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November 26, 2013

A tale of two shitties.

I have a friend.

For her sins, she decided to give a home to a girl who was not a relative, time passes, the girl leaves, time passes, the girl returns to the same town, and it basically a complete, using, nasty, worthless cunt.

My friend is ***slowly*** accepting the truth, the girl was *always* a nasty worthless cunt, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, thing was, she only acted like a decent human being while my friend gave her a home and in effect controlled her environment.

There is a lesson here, the lesson is two-fold…

  1. Just because people behave when you control them, it doesn’t mean they have learned anything or that their nature has changed.
  2. When you remove controls from people, what you see is their true nature, what you saw before was just an act.

This is why I, and many men, don’t big up ourselves at every opportunity, we know that in a post apocalyptic / anarchic / end of the world party scenario the brakes come off, scores get settled, and I will fuck you up just to see that look on your face….

We have humility.

Just like smoking 20 a day for 30 years becomes a habit, so does “obeying the rules” and being a good citizen, neighbour, employee… it becomes automatic, second nature.

All of which makes it tough on anyone under say 30, they haven’t lived long enough to form good habits, especially not if they grew up in a skank single ho wimminz household with a deadbeat dad who hasn’t been seen for years due to false accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

I’d love to love my sons, but I don’t, I have zero contact of any kind with them, and for that I just detest their lying skank ho mom, and avoid her, and THAT is my priority, never giving that psycho skank ho another second of time.

The little bastards will either follow nature and fall close to the tree that is me, or follow nurture and fall close to the tree that is psycho skank ho mommy… time will tell, and there is no substitute for that.

Could this have been avoided? Of course it could, but my thoughts on that matter were not worth shit…

It’s a cruel and callous and cold approach, but it works, and it is, contrary to the friend who started this off by providing an environment of positive reinforcement, the only possible result of providing an environment of negative reinforcement.

I am being TAUGHT to be a cunt, fair enough, I got the memo, I will be an ace student.

Last night a shocked a group of people at a pub, they were discussing a newspaper article about young girls exchanging sex for favours / status / goods / booze etc… and one of the stories was a girl of 12 who let a guy fuck her in exchange for 20 cigarettes…. they were all doing the usual, oh how horrible, I asked what brand of smokes, were these 20 tailor mades or 20 rollups? Because if it was 20 tailor mades the guy overpaid… I coulda slapped faces and had a lesser reaction.

They were all fucking outraged at my attitude, told em, why should I give a fuck, not allowed to give a fuck about my own kids, why should I give a fuck about yours or anyone else’s?

Well yes, what happened to you is wrong, they say, but you shouldn’t apply that to everyone… they say… why not, I ask, well, it is just wrong, you know….  no answers then, just we don’t like it… we don’t like you actually attending the lessons to be a cunt and studying and getting straight A’s, we don’t got shit to say about the classes and courses themselves, or you attending, we just don’t want you learning them lessons pardner.


They were discussing this too, I dunno, how you can be a SLAVE in a house where you can come and go as you please, aren’t liable legally for any bills or costs, write hundreds of uncensored letters, yadda yadda yadda is fucking beyond me… to me slavery meant ownership, property, zero rights.

But then again, it was born with a cunt so it must be a victim, and the support groups hit the nitrous and pedal to the metal and talk about this being the tip of the slavery iceberg in the UK…. while waving their iDevices which were manufactured by people a damn sight closer to slavery, but still nevertheless free and independent…

It’s been insane for decades, but hear me well brothers, it is getting hysterical now with the meedja and nothing but wall to wall reporting on how da wimminz be suffering one way or another, whether is it because not enough of them are billionaires or too many of them are victims of some atrocity or another at the hands of evil men.

TWO of the guys (shades of the previous article about beta boys suddenly going all alpha and won’t back down) puckered up and said they didn’t buy it, it wasn’t slavery, and they were fucking sick to death of wimminz this and wimminz that and wimminz other, and boy you shoulda seen the look on the faces of their wimminz, utter disbelief, and I’ll give these two fuckers their due, they didn’t back down in front of their alpha wives, they just stuck their chins out and said it’s gone too far, that’s all… we are just sick of hearing this bullshit.

The wimminz of course looked at each other for consensus… lol

The rich irony with the slavery story is it then transpires that the alleged slave masters were not exactly unknown recluses, in fact, they were so well known that they were the actual characters that inspired the cult British TV comedy series Citizen Smith, back in the day…. three decades of slavery, and nobody noticed… on a fucking council estate where *everything* is seen and noticed… not even the Scotland Yard and MI5 investigations into their communist activities uncovered any slavery or abuse.

Because, it didn’t fucking happen.

Justin Beiber better fucking watch out, he may think all those young sluts are of their own free will choosing to buy his shit and scream incoherently at his concerts, but the reality is he is a dark, sinister and abusing cult leader who should be yadda yadda yadda… if things continue as they are, in 2040 Beiber will be in solitary Charles Manson style.. infamous for his crimes…

The disconnect between the reality that many are trying to imprint upon the mass consciousness, and the reality that is seeping into the peripheral vision of the masses on the street, is now starting in earnest.

In the film it was glitches in the Matrix that disturbed peoples dreaming, it reality it is glitches in the propaganda that are disturbing peoples wakefulness, and the real danger here is the the genuine danger signals are being ignored or drowned out by all the false alerts and warnings and panics, we are ignoring all the traffic warning signs and dashboard lights, some of which are telling the truth, and putting our foot down in a bid to get past all the bullshit ones, and next thing we know we will be looking at the  >>>>>>>>>>> chevron signs coming at us at 80 on a corner that an F1 car couldn’t take at 40…



May 12, 2013

Sooner or later…

… wimminz always revert to form.

There is an English comedian called Jack Dee, he specializes in a dry delivery, and 99.9% of his material I can take or leave, but away back when bungee jumping was the new rage and everyone was doing it, Dee made a very funny (to me) comment, it boiled down to “fuck bungee jumping, I wanna see bungee climbing, where they climb as far as they can up a cliff before the elastic yanks them back down.

It made oi larf… indeed.

And I was reminded of it last night, when the latest wimminz, who had been putting on an act of reasonableness and sanity and sexual submission in a bid to ensnare me, reached that point where the tension on the bungee cord exceeded her ability to maintain her grip on the cliff face of the façade she was presenting, and snap, runaway hamster wheel accelerating away at ever increasing RPM towards bursting speed.

The process as usual is characterized by the wimminz reverting to type, and me feeling like a rather stupid and crazy four year old child was trying to manipulate me into doing buying them the ice cream, or whatever it was they wanted.

Of course me asking pointed questions like “What part of this insane behaviour do you think any man anywhere on the planet will look at, and decide he needs more of it in his life?

Of course the “out of control” tantrums are anything but out of control, they may involve risky and stupid and asshole behaviour, but there has been an innate risk assessment performed, so inevitably it looks like what it is, very bad acting indeed.

Of course at this point lots of readers are going all oh noes, wot iz he doing, these wimminz be crazy, why doesn’t he stay away, no cunt is worth it.

Yeah, except these crazy bitches don’t vanish off the face of the planet if you refuse to have anything to do with them, so unless you are going to be  hermit, you are going to have to learn how to deal with them.

There is  world of difference between drawing a line and saying at THIS point I am no longer a participant bitch, just a fucking observer, and being INVOLVED, and it is the being INVOLVED that the above lunatic behaviour is, by some fruity wimminz logic, supposed to trick you into…

Think of a vehicle with a diesel engine starting to eat it’s own lube oil and run away…

Those who are INVOLVED in that vehicle stand waaaay too fucking close, and put themselves in harms way attempting to interfere and change the outcome, while those who are merely OBSERVERS distance themselves and digitally record.

So the bitch’s hamster wheel revs up to eeeek speed, and she plays the “you don’t want me to stay / appreciate me / look after me / love me” card, instead of saying “No baby please stay and I’ll make it up to you” I just give the shrug and say she is an adult, if she wants to go, go…

Bluff called she goes, only to engineer a reason to come back 10 minutes later, but of course, being a wimminz, this isn’t coming back calmed down and lesson learned, oh no, it is coming back doubled down on the crazy shit.

So I stand in the doorway and shrug again and ask her why she thinks any man in his right mind would let some crazy acting bitch into his home, this is of course met with disbelief, I am sooooo NOT responding the way all “good men” have been trained to respond to a pwincess in a tantrum, so she stomps off again, in even greater disbelief that I will not wescue da pwincess from a situation entirely of her own making.

“You are an adult, you are capable of making your own decisions, and suffering the consequences, if you choose to act like an insane bitch, it is your decision”

So she stomps off, proceeds to ring me every ten minutes for the next hour and a half, no worries it all goes to answerphone and when a sufficient quantity of calls have been received the number gets added to the reject list.

I chill some, get in to bed and sleep the night through, untroubled by dreams or drama or conscience.

The moral of this story, she was on a bloody good deal with me, but instead of seeing all the good bits, all she could see were the missing bits, so she focused on them, and kept doubling down in an attempt to manipulate me into doing them, result, she is back to no man, minus all the bloody good deal stuff she was getting,  and I didn’t lose a moment’s sleep over her transition from current squeeze to history.

Impatience, an inability to sustain the course or play the long term game.

This is what wimminz ARE

This is why you don’t let them in to your lives, you don’t introduce them to your circle of friends, you don’t tell them who your employer is, you don’t tell them your personal history, you don’t introduce them to your own family… these things by definition make you INVOLVED, not an OBSERVER.

This is why you pay no heed whatsoever to all the stuff people look at, she is old enough to have learned these lessons, all that jazz, wimminz are NEVER old enough to learn any lessons.

AWALT motherfucker, everything else is just a fucking act.

If people wanna go bungee climbing, fine, they are adults, their decision, just DO NOT GET INVOLVED.

You can fuck people without getting involved.


You can’t fuck someone and then do the insane pwincess, wescue poor widdle owd me, stunt with someone you are INVOLVED with.

You can’t make false accusations of rape and domestic violence against people you are INVOLVED with.

You can’t bail out of marriages and take people to the cleaners that you are INVOLVED with.

Sooner or later, ALL wimminz will pull this shit on you, and there is a 99.999% chance that it will happen right after you (accidentally) do something reasonable and treat them like a rational human being with feelings, and not a feral wild animal, and they will pull the epic shit test on your ass, as this psycho skank ho did to me last night.

I’m sorry (no, I’m not), you appear to have confused me with someone who gives a fuck whether I ever see you again or not…

She got it, you know, she really did get it, in the end there when the shit test failed epically and the tension in the bungee cord had just snatched her away from the cliff face, in that Wile E Coyote moment..

She said I was a stone cold bastard with zero feelings for anyone and an empty space where my heart should be.

Yeah, whatever, bitch…. I’d consider that high praise indeed, if it had come from someone I could respect.

Sooner or later… it’s not a lesson you can unlearn, thank fuck.

January 6, 2013

“Girls make the rules. No means no”

Sounds like misandrist hell? Sounds like something off a raayyyyype awareness thing on campus?

(disclaimer, I am going to be using the word WOMEN a lot as opposed to wimminz)

Maybe so, but it is actually the home / welcome page message of more than one local-ish swingers club… Now… I want you to think about that for a moment.

Girls make the rules. No means no.

This follows on nicely from the previous post, it’s a jungle out there, which also dealt with the whole swinging scene, because again the reality on the ground is never quite so simple or monolithic.

Jane49 is on the back burner, bo peep and her sheep style, jane50 just had a huge fight with her best long term girlfriend because jane50 blew her friends mind by telling her she knew I was fucking other wimminz but there was nothing she could do about that and how dare she diss her man (me) for screwing around, and jane51 just left after a night of raunch and is now asking me to arrange a threesome with her and another wimminz, any wimminz, of my choice.

As y’all know, I am in my fifties and don’t have a pot to piss in, but plenty of free time, and janes 49/50/51 are all within one year of 32.

Girls make the rules. No means no.

Well, apparently not if you are one of the janes.

So we are left with a contradiction, what I experience directly, and what some commercial venture swinging clubs use as their “brand message”…. so we can get some bullet points;

  • I was doing this shit before these individual commercial ventures opened.
  • I trust I will be doing this shit long after these individual commercial ventures close, though that is of course purely conjecture and wishful thinking.
  • Both they and I and the janes can all be considered subsets of the greater whole

I think it is fair to say that the capitalised final bullet point is the one that carries the weight, if you are trying to monetise something “Girls make the rules” is a good policy.

Men make the rules. No means no.

Stands to reason, a new competitor swinging club opened by me with that branding on the front / home page of the website means it is going to bomb commercially, because as we have already discussed, the men in these “couples” are all niggerz, not men.

Note also it is always “GIRLS make the rules” not “WOMEN make the rules“, and so technically the opposite is “BOYS make the rules” not “MEN make the rules“… it’s another part of the bait and switch, it is girls, not women, who make the rules, and men, not boys, who follow the rules as laid out by the women.

These 4 words above are very important human language is nothing less than the communication and programming language of our species.

We have four possible permutations;

  1. GIRLS make the rules, MEN obey them.
  2. GIRLS make the rules, BOYS obey them.
  3. WOMEN make the rules, MEN obey them.
  4. WOMEN make the rules, BOYS obey them.

In just the same way we can say a=2 and b=3, so if a+b=c then c=5, we can and do do the same kind of math, or value judgement, with language, which proves it is a programming language for humans.

So lets look at the four possible permutations one by one.. in reverse order

WOMEN trumps BOYS, women always have power over boys, women are mothers to boys, it’s not just a fairly obvious statement like water runs downhill, it implicitly accepts that there is a power differential and the women have the upper hand, which is not the message that is politically correct or acceptable.

3/WOMEN trump MEN, all red pill men know this is the reality on the ground legally, in theory the two should be equals, so again this is not a politically correct or acceptable message or phraseology for our programming language.

GIRLS trump BOYS, again, all red pill men know this, so this is just the same as #3 but dealing with the younger, non-adult section of society, again it is not a politically correct or acceptable message.

The three above in programming terms all have SYNTAX errors, the individual items are fine if arranged in one with with one set of inter-relationships, but are not fine arranged in another way with another set of inter-relationships, even though in both cases the individual items are identical in every way.

1/GIRLS / MEN, our programming language is replete with examples of this being valid syntax, the older stronger male as protector of the younger weaker fairer maiden, etc etc etc ad infinitum… This is both a politically correct and socially acceptable syntax.

The only people this shit doesn’t work on is you and me brother, and we are not the target audience of a commercial venue catering to males who support women and then pay for admission to a venue where said women can fuck other guys, in front of the guy who is putting a roof over her head.

We have, literally, broken our programming when we took the red pill, now, what was perfectly acceptable code for most of our lives throws up regular syntax errors, we see the commercial cuckolding described above (syntax / sin tax… geddit? geddit?… oh never mind..) as a fatal exception, parameters out of bounds, divide by zero error, does not motherfucking compute.

We are as welcome in their programming environment as Stuxnet / Slammer is inside a large corporate IT department

Our prisons, our law enforcement systems and our secret family court systems are in fact nothing more than the anti-malware systems put into place to prevent our take on syntax and language from spreading, the rich irony is of course that our take on syntax and language used to be the same as theirs, until they recorded a false positive when scanning us and made us into the thing they fear and hate.

We already have DIRECT EQUIVALENTS to malicious software in law, in fact we had direct equivalents back in the days of steam… first it was just defamation and slander, but now it is actual “hate speech”.

Use of non approved human (programming) language can and will result in incarceration.

As Kevin Mitnick will tell you, everything he did in the 80’s and 90’s is doable today.

Now imagine him doing that today, those EXACT SAME ACTS, imagine how he would be treated and branded.

Now imagine he was not a US citizen.

Now imagine he is a foreign national raghead terr’rist.

Girls make the rules.

It is a line of code with approved syntax in our human programming language.

April 28, 2012

Peter Pecker Picked a

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I have been debating whether to discuss this, and have decided yes as the guys in question have agreed.

Basically last week a couple of guys came over and we spent some hours shooting the shit, and then the subject of erections came up… lol

You mean it’s normal?” was the separate reaction from both of them, when I said;

  1. I have had days / wimminz that I just could not get hard for.
  2. I have had days / wimminz that I could get hard for, but could not cum into.
  3. I have had days / wimminz that I have fucked and enjoyed in the past, but which right now I have no interest whatsoever in sexually, not even a tiny throb or twitch of the cock, not even if I try to make it happen.

which led to an admission from one of them regarding little blue pills..

before you speak” I said “let me tell you this, I have never taken viagra or anything similar, but have been with loads of wimminz who have been with men who have, and they all say the same thing, the guy can stay hard for hours, thrusting into her cunt or ass, but they never seem to cum and it is always crap sex

e.g. viagra does not help you over that hump to orgasm, it just makes your cock hard, and lets face it a vacuum pump and some liquid nitrogen will do that….

So on the principle that my cock is Peter Pecker (gotta have a name, can’t have a complete stranger making many of your decisions… lol) and I am me, I have had a lot less stressful sex life from the day I accepted that I should have precisely ZERO input into who / how / when / where / why Peter Pecker likes to get wet.

Every single time, without exception, when I have had some level of internal strife or sex, and as soon as I start describing this in any form of detail these viagra guys start talking about how I am describing their SYMPTOMS that they took viagra to CURE…. think on that…. every time, without exception, when I have had some level of internal strife it has always been because ___I___ have decided that ___Peter___ should come out to play, and Peter has had exactly zero interest.

Instead of shrugging and saying catch ya laters, I have tried to force it, come on man, we’ll go out, get some beers, have a laugh and a great time, meet some sexy hot girls…. meanwhile peter is saying he just wants to stay home alone and watch re-runs of Firefly.

The reason for THIS post is how powerfully that resonated with these two guys, one who readily admitted buying viagra, and the other one who admitted it a couple of hours later, when he had determined that he did not have a cock problem after all… lol

What is interesting is asking the question, where does the idea come from than a man, any man, every man, can snap his fingers and his cock will stand to attention and 3 minutes later be spurting a hot load into some wimminz cunt?

Seriously, where does that come from?

No man I know or have ever known has had a cock that worked like that.

No mammal that I have ever known has had a cock that worked like that.

Well it clearly came from the people that brought us “All men are rapists” and “All fathers want to fuck their own daughters” etc.

Every man I have known has needed an initial stimulus to get Peter hard, an ongoing stimulus to keep Peter hard and playing the game, and a final stimulus to get completely different systems over the hump and into orgasm so Peter can be a conduit for a load of cum.

Every description we have of cock, which includes the legal description, which deals with rape and consent, completely ignores these facts… every description we have was clearly written by creatures who do not have a cock….  wimminz and their pet niggerz.

Every man I have known can identify with the stimulus to get hard, another one to stay hard, and another one for the orgasm and spurt of cum.

Once you frame it correctly like that, viagra is not a sex aid.

Viagra, like the vacuum pump and liquid nitrogen, can get you hard, but it is by definition incapable of providing the stimulus to get you over that hump into orgasm…. on the contrary, it interferes with that process.

So viagra is not a sex aid, it is a rape aid, so that men can be coerced into getting hard for unfuckable wimminz.

“pecker time”

we will call this the time between me letting go of an empty coffee cup, and that cup hitting the floor… pecker time is like bullet time, it is the speed at which the pecker computer works, and if you shut the fuck up and give Peter Pecker access to your vocal cords, pecker time can give you the answers you need.

“So why don’t you get hard at the prospect / opportunity of fucking Tracy any more?” you ask Peter..

right back at ya in pecker time, “Because the bitch is UGLY dude.”

so you ask “But that didn’t stop you the first couple of times!!!”

right back at ya in pecker time “Bro, it was dark, and it was a new conquest…” shrugs

so you say “But, but, I need to be able to fuck her later tonight!”

right back at ya in pecker time “Why?…. really dude, why…. that’s like saying you need to be able to go back and play Half Life 1 just like you did the first time, and forget everything you have done since, everything you know about hardware and software development since then, just so you can bang an ugly bitch….”

so you say… “but… I need to get HARD… and FUCK..”

right back at ya in pecker time “no problemo, bring me something like this….”

which brings us into all sorts of interesting territory, not just is Tracy in this story unfuckable, but is she un-rapeable by the same guys / cocks… and if she is, which as men we know she is, then just how vile and abhorrent and anachronistic is the entire legal and social structure that has been built around the premise that it is only the threat of detection and punishment and imprisonment that stops Tracy from being raped every single day or her life, everywhere she goes…

Historically rape was a very very very rare offence, it was much rarer than murder.


So how come, according to the wimminz, has rape SUDDENLY and out of nowhere assumed epidemic proportions, and what triggered it?

In my own secret family court case, CONTRARY TO ALL THE PATHOLOGY, as well as in a total vacuum evidence wise, I was accused of being a rapist of adult wimminz, I was accused of wanting to rape very young (less than 10) female children, I was accused of wanting to sexually abuse very young male children, I was accused of being obsessed with bestiality, which is at least three different MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE sexual pathologies, but never mind, as long as it can be used to further the time that snouts can be kept in the trough of the public purse.

And that right there is where it all comes from, poisonous worthless parasitic bastards who have built entire careers out of believing at least three impossible things before breakfast, don’t give a damn about anything except furthering their own careers.


March 28, 2012

Self denial, self reproach, self recrimination.

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There is a story in today’s daily fail about a woman who repeatedly raped a young boy, except if you click that link it is not worded that way, not reported that way, not prosecuted that way, nor was she sentenced that way….

And of course there is the cavalcade of men commenting along the lines of “phwoar, when I was a 15 year old boy I was / would have been up for fucking an older woman

… which we are told by many in the MRA movement is wrong headed thinking, we must not think or talk like this… why the fuck not? After all, IT IS TRUE.

The only POSSIBLE reason to avoid talking or thinking like this is Blue Pill mangina niggerzdom, or worse still, adherence to the school of feminazism.

So why is such thinking prohibited? Because from there it is a VERY short and small step to go from “Many 15 year old boys are willing and eager to fuck older wimminz” to “Many 15 year old girls are willing and eager to fuck older men“, and that sort of thinking is prohibited, because the wimminz are never ever ever responsible for anything, ever, especially when they are, capische?

The Daily Fail article linked to says, in the banner heading, that the skank ho was jailed for, and I quote, “… jailed for having sex in a car…” unqote

There can, legally, have been NO SEX WHATSOEVER, as the boy was 15, a minor, and legally unable to give his consent, there for there was no sex, so the article heading is a lie, it was not sex it was rape…

But then again, if the article was headed with a banner that said a woman was jailed “for raping a boy in her car” etc, we would all be asking, quite correctly;

  1. Why she was only sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.
  2. Why she is only on the sex offenders register for 10 years.
  3. Why her admitted use of facebook and a webcam to attempt to get access to other underage boys to rape was not seen as the signs of a dangerous and predatory paedophile.
  4. Why there is no mention of the Coach/Bus hire company she and her husband own / run and the role it played, damn sure it has contracts that if not direct school run are taking children as fare paying passengers.
  5. Why is her mangina / niggerz husband standing by this rapist.
  6. Why her lawyers felt that claiming this “relationship” between this rapist and her rape victim “… may have compensated for shortcomings in her marriage” was an actual defence…


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