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February 16, 2018

Love Missile #9

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As many of you know my own personal psycho skank ho episode was many many years ago now, and it was for me a very personal, rude and abrupt introduction to the world of character assassination by psycho lies, no internal logic or facts required, no link however tenuous back to real world events or reality required, allegations alone are sufficient, that and a ready and willing cadre of parasites all to eager to get on board the gravy train of billable hours.

It’s very easy to forget, as an individual, that that lesson, learned the hard way, was very much a personal lesson, and that it was entirely possible for another human being entirely untouched by it to be not only blissfully unaware of it, but to find the whole idea preposterous, Narnia and the wardrobe is at best a fairy story for easily deluded children indulging in some harmless escapist fantasy.

In the years since then I have seen it everywhere, be it brexit or russiagate or mee too hollywierd sex abuse of oxfam sex parties or the norks have nukes, none of it requires any sanity, any logic, any proof, the allegations are sufficient unto themselves.

I was reminded again of this this week, someone close to me had a close encounter with these purveyors of lies and fantasies, to be sure not that close and not that serious, but close enough to be in contact with them, and to have to speak to them, and to have to deal with them, and it was for that person a very disturbing experience, just as it was for me back in the day, and to be sure the degree may be different, but the feeling, the flavour, the taste of corruption, they are all the same.

In much the same way that we are treated to news of yet another US school killing, quelle surprise that after the event it turns out everyone knew all about the shooter and they would all have voted the shooter as the person most likely to be involved in a mass murder, but nothing is ever done before the event, and after the event, well, the only thing we can really find to blame is the ability of the shooter to just go out and buy military assault rifles (thank fuck tactical nukes are not protected free speech eh) with which to commit the atrocity in question.

Who the shooter really is, or really was, none of these things can be known now, it’s like some kid voted ugliest most worthless bitch at school, with a stinky minge, it doesn’t matter who they are, what they have or have not done, whether they like strawberries and hate rap music and love the smell of new mown grass, the only things that count are the things everyone ELSE writes on THEIR fuckbook pages about miss stinky minge, what miss stinky minge writes on her own, nobody cares…

When I was a lad, you were judged on who you were, what you did, your own actual physical actions or lack thereof, even if you did not know about the father of forensic science, you’d know that if little johnny was wont to go around with his catapult breaking windows at night, he would be leaving a trail of evidence behind him.

You’d also know that the chances that breaking windows with his catapult being the solitary thing little johnny did wrong his entire life was also so unlikely as to be beyond belief, johnny would also catapult cats and dogs, and he’s probably steal apples, and he’d probably slash bike tyres, because that is the nature of both forensics and human psychology, things are a part of a pattern of behavior, and as such everyone leaves forensic breadcrumbs as to their nature.

I’m in my late fifties and it comes as no surprise to anyone with a functioning brain that if you go around town and ask “if the guy says he will give you ten bucks tomorrow for that item, is he good for it?” you are pretty much either going to get all yes or all no answers from those who know me well enough to venture an opinion… I didn’t steal from a shop today, I didn’t steal from a shop yesterday, I didn’t steal from a shop the day before, and as such we build up patterns of behaviour.

If you try to hide or reinvent yourself you will find these patterns go so deep it is literally almost humanly impossible to deliberately alter them, it’s like the stoner pretending to be straight so he can get the job in the warehouse and delivery, getting through the fucking interview without looking like a stoner is an epic challenge, holding the job down for years and nobody every suspects… it just doesn’t happen outside of TV fantasy land where meek mild peter parker by day becomes spiderman by night, and nobody suspects, no breadcrumbs, no forensic trail.

Yes back in the real world we are expected to buy this shit every day of the week, johnny got a catapult and a box of matches, that makes him a terrorist and a paedophile don’t you know, and you know it is true because in the panopticon electronic database where nothing is every deleted, and where everything is recorded forever, all it takes is jimmy to drop a dime on johnny and accuse him of being a drug dealer, and that accusation is on johnnys record for the rest of his fucking life.

We have laws now that state that mum’s and wimminz have the legal right to be told if the guy they are dating / fucking / seeing / living near / working for / riding the bus with ever had a complaint made to the po-po about them, and almost nobody left who ain’t had some sort of complaint made about them, so, how does it help?

Nikolas Cruz, it turns out after the event, had a database history full of warning markers, and, so fucking what, in a school of 3,000 kids in the year 2018 there were probably 300 other kids with just as many database entries in the po-po computers… and 299 of them didn’t go postal this week.

By definition now in the UK in 2018 it is basically logically, physically, technically impossible to be a terrorist or a paedophile or a killer and NOT be on dozens of different databases…. as someone said to me a while ago there was a 100% correlation over the last 5 years, eg every single convicted child molester, and every single convicted terrorist, had a current driving licence… the point was a good one that goes back to the earlier comment about johnny and his catapult and forensics, you’re better off looking at other common criminal behaviors and traits, what do the rotherham sex gangs and terrorists have in common?

Not just beards and islam and shit, like johnny at his catapult, he won’t just break windows, he will do other shit too, and so do these people, but these “lesser” crimes are never reported, and everyone else is too busy riding the gravy train of po-po and social services and all of the rest of the shit, because basically 99% of the population has some sort of black mark recorded against them, because someone reported them for something, whether it was true or not….

I’ve been quite interested to see all the articles in the daily fail latterly complaining about all the rape and sexual assault cases that are collapsing, basically because po-po and CPS are failing to adequately suppress exculpatory evidence and it gets out (because you know, the poor falsely accused bastard had do idea such exculpatory evidence existed, he was guilty, so it stood to reason there was a ton of evidence to convict him and none to exonerate him…..) yes it is such a tragedy, because it is besmirching the good name of “genuine” rape victims and po-po rape squads and the cps and everyone else.

Excuse me?

The only fucking crime here was a malicious false accusation by an individual, which turned into a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice the moment po-po and CPS start tripping over exculpatory evidence and do anything but lay charges against all involved.

At this point the system is so rife with it that it cannot be fixed, the corruption is too deep.

Which brings us back to where we started this piece, there heretofore blissfully ignorant, that sick dirty disgusted feeling in your guts, yeah, I know it is *them* trying to tell you that it is your trust that has been shit on by some evil sneaky child molester in your midst, disguised as street lamp or parked car, look around everywhere in fear… but they kinda have to tell you that, because otherwise you’ll start asking how come you’ve never seen little johnny with a catapult, never seen dogs and cats run away from him, never seen him near a sweet shop that had stuff stolen, so the sick feeling is really what should be reserved for those “warning” us, those “protecting” us, those “safeguarding” us….

The Cruz kid did not shoot and kill 17 and injure over 20 po-po, or social services, or politicians, or pro gun nuts, or anti gun nuts, or anyone else.

Like the Vegas shooter and all the rest of these things, the ones who are warning us and protecting us and safeguarding us are never on the fucking target list, after the event there are always a million signs that everyone can point at, and these are used as an excuse for the slander and innuendo and social control exerted on everyone all the time, but never to explain how the shooter did what he did, or how nobody else will ever lose their job or pension, or anything else.

I’m not saying the Cruz kid did not do it, what I am saying is TAKE A LOOK AT THE PUNK, he is a manufactured criminal / victim just as much as the 17 dead and 20+ wounded, and these cunts with their panopticon databases and whispering campaigns and secret justice and everything is fair in the war against drugs / paedos / terrrists are behind it as sure as if they pulled the trigger, and THEY are never in the firing line, either of the flying lead or of the fucking termination and kiss your pension goodbye slips.

In a sick fucked up broken on both sides keynesian window fantasy land that we live in now, the Cruz kid just generated somewhere north of 500 million bucks of ongoing revenue and employment for a whole slew of worthless parasitic assholes, all of whom will be warning us as safeguarding us and protecting us….

If this had happened in the UK my own estranged sons could in theory have attended the school in question, they could be amongst the 20+ injured or 17 dead, and in the interests of safeguarding THEM against the psycho skank ho’s malicious and false allegations all those years ago I’d probably be the last to find out about it, I’d probably hear about it after the funeral, where no doubt I’d be banned from the graveyard, in case I decided to dig up my dead kids and fuck them up the ass… because after all, there is an entry on this here po-po computer that says that is exactly what he will do, given half a chance.

In a school with 3000 pupils which this one in the Cruz shooting had, how many of those kids had deadbeat dads that weren’t allowed anywhere near their kids lives? How many even knew their kids were at that school?

There could easily be 500 guys out there who genuinely still have no idea if their estranged kids attend that school, (lets not forget mums changing kids surnames too..) or if they are in the same class, or if they are injured or even dead… the only thing they will know for sure is if the shooter is their own kid, but think on that.

It is in all probability a true fact and statistic, there could be 500 guys our there who DO NOT KNOW about the welfare of a child of their who could or does attend that school, a story that gets no traction, and yet, like johnny and the catapult and forensics, a story that cannot be completely unrelated to the backstory of the shooter himself and his life to date.

Still, 17 dead and 20+ injured and all 3000 pupils knowing it happened at THEIR school, and they are all still being warned and safeguarded and protected by the usual suspects, so it’s all good.


  1. Thanks Jim. We also can’t ask why the kid was taking SSRI’s and no one will be held accountable for giving it to him.

    Comment by Greg — February 16, 2018 @ 1:19 pm

  2. It’s like when I had the privilege of seeing some of our excellent intel back when I was in the military. It was mind boggling to see just how much we knew regarding who the terrorists were, and what they were up do. Yet we did nothing about it, because those in charge wouldn’t let us act on it, finish the job, and go home. Because if we just took out everyone that was a threat in one go, there wouldn’t be the need for bloated defense budgets, long campaigns for officers to beef up their military records and get that fucking general’s star, and all these laws allowing the government to spy on your granny.

    Naturally, I decided then and there not to reenlist. I’m still torn about it. I liked the job, but didn’t like the idea of being a pawn/parasite for the motherfuckers that are currently running this shitshow clownworld.

    Comment by Michael — February 16, 2018 @ 10:47 pm

  3. yep. FBI knew about this piece of shit. and ignored him.

    police had been called to his home numerous times. nothing was done.

    Comment by bob k. mando — February 17, 2018 @ 3:54 am

  4. Truth.

    Comment by james — February 19, 2018 @ 2:47 am

  5. “…the Cruz kid just generated somewhere north of 500 million bucks of ongoing revenue and employment…”

    The first thing the Legislator of Florida decided to do in response to the shooting? Allocate $25-$30 to demolish and rebuild the school.

    Comment by Derek Ramsey — February 20, 2018 @ 5:51 pm

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