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March 7, 2017

A man out of time

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So specifically the previous three posts, but in a more abstract way this entire blog, is about changes I have seen in my life.

While it is true to say that as a small boy I can remember a transistor radio that we bought, it was a Sony, and it was significant enough that it was based on transistors that it even said on the front how many transistors it contained, fourteen, I remember that to this day.

The CPU of the machine I am typing this one has 1.5 billion…

I could go on with various lists like these, and they are all true, and they all miss the point, these are just technological changes.

I’m not even on about the changes that can be directly attributed to technology, modern ANPR cameras live linked to live databases vs the old system of being handed a piece of paper and being given seven days to produce other pieces of paper at the police station, because the only long term storage was still more pieces of paper in card indexes…

I’m not even really on about changes such as the fact that my primary school had a total of around 70 pupils, 2 teachers, 2 classrooms, two cloakrooms and one toilet off each, now primary schools are being built with fucking LGBTQ+WTF transgender toilets, for fucking pre-pubescent kids, hell we didn’t even know about such things, Stinky Kev was stinky, Julian was a sissy afraid of getting dirty, Alison was a snooty little cow that was always running off to tell on someone, Claire was a nice girl who didn’t know anything in class but could name every single plant / tree / weed / crop you could think of, and so on..

No, it’s all the other stuff…

I’ve mentioned before about the mid/late seventies being offered a 3/400 quid loan to buy a used motorbike by Forward trust, at an interest rate of 32% APR, but I never said anything about asking Mr Rush, my bank manager, for the loan first, I had to go into his old fashioned dark wood panelled office and sit across a desk from him and explain what I wanted it for (A Kawasaki KH400) and he said he wouldn’t lend me the money, (at 10% APR) because the Kawasaki wouldn’t hold it’s value, and it wouldn’t help me to get a better job, he’d lend me the money to buy a VW beetle… you don’t borrow money to buy toys he said, that wasn’t wise.

One day in around 1980 I was 60 miles from home, stopped for gas on my bike, only to discover that the five pound note I had left had disappeared, hadn’t done up the zip properly, I had never been into that filling station before, I went in and explained my predicament, he ended up phoning my parents, dad was at work, mum was home, yes she would immediately post him a cheque for £3 for two and a bit gallons of petrol that I’d pumped into the tank… I thanked him and went on my way, and made of point of stopping there for gas when I was passing again.

Around about the same time / era I was off on a trip up to Birmingham to see a band, guy I know says you’ll be passing through Gloucester then, I say aye, he says stop into this address and give this guy this Lucas k2f magneto, he broke down a few weeks before and they guy there said no worries mate I’ve got a spare one and got him on his way again.

A few years later I get a message from work that there is some French guy looking for me, he is on a TR6 (triumph bike) that has lost some of the primary fasteners and is leaking oil and cooked the primary chain, he got my name from a guy in Duarnenez that knew me, said if you need anything in the UK call this guy, took him over to old Stan Thomas’s in Relubbus and got him sorted… pic is of stan in his shop circa 1980…

I could go on, and on, and on.

Don’t get me wrong, people like that are still about, many of my customers, and many of the places I spend money… but there isn’t a one of em a day under 40,  and there isn’t a one of them that like me find like minded souls the exception rather than the rule.

My mother is mid nineties, and still alive, and she was barely old enough to join up and serve in WW2, think on that, if she was 90 she wouldn’t have been old enough, she’d have still been a schoolgirl when the war ended, so she would sort of seen it, but not really, not served, not participated, not exposed to the more horrific parts of it.

On all sides back then there were people who never forgot, and never forgave, so because of geography I’d end up in france ten times as much and as often as I’d end up in germany, and that is the only reason my memories are stronger of old men in the early 1980’s sat outside cafe’s in france muttering about “le boche” tourists, than my memories of old men sat outside german cafe’s muttering about fucking tommies and frogs etc, but special scorn was always held for those of their own country who were traitors, or worse, collaborators… many many many scores were settled, often brutally, right after the war, everyone knew, and nobody did shit.. fuck the law, turnabout and settling scores was fair play.

As a small boy growing up I knew all about the war, it had only ended just over 20 years ago, almost everyone adult had been in it, and you didn’t have to go that far to find shit that was still rubble from bombings 20+ years ago that nobody had yet gotten around to cleaning up.

Nobody thought the Poles down the road were just a regular cross section of people from Poland, everyone knew they were Jews that got out, one on his last legs now sees my mother at sunday mass, he was a tailor.

Everyone knew what propaganda was, on both sides, just prior to the war there was enough commerce and travel and so on that a lot of people had to choose, their english heritage or their german heritage, pick one, and none of them believed for a second that the ones that had chosen to leave were suddenly rabid eaters of babies and rapists of nuns… everyone knew the whole PURPOSE of the propaganda was to make killing the “enemy” possible, because 3 years ago they were Uncle Johann and Tante Mary, who would want to kill them?

Everyone knew about Dachau and Auschwitz, but we also knew about Colditz and Stalag 17 and all the others, it was war, and there was remarkable bravery and humanity, and remarkable savagery and obscenity, on all sides.

The Holocaust (TM) hadn’t been invented back then, Israel was in it’s infancy, the Suez crisis was on yet again because yet again we were all trying to fuck over the Egyptians, and getting back to the old men in cafe’s, funny thing, the one who met the enemy on the field of battle pretty much always had a lot of respect for the “enemy” … it was the ones who were not on the front lines who had all the hate.

Old Joe who got out before hostilities and who will almost certainly die in a month or two still fucking hates the krauts, my old mate’s dad who had to choose sides and ended up in the commandos going back always respected them, even though he ended up fighting in north africa and not Poland…

Now it’s 2017, germany is still being led by the nose by Mutti Merkel, real name, Kasner, a germanicised Ashkenazic jewish name for a community treasurer… and she is only a few years older than me, but unlike me her parents never served in the front lines, nor in the second lines, nor in the third lines, but no matter, all we are supposed to care about is she is yet another incredibly “intelligent” leader (like obummer and all the rest) and since she came from the east she is even more german than the western germans, so fuck you all.

Like all of the above, we all knew who Marx was, who Jung was, who Stalin / Lenin / Beria were, who Benito was, who Adolf was, who Winston was (an arsewipe alcoholic who was kicked out of school and couldn’t build a brick wall) who Quisling was who Lord Haw Haw was, and invariably pretty much everyone who wasn’t a total asshole categorised much of everything they said as pretty sounding but flawed and dangerous rhetoric, pretty much everyone who was a total asshole bought into some or all of it and became mini Marxists and Trotskyites and gravitated towards positions in academia and politics, and started spreading the bile.

When I was a boy the differences between state schools and private schools (I went to private schools) were not so much the academic differences, though these were sometimes obvious, sometimes not, the differences were the private schools focused on an educations, and not teaching all that “lefty crap” as it was seen then.

So private schools produced doctors and soldiers and engineers and the like, and state schools produced factory workers and more teachers and suchlike, even though back then (with some notable exceptions) there wasn’t necessarily a huge different between academic ability, they all did woodwork and metalwork and maths and physics and chemistry and biology, the differences were in things like history and geography, because the private schools also taught things like latin and the roman and greek empires and so on, and it gets hard to teach slanted versions of history when your language classes said something completely different about Sparta or Rome or Constantinople…

Private schools also produced people who had one very different attribute to state schools, the state school pupil disrespected authority, the private school pupil disregarded authority.

A subtle but important distinction, private school kids didn’t vandalise bus stops and property, state school kids didn’t refuse to back down when confronted singly… it was crowd mentality vs individuality.

So today I will watch some cunt wittering on about, for example “fat acceptance” and I am unmoved, I accept you being or choosing to be fat, or gay, or freaky, or anything else you choose to be, it makes no odds to me.

However YOU refusing to accept MY opinion of your <insert here> is anything but acceptance, so I reject both your entire premise, and you as an individual, and everything you claim to represent.

So, the point of this post.

It isn’t just the raghead muslim rapefugees that are the issue, those bastards are as easy to spot as a nigger in a geisha house, the issue is all the bastards that back 60 years ago you’d have needed relentless propaganda to go out and shoot because last week they were Uncle Johann or Tante Mary and JUST LIKE YOU AND YOURS, but now they are more alien than the fucking immigrants, at least they ARE fucking foreign in every sense of the word, THESE cunts are like the quislings and collaborators and traitors, except there are more of them around than there ever were 70 years ago.

It’s going to be a lot more messy is my guess…. because “the front lines” won’t really exist any more, which means nor will the “home front”..  it’s guerilla warfare writ large, *lots* of people with scores to settle… 120,000 divorces a year in the UK alone, so at least 100,000 guys a year stripped of everything, give a 20 year hale and hearty span, that’s a rolling population of 2 million pissed off guys… if only 1% have scores to settle that still a rolling 20,000 guys going postal…  this is on par with serious estimates of ISIS membership during the peak years of 2014, before joining ISIS effectively = comitting suicide and numbers dropped off.

I’m going to make some hitler toast, sure to get arrested, branded a drug dealer and paedo, and imprisoned, meanwhile rapefugees commit actual cimes against persons and property, and crickets..


March 4, 2017

Shiny two

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In a post that may seem entirely unrelated to the last one, this is the post that caused the last one to ferment and be put out there first.

So let’s look at Aleppo, we know bullets and shells and RPG’s have pounded the shit out of it for years, so what has this done to property prices, can you find a place to rent, and if you can, can you afford it?

Well a quick google search gives world bank “data” for 2015, for Aleppo and Syria as a whole. Even though they basically admit they have no real data for Aleppo, they can still come up with values and numbers, and the numbers are frankly insane.

That is insane from the perspective of “you’d have to pay me to live there” but of course there is, as always, a large indigenous population that doesn’t really have that choice, so I suspect that the reality on the ground is that rents are more than most people think shit is worth, but what can you do when you live in a shoe, but you will also see large changes pre and post ISIL/ISIS/CIA because it is the whole economy that takes a beating, not just private rental.

In my own area here in the UK I’m currently looking at industrial property to rent, and if these things go in steps or tiers then the first step is around about £8,000 per annum for around about 1,000 square feet with a roller shutter door and a WC and not much else, which makes it £8 per square foot per annum.

I did look at one yesterday that works out at £4,500 per annum for 1,800 square feet which is a “mere” £2.50 per square foot, but when you compare the two it’s obvious why there are differences, the cheaper one has all sorts of issues that make it simply impractical or impossible to consider for many trades, for example you’d never get a vehicle in there, maybe a motorcycle but nothing larger, too many obstructions, nor could you use a pallet truck and simply drag it and cover 100% of the floor area, it would be more like 20% then some steps then another 25% then there is the upstairs which is dark and dingy and has an asbestos roof…

The “common knowledge” is that open yard space runs around £2 per square foot and small modern unit / workshop space runs around £7.50 per square foot, and this is the bottom step on the ladder.

The next small step up takes things to the £11/12 per square foot where the fitting gets you a half decent office / reception area and generally slightly better work space in terms of quality.

And at that point I could say all sorts of things about what could and should and would etc, but the fact is at £8-10k p.a. there is a selection of places I could move in to tomorrow.

The £4k p.a. places are a lot rarer, partially because most of that old brick and asbestos construction stuff has simply gone, but partially because there are more people around prepared and able to venture that kind of money.

The 8-10k places it doesn’t sound like a lot, £9,000 / 52 weeks = £173 a week, add light and phone and you’re at £200 a week, and you can make an argument that a small business should be able to generate that, but if you’re prudent you won’t even think about moving in until you’re generating that sort of surplus week in and week out.

The £4.5k p.a. place I looked at, I’d take it at £2.5k p.a. because frankly it’s worth it for £48 per week as storage space, I can quarter fill it tomorrow with all the junk that is filling up my double garage, and by junk I mean old motorcycles and tools and equipment, none of which is especially worth anything if sold, but none of which I really want to part with either, just in case…lol

You see the unspoken issue here is BUSINESS premises, it does matter a measurable amount what potential customer’s first impressions are, and while there is not necessarily anything wrong with an old brick built thing, there is a lot wrong with a neglected old brick built thing with redundant wiring and plumbing hanging off the walls and with skips and containers racked up outside and seagulls nesting in the roof down the side of an alley in an old run down estate, when compared to a new steel and block unit on a new estate with all fresh paint and fixtures and fittings.

Which is the same issue with Aleppo, or anywhere else, “who the fuck would trade from here?” is the first impression anyone would have.

So there are very real parallels and connections between all sides of what we glibly refer to as “the economy” and the general state of society, and the cost to get in the door as an entrepreneur and start up your own business.

Here in my region you’re looking at £200 to £250 per week for a small modern workshop unit on an industrial estate, I can get one for half of that 20 miles away out in the sticks, but that doesn’t help me here… or as we have seen I can get one for half of that here, but it’s a shithole.

I’m not going to venture that £250 a week just on the off chance that I can earn it back, it simply does not make good business sense, I’ll be back where I started financially, so, there are only two scenarios where I will jump.

1/ where I stand a very good chance of increasing sales by considerably more than £250 per week because my shiny new premises attract more customers and also allow me to worker smarter and more efficiently.

2/ where I simply do not have a choice because I can’t work efficiently enough or meet demand during whatever interim / startup arrangements I had, eg working out of the spare room / fred’s parking garage / jeff’s lockup / steve’s container…

These are two very very different scenarios, the dictionary definition of entrepreneur is “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.“many entrepreneurs see potential in this market”

And the fact is that only scenario #1 above fits the entrepreneur, and the fact is that 100% of all anyone ever thinks or talks about when they talk about the economy is scenario #1.

The person who takes on the risk of each small block or section of a dozen or so units as described above is of course an entrepreneur, a if they build or finance with a loan 12 units provided they can get 9 or 10 occupied they are ahead on the deal, they can’t then aim for 100% occupancy by lowering the rent on the remaining 2 or 3 as the existing 9 or 10 tenants will be up in arms.

So it is very very very important to understand that this entrepreneurial school of thought and business will never ever ever drop prices, it’s not a supply a demand thing, another fantasy as also beloved of economists, it’s more like the stall speed of an aircraft as mentioned before here, if the plane falls below stall speed it crashes and everyone aboard dies, and the entrepreneur who funded the development makes sure he isn’t ever aboard that plane.

Joe Bloggs property developer does not fund that shit, Joe Bloggs Property Development Inc does, and JBPD Inc can go down the tubes and crash in flames and leave Joe Bloggs standing.

Which brings us to another principle beloved of economists, that of externalising risk, JBPD Inc is Joe Bloggs way of externalising risk.

But back in the real world risk is like pollution or waste or any other burden, you can externalise it all you want, but it is still there, so you need someone else to shoulder ever increasing portions of that risk.

Down at the small end of the scale of the individual start up entrepreneur like me, that means people like me are expected to shoulder not only all my own risks, but also all those risks externalised by everyone above me in the business chain, from commercial premises landlords to “fantastic” corporate customers who expect me to give them 30/60/90 days credit.

And when that all progresses past a certain point, nobody is prepared to do it, nobody except the foolish who will use their house as surety on the new tanning salon and cup cake emporium that is…

And *that* is where we are now with the economy, and I suspect that despite the absence of bullets and mortars and RPG’s, things are not too different on the ground in Aleppo.

If you look at all the official stuff you’ll be told that we as a nation are starting up more businesses year or year than ever before, dig a little deeper and you’ll find darker statistics, 50% of them fail in the first year or two, 90% of them fail by year five, and by fail we mean crash and burn, nothing left, we aren’t even looking at those working 80 hours a week at less than minimum wage to try and stay afloat.

Dig deeper and you’ll come to the big five reasons they all fucked up.

  1. a flawed business plan (cup cake shop)
  2. poor management (can make cup cakes but not balance a cheque book)
  3. poor visibility (cup cake shop ranked 99,999 in fuckbook list of cupcake shops)
  4. not knowing competition (walmart cup cakes)
  5. red tape (cup cake shop never did or filed any accounts or paid any taxes)

Nowhere, ever, in any of these lists of five things to avoid, is the 800 lb gorilla in the room, which is that no business has any hope *whatsoever* of surviving if it is overburdened from the start by other business’s externalised risks.

And by overburdened I mean accepting *any* of them.

Of course, and this is the real point of this article, this doesn’t only apply if you are thinking of starting a small business, it applies to everyone everywhere, because this is the very core nature of the economic climate that we all inhabit.

A very lucid comment was made on zerohedge a few days about the whole obamacare / repeal obamacare fiasco, the guy said NOBODY NEEDS HEATH INSURANCE, PEOPLE NEED HEALTH CARE

He was quite right, the problem isn’t lack of skilled medics or medicine, the problem is insurance companies getting in the way and making sure they themselves externalise all risks while making maximum profits.

Economists will tell you that this is simple economics 101, economy and commerce itself is simply impossible without it, please look elsewhere for your problems.

It simply isn’t true, it never was, sure there was an old corollary that the riskier the business proposition the more profit there had better be on the table, and the nadir of that was the south sea bubble or the tulip bubble, vast profits promised, vast numbers of people lost their shirts, that is the way it should be.

And at this point you should be able to see some lines coming in to focus, the whole issue of externalising risk and putting it on to someone else so that no matter what, you yourself never lose out, and Brexit and Trump getting elected and the rise of the nationalist far right in general and of course that fucking white man Putin, and of course previous stories here about me getting cold calls about buying a Land Rover, a company now owned wholly by Tata, an Indian company.

YOU THINK you were voting to make “$my country$ great again”, but all the resident incumbents heard and saw was you voting to take away the one good toy/trick they have.

Internalise risk for any and every single one of these mega corporations and they’ll be sued out of existence almost overnight and their “valuations” will literally go from being larger than several countries combined to negative numbers.

30 years ago we laughed our asses off at stupid lawyer happy americans who could sue macdonalds for serving coffee hot enough to drink, and hot enough to scald, and not putting a warning on the cup.

now people are crashing autopilot tesla’s left right and centre and nobody is getting sued and the company is still going…. there was an actual case in the US in the seventies about some dweeb in an RV who put it on cruise control and went in back to get a drink and sued because they company did not warn him cruise control meant he still had to drive.

All that came out of that and the macdonalds bitch and many many many others were companies learned how to externalise ever more risk, and to sell ever more risky products at ever more inflated prices.

BY VERY DEFINITION the technology that allows tesla to make the cars they do can also be harnessed to shut down a car for 15 minutes should the driver even momentarily;

  1. take both hands off the wheel
  2. drive significantly faster than either the speed limit or the surrounding traffic
  3. drive / steer / brake hard enough to exceed 0.1 G in any axis
  4. repeatedly take their eyes off the road to stare at their mobile / breakfast / book / makeup bag / the bitchez in the mini skirts on the pavement
  5. indulge in poor lane discipline
  6. drive a defective vehicle, lights not working or not used when they should be etc
  7. I could go on.

“Gun’s don’t kill people, people kill people”

Nobody mentions the 4th amendment in 1868 as the point when companies became “people”.

In a country of 300,00 million human beings it’s sure as shit that more die every year at the hands of the obamacare corporate people than died in 9/11, and nobody says shit.

In 9/11 3,000 died and 6,000 were injured.

In 2015 in the USA alone 38,000 died (that’s a 9/11 every 28.59 days) and 4.4 million were injured (that’s a 9/11 every 11.9 hours) but hey, (corporate) people kill people.

You can’t extrapolate from one small guy trying to start and run a business in europe to the global socio/politico/economic scene, but on the other hand neither can you simply dismiss it as being utterly irrelevant.

You can observe how various forces and laws of nature act upon a grain of sand, and see connections to how those same forces act upon whole continents and oceans.

My small business goals and the goals of the businesses and so on in the economy as a whole are mutually exclusive, for one very trivial and simple reason, I belive risk should be apportioned where it is due.. I am more than happy to shoulder the responsibilities of my own risks, I just don’t want anyone else’s.

That simple statement in 2017 amounts to high treason, sedition and terrorism.

Miss or downplay this point in any way shape or form, and you miss entirely what is really going on in the world, and what is at stake, which is the complete dissolution of either the way the MIC has worked for the last 30 years, or any semblance of individual freedom and liberty.


Shiny side up.

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There’s a story doing the rounds now from Australia, it features a small girl I’d guess was about 3 when she died in 2013, her mother, her father, and her father’s (male) flatmate, the mother and the father both have that “born fuckin’ crazy” look in their eyes, the child died after having something shoved up it’s nether orifices, suffering internal injury, bleeding and then infection and death.

It’s anyone’s guess if said penetrations were a one off or a regular occurrence that just got a bit too wild and rough one time.

Contrary to everyone else my take is that just looking at mom and dad with that crazy look in their eyes I wouldn’t have stopped at sterilizing the pair of them, I’d execute them.. but then again I’d probably execute 75% of the population if someone made me God tomorrow, but only because I am a kind and empathic person, if I was a vicious bastard and I was made God for a day I’d do sweet fuck all……  except have all media planet wide publish a sequence of three words eight hours apart.




In exactly the way that I pray the psycho skank ho ex lives to be 100, every extra year of life for her is another 365 days in which she will hate the world she inhabits.

Everyone who has spent the past 40 years destroying the society and civilisation we had should get to live as long as possible in what it is being replaced with, of course, like my psycho skank ho ex, everything is everyone else’s fault, she’s the victim in this, reminds me a lot of the state of politics world wide at the moment.

Can’t be more than a week or two before the revelation that mild mannered man of steel Clark Kent is / was actually a KGB stooge controlled by Putin, and Lois Lane is his Mossad handler.

That’s the problem with all this up is down black is white evil is good fake news stuff, the crazies like the “australian baby P” parents and friends don’t know what is and isn’t acceptable any more, hell, maybe they were just going to order in some pizza, and next thing you know the guy has his 3 year old daughter impaled on something, maybe his tinfoil hat slipped, could happen to anyone.

It’s like good coffee, when you’re a lifelong coffee drinker (to excess) then grinding and drinking 10 grams of good beans and the same again an hour later and the same again an hour later may give you the shits, or it may not, but other wise it’s all good…. everyone else gets seriously fucked up on that shit.

These crazies do stuff that you would think would fuck your head up if you woke up one morning to find you had done it last night, meh, they may get the shits for a day or so then they’re good to go.

Bring me another small child, I done broke this one…

And who knows if I’m talking about the australian baby p’s parents or the mccanns or pizzagate or or or or the list is almost endless.

Of course all this rampant paedophilia in high and low places could just be alien lizard people crazy bullshit fantasy talk, or it could be straight up.

Speaking as a citizen of the west, it is the one subject that I can write about (provided that is writing as in publishing, not writing as in private communication) but which I can never ever ever even think about trying to research, not if I want to retain my freedom, either personal or electronic / net access freedoms…. which, when you think about it, is a really fantastic way to stop anyone researching it.

Because, let’s face it, like QE being the last weapon that the economists and bankers have which both has power and which can be wielded at will without the public rising up and stringing everyone from lamp posts, paedophilia is the last weapon of blackmail and influence that anyone has, it’s the last remaining effective antibiotic against the masses, everything else has been so over used that we are immune to it, politicians and judges fucking pig heads and getting whipped and pissed on and sucking whores toes is so fucking yesterday, nobody gives a fuck.

And *when* someone drops the cookie jar and it spills out just how many of the high and mighty have been pulled by the puppet strings of video evidence of the indulging, and I suspect the true numbers will measure in the thousands at the very least, hell we had so many of our own politicians, the ever fluffy Harriet Harman was only one of many who was a friend of PIE (Paedophila Information Exchange) members back at the beginning of her otherwise unexplained rise to power, what do you think all the fucking crazies will do?

Monkey see, monkey do.

And the fucking crazies outnumber the high and mighty 10,000 to 1 and I’m only talking the serious fucking crazies like this latest australian couple, or jihadis, or maidan, or greenpeace, or whatever.

So, if you are a Johnny Ive or an Elon Musk or a Mark Zuckerberg or a Hitlary Clinton or a George Soros or a Rupert Murdoch, what do you do?

Well, you only have two real choices in long term strategies, one is to build a fucking impregnable private 5 star bunker somewhere on the roads less trodden, and the other one is to hide behind your own personal militia, you know, get elected to run a country or ten.

Then some fucking hick comes along with his goddamned bouffont hair and steals your fucking election out from under you.

And what does he do?

He takes to fucking twitter and fucking soft soaps every bastard telling them how much he fucking loves them, be they FBI or CIA or DHS or EPA or what the fuck ever, just so long as they ain’t wapo or NYT or Huffington, those he trolls, and the only ones he is *really* cosying up to is the fucking military.

Guy isn’t planning on winning a second term, he’s planning on literally surviving the first, and not saving anyone else along the way.

Only problem with *that* shit is it all depends on all that ooorah (not targeting US forces, applies worldwide) military brothers in arms bullshit, ain’t no such thing as an ex marine, cept for all the ones I know who got tossed on the scrap heap as soon as wifey divorced them or their limbs got blown off or they were otherwise surplus to requirements, and then they find that even amongst their own kind on the scrapheap this week is fuck your buddy week, just like every other week.

ground baby bamboo shoots in your grits will kill you just as sure as a 45-70 to the head, so will dysentery, or a crazy, or no potable water, or a million other things, surprisingly few men died on the battlefield because they ran out of ammo, and even in modern warfare surprisingly many died for reasons other than a bullet.

There were some guys on a Yank forum I frequent recently talking about what weapon to buy, 5.56 or 7.62 etc, 999 of the usual replies and one guy who said none of the above, carry a good knife and take whatever long gun you want from a dead body, because if it comes to that there will be plenty of dead bodies and plenty of people conserving ammo, and they won’t waste a bullet on a guy 200 yards away with a knife, 100 maybe, 50 certainly, so don’t approach anyone alive with a long gun and a knife will do you fine.

Everyone fights the last war, including the Donald I reckon.

March 2, 2017

Blood in the water

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I bet you thought I was going to talk about the latest Trump / Sessions / Pelosi shit eh..

“Blood in the water” is one of those phrases that is on the face of it self explanatory, and yet, utterly misleading.

You’re probably already thinking of some hollywood esque scene with a swimmer in trouble thrashing around in pink foam surrounded by sharks or piranha… when in fact nothing could be further from scientific truth.

Scientific truth is the blood to be detectable and attract the predator is measured in parts per million, or less, you certainly cannot see it, in fact the only time you can see it is either in the case of a single victim within inches of the actual wound, and that is only in calm clear waters, or in the case of hundreds of victims in a “bordered” area like a cove where they are all clubbed to death… and that usually happens hand in hand with sea ice and snow which is not water, and which does readily show blood…

No, the blood in the water that I am talking about is my phone, now while the phone itself has gone from Samsung Galaxy S1 through various iterations to the present Note 4, the sim card, contract and phone number have all remained unchanged.

The use has essentially remained unchanged too, the very first one was set up paired with my gmail/google account, and I haven’t really done anything different since.

So, essentially, nothing has changed.

My phone rang 2 minutes ago, it’s a call from Land Rover, and yes it actually was from them and not a call centre, could they email me the brochure for the new award winning 2017 Discovery, “FUCK OFF!” and add the number to the block list.

In the past 2 or three months cold calls trying to sell me shit have gone from maybe one every two or three weeks to two or three a day, and as the above example shows, no it is not all was I mis sold PPI insurance or was I involved in a car crash as a victim, in fact those sorts of calls are as rare as they ever were.

These are calls trying to sell me higher end goods and services, like the aforementioned new Disco, a UK£44k+ item (43.5 k for the entry level job), I know, it’s so award winning and fucking wonderful the cunts are cold calling anyone who might have credit on the off chance of selling one…

These sorts of things, taken together, are blood in the water.

When the sorts of people who cold call me try to sell me product X, then you know product X is in dire straits and going down fast and the cold calling world + dog is not merely the last hope, but the last gasp of the dying creature.

And, when we are talking about things like the new award winning 2017 model 5th generation Land Rover Disco, it’s not the iphone, LR group make a bunch of vehicles, LR group is owned by Tata now since they bought it from Ford (along with Jaguar) a few years ago, so the whole company doesn’t rely on a single flagship product to sink or swim.

Or, it *shouldn’t*, but when you get cold called to see if you have any interest in the new model, that’s blood in the water, so clearly things are anything but rosy at Jaguar Land Rover and at Tata.

And by anything but rosy I do not mean “if we can pull this sales push off, we can keep the plants open for another year or two, and maybe by then things will be better…“, it’s way way way beyond that, it’s all already written down behind the scenes as being sold off or scrapped, this is just an exercise to get rid of inventory while the getting is good…

Shades of Victory Motorcycles, the wannabe Harley company owned by Polaris, who very recently shut up shop, Victory is no more… you do not have to ask what that has done to the value of a 2015 Victory should you be unfortunate enough to own one.

That’s another local guy who won’t ever talk to me again, he laughed at me for saying I’d *consider* selling my 14 (now 15) year old HD for around 10k, he reckoned I was 3 to 4k over optimistic, I replied not really as I’m not trying to sell, if you *want* to buy you have to persuade me to be in a selling mood, and 9k won’t persuade me, and don’t forget I own it outright and don’t have any other debts or loans that I need to service, even if I can’t afford to ride it (ins and fuel) I *can* afford to keep it…. anyway he was telling me I should have bought a nearly new Victory, like him, I said yeah, but it’s not a Harley, is it….  I said if Victory stop trading next year they are just another make that has been around a few years and gone, a 2014 kwack vulcan or suzi boss would have been a better buy, as everyone will still know what it was in 10 or 20 years time.

Little did I know I would be proven right in just under 1 year….

But I wasn’t a prophet, the blood was in the water for Victory for all with eyes to see, it’s wasn’t a Harley, and it was a lot more expensive than all the Jap vee twins, and the “better tech” card played against HD owners jumping ship falls flat because the same card once played means you’ll buy a Jap vee twin, and besides, HD already played that card with the V-rod, and outside Europe it didn’t sell for shit, and now that line is ended…. so the Victory “wasn’t a harley” but was “better tech than harley” but poorer tech and more expensive than any of the jap vee twins, which also were not harleys…..

Still, having shitcanned Victory, the parent company Polaris is focusing on the Indian brand… yeah, no blood in the water there… like fuck…. the reasons for now buying an Indian being exactly the same reasons for buying a Victory, not a harley, better tech than harley, and it will die too, not a harley, poorer tech than the japs, more expensive that the japs…

Of course this shit does *not* just apply to global brands like Land Rover and so on, on the contrary, when the big boys start catching a cold the tens of thousands of smaller fish are all suffering from double pneumonia and rectal prolapse.

I started my own small business about three years ago and launched it properly about two years ago and started doing it full time about one year ago, and while it isn’t something as universally available as a cup cake / nail art / tanning shop, it’s not exactly brain transplants either.

The name of the company is two words, the second word is what we do, the first word is where we are, for example London Plumbing, partly because I lack imagination and an MBA from Harvard, partly because I have no time for generic branding, what the fuck do “Inspiration Ltd” (hopefully a made up name, but I doubt it) do?

That and a good home made website is it, the sum total of all my advertising and marketing.

The name was chosen because I figured maybe 20 miles was the radius of the catchment area for potential customers… so important to have a local name, and the of course to say what we did.

I really must buy a map of the UK and start sticking pins in it, to be sure there are still a few counties and regions that I have not had any customers from, but even so…. just yesterday a customer who is themselves in a similarish (printers) sort of business, but who have three huge sheds full of million pound printing machinery on an industrial estate 200+ miles away took delivery of an order that I/we did for them, and between us and them as the crow flies or courier drives is basically 75% of the country and therefore business.

What the fuck… what the fuck is going on in these regions that they are bypassing them and ending up with me, 100 or 150 or 200 miles away, and placing an order with me?

Blood in the water.


But, it is EVEN WORSE THAN THAT, because the corollary to having blood in the water is to have predators attracted to the blood and the consumption of the victim.

What we are seeing now is blood in the water, but no predators, so instead of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem where the herd is thinned out by the predators taking the weakest and hindmost and plain unlucky for lunch, what we now have are the weak and infirm slowly bleeding out while infection sets in over a protracted period of time….

…..there is an ocassional twitch and muted claim “I’m not dead yet…”

But there is no vigour anywhere to be seen, there is no life, no dynamic struggle, no straining sinew and no red in tooth and claw, it’s more 1930’s midwest (US) dustbowl than 1930’s central african veldt, what skeletons there are have been picked clean by bacteria and desiccating winds and insects, not gnawed and cracked by predators.

And it is symptomatic of society as a whole, we have bred nations of totally weak and worthless ineffectual wimps, so a local WPC has just quit the Police Force after 13 years because she can’t handle the way the senior brass and management no longer support front line staff… boo hoo..

I’m just left with a feeling of well, that’s what happens when you start allowing wimminz in to do a man’s job, they can’t fucking hack it.

When I was a boy 95% of Plod were ex-service men who had seen action, and I mean real action, not this crew served 1000 yards from the enemy or better still 5000 yards *above* the enemy shit, so ONE fucking Police Constable was sent to a pub to break up a fight and arrest all those responsible, and if he couldn’t do it by himself, then maybe being a cop wasn’t the fucking job for you sunshine.

Dirty Harry was never about the Neanderthal with the 44 magnum asking punks if they felt lucky, it was all about one man doing a job without delay and without constantly calling for either backup or approval or permission.

For the purposes of the film he got it right more than he got it wrong, and for the purposes of the film he got it right without having any of the unsavoury characteristics of someone strong enough to get it right all by their lonesome.

Lt Colombo was popular because he had many of the unsavoury characteristics, he still got the job done though.

For the purposes of films everyone who is evil can dress in black and everyone who is good can dress in white, and no need to change costumes before the last reel ends… there is never blood in the water, there is never 80% of the cast being both utterly incompetent at their stated job while also not giving a fuck as long as they get paid, I’m all right jack.

We *used* to call that “institutionally corrupt” and it was always a thing to be despised, and in story-telling it always led to a bitter ending for the protagonist.

95% of politicians / lawyers / business leaders / employees are now institutionally corrupt, same can be said for parents, no wonder when the penalty for being otherwise is divorce, imprisonment and seizure not only of your assets but also your future earning power.

Blood in the water may be a parts per million thing, but what happens when it’s not just areas that are contaminated in parts per million so that predators swimming in the vast majority of clear water can sense it?

What happens when the contamination is so widespread that it is a background source and it doesn’t really matter what water sample you take, you’ll get some sort of positive reading.

In this environment predators can’t find prey, and they die out, and the prey instead of being consumed, slowly rot away and pollute the commons still further.

Then you only start noticing the blue blood in the water, when the relative royalty starts to exsanguinate, like fucking Lard Rover (sic) cold calling me to try to sell me an “Award Winning” 2017 Disco.

The whole question of how something that needs a going out of business sale can win awards, who gives these awards, who clothes the emperor and so on, it outside the scope of this piece.

The scope of this piece is just, well, I’d never have predicted that in a million fucking years. I’d have predicted they’d just sell it off or fold, I’d ***never*** have predicted they would stoop so low or so desperate as to start cold calling people who might be able to swing the credit……..


February 27, 2017

What about the wimminz?

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I have had a few messages about this of late, all asking essentially the same thing, what happened to all the content about wimminz and fucking, that was good, there is too much of this general political / economic / social stuff…

Well, one the one hand there is this..


I’d already said all I felt that I needed to say or had to say on the subject / events that prompted the initial creation of the blog… and as that article says, those events rapidly opened my eyes to the fact that there is no divide or disconnect between an individual wimminz and the state as a whole, that’s like trying to separate the lion that may or may not be stalking you, from the bush and everything else in it.

I recognise that some of the posts could be taken as “how to get laid easy” or just taken as free and unsanitary entertainment watching some other guy plumb the depths of sexual dysfunction, but I’d hope that it was always obvious that the intent was never to focus on the lion and deny the existence or influence of the bush / veldt.

Perhaps it’s my engineering background, but I come from a place where it was fairly routine to have structures or systems that were far too big to see before you in one shot, or too complex, or too extensive, there was no place where you could stand and see and know everything, and there was no real possibility of methodically going everywhere and testing everything, so instead you just kept a general eye out, you looked for tell tales, the cracked paint, the leaking fluids, the flickering connection, the temperature dependent hysteresis, or indeed the absence of something expected… in effect the lone lion in the bush, but not acting as you would expect… or having a vulture circling the lion…

Nobody ever thought that the flaking paint was the *reason* the structure failed, of if only it had been painted / repainted better / more often, it would not have failed, no, rather the flaking paint was an indicator of excess flexing or unexpected environmental issues or simply a lack of maintenance…  painting a bridge is as boring as fuck but it is also as easy as fuck, so if corners are cut there… plus, the painter is no longer visually inspecting the entire structure periodically…  what’s that, we don’t have any painters any more? it’s outsourced to a company that does maintenance?sombrochure

This weekend I had to move an old Lister gen set, one of the 2.5 kW start-o-matic cs 6/1 jobs, the spec sheet says 1,500 lbs which at 2.2 lbs to the Kg = 681 Kg

I knew there was a fork lift at the collection site and it’s sat on a pallet so no problem there, it was the delivery site that was the issue, so I rented a small panel van with a tail lift rated at 500 Kg, as in, it will lift 500 Kg, sure, no way it will lift 700 Kg but it only has to lower it.

So the two other guys at the loading site, one who owns the forklift and one who owns the shed it has sat in for the last 9 years, are both engineering types, and they are both sucking their teeth at my unloading proposal, how light the aluminium construction tail lift is… I’m all meh, a 5/16″ bolt will hold a ton (albeit not safely or with any safety factor multiplier) she’ll be fine, and of course it was, and of course at no time was I anything other than ready to jump away and let the bastard crash down and smash, but I was listening for tell tales, the pinging and cracking and creaking of metallic structures coming under heavy load, there weren’t any of note, so at no time was I seriously concerned.

Society and the economy however, that bitch was cracking and pinging and creaking back in the 1980’s (arguably before then, but my argument is that in the 1980’s remedial maintenance would have been possible without too much widespread pain) but instead of those signs being taken as what they were, for example the port town I was living in in 1980 had an *official* 30% unemployment rate, it was portrayed as necessary growing pains in the transition from the buggy whip economy to the new age of the jetsons economy.

In the last 35 years that region has grown *hugely* in population it has at least doubled if not trebled, and given that all the traditional industries have all but disappeared I’m at a loss to explain what all these people do for a living, it certainly is not farming or fishing or dockyard or associated tasks and skills.

The current squeeze is born and bred in that area, and she was born in the period I mentioned above, so she has no recollection of it, no recollection at all of things I describe with me saying things like this town and this town used to be separate, this here was all fields right up the valley as far as the eye could see, this here main road used to be a tiny country lane, that marina wasn’t there, that eco-hub wasn’t there, and that quay used to have fishing boats tied up to it, same as in *my* father’s day, and *his* father’s day…

The county of devon all by itself used to produce over 1/3rd of the country’s supply of both beef and milk, and it wasn’t any slouch at all the other crops either.

I can walk outside my front door and see ironworks in the road that were made and cast here, a mile down the road there used to be a small motorcycle factory, a name you will never have heard of in the grand scheme of things, but they ran for 30/40 years, I could go on and on, nowadays there is some *very* light manufacturing but otherwise nothing, fields are empty of both crops and herds as far as they eye can see and as far as you can drive, the population has gone from 70,000 to 115,000 between 1980 and now, the shopping centre car parks are full of relatively new cars, and I have no fucking idea what all these people do to earn all this money, because nobody is making anything to speak of and nobody is growing anything to speak of.

Every single one of these things is the mechanical creak / groan / crack tell tale, and they have all been either blithely ignored or simply passed off as necessary growing pains in the transition from buggy whips to the jetsons.

The wimminz is just more of the same, in the seventies there were the local sluts and the village bikes, same as it ever was, and I was there first hand as the drug taking ex con guy riding the hard tailed chopped murdercycle and sticking two fingers up at everything, so I was in a position to know first hand, and even the sluts back then had cock counts easily met or exceeded by today’s “nice girls”… fuck, the out and out cash for sex prostitutes back then saw less action than today’s sluts… memory is an elusive thing but I can’t recall any girls back then who had had an actual threesome, just one or two extreme sluts who fucked two guys in one night.

But then again I can’t remember any young girls back then who did not have a father and a mother back home to kick ass, I’m sure there were single parent households as such, and I can recall a couple that were, as in the husband or wife had died, but I don’t remember going to school with or playing (as a child) with anyone who did not have a mum and dad at home.

Honest biologists and biochemists and medics and geneticists and so on will all tell you that wimminz today and wimminz back then are in nature essentially the same creature, only nurture has changed, and boy how has it changed.

Comment on the change and you become a Luddite wanting to throw your clogs into the new machinery of joy and commerce and creation, in shades of the Trumpian thing where he is complaining about illegal immigration and the opposition is saying we are all immigrants so fuck you Donald… nobody is listening to what you are *actually* saying.

What I am *actually* saying is I am and have always been an avid proponent or progress and engineering and technology and change, more avid than most, more avid than 99.5% of the population I’d bet.

But this other stuff, this other change.. it has sweet fuck all to do with a transition to a jetsons future, unless you were to go ever so carefully through that jetsons future and ever so carefully only select the dystopian and disruptive and dissociative elements of that future, while explicitly barring all the good stuff.

Wimminz are just the canary in the coal mine, they are fuck all to do with the geotechnology of the mine itself or the board of directors who own and run that shit or the greater economy than buys and consumes the stuff the mine produces.

They are just the canary.

But the canary was a tell tale, and early warning sign, a trigger.

Now we are at a place where naturally all the canaries are dead, they have been replaced by robochiken (sic) and the cages have been done away with too, but perhaps the greatest mistake you could possibly make in your entire life is to assume that this has all happened because of some arcane and evil overarching master plan.

It is the opposite, it is the very embodiment of a chaotic system which no group of individuals is either in control of, or is capable of comprehending to any significant degree.

Imagine how it feels to be a business or world leader, with a team of people to feed you up to the minute reports on anything and everything you like, and yet still none of it makes sense, and the moment you try to impose order or even simply experiment to see what happens if I do this over here, the results are so chaotic you cannot even separate them from the noise.

It is a *mistake* to think that these people, these leaders, these movers and shakers, are afraid of us and our knowledge.

Please do not be thinking that I believe these people are anything but arrogant and evil and corrupt, I am *******NOT******* in any way trying to paint them in a good light or express sympathy or solidarity for them or with them.

They are all fucking corrupt greedy ignorant nasty assholes, because they all know as well as we do that frankly they haven’t got a fucking clue what their meddling does, most of them probably believe that the system is so chaotic it doesn’t matter what they do, it can’t change the outcome, but, my contempt stems from the fact that there will never ever ever be a shortage of candidates eager and willing to take very highly paid positions of power as captains of ships sailing through interminable minefields.

This is what “they” mean when they call “us” deplorables, we are the majority, and we are not fixing shit, and we are the only ones who have any hope of fixing shit, because they all know they are incapable, social justice warriors KNOW they have to call someone in to do the wiring and the plumbing and the growing and making.

THIS, then, has been the purpose, if there is any beyond mere venting, of this blog.

It has been to give examples of how any why no matter how crazy and out of control you thought things were, you probably lowballed it by a couple of orders of magnitude.

chaotic systems do not inevitably end in mass death and destruction, it’s just one possible outcome.

Chaotic systems are above all else by definition UNSTABLE systems.

In shades of the 700 Kg load on the 500 Kg tail lift and two out of three engineers sucking their teeth, you can’t really chastise someone for expressing concern at seeing an unstable system, or being wrong (as I have been constantly every year since 1995) about just how long the house price bubble could continue to inflate.. it’s easy to ridicule chicken little for being afraid the sky will come crashing down, meteor crater, Tunguska and the dinosaur killer excepted of course, that’s “different”

PS none of the above should be taken as me claiming that there are no powerful forces, whether they be fronted by individuals like Soros or hidden in the shadows like certain ethnic groups, at work in all this chaos in an attempt to significantly improve their lot.

I’m just saying you are a fool if you think any of them, or anyone else, is actually controlling this chaotic system we find ourselves in in 2017, it is a chaotic system, by definition it is not being controlled.

The tragedy of the commons is more apt.

Fixed mindsets as to your own role or status in this chaos, or fixed playbooks as to your own actions and behaviours in this chaos, are what will probably end you early.

Animals flee an earthquake / tsunami” may be true, but it is a peculiar human quirk of the mind to go from a statement of general strategy which makes no observations whatsoever about moment to moment actions or the consequences of same, to a belief that no cat / dog / bird / cow / goat / whatever ever got killed by an earthquake / tsunami.

You only ever see the ones that are running.

You never observe that individual strategy to the end of the play for those individual creatures.

That does NOT mean that it is a bad thing to be aware of the general behaviour of all the animals, and to be one of the first ones to note that *lots* of them are acting all wierd and lots of them are all going thataways or at least they aren’t *here* now I notice…

The trick in 2017 is knowing what the analogue to the animals fleeing the earthquake is, and spotting it, and understanding that by no means do all those that run survive.

Sometimes the only optimal survival strategy is to not be where the shit hits the fan, in the interconnected globalist world of 2017, that’s as hard as predicting a spot safe from orbital strike by meteors.

February 24, 2017

Ongoing themes here at Wimminz

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One is edumakayshum, y’all are more than entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts, and some facts are really simple, because they are nothing more than really simple maths.

For example you can’t work from 25 to 50 years old in one job and expect to get a pension from 50 to 75 years old that matches your take home, unless you have been paying over half of your gross wages into that pension the first 25 years.. you can’t get a quart out of a pint pot.

Doesn’t stop people (almost exclusively state employees) complaining hard and loud when this is mentioned, “we were promised” they scream, yeah, and you should have been sacked for stupidity the instant you accepted that “promise” as anything but total bullshit back in year 1 of your employment.

“But Bill got it when he retired 20 years ago!!!”

yup, that’s the very definition of how Ponzi schemes work, the handful of early winners are bait for the hordes of later losers.

Had the same thing here with the still ongoing current squeeze, she’s on a dressmaking gig, and like her daughter who will draw a stick figure and then an cartoon of a dress on said stick figure and call herself a designer, this one just did not get what I was repeatedly saying to her.

“There is only one way to do this and make it work, and you are not doing it that way.”

So I got some paper and rolled it into a tube and handed her some scissors and said go cut me some pieces to make a right angle elbow.

It’s a thing from my engineering days, you can lay out your cuts on a marking table, and cut every piece at the exact same angle so all the edges to be welded are identical lengths, or you can fuck it up totally, and to everyone who would not listen I’d say OK, go for it, let’s see what you get.

Same thing goes for dressmaking, design criteria aside, if the length of the edges on the sleeve does not exactly match the length of the edges on the body, it’s going to look like shit.

So we had a conversation about it afterwards, and I explain, what pisses people like me off is NOT the fact that you do not know this shit, though frankly you should, it is basic geometry after all, what pisses people like me off is the fact that you thought you DID NOT NEED to know this shit to get the job done right.

By definition you don’t know enough to quantify just how ignorant you are on a given subject, but only a fucking idiot assumes they know as much as anyone else…

It’s a crushing blow to the ego, and she has been quite depressed at the implications, and just how much of her life to date she has clearly wasted pursuing doomed goals, and it is a crushing blow to realise that of all the (expert) people willing to teach her this shit, NONE of them even mentioned such basics, ergo they don’t actually know what they are doing either, which in itself calls into question every single other area of supposed competence of these people.

By definition, if you are actually very good at something that you studied long and hard to master, you are very unlikely to over-estimate your own competence at anything else, but, if you carry the reputation of being an expert by dint of your job title, but actually know fuck all, you will over estimate your competence at everything else too.

Suddenly she is thinking of people she knew, people who would never in a million years have claimed to be good at maths, but people who just do instant mental arithmetic that is beyond her, and lo and behold, one was a bricklayer, one was a glazier, one was a sawmill owner/operator… people who used basic maths all day every day or went bust..

You can’t knock her 10 year old kids for not knowing all the times tables by heart, because she doesn’t either, never learned a trade, never needed to learn them, despite working all her life in a man’s job, no idea at all about fractions, or percentages, or moving the decimal place left and right to multiply and divide by powers of ten…

Quelle surprise her and her ex eagerly signed up for an interest only mortgage and went on holiday on the credit card… ideal consumers H^H^H^ indentured servants…

As has been commented in the previous Growth post, usury is an evil thing, unless the rates are fixed forever at less than 1%, and unless the capital really is repaid in full as agreed, and unless the terms are 10 years or less, and unless there is state wide debt eradication (paid or not) every 50 years, which would make it really hard to borrow, as it used to be.

These innumerate youths of today can borrow more on a SINGLE credit card than I could borrow in total from all three banks that I bank with, even as an overdraft facility.

I have nephews who have never learned a practical skill or trade skill in their lives, they can barely wire a plug with instructions, and yet they are employed as managers of this that and the other…

The bitch is *constantly* amazed at the incredible variety of things I can fix or make work, 2 days ago it was dressmaking, today is was making shears work, she said they needed sharpening, they didn’t, just cheap shit that needed the blades bending to make a moving point of contact, they way they should have been made, so she thinks I am amazing, I think I know the bare minimum to survive, and pennies are dropping left right and centre.

Maybe I am not such a rude arrogant and ignorant cunt for the way I treat people who can’t do BASIC maths or geometry or trig or repairs or cooking or whatever, maybe I’m actually right, and maybe all these people are not merely unbelievably ignorant, but unbelievably privileged and arrogant as well..

.. check your privilege white boy, always uttered by someone that can’t wire a house or plumb a house or build a house or maintain any of the above themselves…

Essentially free credit and the past 50 years of economists wanking on about “growth” is *not* merely limited to a Ponzi scheme debt bubble that will crash democracy and liberty for all, that side effect isn’t even the icing on the cake.

The Morloch and Eloi do not have to be different species that diverged over time so they are enemies that can no longer interbreed or co-exist, you can do the same thing far more rapidly and thoroughly in a mere generation or two, by breeding and raising an entire class of people who are in fact totally fucking clueless about almost everything (quite the achievement) while simultaneously believing that they are hot shit at everything.

*THIS* is the real divide between the Brexiters and the Trumpers and all the rest to follow, “they” can’t survive without “us”, and “we” aren’t going to carry “them” any fucking longer.

In shades of my brother’s youngest sprog returning from university for the holidays, and the boy enquired “where are we going / what are we doing about holidays this year” only to be told “who the fuck is we….”

You’re on your own now boy.

And it going to get much worse much faster than anyone in “their” camp realises, because the absolute lowest possible value that any of “them” place on their asses is way above the highest value “we” place on them…  a no hold’s barred night of kinky fuckery with both your daughters?  Yeah, that’ll buy them a warm bed to get fucked in and maybe a cold breakfast.. maybe…

What they gonna do tomorrow?

Not my problem.

Plan on asking me for charity or assistance on their behalf next year? Better plan on them spending all this year being my hoochie coochies and saving up that credit you’re going to be drawing on next year.

The fiscal credit that “they” have been living large off the past 40 years is *nothing* compared to the moral and intellectual credit.

February 21, 2017


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It simply is not possible to talk to anyone even remotely involved in “economics” and to not talk about “growth”.

A “one” man business that has been handed down from father to son for four generations, say a butcher, who has sold exactly 1 cow 2 sheep and 3 pigs worth of meat every week for 100 years will be seen as a business with zero growth and therefore totally broken.

It gets even worse because “growth” is measured in percent, which is an exponential function when it is compounded, 1% annual growth for 100 years is 1.01 XY 100 = 2.704 so even at a measly and uselessly underperforming 1% annual growth the grandson has a bigger shop, 2 employees and 3x the meat sold.

At a barely acceptable economists 4% annual growth it gets insane real fast, 1.04 XY 100 = 50.505, the grandson has a chain of shops, 50 employees and sells 51x the meat.

Unless of course he is one of the 49 one man butcher businesses that has been eliminated by the guy who expanded at 4% per annum.

Even if those 49 all got jobs in the one that expanded, they will no longer be living rent free in the house over the shop, nor will they be earning the same money.

Nor are we talking about buggy whip makers here going the way of the dodo, we are talking about a business that is every bit as viable as it was in grandpa’s day, people still buy and eat meat.

I’m not even going anywhere near the fact that the big supermarkets are literally incapable of stocking anything even remotely approaching the quality stocked by my local farm shop and local butcher (who raises much of his own meat on the hoof) or pointing out inconsistencies such as the farm shop able to sell genuine succulent flavour explosion spanish oranges at 2.95 a kilo, and the local Morrison’s supermarket stocking water filled vaguely orange flavoured spanish oranges at 3.00 a kilo, a whole 5p a kilo more for the vastly inferior product…

Going back to our butcher, at 11% annual growth we get 1.11 XY 100 = 34,064.175, our one man butcher is now a small town, all by himself…

But, when all you have is a hammer, everything becomes a nail, and when all you have is an “economist”, everything becomes annual growth or contraction measured in percent, and anything below 5% annual growth is considered tragic.

When I was a boy a recession was defined as a contraction in the money supply, there was literally less money in free circulation, it was also referred to as deflation, as opposed to inflation.

Which brings us to the other side of things, how much is 1 kg of prime beef from our one man butcher?

If the value of money in circulation is inflated the price per kilo goes up, but the kilo of beef always remains the same.

If the value of money in circulation is deflated the price per kilo goes down, but the kilo of beef always remains the same.

Provided there is sufficient physical money to go around and facilitate transactions, and provided everyone has enough employment to earn some of that money, it’s all the same to the butcher.

The one thing that is important is that the price per kilo does not change significantly from week to week and month to month, before long the beef is worth more than the money and the money is worth less than it costs to print, and the beef makes a better currency.

The kilo of beef is still the kilo of beef.

Sadly, to continue the agricultural analogy, the foxes got into the hen house years ago, refinanced everything and built a huge hen farm cum chicken factory, nobody sees any chickens, just blister packs of white meat that is labelled as being chicken, only in this case it not chickens and foxes, it’s money and economists.

So if your eye is on the ball with other things we have talked about in the past on this blog, you still lose, because we are in the final stages of the push to eliminate money, and of course when I say money I mean cash (fiat) money as in the coins that used to be in your pocket and the notes that used to be in your wallet.

I remember as a child reading about the tower of babel, a bunch of people were co-operating to build this huge tower to reach up to heaven, god did not like it so smote them down with different languages so they could no longer communicate or co-operate.

It was never made clear to me to my satisfaction quite why building a fuck off great space elevator type tower up into the heavens was evil and needed punishing…

… but the message was clear, Peoples that can no longer communicate can no longer achieve anything of significance, and go their own ways to be nomadic subsistence wanderers.

The eradication of cash means I can no longer communicate directly to my local farm shop of butcher, there is a middleman, or a whole series of them, and without them no transaction is possible, and with them no transaction is private.

Inflation and deflation become something done in seconds at a keyboard, so money supply and therefore prices can be arbitrarily set and changed from moment to moment and region to region and even entity to entity, the only problem is that you and I will never be granted access to that keyboard.

In shades of the recent shit in India, I have a wallet with some notes in it, and I have other notes in a drawer, the difference is the notes in the drawer are no longer legal tender, they are just pretty pieces of linen paper…. but the notes in my wallet are still good.

You have to physically deprive me of the notes themselves to deprive me of my money, or the ability to spend it.

Not so with virtual electronic fiat currency.

With my business hat on yesterday I had a conversation with a new customer, specifically with the guy in purchasing, now this is a fairly large company, not a Ford or anything, but their annual turnover is millions and they sell 4 figure items europe wide, and he asked me about my terms, which are cash with order, and expressed surprise, because they were a large company, and I was the *only* supplier who did not offer “terms” eg pay at the end of the next month / 30 / 60 / 90 days etc.

I was polite and said it’s not our policy and left it at that.

He said Oh OK and sent a purchase order.

Last night I talked to another potential customer, a “working man” who makes wood stuff with his hands (and power tools) he had no difficulty understanding the concept, “I have to pay for my diesel when I buy it……”

Sure, all of the above is done is virtual electronic fiat currency, but at least it is done instantly and I can spend it instantly on Amazon.

So beware, be observant, do not be complacent, the foxes have taken up residence in the hen house and the war on cash is in it’s final stages, and the one thing you can be sure of is that it is of no benefit whatsoever to thee and me, it is all about taking personal control of our cash out of our hands, and it goes hand in hand with the last 30 years of policy of making everyone an indentured servant living on permanent credit.

Might be time to start up a one man business as a butcher shop.

February 20, 2017

Anticipation v reality

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The one pretty universal truth is that anticipation of an event or action, and the reality of said event or action, are rarely the same thing.

Sure, there may be some commonality, there may even be some initial overall congruence of feelings or attitudes, but the further down the time-line you go, the greater the disparity.

There are no consequences for anticipation, as it is purely fantasy.

Reality however always has consequences.

Consequences themselves can be broadly split into two categories, those that come about as a result of physical laws, and those that come about as a result of someone else’s feelings about your actions / inactions.

Within a time frame of say 60 minutes very few crimes have consequences, even the serious ones like rape or murder or arson, so we can invoke the phrase act in haste, repent at leisure, but even here you can’t really claim that the consequences were entirely unpredictable.

The only way consequences get avoided is if no fucker ever knows what you did.

Raping / fucking small kids isn’t some “well a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Madagascar and 3 days later there is a thunderstorm in Paris” sort of consequence, it’s more of a “go to the zoo and jump into the bear cage and try to fuck the bears” sort of consequence.

But to a lesser extent there is a lot of this sort of thing going on, the consequences are obvious, but people still do the thing.. why???

Well, sometimes consequences do not follow actions, perpetrators know that there is little likelihood of them being personally identified *and* made to suffer the consequences, and at that point it does not matter *why* that is, it only matters that it is, because this is all it takes to modify behaviour.

So if we go back to paris and look at all the anti/muslim/rapefugee rioting, the common denominator here is that nobody is facing any consequences for their law breaking, so they just double down on the law breaking.

Give every extreme radical white power type a gun and 1,000 rounds and the same immunity from consequences and within a month all the anti/muslim/rapefugee types that aren’t dead will already have crossed the borders of the country to pastures newer and safer.

They’ll be accompanied by all those who consorted with them and became collateral damage, and all those who spoke up against the social injustice and whateverism of the militia.

Speaking as a white northern european it does not actually matter one iota whether or not I personally want to fuck 10 year olds, smash and burn streets, smash windows and help myself to expensive goods, all that matters is that people who are not white northern Europeans can come here and do these things, and at worst get punished maybe 5% as seriously as I would.

That is all I care about.

The brutal truth is that provided the state doesn’t fuck too much with my day to day ability to just live my own life, the average citizen doesn’t care of they (those in power) get their kicks by fucking small children or by stealing wholesale or by corruption or anything else, because I’m quite happy to occupy my time making my own way in life.

When the state *does* fuck too much with my ability, and embarks of actions that appear designed to destroy everything about my own culture in my own home town and country, then we start caring and noticing and say I’m not ignoring this shit now, you need to fuck off along with the rapefugees and activists and all the rest of them, or die, either way I’m easy.

Because the very best way to get people to classify other people and decide that some are more or less worthy, more or less civilised, more or less human, than others, is to make it clear to those very people that other people get treated better than you, get treated as though they are above the law, get treated as though they are above you.

Trump isn’t Hitler v2.0

Hitler v2.0 is coming though, it’s inevitable, and then the world will learn once again that the european white man did not just make the best engineers the world had ever seen, or the best societies the world had ever seen, or the best civilisations the world had ever seen, he also made the best utterly amoral implacable cruel vicious and evil savage the world had ever seen.

Hitler v2.0 does not need to be a public figure or leader though.

Lots of people like to talk about technologies being “20 years away” and of course some of them remain 20 years away as every year passes, but some things are doable NOW, maybe not well, maybe only at a rudimentary level, but it can be done, and done NOW, and time and experimentation only leads to improvements.

The stuff I talk about is already all around us, to some extent it not only always has been, but it has even become a part of us… but most do not see it.

We even know from various types of records that it has happened many times in the past, the only difference being all those occurrences were natural, now we are at the point where we can alpha test that shit in the real world for real, and it will be entirely man made and entirely deliberate.

It is microscopic, and it kills you if you are black, or brown, or light brown, or have brown eyes.

Sure, there will be *lots* of collateral damage, but so what.

Go to Spain today and few realise the *true* Spaniard is green or blue eyed and light haired, all the dusky ones, which is most of the population, came about because of the moorish invasions of yesteryear and interbreeding and naturalisation.

Islamic “culture” essentially hasn’t moved on one iota since the Moors invaded Spain 1,300 years ago, arguably the Moors in 700 AD were more civilised than islamic state is in 20xx AD, so what survived this “superior” culture?

This alphabet that I am using now to write this is in some ways descended from it, there are some architectural styles, but 99.99999% of everything that was Islam just got binned.

Give “them” a few centuries to adopt as the Spaniards did, and then they said fuck it, and had 400 years of inquisition (jews and muslims got the thick end of that) but then the inquisition became radical catholic / christian, which is nearly as bad as radical anything, and the same breed of scum rose to power, and the rest as they say is history.

But now it’s the 21st century and we have tools and toys beyond even the wildest dreams of the Oppenheimer’s and Einstein’s of only 70 years ago, so as a northern European man in my mid fifties, I could *easily* live long enough to see a gene engineered phase designed to, for example, make everyone with brown skin bleed out and die in 72 hours.

Mix genetic engineering and the prisoner’s dilemma and things get real interesting.

Once the technology becomes feasible, the choices left are use it first or be the target for those who use it first.

Of course, if you were clever (and by definition technological races are only games played by the clever) you’d play it safe just in case of mutation or drift, you don’t want the “kill all wogs” virus to incubate in the wogs and wipe them out and then mutate into something even more powerful that kill all non wogs, no sir.

So you target things like fertility and intelligence and make it a binary thing that only goes active in the presence of other things in the host organism, for example, you could use pork as a binder that locked up and froze the process, or Starbucks as a binder that triggered the process.

Which brings us all the way back to consequences and anticipation v reality.

Mother Nature is working on this shit all the time, and at this point humanity is like MS Windows, it’s a target rich all pervasive feeding ground, so who is to know if it was momma N or some lab somewhere that started it?

Speaking as a scientist, some sort of culling of the herd is inevitable, momma nature *will* do the job sooner or later.

Beating her to the punch *may* avert the “natural” versions, but as I’ve talked before about the mouse metropolis and other things, basically the last 300 years has seen human populations explode, so suddenly we become a huge target for evolution, so evolution as a Darwinian process is pretty inevitable at this point, for values of this point that may be 20 years off, or 100, or 300, or 2…. or less.. it could already be out there, in alpha testing…


February 18, 2017


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I can’t get out of my head a private conversation I had with a middle eastern (not SA, not saying where, not saying his name or family name) gentleman and customer of mine of mega wealth circa 1988.

I can’t quote word for word but he said Miami was full of Jewish doctors who would sell you any organ you liked, heart, lungs, anything, the organ donors were neither dead nor willing to donate.

I’ve heard for decades stories about social services breaking up families and farming the kids out to politically connected paedo rings right here in the UK…. and not from whackjobs coming down from the latest high, but professional and steady people who couldn’t help stumble over it, and knew immediately to self censor and not blow any whistles.

Blackmail is the oldest game in the book.

No deed is vile when you are on the winning side, calling the shots and being protected, then it just becomes spicy.

The only time anyone important gets convicted and punished for a real crime (whether they did it or not) is *after* they have fallen from grace, power and influence.


February 6, 2017

Preacher Man

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“Preaching to the converted”, because the heathens DO NOT WANT to be converted…

Sadly or otherwise, that is a life lesson that bears an awful burden of truth, very very very few people are even open to an alternative opinion or viewpoint, even for the sake of debate.

At a stroke it defines 99.9% of the media as an obsolete circle jerk and I include such things as this tiny and irellevant blog in that category of “media”, even though at least one “second circle” Trump inner cadre person reads it (it’s their job to read the media and that includes a selection of fringe media) this still does not have any effect on the definition of any piece of media, whether it be circle jerk or worthwhile.

It’s not who reads it, it is whether or not it provokes any thought or discourse at any later time in any circle.

It is not whether or not it changes or reinforces previously held opinions, it is only whether or not it provokes any thought or discourse.

Increases in knowledge only come about as a result of, and after, provocation of thought and discourse.

For example you see a video of adding acetone to gasoline on youtube to increase MPG, you think about it, and try it, and because you are a skilled motor engineer with resources you are also able to analyse the results after stripping the motor 10,000 miles later, and maybe posting your own response video.. (which will get drowned out by either all the videos saying it is complete bollocks, or all the videos saying MPG went from 35 to 55 instantly….)

Either way you have had at best a miniscule forward influence on encouraging people to think and talk, because the vast majority already have their minds made up, so they prefer to talk and not think.

Yet, people’s minds and attitudes do change en masse over time, so to a certain extent it doesn’t matter if people voted for the Donals because they voted for the Donald, or if they voted Trump because he wasn’t Hitlary and a vote for Trump was a vote against Hitlary.

Such things determine the outcome of an election, but they do not determine the outcome of the “vox populi” post election, those who are opposed to Trump values remain opposed, except now those values are not a theoretical threat to their lifestyle, they are a real and present threat to their lifestyle.

A *lot* of people misunderstand the Donals, and a large part of that is because all they know is a TV show where he says “You’re fired” which was itself a franchise of the UK show featuring our own Alan Sugar of Amstrad infamy.

Business and deals aren’t like that, sitting around the boardroom table and signing the contract after a period of negotiation is not the end of the deal process, it is the beginning, and it is where all the hard work really starts.

Suddenly people are seeing that, perhaps 0.1% of what President Trump is doing in office (he’s only been in a couple of weeks) is made public, but that alone is such a volume of stuff it is blowing people’s minds, because the simple fact is they aren’t used to it, never having had a “mover and shaker” in office in living memory.

Again, this is not something that Trump will be unaware of, as a veteral of business deals this is literally old hat to him, and you can draw parallels between shareholder revolts and protesting voters, so that is old hat too.

Doing deals in places where the doing of those deals involves, of necessity, dealing with organised crime makes the rest of the realpolitik old hat too, though he may be more used to a scenario where “once a guy is bought, he stays bought” than the more mercenary world of politicking, or maybe not, I do not move in those circles, so I do not know.

So basically, quelle surprise, the Donald’s greatest problems are probably going to be social problems, and I say this despite the scale of the economic problems the US and US$ faces, but even here, it could well be a case of cometh the moment, cometh the man, and the election of someone like Trump was fairly inevitable, if not this current past election then certainly by the next in 4 years time.

In which case even the social problems will solve themselves, in 5 years time nobody will be a snowflake or social justice warrior or feminist, nor were they ever any of the above, nor did they ever know any of the above…

Certainly all of the preceding nicely explains the MSM and their inability to either move away from the existing narrative, nor grasp that the old narrative is a patient fading fast on an IV drip with malignant tumours raging through every organ.

Using Twitter for press releases starts to look like a meticulously laid out and executed plan, moreover, a plan which is uncannily in tune with the actual situation on the ground.

Which brings us back to the so called wisdom of St Francis, knowing the difference between what you can change and cannot, and having the courage to follow that knowledge.

It may be that it is not just the terminal ward MSM that has under-estimated the Donald, it may be the case that even those who voted for him because he was the Donald under-estimated him, in which case we really are in for a wild ride, and while the Brexit may have been the touchpaper that set the Donald off, the Donald may be the fire that spreads to all the other houses, Italexit, Frexit, Grexit, and a global collapse of the old order.

None but the incompetent and corrupt have anything to fear from this.

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