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February 16, 2018

Love Missile #9

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As many of you know my own personal psycho skank ho episode was many many years ago now, and it was for me a very personal, rude and abrupt introduction to the world of character assassination by psycho lies, no internal logic or facts required, no link however tenuous back to real world events or reality required, allegations alone are sufficient, that and a ready and willing cadre of parasites all to eager to get on board the gravy train of billable hours.

It’s very easy to forget, as an individual, that that lesson, learned the hard way, was very much a personal lesson, and that it was entirely possible for another human being entirely untouched by it to be not only blissfully unaware of it, but to find the whole idea preposterous, Narnia and the wardrobe is at best a fairy story for easily deluded children indulging in some harmless escapist fantasy.

In the years since then I have seen it everywhere, be it brexit or russiagate or mee too hollywierd sex abuse of oxfam sex parties or the norks have nukes, none of it requires any sanity, any logic, any proof, the allegations are sufficient unto themselves.

I was reminded again of this this week, someone close to me had a close encounter with these purveyors of lies and fantasies, to be sure not that close and not that serious, but close enough to be in contact with them, and to have to speak to them, and to have to deal with them, and it was for that person a very disturbing experience, just as it was for me back in the day, and to be sure the degree may be different, but the feeling, the flavour, the taste of corruption, they are all the same.

In much the same way that we are treated to news of yet another US school killing, quelle surprise that after the event it turns out everyone knew all about the shooter and they would all have voted the shooter as the person most likely to be involved in a mass murder, but nothing is ever done before the event, and after the event, well, the only thing we can really find to blame is the ability of the shooter to just go out and buy military assault rifles (thank fuck tactical nukes are not protected free speech eh) with which to commit the atrocity in question.

Who the shooter really is, or really was, none of these things can be known now, it’s like some kid voted ugliest most worthless bitch at school, with a stinky minge, it doesn’t matter who they are, what they have or have not done, whether they like strawberries and hate rap music and love the smell of new mown grass, the only things that count are the things everyone ELSE writes on THEIR fuckbook pages about miss stinky minge, what miss stinky minge writes on her own, nobody cares…

When I was a lad, you were judged on who you were, what you did, your own actual physical actions or lack thereof, even if you did not know about the father of forensic science, you’d know that if little johnny was wont to go around with his catapult breaking windows at night, he would be leaving a trail of evidence behind him.

You’d also know that the chances that breaking windows with his catapult being the solitary thing little johnny did wrong his entire life was also so unlikely as to be beyond belief, johnny would also catapult cats and dogs, and he’s probably steal apples, and he’d probably slash bike tyres, because that is the nature of both forensics and human psychology, things are a part of a pattern of behavior, and as such everyone leaves forensic breadcrumbs as to their nature.

I’m in my late fifties and it comes as no surprise to anyone with a functioning brain that if you go around town and ask “if the guy says he will give you ten bucks tomorrow for that item, is he good for it?” you are pretty much either going to get all yes or all no answers from those who know me well enough to venture an opinion… I didn’t steal from a shop today, I didn’t steal from a shop yesterday, I didn’t steal from a shop the day before, and as such we build up patterns of behaviour.

If you try to hide or reinvent yourself you will find these patterns go so deep it is literally almost humanly impossible to deliberately alter them, it’s like the stoner pretending to be straight so he can get the job in the warehouse and delivery, getting through the fucking interview without looking like a stoner is an epic challenge, holding the job down for years and nobody every suspects… it just doesn’t happen outside of TV fantasy land where meek mild peter parker by day becomes spiderman by night, and nobody suspects, no breadcrumbs, no forensic trail.

Yes back in the real world we are expected to buy this shit every day of the week, johnny got a catapult and a box of matches, that makes him a terrorist and a paedophile don’t you know, and you know it is true because in the panopticon electronic database where nothing is every deleted, and where everything is recorded forever, all it takes is jimmy to drop a dime on johnny and accuse him of being a drug dealer, and that accusation is on johnnys record for the rest of his fucking life.

We have laws now that state that mum’s and wimminz have the legal right to be told if the guy they are dating / fucking / seeing / living near / working for / riding the bus with ever had a complaint made to the po-po about them, and almost nobody left who ain’t had some sort of complaint made about them, so, how does it help?

Nikolas Cruz, it turns out after the event, had a database history full of warning markers, and, so fucking what, in a school of 3,000 kids in the year 2018 there were probably 300 other kids with just as many database entries in the po-po computers… and 299 of them didn’t go postal this week.

By definition now in the UK in 2018 it is basically logically, physically, technically impossible to be a terrorist or a paedophile or a killer and NOT be on dozens of different databases…. as someone said to me a while ago there was a 100% correlation over the last 5 years, eg every single convicted child molester, and every single convicted terrorist, had a current driving licence… the point was a good one that goes back to the earlier comment about johnny and his catapult and forensics, you’re better off looking at other common criminal behaviors and traits, what do the rotherham sex gangs and terrorists have in common?

Not just beards and islam and shit, like johnny at his catapult, he won’t just break windows, he will do other shit too, and so do these people, but these “lesser” crimes are never reported, and everyone else is too busy riding the gravy train of po-po and social services and all of the rest of the shit, because basically 99% of the population has some sort of black mark recorded against them, because someone reported them for something, whether it was true or not….

I’ve been quite interested to see all the articles in the daily fail latterly complaining about all the rape and sexual assault cases that are collapsing, basically because po-po and CPS are failing to adequately suppress exculpatory evidence and it gets out (because you know, the poor falsely accused bastard had do idea such exculpatory evidence existed, he was guilty, so it stood to reason there was a ton of evidence to convict him and none to exonerate him…..) yes it is such a tragedy, because it is besmirching the good name of “genuine” rape victims and po-po rape squads and the cps and everyone else.

Excuse me?

The only fucking crime here was a malicious false accusation by an individual, which turned into a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice the moment po-po and CPS start tripping over exculpatory evidence and do anything but lay charges against all involved.

At this point the system is so rife with it that it cannot be fixed, the corruption is too deep.

Which brings us back to where we started this piece, there heretofore blissfully ignorant, that sick dirty disgusted feeling in your guts, yeah, I know it is *them* trying to tell you that it is your trust that has been shit on by some evil sneaky child molester in your midst, disguised as street lamp or parked car, look around everywhere in fear… but they kinda have to tell you that, because otherwise you’ll start asking how come you’ve never seen little johnny with a catapult, never seen dogs and cats run away from him, never seen him near a sweet shop that had stuff stolen, so the sick feeling is really what should be reserved for those “warning” us, those “protecting” us, those “safeguarding” us….

The Cruz kid did not shoot and kill 17 and injure over 20 po-po, or social services, or politicians, or pro gun nuts, or anti gun nuts, or anyone else.

Like the Vegas shooter and all the rest of these things, the ones who are warning us and protecting us and safeguarding us are never on the fucking target list, after the event there are always a million signs that everyone can point at, and these are used as an excuse for the slander and innuendo and social control exerted on everyone all the time, but never to explain how the shooter did what he did, or how nobody else will ever lose their job or pension, or anything else.

I’m not saying the Cruz kid did not do it, what I am saying is TAKE A LOOK AT THE PUNK, he is a manufactured criminal / victim just as much as the 17 dead and 20+ wounded, and these cunts with their panopticon databases and whispering campaigns and secret justice and everything is fair in the war against drugs / paedos / terrrists are behind it as sure as if they pulled the trigger, and THEY are never in the firing line, either of the flying lead or of the fucking termination and kiss your pension goodbye slips.

In a sick fucked up broken on both sides keynesian window fantasy land that we live in now, the Cruz kid just generated somewhere north of 500 million bucks of ongoing revenue and employment for a whole slew of worthless parasitic assholes, all of whom will be warning us as safeguarding us and protecting us….

If this had happened in the UK my own estranged sons could in theory have attended the school in question, they could be amongst the 20+ injured or 17 dead, and in the interests of safeguarding THEM against the psycho skank ho’s malicious and false allegations all those years ago I’d probably be the last to find out about it, I’d probably hear about it after the funeral, where no doubt I’d be banned from the graveyard, in case I decided to dig up my dead kids and fuck them up the ass… because after all, there is an entry on this here po-po computer that says that is exactly what he will do, given half a chance.

In a school with 3000 pupils which this one in the Cruz shooting had, how many of those kids had deadbeat dads that weren’t allowed anywhere near their kids lives? How many even knew their kids were at that school?

There could easily be 500 guys out there who genuinely still have no idea if their estranged kids attend that school, (lets not forget mums changing kids surnames too..) or if they are in the same class, or if they are injured or even dead… the only thing they will know for sure is if the shooter is their own kid, but think on that.

It is in all probability a true fact and statistic, there could be 500 guys our there who DO NOT KNOW about the welfare of a child of their who could or does attend that school, a story that gets no traction, and yet, like johnny and the catapult and forensics, a story that cannot be completely unrelated to the backstory of the shooter himself and his life to date.

Still, 17 dead and 20+ injured and all 3000 pupils knowing it happened at THEIR school, and they are all still being warned and safeguarded and protected by the usual suspects, so it’s all good.

November 7, 2017

Murder Inc

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Some twenty years ago a local girl called Kate Bushell was killed, I have mentioned her here before, and Genette Tate, her killer was never caught, at the time plod spent a lot of time suspecting her father, now the local news says on the 20th anniversary they are going to spend a million quid re-opening the cold case, and by the way, they have a new clue.

The fact is that back then, it was a local event, eg within ten miles of me, and yet, I actually know very little about it, I do not know exactly where she was killed, it wasn’t really reported, I do not know exactly where she lived, it wasn’t really reported, and I do not know her exact route from where she lived to where she was killed, it wsn’t really reported… all I really knew was she had been knifed.

For all I know, I could have passed the exact route that she took from her home to where she died, and I could have done so within a few minutes of the incident, so even if I didn’t see it happen, I might have seen something, even if as is most likely it was something that could exclude something, yeah, there was a green ford in front of me and no he didn’t stop and drop anyone off or pick them up…

I don’t know how to run a murder investigation, it’s not my field of expertise, but I do know it is going to be all about data, and forensics of course, but we’ll come to that bit later, but data mainly, even if it the kind of data that probably excludes a green ford, just as the data from whoever was behind me probably excludes data about a yob on a murdercycle, but the fact is I have never known if I was within a few miles of the incident or not, along with 100,00 other people in town, or if I was 40 miles away in another town at that day and time… plod made lots of appeals over the following weeks for witnesses to come forwards, but the fact is I never got enough information to even know if I was one, besides, it seemed like plod had spent the first few weeks concentrating on pinning it on the dad, seems the kid went out walking a neighbours dog and when she was late dad went out looking for her and found her body, so naturally plod put him in the frame.

I don’t even recall if there was any sexual motive or assault, or if it was just some random nut job who saw jesus in a cloud and decided to kill the blond kid walking past with a dog.

I dunno what happend to the dog, or even what sort of dog it was.

The media of course was only interested in showing a picture of a cute blond kid who was 12 years old and would never make 13 and how amazingly awful it all was, hang on while we recap the story and show her picture again.

So fast forwards to today, and I suspect that 990,000 of the 1,000,000 that plod are ging to spend on this cold case isn’t real money, it’s money they would be spending anyway on wages and vehicles and offices and shit.

If my ability to know whether I might have been a material witness of some kind 20 years ago was pissed away 20 years ago, good luck pissing in that particular well 20 years later, 20 years, lemmesee, that’s oct/nov 1997, lemmesee, umm, umm, ummm, umm, I think I was working for the post office then, or was I driving a wagon by then, I’m not sure.

But wait, remember I said about the new clue, and no, it’s not one of the local retired and couldn’t solve it first time around but hired back again as a consultant stood in a photo in the local rag holding a kitchen knife, that may or may not resemble the knife that was used to kill the kid, not that it was ever found, oh no.. this is a much better new clue.

Apparently they have discovered “orange fibres” on her body and on a fence near the scene that don’t match anything the kid was wearing… fuck it man, 20 years later and we only now hear about it, hell, could have been orange fibres from a hi vis vest worn by someone attending the scene in an official capacity at the time.

Could have been orange fibres from the pelt of the dog she was walking afghan hound or something, we aren’t told the breed, it wasn’t relevant…. yes, it fucking WAS… trust me, I’m more likely to remember “some bloke walking a dobermann” and no, it could have been a chick walking the dog, but it was a dobey and definitely not a lab or collie or anything else, but no, nobody needs to know what the dog was, hell, maybe the dog was a suspect like the dad at the time, after all, the dog was at the scene….

So now realistically we are at a place where barring some new testimony from some guy who emigrated that afternoon and only returned last week and never heard about it back then but walked right past her that day, the only hope is DNA, and that is only a hope if there is any, which there won’t be if “all” that happened is some nut job stabbed her at random…. barring coincidences like his iranian passport falling out at the scene 9/11 style…

Which brings us back to forensics, and as the father of forensics said, the essence of forensics is there is always evidence, even the absence of evidence is itself evidence of a sort, but whether the forensic evidence is absent or present, your scenarios must adequately explain ALL of it, or your explanation is shit.

It is entirely possible, especially if it was some random nut job who saw signs in the clouds, that the forensic evidence is minimal, there may literally be nothing but a body with knife wounds, and once the killer walks away with the knife, you’re left with a body with knife wounds and nothing else.

It doesn’t take 1 million quid to trawl through a database and find every nutjob who was walking loose in the region at that time, adam smith, no, he was in mental hospital, jim jones, no, he was in prison, steve meyer, no, he was in rehab, fred bloggs, hmm, he wasn’t in prison, or rehab, or the nuthouse, and he did see a doctor not three miles away the day before trying to get some scrips for the voices in his head.

Course, then you have to prove it “beyond a reasonable doubt” in court, something you might have done 20 years ago, but have sweet fuck all chance of now (even if the perp is still alive and hasn’t OD’d in the past 20..)

So what the fuck is it all about, I ask myself.

You know, aside from the family who obviously want answers, but really wanted them 20 years ago, what is the fucking point, and why go large about spending a million quid? Easy to get that, cut back on all the bullshit FRA cases and arresting people for hate speech for wearing a poppy in remembrance and that shit.

And then my door went while I was on the crapper, so I ignored it, and lo and behold something comes through the letterbox, oh yes, of course, local council elections again, and no doubt someone wants to be seen as being strong on crime and civil justice and all that, so a three month campaign of cold cases for plod and saving trees and park benches and creating 14 million new jobs in town.

These worthless cunts (politicians / lawyers / plod) have presided over the destruction of the family and the demonisation of men for so long it has finally come home to roost in parliament, want that white man out of a job, want his job, want a job, just accuse him of something sexual, so hopefully it will soon be percolating down to local politician levels, and maybe when enough of them are running scared someone will do a plea deal, and remember than actually, 20 years ago, the police chiefs / local councillors / local judge’s batshit crazy son / daughter / cousin disappeared all of a sudden like, you know, it’s not like the electric chair is gonna bring some voters dead kid back to life, so why not just send them off to cousin jacks place in portugal for 20 years, why ruin my own career.

I had an uncle, long dead now, he became a local councillor, and then suddenly managed to get both planning permission for a large filling station, and no compliance inspections (so runoff spills and leaks went direct to the local stream, saved thousands…) and next thing you know he is raking it in, corruption and shit ain’t a top down thing that starts with the clintons and works its way down, it’s everywhere and always have been, you either see it or you’re blind to it, and if you see it, you either go along for the ride or don’t make too many waves with your non participation.

And that’s the real reason crimes like the killing of Kate Bushell don’t get solved, if it really is a random nutter thing it’s hard enough anyway, but when you put solid detective work last, behind corruption and career building and being seen on telly and more funding for your department and more overtime for you, well, there is fuck all chance.

October 13, 2017

AI Robot

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It’s really getting hyped, even a recent article in the register where one of the resident wanks went to parliament to discuss it, and of course they all get it utterly, utterly, utterly, wrong.

1/ define AI

First off we should really define AI, and I can save you and me 50,000 words by saying that nothing in the pipeline, nothing in production or development, and nothing on the horizon even comes close.

AI just means a created intelligence as opposed to a naturally occurring one, and one of the most humble tasks any biological, natural, intelligence does is locomotion, so we are down to driverless cars again, except, no, we are not, because while the odd elephant gets stuck in a waterhole and the odd lemming runs off a cliff, 99.9999% of the time all motions are 100 autonomous, including deciding which direction to go, when to refuel, when to rest, etc.

Tesla autopilot does well on certain roads, but no animal does well on roads because it is an arbitrary artificial experience, autopilot soon fails when things get out of bounds, and it is easy to make things go out of bounds, but these same things that make tesla autopilot barf make the roads more natural and more navigable for animals, eg natural intelligence.

So you want an AI to walk from here to aberdeen, but you want a dumb software robot to ride the rails from here to aberdeen.

If an external agent can sit there and “tell” the AI to get these parcels delivered prior to 12:30 when partial refunds have to be made, then the AI ain’t an AI…. the man in the van does it because he doesn’t get paid for delivering parcels that are late, and he  needs money to live, that’s an example of an intelligent being, being treated like a robot, but intelligence = risk / reward and decision making.

Nobody actually wants that, nobody actually wants to get in johnnycab and say “the railway station” and johnnycab takes you to the sewerage works, because johnnycab wants a break and a charge and the power is cheaper down there today, fuck you and what you want… you’ll pay more in an hour for a last minute dash to the station

So, ergo, nobody is actually taking about AI.

They are talking about robotics and automation.

The two subjects aren’t even remotely related, but hey ho.

Tesla autopilot is robotics and automation.

In robotics and automation you do not want “intelligence” at all in any way shape or form, what you want is a series of “bounds checking” boxes, no, I cannot rotate my 6th axis 120 degrees, well, I *could*, but if I do the 120 cm long light saber I am holding in my gripper will slice be in two between axis 1 and 2…

Some folks know this shit as a CNC crash…

I got all kinds of software here, some of it is fairly high end and specialist, and I used to work in IT, and you know what I have never seen?

I have never seen software that I cannot trivially and repeatably crash.

Most of it trivially, so trivially that just attempting to open or load a very large file kills it, I can kill every single separate piece of laser control software that I own to control my lasers by attempting to load a 425 megabyte DXF file, I have the exact same file also as a 220 meg ai and 911 meg tiff original, hell, illustrator 64 bit doesn’t crash, but it won’t load it, on a 64 bit machine with 32 gigs of quad channel ram and all ssd…

So we introduce bounds checking, I’m sorry dave, I can’t do that…

So now we have kuka and fanuc workplace robots that check if the dumb human has put their hand between the gripper and the part the robot wants to pick up, and this forms the trade demo, I’m offered coffee and ushered around to the rear of the stand when I start muttering about clingfilm or 100 lb nylon fishing line… prace bets now that the bounds checking will neither look for it nor see it…

2/ having defined AI, we see that it isn’t even on the horizon, so all we are really talking about is big data and bounds checking.

Asimov has a lot to answer for, and so does every other scifi writer who came along and started doing robot stories, or AI stories, or robot AI stories, because everyone thinks they know what they are talking about, and they don’t, especially the so called fucking experts.

My new brother laser printer is a robot, bounds checking and environmental controls means it is pretty flexible, 180 gsm A4 or 22 gsm A5 makes no odds, it can feed em all from within it’s own controller environment, 4 oz of contact adhesive added to the lower paper tray, not so much… but barring malice or stupidity, it’s pretty much there as far as unattended service.

The problem is like the contact adhesive in the paper tray, it’s much easier to break systems that depend on bounds checking than it is to add yet another patch to cover yet another exploit or weakness, because after all the whole purpose of bounds checking is to limit options to a known and fixed finite set.

Fuckbook knowing that secretly you like to suck cock at the gloryhole at the blue oyster club is NOT anything to do with AI or anything else, it’s just big data number crunching and statistical analysis, the fuckbook app you never use on your smartphone that was preinstalled with the os know about contact lists and cell tower ID and triangulation, it’s forensics, no more and no less.

Too bad if you do not actually go to the blue oyster, you use the entrance from other other side of the block to go to the 1st floor premises same time every week to buy your ounce of grass, or to watch football with the lads, or to have acupuncture.. hell I know a guy who checks into the same motel every two weeks on a saturday afternoon to soak in the bath for a couple of hours, he only has a shower at home… (he actually gets a hugely reduced rate in exchange because he is always gone by 5pm)

I don’t have a problem with fuckbook sucking everything up and determining that the guy I know sucks cock in a motel room every other saturday, I *do* have a problem with anyone who reads that metadata on a computer screen and assumes it is the truth, because they read it on a computer screen.

3/ the real issue

I did once find myself in a place analagous to the el reg twat, discussing the same subject, I was given the bum’s rush when I asked them to first define intelligence, and queried their first response, that clearly we are all intelligent, by saying prove it, I see no sign of intellect here, I see people sifting through jigsaw pieces trying to find the right pieces to build the picture they have already formed.

By far the best quote / example I have ever heard came from the fanuc tech guy who was only there so the robots performed as expected for the sales droids out front, his pet wish was one of the mate series, with a gripper and a tool tray that held a dildo and a knife and a cactus, just get the cunt who thought they were even qualified to hold an opinion on robotics or automation or even AI and strap them down in front of the mate, if they are right all they get is a gentle sensuous anal probing with the dildo, if anyone else can freak the bounds checking they get a cactus or knife inserted randomly at 500 mm/sec with around 50 kg of force.

September 21, 2017

Fission Chips

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The first part of this story is anecdotal and observational, it is what it is and nobody physically present would argue with the facts.

I lived on one side of a town, across the road was a corner shop, across the road and down a bit was a corner shop and news agents, opposite from that was the local chip shop, and a little further down from the news agents was the local pub, and opposite that was the local branch line railway station.

The fish and chip shop did some of the best cod and chips I have ever eaten, there was a guy and a woman out back and mainly up front was a fat girl called sarah, who was as efficient as a demon motherfucker at the whole taking orders / keeping track of orders and customers / making up orders thing.

It won awards every fucking year.

I used to go there on average once a week.

One day a few years later sarah was no longer up front serving, typically it took a minimum of two other people to do what fat sarah used to do, and being brutally honest two weren’t usually as good as she was on her own.. sometimes there were three serving.

There came a period where you weren’t sure who would be serving you, and quite often they were out of their depth.

I’d moved away across town by then so my visits became infrequent.

But staff churn was a thing, and then one day it dawned on me that the old guy out back was no longer there, there was just the woman.

Over the past three years I went more and more infrequently, we’re talking maybe once every six months, prices were going up, quality was going down, staff were fucking useless, to the point where nine months ago I said that’s it, no more.

Tonight I was returning from a long drive, I was tired, it was raining, I had a fair bit on my mind (I’d been filling a grave earlier) and muddy shoes and trousers, and I was passing that old chip shop, and I really fancied some fish and chips, so I went in.

Well, £8 fucking 25p for a large cod and chips and a tin of coke, well, ok, what the fuck, I’m here now, fuck it, there are two new servers up front, both gormless, and then the woman comes from out back, sends one of the staff across to the pub for change, and starts serving, and being as rude as fuck to people, like she was doing them a fucking favour serving them… it wasn’t even directed at me but I was thinking about saying fuck this shit give me my money back, next thing I know she is serving my order, I’m tired and hungry and she isn’t actually rude to me, just not pleasant, so fuck it I take it and go.

Now starts the commentary.

I used to eat everything but the paper, I left all the bottom batter, it wa inedible and hard, the fish was chewy and had lost its flavour, it wasn’t flaky and delicious and hot, it had obviously been sat in the hot shelf for an hour, and I ate about a third of the chips, they were also not fresh and basically fucking rubbish, in short it was one of the worst fish and chip meals I have had, ever… plus it was eight fucking pounds twenty five fucking pence.

The shop is the same, the equipment is the same, cod is still cod, spuds are still chips, the only constant is the woman, the only change is sarah and then the old guy went, and then staff started changing every time you went in.

For all I know sarah could have won the lottery and gone to australia, and the old guy could have died, I have no idea, I have no idea if the woman is suffering at the hands of fate and that has made her the way she is now, but my money is the woman is the problem, and always was, and now it’s a dog and pony show with a different dog every week, and so everything is down to the pony who is in charge.

I know I said before to myself don’t go back, but that was when it was just a case of the fish and chips were good, just not as good as they used to be, but had gotten bloody expensive….now, you couldn’t fucking pay me to go back, so farewell, adieu and good riddance P**** fish and chips.

Now the actual reasons why this chippie went to shit are somewhat unknown, I know what it looks like, but I do not have facts and forensic evidence at my disposal, just observation, so I could be wrong.

I do not think I am, I think what probably happened was one day the woman pissed sarah off enough she quit, then eventually the old guy said fuck it too, or who knows they could have been married and she divorced his ass and kicked him out, I dunno, I was just a customer, but when both sarah and the old man were gone, it just started to swirl around the pan on the way out, and I fully expect to see it closed or under new ownership within the year if todays “meal” is anything to go by.

For those who may think this is just old AfOR knocking da wimminz again, think again, sarah was the front man for the whole operation, a fat very plain girl, but incredibly good at her job, and very pleasant and jolly to deal with, and a fucking credit and gold standard to anyone as an employee and customer facing person etc etc.

Hell for a year there there were two muslim sisters who served who were head and shoulders above anyone else apart from sarah.

The old guy I never knew, some of the older local boys used to shout to him now and again…

Notably it used to be queued out the door with older customers and families buying up 6 portions of everything for an evening meal, lately it’s more and more younger people buying 1 portion or 2, and I think a lot of them are like me now, passing trade.

So to me observing all the facts and history, my conclusion is this woman was always the fucking squeaky wheel, it was just hidden in the past by the competence and ability of everyone else, and now her own shit is shining though, she can’t keep staff, she can’t keep customers, and she can’t keep only fresh made literally just out of the fryer fish and chips for sale, and there is a vicious circle going on with all that and her attitude.

Which all makes a nice counterpoint to me standing in the drizzle a couple of hours before that 100 miles away shovelling sodden clay into a grave.

Sadly, and disappointingly for my readers, you vicious bastards, “the deceased” had 4 legs, was going on 11 years old, and had cancer, so the owner did the right thing in ending the suffering, but the wrong thing in paying a fucking vet seventy five fucking quid to do it, for a shot of pentobarbital…

Now as you all know I pride myself on being a callous bastard, and in this case in particular this creature was not what I would call a dog in the first place, it was more of a rat, but it was a living creature for all that, so while it was not to my taste, I bore it no ill will

To be clear there are exceptions, I actively dislike cats, I do not see the point in them, but even there I would not be one to torture them to death or make them suffer, but they do make a good case for the .22 long rifle round IMHO.

But callous bastard aside, if you have 2 kids and 2 dogs and they are all around 10 years old then you’re talking about 4 family members, and I’m a little torn on the choice of which ones you would rather have die on you, and I do not feel any disdain or smirk when I hear of some guy (for it is usually guys) who lose the dog they have had since a puppy and get all broken up… I still very fondly remember my last dog but one, he was born 37 years ago now, and my last dog (stolen by the ex and then I have no clue what became of him, I believe he was sold on) was born 17 years ago, so I’m not quite as callous as I make out, even if I cannot clearly remember the actual loss of our first dog, who was poisoned by the chinese when I was 4 (the chinese don’t really like dogs, and tin thieves really don’t like dogs that bark) I do sort of vaguely remember this big camel coated beast that never seemed to be too busy to play with me.

So tonight I witness the owner, who is barely keeping things together, and it’s drizzling and slippery wet clay and all, so I say you go in, I’ll fill the hole in, and yes, I’ll do a little headstone for them, and some time later I wash my shoes off as best I can and go in for a coffee prior to leaving, and what do I see?

I see some kids who have basically only ever known this dog, the eldest would have been two when the dog came into the house as a puppy, the youngest came into a house where there was already a puppy, and none of them give a flying fuck, either about the lost “family member”, or the obviously broken up parental unit, one is off playing some shit on the playstation, one is talking to her little bitch mates on facetime, and one is stuffing her face with crisps and shit playing on a phone, me me me me me me me me me, not a single fucking bone of shred of empathy or compassion in any of them.

They are all modern little 21 century robots devoid of empathy and emotion and integrity, and as such at a stroke they went from being “my mate’s kids” who I’d look out for a do things for and generally act like an uncle to, to being how I see them now, fucking worthless meat puppets… I’m going to, in shades of avoiding the aforementioned chip shop, going to have to make a point of only ever visiting that mate when the worthless little cunts are at school.

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning, and the whole experience troubled me enough I woke up after 4 hours sleep and have no desire to go back to sleep.

Now, for all I care the male children can turn into junkie thieves and the female children can turn into pre teen whores and skanks, and frankly they all deserve every last bit of shit coming their way, why should anyone else treat them with dignity or respect of empathy, ever.

Sure it’s easy to sit there and say getting on for 60 years of memories and rose tinted glasses and all that shit, your memory ain’t that good, and it is easy to sit there are say hey, cut the kids some slack, they may be hurting internally and just don’t know how to show it.

But I was there, and I cannot conceive of any other child in my experience not being absolutely heartbroken when a family pet they have literally known all their life dies, hell I remember kids who mourned the loss of hamsters and goldfish and shit, and none of those hold a fucking candle to a dog.

The bond between human and dog is special, and when I see what I saw today, which is some kids who are more interested in facetiming their fucking skanky friends and playing the games console while “uncle buck” is outside in the drizzle burying the family dog and the parental unit is sat in the kitchen trying to hold it together, then at a stroke those kids are no longer human to me.

Fuck em.

I’d put em down myself but their parent is my mate, so I had to draw the line at telling them their kids are worthless little fucks, so mourn that dog real good and remember them real well, because it was the only one of the bunch worth a damn… and never forget this day or their attitude.


June 23, 2017

I want answers, and I want them now…

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Q. What do the Yellowstone caldera and my car have in common?

A. They are both going to blow up, sometime.

It’s a crucial point, we can say with the closest thing we can ever get to in real life to absolute certainly, that both will at some point blow.

Precisely when and how and how badly? That’s impossible to predict in advance.

Statistics and odds are useful to insurance actuaries and bookmakers, because both are playing the odds to make money, but notably almost all forms of insurance policy make a specific written exception for things classed as acts of god.

Getting “more data” and “better data” is useful to the bookmaker and the actuary to find tune the odds they offer you, as an aside I’ve never understood why people accept that 7 to 4 on is the odds of your pony winning at the track, and refuse to accept that an annual car insurance premium of £2,000 on a £1,000 car is also your odds of fucking up, vehicular wise.

So here in the UK it’s for example not so much about knowing when Yellowstone is going to let go, it’s about getting the news early, and going out and buying plenty of tinned food and respirators and masking tape, you can’t affect whether or not the event is going to happen, you can affect how it impacts upon you personally.

Yes, you are deliberately adopting a strategy that means that you will not suffer to the same extent as those around you, selfish is another name for survival… it’s not the same as adopting a strategy that profits from their loss, eg theft

If your conscience pains you, by all means advise your friends and neighbours to do likewise and stock up on tinned food and respirators and masking tape, after you have got your own in, and make sure you say you yourself are just about to do so in the next couple of days if things get any worse, not that you have done so… they *will* remember your comment, and assume you have enough to go around, and will give of it freely.

If it’s not a supervolcano caldera, if it’s just a car, the same thing applies, you can’t predict when it will happen, but because it is a much smaller system that you have some control over, you *can* take steps that are *likely* to delay and / or minimise the event, by taking preventative maintenance steps.

Your neighbours car that you don’t control? Fuck all you can do about that…

So if we move away from mechanical and natural disasters to financial and economic ones, again, you can’t control the outcome for everyone, but you can make life easier for yourself.

Apart from an overdraft *facility* of 1,250 quid at the bank on one current account, and one (zero balance) credit card with a limit of 500 quid at the same bank, I not only do not owe any money or have any credit, I can’t get to the point where I owe 2 grand even if I tried, so even if interest rates go back to 34% APR overnight, there is a hard limit to how much shit I can get in, and absolutely *nothing* that I own is financed or leased or rented or borrowed, so nobody can take shit on pretext of some debt or other.

It’s the financial / asset equivalent of tinned food / respirators / masking tape for a Yellowstone event.

Can I predict the financial / economic crash? Hell no, nor can anyone else, no matter how much data they have, the difference is I do accept both that it is inevitable and that I’ll have bugger all warning, the difference is I’m not trying to party hearty while the music is still playing.

Hopefully some of you will be familiar with cars like the 60’s chevy impala with the big block V8, a land yacht if ever there was one, over on some of the HD forums now they are talking about the new model range, 900+ lb land barges with 120 cubic inch engines that on a cc per lb basis are no better than a 1949 panhead.

Funny how the top of the range cruiser/baggers from Yamaha and Honda and so on all stick around the same weight and the same cc per lb numbers, so everyone is making fucking half ton 2 wheeled land yachts.

Trying to make these things as nimble as an SR500 suzi single is like trying to make an Impala as nimble as an original mini, so all the shit you add to offset the effects of the extra weight is just lipstick on a pig.

I’m still not putting my dick in that.

I feel like walking into one of these showrooms and looking at one of these 30 thousand dollar land yachts and asking where the fucking jacuzzi and slushee machine is, because I’m not buying a fucking 30 grand thousand pound motorsickle unless it has a fucking jacuzzi and a slushee… no sir..

Saw a 2017 model HD bagger pull into a nursery / garden store a few weeks ago as I was taking my mother there, it was *real* hard to not walk up to the guy and ask if he was maybe going to do a rockery in one pannier with a koi pond in the other one and some nice alpine planting in the fairing…

As I type rumours abound that the 2018 gold wing top range model will have a V12, and a dual leany front wheel arrangement and CVT, probably weigh in around 1,250 lbs dry… fuck it, Honda is big enough to make 500 bikes like that for a joke…. and offer them for sale for 40 thousand bucks a pop, you know, guys upgrading from a boss hoss.

Yeah, my 300 lb wife is really a great fuck when you get to know her.

But, I digress.

I’m getting away from the point of this post, which is that 99.9% of the people I meet want an answer, as in, a specific answer that they can take to the bank, on questions that by definition do not have answers.

For example, no seismologist should ever do anything except present the data they have, and add the comment “I do not, can not, and will not, predict the future”

Never met one that sticks to that, like forensic guys in court they can’t resist talking about odds, 1 in 75,000 chance of that happening, because they know damn well people will play those numbers.

UK National lottery, 14.5 million to one odds and £2 a pop, do it 52 weeks a year and you bet £104 on 14.5 million to one odds.

Odds of a Yellowstone eruption any one year, 750,000 to 1, so nearly 20 times as likely as a lottery win, so on the same basis worthy of £2,000 per year invested… any takers?

This isn’t even going anywhere near the issue that 2,000 quids worth of dried rice (pour it in 5 gallon jerry cans and seal) and tinned foods per year are still owned by you and still edible, but 104 quid on the lottery gets you 52 tiny pieces of paper you can’t even wipe your ass with.

WTF is wrong with people?

Yeah, that explains it.

Conversation I had with someone yesterday, I’ve been telling you for over two years now that everything you have been told is a lie, and for two years you have been telling me you get it, and yet, I show you some stuff (like the video above, very notable Australian and Canadian prime ministers making the same speech, word for word, 4 days apart) you go oh wow, so clearly you DO NOT get it.


*some* of it is coming out in small dribs and drabs, and people still refuse it, they cite Saudi’s refusing fords entry because henry ford was a jew, forgetting or deliberately ignoring the house of Saud and the Israelis have been known as the two sisters of the middle east for 70 years, now it comes out israeli jets are going to Saudi to protect the *new* Saudi succession, yeah, life long enemies huh.

The whole Israel / Saudi / quatar / iran / Syria (US/ UK / russia / china) thing is another Yellowstone or another car, nobody can say when or how, but certain bad outcomes are nonetheless inevitable.

Answers are not invalid or wrong simply because you don’t like them or can’t use them or won’t use them, nobody has any idea *when* Yellowstone will go, or when my car will blow up, or when the middle east will erupt.

And tomorrow is as likely as next year or five years time for all three.

Same as flipping a coin, the odds never change, and no amount of history or analysis or data will predict the next throw, much less the series of the next ten.


May 12, 2017

wipe day

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If you’ve played the online game Rust you’ll know about wipe day…

If you read this blog you’ll remember a short time ago I accidentally downloaded something dodgy while doing a usenet session for regular film media, well, lessons soon learned and forgotten and all that, I did it again last night so spent the next two hours wiping everything.

I *used* to say, and bear in mind this is from someone who has been a regular usenet user since before the advent of the www in the early nineties, that you could pretty much avoid this shit without even trying, for example if (made up newsgroup name) alt.binaries.very.young.teen.girls.fucking isn’t a group you subscribed to, you wouldn’t see any of the content, and even if you did subscribe to it, you’d find that most of the girls were 16+ and so quite legal in the countries where the stuff was created, even if in some other benighted countries it was illegal to fuck below the age of 18 etc.

Apart from that the only way you’d get caught accidentally is by typing something in a search engine or indexer, in just the same way that someone searching for “cunt” will get a return on “Scunthorpe” I had one related to me where the user searched for “young” and “changes” (these being the respective artist name and single name for a record out about 8 years ago) and got results that really weren’t what they were expecting.

But to be fair a lot of these instances were like goatse, or 2 girls 1 cup, you’d go oh yeeeewwwwkkhh and hit the back button and turn around to whoever sent you the link or search term (yeah just google walrus dildo) and call them a bastard.

I’ve been caught twice now in alt.binaries.teevee and once in alt.binaries.moovee, so I’m sat there last night watching the wipe and the penny drops, the innocent are now forced to take the same measures as the guilty concealing their tracks, the whole situation has flipped on its head, from back in the day when the guilty used to emulate the innocent as camouflage, now the innocent are emulating the guilty as defence.

It is not accidental.

I’ve been using usenet since before “the internet” so it is fair to say that I’m probably a pretty connected individual with pretty diverse sources of information and I’m pretty used to dealing with all those sources, and together with the fact that in the early days before the Assholes On Line CD’s dropped through everyone’s door you had to be reasonably technically competent and probably self taught to do any of this stuff, reasonably intelligent and intellectual too.

Yet I have to be honest, I cannot look at US or UK or EU politics or finance or anything else and form an honest opinion about anything, it’s so muddies and hey look over there smoke an mirrors the only thing I can know for a fact is that this is quite deliberate, every effort possible is clearly made to turn everything into white noise, totally bereft of hard data or factual information.

And equally clear is the fact that *everyone* is playing the same game.

And in a snippet I overheard a couple of days ago, it is also quite clear that this campaign of global disinformation is *remarkably* successful, because this overheard conversation was about Julian Assange and Josef Fritzl, and this person stated that they’d rather have Fritzl as a neighbour, because at least they could lock up their daughters, but Assange could hack all their computers and do all sorts of creepy and pervy and illegal things with them and the secrets they contained.

The alleged rapes that Assange committed back in some country who knows where and who cares, well, they weren’t that important, the significance was that anyone creepy and sneaky enough to divulge people’s secrets was probably deviant enough that it’s no surprise he doesn’t respect wimminz either, after all, what could be worse than outing someone’s secrets???

Hang on while I open up my permanent log in to fuckbook and write on my wall how outraged I am by all this invasion of privacy.

Of course, when that’s done and I have finished ranting about perverts and kiddie porn, I’ll post the 1,067th, 1,068th and 1,069th pictures of my 6 year old daughter to fuckbook, she is too young to legally have her own fuckbook account, but with face tagging and all the other info she basically already has one.

Time was, back in the day, I knew enough about “the internet” to know at least a little about everything on the internet, there may have been some obscure thing, but it was obscure, so what the fuck… nowadays things that are huge beyond anything imaginable in the early days of the net are buried and I have literally no idea of their existence.

We’ll call him Simon, an on and off occasional voice in the darkness that I message back and forth, we met in the flesh a couple of times over the years, mainly it’s just our path’s crossed virtually so often in our day jobs, so Simon says he is relived he has left his latest gig.

I ask what was so bad about this one, he replies, Omegle.

I reply WTF is that an acronym for, oh my ever googling something something?

No, apparently is it semi randomised video chat, … oh. ok, didn’t know that, so what’s the big deal?

Apparently half the users are 10 to 16 years old, and apparently half of what they do on there is the video equivalent of sexting, but hang on, how do you know this, I thought RTMFP was a secure protocol and everything is encrypted 128 bit?

He tells me yeah, in theory, but you’re doing this from a specific domain, in a web browser, and you can get this shit for smartphones, know any smartphones that can realtime encrypt and decrypt live video streams with 128 bit in software???

Bike chain or luggage with a combination of 1111 is still “secured”

So he says “omegle” is just a brand name, there are dozens of these chatroulette clones, some streams are encrypted, some aren’t, some the text chat only side is encrypted, the video ain’t, and in any event it’s all being done via a browser and a domain name and the streams are running peer to peer, often (because it was a big ISP) from one client of theirs over the network to another client of theirs.

Should you even be looking at this shit? I ask him.

Well he says, you’re two hours into your shift and you take the third identical call from some single parent who is complaining of internet not working properly, and you quiz them about other users and the only other person is my son or daughter who is upstairs who is 12 who is either playing minecraft or farmville or studying their homework, and the traffic out of their node is all P2P video streams, which may or may not be encrypted, and the parental unit is trying to watch eastenders on iplayer without it buffering like realplayer back in the day… and you can’t unsee shit once youve seen it…so he throttles UDP hole punching on their router for an hour and signs off.

This isn’t the gold though, the gold is they hotdesk and the cube farm has low res cctv and stats software that measures productivity but doesn’t know Jim from John apart from their login, so apparently everyone there hot swaps throughout the shift, go for a 3 minute piss / smoke break and come back to another desk and relive the person there, who switches to your desk, but the pc’s only have whoever logged on at the beginning of the shift.

Yeah he says, when I started there I thought it was so manglement couldn’t single anyone out when unfounded complaints were made (of which there are many apparently, your call centre guy promised me a free upgrade to 150 mbit) then I realised what we were dealing with half of the time and there is only so much of this shit you can take without becoming a paranoid motherfucker.

That’s what I get for working in the high street business internet for years and never having been anywhere near domestic ISP ops since around ’97.

But then again, I do make a nice case study, I have a brain and a *lot* of experience with the internet, and despite being a red blooded male rapist with a penis, I have always simply dismissed 99.99% of the whole “the intertubez are a paedo paradise” thing as total bullshit, sure, I could *probably* go out and find it if I wanted to, but like many other things I could probably find, I have never tried to, so I do not actually *KNOW* that I could find these things, I just accept the possibility and assume it is so.

My view is jaded more than somewhat by having worked for some of the literally very first pay per porn websites back in ’95 and ’96, and knowing that even then there was a vast gulf between what was advertised as being available once you had ponied up, and what actually was, and by the way, those four utterly different websites with totally different looks and feels and porn specialities and target audiences… all run from the same content library.

By definition, I actually would not know.

By definition, it is illegal for me to research this, as it is an absolute offence.

So all I or anyone has to go on in what the self / industry / state appointed experts in the field say.

And being brutally honest none of it bears any resemblance whatsoever to every single data point that I have, such as Simon’s story above, and every single bit of it bears an uncanny resemblance to what I worked on in the nineties, legal pay per wank porn, and technically there is no difference between serving up a picture of a 13 year old cunt from a picture of a 30 year old cunt.

Give me an SSD with 10,000 images of any kind on it and I can have a domain based pay per wank site up and running in 1 hour, guaranteed, complete with ready made fake reviews and ratings and so on.

I don’t actually think there is more than 0.0000000000000001% truth in the internet paedo hype, I don’t actually think that any less than 99.99999999% of paedo pictures and videos made are made by kids themselves of their own free will and volition to share with other kids, and by the way I think these same numbers hold true for “rape” videos and everything else all the way down to “nude wives”.

Yes, there are genuine paedos out there, I do not deny that in *any* way, nor do I deny that there are genuine rapists out there, nor do I deny that there are genuine terrorists out there, but proportionally speaking they are a tiny tiny minority of white western peoples, every town and region does *not* have its very own Fritzl or Assange (good in one case, shame in the other) so suddenly we are back where we started, with everything being smoke and mirrors and a lie to obscure the truth.

If you will lie in such a way about *any* of these subjects, be it paedophilia or Putin hacking or 9/11 or democracy or finance, you will lie about *all* of them, liars are agnostic about the subject of their lies.

Which brings me back to the beginning, I do not see alt.binaries.teevee being spammed with what purports to be promo material for a paedo website as evidence that the whole paedo thing is getting out of hand (even assuming it were possible to think that while also discounting the ever increasing levels of sexualisation of minors in the msm) rather I see it as evidence that the whole tell as many lies about as much as possible to obfuscate and confuse and scare and ultimately control as much as possible with the carte blanche you get handed in exchange, is getting out of control.

Even the biggest inside liars no longer know what is truth and what is not, they just don’t care, all roads lead to Rome for them.

Because the greatest asset these constant lies and propaganda have is that they suppress dialogue.

Dialogue is this.

OK, even accepting that there might be 99 paedos hiding in plain sight in my city of 120,000 people, even accepting that they do more damage and ruin more lives than the separate 99 regular drunk drivers, even accepting all of this, what are these 99 supposed paedo’s going to do.

Find some young boy or girl, fuck them and get their rocks off, and then what?

If it *EVER* gets out, even 40 / 50 / 60  years later, they are FUCKED, so the only option is to silence the kid permanently, now it’s a murder, and the dead can’t talk, so there would be 99 dead kids with missing bodies so the forensics can’t find any dna… but there aren’t.

OK, they could be “consumers” of paedo porn, but that doesn’t kill kids, we are told it is an inevitable slippery slope, but the internet and digital media has been around long enough to disprove that too… consumption of porn does not lead to rape.

Ok, so we were told that kids were harmed and exploited in the making of that porn, well, I’ve never seen such porn where *anyone* was clearly violently raped, seen plenty of bad acting in porn, never seen the real thing.

Trust us, why would anyone lie about such a thing?

Well I do have first hand experience of false rape accusations, and like I said, I do have first hand experience of pay per wank porn, and I have to tell you, there is a lot more money to be made in false rape accusations, I can’t name 3 porn stars in this city of 120,000 pulling in a quarter of a million a year, I can name more than three people working in the whole poor victim raped wimminz industry that are pulling in more than a quarter mill a year.

Speaking as an intelligent and articulate man, this is the great stumbling block with many of these so called crimes, the *problem* with any crime is detection, if you rape a child you spend the next 50 years worrying that just one word is said to out you, odds so long they make lottery jackpot wins seem like an everyday occurrence.

You’re going to have to kill the child immediately to prevent that, and I’m sorry, but any argument that anyone capable of raping a child will be reluctant to murder a child is total bullshit, and lets not forget 1 in 3 wimminz in the Uk today have murdered at least one child, they called it “abortion” so that all ok and nice and legal like.

When you go to extremes, you may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, especially as killing the sheep is killing the witness.

Now tell me this, why would the perp’s mindset be *ANY* different just because we substitute something else for paedophilia, say something like politics or economics or finance?

You still might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamp, and since killing the sheep is killing the witness it’s part of the plan.

This is my *BIG* problem with these entrapped fall guy stories, paedo hunter catches guy with condoms and bottle of vodka, ok, if so, the guy is going equipped to fuck, not equipped to fuck and then dispose of the body.

Translate this into your Assange and other rogue trader and rogue general and rogue politician stories, they are all going equipped to fuck, not equipped to fuck and then bury the body.

So these are all people who are notable for being STUPID, right?

But, we are told that all these people are in fact incredibly intelligent and incredibly devious and incredible manipulative and incredibly good at concealing themselves.


John Mc Cain, is he a STOOPID bought and paid for stooge, or is he another Einstein?

Substitution is always a good acid test, if what John does to Julie is wrong, if you swap John and Julie’s roles, is it still just as wrong and in the same ways? If not, then there is some other agenda at play, and the John and Julie story was a smokescreen.

Take away the “paedo” content of the story or take away the “hitlary’s email server” content of the story or take away the “Putin hacking” content of the story and plug something else in, does the story still make sense?

To be fair, there *are* stories out there like this, but most of them are “conspiracy theorist” stuff like 9/11 and pizzagate and haiti and iran and syria and so on.

So the world becomes like wipe day in Rust, it doesn’t matter what you achieve or how you achieve it, every week the servers and wiped and everyone starts again from scratch.

Periodically the coders release an update, and of course balancing gameplay is just another word for social engineering and behavioural modification.

Like almost every single other video game out there, there are no children to kill, there aren’t even any women to kill and get down to it and all the male characters are cloned. Fred doesn’t look like Fred, or Chinese, or anything.

Far from the brave new world we envisioned where technology would push ahead to the point where virtual reality (long before it became VR and a stupid headset) it was close to reality, we are going the other way, where reality is as arbitrary and manipulated as a video game.

Is that avatar you are fucking old enough to consent?

Who cares if some meat bleeds out, providing the algorithm doesn’t suffer change?

Who cares about the concept of informed consent when you can more simply and more cheaply rewrite the definition of humanity so that most of it are just cattle?

What of phobias and philias and foibles when they are transformed from expressions of the personality within into methods of programming the personality within?


October 28, 2016

All the leaves are brown.

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As commenter Pete pointed out (http://www.smh.com.au/victoria/man-who-told-police-about-sexts-sent-by-stepdaughter-convicted-under-child-porn-laws-20161007-grxsom.html) and as the Daily Fail love to point out (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3880072/More-50-000-sex-offenders-streets.html) we’re all sex criminals now, or at least 0.1% of us are convicted ones… a number that is growing.

Of course talking about wimminz / sex is pretty difficult, because I’ve covered the whole subject more than once in this blog alone, it is a very short playbook, and the only way to make it longer is to do what the soaps do, and tell the same story every day.

As I said to a wimminz who is the mother of two young daughters yesterday, I can joke all I want about paedophilia because the (sad) fact is that the only way to protect yourself is what I do, refuse to every be alone with children, no matter their sex, no matter who they are or who their parents are, because then all future false allegations of historical sexual abuse have another barrier to cross, and a significant one at that.

See liars come in two categories, the low hanging fruit liar and the psychopath liar, the low hanging fruit liar knows that nobody else apart from the accused knows the truth, so (absent forensic evidence which everyone will studiously not look for anyway) it’s the victim’s word against the accused, and why would anyone lie about sexual abuse.. but the psychopathic liar doesn’t give a fuck how many people know different, they know the lie itself exists in their head and they know nobody can see inside their head and therefore nobody can ever prove for a fact they are lying.

My psycho skank ho ex was a psychopathic liar, which is why her allegations stayed in the secret family courts and never migrated to the criminal courts, (the whole issue of allegations that were so weak they stood no chance at all in a criminal court even being allowed into a secret family court is a whole other issue) but in many ways that was good for me, there were lies that *could* have been told that would have been a lot harder to convince anyone did not happen.

In this the low hanging fruit liar is more cunning or smarter than the psycho liar, at a stroke here we have one of my objections to clinton, she is a psycho liar, which means she is not smart or cunning, it means she is as dumb as a box of rocks.

Trying to predict whether Clinton or Trump will win is computationally far far far simpler than trying to predict the outcome of a Clinton or Trump win, but trying to predict whether Clinton or Trump will win on November 8 2016 is like trying to predict the weather in every single american town on November 8 2016, you are attempting to make a computational analysis of an incomplete and inaccurate data set, and when I say incomplete I mean woefully incomplete.

In a fair an honest election with proper traditional paper ballots we could still get a surprise / upset at the polls a la Brexit, when you add in all the corruption and rigging.. it just gets too much, you CANNOT project upon that data set your own outrage at the corruption and rigging.

So in exactly the same way that the constant massaging of what constitutes a sex offender, to the point where it includes such instances as linked to above, means that now it is literally impossible to determine the *actual* number of *real* sex offenders out there…

It is now impossible to tabulate and record the actual votes of actual live american citizens in the 2016 election. It is a number that now CANNOT be known or determined.

Unintended consequence or deliberate ploy? You decide, but it makes no difference, because the basic fact remains the same, you now have no method of counting, recounting or verifying the voting record, which means you can’t prove anyone is lying.

Back in the day of the cash only economy where you got paid cash on a friday and spent cash because there was nothing else, it was dead easy to catch people out, I can remember talking to people who worked in cash handling industries, it’s didn’t matter where your shop was, if it was a news agents or tobacconists you’d pretty much always end the day with notes and coins in the till being in certain proportions, and the general store next door the same thing would be true, but the proportions would be different, and bar next door same thing again, and they all said exactly the same thing…

The thief who stole the odd high denomination note once every day or two was easy to catch and prosecute, it stood out like a sore thumb even if the amount itself was only a tiny fraction of the till total, but the thief who stole small denomination coin every single day was much harder to catch and prosecute, much much harder.

Tills of old (I don’t know if they still do) had a Z function, they printed out the entire days sales and totalled it.

I have mentioned here in the past about an old landlord who taught me bar work in a bar where beer was 38p per pint and the single till would take over £1,000 for a 5 hour shift on a Friday night (3 staff basically averaging nearly 3 drinks served per minute for the whole shift) who could walk in at the end of the night and look at the bottle bins and crates and empty kegs and predict to within £10 what was in the till, and get it right 365 days a year.

Old Bob could “call” that bit of accounting, FOR THAT NIGHT, IN ARREARS, and I have known people working on elections who could do the same thing, and as mentioned here people who worked in cash handling who could do the same thing.

These were consummate professionals at their trade, and if you asked Bob what would be in the till NEXT friday night, he’d shrug and talk about last friday, or the same friday last year, but this friday, who knows, all he would know was if someone pocketed a £10 note.

The only way you could *make* money working at that bar was to short change customers, and the head barman was a past master at it, and a lot of the juniors thought he was a past master because he did it, he didn’t, he caught them and they went straight out the door, bleeding, because short-changing customers was the one “undetectable” way to beat the system.

Customer gives you a 20 and you give them change for a 10 and pocket 10 and the till will balance, I got around suspicion of this by having no cash at all with me behind the bar, “and one for yourself barman” was always a half pint bottle of brown ale which went into “my” empty crate under the bar, which I could take home and drink or sell back to bob, of course being a teenager I took it home and drank it..lol

If you made a genuine mistake the till would show it, whether you short changed or over changed a customer, or if you short charged or over charged a customer, bob would know it because the till would not match the empties.

So it really always has been a trivial thing to take and count paper votes, and even challenge the count on the spot and get a recount.

It’s no more complex than asking every shopkeeper to Z their till at the end of the day, something they do anyway.

And in this same argument we can see that the alleged trouble with cash being that it is untraceable and a money launderers dream is also total bullshit, nowhere in any of the above do we care about individual £10 notes or individual bottles of beer, we don’t need to know any of those things to know if something is off.

Laundering money nowadays compared to 30 years ago is trivial, for values of “laundering” that include “false reporting” to some very small extents I do it every single day in business, I’m not going to tell you how because it’s trivially simple to do, but then it always was, just use three sets of books, the difference is nowadays I can set up random transactions generated by a computer that will pay 50,000 a day from one account to another and yet no transaction is more than 5 bucks and there is no real pattern to them, I know of someone who actually does this.

I take childish amusement in making electronic transfers to people I know (not business customers or suppliers) and tagging the payment things like “Anal Lube” and “Gay Sex Toys Inc” ha ha very bloody funny, but I know someone who uses “AmazonUK” and their statement shows credit after credit from “AmazonUK” and we all know that whatever it says on the *right* computer screen is gospel.

They could just as easily put Diebold or Clinton Foundation or Trump.

I know someone who had/has two accounts, (I’m lying slightly about amounts and labels and methods to protect the guilty) and who funneled 2,000 between them every month, ten standing orders of 200 from account B to account A, and one standing order of 2,000 from account A to account B, and that one is labelled as “Mercedes-Benz UK” and despite the fact that he has never owned a merc nor worked for them or any kind of garage that was what he used to get a mortgage and later a motorcycle loan… hilariously he is now in the shit for trying to claim a state benefit / top up reserved for the un/underemployed, while apparently “working”… after some thinking he decided that rather than argue the toss and have the whole thing come out in the wash he’ll repay the 1200 quid to the state and say no more about it.

It became a fact on a bank computer screen that was then verified as a fact by a mortgage company and a auto loan company, and somewhere along the line the state got copied in to that fact, despite the FACT that apart from bunging 20 a month for fees at those two accounts, it’s the same £2,000 that has been endlessly circulating for a few years now…. 5 years = 60 months @ 2,000 a month = 120,000…

So, whether you believe my mate genuinely earned an eighth of a million working for mercedes, or whether you believe hitlary genuinely got 62% of the vote, it doesn’t matter, because there is no way to verify it, it is physically impossible to verify it.

And at that point, if you are a rational human being, you should lose all interest in who my mate is, or how he makes a living, and focus solely on how something that was done to stop money laundering made it literally impossible to tell the difference between real and laundered income, and lose all interest in whether trump or hitlary wins, and focus solely on how the voting system ITSELF was stolen from you and destroyed to such an extent that it is now literally impossible to accurately record and count the votes.

Get down on your knees and pretend to pray, the preacher likes the cold, he knows you’re gonna stay in the safe and warm.

June 9, 2016

Resting on my laurels.

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“Wimminz” isn’t the only or first place I published, there have been others, and over time many people have commented that shit they read on my sites turned up days or weeks or months later in the MSM or some other major site, so either I was clearly leading them, or influencing them because they were reading me, or so on and so forth.

There is a teensy tiny element of truth in that, in that for some years now I have been read by researchers, who are in turn used by journalists / writers, sadly the accolades stop there, because as one researcher told me a few years ago, you’re the fringe, the guy who goes out and buys a device and does an honest review, mostly what we are after is the regular sponsored review, Apple never made a product that didn’t get at least 8 out of 10 stars.

More accurately, as I have often stated very clearly here, the first rose of summer isn’t leading some movement for all roses everywhere to bloom, in fact apart from being of the same genus it has sweet fuck all to do with any and every other rose everywhere ever amen…

Many years ago there was a young chap named William Tunstall-Pedoe, a name which we can be assured caused him some grief at school, however his name first popped up into my awareness because he had written some anagram generating software, and it was fun to play with.

Over the years, the software itself “Anagram Genius” got better and better, but the point here is to draw a comparison.

1/ you type in the seed word / phrase / sentence

2/ the software searches through the seed for words in the dictionary

3/ the software attempts to put the words from stage 2 into some sort of human sensible order

But, between stage 2 and 3 there is a little bit called “weeding” where it comes up with the word list.

You don’t need to edit software code or tweak algorithms or anything else, you just select a word, and give it a “weight” on a scale from must never be used at all, to must be used in every single anagram.

It’s a beautiful example of how computers and software actually work, because at that stage I can give control of the seed words to someone else, and give control of maintaining the software and systems to someone else, and I alone can sit back in a private dark room and “weed” the results that the system is generating.

One one side input the entire internet, and weed so that “jihadi” is permitted only so long as it is accompanied by “atrocity”, weed so that “nominee” and “Hitlery” come up together, but neither one is ever present with “corruption” or “electoral fraud”

Such is the power of the likes of Google.

Google themselves has been explicitly marketing this exact ability since the day they got funded, webcrawler and altavista were better search engines / indexers, google had a cleaner interface but the big draw was always always always that you could pay to influence the results.

And at some point then there is a great disconnect in what passes for human intellect, because all anyone can think of is Obelenscovitzschky Dried Flowers of Podunk, can now pay Google to get a higher / more prominent listing than they might otherwise get.

When I was a boy there was a dude who changed his name to Aaaron Aaardvark, just to get to the top of page one of the New York phone book, hence all the A1 taxi / plumbing / roofing businesses.

Really? Here is a service where you can pay to have your name, or word of choice,  put as high on the listings as you like, so it is plainly bloody obvious that that which can be given a +1024 weighting can also be given a -1024 weighting, so you can pay to have your name, or word of choice, put as low on the listings as you like.

Or not just single words, but combinations of any words you choose.

And you REALLY fucking think that the people this is aimed at, and who will be paying money for it, are Dried Flowers by post sellers and the like????

A commenter recently asked me if I had read John C Wright, no I have not, I have read Andrew McCoy, and lived in an Africa that closely resembles the one he writes about (The SA guvvmint tried to have him assassinated because of Atrocity week, a novel based on a true story that nobody in the press would touch, about events in the Caprivi strip, which was only a couple of hours by landie from where I was)

In McCoy’s days as a journalist you had to get to individual editors and publishing houses to shut a story down, and as happened, sooner or later you could find a publisher somewhere willing to run with it.

Today you do not care where in the world, or how big or how small the operation is, if you control the weighting of the words used in search you control whether the story exists or not.

It is too powerful NOT to be directly controlled by the shadow state, so while anyone can publish anything, more or less, a task that gets slightly easier if you own your own hardware and domain etc, it becomes no more than a personal secret diary at the click of a mouse.

So, how do you find content?

I will be *brutally* honest here, I do not have the guts to type a search phrase into google to find kiddie porn, in any event, were I so stupid as to do so (and lave that search enquiry available for use against me in any circumstances whatsoever for eternity) I do not actually believe I would be given pages and pages or “valid” results

Type in “dogs fuck sluts” (it’s still an extremely dodgy one, bestiality is now illegal in most of europe, it wasn’t a few years ago… my old Scorpions – Animal Magnetism and Virgin Killer original LP album covers are now illegal pornography) and you will indeed get pages of “valid” results.

In one of those complex situation where you do not know for a fact until and unless you try, and I do not actually want to try, my feeling is that I would have a hard time finding actual child porn anywhere on the internet, and I mean http / ftp / nntp the works.

I would strongly suspect that were I also to do such research legally, and compile my results after three months, two things would become apparent.

1/ >95% of all the stuff out there is honeytraps owned and operated by various states

2/ >99.9% of all the stuff out there is old, very very old, material.

In reverse order.

You can tell at a glance if something is converted from 8 or 16 mm cine fil, or from VHS, or if it was shot a CGA, or VGA, and so on.

Before bestiality became illegal in europe >90% of what was available was not in 720p or higher, ergo it was old material constantly recycled…. I have previously elsewhere related the true story of a young and eager law enforcement computer forensic type who enlisted my aid to track down a particularly vulnerable young english girl being abused on film by fucking a pig, to protect my sensibilities and his job he showed me some doctored screen shots that no longer showed anything illegal or objectionable, and I started laughing, having instantly recognised one Bodil Joensen, who had died some years previously in her 40’s… and so a budding career doing outsourced computer forensics died an early death, a blessing in disguise to be sure.

Which brings us back to point 1, which is that I suspect that >95% of the remaining “kiddie porn industry” is in fact various states running honeytraps… I’m not claiming that adults and children are not engaged in sexual activities anywhere on the globe, I am suggesting that those who do so, apart from a vanishingly small and stupid proportion, are abstaining from filing their activities.

Which means an obvious separation between a relatively common problem which is sex between adults and children, and an incredibly rare phenomenon, which is sex between adults and children being filmed.

The purge against the latter has meant that 95% of the “kiddie porn industry” is in fact the state, and this has done nothing but drive the actual sex between adults and children underground, deep underground, where there is very carefully and very deliberately no digital evidence of any kind ever.


This then is what happens when you seek to, and achieve, to control the narrative or dialogue, once you have a method that works then those who will be most keen to use it are the last people who should ever be allowed to use it, because they will do what they have done, wrest control and functionality away from the small people, the individuals.

And so on the 24th May 2016 the 2nd circuit of appeals in New York one jewish judge upheld another jewish judge who had three times in the past ruled in favour of Dow / Union Carbide, that the 10,000 dead and 600,000 injured and land and aquifers 3.5 Km from the plant that are still contaminated with toxins to this day, some 32 years after the event was actually fuck all to do with Dow / Union Carbide, because the plant was run by Union Carbide INDIA, a subsidiary of Union Carbide that UC only owned a 51% controlling interest in… and that’s enough distance to get away scot free for a tragedy that had fatality and injury figures that do justice to a small war.

You can file it away with Hitlery winning the presidential nomination on a day that nobody voted because the Associated Press said so.

It’ll be on that mysterious dark web, beloved of hackers and jihadis and child pornographers everywhere.


July 5, 2014


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This is in a way prompted by the whole digital photography thing.

RAW = digital equivalent of the old film negative. 16.8 MB

JPEG = “Lossy” 3-4 MB

“lossy” means it is a one way street, once you throw away data to go from the raw to the jpeg, there is literally no way to get that data back, it is lost, forever, and no, it is not a question of having the right software or the right amount of computing power or the right meta-data or anything else.

This is a random shot taken from my sofa of some crap lying on the floor about 8 feet away.

One – basic raw pic, 16.8 MB, white balance done, exported as a 16 bit TIFF 68.8 MB to AfterShot, no editing in aftershot, just saved as a JPEG with 90% quality.  3.46 MB… BTW all these four thumbs link to full size versions.

2014-08-04T14_47_41 one

Two – same pic, the jpeg now, pick red as a spot colour, adjust the fuzziness to get all the reds I want, save as jpeg, 2.94 MB

2014-08-04T14_47_41 two

Three – same pic, pick second spot colour (uncheck first but leave it unchanged) of yellow, adjust fuzzy etc, save as jpeg, 3.27 MB

2014-08-04T14_47_41 three

Four – same pic, just check both red and yellow spot colours, save as jpeg, 3.43 MB

2014-08-04T14_47_41 four

It is in many ways a pretty little pic, the spot colours and texture of the cord make it pretty, but note how re-enabling just the red spot colour, while leaving the yellow spot colour unchanged, also apparently alters subtly the shades of the yellow, compare the yellow in shots three and four.

But the fact is, you can’t get from the second or third or fourth pic to the first, no way, not possible.

Sure, if you are *incredibly* patient, you can colourise it by hand, and it may end up looking quite realistic, but it will not be the same… it will just be a guess.

In fact if you look at pic four, at 100% zoom, you’ll see each red spot on the cord surrounded by a bluish line where the red spot colour has mixed with the yellow spot colour.

This is not merely a case of information that has been LOST, but new information introduced THAT NEVER EXISTED IN THE ORIGINAL.

This latter point is an all too overlooked and vital part of ALL “lossy” techniques, it doesn’t *just* apply to digital pictures of some coloured cord on the floor of some random guy on the internet, it applies in every single case you use any kind of “lossy” process, as opposed to a bit perfect verbatim unedited clone copy.

Teracopy uses MD5 hashes to ensure that all copy and move processes produce bit perfect copies… for example… Windows file copy / move does not…. Windows file copy / move is much faster than Teracopy, and 99.99% of the time, it doesn’t matter.

The definition of “it doesn’t matter” is what matters here.

“Lossy” doesn’t matter (within limits) if you are just taking a picture of a small router / switch to record what patch leads go where.

“Lossy” does matter, a lot, if you are looking at an X-ray of your thorax and looking for anomalies, not only can a lossy process “lose” a genuine anomaly, the lossy process itself could “create” a non existent one, such as the blue border on the red spots of the rope.

The UK NHS uses all digital now for storage of X-rays, if you ask for a copy of your medical files you get a CD, documents are scanned as photos, no OCR, and pictures such as X-rays are stored as DICOM/HIPAX, obviously you don’t want your X-rays being stored as lossy jpegs, with quality set to some low but very common on the intertubes figure such as 65%

I always preferred FIF, or fractal image format, over jpeg or gif, because you could zoom to 400% and it still looked pretty damn good, not all minecraft / lego, but this was just a visual thing, it wasn’t actual data.

Everything from Blade Runner to CSI to everything else gets this shit wrong, zoom in, enhance, zoom in more, enhance more, they say.

Utter and total fucking bullshit, take a 200 page paperback book, tear it in half and throw the last 100 pages away, sure, you can write several credible alternative endings, but you will never ever ever get a word and layout perfect rendition of the original, no matter how much compute power you throw at the first 100 pages.

The opposite of the “lossy” are the “modelers”, they have models, they have interpolation, they have algo’s up the fucking wazzoo, tear a phone book in half and ask them to get even the next single entry correct, never mind the rest of the fucking book…

Thing is, until you actually try and look up Willy Wonka’s phone number, or dial a number at random eg 17th one down on page 247, it will look like a pretty good phone book. Add one more level of “difficulty” eg do it with a Chinese phone book, or a Berlin one to someone who cannot make international calls to Germany, and it’s indistinguishable.

If you hand me your PC for repair, the very first thing I do is make an image of the hard disk in Macrium, but here is the thing, it is (by default, I have the option to do otherwise, I just don’t, unless specifically requested to do so, or it is a server, then I do it by default) lossy, because it ignores every single sector on the hard drive which is listed as free space.

Hard drives don’t actually delete data, they just delete the index meta data, which is how data recovery works, a bit wise clone of your hard disk, we can do data recovery on, but even here, we still lose *something* in the copying, a normal “ignore free space” copy of your hard disk, we cannot do data recovery on, or, to be specific, if we do, we will recover what was written to THAT disk prior to your image being copied there, not what was on the free space on your old disk.

You see why even “police forensic” computer disk analysis is “lossy”, and indeed, unless the entire disk surface itself has been DOD wiped prior to use on that particular case, just like the earlier examples, it can introduce data that was never present in the original.

I once knew a sculptor, he described what he did as cutting away everything that was not the object inside, trying to get out, an example of a lossy technique that creates something more appealing, out of something less appealing, but, if he goes too far, tap tap, the right arm falls off, nobody in the future can say what the right hand was doing, how the hand and fingers were laid out, or were they even finished by the sculptor?

Lossy is prevalent in our own senses and brains and bodies, we simply discard most of the data coming in.

Lossy is everywhere.

That, however, is no reason to simply ignore it or discount it.

Nor even to adopt it as SOP.

May 10, 2014

Quiet innit…. helloooooo…. is anybudee thereee….

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I first asked this question in public on the 30th March 2014 here…

I can’t say much, or anything really, but that thread is an example of people having an intuitive feeling and ignoring it… and there are comments made here, and far more private messages, that are examples of people having an intuitive feeling and doing something that doesn’t actually make any difference.

I know it’s zer0 consolation when it’s *your* door the po-po come banging on at 5 am with a warrant for your arrest, it does you no good to have not used the internet for *anything* for 12 months and having sent *all* your computing devices to landfill on the same day.

In fact it does you harm, it *looks* suspicious, if you have done nothing wrong, why are you trying to hide shit? Is the thinking.

It also cuts *you* off from the only asset you have, a forensic record that when taken as a whole shows you as no more than an average Joe in the street who is worried about how the world is going.

I found this in my FRA, because the po-po had all my computers, and because my backup solution never envisaged *that* scenario, the one thing I was cut off from was all my data, which went a *long* way to establishing a pattern of routine behaviour that was *totally* at odds with everything being alleged about me.

Plus, take it from someone who knows, there *are* black boxes in the backbone hubs, they *are* there for the sole purpose of capturing all network traffic and archiving meta-data from it, eg URL requests and email content and browser POST content.

If I stopped using the internet and sent all my shit to landfill on the 10th May 2013, one year ago today, they would still *have* everything I had done up to that date.

In fact, *lacking* my own shit, *they* could claim anything they liked about my activities, “do you still beat your wife” and I would have *nothing* to counter it with.

So, as I said, scant comfort to those who do get the 5am hammering on the door from the po-po, but scant comfort and reality is better than the illusion of safety.

Nevertheless, it has gotten real quiet lately, all over, and I mean *all* over, not just blogs and forums, but the whole “social media” scene including dating and swinging and fucking sites, even perfectly fucking ordinary niche areas like websites and forums dedicated to a specific model of vehicle, or a specific hobby, or a specific interest, they are all strangely quiet lately.

But, it doesn’t end there.

In my day job, I connect businesses to teh intertubez, everything from the high street through the industrial estates to the clerical….

show controllers utilisation on cisco shows traffic loading, and there are certain CYA cisco commands that IMHO you should run, just so you can prove at a later date via putty log exactly how things were at a given time, so for example if port 0/2 is showing 8% receive traffic and 10% transmit utilisation you have definitive proof not only that 0/2 is up (sh ip int br will do that) but also that it is fucking active and talking to whatever is at the other end of the CAT5.

Because I keep records, it is often possible to compare site X today with the last time I visited 3 months ago, or with site Y, which is identical, which I visited last week.

Traffic is down dudes.

This is unthinkable, traffic *always* escalates over time, if for no reason other than bloatware (HTML email v plain text, 8 megapixel cameras as opposed to 4, etc etc)

Traffic is down because these sites are simply doing less work, if your number of sales and stock requests and loyalty vouchers and purchase orders drops 10% then your network traffic drops 10%.

5 miles away from me is one of the largest new and used car sales regions for a good 100 miles, and it is fucking *dead*, there isn’t shit happening, in fact two of them have recently had fires each of which destroyed a bunch of stock, da po-po are investigating arson, yeah, I see a fire in a quiet or under-capitalised business and I smell insurance job.

Other sites I go to, you overhear shit, and they are all juggling rotas, part time staff taking sickies and so on, so staffing levels are an ongoing crisis…. revised on a daily basis.

And NO FUCKER is talking about the Crimea, or QE, or the Housing Bubble, or Manufacturing, or Agriculture.

No, instead the papers are full of affairs and scandals, historical rape allegations, stalkers, robbers, muggers, celebutard affairs and divorces, Nazi washing powder (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2624936/Aryan-automatic-Detergent-giant-caught-Nazi-row-Ariel-boxes-feature-secret-far-right-code-Germany.html … hey, you wanted your whites WHITE, right… lol) and other mindless pap.


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