healthy and lives or is unhealthy and dies) or a painter and decorator, or bought a car from a dealership, oh yes, never called in a marine engineer or yacht painter or anything.

One thing I do have in common with other people of my ilk and my age range, none of us have had any apprentices…

I’m sitting here looking at my old Kennet which was last used to dress up a couple of old and abused filleting knives, a week or two ago and really needs to be put back onto a shelf in the workshop/junk room… the knives were more serrated than straight having been done on an angle grinder, and we so blunt they would barely cut butter… the drive belt for the kennet has been missing for ages and rather than go out and buy or make one I grabbed some button thread and made about 20 loops around the pulleys before tying it off… a little furniture polish and the threads darkened nicely and started to pass torque and rpm to the stone… ten minutes later I was grinding the knife edges and re-creating the profile and ten minutes after that they were being finished off on the diamond whetstone.

Hands up how many of you remember being able to use a pair of tights as an emergency fan belt?

So today’s lesson was talking to someone who ordered a pool filter off amazon, it wasn’t a 500 gallon per hour job that also had a label saying it consumed 37 watts at the mains, it was a intex 1,000 gallon an hour job which came with a 1/2 hp motor… so they’re freaking because it came with a continental plug rated at 16 amps and I told them to just go buy a Uk plug and put a 3A fuse in it, the RCD switch socket will do everything else… “BUT IT’S a SIXTEEN AMP PLUG!” they say, I don’t give a shit I say, half a horsepower is 370 watts and 370 watts over 230 volts is about 1.6 amperes, so maybe it’s a typo or maybe you can’t see the decimal point or maybe it’s raining in Kansas, but a 3 amp fuse is more than enough.

The fucking shite pool heater I have mentioned before, this photo is after the plug was cut off and about 5 to 6 inches down the cable from what was the mains plug, look at that shit in the neutral line, corroded and cracking and utter shit, barely 3 years old.

This second pic is the original wiring inside the heater itself, the thinner pink and white wires are cheapo steel core, on the right on the mains side they have used yellow crimp terminals for everything even though the blue crimp is the right size for 2.5 mm2 cores, because that way they don’t have to worry about the neutral and earth posts being different diameters, it’s always going to fit over the post…  the live goes off up to a crimp spade.

There was no cable retention / clamping around the grommet either, just a spot of superglue inside to stick the sheath of the cable to the grommet, I got the core out of the grommet and used insulation tape to increase diameter and gave it the good old tug test and it’s good to go, I didn’t cheap out by shortening the cable either, I bought two metres of cable and the new cable is over two feet longer than the old one… in short the original elecro.co.uk job was an exercise in the minimum possible quality and materials bill, fuck it, good enough, ship it out the door and fuck it.

These things are around 400 quid here in the UK, for 5 quid at the trade counter for some decent immersion heater heat proof grade 2.5 mm2 three core cable and a heavy duty plug and a couple of crimps from my drawer and maybe 15 minutes of my time I have saved them from splashing out 400 quid on a new one, they are still out 25 quid on the RCD faceplate though, the original moulded elecro.co.uk plug really did a number on that, by the way when I opened it up it was all dust, wires bonded directly to the plug pins, and the supposedly 13 amp fuse still had not blown… despite the very plug body cooking.

So, this is the safest and most regulated country in the world where the nanny state watches over us all, and this sort of shit sails through all the time… how lucky we are we don’t live in some unregulated shithole like mumbai…

Luckily for these people, who of course are parents and have children, they still have children, and they still have a shed, and the contents of the shed, because it was me that took power down to the shed, 4 mm twin and earth inside marshall tufflex 20 mm trunking and down to a proper twin gang RCD switched socket, and a 30A cooker isolation switch at the house end, and from that to a 20 amp breaker, so the RCD socket tripped out for good when its guts melted, and they had to use a screwdriver to lever the plug out of the socket, but like I said, this is thanks to me insisting I wasn’t even going to fucking touch the job unless I could go the the trade counter and buy 4 mm cable and conduit to put it in and a branded RCD socket at the shed end and a branded breaker and switch at the house end, not some cheap ass foreign shit from the chain DIY store at half the price.

I’m sick of quoting Sagan about societies built on science and technology inhabited by fucking mouth breathers.

You think Mario Draghi can wire a fucking plug?

Probe my ports man….

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The fact is that complacency is a bitch.

This image is a screenshot, suitably redacted, of a visit to Steve Gibson’s “shields up” page over at grc.com yesterday.

Now, in case you didn’t know, the Shields Up page will probe the first 1,024 service ports, and for each return a coloured square, a red square means the port is open, a blue square means the port is closed, and a green square means stealthed, as in there was no response of any kind, so no way to tell if there is even a system at the other end….. as you can see from this, every single one of the first 1,024 ports are stealthed, my router / firewall basically doesn’t respond to any incoming requests.

Steve Gibson has been around for a long time, and his shields up page has been around for a long time, by long time I mean over 15 years which is an eternity in internet terms, and it’s free, and easy to use, and simple to understand, and you would not believe how many small / medium business computers / networks fail it miserably..  given the recent wannacry noise you might believe how many corporate systems are wide open.

Put it this way, I’ve visited it from sites that hosted all sorts of private data, and the screen was a rash of red and blue dots, with no a green one to be seen, I won’t go into detail what the significance of open / closed / stealthed is as Steve Gibsons site does it eloquently enough on the shields up page.

Put it this way, strip away all the bullshit and PR and the facts are this, about corporate and business internet security.

1/ it’s illegal, so nobody will do it.

2/ our legal “due diligence” boxes are ticked, at minimal cost.

3/ “things just working” is more important than locking anything down or working safely around security considerations at extra expense or hassle.

An intrusion is treated the exact same way the police treat a report of a burglary, it’s not the same as knowing that a thief has been in *my* house violating all my shit…

Ten years ago I myself would build work computers for people and they were built locked down, ps2 keyboards and mice, USB ports filled with black epoxy, no CD or floppy drives, case sealed and BIOS passworded, the SOHO firewalls I used to sell and install also blocked off significant portions of the internet.

I was never a fan of VLANS either so I’d install two separate physical LAN’s for separate things, and I’d always use blue patch cables for data, yellow for telephony / voice, green for public lan and red for anything that touched a server, cctv if it was around used white, grey was always WAN side, and the general rule was you never saw more than one colour of patch cable going into one device or switch.

Users were free to misconnect their RJ45’s and patch PC’s into phones and out from the phone to the patch socket, or even (happened more than you would credit) bring in their own hub/switch/router and plug it in, and they could at worst via an unauthorised router doing DHCP take down only one of the network segments at a time, most stuff just failed to work, the PC > VOIP phone > wall socket scenario gave you either a working phone or a working PC depending which side of the socket you plugged in to.

Spare ports on switches were disabled.

Ten years ago I’d get a lot of shit, and it steadily increased and I steadily got less work as a result, by the time it petered out 3 years ago I was reduced to building high end silent PC’s for the managers and directors.

Today you’re violating employees human rights if they cannot access their twatter / fuckbook / fleabay / dating sites on a work PC during working hours, and/or if said PC then refuses to load or run *any* content on *any* web page, including yoo toob.

Here at home I have a “guest” wi-fi, it’s a completely separate network to the local LAN, it *only* has access to the WAN, and it’s rate limited to (checks) 250 kbit (31.2 kbyte) / sec up/down, so basically it’s modem speed, more than enough to send and receive emails or do basic web surfing on basic text sites.

It’s usually youth’s that complain, first of all it’s all “great you have free wifi” and then “it’s broken, too slow, youtube won’t load” and I explain that they can get on the *fast* network after;

1/ I audit their device, which will be a fifty quid non refundable fee.

2/ ***if*** their device passes audit, they can get on the 50 meg wifi network which is tied into the 150/200 meg cable WAN for ten quid an hour

Nobody has taken me up on it, but they all think I am a total cunt for not giving them free access to something that I have to pay for.

Go figure.

I will of course increase their enjoyment by whipping out my Note4 and pulling up speedtest which will of course use said QOS wi-fi, 16 ms ping, 25.22 mbps down and 10.72 mbps up, “works lovely” I smile.. because for 2.4 gig wi-fi those are *good* numbers.

They get even more unhappy, the free shit army is strong in this one.

As a boy I can still remember my mum and dad telling me to turn off the bloody light when I left a bathroom or bedroom etc, “you’re not paying for the electricity, I am” was always the tagline, not that my folks were poor, that wasn’t the point, the point was I wasn’t paying for the electric, they were… they weren’t raising no free shit army kids, no sir…

Steve Gibson comes from that era too, hang on, why are YOU using MY bandwidth and MY cpu cycles to run YOUR advertising shit??? , fuck you and the horse you rode in on, there you go doubleclick, blackholed at the firewall, and on and on and on… this very wordpress site takes about 30 seconds to load the first time I click “create a new post” because it’s trying to talk to google analytics, and sweet fuck all happens until that fails and times out…

Of course, it is no coincidence that someone who talks about microagressions and safe spaces and inalienable rights and all the other nouveau bullshit is fundamentally a member of the free shit army, nobody who pays their own way has any time for any of that bullshit, you want to use my free wi-fi, go ahead, it’s 33k, got any complaints, no fucking problem, MAC added to the blacklist, and by the way, that coffee you’re drinking, that’ll be two quid, and it’s 50p an hour to sit on my fucking sofa, and if you want to use the crapper that’s 50p too, and if you wanna give me an attitude I’ll introduce you to the only thing that is fucking free around here, the front door.

Last night I was told something by the parent of a 10 year old girl, the parent said she used to be a spoilt little princess, until that day about a year ago when she squirted you with a water pistol, and you told her not to do it again, because if she did, she’d lose, and of course being a princess she immediately did it again, and you tipped half a basin of cold water over her head, IN THE HOUSE, and then laughed at her when she burst into floods of tears.

At first the parent thought the lesson was “don’t take him on, you’ll lose” and then they thought the lesson was “don’t think he won’t do what he says he will do” but eventually the penny dropped, they were just the icing on the cake, everything, be it action or inaction, has a price, and it’s not my job to protect you from paying that price.

They still have difficulty coming to terms with how being taught that lesson JUST ONCE means they STILL have a completely different child over a year later, it seemed such a small thing.

Letting your kids watch just one fucking episode of fucking peppa pig seems such a small thing, giving into pester power just once seems such a small thing, but everything, action or inaction, has a price.

Shields Up!

May 19, 2017

Go fuck yourself..

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There are endless debates on endless websites about the best methods for dealing with spam phone calls, should you do this, or that, or the other…

… ring me and you get “GO FUCK YOURSELF!” and I hang up and block the number.

With the joys of mobile phone technology this often means others get to witness this, some customers, some potential customers, they all have variations of the same reaction, wow, err, yes, I suppose I can see, yess, hmm, OK.

I don’t know why anyone would treat some worthless cunt who phones you up saying they are from MS tech support or you have been in an accident or you have been mis-sold some insurance, any differently?

*THEY* know they are lying, *I* know they are lying… why be anything other than rude and abrupt with the worthless cunts?

The ones I’d like to ring up at 2:00 am, 2:10 am, 2:20 am and so on are the worthless cunts that sell VOIP forwarding so that various indian scammers can appear to be calling from land line numbers in Manchester and various places…. Hello BT commercial…

I’m not sure what it is with the world lately, but we are turning into people who are rude to others who are no more in the wrong than us on average on the roads, and polite to worthless scum, it appears to be the new social norm, haven’t got a fucking clue what or why, it’s a sickness I tell you, a mental sickness.

Not that there is any shortage of mental sickness around, and some of the worst of it is course those who are sick and have power, and then tell the rest of us that we are sick, because only someone who is mentally sick will look at;

1/ potential employee A, a young guy who can do the job and has a wife and mortgage to keep him hungry for work and income.

2/ potential employee B, a young wimminz who can apparently do the job, provided no nasty men say anything sexist, who *may* want a year off work on full pay to pump out womb turds, and who will then want to breast feed at work…

3/ potential employee C, an LGBTQ+ tattooed and pierced freak of indeterminate sex and beliefs.

… and see any differences at all.

Only the truly enlightened will see that B should be employed to go home and pump out womb turds while C fills in for her at the place of employment.

Meanwhile back in the real world in my own small very company the next *employee* is going to be young with big tits and have her wages paid by some government pork work experience scheme, or some young guy keen to learn a trade and willing to work hard for fuck all while he learns, and let me tell you folks, I have more chance of buying a winning lottery ticket than finding one of them.

In the real world I quit my last job because shit runs downhill and there was ever more shit for the same pay, there was a comment on ZH about the original stargate book and site alpha and site beta and everyone on one evacuation site died because the sewers got blocked, I dunno if that was actually in the storyline or not but it made me smile.

So I’m looking at a nearly 400 quid 3 kW water heater for swimming pools that someone has bought a while ago, it’s all “made in the UK” so it must be quality, right?

Well, no, they obviously bought in mains cables with pre moulded fused plugs by the box from china, just wire in the tag end and job’s done.. so this one cooked the plug and burnt holes in the socket faceplate, at which point the RCD socket faceplate that I installed tripped and saved everyone from either a fire or electrocution.

The plug itself is powder in the core, so I cut it open (it’s moulded so no way to open it normally) and what do we see here, well the number 1 warning sign is the pins on the plug are steel, not brass, any half decent quality component drawing more than a couple of hundred watts will have brass pins on the plug… junk from amazon will have steel pins… and break it open and what do I see, steel cored wires that have been copper plated, and one of the cores the conductor is corroded all the way back down inside the core.

The tag end that the factory sees is just three “copper” tails, possibly pre-tinned, which we now know are copper plated steel wire, not copper wire, so QA was literally non existent.

I emailed them a week ago with a link to a whole bunch of photos of this mess…. crickets, so I told the bimbo owner that finally she has one good use for fuckbook, put the whole thing and all the pictures on fuckbook, say nothing in words that is legally dubious, let the pictures speak for themselves… fuck you and your cheap ass goods and cheap ass company and cheap ass can’t be bothered to chase up complaints like these policies.

Next thing we know there will be some fucking sob story about how brexit or trump or putin has destroyed a local company that has been trading for 900 years and put 30 people out of work.

There is a local publishing company that this happened to this week, all we hear is how this 120 year old company is now fucked, not a single mention anywhere of the facts, which locals know, that the company was creaking along on ancient machinery that simply could not compete, meanwhile the bosses still drove around in leased E class mercs and drew hefty salaries, while employing staff on the minimum wages possible and letting shit roll downhill… now the bosses themselves have been made redundant by the receivers, they are wringing their hands about the wonderful staff who have lost their jobs and what a blow that is to the local economy.

It’s all total bollocks, and like I said at the beginning, people are unaccountably still polite to all these worthless cunts… go figure…

Every business has the “Means of Production”, or MOP, in my case this is equipment and skills, in different businesses the balance of the mix of these two may vary, one may be mostly equipment based, one may be mostly skills based, one may be a fairly even mix of both.

From there you have to ask the question, are these MOP current and relevant?

And then you must ask the question, are these MOP themselves useful additions of value to the marketplace?

And then you must ask the question, if not, why not?

The printing works went out of business because the kit was obsolete and on it’s last legs, so by definition the skills of the workforce weren’t current either.

The printing works in theory is adding value, but the obsolete kit and skills acts like a tax on that, so the net addition can even end up being a negative amount.

Which brings us to why not? Well obviously money was *not* spent on new kit and staff training, eg there wasn’t sufficient investment in the MOP, and it is all very well to say “Oh, nobody has the millions it takes to do that” but some fucker did, the competition that just ate your lunch, and in the meantime you DID fucking spend money elsewhere, be it premises or directors cars or bloated staff in the office.

I don’t have enough to buy a Maserati so I may as well drink starfucks “coffee” at 4 bucks a cardboard cup… and you’ll *still* be broke at the end of the month and have nothing to show for it.

Fact is businesses are going to the wall left right and centre, and since nobody gave a fuck when individuals started going to the wall because of housing inflation and divorce and everything else, don’t expect anyone to give a fuck when it’s employers and business premises, the writing on the wall was plain to see for everyone with eyes.

Next up is going to be local government, where are they going to get all the parasite income from if the local businesses all go titsup?

I’m off out the door to ship some gaskets I cut to a business 130 road miles away, London is closer to them than I am, and yet I get the work, that should not be fucking possible in a healthy economy, they should have a choice of suppliers within 50 miles.

*I* had to go 100 miles in the OPPOSITE direction of this customer to get the actual gasket material, from someone who *only* does gasket material (so they know their shit) *and* carries stock…

True / Correct or not, the Stargate sewers story is getting ever closer to reality…

May 15, 2017

WannaCry, WannaFuck, WannaCrypt

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As usual with the MSM, the one aspect that *should* be put under the spotlight and dissected is the one aspect that is studiously ignored.

My previous gig as the Cisco Kid working on business comms and IT for every high street name you can think of and a bunch of other shit you can’t (traffic lights, military bases, hospitals etc) qualifies me rather well to comment on this shit.

The one aspect is Microsoft Windows XP, which came out after 98se and ME, and before Vista, remember that?

Don’t get me wrong, back in late 2001 when I was installing this for the first time it was a great OS, better than anything that MS had done that had come before.

Back then I was pretty cutting edge, with my 512/128 xDSL connection and alcatel frog/stingray, the vast majority of the country was still on dial up modem 44kbit thank you very much (ok a 56k modem that never got more than 44k) and of course Duke Nukem 3d had only been out 5 years.

It was a departure from 95/98/98se that at the time I could tweak with tools like 98lite and get an installed functioning windows in a footprint as small as 17 megabytes, which was great for the embedded / single board computer stuff that I was “playing” with back then.

XP far far more monolithic and “corporate” and you couldn’t rip the shit out of it nearly so much, and it’s hard to say if the chicken or the egg came first, but it was the first MS OS that got pushed in volume to corporate desktops, and boy did it ever get pushed.

In 2016 I was still going to places like the Cardiac Unit at local hospitals and doing hardware repairs to beyond obsolete hardware that was still running XP that was still used daily as an integral part of the process for every heart patient there.

I do not mean the operations were done by robots running XP, I do mean XP machines were used to collate all the data from the CAT scanners and everything else and used to produce the DVD’s that the surgeons and consultants then used to study your case and decide if when how etc to operate.

Why XP?

Well, it’s the same answer across the board, some specialist creaky crappy but we can’t function without it software that was written for the XP platform, that is still in use to this day.

Back in 2013/2014 I had a gig for IBM, who had been hired in by Friends Life, a fucking massive UK insurance etc etc etc company, basically they’d bought in 2,500 Lenovo desktops and 250 Lenovo laptops, all of which were shipped running Windows 7

The problem was, Friends were running software that was written for XP, so quite apart from the normal security issues of adding bought computers to a corporate network and choosing to solve this by deploying a new install and AD etc, we had to shunt XP to hardware designed and shipped with Win7, and it was particularly difficult with the laptops, hardware driver issues of course.

So you ended up with kit that worked after a fashion, but was maybe 50% as powerful and useful and it was with Win7, because of some legacy software written for XP.

Nobody who has not worked with corporates truly understands how big and deep and wide an issue this whole “legacy software” thing is.

Much of it is XP platform legacy software simply because XP was the first widely popular MS OS that got deployed everywhere, and if at this point you are thinking “Y2K bug all over again” you haven’t even begun to grasp the sheer scale of this.

Back when I was building machines for people I’d take the opposite approach to many, I start with what application software they had to use, then what OS that required, then what hardware was best suited to that OS.

So what we have in reality are large corporates (and by any global standards the UK NHS with 1 million plus employees is large) that have core processes that are *utterly* dependent upon legacy software that was written for the XP platform 15 or more years ago.

At this point with Win10 in the wild, the *only* practical solution is to go back to the drawing board and re-write all this legacy software from scratch, but within the corporate boardrooms this is a low priority can that has been successfully kicked down the road for 15 years already, which is longer than 99.9% of the board and manglement have had the jobs they have today…

Make no mistake, the issue here is basically re-inventing the company from the ground up, because the reality is 95% of everything the company does and does not do and how it does it in 2017 is *also* dictated by the constraints of the legacy software written for XP a decade and a half ago.

So in just the same way re-writing from scratch is in *every* single way better than trying to upgrade and update the old legacy code, re-creating these companies from scratch is in every single way better than trying to upgrade them.

Almost nobody truly understands how extensively software parameters and practices and human I/O routines defines a modern business, and the *detail* of how that business does business in day to day operations.

Tesco for example can deploy a new supermarket into a field in 48 hours, all they need are some huge tents, access roads, and electrical power and internet connectivity on site, they don’t need the aisles or gondolas or flooring or lighting or anything else, just line up the palettes from the trucks, HHT barcode scan everything, and the on site computers and network takes care of everything else, point of sale, re-order, staff clock and wages, customer tracking, inventory rotation, offers, even routine maintenance of on site equipment like when freezer cabinet #76255 requires defrosting for 6 hours and restocking.

Banking is a prime example, and if you think it is any healthier or more resilient or more modern than your local specialist teaching cardiac unit you’re in for a shock…

So let’s look at WannaWank, it targets XP, so it’s really targeting everyone who used legacy software, which means everyone who isn’t a private individual or very small business… and what is the “ransom”?

A few hundred bucks.


Now, one of the things about crime is you have to profit on it or it is pointless, with ransoms this means you have to collect and stay free, back in the mists of history one way of doing this was to have money paid into an account that anyone could draw on anywhere, like a building society savings account, and this worked back in the days of paper transactions and central mainframe computers and no cctv, ironically long long long before the days of XP..

Even assuming, for the sake of argument, that bitcoin wallets were secure and anonymous, the instant you convert any of it into regular fiat currency there is a record and you become detectable, banks monitor *every* account and notify the state by law about every single transaction over a certain threshold that more or less equates to the average weekly wage.

So these bitcoin ransoms are staying put as bitcoins for the next 20 years or so, which means they aren’t ransoms, gimme 250k or I kill your daughter is a nice distraction if she is already dead and I never had any intention of collecting any ransom, even better if the fact that I’m in no way prepared to get the ransom can be used as exculpatory evidence that I’m not the kidnapper.

So if they aren’t ransoms they are griefing.

So lets look at what happened, the 2016 IT version of the anarchists cookbook authored by various state security agencies just got released into the wild, it’s a book that someone with my level of knowledge and experience will probably keep busy studying and learning for the next ten years, and my knowledge will be *vastly* improved by then…

… in the meantime there is chapter one page 6 and we are on to “hello world” script examples.

Remember this, back in 2001 and before I knew about ways to fuck with hardware by putting obscene voltage into I/O ports that simply were not designed for it, it was something bored techs did in labs to shit that was already destined for landfill or metal shredding, now 17 years later world and dog can go on alibaba and buy USB killers that still brick 99% of everything they are plugged in to for a few bucks.

We have gone from a world where insiders thought that there may be a need for as many as six computers, worldwide, so any computers based exploit was solely within the realm of huge states or corporations, to a world where I have (counts) 2 x x86 based pc’s, 1 x x86 based laptop, one arm core tablet, 4 x arm cored modern smartphones, 2 arm cored routers, and a couple of arduino megas, IN ONE FUCKING ROOM OF MY HOUSE… so computer based exploits are effectively free.

For years people who haven’t *really* understood IT have talked about the dangers of a windows monoculture, they haven’t really understood it because all they saw was a world with white hats and black hats, and nowhere in that world model was room for a place where the blackest of all black hats were our very own security services and states.

In a world where most things such as driving cars and motorcycles requires testing and licensing, the fact this that our very states and corporates themselves should all be in the IT equivalent of the rampant internet sex offender, banned from even being in proximity to any working computer or internet connected device for life, plus 20 years…

Kevin Mitnick would have understood, because he hacked people, not computer systems, so he like me would have seen the PC the same as a gun or a knife on the table, it’s just an inert tool, *until* someone touches it.

The “NSA IT Anarchists Cookbook, 2017 edition” is just the manual to weaponise every aspect of everything with silicon or bytes in it, and it wasn’t created by “weird freaks” like Stallman, it was created by the state, and having created it they couldn’t even contain it, or distribute the knowledge wisely so that patches could be created, because the sold purpose was to weaponise it.

The USA, a country that for many years (prolly still does) considered encryption to be a military weapon not suitable for export, so you could buy two version of encryption software, depending on where on the planet you lived, if you lived in mainland USA you could buy the strong shit.

I should also stress that the NSA maybe getting the publicity but they were just a repository, most states are working on this shit, nobody’s hands are clean.

I should also stress that this “NSA IT Anarchists Cookbook, 2017 edition” isn’t even anything close to the sum total of all the shit out there, even if every single exploit were patched tomorrow it wouldn’t reduce their abilities by more than 5%, mainly it would be ah well, we can’t do it that way any more, now we do it this way.

Anecdote time.

I did have a face to face convo with one of these guys a couple of years back, I know the guy and his history and what he does and I try to take exceedingly small grains of salt with what he says, because 99.999% of the time that shit is right on the money, and because I have seen some proofs with mine own eyes, on brand new outta the box patched and updated and secured $75k boxes going into a rack that I have just generated all the crypto keys for, before plugging them into anything except the mains power supply.

I asked how long it took, and he looked at me and said you’re talking about that shit about an unpatched Win7 PC being put on the internet.. he said we don’t do that, we don’t scan randomly, we target devices.. so how long I ask… he looks at me and does the usual I’ll have to kill you if I tell you etc.. then says “don’t think in minutes or seconds, think in clock cycles… effectively instant.. the trick isn’t pwning the box, the trick is doing it under the noses of sniffers and loggers so even if they are looking they don’t see anything”

Of course, if you control the network, even microsoft.com is subject to man in the middle DNS spoofing vulns when your machine phones home which it does every few minutes.

So I’ve done the first part of my work, he pulls out a little chocolate block and a thing that looks like a small terrarium, plugs the chocolate block into the console port on the new box, tiny red led illuminates then flashes 3 time, chocolate block goes into connector in terrarium, lid is closed and sealed, button pressed, magic smoke emits from chocolate block but is contained in terrarium, and “My work here is done” and I finish up with the remote admin on the new box and we go for coffee and have our convo.

(I’m lying slightly about the above, my liberty isn’t worth the truth, but the gist of the story is good to go, as is the basis, unless it is 100% air gapped in a faraday and optical (IR comms) cage, it can be trivially pwned in mere clock cycles, the trick is pwning it so nobody knows)

So WannaShit isn’t a ransom, not to my mind, those of us who worked in the trade were all paranoid motherfuckers from day one and with reason, NOBODY who worked in the same field as me in IT would ever have anything more dodgy than an mp3 or a game trainer on any of their PC’s, no matter how desperately we craved a dose of midget donkey porn, even our regular porn was pretty tame and mainstream, if you want your kicks, get them offline, in a house with the power cut at the breaker, and after scanning for any electronics running on battery power and killing them all.

So if it isn’t a ransom, what is it?

To my mind it is someone behind the curtains saying “see you, and raise you ten” and that someone could just as easily be NSA / GCHQ as Putin / anyone else who is an “enemy” of the west…. and it could also just as easily be an Enron… a company that instigated blackouts to make a profit.

There is *always* a profit to be made, if you have insider knowledge, like re-insuring the WTC buildings before 9/11….

Which also makes it interesting chasing that particular rabbit, nobody wants to be the one that tracks something down to some other powerful agency.

My “informant” worked under those rules, he checked out with a widget and a box, he checked back in with a fried widget in a box, a widget that only worked in specific hardware, and his movements are known, and that is the entire scope of his knowledge and task, he knows nothing else, and bears no responsibility beyond doing what he has done… compartmentalized up the wazoo.

Who is to say some other guy didn’t turn up at a server farm and plug a USB stick into a mail server with a factory firmware update or software licence update, all normal shit not a million miles from what I used to do on a daily basis, and a few hours later that machine sends out a bunch of emails and then wipes that record?

In addition to the whole “legacy” shit there is a metric shit tonne of “undocumented” shit that goes on all day every day as just normal operating procedures just people doing their jobs.

Yeah man, none of this shit is working, while you are there can you update the firmware ((config-controller)#firmware filename flash:xxxxxxxxx)with the file I’ll send you and generate a new crypto key, ok that’s good, ok man now I can do the thing that I need to do so we can sign off on this job…

the thing in blue text above being the only thing that was ever documented anywhere officially.

unofficially I’ve always been a paranoid mofo so I piped all my telnet / putty files and everything else to file and kept copies of *everything* on this day in 2013 I can look at my files and see 3 site visits with full telnet logs, pics of the hardware and ports and cables in use and even copies of the files I was sent to blow to the various boxen…

Why do you think I rolled my own Win10 / stablebit NAS box instead of buying anything from Qnap / synology / etc etc etc?

No fucker is going to lock me out of my own shit so he has they key and I don’t, a low level complete disk wipe will happen first… then I’ll restore from offline media… and keep the NAS airgapped, as it is I forgo a shit load of “functionality” on the LAN as regards the internet is concerned because frankly the risks outweigh the benefits, and too bad if that means 85% of your website will never load, or if your app breaks because it can’t connect to the cloud.

To take a completely opposite view to all of this, I know someone with an industrial SBC (you can still buy legacy hardware that way) running win95a chicago and MSDOS is his business “application”, he images the system weekly, so he doesn’t mind playing some times, and it’s hilarious how much malware simply fails to run at all on that box, even when he tries to make it run… nobody codes for PIO disk controllers etc.

“IT isn’t old enough for system extinction events” is something I hear all the time, from people who got into IT with x86 computing and Windows 98 or XP, there have been plenty of extinction events before. 8 bit anyone?

Maybe we are due another one, maybe all that legacy 16 bit XP API shit needs to die, and take everyone dependent on it with them.

Evolve or die.


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