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July 1, 2011

Ivory towers of ignorance.

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All intelligent life, including humans, has evolved to do automatic pattern matching and recognition, this is in fact a fundamental definition of intelligent life, and it even extends below the lower boundaries of sentience into autonomous life and plant life.

The vast majority of people today live in ivory towers, separated from nature, and so they know nothing of nature and start ascribing almost supernatural belief systems as explanations for very ordinary and mundane behaviour.

As an example, two or three simple rules = goal seeking, and any group of things, living or mechanical or electronic, that follow the same set of rules will appear to be co-operating with one another.

If you are the target of this co-operation, it looks like a conspiracy out to get you.

If your bare feet are firmly rooted in the loam of nature, and you daily deal with nature, red in tooth and claw, you realise that the lion pack that is stalking you is co-operating, but it is not a conspiracy out to get you, you realise that the locust swarm devouring your crops is co-operating, but it is not a conspiracy out to get you, you realise that the ants that invade you larder are co-operating, but it is not a conspiracy out to get you.

At least, you do if you have a brain…

If you have a brain, you will see that one of the fundamental principles of economics (and I mean REAL economics, not financial shenanigans) is that any behaviour that is rewarded is encouraged, and any behaviour that is penalised is discouraged.

So making yourself an expensive meal for lions, making your crops an unattractive meal for locusts, and making your larder unpleasant for ants all discourage their predation, while doing the opposite encourages their predation.

Nota Bene, we have just fundamentally altered the status quo of simple rule based goal seeking systems, there is still no conspiracy, merely nature reacting to changing environments.

Expanding to fill every gap is exactly what nature is.

If you do anything to change the environment and encourage one set of behaviour, it is absolutely inevitable that nature will expand to fill that newly created vacuum.

If you then look at the new inhabitants of that newly created ecosystem, then the fact they they are all similar is again not a conspiracy, but exactly what you would expect.

Nobody with a brain would expect to find a representative proportion of lions and ants flying into the the newly planted maize field to decimate your juicy fresh cops.

But take people out of “nature” and stick them in the ivory towers that we call town and cities, where the only exposure to nature that they get is other human beings, and suddenly they stop considering that the same rules apply, suddenly it is me me me, and anything that hurts me is a conspiracy.


When you reward women for getting pregnant by handing them social housing for free, you just changed the environment, expect nature to expand into this new ecosystem by providing a new breed of “single mums” who look like they were all made in the same factory, which they were, and act the same way etc etc.

This is not a conspiracy to deprive everyone else of access to the finite and limited social housing stock.

This is a consequence of altering the status quo of the ecosystem.

Rinse and repeat for the Family Court system, Domestic Violence, Rape, Child custody and access, employment laws, etc etc etc, and EXACTLY THE SAME THING HAPPENS.

New ecosystems created by changing the status quo economically reward certain behaviours and penalise others, colour me fucking surprised when you then observe those behaviours.

Family Court lawyers are all misandrist cunts, what do you fucking expect when you change the ecosystem and create a system where they are economically rewarded to always side with the mother?

Expecting family court to be populated by a proportion of highly competent and highly moral lawyers is like expecting the locust swarm that descends on your field of crops to contain a proportion of lions and ants… it is fucking moronic.

If you want to find highly competent and highly moral lawyers, you have to go looking in an ecosystem that rewards that sort of behaviour… just as in nature, it is fucking pointless looking for honey or honey bees under rocks by the river bank.

Again, ascribing the changes made in the status quo to some sort of illuminati working to some master plan is equally stupid and preposterous, and ascribing vast intelligence to agents who were themselves doing nothing more than following the directives of their own ecosystem…

This is the complexity of nature, you make one change in the ecosystem and create a new ecological niche, that niche gets inhabited by new PLAYERS, not cyphers, but active players, that themselves, by their very existence, make more changes in the ecosystem and create new ecological niches that are in turn inhabited by more players, rinse and repeat ad infinitum in a vastly more complex game of life.

The guy who decided to plant the field of maize is just as much a simple bit part player in the game inhabiting an ecological niche, as is the guy who decided to reward single mums with top priority on the social housing ladder.

There are no guiding masters, as there is no God, whatever controlling deity there may be resides in the very very simple rules and fundamental physical principles of the universe.

The lions on the savannah are not the illiminati, though they may seem like it to individual eland being stalked, there is no conspiracy, though it may seem like it to an individual eland being stalked, and simply labelling the lion as “the king of the jungle” does not make it so.

The Jungle does not have a king, it is an ever changing dynamic system, as is nature, as is life, even life in the ivory towers of our towns and cities surrounded by other human beings.

Now, the other thing about nature is this, each ecological niche, if successful, expands wildly to consume everything in its path and dominate the environment and change it utterly.

Like the simplistic games of life above, nothing stops this expansion except a collapse because the super colony has consumed all the available resources, or because the super colony itself collapses as it itself becomes the prey of a newly evolved predator that expanded to inhabit the ecological niche created by the very existence of the super colony itself.

“Feminism” is one name that we can give to this super-colony, but it VASTLY understates the complexity, and in many ways gives a totally misleading impression as to its nature, for example feminism does not accurately describe our running away from science and engineering and technology towards service industry and offshoring and social media, yet all these firmly belong under the umbrella of this super colony, some aspects of which have been focused upon by the MRM.

I have been FUCKED UP THE ASS by the family court and police system due to my ex deciding a false rape accusation was a great way to win a child custody / separation battle… and she was right, it was and is … but the FACTS are that the judges and lawyers and indeed my ex skank ho ARE ALL FUCKING STUPID CUNTS, this alone should tell you there is no illuminati and no master plan….

A 5 year old boy can out think a lion, and a feminist…. think on this.

So, knowing what we now know about the REAL world, the super colony that we have decided to call feminism, or capitalism, or globalism, or stateism, has expanded to the point where something has to give.

There are only two options, and they are not mutually exclusive, in fact in nature it is a universal truth that both are always present, even if one is vastly more notable than the other.

Those two options are resource collapse, and predation.

Resource collapse is here right now, we are in economic meltdown, the wil-e-coyote moment where he has run off the cliff but gravity hasn’t quite grabbed him yet…

Predation is here right now too, what the fuck do you think this blog is about, particularly the internet dating stuff, except the diary of the predator licking his lips…

May I suggest that those of you with a brain read the link on the right under men’s links The Slog.

There is no fucking illuminati, sure, maybe the lions swagger around thinking and acting like the kings of the jungle, but DNA and a few simple physical rules are so powerful they do not even notice the lions, much less their hubris.

68% of the volume of the Titanic slipped beneath the waves in the last 10 minutes.

This sort of statistic applies to everything from mammoths to “feminism”.

Prace bets now.

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  1. Brilliant and insightful article

    Comment by Norsefire — July 5, 2011 @ 10:38 pm

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