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February 2, 2018

Nacho Vidal

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I’ll be honest, I’d entirely forgotten about the guy, or his forums, until he popped up on the comments in the Promises post, and basically demanded with menaces that I take down a post I made in 2014

Seems the guy is utterly against bullying, unless it is him doing it, and utterly for free speech, unless it is something he doesn’t like.

While it may be tempting to character assassinate the twat, on the one hand life is too short, and on the other hand I couldn’t hope to do as much damage to his credibility as he does himself, which brings us on to an entirely separate but related subject, who is the man behind the mask on a website / forum / blog?

Contrary to nacho’s belief I have in the past met in the flesh people whose online persona was exactly like his, bring friends, bring knives, bring guns, bring a nurse, bring a camera, and yet without exception in the flesh all they wanted to do was shake my hand and be my friend.

It took a while for the penny to drop on that one, without an online adversary they are just a lonely voice in the dark, I was actually doing them a huge favour, in effect legitimizing them and giving them purpose and meaning….

… but, I have also met many many many others, the “bring friends and I am still going to fuck you up” types are a very small minority, so unless you have met them in the flesh and for some time, the person behind the blog / forum / website is an enigma, and while we can speculate, it’s dead easy to be dead wrong.

  1. There are people like me here, anonymous for various reasons, but those reasons are all a variation upon “my identity has nothing to do with my message” and “I have no wish to sign up to future unknown complications when databases such as fuckbook and google and amazon cross reference this shit to my real life”
  2. There are people who are anonymous for legal reasons, whether it be an NDA or the simple fact that they would get sacked if what they posted ever got back to their employer.
  3. There are people who are anonymous for Tyler Durden reasons, multiple users or posters that wish to be seen as a group.
  4. There are people who are anonymous for dishonest or nefarious reasons, usually it’s just a case of follow the fucking money.
  5. There are people who are anonymous for entrapment purposes.
  6. There are people who are anonymous for “credibility” reasons, if they were outed their identity and circumstances might cast doubt on their entire message.
  7. You get the picture, I could add many many many more to this list, but off the top of my head I have met all of the above in real life in some circumstances or other.

What I have NEVER understood is the fact that any given person can conceive of the possibility that the 9 year old girl you are hoping to meet for sex is in reality a couple of ugly po-po ready to throw your ass in jail, yet they seem unable to conceive of the possibility that the guy whose ass you are going to kick is also nothing like the “weaker and wimpier than you” pansy you think he is… either you accept that identity is vague and fluid, or you do not, you don’t get to apply it where it suits.

I was related a story of two small groups of people who met in the flesh and got into a fight, both were law enforcement from different districts, one had spent the past six months pretending to be a young child up for sex, the other had spent six months pretending to be someone who could procure young children up for sex, so one day they meet in the flesh, the penny drops, and violence kicks off because the “other lot” have just wasted six months of “this lot”‘s time and resources.

I myself back in the day was a small independent ISP, did the whole hosting thing and all the usual services, and one day some dweeb who was a small time customer of mine with a half a dozen vanity domains, so I knew ALL about them, decides to pick a fight with me on one of the support / discussion forums, of course *he* claimed *he* was on close terms with the admin and so he knew all about me and if I did not reel my fucking neck back in, he’d post all my personal details and kick my ass and see that I was banned from the server…. I just ignored the twat as technically he wasn’t breaking any of the rules I had in place, but two other three other users tried to warn him, what happened them was utter hilarity, they were of course just sockpoppets and so on and so forth, until one day about 2 months later the penny dropped, and I had a very timid phone call from the guy, apologizing for everything, making a million excuses as to why it wasn’t his fault, and could I please delete all the offending posts by him… he got really upset when I said no, why should I, go back and read the rules again, these were unmoderated groups…

So yes, it’s difficult, even when some people choose to “out” themselves and show a picture and personal details and all the rest, you still have no way of knowing if there is any truth in it.

So all that is left is all there ever was, which is that it is REALLY FUCKING HARD to build a website / forums / blog / whatever that has any credibility at all, it takes LOTS of time and COMPLETE consistency and by definition the entire body of work is open to anyone and everyone to critique?

“How come you need donations and $200 a week to run this website, I know for a fact it’s hosted on go daddy / fasthosts and you’re paying 50 bucks a year max?”

“well, it’s 2 bucks a week for the website itself, and 198 bucks a week for me to cover my electric and food and gas and so on”

OK, so you think you have the RIGHT to sit on your ass and earn a living from this website… entitled much?

Compared to things like Sam’s Laser Faq, which is an ENORMOUS body of work and utterly free you have an uphill struggle to explain that away, like the dizzy bitch in this post, she apparently honestly thinks she has the RIGHT to make a living by being a parasite off the backs of other people’s effort.

I should make it clear that I have never met Nacho Vidal, I do not think we have ever even emailed privately, and all I know of his was the forums he ran (into the ground) but beyond that I know nothing, he could be a Tyler Durden, he could be a 9 year old girl, hell, he could be a bot, the language and arguments haven’t developed any on the past four years, and I say all that to make clear two things;

1/ Anything I do say about him is speculative, I do not know him from Adam.

2/ Judging people by their own actions and their own words is a million miles away from saying anything about the individual(s) behind the monicker.

So Nacho, those words and that post you object to so strongly… WHY? they are YOUR words verbatim copied and pasted from your own forum farewell / suicide message.

WHY NOW? Why wait for four years, it is that you just realized some new monetisation scheme is at risk because it contains a record, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, of your last forum suicide note?

LOGIC boy, learn some fucking logic, you can’t slag someone off for being a coward for hiding behind the anonymity of a wordpress blog when YOU YOURSELF hide behind godaddy and shit.

The fact that this is FREE and your was PAID only matters to users if you are trying to monetise shit, it’s real hard to lie about the racks of servers you own running a site with a wordpress.com domain.

Threatening to report me because my free speech hurts your feeling just brands you, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, as a fucking hypocrite of the first degree.

A complete and utter lack of any logical response, explanation or counter argument to your forum suicide post of four years ago as mentioned here is just going to make everyone thing you do not have any explanations or excuses, you just want it expunged, and why would you want that, unless you were embarking on another “pay me for my time” monetisation scam?

For your information, automattic, the parents of wordpress, have a pretty turned on attitude to free speech, unless you can point to immediate threats of violence (oh, wait, that was done my you to me in the comments) or other illegal behaviour, they most don’t care about whiny little bitches… if you feel you have a case there ain’t nothing stopping you filing a writ and having your day in court… if the court upholds your case automattic will quite correctly abide by the court’s decision.

BTW I used to work on the backbone, [redacted] is a virgin media IP address from the lewisham exchange, and when I say worked on the backbone I mean telindus trained and worked in the virgin regional NOC’s, so I KNOW what names and contact details to put down on a writ, can you say threats of violence and harassment nacho?

I got ZERO time for that shit, but stupid little boys like you who get 2 chips short at the BK and then start screaming for the senior manager because you have rights, don’t you know who I am, I’ll cost you your job bitch, and all the rest of it… just annoy me like the angle biting shits that you are.

ALL you have achieved is to bring a name and forum that was forgotten in the past to the forefront, and proved beyond all doubt that you are the same annoying hypocrite asshole you were 4 years ago.

Pity you didn’t get this blog shut down yesterday, as you threatened, innit.


PS comments locked for this post.

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