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June 27, 2013

Silver cars

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So, I was giving a mate a lift, we’re moving down the road in traffic and this hot chick in a convertible starts nosing out of the Tesco forecourt into the traffic, doing that I’m a pretty bitch so men will let me out shit, so I didn’t let her out.

My mate says something about why didn’t I, I said I *never* let wimminz pull in to traffic, come to that, I never let silver cars, or any Volvo in either.

He asks me why, I tell him, because they (all Volvo’s, and all silver cars) are all driven by cunts, and wimminz are all cunts anyway.dogging it

He hum’s a bit, and asks me about the wimminz I fucked last week that booked to see me again this weekend, “which one?” I say, he is on about miss GG cup, I tell him, “well, she said she’d come over friday night for a fuck” with the emphasis on the word SAID, he asks me if I don’t believe her, I tell him, dude, I never believe anything a fucking wimminz says, and those times when what a wimminz says and what comes to pass coincide, that is what I call coincidence.

So I’m sat here at home about six hours later, miss GG cup, who has been texting every night since last weekend hot to trot, sends me a text, soz, she won’t be down, the sex was great but she is looking for something more permanent.. lol

Like I said, when what they say and what they do turn out to be the same thing, it’s like coincidence, nothing more.

Meanwhile there has been a lot of messaging back and forth about wimminz and violence, and a lot of self proclaimed red pill guys who JUST. DO. NOT. FUCKING. GET. IT. and this is prompted by a piece on the Spearhead about Texas executing a wimminz.

Look at this https://wimminz.wordpress.com/2011-04/wimminz-morality-or-lack-of/

One of the least discussed or mentioned or read or linked to pages on this blog, why, because it deals with some cold hard facts and a VERY significant statistical sample over 750 years.

Wimminz kill their own kids and poison everything else nearer their own body weight.

Guy’s obsessed with upper body strength just don’t seem able to accept that “violence” does not just mean being able to punch something as hard as George Foreman, doping your food and drink with poison is every fucking bit as violent…. accusing an innocent man of rape and watching him jailed is every bit as violent, starting a course of unilateral action enforced by the police and prisons that has a man thrown out of his fucking house, but he still has to pay for it, is every bit as violent.

When the mob walk into your business and say hey, nice restaurant, shame if something happened to it, and you pay them protection, it is classed as violence, but at least the fucking mob let you continue to live and work there…

When a wimminz kills an unborn child and calls it abortion or choice or some other shit, it is violence.

Go to fucking Africa, hey lion, hey motherfucker, that’s some mane, well, it is the fucking female lions that hunt and kill.

Fuck it, DON’T go to Africa, go to your nearest farm, ask farmer what’s more dangerous, the bull, or the fucking cows… he’ll tell you, cow’s every time, you can always tell when the bull is pissed, and stay away.

Anyway, my mate rings up, so I tell him miss GG cup flaked for tomorrow, quelle fucking surprise, hey, it’s just past full moon and (atmospheric) high pressure, he starts laughing at me like a loon, tells me that’s the sort of shit his instructor used to come out with (my mate is EOD), yeah man, and low atmo pressure makes changes in your eyeball and throws your aim off if you’re a sniper…

My mate goes all quiet, hey, you there, I say to the phone, yeah, he says, you know, he says, I think I just got you.

Fill your boots I say, tell me all about me.

he says “You treat wimminz like IED/UXB/UXO’s

Fuckin’ A” I tell him… he goes silent for a minute, so I say to him “Got a question for YOU now

He says go ahead, I say, “This instructor of yours who used to say all this crazy shit

He says yeah?

I say, “Tell me this, how many fucking fingers does he have

He says all of em…

Fucking penny dropping yet?

Of course, if you see a wimminz driving a silver Volvo, the only safe option is for her to be disappearing in the rear view mirror.


  1. Props for trying to “save” a soldier.
    Poor programmed bastards.

    It´s still a bit of a mystery to me why they willingly face Kalachnikov fire, but can´t even fathom to tell their insane officers to stick their orders where the sun don´t shine and tell the same to cupcake when on home leave.
    White knighthood just cannot deal appropriately with reality .. http://epicpix.com/weird-way-of-parenting/
    Get rid of it soldier!

    Comment by hans — June 28, 2013 @ 5:38 pm

    • lol, should be the bitches in the cage, collared and oiled up…lol

      Comment by wimminz — June 28, 2013 @ 6:43 pm

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