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September 10, 2016

Black Lies Matter

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Of course really all lies matter, but not all lies are equal, and not all liars are equal, you can’t compare a similar lie told by the guy down the road, and told by the guvvmint.

In anything even remotely approaching integrity, nobody would be discussing Hitlery’s lies, it’s the minimum 10,000 people around her who absolutely *have* to be just as corrupt and self serving as her, for her to even occupy her current position in the first place… and every single one of them should be behind bars now, awaiting trial.

Nuke DC while you’re at it, maybe three innocent people will be caught up in the blast radius.

You could describe a patch biker club by saying “they ride motorcycles” and “they wear leathers” and “they hang out together” and even though those three things may be true, and may be the most obvious things you notice as an outsider when you see them, none of those three things as a filter is going to leave you with just patch bikers and 0.000001% false positives.

That’s because those things are the least significant things about patch biker clubs.

“Hang out together” + “say ‘allahu akbar’ a lot” + “wear a hijab” are the least significant things about a radicalised salafist muslim.

“hang out together” + “say ‘lessons will be learned'” + “wear a tie” are the least significant things about the deep state military / industrial / banking types.

Similarly I have known of opportunistic synergies where a touring rock band and local chapters of bike clubs have worked together to facilitate the transport of drugs, but it would be wrong to say for example “The Hells Angels are a criminal conspiracy drug dealing gang” in just the same way as it would be wrong to say “The black residents of Watts are a criminal conspiracy drug dealing gang”

Sure, *some* of them do those things, opportunity comes a knockin, people will take the opportunity, it does *not* mean that every coon in Watts is primarily concerned with dealing crack.

You *can* say that DHL is all about moving parcels around, but lots of other people, including me, move parcels around, and that does not make us DHL.

The problem with all of these things is the way the human mind works, we much prefer to group individuals into large faceless clumps of people that have some other identifying and unifying feature, whether it be patch biker clubs, raghead muslim fanatic, the po-po, whatever.

And then we apply further labels to these groups, and the labels may or may not contain some truth, the most important thing is the label fits, or can be made to fit.

The Hollister “riots” that founded the whole 1% patch biker thing were anything but, Marlon Brando and his jazzed up brothers rebelling against anything you got did more to build the mystique than any real facts, and the beat continues today, not that I have ever seen a single episode, but Sons of Anarchy is just more of the same media hype bullshit, the big bad unwashed biker on his murdercycle come to rape ya (willing) wimminz and daughters.

But hey, we have our own internal code of honour that nobody every breaks, just like the marines, just like the priesthood, just like doctors…

Except of course it is all total bullshit, live long enough and keep your eyes and ears open and you will find plenty of examples of all of the above doing their level best to wipe their ass with the alleged code of honour and fuck everyone else over.

And precious few of them die for it.

Those that do die are usually the dweebs that actually bought into that shit and then go all crazy when someone “disrespects” that.

So let’s say your name is Kurt Sutter and you are the creator of Son’s of Anarchy and you decide you need to do something in the script that someone is going to draw a line to the HAMC from, whaddaya do?

Well, Kurt talked to the HAMC to get some input, which is great, in the same way that it is great to go and talk to the Vatican about a story about priests, you’re going to get the official public line, you aren’t going to get the truth.

The truth will be something that some insiders and a few outsiders know, and unless you are that 0.0000001% of the population, you do not and will not ever know the truth.

Nor can you go and talk to HAMC and then talk to the FBI and join the dots and arrive at the truth, you’ll end up further away from it than when you started.

Nor does the *actual* truth matter, not knowing the actual truth isn’t a problem, believing made up shit that you think may be close to the truth *does* matter.

At this point allow me to apologise to HAMC / patch clubs, I’ve known a lot of these guys personally over the years, and like any organisation or workplace, some of them I liked, some of them I didn’t, which is to say they are all individual human beings, with their own personal lives and beliefs and goals and agendas and pains.

But they make a great example, because they are easily identifiable, they stand out from a crowd like a muslim in a burqa, and a photo comprising of mainly patch bikers of burqa clad muslims on a street corner tends to make people uneasy.

So let me ask you this, it is late 2016, technology is everywhere, digital cameras, facial recognition, text (vehicle registration plate) recognition, pattern recognition, speech to text, almost lightspeed data comms.

If you were setting up a criminal organisation, would you make it a rule that all members wore an easily identifiable uniform at all times?

Stand on a street corner in London or Frisco or Brisbane, you can spot the patch bikers, the burqas, the po-po, but how do you spot the mafiosi?

How do you spot the mason?

How do you spot the social worker?

How do you spot the next 9/11 terrorist who died in the blast but his passport survived but who is still living in Afghanistan and who never left?

Which, hence my earlier apology to the patch bikers for using them as an example, because *example* is all I meant, do not try to draw any lines, as the human mind wishes to, because there are none, which brings us to the new “far right” white power types.

If you were setting up a “germany for the germans” group, would you really insist they all shave their heads, have the same tatts, wear the same cutoffs and jeans and boots, and roam around town in groups?

These guys are like the patch bikers, the uniform scares away the straights, and that’s the way they like it, preferring to associate with their own kind, fucking tell me I can’t eat a bacon sandwich in a street in my home town asshole….

But the mafia-esque criminal cabal that actually does shit they ain’t.

Black Li(v)es Matter is no more than staking a goat out in the savannah and seeing what comes out to eat.

*NOTHING* makes the state / po-po / TLA happier than some malcontent young man signing up for a patch biker club, or the white power club, or the soapbox/votebox/ammobox club, you just fucking tagged yourself bitch.

Thanks for playing. Game over man….

Sonny Barger has an official fuckbook page, Don Corelone don’t.

There is a moral / message / hint here, I just do not want to be *too* obvious and explicitly state it.

Some things I *will* explicitly state.

The human mind is a wonderful and interesting thing, and no matter how stone cold and comitted and elite and amazing you are, unless you are a suicide bomber (just another tool) the facts are that a part of your mind is going to plan on the aftermath, and having a way of continuing life as normally as possible.

We had *lots* of IRA spectaculars here in the UK back in the day, and they all targeted high profile targets, hotels with politicians in, financial buildings, you know the sort of thing, because that is the sort of thing you do, when you are expecting to go on living in that same country with few changes .

If you did NOT mind changes, or if you were a foreigner so the changes would not affect you, you would not target any of these things, you’d take your 1,000 lb of ANFO and target infrastructure, whether it be an electricity substation, a major road or rail bridge, a water pumping station, and so on.

We see the proof of this every time one power attacks shit in a foreign country, it is *always* infrastructure that is targeted, it is *never* “spectaculars” like hotels full of politicians or financial buildings.

So, 9/11, three aircraft each of which would have utterly destroyed a major electrical substation and AT THE VERY LEAST plunged new york state into darkness for a MONTH, and might even have cascaded the entire US energy grid into failure as well.

Well, you fly them into “spectacular” buildings of course. (aided by pre laid demo charges)

Because, you know, you expect to be living there afterwards and don’t want too much change in your lifestyle in the aftermath…

It’s the ultimate proof that 9/11 was a domestic job.

Like I said earlier, if you consult *both* the HAMC *and* the FBI, and then try and join the dots, you’ll be further away from the truth than when you started, much much further.

You might be better off asking the HAMC (a reasonable proportion are ex services) how much shit they *could* cause if they applied their former skills and training, and asking the FBI why their panopticon that can track everyone in one organisation perfectly, is apparently completely blind when it comes to another, apparently open, political organisation like Hitlary / Clinton Foundation / etc

Who is the real criminal?

Who is treated like a criminal?

Two rival patch gangs having a shootout in a mafia owned casino, really? Is this the sign of organised and intelligent crime syndicates, shame they didn’t have an insider who can have an “oh shit” moment and wipe all the CCTV with BleachBit and then get immunity from the Feds for doing so…. because then, you know, they could run for office.

It’s a funny old world where a self declared “outlaw” motorcycle club is in fact far more law abiding and beneficial to society than TPTB and the powers that be in waiting…. and where said “outlaw” motorcycle club is *far* more discserning about who they let in than TPTB and their political allies.





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