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December 22, 2012

Mental as anything

It seems to me in many ways that the less I give a fuck about teh wimminz, and the more I see them as stupid creatures that never pay attention to a word of truth that I say, and the more I judge them based on their actions while ignoring all their words (which unlike my words are ALWAYS contrary to their actions) the more they respect and want me.

I end up being offered “friends with benefits” deals that if I had come straight out and asked for them on day one would have been refused, instead I allow them to attempt to fill the role of girlfriend, and fail miserably, and then be delighted to fulfil the role of friend with benefits.

I could sit here and cry in my beer and lament the waste that is jane47, she could make a good little girlfriend or maybe even one day wife if she dropped the bullshit, but it’s never going to happen, or I can do what I do and accept the reality that jane47 is offering me friends with benefits, once a week or once a fortnight use of her body for sexual purposes at zero cost to me… a gift… I’m still looking for the downside to this method…

It’s a lot like living in a world where we would hope that the politicians and po-lice and legal system were not hopelessly corrupt and incompetent, it’s a nice fucking thought, but the reality is somewhat different, and I am instead offered the use of the state and system and infrastructure at zero cost while I ghost through the economy living the simple life but warm and dry and fed…. you see the parallels here.

Case in point.

Now and again I indulge myself in speculative thoughts and projections, what if’s.

Last week I did one of these, you can do it where you live.

Make the case for buying with a loan or leasing an Epilog Zing 24, in the business sense, work out a viable business plan with the paying work your are going to get so you can own this toy for yourself, who your customers are, how much you will charge, so it comes out with the sort of hard projected numbers you’d need to do the business load plan with anyway.

eg I can etch 40 pieces of leather a week for 50 bucks a pop to supply the local leather car seat maker so he can get his own logo etched on his shit.

Except, there is no local leather maker, and if there was, he would be bunging me 40 jobs a week, not a 50 bucks a pop… at 5 bucks a pop he might…  rinse and repeat for other possible customers.

I know someone who did this years ago in Spain, Ford has recently moved production of the sub compact Fiesta to Spain, and this guy knew one of the buyers (which is KEY to any viable business model, find your market) and so he ended up buying a big industrial metal cutting laser from Italy, all it did all day was feed in a spool of alloy like a narrow toilet roll, and cut out the word “Fiesta” to be stuck on the rear hatchback of the car.

I end up that I cannot come up with a viable business model to support the purchase of the laser in this city, and if I do a google it’s not because there is already someone here offering laser engraving and cutting, there isn’t.

There are plenty of people walking around with smartphones who’d like them laser engraved, both to personalise them and for security / ownership marking purposes, but nobody is going to pay 50 bucks a pop… like the hypothetical leather guy, maybe I could get the customer numbers at 5 bucks a pop, but that isn’t a viable business model…. people have gotten too used to the imported 1.99 crap

There may be enough POTENTIAL customers out there, but there aren’t enough ACTUAL customers of the type to bling up their iDevice and who would see 50 bucks a pop as small change.

OK so it’s Christmas and I could cut some fancy snowflakes in acrylic for the top of the tree, but again 50 a pop plus 20 for the acrylic means 70 bucks a pop, for something people might pay 5 bucks for… after all an imported phone case can be had for 1.99…

…and this is the essential problem with the economy and why there is no manufacturing base left, there just aren’t enough potential customers around who are both able AND prepared to pay what it costs to do stuff locally, and I can’t reduce the costs of doing stuff locally because there is no local manufacturing base left, I have to buy A USA made laser or a chinese knock off with a crap tube with a lower capital cost but a higher maintenance and running cost and lower flexibility.

A “thing” has a perceived street value of 5 bucks, but there is no way to bring the unit cost below 50 bucks, there is no fix to this, you either go ahead and trade at a loss and cease to be economically active, or you admit you are beat from the get go, and cease to be economically active…. and this spreads… nobody else who depends on locally available laser cutting and engraving can be active, and the ripples spread.

How did we get to this from wimminz who fail to make the grade as girlfriend material but are acceptable as fuck-buddies?

Well, everything I said about the potential laser engraving business I can say about jane47 sexually.

How is she going to make the business case for me to buy or lease her cunt, she can either go ahead and trade at a loss and end up being marked to market at 1.99, or she can say fuck it and not trade at all and accept it is worth 1.99.

What she can’t do is make it worth 5 bucks, much less 50, and more than I can make people queue up to buy my services at 50 bucks a pop.

Like the putative laser business, the access to cunt / relationshit business also depends on the local market conditions, and that means associated and supporting and dependent “industries”…  jane48, 49, 50 et al have their perceived street value already set by jane47, who is offering friends with benefits… zero cost.

Like the putative laser business, you can’t fix all the other local economic problems that raise the cost of doing business by giving me a government grant for a free laser, I still have to buy a USA made Epilog or a chinese knock off… just like there is no supplier of non ferrous metals within 50 miles of here, and they have fuck all stock, and thanks to the cost of diesel and other local economic factors it is all fucking expensive anyway.

A free laser doesn’t cut the cost of 25mm cast acrylic for laser cut trophies, and the acrylic supplier isn’t going to buy a whole sheet at 2,000 bucks so he can sell me one trophy sized piece every 5 days….US Debt to GDP Since Independence_1

… and so it is with cunt… you can’t fix all the problems with cunt by offering me a government supplied or mandated personal slut to fuck.

The putative laser business is like the putative jane47 as steady girlfriend/wife, both require me to make a long and sustained effort and investment in the belief that it will reap future rewards… you can’t government mandate THAT attitude from me, or other entrepreneurs or potential husbands or members of society.


So the talking heads are worried, but the responses and comments tell the truth, the po-lice have been lying about us citizens for so long that nobody on the street trusts them, or the fucking politicians, or the fucking mainstream media….

Shades of the wimminz who are only just waking up to the fact that their cunt is only worth 1.99, not because I as a man value it at that, but because OTHER WIMMINZ value cunt at 1.99, and hey buddy, if that is too rich for you, here, take it for free, be my fuck-buddy.

Fixing the local economy and recognising that there is a certain minimum level of local manufacturing and industry that must be maintained before anything else can prosper, is in fact not merely a good analogy to fixing the problem of the value of wimminz, it is in fact also a pre-requisite.

If you don’t know the value of work and investment, you don’t know the value of anything.

I cannot see the laser business as viable, not just because of the business model, but the wider local economy and conditions, so I do not do it, but the problem wasn’t my lack of ability or talent or willingness to work for nowt until it flew on its own.

This means that nobody sees my ability, or talent, or willingness to work, because I choose to withhold all those things, the risk vs reward extant is just too heavily loaded against me.

Same shit goes for jane47, I don’t see her as a viable long term girlfriend or wife, not just because of her, but the wider societal and legal conditions, so I do not do it, but the problem wasn’t my lack of ability to be a great husband and father and partner and pillar of society.

This means that nobody sees my potential as a husband and father and partner and pillar of society, because I choose to withhold all those things.

And all of us withholding all those things becomes the perfect storm, whether you are talking about the local economy or the local matrimonial state.

We were the fucking canaries in the coal mine, and my how they laughed at all our hilarious death throes…. now the gas has reached THEIR level, and THEY are starting to take note and panic, and they find themselves Neimoller’ed, they didn’t say shit when they came for the fathers and husbands and self employed small businessmen, now there is nobody left to give a fuck when the ship has sunk to the point where the seas are coming over the railings on the first class decks and the fights start.

Go ahead, do the laser experiment for your town.

Then do a couple of others…

  • Can I build my motorsickle and put it on the road…. check
  • Can I get access to free cunt via fuckbuddies…. check

do I look like I give a fuck about any one or any thing else….

June 16, 2012

How to spot the niggerz

For those of you new to this blog, “niggerz” is the term I use to refer to men of all colours and beliefs who still believe NAWALT and support / pedestalise some wimminz….Prometheus, by Gustave Moreau, tortured on Mou...

I spent yesterday in the company of two younger lads, and a guy my age in his fifties.

Doesn’t matter where we were or what we were doing, what matters is the discussions that took place, and when I woke up this morning it became clear to me, in the sense that I had a simple, sort, easy to understand and get phrase that answered the question of how to spot the niggerz.

They run off at the fucking mouth.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can talk BOTH hind legs off a donkey, but if you tape it and play it back you’ll see that 99% of what I say is in response to things the donkey has said to me, and while much of it may be bollocks, it is HUMOROUS bollocks, e.g. quite clearly all said in fun.

Whereas yesterday, it was just complete fucking bollocks coming from the niggerz, and the thing is, he was quite clearly trying to impress the younger guys with his “experience” and “intellect”.. which is a hard trick to pull off when you forget (because he, in the shape of me, is sitting quietly and listening to your bollocks) that sat in the same room is a guy who is basically the same age as you, but who has also done professionally many of the things you are talking complete bollocks about.

It is harder when you realise that the younger guys are just being polite to the niggerz, and don’t actually buy ANY of his bollocks, so when I chuck in the odd random comment like “The police are not your friends” and “Marriage is for idiots” (The niggerz in question has just got married, for the fourth time) the two younger guys nod vigorously, and the NAWALT niggerz older guy goes quiet for a few seconds, while he dredges up some now avenue for the conversation that will allow him to continue to impress the two younger guys.

Basically he may have had a cock, but he ACTED AND TALKED LIKE A FUCKING WIMMINZ.

He ran off at the fucking mouth.

In short, he was seeking confirmation and approval of his belief systems and choices and attitudes, exactly like a wimminz, and he took the young guys silence as approval to continue, just like a wimminz, and he has no clue they actually have no respect for him, just like a wimminz.

He of course was not a party to the brief conversations myself and the young lads had throughout the day during periods of his absence, in which we discussed shit like video games, movies, and general crap, and we did not discuss in any way, shape or form, the things __I__ have done in my life.

Nor was it lost on the young lads, who followed his “lead” during the day, that throughout the day it was me, the relatively quiet one, who got shit done, every time they finished a task they turned around to discover that I was chilling, having already finished it, and then having to tell them how to ACTUALLY complete the task and get the paperwork done.

One of these quiet conversations without the niggerz present was on movies, and I mentioned that I had just watched Prometheus (downloaded a telesync, it’s not out here yet) and so they asked what I thought of it.

I said it didn’t impress me, the earlier films were far better, this film revolved around two strong empowered wimminz, all the men were fucking useless, and the alien pre-human engineer giants, who were the baddies, were entirely male crewed spaceships, and while the SFX were very good, they added NOTHING to the story line.

I said specifically that there was a total lack of the sort of suspense seen in the early alien films, only the dweeb men get orally raped by the monsters (the strong empowered wimminz lead gives herself an abortion, hear me roar, and she wasn’t orally raped, but fucked by her dweeb boyfriend, who had already been infected by the android, who, being a male android, was also a baddie) and there was also a total lack of any kind of real plot or storyline.

I said they would be far better to spend their time watching a film called Kick Ass, to which they both nodded, seen it, great film.

Modern youth is characterised as being “sullen” and quiet and introverted and only able to relate to their video games, but the fact is as yesterday showed, modern youth are at most polite when letting older niggerz run off at the mouth, and very very very reserved when expected to participate in these sorts of social interactions, because they know that they do not fit in, BY CHOICE.

Get away from all that shit and actually try to relate to them on their terms, forget all the bad boy tattoos and piercings and hoodies and attitude, and suddenly you find that they are just as smart as I was at their age, QUITE aware on EVERY level that nothing in modern society is designed with their welfare in mind, and quite able to discuss and argue vague and complex matters with clear logic.

When I said Prometheus was ruined by the two strong empowered female lead characters, their faces both fell, they did not need to actually say “Awww shit, not AGAIN!” because it was so clearly written on their faces. So they are going to watch Prometheus, but do it the right way;

  1. Download a free warezed copy, thus depriving everyone involved of any revenue.
  2. Invite a bunch of lads around with some beers and eats.
  3. Do a real life “Mystery Theater” where they take the piss and don’t really watch it.

…and as a result they will have a great time… instead of paying 20 quid a head to spend 90 minutes of their lives being indoctrinated with yet more feminazi bullshit.

Which brings us to the end of that 12 hour working day, and as the quiet man (me) is about to drive off they two young lads say goodbye, in a sort of “I see you” equal respectful way, nods at the older niggerz just starting out on his 4th marriage, and makes some snide remark about going home to the big woman.

So I think what the fuck, and say “You know what cunt is nowadays?

And they just look at me and say “You tell me

So I say “You aren’t going to pay to watch Prometheus, you aren’t going to pay to download some music to your phone, you aren’t going to pay, you are just going to take, because you don’t want to give your money to support these people, you will take it for free, or go without, because you will not pay one cent for any of it, that is what warez is….. true?

They both make that mmm, grant you that, shape with their mouths and nod.

So I say “Same with cunt, cunt in 2012 is warez, only assholes pay for it” and nod towards 4th marriage niggerz, and they both laugh, catch you later bro, they say, and I drive off.

So, they way to spot niggerz isn’t so much that they run off at the mouth, though that CAN be a good indicator, but the sure fire 100% guaron-fucking-teed way to spot a niggerz is that they think cunt is NOT warez.

April 16, 2012

What is love..

So tempted to embed Haddaway here… lol

But I had one of those nights with a call from a friend and we had a real heart to heart, so much so I had to grab the charger.. lol

The full title of this piece ought to be “What is love and why can’t I get a hard on?” because that is really the issue.

A man’s cock is in many ways an independent valuer, YOU can sit there and say the sight of your best friends wife in a bikini does nothing for you, but your cock may well have a different opinion, similarly you may profess desire for a certain female, but your cock may well have a different opinion.

In my considerable experience, there were three things that got / get my cock hard;

  1. Lust for fertile flesh
  2. Love for a specific woman
  3. Lust for kinky flesh

I did not deliberately put them in that order, but since I have it is good to go.

Lacking one of these three, my cock stays limp, and contrary to all the feminazis and niggerz like to claim, when a guy’s cock is limp, his bloodstream most definitely is NOT full of fuck hormones.

Erectile dysfunction and Viagra is for guys that simply do not fancy the woman they are with, in the least, and if you talk to guys who experience / use them they will ALL tell you, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, that they have their eyes shut and pretend they are fucking a 10, anything BUT the skank slut they are actually banging.

Going out and raping some random woman you don’t know is like going out and robbing them at knife-point, easy to talk about, but very few guys could actually go through with it, if put on the spot… the fact that this is contrary to feminazi rape industry thinking is neither here nor there.

Rape is not, as the feminazi rape industry like to claim, “all about power” either, sure, there may be an ELEMENT of that in there somewhere, but mainly rape is a form of sex and procreation, and again yes it does happen, but a LOT less than anyone would have you believe.

Rape is perpetrated by serial rapists and gang rapists, and both of these fall into category 3 above…

“Rape” as a term has been abused by wimminz, who all have gangbang fantasies, but that is disgusting so let’s remove the source of the wimminz disgust, her willing and eager participation, and lets call it a rape fantasy

it isn’t, it is a gangbang fantasy that you are lying about being up for….  basically I have met two groups of wimminz, those who admit to gangbang fantasy and those who admit to rape fantasy, and the demarkation is obvious once you know, character wise.

Marital rape, for example, isn’t rape, in the same way that being involved in a row at home with your partner is not the same as being involved in a street fight with a bunch of strangers on crack….. however we have allowed the feminazis and their niggers to steal control of the language, and the definition of what is, is, etc.

Which brings us back to the three reasons.

Love is for the young and naive, which soon gets burned out of you, and that leaves lust for fertile flesh and lust for kinky flesh on the table.

Fertile flesh I can get, but like my late night caller last night, the  DESIRE to have more kids is gone, and the only reason I don’t have the snip is I think it is stupid to undergo a medical procedure (there is no such thing as zero risk) for something that does not benefit me personally, and buddy, only propaganda says me shooting blanks is good for me….

Which means that fertile flesh is then loaded negatively (I kind of talked about all this before in the mathematics of pussy post) by the fact that the fertility is unimportant, so all that counts is young and firm and fresh, which is not at all the same as fertile.

And then there is the kinky stuff, but that too can get old pretty quick, especially with a rode hard and hung up wet skank ho doing the dirty slut act.

Which gets us to the point where yes bro, your little man can indeed hang there all limp and uninterested, and IT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS BROKEN, OR NOT WORKING.

Look at it this way, the car/bike sat outside on your driveway isn’t broken just because it isn’t burning down an autopiste/autostrada at 3 am when black is purple and dreams are possible.

It is ready for use, should a worthy drive/ride come along.

The same is true of your cock.

It may be some time, again, not a problem, as these things tend to go in phases anyway… how often do you want to watch re-runs of I love lucy anyway? Your cock feels that way about the wimminz you have been fucking… lol… and you know it, deep down.

Hell, it may even be that it isn’t coming back, and again why should this be a problem, just the passing of a phase like playing with trains as a kid.

What you do NOT do is sit there feeling like a sad sack of shit and looking for an opportunity to go for that midnight ride to somewhere cool and fun… you can’t manufacture opportunity, only grab it as / if / when it comes along.

Trust me, when offered a suitably hot bit of flesh, your cock WILL rise to the occasion…

Which brings us to the burning question that started all this, what is lurve, if not hot sex?

Guess what, I have a standby, and by far her most attractive feature is that she is easy to be around and looks after my ass / panders to my needs.

For the rest, as I have said before, by three fucks it is starting to look like I love lucy re-runs, and the fact is you just know the next batch are going to be the same, and sometimes your cock wants to take a sabbatical.

So chill, spend that time and mental energy on other things.

That car / bike on the driveway, when was the last time you did an oil change and checked the brakes for wear etc?

April 9, 2012

Gone to the dogs

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As Shakespeare said, or maybe it was Milton or Proust, or maybe it was all three and many others, in their own ways, time is a motherfucker.

I was reminded of this in several separate ways in the last 24 hours.

One was the iniquity of having to defend yourself against sudden allegations from your past, as the Hooker guy in the states has to now, and as all FRA men have had to.

One was being asked to scan in an old photo of a relative, who is now a granny and grey haired and saggy and fugly, yet in the photo in question she is well fuckable… and the photo ain’t THAT old.

One is several similar PoF wimminz advert themes that have come up lately.

One is a conversation I had with one of my wimminz fuckbuddies who knows my story, and who cannot believe how calm I am about the whole thing.

Put them all together and you have the passage of time changing shit, a LOT.

For those of you who are still young young, allow me to reassure you that I can remember like yesterday being in a place and time and being 14 years old and sitting down to work out when the century and millenium would end, and coming to the staggering conclusion that I would be, shock, gasp, fucking FORTY when the 20th century ended, no fucking way I could imagine living THAT long, hell, my parents had me late, and at that point even my dad wasn’t quite 40…

I can re-live that memory as easy as snapping my fingers, and it is as fresh as the memory of the coffee I drank 5 minutes ago.

For the young young, let me tell you that looking BACK in time to that place and time, from well beyond the year 2000, from well beyond 40, hell, from beyond 50… lol, well, it’s like this, the view of things in time when you are 20 is like looking through the WRONG end of a telescope, it all seems impossibly far away and remote, but the view looking BACK from that place is like looking through the RIGHT end of the telescope, it is all close enough to touch.

So when we take my used to be hot as fuck relative back then, and the crow woman granny she is now, the older you get, the more aware you get of how ravaging the simple passage of time is.

Of course it is not “Just” time, though I say so myself I am remarkably well preserved for my age, and while there is undoubtedly a genetic element, I also have to say I partied like a motherfucker, remember that “no way I will ever live to be 40” shit where we came in up there? That was how I lived… even if I had been forced at gunpoint to stop for ten seconds and consider the impossible remoteness of me in my middle 50’s, my attitude would have been who gives a fuck about grandpa… that wrong end of the telescope thing.

And yet, all my “bad living” wasn’t, as it turns out, what is hard on a body with the passage of time… no way I can claim to have treated my body like a temple, but on the other hand I didn’t treat it as someone else’s sewer either…

It is this, more than anything else, that revolts me about the wimminz more or less my age, and fuck it, let’s be honest, by their mid 20’s most of the wimminz around here have made CLEAR progress down this road, it is this systematic destruction of the female form, of everything that makes them hot and fuckable.

Shit ass meaningless graffiti tattoos, stupid fucking tribal aboriginal primitive piercings and metalwork, fucked up hacked off and gelled up hair, fucking sagging flesh and blubber everywhere, and perhaps most of all and attitude that while they have spent the last 30 years totally desecrating and destroying what was once a well fuckable body, they themselves have learned and observed abso-fucking-lutely nothing worthy of note during this 30 year period.

Time is a tough enough bastard to put your body through, it doesn’t need any help from the tattoo studio and the piercing studio and the hair studio and the comfort food aisle and the TV couch.

It especially doesn’t need any help from you, you stupid skank ho slut, trying to deny fucking reality and the evidence of the fucking photos (even after ‘shopping) that YOU fucking added to YOUR profile, and claiming not only something that you never were, but that you never could have been, because you never did have one fucking shred of virtue or honour instilled in you.

What is especially galling is the deliberate stupidity in requiring that I, who have taken that journey through time with you, am supposed to act like I never did, or never learned anything, just so I can be around your cellulite ridden ass… go fuck yourself.

You chose to go to the dogs years, decades, ago.

You do not now get the option to compel, much less invite me along for the ride.


For the young ones out there who want to live long and stay reasonably fit and healthy and attractive;

  • Eat only one meal a day, from one plate, eat anything you like off that plate.
  • Eat *nothing* between meals.
  • If you have “notions” in your diet, indulge them by all means, off your one plate a day.
  • Do not put condiments, salts or sauces on your food.
  • Try to avoid processed food at least two days a week.
  • Try to eat unprocessed versions of everything, eg pure cane demerera sugar not white sugar in coffee.
  • Fast (no food) at least one day a month.
  • Avoid doing anything regularly to excess or over regularity… e.g. never do any thing such as smoking or drinking more than 5 days a week, or to excess on those 5 days.
  • Avoid spirits and fortified wines and white bread.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Walk at least two miles per day, get a dog if you like.

Sounds like shit, too simple maybe, but the fact is the above keeps the distillery that is the human digestive system working at peak efficiency, just like it did for millions of years before supermarkets and marketing and cheerios and donuts came along, it gets fed just enough of every raw ingredient to have to work hard and efficiently to feed the rest of the system, so few excesses and poisons gets passed along.

I am 50+, NEVER go to the gym, and have a better body than many 20 year olds out there, and boy I am at the stage now where if you AIN’T taken care of yourself then only a time machine will save you from a slide into serious slob ill health fucked up cripple land.

MGTOW means moving house by yourself, because you fucking can, which is VERY fucking close to the old adage about never riding a motorcycle that you are unable to pick up if it is lying on it’s side…

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s people were all “you built / repaired that shit by yourself!”

When you get to the 50’s it is all “you moved that shit by yourself!”

Yeah, it’s a fucking sofa / fridge freezer / 50″ TV, big fuckin deal.

You wanna be like these wimminz barely able to carry their fucking SHOPPING home (esp nowadays, the fucking Tesco home delivery van is everywhere) you go right ahead, father time is waiting for your soggy ass at the other end of that telescope.


February 2, 2012

The old vs the new.

I will give you a very good example, in my case it happens to be literally true, but it is so easily transferable to all of you out there experience and empathy wise that it makes for a great example.

I have two laptops sat in front of me, one is a “desktop replacement” big heavy and powerful that is about 2/3 years old spec wise, but still a capable beast, 1920 x 1200 19 inch screen driven by a gig of Ati, 4 gigs or ram, terabyte of hard disk etc.

The other one is much smaller, and it has to be said, quite powerful, high end “business” class, 14″ screen, but this baby runs off a Solid State Disk or SSD and not a spinning platter Hard Disk.

It doesn’t matter what I do on the new one, even the most trivial task on the old one now seems painfully slow and cranky and awkward and embarrassing and painful and ah fuck it… so much so that even something trivial in computation terms as typing this text is being done on the machine with the smaller screen and the not as nice keyboard but also with the SSD.

I give this example because SSD is the “red pill” computing analogy to having been fucked over with the police / courts / state by an ex and her psycho skank ho false accusations…. no matter how high end, luxurious, super specced, delicious, young, new, fresh every other thing about the package is, in your mind sitting on top of it all like the lord of creation is that sluggishly slow spinning platter mechanical hard disk… you simply will not be able to ignore it.

So as we all know, by far the most sexually attractive wimminz is the one you created in your head, where all was perfection and nothing was flawed,  and the best antidote to that rampant sexual desire and fantasy is to inject a note of real world fact, the true nature of wimminz (see last post about home truths) or a home truth fact red pill, just as the computer porn is ruined by the thought of a spinning mechanical hard disk inside that powerhouse computer.

Tomorrow night I am going to go to a hotel, the room has been booked and paid for by a skank ho that I have fucked before, so she has been trained well, her orgasms of sexual pleasure are not a factor, mine is, she will do anything I require, without limit, including spending an hour licking my asshole clean if I so desire, and she will not speak unless spoken to, or express any desires or wishes of her own for the 15/18 hours we shall be together.

Like the red pill and SSD, once you have had a skank ho wimminz demonstrate to you just who does actually hold all the cards in the legal system today, the only sort of wimminz that you can tolerate fucking are the SSD wimminz, who pay the expenses, who do not talk, who seek to please and serve, and most importantly like the SSD are invisible for all those majority of times you have no use for them, and minimally intrusive into your porno fantasies for those times when you do have a use.

Tomorrow night’s skank ho has about 1,000 times the IOPS (lmfao) of a steady girlfriend.


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