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May 22, 2011

Locard – the daddy

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Edmond Locard was the father of forensic science.

His famous dictum goes thus;

“Physical evidence cannot be wrong,
it cannot perjure itself,
it cannot be wholly absent.”

Logically, this is both an extremely clear, and an unassailable statement, only a Creationist or Feminazi could possibly argue with it, no one of sound mind could argue with it.

Even planted physical evidence cannot be wrong, so if I leave a cigarette butt with your DNA at the scene of a murder I commit in order to implicate you, what Locard’s Principle states is there must be some physical evidence that I was in the place to plant the evidence.

Note that the lazy policeman who grabs the cigarette butt (in films usually some obscure brand with some obscure brand of lipstick) AND THEN STOPS LOOKING FOR FURTHER EVIDENCE is the problem here, Locard’s Principle holds true, evidence of my being there and planting the butt was simply ignored when the policeman STOPS LOOKING ANY FURTHER.

Speaking as someone who was falsely accused of rape, and a score of other equally vile offences, by my skank ho ex, thankfully for all the wimminz out there when allegations of rape are made, the police are not allowed to do this, it is a career ending move…. when a rape is alleged, there are no budgetary or resource limits put in place, and all possible evidence is removed and catalogued.

In my case this was six forensic officers spending an entire day ransacking my entire house, a police high tech forensic squad spending a year poring in loving details over every single byte of my terabytes of hard disk looking for the alleged child and animal porn, all bedsheets and bedding lovingly scraped for DNA, and of course my entire history from birth put under the microscope.

Now, as I have said elsewhere in the pages on the right, having been through a rape enquiry, however much I may hate the police for their attitude, not only can I not fault their dedication and methodology, but also I simply cannot perceive of any way for a guilty actual rapist to beat this system… it simply is not credible.

I said this time and time again, long before I had ever heard of Locard, or knew anything of forensic science or investigative techniques beyond TV fantasy.

But Locard in his brilliance neatly summarises in that short sentence in red at the top of this page everything that I have been saying.

The evidence never lies, and there can never be no evidence for an event that actually did happen.

Now, let me give you an actual, factual, concrete, real world example.

The skank ho ex, in addition to claiming to be a rape victim, decides to sweeten the pot by saying you are a child pornographer and paedophile, as this will help her get custody, which is what this shit is all about.

In planning this atrocity, the skank ho of course knows that I am none of these things, so some evidence will have to be procured and planted.

What better way to convict someone than by downloading some actual child pornography, burning it to a DVD, and planting it in your house a day or two before you call the cops?

Hang on, she thinks, he may argue that the DVD is not his, how can I head this one off at the pass? I know, I will include some home made porn showing him fucking me (consensually) last summer.

So, police come through your door, arrest you on suspicion of rape and a bunch of other obscene stuff, take all your shit away for forensic analysis…

… find one DVD with kiddie porn, and a clip of you fucking the ex missionary style, up her ass, and getting a blowjob, with your face showing so everyone knows it is you.

This DVD, together with the constant mantra about “imminent prosecution” is used to prevent you from having ANY contact with your kids for the next two years while the case rumbles on.

Now, at this point I would like those of you who are not IT savvy to take notes, and consult with someone who is, or read up on the subject, because this is important, because I am going to talk about how computers work, and because it invokes Locard.

There is something known as “data” which for example could be the file that is this very page that you are reading now, or another document, or a digital photo, or digital video, etc.

There is also something known as “metadata” which is not any of the above, but which is information ABOUT the above, when they were created, last accessed or modified or deleted, etc etc.

Computers basically record EVERYTHING you do, every keypress, every mouse click, every file accessed or modified or created or deleted, they do this 24/7 in the background, and it is this metadata that data recocery companies and computer forensic departments deal with.

To be sure, old data does get over written, in the same way that you car may well be repainted and modified many times in its lifetime, however, you simply cannot “fake” the fact that three colours ago, under the present blue and previous yellow paint jobs, it used to be red, you can give it a bare metal rub down and fresh spray in green, but even this is OBVIOUSLY a new paint job, the paint is new, the factory never offered that shade of green, and the previous owner 3 owners ago registered the fact that he repainted the car from factory red to yellow.

And, in computer forensics, even the tiniest bit of old paint, ANYWHERE, is sufficient, forget the door panel, take scrapings from the engine bay, under the carpets by the rear seats, under the rubber seals that hold the windscreen in… these represent the tiny shards of files left over when a file is “deleted” and the disk space it occupied is marked as empty and available for use again.

To be specific, with regard to the DVD of kiddie porn;

  1. If any of the kiddie porn images and videos on the DVD were ever present on any of my computers, there will be traces of those files, OR, there will be evidence of massive and regular disk scrubbing and high level encryption used to conceal the fact that those files were ever present on any of my computers… THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION OR POSSIBILITY for computers that have been in solid use for some years.
  2. If the consensual sex with the ex home made and quite legal porn file on the DVD were ever present on any of my computers, there will be traces of those files, OR, there will be evidence of massive and regular disk scrubbing and high level encryption used to conceal the fact that those files were ever present on any of my computers… THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION OR POSSIBILITY for computers that have been in solid use for some years.
  3. If the DVD in question was burned on any of my computers there will be a record of a DVD with that “volume label” having been created on my computer, OR, there will be evidence of massive and regular disk scrubbing and high level encryption used to conceal the fact that those files were ever present on any of my computers… THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION OR POSSIBILITY for computers that have been in solid use for some years.
  4. If the DVD in question was inserted or mounted or played on any of my computers, there will be a record on that, OR, there will be evidence of massive and regular disk scrubbing and high level encryption used to conceal the fact that those files were ever present on any of my computers… THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION OR POSSIBILITY for computers that have been in solid use for some years.
  5. If the DVD in question was ever handled by me, at ANY STAGE, even when BLANK out of the spindle of blanks, it will contain many both partial and full fingerprints of mine, and I have just been fingerprinted, and it will also contain significant traces of amino acids and oils from my handling of it, and I have just had DNA samples taken, and buddy, if you think the forensic service are NOT going to do these checks then you have a lot to learn.

You can posit, for point #5, that I may have worn gloves when handling my private kiddie porn collection, if so, why would I NOT encrypt the kiddie porn files on disk, and why would I add a file of me fucking the ex conveniently showing my face?

The police, for their part, wanted to know (after countless hours and tens of thousands of pounds of forensic lab effort) if I had ever disposed of any computer equipment, since all my computers were clean, the only other physical possibility being that I had used a “kiddie porn only” computer which I had since disposed of.

I told them, you have ALL my records, ALL my emails, ALL my bank records paper and otherwise, ALL my correspondence, you know as well as I do that the ONLY TWO COMPUTERS I HAVE “DISPOSED” OF ARE THE TWO COMPUTERS I GAVE TO THE WOMAN MAKING THESE ACCUSATIONS AGAINST ME, as part and parcel of a child custody case.

Meanwhile of course, we are back in court every few weeks, me getting nowhere, her side hitting me over the head with my “imminent prosecution for kiddie porn” as continued excuse for zero contact of any kind with my kids.

I of course keep telling the misandrist police this, surely they can see they are just being used and made fools of… not interested in anything a man has to say.

Do the police seize these two computers from the ex? Do they fuck.

Do the police check the ex’s fingerprints and DNA against this DVD? Do they fuck.

Do the police answer my question “What was the DVD creation date?” Do they fuck.

So, two years later, have PROVEN FORENSICALLY, that neither the DVD in question, nor any of the illegal porn files in question, nor even the consensual home made porn clip of me fucking the ex, have ever been anywhere near any of my computers, which is by the way the very best proof possible of innocence, because it is actual PROOF of innocence, and proof discovered by the police high tech and computer crime forensic unit, which isn’t exactly on my side…………

What do you think happens?

Well, the ex’s solicitors can no longer go on at every opportunity about my imminent prosecution for kiddie porn, but the fact is there has been no contact with my kids for two years, so, you guessed it, the fact that I have had no contact with my kids for two years is now used to justify no contact with my kids….

The DVD?

Oh yes, the police decided to destroy it…. no, they did not decide to check my ex’s computers, and yes it is “unlikely” that anyone on the planet apart from myself and my ex ever had a home made porn video clip featuring myself and my ex, and to any sane and rational human being the DVD (it did contain illegal and extreme porn, I was forced to watch along with my solicitor excepts from each video file that it contained) can only have been made by myself or the ex, and therefore it can only have been my kiddie porn collection, or her attempt to pervert the course of justice, and making kiddie porn in doing so, and yet it is destroyed by the police.

Evidence, destroyed by the police.

I was SO FUCKING ANGRY, as I had previously been ecstatic, because in my stupidity, having been cleared by forensics I stupidly assumed that they would do the obvious thing and EXAMINE THE COMPUTERS OF THE ONLY OTHER PERSON ON THE ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET WHO COULD HAVE MADE THAT DISK, MY EX, MY ACCUSER!!!!

So, some two years later I get 100% of all my seized computers and equipment and porpoerty handed back to me, and as any of you who have had any dealings at all with the police, who are entitled to, and who do routinely, destroy computers just because one illegal metallica album or titanic rip was on one computer, this is yet another rubber stamp and proof of the complete falsehood of all the allegations as regarding illegal porn etc, that were made against me.

Fact is the reams of bank statements, correspondence, bed linen etc also being handed back also means the the police have neither interest nor faith in any possible future prosecution against me for any of the other allegations that the skank ho ex made against me.

But, I digress, you haven’t heard the punchline.

Despite ALL the allegations made to the police about me being dropped, because of a TOTAL AND UTTER LACK OF EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND,  the Judge in the secret Family Court case decided in the Finding of Fact that all the ex’s insane allegations were, true, the Judge specifically stated that he was of the opinion that the DVD of kiddie porn was mine, even though according to the Police own high tech computer forensic crime unit I AM THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET TO HAVE BEEN SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED FROM ALL POSSIBILITY OF ANY KIND OF CONTACT WITH SAID DVD, and that I should consider myself lucky that he was not going to ban me from going anywhere near ANY child, as it is, I am according to this useless and incompetent if not corrupt bastard a danger to my own kids, until they reach the age of legal majority.

Case closed.

“Physical evidence cannot be wrong,
it cannot perjure itself,
it cannot be wholly absent.”

Locard was right, the problem being that in our secret UK Family Courts physical evidence, and therefore fact, is not only not required, it is often, as in my case, studiously ignored, as doing otherwise would point to grave miscarriages of justice and the abduction of children by the system to be placed into the custody of the abuser, because, after all, the falsely accused has a penis.


  1. The family courts are worse than any Star Chamber. The outcome has ALREADY been decided, and no amount of evidence will change that; they don’t want to be confused with logic, the truth, or the facts.

    Comment by MarkyMark — May 22, 2011 @ 4:19 pm

  2. We’re screwed here in the USA, I know that. But our police and attorneys would have the sense to cover up exonerating evidence, not present it to the courts.

    Fuck ’em all. Let it all fall down.

    Comment by Legion — May 23, 2011 @ 3:56 am

  3. When I read a story such as this, it amazes me the restraint many men have, in not “GOING COMPLETELY INSANE IN SOME SHAPE OR FORM”. I’m angry just reading it!

    Some of the MRA’s have touched on the idea of male “good will” with respect to this problem. As an atheist, I can only say, God help the planet when the “goodwill” has finally eroded. A lot of very bad things are going to happen. A LOT.

    Comment by Zilchy — May 23, 2011 @ 10:49 am

    • Agreed, my version of MGTOW is FTW, zero goodwill to anyone except fellow men…. who are also into MGTOW

      Comment by wimminz — May 23, 2011 @ 2:08 pm

  4. While I’m here. What really angers me is watching most of the current greatest nations ever created, go down the drain at incredible speeds. All due to what seems to be preventable, stupid reasoning.

    The present day (last 400 years) conquering and technological advances have, for the most part, come from “western countries”, because those countries had “bawlls”, pure and simple! The testosterone is being stripped away and what are we left with? Rotting vulvas!

    Comment by Zilchy — May 23, 2011 @ 10:58 am

    • Well, I suppose it may provide opportunities for many of us…. times of strife usually do.

      Comment by wimminz — May 23, 2011 @ 2:09 pm

  5. Yeah, In confusion, there is oppurtunity.

    Comment by Legion — May 23, 2011 @ 5:31 pm

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