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July 9, 2011

Damned lies and statistics

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I have just been doing my periodic clean up of my Android smart-phone synced Google contacts, specifically those contacts that are skank ho’s picked up on Plenty Of Fish (which incidentally has just had its first publicised False Rape Accusation… the guy walked and she got jail time, gotta love those digital records)

And I noticed an interesting thing, while there is little correlation between whether a skank will send you a picture of her cunt and her actually fucking you, and other such possible indicators, the most obvious one is this…

1 in 3 that get to texting, which means exchange of mobile phone numbers, follow through and fuck, the rest flake.

Considering that this is all free, no expense involved beyond your time, your ISP connection, your free minutes and SMS on contract, this is actually a pretty good “conversion rate”, and one that most salesmen would kill for, 1 in 3 solid leads resulting in a sale.

It is also very much a process, I have had the odd one that I start talking to on PoF, and it shifts to text or IM within an hour (try to get them on to MSN or google talk, as this creates and stores archives on your computer and does not rely on PoF server logs staying intact) and an hour or two later I get the invite to come straight over and fuck them senseless, but it has to be said they are the outliers, it usually takes two or three days, but on the other hand if you haven’t cracked that nut within a week, shrug and move on, because that bitch wants nothing from you but being an emotional tampon for her.

WordPress also generates statistics, and one of the really interesting ones is the search terms that people use and end up here with… if this doesn’t prove that Search Engine Optimisation is not simply a tax on the stupid, nothing will…

THREE assholes typed “horse fuck women, so that the blood comes out” into Google, and google obviously threw up this site, and they clicked the link, hence it being recorded…. I can only assume these are 4chan /b/ types, as they generally find this site quite popular, due to the irreverence, but the point still stands…

Parent fucking the child porn” is a little more abtuse, perhaps the sort of logic you get when you run any sensible phrase like “One adult and two kids first class to Waterloo please” through language translation software english > german > french > russian > english, so it is perhaps more interesting from a machine logic and algorithm point of view how google can direct a search such as this to this site.

Which doesn’t exactly explain the assholes actually typing in these search phrases.

There are also quite a few stalkers, typing in the user names of people who post on places such as The Spearhead.

Now, speaking as a man who was falsely accused of rape and extreme domestic violence by my skank ho ex as core tactic in her secret family court case against me to gain sole custody of our kids…. being associated with parent fucking the child porn and horse fuck women, so that the blood comes out, by Google no less, is not a prospect that fills me with great joy… not that the incompetent, credulous, gullible and misandric secret family court system needs any more fucking ammo… lol

As for mercedes penis, nazi penis check, fucking on the autobahn, girls fucking boy scout, and all the rest, well, the mere fact that google has built a billion dollar business on monetising this shit should tell you all you need to know about the world, and reality… lol

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