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January 24, 2013

Sitting on a rock with Otis

So it’s nearly 4pm, I am not yet dressed, sat here warming myself in front of a fire basically doing sweet fuck all.

Keep getting thoughts, I should be doing something, not vegging out here.2982741-lizard-on-a-rock-at-the-washington-dc-zoo

But then again..

…pauses while I make myself another coffee, scratch my balls and roll a smoke…

… I’ve lived long enough to know that sitting on a rock and not being the early bird is a valid survival tactic.

Particularly now.

See, one quite valid way of looking at human beings is their average personal daily energy expenditure…  12 MJ per day will keep the average human being alive and active.

12 MJ per day is about 3.3 kWh per day.

Now while a lot of shit is talked about how hard we had to work in olden days just to get enough to eat, the fact is, some pursuits that we did in the olden days really have changed.

At current UK energy prices, and as discussed elsewhere it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference how you buy your energy, mains electric at 15 pence per kWh, or 1.40 per litre for diesel (35 MJ per litre, or 10 kWh, so £1.40 / 10 = 14p) your are paying roughly the same for your kWh, roughly rule of thumb 15 pence per kWh.

My mobe has a 2 Wh battery, which lasts 48 hours, so the energy consumption is negligible, but the contract (unlimted calls texts and data) is a pound a day, at at 15p per kWh that means 6 kWh per day, that is double my physical requirements, but it is a tool, a tool that I use to bring in money, and therefore kWh.

So I am sitting on my rock last night and a chick I haven’t spoken to for 10 days or so sends me a text, hello, jane53 is back on the radar.

As a whole, as the proportion of my daily 6 kWh the mobe + contract consumes, this SMS is again a negligible amount, and this brings me to the real point of the sitting on the rock or the bay with Otis like a lizard, waiting for the sun to warm me, and waiting for my food to wander by, thing comes to.

I’m sitting on a rock waiting for the poontang.

I’m burning less energy getting poon than any human being in human history, not just per cunt or per fuck, but overall….

… pauses while I take a leisurely dump and piss…

… and this is, I feel, enormously significant from a natural world perspective.

Nature is endlessly adaptable, no niche is left unexploited, and so when presented with a way to lower the energy cost of reproduction, nature takes advantage of it, and so we have people like me, red pillers and technocrats both, who embrace the opportunities provided, even if physical reproduction does not issue from the copulation.

I think, as a species, we have missed seeing the 9 million pound gorilla in the room.

I have said it once and a million times, nobody could have foreseen or been prepared for the ways in which electronics and computing impacted and changed the ways in which we as human beings deal with currencies and accounting, indeed if you take computers and the net away from currencies and accounting, our banking systems must revert to the way they were in 1970.

The contraceptive pill and feminazi policies changes society beyond recognition, and again if we were to take away contraception, abortion and IVF etc etc and some basic feminazi social policies then society would have to revert to 1950.

The same is true of the whole internet dating thing, the immediacy, anonymity and above all minuscule energy cost required to use PoF or a swinging site has changed the way we go about getting sex.

As a poster in another forum said, “You can’t put the shit back in the horse.”

You can’t go back to the old ways of getting sex unless you eradicate the modern IT world, and make the energy expended per hook up go through the roof, back to what it was in 1960.

Speaking as a scientific man, I do not think ANYONE appreciates the consequences of this.

Lets round down my age to 50, and lets say I started fucking at 20, that gives me 30 years of fucking.  30 x 365 = 10,950 days… not a very big number… the last 12 years since the internet really started to take off is 12 x 365 = 4,380, and the last 4 years since powerful and capable internet connected smart-phones really started to take off is 4 x 365 = 1,460

Now let’s take a 50 mile radius of where I am, there are around a million females who will potentially fuck me… 30 years ago I had to choose between what was available in the bar I was in at that time, today I can have a smart-phone in my pocket and “signal” my availability via some hookup app / site, and take advantage of that far greater catchment area.

30 years ago if you were fucking a different wimminz every week you were either a rich playboy, a fucking liar, or someone who lived in a holiday destination where millions of white chicks flew in and out every day on package holidays.

Today if you are fucking a different wimminz every week you are just some guy with a smart-phone in your pocket, and the geographic catchment area of poon is much much smaller than the 80’s playboy or vacation island guy was porking.

Again, nature abhors a vacuum, so we are in a whole new ball game as far as sexually transmitted infections go, and I am NOT just talking a dose of the clap, I’m talking everything from insemination through bird flu through per-cancerous virii through you name it.

Yes, the wimminz now have a choice greater than the three eligible guys in their village, but so do men, and the energy cost / expenditure has dropped through the floor.

I have seen and done it fucking all sexually, the yank musclecar, the harley, the twin V8 powerboat, the yacht, the flash apartment, the high income, every peacocking fucking thing going, and I am here to tell you that you can put ALL that shit in one pile, along with the pill and rubbers and viagra and porn, and it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans next to the internet + smartphone, which is an Olympus Mons, the greatest sex aid ever invented.

But it keeps coming back to that energy expenditure in kWh per poon… which at no time in human history has ever been within several orders of magnitude of being this low, which is currently so low that it is hovering around the point where I might actually expend more energy actually physically fucking a wimminz, than I do it getting to that point.

You can’t change that cost back up to what it was without wiping out smart-phones & the net, back to the stone age baby.

And you can’t go back to the dynamic that existed throughout the entire history of the human race when it comes to relations between the sexes, unless you can change that energy expenditure per poon back to what it was.

This is profound in ways that are hard to express.

Marriage 1.0? Forget it..

Just today a married woman who has been cheating behind her husband’s back messaged me asking if I want to fuck her, or fuck her in a threesome with another guy, or fuck her in a threesome with a girl of my choice.

Marriage 1.0 along with Family 1.0 and Wife 1.0 and Girlfriend 1.0 and Sex 1.0 are all as dead as the dinosaur.

Repeal every feminazi law on the planet and it won’t change a damn thing, as long as the energy cost of meeting and fucking is now down on a par with the energy expended in the act itself.

The MRM is not merely dead, it is as irrelevant as tits on a bull… but the good news is so is the pwincesses’ vagina on a pedestal…  nobody is going to crawl over 200 free cunts to get to one self entitled one.


Jane53 knows this, instinctively, as many wimminz do;

  • The energy expenditure for me to find her is effectively zero.
  • She is just one bean on a plate of beans, she can blow me out after one fuck and the energy expenditure for me to substitute her is effectively zero.
  • So the only game left in town is a net expenditure of energy on her part to keep me there, and to entice me back.

I’m the same age as Jane53’s dad… and I have had wimminz before who will feed and water me and all that good shit as well as drain my balls… but Jane53 was a first…

Jane53 wasn’t a first because she has an unusually male and practical brain for a wimminz, or any of the other stuff, she is a first because she said to me in her own words, with regard to me not having heard from her for nearly two weeks;

… I fucked up, I made an assumption about you that was wrong, I don’t mind you fucking other wimminz, I’d just like you to not rub my nose in it…

… I know the worst thing I can do to you is lie to you, I know I will get caught out sooner or later, and so I want you to know that in the last ten days I haven’t been with anyone else, I haven’t been with anyone since you..

There was more to it than that, again stuff I have heard before, but never in all my born days have I heard a woman say to me I know I will get caught out in any lies I tell, and I know you aren’t going to believe me because you are going to wait and see if I say or do something that indicates that what I am saying now might be a lie, but I ain’t been anywhere near a man since you, and I want you to come a take me and fuck me and use me…

And I expended sweet fuck all energy to get that, which makes it all the sweeter… lrfh

Now, ‘scuse me while I roll over and sun my other side.


January 16, 2012

Of sealing wax and string theory.

English: Official portrait of Deputy NASA Admi...

Image via Wikipedia

There are three separate things that I want to tie up in this post.


This (http://www.the-spearhead.com/2012/01/14/nasa-clears-the-air-on-low-energy-nukes/) post on the spearhead prompted me to write a comment calling people dumb motherfucker, and offering 500 bucks to anyone who could find that video on the NASA website, some time later Bill P posts a follow up saying hey, here is that NASA url


So, two things, because the general consensus here is I ought to pay Bill 500 bucks and I just got proved wrong.

Thing A is my mouth ran off with the 500 bucks comment, I really should not have made such statements unless I was actually willing and able to cover such a “bet” at the drop of a hat, heat of the posting moment and all that, and thing B is going to sound like making excuses not to pay out on a bet I lost, but hopefully since I already addressed that it will be clear that this is not the case, and thing B is a real thing all by itself.

Thing B is that http://technologygateway.nasa.gov/ is not, to me, the same thing as http://www.nasa.gov, the whole “technologygateway” subdomain is, to me, that essentially fucked up female marketing droid crap, a feelgood PR fluff shithole that should never ever have been allowed in the first place.

Straight engineering dope it ain’t.

I am not going to go into the whole room temperature fusion / suppressed technology crap here, I still maintain that anyone that buys into these ALWAYS TOTALLY UNSUBSTANTIATED AND NEVER EVER EVER DUPLICATED BY INDEPENDENT FACILITIES crackpot theories is indeed a dumb motherfucker, the purpose of this bit of this post is to address the fact that I was however wrong to post in the heat of the moment what sounded one hell of a lot like a serious cash bet without PROPERLY stating my criteria, and I was wrong to not state my criteria, that the technologygateway nana subdomain did not count.


No man ever had erectile dysfunction, last week I was with a chubby skank ho wimminz, and I will be honest, I could not get my cock hard, even when inside her cunt, not hard, engorged maybe, but not hard… fuck this I thinks to myself, and text one of my booty call bitches, still a skanky ho but at least she has a hot fuckable body, and guess what, no limpness in sight.

So no, you do not have erectile dysfunction, your cock just has much better taste in skank ho’s than you do, and your cock declared that bitch un-fuckable and went on strike, that is all.

Supply your cock with a more fuckable skank ho and all your “sexual function problems” will go away…

Nobody would ridicule you if you could not get an erection to fuck a hairy guys asshole, or a young child, or an animal, so why should you be subject to ridicule when the hole in question is JUST AS FUCKING ABHORRENT, but is attached to a wimminz.


Sometimes things get too much to ignore, this is from a 44 year old woman on PoF, copied and pasted, unedited in any way, these really are all her spelling, grammar, syntax and other mistakes as they appear in her advert.

“hi wel i am patricia i am looking 4 some 1 in my life as i been on my own to long and looking 4 some 1 in my life that dont lie and not just looking 4 sex fun or a 1 night stand as that not 4 me and yes i no my pic look sexy but that way i like to look so u man out thaire when u see my pic ok i am stil a good woman and not just looking 4 sex so if that all u are looking 4 plz dont tx me ok as i not like that to i am good careing woman and if u not got a pic plz dont tx as i not going to get back to u wel it 2011 stil no luck on this wot can i say now wel let see i love going out staying in cooking 4
that some 1 to love going away on wke to but if i do find that some 1 got to be slow see wear it go THANK U 4 LOOKING AT IS AND IF I NOT 4 U TAKE CARE GOD BLASS X X X WISHING U ALL THE LUCK TO”

I have to say, her picture doesn’t dispel any bad impression given by the text of the ad, a blowsy, fat old skank with sagging flesh and cheap ass skank ho tats visible, clearly been no shortage of one night stands in the past, but now all the sell by dates are gone she is actually trying to RAISE the price on what amounts to everyone one else’s leftover and used and no longer wanted cum dumpster.

The reason I am posting this here is because you always hear shit about older men should not fuck younger wimminz because when the fucking is done you have nothing in common to talk about, well quite honestly I have owned dogs that were clearly smarter and better educated than the wimminz that wrote that load of gibberish, so not only is there nothing in common to talk about AFTER fucking this particular wimminz, there is no motivation to do the fucking in the first place.

My point? She is NOT an outlier or an exceptional case, as at 44 she was born around 1968, in other words a child of the western world as corrupted by feminazism and the contraceptive pill and the welfare state, this bitch is going to seem SMART compared to what is coming down the line….

October 2, 2011


Last week I was talking to someone “green” about home energy consumption, and I mentioned that I had measured *everything* in my house back in 2008, and the results were not what you might expect.

I showed them the spreadsheet I had created by monitoring every single electrical device in the household individually over one week with a skip load of kill-a-watt meters and a lot of dodgy temporary wiring.

I left them a copy of the spreadsheet. Today I have just heard from them, apparently they have been arguing non stop, and the consensus is that the wife thinks I did something wrong or I am weird and ran an abnormal house, and the husband thinks maybe my measuring methodology was somehow flawed, and thus they have reached some sort of agreement with each other that basically I am wrong.

Rather than respond, basically I just shrugged and added yet another household to my cellphone and email block filters…. however, out of potential interest for my readers, here is the data below, remember, this is electrical consumption, and it is from 2008, and it is the UK.

Overall household consumption.

Standby Watt 24 hour kWh Standby cost Usage cost
23.00 2.585 £0.27 1 – Living room
0 2.911 £0.31 2 – Kitchen
39.00 5.301 £0.56 3 – Hall
0.00 1.304 £0.14 4 – Bathroom
0.00 0.221 £0.02 5 – Bed 1
0.00 0.031 £0.00 6 – Bed 2
0.00 0.031 £0.00 7 – Bed 3
0.00 0.652 £0.07 8 – W’shop
0.00 0.372 £0.04 9 – Garden
62.00 13.408 £0.00 £1.41 Day
£128.11 91 days

As a sanity check I compared this to the meter readings

1,304.00 Actual kWh from bill £136.92
1220.10 accounted for £128.11
83.90 £8.81

Which opens a whole new can of worms about the rather interesting subject of utility meter accuracy and calibration and legal requirements and standards….

On an apparently completely unrelated note, most recent queries in personal messages sent to me by guys doing the internet dating thing have boiled down to “so she was texting me every 5 minutes telling me her cunt is dripping for my cock, and now she has just gone all cold and distant?????

In the first instance the couple were right there, THEY raised the subject of energy consumption, THEY raised the specific topic within that subject of which things in the house use most energy, THEY saw me open my laptop and saw me dig out an old Excel file with a file date three plus years old, chances I could have been forewarned and planned and planted ready to use fake data? Zilch.

Since I was right there and explained in great detail (far more than there is time or space for here) how and what I did to ensure that each individual measurement was set up correctly, how I calibrated the power meter itself, what I did to ensure that each reading was fair and not just a small segment of a typical consumption / time graph, what methods I used after each stage to “sanity check” the results, there wasn’t any room at all, even for an unreasonable person with an agenda, to find flaws in my results, beyond the obvious individual variations between households, eg their 2008 Philips 7kg washing machine vs my 2008 Samsung 7kg washing machine.

Yet, since the results were not what they wanted, the results were dismissed as simply being wrong, and their own household, which has never been measured in any detail beyond the total consumption and bill every quarter, was deemed to be entirely different to my household, and it was mainly the wimmin in this house that made this decision, and then proceeded to browbeat her pet niggerz to agree with her.

In short, this wimminz preferred her fantasy castle in the sky model of power consumption in her home to scientifically verified reality.

Given such an attitude this wimminz is no doubt now restricting the use of those things that in her fantasy castle in the sky model use most power, which in all probability means their actual quarterly power consumption and therefore bill will go UP, and as / if / when it does, it won’t be the wimminz fault, oh no, the only possible answers are that the power company is wrong, and good luck with that, especially when it involves the wimmin in the household having to argue with the wimminz who works in the power company billing dept, and that old standby, clearly her pet niggerz was not obeying orders correctly and continued to turn on the wrong things.

And so as I explain to these men who contact me about wimminz who suddenly and without warning go from dripping wet cunt to ignoring you, it isn’t you that is the problem, it isn’t anything you have or have not done, it isn’t even anything you could influence if you chose to, all that has happened is that the wimminz in question had some fantasy castle in the sky going on about your cock, and now she doesn’t, perhaps all it took was for her cat to get ill, one of her rugrats to puke on the floor, or some other poor unfortunate who failed to realise that Princess Precious was going to the mall that day and wanted to park in her favourite parking spot…..

Your male obsession with actual FACTS will just fuck you up.

Let’s take my actual factual recorded electrical consumption figures from 2008 above, lets take the standby consumption of everything in the Living room of 23 Watts… and by the way for the average house in 2011 this ia a remarkably LOW figure, what with TV, Satellite, DVR, Stereo, 3 or 4 wall warts permanently plugged in for when you want to charge smartphones etc.

As far as cupcake is concerned your manly Mig Welder is the culprit (aside from the inconvenient fact that it saved the household enough money to pay for itself by fixing the gates) and the fact that is uses 3kW just proves that fact….

In reality the hobby mig welder is probably powered up for 36 hours a year, consuming 200 watts, and striking an arc for 1 hour a year, consuming 3000 watts, so we have (36 x 200) + (1 x 3000) = 10.2 kWh consumed per year.
Spread evenly over an entire year this averages to about 1 watt.

The 23 watt standby load in the living room, so cupcake can watch QVC and charge her phone and laptop to play farmville and flirt with other men will consume the same amount of power in just 18 days of solid standby mode alone, far far less when powered up.

So what is going on, since it is patently obvious that the wimminz fantasy castle in the sky does nothing else quite so well as fail miserably at modelling everyday reality? Why cling to something that is not merely crap, but the most crap solution it is possible to find?

Well when you have eliminated everything else, you have to accept what is left, no matter how freaky it is.

The freaky but only remaining possible answer is that it does not matter whether it is the your cock makes my cunt wet fantasy castle in the sky, or the your welder uses all the power fantasy castle in the sky, the purpose is not to model reality, since it does this worse than any other tool.

If the purpose of this fantasy castle in the sky is not to model reality, then we need to discover its true purpose, and that must be a purpose that more than outweighs the fact that as far as reality goes, it is the worst fucking model you could have found, the most impractical model you could have found, and the most likely to cause future problems model you could have found.

That purpose is that the fantasy castle in the sky model makes wimminz feel the way they want to feel, on a moment by moment basis, and the way they want to feel is not even remotely related to or connected to or tied to the reality of who and what they are.

If the wimminz wants to feel like her cunt is the most glorious thing in the universe and your cock would do anything to get in there then the wimminz will have a wet cunt, ten minutes later she will move on to something else and it is like the wet cunt never happened…. wimminz compartmentalise their lives like this, like a series of still cartoons in a comic book, and if you look closely and ignore the fantasy castle speech bubbles the content of each cartoon cell / image is different to the last, with few if any common features except perhaps the main character, the wimminz herself, and as always the story the cartoon tells only makes any sense if you first suspend all rational disbelief and believe in the main character, the wimminz herself.

Note also that the main character of these fantasy castles in the sky cartoons gains precisely nothing from believing in you, or caring for you, what you think, what you feel, what you need, on the contrary, it costs her time she could be using living in cloud cuckoo land.

Getting back to the couple who started this, this is why the wimminz was angry at her pet house niggerz, his role is as a walk on walk off bit part in her cartoon fantasy life, and anything that doesn’t stay in character for his part pisses the wimminz off.

Getting back to the men who message me about wimminz who go from wet cunts to ignoring them, this is why you do not spend one more second on them asking what the fuck happened, it is out of character for your walk on walk off bit part in the wimminz cartoon life, and so it will piss the wimminz off. lose-lose.

What you do is what I do, paint your own cartoon fantasy and allow the wimminz to see themselves cast as a walk on walk off bit parts in your fantasy life, bit parts that appeal to them and coincide with their own castles in the sky, and since we are playing the numbers game, only ever pay any attention to those who self select themselves for a walk on walk off role at your direction.

This is, after all, the world we have created for ourselves prior to the economic collapse, a world of self centred and selfish and isolated individuals all each living their own little fantasy lives, and yesterday’s cartoon is so much kitty litter lining… and tomorrow’s has yet to be written.

August 18, 2011

An interesting look a energy

The following is a list of various things and the energy they represent, some very interesting things in there…

Taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders_of_magnitude_%28power%29


zeptowatt (10−21 watt)

attowatt (10−18 watt)

  • 1 aW – phys: approximate power scale at which operation of nanoelectromechanical systems are overwhelmed by thermal fluctuations.[1]
  • 100 aW – tech: the GPS signal strength measured at the surface of the Earth,[clarification needed] roughly equivalent to viewing a 25-watt light bulb from a distance of 10,000 miles.[2]

femtowatt (10−15 watt)

  • 2.5 fW – tech: minimum discernible signal at the antenna terminal of a good FM radio receiver
  • 10 fW (−110 dBm) – tech: approximate lower limit of power reception on digital spread-spectrum cell phone

picowatt (10−12 watt)

  • 1 pW (−90 dBm) – biomed: average power consumption of a human cell
  • 150 pW – biomed: power entering a human eye from a 100-watt lamp 1 km away

nanowatt (10−9 watt)

  • 2–15 nW – tech: power consumption of 8-bit PIC microcontroller chips when in “sleep” mode

microwatt (10−6 watt)

milliwatt (10−3 watt)


  • 4 W – tech: the power consumption of an incandescent night light
  • 14 W – tech: the power consumption of a typical household compact fluorescent light bulb
  • 20–40 W – biomed: approximate power consumption of the human brain[4]
  • 30–40 W – tech: the power consumption of a typical household fluorescent tube light
  • 60 W – tech: the power consumption of a typical household incandescent light bulb
  • 100 W – biomed: approximate basal metabolic rate of an adult human body[5]
  • 120 W – tech: power output of 1 m2 solar panel in full sunlight (approx. 12% efficiency), at sea level
  • 130 W – tech: peak power consumption of a Pentium 4 CPU
  • 253 W (2,215 kWh/year) – geo: per capita average power use of the world in 2001
  • 290 W – units: approximately 1000 BTU/hour
  • 300–400 W – tech: PC GPU Nvidia Geforce Fermi 480 power consumption[6]
  • 400 W – tech: legal limit of power output of an amateur radio station in the United Kingdom
  • 500 W – biomed: power output (useful work plus heat) of a person working hard physically
  • 745.7 W – units: 1 horsepower
  • 750 W – astro: approximately the amount of sunshine falling on a square metre of the Earth’s surface on a clear day in March for northern temperate latitudes
  • 909 W – biomed: peak output power of a healthy human (nonathlete) during a 30-second cycle sprint at 30.1 degree Celsius.[7]

kilowatt (103 watts)

  • 1.1 kW – tech: power of a microwave oven
  • 1.366 kW – astro: power received from the sun at the earth’s orbit per square metre
  • 1.5 kW – tech: legal limit of power output of an amateur radio station in the United States
  • up to 2 kW – biomed: approximate short-time power output of sprinting professional cyclists
  • 1 kW to 3 kW – tech: heat output of a domestic electric kettle
  • 3.6 kW – tech: synchrotron radiation power lost per ring in the Large Hadron Collider at 7000 GeV[3]
  • 3.3–6.6 kW – eco: average photosynthetic power output per square kilometer of ocean[8]
  • 30 kW – power generated by the four motors of GEN H-4 one-man helicopter
  • 11.4 kW – average power consumption per person in the United States as of 2009[citation needed]
  • 16–32 kW – eco: average photosynthetic power output per square kilometer of land[8]
  • 10 kW to 50 kW – tech: nominal power of clear channel AM[9]
  • 50 kW to 100 kW – tech: highest allowed ERP for an FM band radio station in the United States[10]
  • 40 kW to 200 kW – tech: approximate range of power output of typical automobiles
  • 167 kW – tech: power consumption of UNIVAC 1 computer
  • 250 kW to 800 kW – tech: approximate range of power output of ‘supercars
  • 450 kW – tech: approximate maximum power output of a large 18-wheeler truck engine
  • 800 kW – tech: approximate average power output of a small coal power plant

megawatt (106 watts)

  • 1.3 MW – tech: power output of P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft
  • 1.5 MW – tech: peak power output of GE’s standard wind turbine
  • 1.5 MW – tech: achieved est Drawbar power of GWR Castle class (2K EDHP) (1923)
  • 2.4 MW – tech: peak power output of a Princess Coronation class steam locomotive (approx 3.3K EDHP on test) (1937)
  • 2.5 MW – biomed: peak power output of a blue whale
  • 3 MW – tech: mechanical power output of a diesel locomotive
  • 10 MW – tech: highest ERP allowed for an UHF television station
  • 10.3 MW – geo: electrical power output of Togo
  • 12.2 MW – tech: approx power available to a Eurostar 20-carriage train
  • 16 MW – tech: rate at which a typical gasoline pump transfers chemical energy to a vehicle
  • 17 to 80 MW – tech: approximate maximum power output of a Nd:YAG laser used in Particle Image Velocimetry (100mJ over 6ns to 400mJ over 5ns, both at 532 nm)
  • 26 MW – tech: peak power output of the reactor of a Los-Angeles class nuclear submarine
  • 75 MW – tech: maximum power output of one GE90 jet engine as installed on the Boeing 777
  • 140 MW – tech: average power consumption of a Boeing 747 passenger aircraft
  • 190 MW – tech: peak power output of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier
  • 900 MW – tech: electric power output of a CANDU nuclear reactor
  • 959 MW – geo: average electrical power consumption of Zimbabwe in 1998

gigawatt (109 watts)

terawatt (1012 watts)

  • 2 TW – astro: approximate power generated between the surfaces of Jupiter and its moon Io due to Jupiter’s tremendous magnetic field.[15]
  • 3.34 TW – geo: average total (gas, electricity, etc.) power consumption of the US in 2005[16]
  • 15 TW – geo: average total power consumption of the human world in 2004
  • 44 TW – geo: average total heat flux from earth’s interior[17]
  • 75 TW – eco: global net primary production (= biomass production) via photosynthesis[citation needed]
  • 50 to 200 TW – weather: rate of heat energy release by a hurricane
  • 290 TW – tech: the power the Z machine reaches in 1 billionth of a second when it is fired
  • 300 TW – tech: power reached by the extremely high-power Hercules laser from the University of Michigan.

petawatt (1015 watts)

  • 1.1 PW – tech: world’s most powerful laser pulses by laser still in operation (claimed on March 31, 2008 by Texas Center for High Intensity Laser Science at The University of Texas at Austin).
  • 1.25 PW – tech: world’s most powerful laser pulses (claimed on May 23, 1996 by Lawrence Livermore Laboratory).
  • 1.4 PW – geo: estimated heat flux transported by the Gulf Stream.
  • 4 PW – geo: estimated total heat flux transported by earth‘s atmosphere and oceans away from the equator towards the poles.
  • 10–100 PW geo: estimated total power output of a Type-I civilization on the Kardashev scale.
  • 174.0 PW – astro: total power received by the Earth from the sun

exawatt (1018 watts)

zettawatt (1021 watts)

yottawatt (1024 watts)

Greater than one thousand yottawatts

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