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July 14, 2017

I’m so pretty

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Yup, so even on vacation I can find time to type..lol.

So, I’m talking to these people, and a couple of them are from schenzen or however you spell it in china, BTW *the* place to go if you want to see hybrid electric vehicles and infrastructure to support the same.

The phrase “range anxiety” crops up again and again, “FUCKING BULL FUCKING SHIT!!!” is my response.

Range anxiety is something I had back in the seventies riding a fucking hardtail chopper with a 1.2 gallon peanut gas tank with no reserve on a sunday when most of the gas stations were shut and the *next* one was 60 miles away.. so I carried an extra can of gas.

NOBODY today has range anxiety about an electric vehicle, it is 100% a complete total fabricated bullshit marketing lie.

EVERYONE has refuelling anxiety, a regular car can be refuelled from empty to full in 5 minutes, an effective power transfer rate of megawatt/hours per minute, take your regular fuel pumps away and replace them with gravity fed tanks with no more than 10 cm of head and use a fucking drinking straw to transfer the fuel and lo and behold you have duplicated the electric car problem, it takes fucking HOURS to refuel.

Like, suddenly all the petrol and diesel car drivers will be whining about “range anxiety” and not the fuckin stupid refuelling system that refuels at a rate of centilitres per minute.

So, CLEARLY, all the electric car makers know the Achilles heel of every single electric car is the “refuelling rate/time” so we won’t mention it, in fact we will pretend it doesn’t exist by pretending the real problem is something else entirely, something we can “fix” so then the consumers says “gee, this problem is no problem at all for me, I’ll buy one” and the REAL problem never having entered his consciousness.

It’s like the pixie faced little bitch (who is worth fucking but not much else) who splits up from her bad boy BF (who hasn’t changed at all…) after having a baby and suddenly he is the anti-christ, so suddenly all her fuckbook selfies are full on makeup and photo retouching and all the wimminz in the cunt crew are telling her how awesomely be a utiful she is…. hello? The choir invisibile (sic) singing the praises of the preacher in an empty church meanwhile the heathens are somewhere else getting on with life… oh it’s the fuckbook echo chamber.

When you have to lie to such an extent, when you have to lie so consistently and profoundly, across your entire fucking industry, that you have to make up and completely imaginary problem, for no other purpose than to mask a very real Achilles heel, and when all the motoring press just goes along with you, and when you keep it up to the point where even after cunts BUY your fucking product the penny doesn’t fucking drop, then everything about you is a worthless lying cunt and you need to die and stop polluting the world.

Now, I’ve seen, up close and personal because it’s been down to me to be the messenger, the effect on a guy when you tell them something that destroys their world, and that whole “BTW your kids aren’t yours, they are the milkman’s, anyway your loving wife has just run away with your dad and they sold the kids to the circus and used that money to buy a dodge hellcat, you know, the car you could never afford…”

Saw that *exact* look on the faces of the couple with their nissan leaf that they will be getting rid of soon because they are going to preorder a new tesla, when the whole range anxiety / refuelling anxiety penny dropped, and it didn’t matter that they have been happy with the leaf for two years now, it was written all over their faces, all that happiness was just a lie, the whole experience was based on a lie.

An electric car with a 600 mile range (like my old 2001 diesel) will still be pushing “range anxiety” because the 100 ish mile range of the leaf takes 12 hours to recharge (s0 not even overnight, it’s longer than that) at home, and that’s limited by the current available, so 5x the range = a 60 hour charge time.


You see why nobody is pushing larger ranges and everyone is pushing “40 mile range is enough for 97% of car journeys” because what the fuck use is a car that has a 600 mile range but spends three days of the week 24/7 on fucking charge?

Well, you could fork out a LOT of extra money, not just for a faster charging station for your garage, but also for the new 3 phase mains supply to your house to feed the new charger…

There is 38 Kwh of energy in a gallon of diesel.

UK 240 volt 30 amp domestic supply is 240 x 30 = 7,200 watts so 7 Kwh per hour

so 24 x 7 = 168 Kwh which is the maximum you can draw from a domestic supply, fuck knows how high your bills will be at 20p per Kwh (30 quid a day or £11k per annum) and you won’t be able to run much else except low energy lighting so you better have gas cooker and fires, and 168 / 38 = 4.4 gallons of diesel per 24 hour day equivalent.


BTW, 4.4 gallons of diesel = 4.4 x 4.5 = 19.8 litres and at £1.20 a litre that’s £23.76 for diesel at the pump… tell me how you are “saving money” per Kwh consumed?

But, but, we recharge the leaf for 4 quid…. 4 quid at 20p per kwh is 20 kwh, given your leaf only has a 24 kwh battery….. remember there is 38 kwh in a gallon of diesel.

it’s not that you are suddenly driving the same mileage almost for free, the “fill up” cost is so small because the amount of energy being transferred is so small.

Hello, I fill up my private car with the 600 mile range ONCE A FUCKING MONTH, I don’t fill it up half a gallon over night EVERY FUCKING NIGHT…

If I DID, that would be 15 gallons, and guess what, that’s about what I put in once a month, maybe a bit less.

BTW, my car CAN do 600 miles at 80 mph and then refuel and be back on the road for another 600 miles 5 minutes later, and BTW, I paid 600 quid for it two years ago, *that* is cheap motoring.

I do NOT over state the case about these two looking like someone who just discovered their virgin wife / daughter was miss gang bang winner the last 5 years on the trot, they both looked like they were going to be physically sick, and both stated that they would be physically sick several times.

And no, ***I*** didn’t destroy their fucking lives, THEY did, buying into the entire “green” and “low carbon” and “electric car” bullshit and the whole “range anxiety” bullshit.

Because MATH, BITCHEZ, anyone can do the math I did above.

I realised 30 years ago that energy is a cartel, it does not matter how you buy it, mains electric or diesel or gasoline or mains gas, the cost per Kwh is very very close.

if it wasn’t I could buy mains gas to power a gen set to generate electric to sell back to the grid at a profit, they work all these things out so you can’t do that shit and make a profit.

Once you realise you price per kwh is fairly uniform across the board… buy an old diesel for 600 quid and drive with a light right foot and keep your motorways speeeds down to 60.. for the win.. motoring just doesn’t GET any cheaper than that.

Fuck it man, I need to vacation more if it means I get to meet more people like this and make them wake the fuck up.

BTW *they* started the conversation, not me.

We love the leaf but we are about to pre order the new tesla… winning smiles..


  1. You can run most domestic supplies up to around 63A – the fuse carriers normally say 100A but inside it’s normally a 63, or an 80. (Not that I ever cut the DNO tags). So I guess fast charging is possible if you can overcome the rising resistance/heat issues.

    The real problems start when everyone in your road decides to ‘fill the car up’ at the same time

    Good job all those smart meters were coincidentally installed

    Comment by justwanttocommentblog — July 14, 2017 @ 5:45 pm

    • We are on our third smart meter already within a couple of years, they just go nuts. Meanwhile the analog one lasted from 1992 (i found the receipt) and was taken down not because it broke, but because they replaced it with this supposed “smart” one, no notification or anything beforehand either, they even let themselves in on the property, or if you don’t let em, the power company calls the cops on you.

      My home my castle? I guess not.

      Comment by guest — July 15, 2017 @ 2:47 pm

  2. I was just watching Dan Peña on the Joe Rogan podcast, who said:

    “Do you know why Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia, will go public?

    They’re selling 2% of the company, not because they need money, they have all the money in the world, it’s because when you go public, you gotta do a reserve report, the reserve report is going show how many barrels they have, proved producing, unproved. And we’ve been guesstimating for years that Aramcos got a couple billion barrels, maybe 3, 4 billion barrels, and that report is going to show that they have trillions!”

    That’s a good question, what happens if crude drops down to $23.95 a barrel like in 2016, why then bother with electric vehicles?

    Because once Aramco goes public in 2018, the peak oil myth will be put to rest.

    Filling up your electric car will not be free (or subsidized) forever, what then?

    Then reality hits the fan.

    Oil storage facilities are already overflowing, there is a gluttony of oil, ships are going all the way around Africa, because that extra fuel is cheaper than paying the suez canal fee.

    Comment by guest — July 15, 2017 @ 2:31 pm

  3. And witty and bright. I can hardly believe you’re real!

    Comment by demiurgemadness — July 15, 2017 @ 2:55 pm

  4. all the best on your sabbatical.

    Comment by bob k. mando — July 16, 2017 @ 1:27 am

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