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March 12, 2018

It’s not abuse when…….

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…. letting it continue and eradicating whistleblowers secures your ongoing salary.


Back in the late ’80’s, and that my friends is 30 years ago now I met a girl in Spain, P**** was barely 18 and had run away from the UK, specifically the city of Bradford in the midlands, if my memory serves me correctly.

Her stated reason for running away was not so much being gang raped by a group of young asian men, it was the fact that nobody wanted to know… clearly I do not know if her story was true, but I did know her for three years, and she certainly had issues, one of which was being unable to be sexually intimate with anyone, there was certainly *something* going on in her head regarding herself and sex, and the gang rape story was one I accepted.

Part of the reason I accepted it is because I’d heard about it before, “it” being asian gangs that saw all white girls as easy meat, and every few years since then there has been an expose in the media about the dreadful asian gangs grooming underage white girls for sex, gang rape and prostitution, and every few years there is the same outrage, the same claims investigations are being made and prosecutions will follow, the same (not as in the same individuals, but the same roles) handful of whistleblowers who it turned out had been sidelines by everyone who continued to have a job as long as it continued, and the same last weeks news fuggedaboudit a couple of months later.

Every time the story resurfaces, I remember and wonder what became of P**** and what she thinks (assuming she is still alive) when she reads these stories…. of course for me P**** lives on in memory as a sweet and very pretty 18 year old with some sort of millstone around her neck that she couldn’t shrug off…

I use the word stories advisedly, stories as in fiction, not the core of it, but everything around the core, how shocked people are, how nobody knew, how steps are being taken, how lessons are being learned…

I decided to post about this because another one of those “official stories” that I have never believed for one instant is resurfacing and gaining traction in the media again, the whole mankind evolved in africa and spread from there bullshit.

A genuine born and bred in africa black man is not just the same as me (or a chinese) except for the colour of his skin, OK and the frizzy hair, OK, and the thick lips, OK, and the bone structure and body density that makes him a great runner and a poor swimmer, OK, and the DNA, Ok and… you get the picture.

But if it has four legs and barks, it is OK to let the DNA lead the dialogue, if it has two legs and says “rayciss” then it ain’t.

For decades now crude oil has been called a “fossil fuel”, even though there is no correlation between fossils and the oil, but we are told all sorts of shit, I remember in the late seventies when it was “discovered” that a giant meteor killed all the dinosaurs and gave rise to the mammals 60 million years ago, that that was when all the oil was made, 60 million years ago.

Strangely enough for a carbon compound allegedly made from trees, carbon dating crude oil doesn’t work, and there is stayed until some canucks in alberta started looking at their shale sand oil, and started using trace elements like osmium and something else I forget, to try and date it, and the numbers they came up with were 110-120 million years ago… of course, this assumes their method is correct, and even if it was, it says nothing about other deposits around the globe, but, like mapping the human DNA genome, it is sufficient to debunk the “all the oil was made 60 million years ago when the dinos were wiped out” thing, but the fact is in one form or another the dinos were around for some 175 million years, so at 60 million years mammals are still wannabes.

It also tells us something else, even if the last dinosaurs were using primitive tools, no earlier ones were, because we are a scant 0.3 million years from being biped monkeys, so we have done more evolving, technology and tool use wise, in 0.3 million years than the dinos did in 175-60=115 (to level the playing field, subtract the time since the dino killer) million years, and you can say what the fuck you want about geology, there is a bunch of man made shit sitting on the rock that is 240,000 miles above our heads, and it will stay there for many millions of years… nobody found any Elon Iguanadon Space-W moon landers from 65 million years ago up there… and they would have…. they’d still be there.

And sure, the ancient Sumerians had a civilisation and writing, the Persians had maths and astronomy, the Chinese had gunpowder and paper, but the uncomfortable FACT is that the european white man invented basically everything, and the fact is he had no great regional / geophysical advantages in this.

A couple of weeks ago someone made we watch some youtube vids of utterly amazing japanese carpenters, so we wasted an hour watching about 6 of them and he turns to me expecting me to be as impressed and amazed as him.. I’m not… not at all, the difference being when I grew up my dad had peers who were great woodworkers, all the way from cabinet makers to shipbuilders, like the japanese all hand tools… bit like this guy, all hand tools, even does perfect 45 degree cuts by eye, while lecturing, not really paying attention to what he is doing, it’s simple old hat to him.

YES, it is true to say that since skilled tradesmen like that have basically been eliminated here in the west, seeing someone from somewhere else with the same skills can be as impressive as fuck… if you don’t know any different…

The newly breaking asian grooming gang du jour story is the same, it’s as shocking as fuck…. if you don’t know any different.

If you do, it was more impressive back in the 80’s, when they didn’t have tools like social media and smartphones and family destruction and LGBTQWTF SJW WTF social policies in place to make it all so so so much easier.

Given what I do know, “thousands” is lowballing it by an order of magnitude at least.

Still, mow down some pregnant chick and get jailed for killing an unborn child, doesn’t matter she was on the way to the abortion clinic at the time, to legally kill that very same unborn child…. I know someone that happened to in the late 80’s too… he probably would *only* have gotten a couple of years if he had not asked for the manslaughter charge to be dismissed as the mother was on her way to kill the kid anyway… he got five and a half.

You got to know what is, and what is not, an “industry” all to itself, and not ever challenge it… just thank fuck you personally never got caught up in the cogs.


  1. it’s not abuse when …
    a wimminz designs the FIU pedestrian bridge.

    Comment by bob k. mando — March 16, 2018 @ 3:07 am

  2. Oh look, new evidence coming to light that completely backs up what AfOR has been noticing: http://www.unz.com/jderbyshire/the-telford-child-sex-scandal-and-the-end-of-england/

    Comment by Davis M.J. Aurini — March 18, 2018 @ 6:23 pm

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