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February 20, 2014

Bible for Bitchez

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…so I looked at her, thinking, and here are my options..

1/ I could say things, but really, what’s the point, it isn’t going to change anything or bring me any advantage.

2/ I could tell her a pack of lies, but what’s the point, it is as likely to backfire on me as it is to offer me any temporary advantage.

3/ I could just not say anything, which is a least effort path.

… and she looked at me, frowned, turned and walked away.

For values of “advantage” that equate to access to and use of her cunt to dump my cum in.

It is also worth interjecting at this point the old truism that you are either talking, or thinking, you do not do both at the same time, so option 3 was just a continuation of the thinking state, and that is never a bad thing.

The Bible for Bitchez is that in 2014 once a man’s eves have been opened, he can never un-see that which he has seen.

As I said back in 2011 – https://wimminz.wordpress.com/2011-04/internet-dating-flakes-vampires-and-parking-spaces/ (it is really easy to just read the most recent stuff on a blog, and ignore all the original material that pre-dates your coming across it)

This is the truth, your cunt has no intrinsic value, it might have had some when your cock count was zero, but now the only question of import is are you going to give me (temporary) access to and use of it? Y/N?

Starbucks only let you sit at the table as long as you spend money, and men who have seen the light in 2014 are the same as starbucks, but the coin is access to and use of your cunt.

The paradigm has flipped, the cunt is no longer a thing of intrinsic worth, it is just a purse, and the only coin it has is access to it and use of it, and that coin is worthless unless it is being traded to the proprietor for ongoing access to one of the tables in the cafe.

I try and avoid current and personal stuff as much as I can, I try to wrote about stuff in such a way that if the subject of my writings reads this, they do not know that I am writing about them as an individual, but, I am quite happy for a thousand people to read it, and all think OMG he is talking about people just like me…

So… https://wimminz.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/oooh-afor-can-yoy-fix-my-laptop-for-me-pleeeeze/ well not a million miles away from that story, there was a similar one, been a spate of people asking me to sort their laptops lately, roughly equally split between this old laptop is playing up, and this new laptop has windows 8 which sucks, can you put 7 on it.

So as always I say to the bitch, sure, I can do this, but given you are already having major problems with it, just pull the plug and power it down, don’t you touch it, and don’t let anyone else touch it, before you give it to me, as that will make my job harder.

Of course the cunt never listens, they never do, they all think that their laptop / phone / PC is the only device on the planet full of hardcore porn selfies, explicit messages and donkey porn, and they think I have nothing better to do with my life than to trawl through all that shit looking for something to fap to, or to blackmail them with, really, if that’s your attitude to me, take your fucking device elsewhere.

So I’m handed the device and sure as fuck she’s spent hours trying to delete everything, which is fucking pointless because any data recovery app worth it’s salt would recover everything they have deleted, but it does mean I have very little choice but to…

1/ image the hard disk as is, just in case the later stages fail and worst case scenario is I just write the image back and hand it back in the exact state I got it.

2/ do a bare metal install, which also means finding all the correct hardware drivers, which can be a funky experience, for example the basic win7 install media doesn’t know anything about usb3, so an install will always fail towards the end of the install process, when it can’t find drivers for the hardware in desktop mode.

Then me being me there is all the windows updates to do, and a basic suite of apps, and especially if the thing is low powered, like an atom or basic celeron, this can takes HOURS, even though it is click click click go away and wait, click click click go away and wait.

So fucking hours later the fucking thing is installing winders updates, and she demands her machine back right now, I tell her because she ignored what I told her before, and tried to delete stuff, it ain’t done yet.

She don’t care, she has problems and she wants her laptop NOW

I tell her she ain’t fucking listening, it ain’t done yet, if I give it to her right this second it is going to be a fucking paperweight.

She don’t care, she has problems and she  wants the fucker NOW

Fine, fuck ya, unplug it and hand it to her, and by the way, fuck you, do not ask me for anything else ever again.

So I hear through the grapevine, she gets home and plugs in her laptop, and its bluescreen hell, and since it was never finished in the first place, not the sort of bluescreen you can fix from the recovery console, there are to restore points or last known good configurations or anything, there is shit still missing… a full reinstall from scratch is the only cure.

Now, where this gets funny is this, the skank has been on twice the money I am on, and has continually ignored every single last fucking thing I have tried to tell her about her useless job, what she calls work as opposed to real work, what she should be saving and living off every week, how she should be behaving and comporting herself, given that she is in fact getting paid at least 5 times what she is worth, even for a state tit mcjob, and of course ALL of this has fallen on stony ground.

So the punch line is this, pwincess has finally managed to fuck up some how, I don’t know the details and don’t care, but she has managed to fuck up somehow, and in the 24 hours from handing me the laptop to demanding it back instantly, she also went from being a dumb skank on a fat salary, to somehow losing her job.

Suddenly, she needs a job, you know, to pay the rent / car hire purchase / feed the kids / go out partying, and of course she needs / wants / must have / pwincess will NOT be denied, a functioning computer to achieve all that with.

So she came over to mine and demanded her laptop back INSTANTLY, or EVEN FUCKING SOONER, you horrible creepy luser man you, and takes it home to cwyyy and cwwy and updat her fuckbook status to UNEMPLOYED and to try and find a new job…. pops it open and


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