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August 4, 2017

Tesla turbans

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I’m going to quote directly from half way down this page;


This is the UK specific official Tesla website., unedited quoted text below in red

Charging costs are approximate. Charging cost estimate assumes Supercharger cost of £0.20 per kilowatt hour. Fuel cost assumes 32.7 MPG at £1.14 per litre. Cost may vary depending on the vehicle location, configuration, battery age and condition, driving style and operation, and environmental and climate conditions.


£0.20 per kWh, well, it’s not an unreasonable sum for a company buying in bulk.

If a gallon of gasoline is 34 kWh equivalent (the exact number depends on the specific blend) then the cost per kWh is also easily reached.

We’ll take Tesla’s numbers of £1.14 per litre, 4.54 litres per gallon, equals £5.18 per gallon, divide by 34 kWh = £0.15 per kWh

32.7 mpg? well I just completed a 550 mile run at a mean speed (checks gps logs) of 72 mph, not a “auto makers max economy” speed, in a 15 year old diesel car, and my actual miles per gallon over that journey was 52.02 mpg

But wait, back to the tesla web page and graphic, what’s this £90 supercharger (small print AFTER a credit) cost v £238 fuel cost, and whats this, based on 1,500 miles driven.

Well based on my real world trip yesterday 1650 miles will cost me £180 in diesel, not £238, and given the 3:8 claimed ratio (after credits and rebates) tesla supercharger v pump gas, AFTER a credit / rebate the tesla supercharger would have cost me around £100

I didn’t have to sit around for 30 minutes a time either, I left at 5 am and I was back home just after 2 pm, not bad for a real world 550 mile trip on real roads in the UK, adding 2 x 1 hour breaks (supercharger 30 minute charge is only a partial charge) would kill that.

I didn’t have to pay £45,000 for a car to do it in either.

Implicit in all these calculations is the notion that 99.9% of the time you are going to charge your tesla at home, for free, just plug it into the wall, move on quickly and don’t look at the bills.

What is certain is YOU won’t be buying electricity any cheaper than tesla, and YOU won’t be getting any rebate from yourself either, so the claimed / calculated £100 tesla cost excluded the full charge you had to do at home to commence the journey, and the full charge you had to do at home after the journey to “refuel” the car ready for the next day.

However all of this is neatly glossed over, after all, the sole purpose of the tesla supercharger network is to persuade people that an all electric car can roam further afield than say 25% of claimed max range…

Buy a Toyota (or any other brand) vehicle and things are easier, right there in the specs is the fuel tank capacity in litres, and various number for litres/100 km equivalent for urban/city/motorway economies, the Mercedes has a much bigger fuel tank than the micra, but it drinks it faster too.

No IC vehicle manufacturer lists “range”, not even bloody motorcycle manufacturers, who perhaps should, the 2017 triumph bobber, a 1200 cc motorcycle with a 9.1 litre fuel tank and a visordown test where the tank went from F to E in 74 miles, and the dash claimed 41.6 mpg.

I’m not stupid, I have a 1700 cc harley but at least it has a 19 litre gas tank.

But with electric cars it’s not battery bank kwh capacity and kwh per km in various use cycles, oh no, it’s “range”

I absofuckinglutely guarantee that all the sophisticated electronics in any modern EV can give you three decimal place accurate numbers for kwh per km, but, I have *NEVER* seen this mentioned anywhere.

But, we’ll go back to the triumph bobber, 9.1 litres @ 7.48 kwh/litre = 68 kwh

41 mpg = 9 miles per litre, so 9 miles = 7.48 kwh so 0.83 kwh per mile, and this is for a naked motorcycle.

Interestingly this figure is for energy consumed, there is zero breakdown of any kind for things like mechanical efficiency, pumping losses, road resistance, wind resistance, so we don’t know exactly where the energy is going, but we know how much is going to do a specific job.

Do the same numbers for my 15 year old diesel volvo and we have mean speed of 72 mph over 550 miles and 50 litres of fuel, diesel is 11 kwh per litre so 550 miles @ 72 mph for (50 x 11) =550 kwh, so 1 kwh per mile as opposed to the motorcycle getting 0.83 kwh per mile.

All perfectly reasonable numbers to any mechanical engineer.

Tesla model 3, standard 50-55 kwh battery back, long range 70-75 kwh battery pack, standard range 220 miles, long range 310 miles, so standard is 220 / 50 = 4.4 amd 310 / 70 = 4.42 so tesla is claiming 0.25 kwh per mile.

If we say that an IC engine is a thermal engine with 33% efficiency at converting heat to motion is fairly normal then at a stroke the motorcycle becomes 0.83 / 3 = 0.276 kwh per mile and the old diesel volvo shed becomes 1.0 / 3 = 0.333 kwh per mile

Suddenly there are numbers that aren’t a million miles from the tesla, and, again, this is all extremely reasonable to any even remotely competent mechanical engineer.

The rolling efficiency of the tesla isn’t anything special, the ONE trick it has is no trick at all, electrical motors are more efficient than heat engines…

And then we are reminded *why* the early electric vehicles (and steam vehicles, my dad used to own and run one commercially as a young man) were killed stone dead by the IC engine, the efficiency of the motor unit is just one factor, just one of many that go to make the whole.

So in effect 100% of Tesla’s USP applies equally well to any other all EV vehicle out there, by eliminating the heat engine you eliminate inefficient processes.

Electricity at a purported £0.20 per kwh from a tesla supercharger isn’t a cheap energy source compared to gasoline at tesla’s reported £1.14 per litre, because a litre of gas is 7.48 kwh and 1.14 / 7.48 = £0.152 p per kwh (I have talked elsewhere extensively about how all energy when priced per kwh is more or less equal in cost)

Tesla supercharger £0.20 per kwh and tesla model 3 0.25 kwh/mile means a quid’s worth of “fuel” will get you 20 miles, presumably at 30 mph

A quid’s worth of “fuel” in my old diesel shed will get me 10 miles at 70 mph.

So cost per mile on “fuel” only is at best half of an old diesel car.

Got a fleet of 1000 cars each doing 20,000 miles a year, that’s a *lot* of money.

*if* that is the only significant factor at play, and it isn’t.

The average car forecourt fuel pump will transfer 1 litre in 1 second, so ballpark 10 kwh/second, so 5 seconds to fill a standard model 3 from E to F, and 7 seconds to fill a long range model 3 from E to F, well round both up to 10 seconds, so excluding customers walking around, paying, buying drinks, 1 gas pump can refuel 3600 / 10 = 360 “tesla battery quick top up charges” in the time it takes one tesla supercharger to top up quick charge one tesla battery. We’ll include the walking around and divide it by 10 for 36

So a 24 pump (with three fuel selections on each) forecourt will keep the same amount of vehicles on the road as 24 x 36 = 864 tesla superchargers.

Suddenly even with tesla supercharger advantages, you need literally the entire service station car park to be converted to tesla supercharger stations.

At 50 litres a refuel one 30,000 litre tanker carries fill ups for 600 cars like mine, so in effect the fuel tanks under the ground at the gas station are like massive energy supercapacitors.

at 600 kwh per minute or 36 megawatt/hours per hour, one single gas pump is a room temperature superconductor… one that routinely has an EEV (electric equivalent) rating of 36 megawatts, by definition a tesla supercharger is going to be 40 kilowatt, and the home stations are 11 and 22 kilowatt.

Even with “so cheap s to be effectively free” fusion power plants, which we will *never* have because profit, so best case scenario is £0.05 per kwh but how many terawatts do you want? We face massive problems without supercapacitors of energy density beyond anything we can even dream of today, and room temperature superconductors (and meters and switches) that can be made to be as utilitarian and safe and cheaply as the humble gas pump.

This then is the *TRUE* achilles heel of the EV revolution, Musk *claims* the plan was always to make a crazy EV, then make a high end EV, then make a consumer EV, which the model 3 claims to be, but ain’t, it’s at least 2.5 times the price it needs to be.

However, the EV itself is a thing that can only have any success at all as long as it is only used by a tiny minority.

This is equally true of the vociferous cycling cures all zealots that infect urban planning nowadays, it only works if only a tiny minority use it, as I said yesterday it falls flat on its face as soon as you attempt to make it mainstream.

I do not actually know how much a tesla 50 kwh battery costs, how much it weighs, how much volume it occupies, I do however know these numbers for 5 litres of diesel.

I also know the “C” rate for a fuel tank… hey dude, don’t fill your vette so fast, you may overheat it and the whole thing will explode.

Basically NO battery technology (internal heat generation during *rapid* charge / discharge cycles) that will fit in a car can cope with multi megawatt flow rates, some future supercap *might*, but we do not have one today or anywhere on the horizon.

Basically no electrical technology (internal heat generation etc) that will fit in a car (safely, alongside passengers etc) can cope with multi megawatt flow rates, some future superconductor (and associated superinsulator) might, but again, there is nothing even remotely on the horizon.

If we had commercial fusion, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen and bottling the hydrogen and shipping that around the country would still beat EV into the dirt as a power distro method

AT BEST electric vehicles can rid us of the 2/3rd power losses to heat of heat engines, that’s *with* hard future SF supercaps and superconductors… imagine a supercap 40 feet long and 10 foot in diameter that can store 300 megawatt hours of power…. because that’s what a 30,000 litre fuel tanker carries…. imagine a superconductor you handle with bare skin and so light a small child can wield it that can carry 36 megawatts.

Lacking this encouraging EV uptake is like encouraging cycling uptake, you better pray it never gets beyond a tiny minority uptake.

Lacking this EV’s are like bicycles, they are an extreme niche case.

What *should* scare the crap out of you is the *very* possible future where in 2020 *anyone* can buy a chinese mass made EV with 100 miles range for US$10,000.

“Second vehicles”… you’re old enough to remember or you arent, most households that had a vehicle had one that did everything or served the main purpose, the plumber who had a work truck, not a car, and him and the mrs would ride the work truck to a picnic on a saturday.

A 100 mile $10k EV would become the new second car, left to charge overnight at 3 kw, left to trickle the rest of the time, 0-60 of 12 seconds is fine, and then we’d see the impact that alone would have on electrical infrastructure and urban planning, and it would be nothing less than fucking catastrophic, because all of a sudden all those 5 mile shopping trips and commutes to work will come in at 0.25 kwh per mile, or at tesla’s £0.20 per kwh around 5 pence per mile, which blows fucking urban bus fares out of the water, and being brutally honest with you kills the cyclist model too, 90% of them will abandon cycling for the convenience of an enclosed EV k car that costs 5 pence per mile once you have bought it for $10k

And then overnight baseload for the grid (habitually a time for maintenance and so on) is ramped right up so grid and gen plant maintenance goes for a shit, and there is fuck all solar being generated at night, so only the few wind farms will be doing anything for it in the green sense.

And buddy, if half the world is walking around worrying about being affected by microwaves and emf and other shit, you’re in for a shitshow when 75% of the cars on the road in town are 100% manual drive $10k EV shitboxes, good luck when they all start sporting wifi hotspots and so on.

Legislation mandated that all modern cars have to have ODB interfaces, just imagine the fun you can have with that on an all electric EV that is basically a PC/CNC controlled machine, yes ossifer, my ev shitbox absolutely does not have arduino based hacks that increase motor current by 30% and remove the rpm limiter, no ossifer, that absolutely is not siphoning kit (shitbox to shitbox electric stealing cable) , no ossifer, that’s not wardriving the wireless firmware man in the middle device there to reverse the drive motor direction and invert steering wheel output so left is right, hey, here is a generic iron utility key (taper square shank) why pay for power when I can park next to a lamp post, and the thing I steal is both invisible and impossible to identify once stolen….  yeah man, I pass the charge through a bentonite filter to remove the red electrons so the state doesn’t know I’m running argi duty electric in my private vehicle.

And you think stolen cars scrapped for parts is an issue now?

So, for EV’s to be a raging sucess and the sucessor to IC, we need, absofuckinglutely need, three things.

1/ massively increase electric generating and distribution capacity, effectively doubling anything we have today as a minimum.

2/ supercapacitors, real sci fi ones, not the crap we get now

3/ superconductors, room temp ones.

and all of  the above have to be commercially reliable and priced too.

Failing any of these, especially failing BOTH 2 and 3, means the EV isn’t anything more than a total fucking disaster waiting to happen.

Remember, the ONLY thing EV brings to the table over IC is efficiency, no thermal losses instead of 66% thermal losses, nothing else, so

Tesla gurrls

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Just been on a road trip up and down the length of the country, in motorways service station where there were between 3 and 6 electric car charging stations, there are rows at least 12 or 15 long of new tesla charging stations, resembling a dyson fan in red and white, being installed.

Does the Tesla take the same plug as other e-vehicles? Or is it Apple proprietary bullshit, and if it is, how is it helping to save the planet.. sorry sir, you’ll get the wrong shape electrons, quark, strangeness and charm.

I can’t think why, unless every tesla sold in the uk goes on a simultaneous road trip on the same route, maybe then they need 15 charging stations per service station.

I look forward to the cliché horror films where the murderer with chainsaw shuffles and closes the 100 foot gap to the victim in their tesla car at about 1 foot every ten seconds, and the tesla refuses to boot, or the dumb boyfriend cries that the batteries are flat…

Certainly given local highways planning departments and motoring standards in general, it won’t be hard for the tesla autopilots to be the best drivers on the road… but then stevie wonder on meth would be as good as some of the ones we actually have on the road, so it isn’t saying much.

Scores of drivers here took literally two hours to make two and three mile journeys, and of course all the “cycling first” assholes are proclaiming that the problem is cars, s’funny, nothing at all to do with pavements on some roads literally growing 30 feet in width, arbitrary one way systems, arbitrary pedestrianisation systems and so on, so roads that could take acrtics and two way traffic and car parking either side 30 years ago are now one way and barely wide enough for a VW golf .

That and a general “fuck you” attitude that sees people blocking junctions and turnings and ignoring lights and generally creating a gridlock where we *could* have had at least 5 to 10 mph traffic.

Still, it’s nothing a few more speed humps won’t cure.

I did see one electric car, a blue beemer i8, looking very superior as he cruised past my shitbox 600 quid volvo (that did a 550 mile round trip at a steady 70 mph for 50 quids worth of diesel) at 5 mph more than me, except in the time I had that thing in view it depreciated more than my car cost me, and I refueled (which is 800 miles range) in 5 minutes, which he cannot do.

I’m struggling to see intellect anywhere.

99% of everything I can see and touch and use and rely on was the result of the industry of white men, yet they have all gone, turned into retarded vain and stupid creatures that can only consume, not create.

The crew fed weapon was a direct response to the fact that the *problem* with individual weapons is the vast majority won’t use them to deliberately kill the opponent, but the crew fed weapon dilutes the responsibility to the point where all can participate, and shift the burden or morals to the others.

The exact same things is true of 99.99% of institutions in modern society, the “justice system” of po-po and lawyers and judges and advisors and counsellors and experts and so on are no more than cyphers in a crew fed weapon systems, and they all went rogue soon after they were created.

Love Trump or hate him, nobody with an IQ higher than room temperature in an igloo can be in any doubt at all that US politics has descended into balkanized anarchy, it’s not a coup or civil war, there are far too many competing factions for that, this is rats feeding on a corpse.

Let’s antagonise both Russia and China for the win…

Meanwhile everyone is talking about how the chinese economy is empty, it’s a potemkim village, it’s all fake…. how many full containers go from china to the yeww ess of aaa every week, and how many full containers go the other way, now tell me who was the fake economy.

All kidding aside, I actually think the tesla 3 *could* be a good car, it *won’t* be, because it is being built by tesla and it’s US$30k and nobody even knows if they can make 2,000 a week.

If it *is* any good by the end of 2018 the chinese will be making a knock off that’s 90% as good for 15k, and they will make 2,000 a day.

Because there’s the rub, modern cars have to be designed to be built largely by robots to be profitable, and the more components you have the greater the cost, and one of the best ways to reduce components is to go all electric….

And since we all willingly decimated our own local industry, the chinese are the only one left who can do it better than anyone else, they already build everything from an iphone though german cars to us passenger jet planes, a fucking electric car is a piece of piss.

And the UK’s new “only zero emissions by 2040” laws come in to force just 22 years in the future… my four vehicles are 16, 16 and 15 and the oldie is 36 years old, and to me they are all “modern”

In days gone by I owned and ran a 1961 BSA with magneto ignition, drum brakes and kick start only, 56 years old now…. the changes from that to a ducati diavel are unbelievable.

Since the old chairman and his little red book went away, china has basically been run by a panel of men who are either scientists or engineers, they have more in common with the old white men who built modern western society than anything we have alive today.

We in the west are rapidly approaching the status of wogs in the Congo jungle in 1870, and it is us doing it to ourselves, the chinese would rather we didn’t, because wogs have nothing to buy firewater or steam engines with, but if we do, it won’t take them down with us.

So my local city will look like Beijing in 1960, pushbikes everywhere, pushbikes pulling ploughs and harvesters, pushbikes pulling 40 foot containers, pushbikes sporting 120′ jib head cranes, pushbikes cleaning streets and carry away wastes, well, maybe not, just pushbikes and minimum wage subsistence jobs, so the pushbikes themselves will be old iron bone shakers, not a shimano or mag wheel or shred of lycra in sight.

August 1, 2017

Tech Talk, Hard Talk.

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I’ve looked at 3D printers, and given their current limitations, I’m trying hard to find a use case that justifies purchasing one.

99% of thingverse seems to be “you need a 3d printer to print parts for your 3d printer to make it work still / better” or “you need a 3d printer to make models that you wouldn’t buy if they were 99c and free shipping on amazon prime

I realise there are other cases, I could whip up a life size model of my cock, oh wait, better buy a creality, none of the others have a build volume big enough, fnarr fnarr

What I am saying is not that there are not valid use cases, just that I *personally* cannot see one, not right now, and 99.9% of the 3d printing I have seen and heard about is post purchase self justification, I bought a creality so I can make a cable support bracket for the creality that didn’t come with a cable support bracket, even though most of the parts are 3d printed.

What this means for people who haven’t bought a 3d printer, is 99.9% of everything is noise, if there is a valid signal in there, it has long since been drowned out.

Lets look at YouTube, I saw it when it first came out, and sure enough fucking cat videos were amongst the first things uploaded, then Google bought it, then a handful of whack jobs made obscene amounts of money on it, then “because the advertisers rebelled” Google / YouTube clamped down on the monetisation side.

Let me tell you what I think *really* happened.

1/ google found out youtube was a fucking money pit, and not even the kind of money pit you can write off for tax purposes as a loss leader and still be happy to run.

2/ google found out that big business’s love affair with all things digital when it comes to advertising was heading for the divorce courts, proctor and gamble alone are cutting 500 million from their future digital advertising budget.

3/ people like me found out that no matter what we did, no matter how many times we clicked on don’t like the channel or don’t like the video or already seen the video or all of the above, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to the recommends that pop up on the youtube home page, ergo google cannot detect the 947th time an identical video has been uploaded by some asshole, and cannot detect that despite telling them 999 time by clicking, I don’t want to see any channels featuring wannabe celebutards and their latest car, and cannot detect that despite telling them by clicking 999 times, I don’t want any fucking arab shite, or how to apply makeup shite, or top ten list shite, or general shite where the thumbnail doesn’t appear in or come from the actual video, or have any relation to it, or reality.

basically google can’t recommend anything except the same old same old zero content clickbait shite.

Because that’s all there is, there isn’t any decent content, and what there is, that 0.1%, is simply drowned out to the point you’ll never find it.

Are you sensing a common theme here?

I’m due another “free” phone on my contract, overdue actually, we have two perfectly working Note 4’s here and one perfectly working Note 3 for emergency use should one of the 4’s shit the bed.

The problem, there aren’t any new phones I want, they are all this new long and slim form factor, even the new not yet released Note 8, and it won’t have a removable battery, and there simply isn’t anything else on offer.

There might be, some huwai or something, but again it’s the 0.1 % and you’ll never find it on my carriers website, so I’m downgrading for the first time ever since the S1 to a sim only deal.

I stated with them then because they were the only network that offered;

  1. they own their own cell towers and infrastructure
  2. unlimited data
  3. unlimited calls
  4. unlimited texts

it wasn’t cheap, but it was the best, and I stayed with the rotating “latest samsung note” flagship phone bundle because I liked them, but no more, I’ll be downgrading to this

4GB data. All-you-can-eat minutes. All-you-can-eat texts. 12 month contract. £10.00 a month.*
and saving 35 quid a month…. because there simply aren’t any phones out there that have the older note screen aspect ratio and expandable sd card storage and a removable battery, or maybe there are, but not from the phone operator, so I’ll buy one myself maybe, when the current notes all shit the bed, maybe… or maybe a nokia 3310, in the meantime I’m going to sim only for the first time in my life, and it will be *real* hard to tempt me back.

Same problem youtube faces, same problem 3d printing faces, same problem all sorts of shit faces….

it’s much the same story with my home broadband, uncapped 200/20 meg and a landline phone for 50 quid a month, the wankers are always ringing up trying to get me to sign up for one of the “amazing” TV bundles, it’s an extra 20 quid a month for nothing that even remotely interests me, nor are they remotely interested when I point out that the “free” (that I am really paying for) superhub is so shite that I have to run it in modem only mode and then run a proper draytek firewall / router / wifi ap…

try and fuck me over too much and I’ll drop back to the 100/10 meg service and phone for 32 quid a month, I started out on acoustic couplers at 300 baud so trust me, I can make 10/1 meg work fine, I have no need to download a dvd size mpeg container in 10 minutes or less, overnight works, I’ll live…

As it is I’m busy spending the capital I have saved in the bank buying as many tools and other shit as I can, no fucker going to include my savings in a bank bail in, or wipe them out with a currency crash, two scenarios that are increasingly likely here.

Nor do I have any great incentive to move from the humble but cheap dive that I now inhabit, though I have seen a *definite* drop in asking prices for rental properties around here, not enough of a drop, but put it this way, I am seeing *some* properties on the market for monthly rents that I have not seen advertised for a few years at least.

Nor do I have any great incentive to upgrade anything in the motor pool, everything is 15 or 16 years old and so far 100% reliable and pretty cheap to maintain and fix and run, though it was tempting to blow a wad on a baldwin motion c3 vette a while back, it would have been a money pit and a target, you can’t eat a vette or make money from it or sell it piecemeal, you can with tools.

Guy I know has just bought 5 pallete loads of mobil 1 in 5 litre jugs for that very reason, fuck putting the money in bitcoin or gold or the bank, and he can sell that shit 1 gallon at a time for what he paid for it, if not more.

Every “tech” tool that I have that relies on “tech” parts or consumables just got renewed / upgraded, so I can expect at least 3 more years life before the next refresh cycle, it hurts writing a cheque for 2.5 k, but not as much as not being able to in 6 months, or having to write one for 7 k in six months, and what the fuck use is money in the bank, you can’t eat it.

Speaking of “money” as in “cash money”, pure coinkydink that the notes and coinage are going through a refresh cycle and much of the stuff that is still legal tender today won’t be in six months time, eg pound coins, five pound notes, and then ten pound notes…. imagine being sat on 25k worth of obsolete currency.

I’m not that old a cunt, but I can remember my dad getting “bailed in” abroad once, sure, your money is safe in the bank, you can spend it any time you like, in local currency, you can’t take it out of the country, or exchange it (even if you could the rates are plummeting) or do anything with it, but it’s all still here, still safe.

27 years ago the place I was working work stopped overnight, gulf war one kicked off and overnight the exchange rate between the US$ and the local currency shifted 50%, most business was ultimately done by people who worked in the US$ so they turned the taps off overnight and it took all of three days to trickle down to the cigarette sellers and knife sharpeners who only dealt in local currency anyway, so it’s a lie to say nobody alive really remembers this shit… plenty alive in Greece do today, and that was only a couple of years ago.

I’ve got a cubic foot drawer stashed away in a remote place full of all sorts of prescription drugs, painkillers and the like, not enough antibiotics for my liking, and forget that use by date shit, most drugs are perfectly viable and over 95% of original strength 20 years down the line, just keep em cool and dry and dark.

I’ve got a minimum stash of 50 toilet rolls, 20 kilos of sugar, 10 kilos of coffee, several kilos of rolled oats, 60 or so tinned food, got to get a decent water filter in…

Anyway, enough of that dick swinging prepper shit, it’s not prepper shit, I’m just buying stuff now while the going is both good and cheap, on the basis that I’ve got the money and I don’t believe it is ever going to be cheaper.

Which brings me back full circle to a 3d printer.

I can see the use, possibly, but it has to be a disassemble-able repairable 100% metal head and extruder, and it has to take *any* type of material, and so on, and suddenly it’s not a cheap proposition any more, and if you have finite resources, which we all do, there are better things for *me* to spend money on.




With every turn of the screw

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I may not be “like” every other sheeple out there, but, I’m human, so I’m not that “unlike” them either…

… so (macron’s latest missives aside) what holds true for me, holds true to some extent for others too, and for me it seems like the world is tuning into a crazier and more fucked up place every day.

I’m not just talking on the global geopolitical scale, but also on the domestic one, shit be going more unravelled every day, or so it seems.

And if it seems like that to me, then to some extent it is going to seem like that to everyone, and that is dangerous shit, for the various values of everyone that are not like me, because they won’t react like me.

They will see that crazy shit and think to themselves, whole world is getting fucked up, why should I be reasonable and get fucked up too, may as well be unreasonable along with everyone else.

And like all things in life what seemed like a gentle and gradual downward slope of no import yesterday turns into a yawning chasm today as you slip off the edge of the exponential curve.

Certainly it’s one of the staples of fiction that you can never tell a sneaky bad guy from a good guy, well, maybe it is my autistic engineer’s brain, but I never had the slightest problem telling the two apart, my problem was always that I would “deal” with the bad guys (or girls) in exchange for something else that I wanted, even if that thing was just a quiet life and the odd bit of sex.

Not that I have ever done anything *really* wrong, in a “You’re gonna go to hell for this, only question is how long before you get caught” way, but every time I have either done wrong or dealt with a bad guy or girl, I’ve known at the time that it was going to end in tears of some sort, that, “this ain’t right or the way things is supposed to be” feeling that you ignore and go ahead anyway for some other short term gain.

I don’t forgive or forget the psycho skank ho ex in any way shape or form, but I’m honest enough to admit she never kidnapped me at gunpoint, along with the usual “I *could* have walked away at any point” there were a few chosen instances where the whole walking away thing was basically handed to me on a plate, and I didn’t take it…

Not that I forgive a hungry lion for his nature, or his hunger, or for seeing me as lunch, but, in a Texan “if it happened to you, it’s your fault” sort of way, if you don’t put a 45-70 into that fuckers head as soon as he looks at you, it’s your fault.

Of course the flipside in modern society is fucked if you do, cos you’ll go to jail for life for murder, and fucked if you don’t, because that fucker will wreck your life, just because it can.

Which is why the unravelling insanity on the world stage at large is interesting, because the fucked if you do gets more and more “maybe’s” stuck in front of it.

It’s like the previous thing about the kiddie sex dolls, cunts DO NOT think things through.

1/ They want to make kiddie sex dolls illegal to own *now*

2/ They are talking about pre-emptive measures to make android sex toys illegal before they are even practical.

Well, you just invoked the whole concept of the willing mind and willing heart and consent, you can argue that fucking an animal is wrong because the animal can’t consent, I do not really agree with you, sure, the animal can’t give consent like a human can, but it can express its displeasure quite easily, so what we are arguing about are the rights of a creature that does not have a human like intellect or the ability to converse in some intelligent manner with other human beings.

Well, the donkey liked it, and so did I” doesn’t wash with these people, their whole argument is basically that because the donkey doesn’t have a human like intellect or the ability to converse intelligently with other human beings, it cannot consent.

Then they will point to the mentally retarded, cross their arms, and sit back, safe in the knowledge that they have made an iron clad argument.

So, back to the kiddie sex dolls, we know cartoons of cartoon kids indulging in sexual activity are now illegal, as are cartoons of cartoon humans having sex with cartoon animals, so it’s pretty simple to expand that logic to say that the fake pseudo genitalia on a child sex doll will be equally illegal, and therefore fucking said pseudo fake genitalia is also illegal, and basically this is the argument that is going to send the sad fuck in yesterday’s story to jail for a very long time and the rest of his life on release on the sex offenders register, even though he never touched another living or formerly living creature in the commission of this “crime”

So while we are at it, we will future proof this shit, and make sex androids illegal too.

So fast forwards 15 years and 5 minutes after some cunt buys a hermaphrodroid 1.0 and gets it home and orders it to strip, it has no fake orifices, so he tells it to give him a hand job, next thing you know he gets arrested and sentenced to 9,999 years, and the hermaphrodroid gets destroyed, it’s budding AI intellect on a par with a cat or small dog having no say in the matter, or questions of sentients or individual rights to existence.

It’s fair, I guess, I did not choose to be made with a penis or a brain, and yet I get punished for both, why shouldn’t a sex droid be punished for something equally out of it’s own control, it’s very design and creation?

And if we are banning inanimate non sentient constructs because they might be used for sex, what about the poor bastard in the paper last week who is in love with, and has sex with, an old jaguar car?

I doubt it is 16 years old, and I doubt it can consent, so will it be made illegal and destroyed, and will he be sentenced to 999 years in jail?

What about me surfing wank porn on a 6 week old computer, it is below the age of consent and can’t consent anyway, so will it be destroyed and will I get 999 years in jail?

If I buy a silicone gun shaped to look like a 7 year old ruger blackhawk in 44 mag does that mean it’s just a gateway to me buying a 50 cal and offing the po-po en masse from 1500 yards out?

We already HAVE fucking laws that make fucking 7 year old children illegal, but, in this insane 21st century, that isn’t enough, we now need new laws, apparently, to make fucking any inanimate man made object that resembles a child illegal, and on a severity scale close to the real thing.

There are nearly 1000 kids in the uk being prescribed drugs to delay the onset of puberty, because they aren’t sure what gender they are yet, in the news last week was a photo of one such “creature” that was born a boy but calls itself a girls name and which has been taking said drugs for several years, it is now 17, one year over the minimum age of sexual consent in this country, is it legal to fuck this “old child?” why, yes it is…

If only the guy who fucked the sex doll had instead fucked an adult child of medically postponed puberty… in the eyes of the law, that is clearly better than fucking a sex doll.

Can I get Monsanto put in jail, because a gene they designed for a tomato plant they produced blew in the wind and infected a free range organic tomato plant 6 fields away that I ate, and which then got incorporated into my body, or can Monsanto have me destroyed for having their underage intellectual property in my body while I have sex?

Where does all this lead?

It leads to anything and everything (except human beings, for now) being illegal to use for sex, it doesn’t matter that it is my body and my property / inanimate object that I purchased or made, it’s a fucking crime citizen, literally.

It leads to anything that can be used for sex being made illegal.

Exhibit A – a silicone sex doll made in the appearance of a 7 year old child.

Exhibit B – a random 7 year old child plucked off the street.

In the quest to make the punishment for having sex with Exhibit A on a par with having sex with Exhibit B, since Exhibit A is itself just a manufactured thing, you are reducing Exhibit B to having no more value or significance than a manufactured thing.

You are taking the very humanity out of the thing you claim you are trying to protect.

That very humanity forms tha basis of 99.999% of the protection and defences that Exhibit B currently “enjoys”, not many humans will deliberately rip off a child, most humans will click on a computer screen to buy a £99.00 item mispriced at £0.99, and they won’t give a fuck if that online store or listing does a child vendor out of 98 quid and a penny, that’s the fucking kid’s look out, hell, I taught the little shit a valuable life lesson, go me…

As the recent distasteful media circus surrounding the terminally ill kid and the great ormond st hospital vs the parents shown, your kids are not your kids, they are the property of the state.

Your sex doll is not your sex doll, it is the property of the state.

Your liberty is not your liberty, it is the property of the state.

What better way to make something the property of the state than to dehumanize it, what better way to dehumanize it than to put fucking a doll on a par with fucking a child.

What better way to make sure that kids everywhere get regularly fucked before they reach puberty, hey man, it’s only a kid, it’s not like I fucked a sex doll, and anyway, these kids, you don’t have to put a heater in them to get them up to body temp before fucking them.

What better way to destroy society.

Me, I can’t see much in it worth saving any more anyway.

No man, we don’t take greenbacks or euros or bitcoins here, but I’ll give you 750 grammes of 3D printer materials and machine time for the little girl, no, not that one with snot running down her face, that one there, the skinny one that will fit up the chimney with this brush.

July 31, 2017

Beyond fucking insane.

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Basically these are sex dolls made to look like children.

Now you can call it sick, you can call it wierd, you can call it fucked up, but, who gets hurt if you fuck one?

They aren’t even illegal (yet) here in the UK, but that doesn’t stop the various “child protection” “charities” from agitating for them to be made illegal, and sooner rather than later, because they are concerned about advances in robotics, and god forbid you fuck a child sex android.

So far it has all been justified as a “gateway” thing, you know, one toke on a spliff one day and a few months later you’re mainlining heroin… and people like the poor bastard in the story above, we are being told, also have “obscene child pornography” photos.

You wanna bet, if the doll is labelled as “obscene” and the so called judge in the trial refuses an attempt to have a separate hearing to determine whether or not the fucking dolls themselves should be *made* illegal, then QED taking pictures of the naked doll’s sex organs will count as “obscene child pornography” and nobody will question whether the alleged pictures / evidence actually feature a live human child.

And apparently you can get this shit on Amazon?

Who knew, been an amazon prime member for years, so, checks amazon for “sex dolls” and sure enough they do sell them, didn’t see any kiddie ones, and if I did then frankly they are as tacky as a “normal” one, but then so is half the shit on amazon.

Meanwhile the “hacker” that took down British Airways globally for a few days got a couple of years in chokey, and this sad fuck is pretty much guaranteed to get more than that.

Mark my words, we are getting to a place where it’s a less serious crime to fuck an actual 7 year old for the price of some sweeties than it is to fuck a 3 week old doll of a 7 year old that cost you a couple of grand or more, and let’s face it you’re probably less likely to catch an STD from the doll, going by other official guvvmint figures.


July 20, 2017

How the west was won and lost – Orazio compressor

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I have a proper belt driven compressor out in the workshop, but I had cause to purchase a “quiet” one as well, the definition of quiet being you could put it in an office or living room and it wouldn’t annoy anyone.

The leading “british” brand is bambi, 450 quid for a fridge compressor that costs all of 50 quid on a tank, and yes bambi sell replacement compressors for 275 quid, need more air? Well just add more fridge compressors at 275 quid a time, by the time you have four of them on a big tank (£2.5k) you’ll have enough air to intermittently run an air ratchet etc… and cos fridge compressors are oiled you’ll need a de oiler as well as a water trap if you’re planning on spraying or anything.

Not that anything about the bambi is british except where it is assembled and painted green and white, and the duty cycle is max 50% or max 30 minutes in any one hour…

My application I don’t actually need a lot of air, but I do want dry and oil free air, it’s basically 2 bar pneumatic rams to open and close a machine door, so a “fridge compressor” based machine would have more than enough oomph, but at 450 quid a pop I’d have been better off making one, about 350 quid better off.

So I went on to amazon and paid 129 inc shipping next day delivery for a chinese made 2 stage oilless direct drive job with pistons with synthetic rings, this is it in the pic above in a messy room with a brass zippo perched on the cap for scale.

Power: 750W
Frequency: 50Hz
Voltage: 220V
Speed: 1400rpm
Tank Capacity : 24L
Noise level :67db
Working Pressure :8BAR/ 116psi
Air Supply: 95L/Min
CE Approved.
Net weight:18kg
Connection size: 1/4″ BSP
Suitable hose:5*8MM
It is Oil Free compressor.
Start instantaneous power: 1650W.

Yeah, it’s not the kind of thing you buy to leave to your grand kids, takes about 1 minute 50 seconds to go from an empty tank to cut off at 120 psi and is silent enough you can talk on the phone over it and the people on the other end can’t hear it, and it’s 129 quid delivered so arguably I could have saved 29 quid making a fridge compressor one, if my own time is worthless, and this was delivered next day ready to go.

No brainer.

On a different track I returned yesterday around 6:30 pm after the lightning and thunder and turned on the big series 7 samsung monitor and pc, which is now about 9/10 years old, and it didn’t come on, soft click power button flickers soft click power button flickers etc.

Aww shit, I suppose I could go on to amazon and buy a new 4k 55 inch LG, but, that’s 800 quid and hassle, and I begrudge spending that kind of money, I spent a grand on the 48″ samsung ten years ago, it should last longer, so a quick google and sure enough click of death and bad caps, so carry it into the bedroom to lay it face down on the nice soft duvet (no point bruising the screen for nothing) and remove the back cover and sure enough.

Bad caps, not a very good pic but good enough to show they are swollen and one has a tiny leak stain at the top.

Now, this isn’t a diagnosis, I’ve just identified a possible culprit visually, but it’s worth investigating before saying fuck it and throwing your hands in the air and ordering new kit for 800 quid.

So off down to my local Maplin store just after 7 pm, happily they are open until 8 most days, and some 35 volt 1000 puff caps are duly purchased, (standard on the sammy were 10 volt 1000 puff, but while I’m at it, may as well up the voltage headroom a wee bit) I can only see two on the board and I was sorta expecting four, plus what the fuck so I buy four from Maplin’s, at a whopping 19 pence each, which is profiteering because they are only about 5p  really but I have no issues whatsoever with paying a premium to anyone willing to carry loose stock.

Get back, pull the board, pull out the antex iron, desolder and remove, put in new, solder, snip leads, install the board, plug in the mains lead and test, we have liftoff.

Clean the fan and replace the back cover, reinstall samsung in usual situ and reconnect cables to PC etc and power up.

Elapsed time maybe an hour and a bit.

Elapsed expenditure for repair 38 pence.

because I had the tools, because I had the attitude and basic soldering skills, because my first reactions wasn’t to throw my hands up in the air and say fuck it and spend 800 quid on a replacement (which of course assumes you have the money lying around to replace the item in question, and no better use for said money)

Of course the current squeeze, who witnessed all this, is in awe, TV’s are things that die and then you sell the car and eldest child to buy a new one, and sit around in misery and darkness for 48 hours until it arrives, and then everyone lives off bread and conflakes for six months because of the ongoing hit the TV purchase caused.

They are absolutely NOT something you walk in, it doesn’t work, you go awwwww bastard and put it on the bed and open it and find something wrong WITH NO TOOLS OR INSPECTION EQUIPMENT and then drive down the road a couple of miles and come back a bit later with 38 pence worth of parts, which you solder in and then it fucking works, that shit is pretty indistinguishable from magic.

So we have two entirely truthful and factual tales from the last 48 hours from my own personal life.

1/ I bought the cheap chinese compressor because it was so cheap I couldn’t really compete on the DIY route, and because it’s good enough, even though I know damn well it’s not built to last, it’s still well worth it and a sensible buying decision.

2/ I bought some cheap 19p per pop capacitors to “have a go” at something that being brutally honest I have already had 10 years of good use out of, good going for a flat screen telly, I could be annoyed and discomfited that it was dead after 10 years, but I couldn’t really complain, so the risk / reward for having a go was negligible, and to be honest it could still die next week, I found *a* problem, there could be other components on their last legs too for all I know, the flipside is the devil you know, I have been soak testing this unit for 10 years now, so I do not have any reason to assume that it won’t last another ten….


Bambi are clearly making a huge markup on the hardware, they could just buy in orazios and paint them and rebox them, I’m not knocking them, but the business model doesn’t work when you are competing against the chinese at their own game, I could have bought THREE of these orazios for the price of one bambi.

The only possible reason to even consider the bambi is if you have genuine reason to believe it will last five times as long as one orazio…

On the other hand you have the 48″ series 7 RGB LED backlit LCD samsung that I paid a thousand pounds for ten years ago, I *know* it’s good quality, the proof is sat right in front of me, and has been for ten years, do I believe the LG I might have had to buy as a replacement would last 10 years too? Well, I’d *like* to think so… but…

I still miss the old broom wade 3/4 hp vertical 2 stage v twin compressor that I bought ten years ago for 20 quid and fixed by cutting new gaskets for the heads for 50p, it weighed at least 180 lbs and was incredibly quiet and smooth for a belt driven job and I basically gave it away for 50 quid when the psycho skank ho ex went nuclear.

I’ll miss the samsung when it eventually dies in the same way (hey, at least I don’t have to live with paying someone a tenner to take away only to hear a week later they fixed it for 38p…) because basically it just did what it said on the tin with no fuss, quietly and competently, year after year.

I won’t miss the orazio, and I wouldn’t have missed the bambi.

And this is how the west was won and lost.

We aren’t making any shit that is expected to last at least ten years (yes, I know there are exceptions, but this should be mainstream, not the exception) which you can make all sorts of bullshit Keynesian arguments about.

The trouble is, we aren’t making any cheap crap “good enough” either, all our locally made “good enough” crap is three times the price of what it should be.

Never before in human history has it been as easy, technically, as it is now in 2017 to make a fridge style compressor that should be good for 50 years of 24/7 use with no maintenance.

And it could be done for 250 quid which is what bambi charge for a replacement pump unit.


What’s missing from these “quality” items ???
(standard one year warranty on the pump and three years on the receiver… big fucking deal)
go on, follow the link, take a look…

Yup, same as the cheapo chinese orazio.

Biggest most obvious glaring mistake is a total and complete lack of anything even approaching a decent intake air filter, and yes the orazio is getting one fitted, (it does have one as standard but it ain’t up to much) I’ll eliminate at least 75% of the wear on the synthetic piston rings by eliminating all the particulates from being drawn in and embedded in them, a 10 micron inlet filter is a lot more use than a 10 micron outlet filter, if it can’t get in it can’t get pumped out.

Try as I might, I cannot see *anything* to differentiate between the so called “quality” so called “british made and designed” bambi and the cheap and cheerful orazio, certainly not anything to justify a 300% price difference.

For a sale price of 200 quid delivered I could show the chinese how to make the orazio a bambi killer. (not that it isn’t already, I bought one)

  1. good quality replaceable automotive style intake filter.
  2. PWM soft start and stop motor
  3. standard fitted good dryer and two pressure regulator for twin output, one low range for HVLP guns and one high range for dusters and light air tool use… and all on a sturdy bracket please…
  4. standard tank pressure port for receiver capacity extension / twinning etc
  5. cable tidy (2 cleats) for excess mains lead
  6. big sticker on the side with an arrow pointing at the drain valve saying “DRAIN AT LEAST ONCE EVERY WEEK, YES, THIS MEANS YOU, YOU CUNT.

I’d have bought it in a heartbeat, and so would everyone else trawling amazon for a cheap / quiet compressor for home / office / hobby / light ind usage.

Bambi sales would plummet to zero overnight.

Bambi should already be making their own compressors rated 24/7 for 50 years, fitting proper intake filters, then they’d have been an orazio killer and I’d have bought one… even at 400% of the price of the orazio.

Orazio sales would have plummeted to basically everyone who had a 150 quid and needed a compressor.

Out in the workshop I have one 15 metre air hose, one 10 metre air hose and one 5 metre air hose,, basically I can string them all together and go out to the street and run air tools or pump tyres, the 3hp belt driven comp (home built) is on wheels but it is also a big heavy old bitch and it does need a proper 13 ampere extension lead to run.

The orazio is only 4 to 5 times the price of a shitty pocket emergency 12v car unit, but it is small and portable enough to pick up and carry, draws 3 amperes wet, and a 5 gallon receiver @ 120 psi is enough even not plugged into the mains to inflate any non commercial tyre, and 1 hp is enough to run intermittent air tools like an air ratchet or the odd bit of windy gun.

No brainer.

July 17, 2017


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Steve Martin playing Ruprecht the monkey boy to Michael Caine, they are at a table eating dinner and Rup raises his fork, which has a cork on the end of it, so he doesn’t injure himself…

So, here is a photo I just took, three “blades” in descending order of sharpness.

A few weeks ago a 12 year old kid wanted to cut something, so I handed them the buck in the middle, the look on their face and their parents’ face was memorable to say the least, you see this kid had never handled anything sharper than the dinner knife at top, and it struck me, everyone is a fucking Ruprecht with their baby blunted plastic scissors and corks on their forks.

For those of you wondering;

  1. bog standard sheffield steel dinner knife
  2. buck 110 fg
  3. wapienica razor (polish made surgical razor, old stuff now)

It’s been troubling me, these few days of holiday so far, that look on their faces, WTF has the world come to when people are scared to handle a blade that isn’t dull?

Well, it means none of them know how to handle the buck, much less how to handle an open razor, my eyes open further, in a world where all anyone knows is remington electric and bic disposable, it’s no wonder nobody knows how to shave, so they are either covered in stubble or bleeding, maybe both, nobody will have a close even shave.

I dunno if I’d put an edged weapon before or after fire, basically they are both prehistoric in the human sense, Inuit kids 3 years old can play with flensing knives safely enough, white kids and adult white kids are afraid of a buck lockblade…

Not included in this photo shot is a “stanley” box cutter, arguably *far* better than anything you see here if all you want to do is slice someone’s jugular open and end their days, but all handle and tiny blade in this new juvenile ignorant world makes it safe in the eyes of most.

No knowledge + no experience = total inability to make a valid judgement.

When I was a boy 99% of cops were ex military men, which meant 90% of them had seen active service and 75% of them had seen action.

I can remember an instance where I pulled a diving knife out of my boot (double serrated edge commando point) my mate pulled a morticians knife (think filleting blade but sharper) out of his sleeve and my other mate pulled a (genuine, it wasn’t that valuable then) rohm ss dagger out of his jacket, the motorcycle po-po we are talking to opens his pannier and pulls out a mk 2 US navy kabar.

We’d all come up behind an old Bedford lorry (old fashioned tarp and truckers hitch tie down) and his load had shifted and he couldn’t undo the knots to sort the load out, so he turned around and asked “anyone got a knife?”

What followed (after cutting the offending hitch) was po-po discussing the relative merits and weaknesses of all 4 knives for the next 30 minutes while the truck driver sorted his load, the next day I sold the diver’s knife to a fisherman (yep, great knife to keep lashed to the winch just in case you want to cut some polyprop line, not much use for anything else…) and bought my first buck 110, that’s the second one I have ever owned in the picture, #1 is out in the workshop in the tin with all the twist drills and crap.

Today we’d all have been arrested, and probably been threatened by armed po-po… because nobody in the po-po is ex-services.

I have a small Kennet tool grinder, amongst other things, I could within 3 minutes make the bog standard blunt dinner knife sharp enough to fillet fish, and maybe sharp enough to do a third of a shave, and it would still look like a fucking dinner knife to these dumbasses today, until they sliced their fingers off, then, having cut one finger off, they’d draw it across their palm or something equally stupid to see how sharp it was.

I now *literally* find myself in a place where young people who have daily contact with both parents *and* all four grandparents are asking me to teach them how to shave.

Never even crosses their minds that lesson 1 is a couple of hours talking about edged steel and lesson 2 is a couple of hours talking about hair and follicles and lesson 3 is a couple of hours talking about water and soap and lather and then we can think, about the first shaving lesson with the humble bic disposable.

I just had to brain dump this so I could continue with les vacances.

July 14, 2017

I’m so pretty

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Yup, so even on vacation I can find time to type..lol.

So, I’m talking to these people, and a couple of them are from schenzen or however you spell it in china, BTW *the* place to go if you want to see hybrid electric vehicles and infrastructure to support the same.

The phrase “range anxiety” crops up again and again, “FUCKING BULL FUCKING SHIT!!!” is my response.

Range anxiety is something I had back in the seventies riding a fucking hardtail chopper with a 1.2 gallon peanut gas tank with no reserve on a sunday when most of the gas stations were shut and the *next* one was 60 miles away.. so I carried an extra can of gas.

NOBODY today has range anxiety about an electric vehicle, it is 100% a complete total fabricated bullshit marketing lie.

EVERYONE has refuelling anxiety, a regular car can be refuelled from empty to full in 5 minutes, an effective power transfer rate of megawatt/hours per minute, take your regular fuel pumps away and replace them with gravity fed tanks with no more than 10 cm of head and use a fucking drinking straw to transfer the fuel and lo and behold you have duplicated the electric car problem, it takes fucking HOURS to refuel.

Like, suddenly all the petrol and diesel car drivers will be whining about “range anxiety” and not the fuckin stupid refuelling system that refuels at a rate of centilitres per minute.

So, CLEARLY, all the electric car makers know the Achilles heel of every single electric car is the “refuelling rate/time” so we won’t mention it, in fact we will pretend it doesn’t exist by pretending the real problem is something else entirely, something we can “fix” so then the consumers says “gee, this problem is no problem at all for me, I’ll buy one” and the REAL problem never having entered his consciousness.

It’s like the pixie faced little bitch (who is worth fucking but not much else) who splits up from her bad boy BF (who hasn’t changed at all…) after having a baby and suddenly he is the anti-christ, so suddenly all her fuckbook selfies are full on makeup and photo retouching and all the wimminz in the cunt crew are telling her how awesomely be a utiful she is…. hello? The choir invisibile (sic) singing the praises of the preacher in an empty church meanwhile the heathens are somewhere else getting on with life… oh it’s the fuckbook echo chamber.

When you have to lie to such an extent, when you have to lie so consistently and profoundly, across your entire fucking industry, that you have to make up and completely imaginary problem, for no other purpose than to mask a very real Achilles heel, and when all the motoring press just goes along with you, and when you keep it up to the point where even after cunts BUY your fucking product the penny doesn’t fucking drop, then everything about you is a worthless lying cunt and you need to die and stop polluting the world.

Now, I’ve seen, up close and personal because it’s been down to me to be the messenger, the effect on a guy when you tell them something that destroys their world, and that whole “BTW your kids aren’t yours, they are the milkman’s, anyway your loving wife has just run away with your dad and they sold the kids to the circus and used that money to buy a dodge hellcat, you know, the car you could never afford…”

Saw that *exact* look on the faces of the couple with their nissan leaf that they will be getting rid of soon because they are going to preorder a new tesla, when the whole range anxiety / refuelling anxiety penny dropped, and it didn’t matter that they have been happy with the leaf for two years now, it was written all over their faces, all that happiness was just a lie, the whole experience was based on a lie.

An electric car with a 600 mile range (like my old 2001 diesel) will still be pushing “range anxiety” because the 100 ish mile range of the leaf takes 12 hours to recharge (s0 not even overnight, it’s longer than that) at home, and that’s limited by the current available, so 5x the range = a 60 hour charge time.


You see why nobody is pushing larger ranges and everyone is pushing “40 mile range is enough for 97% of car journeys” because what the fuck use is a car that has a 600 mile range but spends three days of the week 24/7 on fucking charge?

Well, you could fork out a LOT of extra money, not just for a faster charging station for your garage, but also for the new 3 phase mains supply to your house to feed the new charger…

There is 38 Kwh of energy in a gallon of diesel.

UK 240 volt 30 amp domestic supply is 240 x 30 = 7,200 watts so 7 Kwh per hour

so 24 x 7 = 168 Kwh which is the maximum you can draw from a domestic supply, fuck knows how high your bills will be at 20p per Kwh (30 quid a day or £11k per annum) and you won’t be able to run much else except low energy lighting so you better have gas cooker and fires, and 168 / 38 = 4.4 gallons of diesel per 24 hour day equivalent.


BTW, 4.4 gallons of diesel = 4.4 x 4.5 = 19.8 litres and at £1.20 a litre that’s £23.76 for diesel at the pump… tell me how you are “saving money” per Kwh consumed?

But, but, we recharge the leaf for 4 quid…. 4 quid at 20p per kwh is 20 kwh, given your leaf only has a 24 kwh battery….. remember there is 38 kwh in a gallon of diesel.

it’s not that you are suddenly driving the same mileage almost for free, the “fill up” cost is so small because the amount of energy being transferred is so small.

Hello, I fill up my private car with the 600 mile range ONCE A FUCKING MONTH, I don’t fill it up half a gallon over night EVERY FUCKING NIGHT…

If I DID, that would be 15 gallons, and guess what, that’s about what I put in once a month, maybe a bit less.

BTW, my car CAN do 600 miles at 80 mph and then refuel and be back on the road for another 600 miles 5 minutes later, and BTW, I paid 600 quid for it two years ago, *that* is cheap motoring.

I do NOT over state the case about these two looking like someone who just discovered their virgin wife / daughter was miss gang bang winner the last 5 years on the trot, they both looked like they were going to be physically sick, and both stated that they would be physically sick several times.

And no, ***I*** didn’t destroy their fucking lives, THEY did, buying into the entire “green” and “low carbon” and “electric car” bullshit and the whole “range anxiety” bullshit.

Because MATH, BITCHEZ, anyone can do the math I did above.

I realised 30 years ago that energy is a cartel, it does not matter how you buy it, mains electric or diesel or gasoline or mains gas, the cost per Kwh is very very close.

if it wasn’t I could buy mains gas to power a gen set to generate electric to sell back to the grid at a profit, they work all these things out so you can’t do that shit and make a profit.

Once you realise you price per kwh is fairly uniform across the board… buy an old diesel for 600 quid and drive with a light right foot and keep your motorways speeeds down to 60.. for the win.. motoring just doesn’t GET any cheaper than that.

Fuck it man, I need to vacation more if it means I get to meet more people like this and make them wake the fuck up.

BTW *they* started the conversation, not me.

We love the leaf but we are about to pre order the new tesla… winning smiles..

July 11, 2017


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The human eye shakes, if it didn’t we would be blind to everything that didn’t move, because it is only change that triggers the cells at the back of they eye, they are not a CCD.

The other end of the scale is stuff that changes too much, the body has to try to fight to keep up, and sooner or later it starts just ignoring both the content and the change, as long as the change is constant.

If you want to know the human limits just look around you, thanks to computers and TV’s and smartphones and IT, everyone is saturated 24/7 and most try to cope by only focusing on a few things, Fuckbook, Netflix, Amazon and Tinder for example.. add in Uber and Deliveroo and you can live your life that way, and you are still filtering out 99.9% of the “content” out there.

If you take usenet and have a subscription to one of the e-book groups you’ll find that just amongst the pirated content, there is so much new “women fucking animals” porn being produced that you’d have to whittle it down to something very specific and unusual, so not wolves or bears or vampires, perhaps bottle nose dolphins, or perhaps dragons, to limit the amount to a level where a speed reader could keep up with it all if they spent 12 hours a day reading.

Let me give you an example, and bear in mind I was online before there was any such thing as the WWW, so I remember altavista and webcrawler and the rest coming out.

Google, clean clear efficient and blew the rest away… right?

So, here is a search phrase for Google.

“I want to read a blog written by a guy who uses lasers”

It doesn’t specify what sort so it could be a DMX light show or it could be a metal cutting fibre rig or it could be data comms or it could be a quantity surveyor etc etc etc, just a guy who uses lasers all the time and blogs about it, that would be interesting and that’s what I’d like to read about.

What you GET is a keyword search that’s had some minor word weighting performed on the input text and that’s that, so, either;

  1. there are no such blogs out there
  2. there are such blogs out there but google hasn’t indexed them
  3. google is crap at finding shit

I’ll leave you to work out which it is…

When 95% of the results match what I searched for, then you can come talk to me about how wonderful a search tool google is, as it is it’s in reality no better than altavista or webcrawler were back in the day, their big problem back then was there was new stuff coming out faster than it could be indexed, but the win back then was webrings, so you only had to find ONE good site about lasers and then you were off in a nest of next back webrings all about lasers, and fuck all about anything else that didn’t interest you like penis enlargement.

And these are the guys that want to make an autonomous car?

You can’t even do search, you just bullshitted everyone you could and eliminated the competition… and for decades now you’ve used that dominance to…. not improve search.. way to go.

Not only that, they aren’t even trying, oh, you’re in the UK, uh, OK, well, there is a whole bunch of shit here and we are going to have to weight your results because that shit is more important to us than making search work.

It doesn’t matter, because there are still 2 million pages of results, and only the autistic ever get past the tenth page and see them start to repeat themselves.

Of course it’s all total and complete bollocks, and you can save yourself 14 squillion dollars on search engine optimisation and page ranking and shit by calling yourself http://www.bristol.arc.welding.co.uk instead of http://www.creoline-group.co.uk and having a fucking website that says WELCOME TO BRISTOL ARC WELDING instead of some flash shit with some gender neutral asshole smiling and pointing at something interesting in a stock photo yadda yadda yadda.

Trust me, anyone any where near bristol who types any combination of the words “arc”, “welding” and “bristol” will get you on page 1 of the results…. you may get some mis hits for bristol massachewsets of course but you can fix that in the second line of your home page below the welcome to bit.

I’ll predict that 99.9% of you got here either from a link from another site, a link from a friend, or because you typed “wimminz” in a search, and I was the first one to use that word in a URL.

So, anyway, back to fatigue.

Thanks to all the aforementioned IT goodies, we now live in a world where there is several thousand times more “new” content every day than any individual human being could ever hope to even sample, and it’s all just one click away.

And the volume is increasing, so humans do the only thing they can do, apply fatigue and filter, and sooner or later you get to the state where your filters are so good, and the search / indexing is so bad, that there is basically no new content to view.

There is, but you can’t find it, so it may as well not exist, so all that’s left for 99.99% of the sheep is to sign up to an echo chamber like a fuckbook group, and have new joke of the day new meme or the day latest trump atrocity of the day pushed to their mobile device.

Don’t worry, I get it too, I can check the daily fail website any day you like and see 99 different articles of “news” any one of which *would* have prompted me to say something, not any more, oh look, another story about a poor wimminz battered by an evil man, another story about the glass ceiling, another story about a celebutard wedding… meh…

Anyway, I’m taking a couple of weeks off, not going anywhere special or doing anything special, just unplugging for a bit and doing some of the stuff that floats my boat.

(No, not vacationing in Yellowstone…lol)

I’m fatigued out man.

July 10, 2017

“Age of consent”

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I would like you to think about that, an *age* at which you will be permitted to *consent* to something.

It’s not just the age at which you can have your body do or not do something, it is the age at which your mind is allowed to make that choice.

Some milestones in the UK are,

  • 16 – hold a provisional driving licence, ride a 50 cc moped, smoke, have sex with a stranger, leave school, get a job, pay taxes.
  • 17 – drive a 125 cc bike or pass your test and drive a larger motorcycle or car
  • 18 – buy beer and spirits, have sex with someone who isn’t a stranger eg teacher etc, watch an adult rated movie, vote
  • 21 – drive a truck

I’ll be honest here, I’m out of touch with a lot of these, and a lot of them have changed too, when I was a boy you could work part time at 12 and join the army at 16 and we all though it was fucked up that you could join the army and kill or be killed, and fuck, 2 years before you were considered old enough to buy beer or vote or see an adult film, and one year before you could get a proper driving licence.

I’m not going anywhere near the 15 year old girls who aren’t old enough to fuck, but do, and who get pregnant, and who then get abortions, hey ho.

Back then it wasn’t illegal to fuck someone you knew like a teacher at 16 either, of course in practice it would have been career ending for the teacher but that’s neither here nor there, but now if there is anything that could even remotely be considered a position of power, driving instructor, boss, anything, the age of consent for sex is 18

Now, I’m not some paedo apologist saying that kids should be able to consent at 2 or any of that crap, no older person is going to argue with the statement that young people lack the experience to make good decisions, and that young people are easy to influence, and all the rest.

The problems though are two fold, one is the logic perspective, the other is the moral perspective.

From the logical perspective you can’t have any exceptions that break the logic, because then it is no longer rules based on logic, it’s just rules based on punishment.

So the younger the child gets the more protections they should get, and then you come to abortion, and then we get specious “arguments” that the thing being killed isn’t actually a human being, at least as long as skank ho mini mommy and the doctors do the killing, if mini skank ho’s evil aggressive boyfriend beats her for pulling a train while pregnant and she falls down the stairs and miscarries the very least he will be done for is manslaughter if not murder.

So the entire “it’s just simple logic” argument is toast, right there.

Actually the entire moral argument dies a death there too, that is not to say that there cannot be any logical or moral arguments made, just that they do not stand scrutiny as they are not universal and do not have any foundation when you include or exclude the very youngest, the unborn, on a whim.

So we’re back to the thing *we* all said when we were 14 and 15 and 16, and which we have been told throughout our lives is not true, to the point that many of us now repeat it to our young, and that thing is the state telling us what we can and cannot do with out bodies.

Nobody involved *consented* to the state intervening, none of us did back then and nobody does today either, yet the state intervened and told us we could not consent, and even if we did, it didn’t matter, someone is going to jail, whether it was underage sex or driving without a licence or drinking or smoking underage or whatever.

BACK IN THE DAY you turn 21 you become an adult and *your* parents are off the hook for your actions, prior to that all they can do is disown you or beat you, but they can beat you.. on the principle that you cannot make someone responsible for something without also giving them the means to control that thing, or wash their hands and walk away if control didn’t work.

Back in the day you want to fuck at 14 that’s a conversation that involves both your parents and the parents of the other kid in question, and probably some beatings, or wedding bells.

Back in the day you want to ride your horse and carriage through town at 14 that’s a conversation you’ll have with your parents, and if you damage or injure anything or just act like a loon a lot of people will be talking to your parents, and you’ll be getting a beating.

Now, if we talk about some horrible failed dictatorship nork state where kids are basically indoctrinated at 5 and drafted into the state apparatus at 10 and lied to their entire lives about absolutely everything, we will all be muttering in our beards about how fucking awful that is, the military draft was bad enough when it was done at 16, hell that nearly broke is, how can you do that to little kids?

I got news for you, I just been talking to some 11 and 12 year olds, that’s first year at the big school here (and yes as mentioned previously with puberty and so on, these kids are becoming sexually mature, and thanks to smartphones they are exposed to everything all the time) and they are as aware of all this “rules shit” as we were back when we were young, in fact they are even more aware of it.

Now, here is the thing, BECAUSE we now have a system that deliberately turns out dumbed down kids from school at 16/18 that are basically as thick as shit, you aren’t left with any intellectual arguments that work, you literally cannot get to a place where the kids will say you know what, I see what you are trying to say, I get that, but it’s not fair, I’ll put up with it because I can’t change it, but, it’s not fair and its not right.

You can’t do that because the kids are as thick as shit, fuck you and fuck your rules is about as close as you’ll get, so me being me thought I would be clever, I’d educate these little shits, I’d teach them about The Draft and national service and all that, to see if that rang any bells.

I get stopped / interrupted half way through, I’ll call him Jimmy, the corner of Jimmy’s mouth is turned and he is talking to me like I’m talking to a retard and he ain’t no ‘tard bro, yeah yeah we get that, says Jimmy, it’s not that, this is prison, we’re all born in prison, and he mentions something that may be a game or show, I honestly for the life of me can’t remember the name but clearly all the other kids knew it because they started to nod, and says it’s all like that man, we’re prisoners, so are our parents, they just got used to it.

I had to go away and think.

See, there is no way I can explain any of this intellectually to Jimmy or his crew, they will just hear sounds, they won’t grep content, there is nothing to be grasped by their minds, because they are as thick as shit, deliberately so.

YUUUGE BIIGLY mistake to think that because someone cannot grasp something intellectually, therefore they cannot grasp it viscerally, even a dog understands when it is being treated fairly or unfairly, it’s doesn’t need logic and Plato to work out when it is getting the shit end of the stick.

Logic and Plato is needed to convince the dog to eat it, for the greater good, fnaar fnaar, just be patient my pup, things will improve over time.

These feral kids and feral young adults have neither education nor logic nor plato nor anything else, and I guess when you get right down to it, they don’t need it.

Later I asked Jimmy how he knew I wasn’t one of “them” and again he looked at me like I was dumb, it hardly needed explaining, I wasn’t a teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor etc, and it was all run together like that, no difference between them, they are all the one thing, the prison guards, authoritah, the ones that enforce rules and hand out punishments, but who do not obey the rules they enforce.

I’m reminded of you tube videos questioning activists and protesters and getting dumb angry “just because innit” answers, and then dismissing the protester as a dumb shit… missing the point people… yes, they are dumb, and yes, they are angry, and dumb angry people do stupid shit, with very little warning… and dumb angry people aren’t a million miles away from “now I’m fucked I may as well go all in”

The laws that we had back in the day were not acceptable to us back then, but, we all had some sort of education and so we all came to some sort of accommodation that “may as well man up and take it because you ain’t gonna win” although of course there were exceptions… in my own case I’d been abroad and driving since I was 12, back in blighty at 16 I bought a bsa a10 that was basically half in a box for 300 quid and rebuilt it, I remember trying to get insurance but I couldn’t as I had no licence, and I remember trying to get a licence only to be told I was too young, the fact that I’d already had a licence for 4 years and had just rebuilt the bike meant nothing, that is the “law” so, I figured I’d tried, fuck you, and rode anyway… and got into plenty of trouble as a result despite never having an accident or anything else, but that’s neither here nor there.

If we have been deliberately uneducated to the level of kids today, I dunno… add into the mix that back then there was no internet, no smartphones, no xxxhamster, no tinder, no jpeg, no mpeg, no mp3… sucks teeth…

… add into the mix that since then laws have gotten more draconian and disjointed, plus all the technology also means shit is tracked and traced all the time, back then we had no speed cameras, no anpr, no police computer database available 24/7, I could go on and on.

At least back then it was a sort of open prison where once you made 18 you became a trusty and could pretty much live life the way you wanted to, there wasn’t any misandry in the courts, divorce wasn’t so messy and nasty, houses were affordable, you could easily enough rebuild your life if you took a knock through various circumstances, you couldn’t really get into much debt, much less be part of a society where being indebted over your head was pretty much mandatory for participation, and of course there weren’t so many fucking “safety nets”… if you lost a job you’d get dole for 3 or 6 months that worked out to around 75% of the average of your last 4 weeks wages, and when that ran out the only long term money you got was enough to buy food, just about, nothing else.

No exceptions for being born with a cunt or having 4 children by one of 10 possible fathers.

Back then, I can’t remember her name, I guess she was reasonably pretty but at the time I only had eyes for another chick, anyway it was her 16th and we were drinking and smoking dope and listening to jethro tull and hawkwind (I would have been 17 at the time) and some way though the night she comes out with “oh no I’m 16, sex is going to be boring now” because that is the other side of the coin, lots of people did lots of things expressly *because* they were not supposed to, drive from town A to town B while never being below the speed limit, and of course everything is changing.

Time was if you wanted to leave one place and go to another all you needed was a passport and money, you didn’t have to notify any authorities and you didn’t need special permission, and you certainly were not bound by the rules of the country you just left, the rules of the country you were in were what applied.

REFUGEE, I was educated so I do not need a dictionary to tell me that a refugee is an individual who is seeking refuge from something, and I do not need a dictionary to tell me that refuge is to hide from or run away from.

“Economic refugee” WTF is that all about, BY FUCKING DEFINITION if the motive is fiscal then you are not a fucking refugee, you are an economic migrant.. and I don’t need a dictionary to tell me that migrant is someone who seeks to change where they live.

Dogshit thick 12 year old Jimmy has no education, and no difficulty, they ain’t from fucking round here, and they get treated better than us… I refrain from explaining that is was common practice to beat and humiliate the buck nigger, and elevate and reward the most unworthy, to break up the slave community spirit, it would go way over Jimmy’s head, and yet I don’t think Jimmy is missing out on any useful info, he has the dog’s basic sense of unfairness and resentment, and not just towards the rapefugee, but the teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor  who is behind it all, same cunts who are behind everything else Jimmy don’t like.

For all their ignorance and uncouth ways and everything else that I could possibly say against Jimmy and his ilk, they have one redeeming feature that I love dearly, they know when they are being treated fairly, and they *do* react to that, perhaps in ways that we older inmates shy away from as being inappropriate, but they do, which puts them a million miles ahead of all the teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor  etc

I have *never* been one to watch my words, always been a tell it like it is and fuck you if you don’t like it kinda guy, to be sure my personal experiences and age (and the psycho skank ho episode where no matter what you say it’s twisted and used against you, and the meaning of every single word gets changed on a whim) have a big part to play in this, so I have always been the sort to not have a fuckbook page with everything on it, not wear a tee shirt that says “I fuck other guys wives”, not put in writing on here that I just drank a bottle of whisky and drove 30 over the limit on the wrong side of the road, and of course on here I don’t actually put my given name to stuff (I know that this is a far cry from anonymity) because basically I was brought up that there are a lot of laws you can break if you do it quietly, it’s not that you won’t be detected, it’s that *they* won’t bother.

nowadays we have the Jimmy’s of this world breaking the law, bragging about it on fuckbook, getting arrested and then jumping bail and posting pictures to the judge’s / po-po’s fuckbook page with them sipping a margarita somewhere sunny and sticking two fingers up, literally… that’s bad enough but a local source tells me some are even doing it from their home town while hiding out from the law and taking the piss out of the po-po for not being able to find them…

It’s just another sign of what I mentioned yesterday, we’re headed for a prison riot.

The deliberate dumbing down of society was to my mind a *massive* mistake, yes you can dumb them down to the point where you can as a corporation or a state do what would be wildly illegal for me to do, which is to manipulate them, to me this modest short term gain is vastly outweighed by the fact that you can no longer appeal to their intellect, so at a stroke you reduced everything to brutish ignorance so you could sell more shit and amass more temporary power, and the demon you unleash in doing so is the basic animal instinct and response to unfair treatment, and every single sign of that you just double down with more dumbing down, more laws, more repression.

When I was 13 90% of kids if asked about sex would lie and say yeah they’ve done it, the very very few who had done it would be lost in the crowd of liars.

Today you ask 12 year olds and I shit you not 50% have done it, and they don’t fucking *say* they have done it, they whip out the smartphone and show you fucking PROOF they have done it, and when you panic and react in horror (because who wants to be arrested on a charge of being a paedo) they say it’s OK man, I’m under age and so was she and you didn’t touch my phone.

Then you’ll get a Jimmy, he will tell you yeah, most of the time those mpegs are real, most of the time everyone has seen this in the school, most of the time that’s why they are taken, because everyone does it, but some fake it, everyone at school knows they faked it, but that doesn’t matter, the point is the old’s don’t want to touch their phones now, just in case.

Jimmy has (he tells me) two different girls sucking his cock (separately) and one citizen dying in the street after being tasered (I query him and he states an actual death and place and date that was reported in the press) and he has shared them all amongst friends so he doesn’t care if someone steals his phone, and like he says, what old or teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor is going to want to touch his phone, knowing what’s on it.

Big big big mistake to think that feral kids can be easily controlled by keeping them dumb and ignorant and repressed… the times in africa and other places where one white man held sway over hundreds of wogs he *never* forgot he was outnumbered, and the *last* thing he wanted was a situation where they saw him as an oppressor, it’s way too easy to poison a bastard or cudgel him asleep, the only way it worked was with respect, you could be as hard as nails as long as you were FAIR,  and the things that made me a good white man abroad also made me a good manager at home and abroad, demand enough self discipline and skill from yourself to earn respect from the staff, and then treat them all fairly and equally, *they* will sort out their own hierarchy and rules, they don’t need you imposing it.

A feral dog or feral youth doesn’t need a phd to know when YOU are out of your depth, and they are pack animals, beat them all individually at will, they will all turn on you one day and they *will* see the fear in you as you run away for reinforcements, and you just made your own task more impossible long term.

I, and *many* others, talk about Yellowstone letting go or moar war in Europe or the ME, why do you think the powers that be prefer such a scenario to the point they will do everything they can to make it happen, anything but their worst nightmare, the feral pack revolting and putting everything that smells of teacherpolicecouncillawyerdoctor to madame guillotine.

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