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March 5, 2018

In a remarkable demonstration of fuckery.

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Fuckbook has asked it’s users what they think of MEN asking “underage” girls for nudie pics on their network… well, cunts could start by not letting anyone below 18 sign up for a fuckbook account…. apart from that, naturally it is only ever MEN who ask underage girls for nudie selfies.

World would be a better place without MEN, especially fucking white men… yadda yadda.

I was going to take a break from reality and hide away and play with my Arduino, then I discovered it had a secret penis and had been cruising the primary school playgrounds looking for chickens / twinks / mini sluts while I was out at work, I’m feeling distinctly left out, because it seems like the western world in 2018 is a free for all paedo party, find some very young fresh meat and fuck it rotten, and I’m feeling left out, not so much because I didn’t get an invite (because I’m just a regular citizen), but in much the same way as hearing there was a Justin Bieber fan club party down the road, I don’t actually want an invitation and wouldn’t attend even if invited, but it would be nice to know they at least thought of me and took the time to send an invite…. given all the fucking taxes I’ve paid over my lifetime…. I should at least get an invite, it’s only polite after all… right?

After all as a man I stand accused simply by right of being born with a penis, in previous existences as the Cisco Kid and other hats I had access to some of the most secure and exclusive military and political and social establishments in the country, as in turn up at the military base and they already have all my details and a mugshot on their own database, a database they are reluctant to add new people to on a whim, on the one hand this increased my employability, on the other hand and one fule once said, maybe they don’t care if you’re a kiddie fiddler as long as you are not a security threat, yeah right, so being susceptible to grade A blackmail material like being a kiddie fiddler wouldn’t put a red flag next to my name on such a database, oh no…. asshole

nevertheless rumour innuendo and false accusations years or decades ago by psycho ex’s *is* sufficient for po-po, social services and everyone else to treat you like the next Fritzl, in much the same way as CNN damaged infowars by ringing up advertisers and asking them if they supported all the vile evil false things infowars claims, they cunts can interfere with your private social and work like, with the old well, we can’t say what your new boyfriend did or why or anything else, or even if he actually did anything, but we’d like to interview your 6 year old daughter, alone, without you there… just to make sure…

Which brings us all to THIS story, (here in the UK you have to be 16 to fuck (technically 18 if you want to fuck your teacher or driving instructor or anyone else (MALE) “in a position of power”) 17 to get a car driving license and 18 to drink) where the bimbo in question clearly CHOOSES to be with the guy, even the “story” itself makes this abundantly clear, who it has to be said looks just as weird as the bimbo, BUT, everyone is all “concerned”, “on account of her age” an age at which legally she can just walk out the door and marry some guy or enlist in the army and never look back or contact anyone in her old life again or anything else, because you know, HE has a PENIS.

Hell, for all I know the two of them really do worship the ground the other one walks on, and barring death they may have stayed together all their lives and be blissfully happy, you know, shit happens, except when it is not allowed to, as is the case here.

Not that there is any legal basis for this state intervention and MSM slander of the guy in question, but, who gives a fuck about trivial shit like the LAW, when you are the law, you do as you please and make it up as you go along, and god go with you if you get caught up in that meat grinder, because YOUR life will never be the same again.

It bears thinking about, before my own psycho skank ho ex episode a decade ago I was aware of the whole anti male media thing, but it’s a bit like watching Mutti Merkel get elected for the FOURTH TIME IN A FUCKING ROW …. as in it’s happening in a place that is foreign to me, so how badly can it affect me?

It was only after my own up close and personal introduction that it dawned on me that whole sections of society, the VERY LAST sections you would want to be influenced by ANYTHING, if you prized civilization and culture, didn’t just drink that kool aid, they got fucking addicted / co-dependent on it, so stories like this just show that in the decade since my own introduction to the worthless parasitic bastards things have gotten steadily worse, as hard to image how that would even be possible a decade ago, nevertheless, it has come to pass.

There is no upper limit to doubling down.

Nothing short of the wheels falling off the wagon will stop it.

I for one am grateful I am not this poor bastard, because his life is effectively over, and his continued liberty is seriously at risk, hey Jessica, shame if you’re never allowed to see your siblings / cousins / etc again, because you insisted on protecting this evil kidnapper and rapist….

… it’s like that bimbo “model” who claims she was kidnapped and abducted to Italy, can’t even remember her name, don’t care, body was worth a 5 dollar fuck but the psyche was clearly out to lunch, the whole story screamed fake put up job / publicity stunt from start to finish, with some poor gullible cunt-struck bloke in the starring role as the evil kidnapper / rapist (he was probably told his role was boyfriend / fiance / whatever) but the fact remains it went to trail and the poor bastard was so accused, and I’d lay money this guy will be too.

Meanwhile in Italy skanky sluts go topless in front of Berlusconi to protest about him or his policies or something, now, I do not know old Silvio personally, but young sluts waving their tits in his face isn’t something that is likely to upset him, if you know what I mean.

The levels of insanity are getting out of control fast, for the first time I am prepared to go on record, not as I have in the past and say things like “I do not see how this can continue for more than another year or so”… this time I’m calling it, 2020 will be a very different world to 2018 so far and history to date.

It ain’t gonna be more of the same, doubled down.


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