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December 27, 2013

Duty, and the death of the MIL joke

MIL = Mother In Law BTW

When my grandfather (on one side) was 14 he ran away to sea, signed up for the Royal Navy, ended up at the Battle of Jutland, WWI, then when WWII broke out, having spent a lifetime at sea in the wavy navy, and being too old for the regulars, he and his sons all marched down to the recruiting office, on the day war broke out… in WWII he had three tankers torpedoed out from under him, Murmansk run, so even if the torps and fuel didn’t get ya, the arctic seas would, but he survived all three, and went on to die from bowel cancer, probably brought on by years of chewing tobacco, as you couldn’t smoke on a tanker.

One of those sons who signed up with him on day 1 ended up in Singapore at the fall of same, and instead of being evacuated or left to surrender, he was told to stay behind and report on the Japs movements, after being reported missing presumed killed in action, he turned up at Calcutta 11 months later, having made his own way there, in wartime, and when he got there he had to steal rations for three months, until they could confirm his identity, he was reported MIA/KIA see…

Now we can sit here and dismiss the obvious courage, bravery and remarkable resilience and tenacity of these people as fucking stupid, having one tanker torpedoed out from under you is bad enough, going back for two more helpings…  being told to stay behind and report on the japs is bad enough, somehow managing to survive and make your way 2,000 miles through jungles and mangroves in enemy territory, only to be told you were dead and not entitled to any rations or new kit (clothes) to stick around so they can decide you are actually alive, to spend another three years in service for these same fucks….

Thing is, they weren’t actually dumber than you and I, and in many cases they weren’t actually less informed and worldly wise than you and I, they knew “our” leaders were as bad as “theirs”, they knew in all probability they were going to die, but they still went… and it wasn’t for the money or glory, there was none of either. Seriously, the monetary compensation, IF it was paid, would not have kept them in food.

They certainly were not mentally less intelligent than you and I, in many ways, in all these things, you could make a good argument that the opposite is true.

So… WHY????

Why was a little word called duty, and having spoken to these people first hand about this very subject, duty was never to king and country, or merrie olde england, or any of that shit.

Duty was to “a way of life“, they were fighting to preserve the way of life they had known, at the local, personal and family level, before hostilities started.

They were fighting to preserve the life they knew when they grew up.

In this, they, and all men everywhere who went to war, failed utterly.

It is this very disenchantment for example, that some of the GI’s returning to the good ole USA after WW2, felt so bitterly that they used their de-mob money to buy motorcycles, which meant ex WD Harleys and Indians, and thus was formed the Hells Angels.

The world my grandad returned to after WWI was very different from the world he left in 1915, and not merely because he left as a boy of 14 and returned as a man of 18/19, many of the things he fought for, out of duty, were gone by the time he got back.

The same thing happened to him again in WWII, and to his sons for the first time, the world they came back to in 1945 was a very different place from the one they left in 1939.

And no, it wasn’t changed because entire streets or local regiments had ceased to exist, it changed because of a mixture of demographic shift (all the men off to war) of technology emergence and “what most people on the home front did for work day to day” changed when the country gets on to a war footing, and all those things enable huge socio-political changes to be rammed through.

Tom goes off to endure 4 years of hardships to preserve the way things were back home, eg for his sweetheart Jane, meanwhile Jane has been trained and got a job as a welder, she is now earning, literally, more money than Tom, plus all that goes along with spending all day in a working environment and not a domestic one…. Tom comes back to find that;

  1. The old way of life is gone
  2. Tom own personal role / space / niche is gone
  3. nobody gives a fuck about HIS sacrifice, because THEY have been making bombers and suchlike all day, and getting well paid
  4. Jane as he knew her is gone
  5. New Tom doesn’t fit in either

“Duty” just died in Tom.

I am here to tell you, you are probably more likely, if you were able to magic up some brain scanning device that monitored me 24/7 even deep down to the animal subconscious levels, you are probably more likely to find thoughts of me wondering what it is like to suck cock, than you are to find thoughts of me thinking about DUTY.

This is, probably, the most important thing that our leaders have never read, I’m denied my opportunity to do my duty by my own son, my flesh and blood, so I take that sense of duty out back and BANG BANG, double tap to the head, done properly, side to side low down on the brain, then just because what the fuck, might as well, empty the rest of the clip into the body.

Duty is dead.

In fact, it is worse than that, IT IS AGAINST MY BEST INTERESTS for me to individually attempt to preserve the way of life I find myself in now.

This is the TRUE reason empires like Rome fell, forget all that jingoistic crap economists and historians and military jugheads tell ya, not saying all that shit doesn’t play a part, it does, but it is not decisive… it fell apart from the bottom because the guys at the bottom had no interest in maintaining the way of life they lived in.

Take a look at people like DMJ, a reasonably well educated white man, who has been through the best indoctrination money can buy (apart maybe from ten years in the slammer) the military…. a champion of the 2010’s decade of western life he is not.

I’m being totally fucking serious here, the guy SHOULD be at the apex of those fighting to preserve ever last little things about our current way of life… because if you can’t manipulate guys like him who have been through the carrot and stick indoctrination school to buy the kool aid and bathe in it, like brawndo, you are F U C K E D….

Historians generally, and military and political historians particularly, vastly under-estimate the significance of things like the Spanish Civil War…

Quite apart from the literally hundreds of thousands of serving regulars from various other countries who were sent to fight, the REALLY significant stuff is things like the English, who, despite it actually being made a SERIOUS fucking crime to go and fight, over 4,000 went and did just that, at their own expense.

And of course as the Spanish Civil War ended, WW2 started.

And today we underplay the significance of those who make their own way to Syria or Palestine or Afdiggastan to fight.

NONE of these people have a way of life at home they want to preserve as a priority.

Duty… it is gone, dead, do not underestimate the deep and lasting significance of that.

Which brings me to….

Mother in Law jokes.

You just don’t hear them any more, and in fact a well known but now dead comic told me many years ago that you did not hear them in the pre WW2 days either, it took that peculiar transition period in the decline of Family 1.0 / Marriage 1.0 / Community 1.0 where, as we all know, women end up looking and acting like their mother’s, which didn’t matter back in the day when a man was the head of his own household, but later, that changed and then…, the relationshit with the wimminz after the period when the man was head of his own household had to stay intact long enough for the man to grow tired of the mother in law, today marriages are too transient, if the marriage doesn’t last 20 years you can’t have a 20 year relationshit with the mother in law, and see the marriage lasting long enough to see your wife become her mother, and start telling mother in law jokes.

Mother in law jokes were the canary in the coal mine, were we smart enough to know it at the time, and again, the guys put up with it, that little word again, duty.


December 19, 2013

Into every life, a little rain must fall.

I often see democracy described as an absolutely crap way to run a country, and the only thing positive you could say about it was that all the alternatives were worse.MjAxMy1hYzU1YTQyMzYxZGE5M2Y3

Patriarchy, eg the way we used to run the world up until 1880 or so, could arguably be described the same way.

If you want to play devil’s advocate, you can make a case that wimminz are no worse than men when presented with an opportunity to exploit an unfair advantage, and all we are seeing now is da wimminz exploiting a whole slew of unfair advantages.

It is a sad fact of life that life is unfair, some people catch cancer at 16, some people catch a bullet, some are born the wrong colour for where they live, some are born with the wrong number of limbs or senses.

You can’t do anything about those so afflicted, but you can treat them with some compassion and humanity, and that is where it all falls down, because compassion and humanity are essentially charitable things, and when you legislate giving to a charity, it ceases to be a charity, it becomes taxation.

Chivalry, or other words to describe treating a wimminz with respect, opening doors, giving up seats, goes the same way, it is a charitable act given freely by those so inclined, but as soon as you legislate it, it becomes a tax, and it is no longer given freely by anyone, even those who would have given it freely in the past.

The recipients of charity might not have liked being the recipients of charity, “living on the parish” as it was known when my dad was a boy, before the welfare state and social security, was a thing of shame, nevertheless those who lived on the parish were grateful for what they were given, and there was a certain level of influence by the parish, if you were the modern “neighbour from hell” type, don’t expect more than stale bread in your weekly package.

The recipients of a “right” obtained by universal taxation are however quite a different breed, it is my fucking right, cunts, fucking give it to me NOW! ALL OF IT!

Now, let me tell you something you may not be consciously aware of.

You know those old sci-fi stories where they talked about robots making everything so nobody had to work, and they imagined everyone would lead a life of leisure.

Well, they are not sci-fi, thanks to industrialisation and technology, to all intents and purposes, nobody has to work, if you want to be fucking picky about it, maybe at most 2.5% of the population have to work.

For the first time in human history producing enough X for everyone is not a back breaking job that involves everyone, it isn’t even easy now, it is easier than that, it is trivial, so trivial that producing enough X for everyone is the last of the problems you face, the real stick is selling X, in a market flooded with similar things.

When I grew up, there was a fucking telephone, that is it, you could walk into ANY fucking house in the UK from Buckingham Palace on down, if they had a phone, they all had the SAME FUCKING PHONE.

Today, a list of telephones that you sit down and make with pen and paper, even if you manage somehow to do the research and list every single make and model and shape and colour and design and variety available, no mean task all by itself, said list is out of date the instant you finish it.

Telephones are just an example, you can say the exact same thing about anything and everything including tins of soup, trainers, cars, pencils and even fucking toilet roll for christ’s sake.

The other 97.5% of the population who don’t actually work, well, let them be hairdressers and sales advisers and computer programmers and HR types and real estate agents and clerks and shit, and give them money in exchange for this non-work, so they can choose between ( I just did this at Tesco website, search for “toilet roll”) ONE HUNDRED AND MOTHERFUCKING THIRTY MOTHERFUCKING SIX results / matches.

How many types of fucking soap powder does the planet fucking need, Tesco ALONE has more varieties of fucking soap powder than Heinz used to have as fucking product lines…

But far from the sci-fi dreams where this 97.5% of the population who don’t actually fucking work live carefree lives of leisure and pleasure, we all know is the reality is they would all be bored shitless, and within 12 months all of them would have become radicalised suicide bombers campaigning for the rights of rabbit droppings to remain undisturbed or some such crapola.

Hence, the pretend make work that they all do.

So, what price the economy, if 97.5% of the populace serve no purpose whatsoever other than being given some make believe make work to keep them out of trouble and make them think they have earned the money they splurge over choosing between which of 2,635 varieties of cup cake to eat with which of 385 varieties of coffee flavoured beverage?

If they stop “work”, it just means more idle hands for the devil, it doesn’t actually make the slightest bit of difference to how many different varieties of tampon the various manufacturers are able to produce.

Which goes some way to explaining something.20131124_o10corps

This… click it for the full size version

All that variety… not.. all those separate companies competing against one another…not… all that choice… not.

So here is a thought, as evil and crap for everyone except those who directly own and run those ten companies that own almost everyone one else in consumerland, what if like democracy and patriarchy, the only positive thing you can say about it is every possible alternative is worse, many of them much, much, worse…

If 97.5% of the population never having anything except a make believe fake job is crap, what if all the alternatives, including the sci-fi life of leisure, are worse, many of them much, much worse.

What if, everything about society and the economy and politics was fucking crap, but it just happened to be better than all the alternatives, so instead of leaving well enough alone all we have been doing if fucking with it in the name of equality or liberty or freedom or human rights, well, suddenly, not only is it all still crap, it is even more crap, so much so that increasing numbers of people start to question those alternatives, yeah, I know they are all worse than what we HAD, but in reality, how much worse are SOME of them, than what we have NOW?

What if, now things are going to hell in a handcart, the brakes, which were appeals made to my better nature, to my charity, no longer work, because the charity was taken away and replaced with a taxation, moreover, a taxation without representation, an unjust tax, one I DO NOT FUCKING LIKE…

What if, in an attempt to ensure that exactly the same number of raindrops of the same composition and the same size  falling at the same speed and same temperature on everyone, equally, we end up destabilising the weather to such an extent that only the extremes are now possible, fimbulwinter, or 40 days and nights of rain, or a Bradbury drought?

I’ll tell you something else that has changed, DRAMATICALLY, since I was a child, no, not human nature, that is immutable, but human beliefs.

Never, in all my born days, have I met so many people who GENUINELY believe in all kinds of arcane, improbable, implausible, and down right impossible shit, but then I wasn’t around in the middle ages.

Combine this with the facts that;

  1. the last of those who saw first hand the effects of a real war on white man’s soil are now in their 90’s
  2. the last of those who saw first hand the effects of a major economic bubble and depression are all dead
  3. the last of those who saw first hand the final stages of the rollout / step change from one fundamental set of technologies and industry to the next are all dead

And it doesn’t look good, unless you find change “interesting”, and I use that word in the sense of the Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times.

How ever much rain is falling on us men as individuals and absent fathers and guys living alone etc etc etc, it may well be time to invoke chamberlain and peace in our time, and macmillan and you never had it so good.

December 16, 2013

Black Box

You’ve probably heard the talk, you can take it from me it is true, have seen it with my own eyes, the unbranded unlabelled unidentified yes they really are black, boxes, sitting right there on the backbone for at least three of the major backbone / network providers.

These boxes can potentially tap into anything and everything they are connected to, which essentially means they can for all practical purposes tap into 100% of network traffic, irrespective of source, destination or protocol.

I had this discussion with someone, they were saying GCHQ is in reality no different to, for example, Google, in their ability to slurp data.

I conceded the point, even though it isn’t factually correct, for the sake of argument, and countered with this;

Yeah buddy, give me a call when Google operate their own police force, courts, prisons and control all the laws in the country I reside in….

And that really is the point.

Google are not going to make a case on incomplete data, because the fact is these boxes and what they are connected to CANNOT store everything that passes by for a number of years, that is like building a fucking great lake on a river, what they are is a bridge across the river that you can drop nets or buckets anywhere you like, or sluice gates to divert flow, so chances are the data is incomplete, in effect, call records, you sent 2 emails to Mr X, and Mr X sent two emails to you, we no longer have the content, or the greater context in which they were sent, and since WE now know Mr X is a crazed raghead paedo terr’rist, 2 + 2 = 22, so you muct be one toooooo… haul his ass off to jail, via court and a “fair” trial… har de har…

Today BT, who are one of the telco’s hosting these black boxes, changed their system, if you want to access, for example, a perfectly legal swinging site, you must call them and ask for the adult filters to be turned off.

You just made the first prong of the case against you, you DELIBERATELY sought access to whatever it was at some point in the future, say, Mr X’s blog.

I proved this point some years ago to some stuck up assholes, they were convinced that only those who have something to hide etc.

I created a small web page, in that page I embedded photo… this is it.


It is the album cover from Scorpions, Virgin Killer, I bought this when it came out in a record shop in London, in fact it was the first Virgin Megastore.

Now, strictly according to the letter of the law, this is an obscene image of child pornography, but then so are the pics of my kids naked at bath-time etc, given that this was an actual album cover on sale in the UK and legally bought, and given that the purpose of putting it here is for example, not sexual gratification, you’re actually pretty safe.

The point was, when you loaded this particular blog page, you click a link, you don’t know the actual content BEFORE you click the link.

However, in law, just because of the way your computer and the internet works, you just “made” another copy, stay on this page with the firefox reload page plugin set to 6 seconds and you are, in law, “making” 10 kiddie porn images an minute, or 600 an hour, and that is all the newspaper headlines will read.


But, things being what they are, at least you can see the fucking image, even if you got tricked into downloading it, so you can flush your temporary internet files after navigating away from this blog page, and you should be safe enough. (except for GCHQ knowing you visited this page 600 times an hour)

But, what I did in the example I am talking about was not displaying an image with an original size of for example 1024 x 768 at a page size of 512 x 380, no, what I did was take an original image that was 800 x 600 pixels, and displayed it at 1 x 1 in the page.

It looked like this.

The “this” being, specifically, “.” the period / full stop that came after “this”

In that scenario, nobody knew they had download the image, nevertheless, they had, therefore, legally, they had “made” it also.

They only knew when I published the full size image, and told them to look in their browser cache / temporary internet files for it by name… then they found it…. then they got seriously pissed off… at ME…

Go figure.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Of course, any seekrit black box sitting on the backbone that can dip into absolutely any traffic and look and see what is there, can also dip into traffic and alter it, either by simply re-routing it as in last weeks major BGP routing hack that sent a bunch of USA guvvmint traffic on a long trip via Iceland before going back to the USA mainland, or, by altering it or injecting content into it.

Is this gonna be your defence, Mr Nobody? That you did not do X, that you are in fact innocent, so it must have been done by the black boxes, that legally do not exist, in an effort to frame you…?

December 15, 2013

Integration cost and abolition cost.

These are two things that, in my experience, are either universally ignored completely, or universally analysed in such a way that the only numbers that ever come out are totally unrealistic best case scenario numbers.

The thing is, these two things, I’ll call them IC and AC, apply to *everything*… even wimminz.

Let’s take a really simple example, you have a 5 year old Dell laptop with an old core2duo, and you move to a newer Stinkpad with i5. Sticker price on the stinkpad is 950.

OK, now before we go down that road, let’s press pause, and look at something else as a thought experiment.

Guy has a rifle, let’s say an AR15, and 1,000 rounds of ammo.

  1. Does he own the rifle, which is a treasured and loved and customised device to better throw those 1,000 rounds downrange
  2. Does he own 1,000 rounds, and the rifle is the method used to get them downrange

These are, in reality, two separate tasks / jobs / approaches.

It becomes interesting when you ask a gun owner a simple question, which none of them every know off the top of their head, how many rounds do you have to fire downrange to expend the same amount of money as it costs to purchase the gun?

This isn’t a dig at gun owners, you can ask the exact same fucking question of a car owner and gallons of fuel, the question is how many units of consumables equal the capital cost of the thing.

It’s interesting, because if you can’t answer that, you don’t even have the basis for guessing at your IC and AC.

Let’s pop back to the guns, Bob buys an AR15 for 800 bucks, Jim buys one for 1,600 bucks by the time it’s tricked out…. they both buy 1,000 rounds of Winchester ammo, say a buck a pop if they 20 or 50 at a time, (say .50c a pop if they buy the whole load in one go.)

Bob = gun for $800 + ammo $1,000 = $1,800
Jim = gun for $1,600 + ammo $1,000 = $2,600

Bob sees his rifle as nothing more than a tool to get his 1,000 rounds downrange.

Jim sees his rifle as a personalised top quality yadda yadda to get his 1,000 round downrange.

Sam, says to Bob and Jim, right after they have bought their respective rifles, y’all have a budget of two grand total, now go buy ammo at a buck a pop.

Bob has 1,200 rounds

Jim has 400 rounds


People used to take the piss out of me because I would quite happily pay cash and buy a car for 700 notes, they would buy the 4k car on credit, but the point of a car is you pull up to a gas pump and feed it, and since I had no outgoings for the car finance I could feed it easier, so yeah, my car got less mpg than yours, but I could afford it…. I wasn’t paying HP

UNLIKE the gun analogy, the CAR analogy there is no ammo in a specific calibre, there is just a choice of petrol or diesel, but even so, IC and AC aren’t limited to just what ya paid for it and what ya sold it for.

If you have already taken out a loan to buy the 4k car, chances are your credit is maxed out, and you wouldn’t get another loan, whereas me buying a clunker for cash, I could in theory finance a loan.

Finally, before I get back to the Dell and the Stinkpad, I want to talk about rules and laws, we all have to live by them, but there is that grey area, as with all regulations, where doing something this way is an illegal act of tax avoidance, and doing something this way is a perfectly legal act of tax avoidance, and this doesn’t just apply to taxes, it applies to all laws and to all life.

I took advantage of one such grey area, I was ahead by 125 a week, every week, week in, week out, for seven months, but I made abso-fucking-lutely sure going in that not only was I not breaking any laws, but that nobody could argue that I was… IC and AC, the implementation cost of adopting a avoiding tax strategy may be quite minimal, just a signature on a piece of paper and a postage stamp, the abolition cost of getting out of that shit and back to where you started can be incredibly fucking high, if anyone things you avoided that tax illegally.

Yeah, y’all are way ahead of me here, IC and AC as applied to marriage.

Except you’re NOT fucking way ahead of me here.

Because IC and AC applies to everything, and by the time you get to marriage you are already stood in the middle of the fucking minefield, and at THAT point you learn the true nature of IC and AC, the mines know which direction leads deeper into the minefield, they don’t trigger on anything moving that way…..

You were NOT lucky to get this far, intact. You were a dumb shit.

You just racked up a ton of IC, blind, and as for the related AC, that’s going to be a bitch. Bend over and grab those ankles. Lube? Fuck that, this is supposed to make you bleed and cry.

OK, still, with me, now we can get on with the old Dell core2duo upgrade to Stinkpad i5. This was / is a computer literate person, who is the go to guy for friends and family when they have pc probs…. this is a guy who is happy to type ipconfig /all in the winders command line and doesn’t need books or websites to prompt him to do it or to interpret the results…. and who knows all about coffer.com

THe only thing you need to know about this deal was that the guy wouldn’t be able to get the stinkpad before he got rid of the dell, which wasn’t a problem, as be bought an external usb3 portable hard disk, and not only copies all the working files and data from the software he uses most on to this disk, he also uses the rather good Windows Easy Transfer tool, which he has used dozens of times before, to create a transfer file on this hard disk.

He wipes the dell HD and installs Suse and off it goes, he sits back and waits for the stinkpad to arrive.

At this point he thinks he has his IC and AC managed.. he doesn’t, he just doesn’t know this yet…. each *thing* in your life has a separate and unique IC and AC, just like an individual company, and he has not only not realised this, he has compounded the problem by taking the AC for the dell and putting it towards the IC for the stinkpad, and in doing so he has transposed the sign, so instead of a cost for abolishing the dell he has taken the money he is getting by selling it, and offsetting that against the purchase cost of the stinkpad, and he thinks the purchase cost of the stinkpad IS the fucking IC. It isn’t.

Next morning at 8:30 am the DHL man drops off the new stinkpad, he unboxes it, it looks perfect in every way, exactly what he wanted, then the problems start, of course, he does not realise that these are really problems with IC and AC.

That evening he has called me in, for a coffee and some help.

NOTHING has gone according to plan, his problems are just starting.

The wiki page says WET doesn’t support moving from 64 bit windows to 32 bit windows, I got news for you, it doesn’t support going from 32 bit to 64 bit either.

Other shit he didn’t figure on is 4 of the applications he paid for and used daily on the dell will not continue to work on the stinkpad, because they were older 32 bit versions, and to get the 64 bit versions he has to pay to upgrade, and I am not talking 20 bucks a pop, put em together and we are at about 50% of the sticker price on the stinkpad.

Other shit he didn’t figure is one of his hardware peripherals, they don’t do updated 64 bit drivers for that kit, y’all have to buy the new kit, that’s about 50% of the sticker price of the stinkpad too.

Now, these are the headline grabbers, there is no guarantee whatsoever that if I can decompress and process the WET archive to make it 64 bit compatible there will not be other issues elsewhere.

I told him, matey, you have two real choices, we can wipe the stinkpad and put Win7 32 bit pro on there, which means you wasted all that money on the kingston RAM upgrade too, which just landed, or, you can bite the fucking bullet, I’ll patch across the WET files, and you’ll have to upgrade all this app software, and we can run the old external hardware temporarily in a VM but it will not be seamless with the rest of the OS.

Either way, you are looking at 2 or 3 hours of MY time, which you get to pay for too.

He bit the bullet, guys have this ability, he said I’ll pay you the full fucking day, do your stuff with the WET and the VM, and spend the rest of the time teaching me where I went wrong.

That was back in February this year.

He has just been in touch, his employers are moving everything into the cloud with chrome boxes, he tried to talk to them, telling them the lessons I had taught him, they didn’t listen, I said swing by my place, I’ll loan you a pair of wire cutters, you can place them over the net connection cable and look at them meaningfully… lrfh


Integration cost and abolition cost.

When dealing with wimminz, treat every single penny and second you spend as a complete write off the instant you spend it, other wise you will fall into the trap of throwing good money after bad, and signing yourself up for abolition costs that you really can not afford.

You’ll be a lot less keen to buy the bitch drinks to get laid, fill your tank to go see her to get laid, buy her flowers to get laid, lend her a 20 to get laid, etc etc etc.



October 21, 2013

Teaching pigs to fly.

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There is a thing about ageing.

Ageing = the passage of time.

With the passage of time, unless you live in your own little artificial bubble, things happen, if you have your eyes and ears open this counts as something called “experience”

With sufficient passage of time two individuals of the same age in the same culture are going to share many experiences, and therefore they are going to share many world-views.

When you are 20 the mutterings of a 70 year old man about human nature in general just sound like some grumpy old fuck with a limp wrist who never amounted to anything when he was alive, and at 70 he is long dead from the neck up.

As you get older, that view shifts, at 20 you weren’t as immortal and dynamic and world changing as you thought you were, and the beat goes on, and one day you wake up and realise that the now long dead silly old cunt wasn’t so daft after all.

My grandad was viewed as such by me when I was a teenager, a silly selfish old cunt who didn’t give a fuck about his wife, only his sons, and not their wives either, and when push came to shove his #1 son very unusually produced one daughter only, so fuck her too, whereas his #2 son in turn had two boys, and when it came to will writing time even though there was barely a pot to piss in he made sure that everything was left in trust for those two boys…. what estate there was allowed the second wife to purchase a small home after his death (she was much younger than him) but it was never going to be her property, it was in trust.

Silly old cunt.funny_squirrel_2

Now I’m older, not that there is or will be anything left in that trust by the time the lawyers get through with it, despite the fact that wife #2 is still alive some 42 years after grandad snuffed it, so it ain’t about the money, but now that I am older, well, he wasn’t such a daft old cunt after all.

At the very least not letting her get ownership prevented her from selling it and going on a cruise, and a direct result of that is she has had a roof over her head these past 42 years.

Every wimminz I have ever known pretty much fits into this category, the only things not totally fucked up about their lives are the things they themselves have been totally denied any control over.

Wimminz appear to be quite unable to process the idea that actions and choices have consequences that reach out through time like ripples from a rock thrown into a pond.

Niggerz too…

So they “hope” they won’t lie to you again, betray you again, stab you in the back again, but the typical man’s response of “don’t hope, bitch, don’t try, fucking DO…..” might as well be uttered in klingon.

Because it comes from a world of cause and effect, a world in which never checking your engine oil and then ignoring the idiot light leaves you by the side of the road with a fucked motor.

In a world with no cause and effect, there is no possibility to teach anyone anything, all you can do is curtail, control and imprint.


One of the consequences is you tend to not say shit, so when you come across another blog mentioning something you already knew, you feel a sense of surprise.

Doesn’t everyone know that? It was famous…

But then again, I’ve lived longer than many people, it’s that experience gap again.


October 19, 2013

Diminishing returns

Shooting the shit with a co-employee while we cooled our heels on the clock, waiting for someone else in the supply chain to get their finger out so we could complete our jobs and GTFO.

Got around to overtime, and why I almost never do it, by the time overtime comes along, you already used your tax free allowance on your basic wage, so for example is the tax rate is 45% and you basic pay is $10 an hour and the company pays overtime at time and a half….

… a lot of guys start thinking 1.5 x 10 = 15 bucks and hour, but since the whole of that 15 bucks an hour is taxed at 45% you actually get 8.25 an hour to take home.

In other words each additional hour you work is a case of diminishing returns, the sweet hours were from when you started the day at 9 until mid morning, still on the tax free bit of your tax allowance (I know, it doesn’t actually work like that, but bear with me) where your hourly rate = your take home rate.

So this is why when I look at my monthly, it usually has around 3 to 8 hours of overtime, and the total extra money I am paid for those hours after tax is sweet fuck all.6a0120a9506f8e970b01347fe72626970c

But you have to remember, I am debt free, so I can do this and look at life this way.

Wimminz be the same, after the first fuck, which may have cost you a couple of drinks, everything else is diminishing returns.

And this is for s debt free guy, for the indebted guy it is much much worse, he can neither quit the job nor refuse the overtime.

Yesterday I got a call at 4:30, would I mind doing some overtime, a hotel site 50 miles away was hard down, now as I suspected the problem wasn’t fixable by me because it wasn’t the router, it was the line, and within 5 minutes of arriving I’m logged in and the IOS command show dsl interface atm0 tells you all about the line, signal which should be a high number is hovering around 6 dB, and attenuation which should be a low number is hovering around 50 dB, the kit is detecting the xdsl carrier and getting a lock, but that’s it, I tell the guy on the other end of the phone it is a line fault.

Of course, they don’t wanna know that, because it means escalating it and making an expensive and time consuming extra step in the escalation process to call a British Telecom line engineer out, so I spend 2 hours chilling and doing occasional other tests like swapping out the router for a new one and swapping out cables and shit…… and 2 hours later with all new cables and an all new router we are sat there with a carrier detect and 6 dB snr and 50 dB attenuation, and now they listen to me and book a line engineer.

Now money wise that is an hour to get there, two hours fucking around onsite, and an our back, half of which goes to the taxman, so, not worth it, but daddy didn’t raise no dumbass.

The job wasn’t too long to ruin my evening, but, it was long enough to qualify for expenses, so I was entitled to claim for supper, which I did, a nice sit down fish supper at a restaurant, and unlike my taxed overtime, every last red cent of that bill was picked up by the company, and since I had to eat anyway, in effect that got me tax free double time, now THAT is worth it.


I have occasional longer dalliances with wimminz, mini relationshits if you will, and I use the same logic, and make a point of acting like a 70’s wimminz pop star, “I know you say you love me, but what have you done for me lately bitch” in the sense I only take on that OPTIONAL overtime if it suits me and is to my direct advantage.

I make it very clear to the wimminz in question that as soon as we hit the point of diminishing returns then rain stops play and I sit at home with my feet up.

My employer, like wimminz, appreciates my attitude and appreciates me, when they ring up with an overtime job they know they have to sell it to me, start by giving me all the job details up front, not just do you want some overtime in 90210 zip…

And if I say yeah I’ll do it they thank me up front, and I say no problem, because if it was the slightest fucking problem, I wouldn’t be doing it, and we both know that.

I want to digress slightly, something related.

My job, I’m a field engineer, I almost never see a fellow employee, my interaction with my bosses and HQ is via electronic means or phone call. Electronic means is usually an electronic diary, with brief job description.

Everything else is self discipline. Nobody is watching, nobody is checking, nobody will physically see.

It is up to me to get up in time, wash, shave, put on a shirt and tie, make sure I have the shit I need to do the job, and get my ass to site for the appointed time.

The only thing keeping me honest is me.

To the extent that the squeaky wheel gets all the oil, I get none, we are supposed to have 12 weekly face to face with line managers and all kinds of shit, I saw mine once back in March or April, which suits me fine…

I say they love me, they clearly don’t, but neither do they go “Oh fuck, what now?” when a message with my name in it pops up.

I’m easy and reliable and trustworthy and predictable.

Micromanage me and my ass is dust.

Sure, it’s not easy finding an employer my attitude and approach will fly with, but I figure neither is it easy to find an employee who can go months without any supervision of any kind and still turn up able to pass a surprise inspection.

It’s not easy finding a wimminz my attitude and approach will fly with, but I figure neither is it easy for them to find a man in a world of niggerz, so if you wanna play, you gotta pay.

My crib, at the moment, is a shit pit, so don’t get the idea that the self discipline I am talking about is some OCD trip, nor do I want to give you the impression I’m gung ho for all the corporate team building shit, I flatly fucking ignore everything that is not 100% related to my actual job, I unapologetically use spam filters for the internal corporate emails, everything automated and designed to make lacklustre employees do their job is sent straight to trash, this is against company policy and the corporate IT bod, who is not a friend of mine as we have locked horns a couple times over the pathetic corporate policy on password complexity and frequency of change, the OCD 30’s IT head telling me he knew all about my objections to the policy and touting his resume as part of the attempted put down, me saying yeah, the only factor you are missing here is people… duh… despite this, and them having full access to and control of my corporate laptop every time it goes on-line, not a fucking word is said, but then again neither is anything said about using my company laptop for personal use, because I don’t, ever, not even once.

Whenever one of the bods in the office has to call me on the company phone about a job, they are always greeted by a cheerful happy voice, because I am cheerful and happy, because I don’t give a flying fuck, I do my job, I enjoy my job, there are no inducements that they can offer or threaten with that will make me change, I’ll walk.

I’m the same with wimminz.

The self discipline doesn’t mean I am Captain Save-a-ho, I am chock fucking full of mother-fucking flaws and shortcomings, but I am here because I enjoy it and because it is fun, and the instant you try to change that bitch, I’m done here.

The law of diminishing returns does not apply to your cunt / ass / mouth, my self discipline ensures that it is either all gravy, or all history.


October 5, 2013

Mitch the cunt

Got a mate, his name isn’t really Mitch, but it ain’t a million miles away… he plays the swinging / fucking / dating sites too, though we tend to move in different circles due to the colour of his skin, or more precisely the colour of his cock.

Cunt made me choke on my beer with two little stories he told me.

First one is thanks to tineye, he finds that this chick he picked up via PoF, where she has one kind of profile, also has a profile on a fucking site, which says quite different things, so he says to her how about sticking your tongue up my ring-piece, and she starts acting all horrified and outrages, so he whips out his smart-phone, pulls up her profile on the fucking site, where rimming is listed as one of her interests.. what;s more it turns out that since he saw her last a few days before she has had a verification on the fucking site as the filling in a MMF sandwich.

He said her face ran through expressions like Hauser’s mask in Total Recall

Yeah, and then she blew up, cursed him every name under the sun and threw his black ass out.

So he was back to the grindstone and gets a message from this skank, and he shows me the profile, and it is all about how she fucking hates liars and dishonesty and shit so just be up front with her about what you want yadda yadda yadda, and then it gets to the bit where she mentions in closing that she has a husband who doesn’t know she is on a fucking site so she can’t accommodate and discretion is expected.

And the final line is “no blacks or asians”, and Mitch’s profile has a handle that starts with the word “black” and has three pictures of various parts of his body, all black… cos Mitch ain’t no milk chocolate type nigga, he is proper Nigerian black.

And he says to me, genuinely at a loss, what the fuck was I supposed to say to her? I literally have no fucking words, so I said the first thing that popped into my head that might put her off, I told her my profile was a bit economical with the truth, as he is actually a pre-op black transsexual.

Next thing he knows, she is calling him Master and worshipping him and talking about their future together, and bombarding him with messages and pictures etc, he tells me he is scared to visit that fucking website now. He is only partially joking.

I choke on beer again.

I guess it was a *lot* funnier for me because I know the guy personally and know the back-story etc. etc. etc, for example Mitch knows the whitey skank only wants his black cock because they see him as somewhere between human and animal and that makes their cunt throb, but for his part he only got into fucking white skanks because black skanks were even more mental and poisonous.

Mitch is my “black eye for the white guy” in shades of queer eye for the straight guy, in some areas, he sees shit I didn’t.

My part of the UK you can walk around and see almost no non white faces, I can go into town and back and literally count the non whites on the fingers of one hand, not so in the cities in the rest of the country, so my town is wholly unrepresentative of the nation as a whole and our cities as a whole, which is interesting when it comes to the demographics of the internet, whether it be a dating site or a fucking site, it all goes into the melting pot.

Except it doesn’t. the only black or indeed non white faces you find on a fucking site are men like Mitch, with the odd very rare exception that is female, and again it is count on the fingers of one hand stuff.

On dating sites the trend is not so obvious, but once your eyes are opened to it you can see the disparity.

It’s not to say that black / asian / whatever chicks don’t fuck around etc, they do, AWALT, but they don’t use dating / fucking sites like white skanks…. if you’re puzzling over why, to Mitch it is as obvious as the nose on your face, these sites are all run by whitey, and no it’s not “racis” he says, with a laugh, when the target it whitey.

Mitch has a mate who I have never met, he refers to this guy as the “Nigerian Eskimo“, guy spent a lot of time living and working trucking in the high latitudes of the Americas, mainly based in Edmonton and Calgary, and guys compare notes, and he tells me the Nigerian Eskimo was telling him if you want a truly fucking frightening experience get involved with all the freaks there living the new “poly” lifestyles and constantly updating /r twitter and their blogs…. he said it was like a lot of insane brains kept in jars doing a stream of conciousness vomit 24/7 and he likened it to an infectious mind plague, not the the surreality that you can sometime get if you wake up to 1/10th consciousness in one of your own dreams, but being 100% awake and lucid in and realising that you are living in other people’s collective dreams, with not a hind of conciousness or rationality anywhere…. apparently the Nigerian Eskimo eventually got so freaked by it all that one day back from a run he walked out the the apartment, left the door open, left all his shit apart from clothes and stuff in there, drained his bank, got in the old Caprice and didn’t stop until he got to Yuma, a year later and he found himself in the UK driving night trunking to mainland Europe and back.

Way Mitch tells it, the Nigerian Eskimo got seriously seriously freaked, as in seeing evil spirits and virally infectious memes spreading, they a’comin to get ya, and he (Mitch) used to laugh at this shit, but this last week, Mitch dunno any more, it don’t seem so funny any more.

Got another friend, was in the town he works last week so stopped by for a coffee and a chat, made me realise something, part of why I like my job is I am in a different place every day, almost never see the same site or the same people twice, but what I realised was that it’s been 7 years or more since I was in any kind of gig where I did see the same people every day, and that doesn’t just mean I’d forgotten how that was, it means I haven’t seen the changes the last 7 years have made to that environment either.

This friend is head of IT with this company, and he is talking like the Nigerian Eskimo, he can’t take it no more, it is changing and evolving, no longer what it was, no longer non toxic, no longer sane, no longer conducive to retaining sanity.

Now I have never met the Nigerian Eskimo, but it strikes me that him and this guy are like me and Mitch, on paper we don’t have shit in common, but on the sideband off the carrier where it counts, oh yeah, there’s all kind of stuff going on, plate of shrimp…lol

“It’s in the fucking can, that’s what you don’t understand” (you have to watch it all)

August 30, 2013

Accoms wanted

Mate of mine, in reference to stuff I have said about wimminz and the worsening economy, said go check out the accoms wanted section of gumtree in your area.

why? I asked him, just do it bro, he says, so I do, while he watches, grinning.

Damn, 85% of the adverts are wimminz looking for cheap / small / rooms / studio places to stay, and 85% of these wimminz are young wimminz, early to mid twenties. What’s more, they apparently have no womb turds to complicate matters, or to get them free social housing, depending on how you look at things.

It would appear that being born with a cunt as a form of career might well be losing its executive status….

As he says to me about the wimminz upstairs who moved a new guy in within 5 days of the old guy getting carted off in handcuffs by da po-lice, you don’t really expect the bitch to (be able to) pay the fucking rent by herself do ya?

It reminded me of a case I know of personally where an FRA was made, and the wimminz in question also asked the judge to kick the guy out of the house they both rented together, claiming he was a deadbeat anyway and she paid all the bills. She also attached a list of all the furnishings that she claimed were hers, even though she had bought none of them.

So the guy said fine, knowing what was coming, before the judge could actually make the order, he called his bro and spent 24 hours moving out and his shit, giant tv, motorcycle engines, welder, that sort of shit, and called the local house clearance people to take everything else in exchange for him paying them the equivalent of 100 bucks or so, then spent the remaining time blitzing the place clean top to bottom so it was in identical condition to when he moved in, took pictures of everything, including the two cardboard boxes of her clothes, and the one piece of furniture she had actually bought, a sideboard.

Hands the key back to the landlord and walks away.

He hears back from the landlord three months later that the bitch moved in, then six weeks later gave her notice in, seems she couldn’t afford to run the place herself, which is strange, because she should have been BETTER off, what without his dead beat ass to support.

That’s the thing about “independent” wimminz, if they really are independent and living off their own wages, they never have a pot to piss in, and at best live in a room in a shared house, but “friends” it ain’t.

If they have a pot to piss in, then they are never independent, some way or another it is always big daddy state contributing heavily… or some dead beat guy whose resources they are living off, while telling the world & dog that they are actually supporting him.

Of course wimminz always were suckers for status.

You could give a guy a job title of “shit shoveller”, pay him 30k a year and he would be quite happy.

You can give a wimminz a job title of “manager”, pay her 15k a year and she is quite happy.

In my day job I walk into retail outlets run by wimminz and niggerz “managers” on this kind of money, 16k a year, they work antisocial split shift hours in retail, and they act all happy when regional management get on the blower and set them a “challenge” to defrost 3 freezers a night when the shop is shut.

I don’t have the heart to tell them that the one hour I am spending in their office reading something on my Galaxy Note 10.1 while on hold to Mumbai waiting for the green light to move the patch cable from port 5 on the switch to port 17 is the only work I will be doing that day, and I’m on more money than them… and I get other benefits.. and a free car and fuel… and expenses so my lunch is paid…

Speaking of which it is basically September now, and management have sent me an email reminding me that I *still* have 19 days of (paid) holiday to use up before the year’s end, which is basically a month off.

I do so wish I was something important like a “manager” and not some lowly “oh, you’re the internet guy”…

It is such a trial having money in the bank, and no-one to spend it on except myself, and all bills paid in full the instant they land.

It was so awful that last month the skank ho I was banging regular-ish was a bit short at the end of the month, well, she was driving herself over to my place every week which was 100 miles each way, so I bung her a fifty saying here you go, pay me back when you can, and she made huge protestations of paying me back cos she don’t take charidee.. no siree… before sticking her tongue up my ass in gratitude.

So when it came time to kick the bitch to the kerb and she made noise about paying me back someday at 5 cents a week I could just be all cool and say hey, no worries bitch, keep the fifty, nobody can say I don’t pay my ho’s…

it was one of those “priceless” meme moments

That shit made me smile for a whole week.

July 30, 2013

What men want

I have a lot of readers who are wimminz, some of them know me in real life.

They seem to all have an issue with how I talk about wimminz, and insist I am talking about women.

I used the spelling wimminz deliberately, just as I used the spelling niggerz deliberately.

Being born with a cunt does not make you a wimminz, you *could* have grown up to be a woman, but being born with a cunt in a country where all the laws are so lopsided in wimminz favour, and have been for so long it seems perfectly normal, means that it is extremely likely you will become a wimminz.

Again, AWALT isn’t an insult, it’s just an observation, all bored dogs left cooped up at home will eventually start chewing on shit, it is their nature, it is not a *value* judgement or a criticism of dogs to note this and be aware of it.

If you want to be a woman and not a wimminz, then you have to give up all the new normal automatic privilege, and you then have to earn men’s respect and loyalty by being 100% consistent in showing them respect and loyalty, and *earning* their trust.

I actually do know a handful of genuinely good WOMEN, the problem is that even if they are single and available, which is bloody unlikely, they *still* have automatic legal advantages over us men, advantages that they *cannot*, in Law, give up, any more than I can give up the right to protection from murder by paying someone to end my life in a manner of my choosing.

Voluntary euthanasia for the terminally ill, there is literally nothing the one who wants to die can do to give legal protection to the one at whose hands they wish to die.

ATIPALT, all terminally ill patients are like that.

It doesn’t matter how high or noble your motives are, how much you love the terminally ill person, or even if you are just in it for the money from a purely above board business perspective, you are literally gambling with the rest of your life, liberty and freedom.

Why? Because the only people who give a fuck about the anti euthanasia laws are those who want to end it all and cannot without help.

It doesn’t affect anyone else.

What men want is to be treated as innocent and decent and respectable, until and unless they themselves as individuals have actually committed acts that prove that they themselves as individuals are not innocent or decent or respectable.

Laws making wimminz a “protected species” didn’t actually make a blind bit of difference in the positive to wimminz as a whole, any more than anti racism laws improved matters for blacks, all it did was allow all the niggers to play the fucking system and fuck it up for everyone.

People claim “You cannot legislate morality”, and they miss the point *utterly* the *instant* you attempt to legislate a particular point of morality, what you do is;

  1. utterly destroy that moral principle for *all* peoples
  2. create a whole new slew of fucking parasites living off this new and pernicious law

I have a friend, female, potentially a good woman, she has a very small child, and this child is simultaneously being granted state benefits for being “gifted”, while also being, and I shit you not, given speech therapy, for having far too large a vocabulary for their age, and as a result not enunciating each word clearly.

This female friend and mother feels much the same way I do about my absent kids, they are not my property, but the property of the state, because she feels that she cannot resist these various agencies involvement in her own child’s upbringing.

I shit you not, the state has to intervene, because in the opinion of the state, this kid knows far too many words and has a far better grasp of language that it should.

There was a science fiction book about this, where the physically able bodied had to wear devices that crippled them, so that they were brought to the lowest common denominator of equality with the lame and invalid and handicapped.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Frankly, in a different world, despite her chequered and less than salubrious history (not that I am claiming to be pure as the driven snow…lol) this is the kind of woman I would want to marry and have children with.

But, it is not a different world, it is this fucking world, where that is impossible, because I am a potential paedophile and rapist and wife beater, and the blend of our DNA will produce offspring that require government intervention because they are neither fucking retarded nor physically obese, and the wimminz who are left, they are like the bored dog left at home, it is not in their nature to rise up and throw off this yoke of mass oppression, that was a man’s job, so the wimminz are Neimoller’d.

The only ones who *are* winning are the usual suspects, all living off the state teat, while not only producing nothing of value, but producing nothing but poison, pissing and shitting in the river upstream of everyone else in society.

It just so happens that at THIS stage in the game, most men either are a terminally ill patient, or know one intimately, while most wimminz are neither, and still benefiting from the system overall, even the ones who are told their kids have too great a vocab.

They may *want* to step out from the comfort of the state tit and work and support themselves, but is a big and scary thing for them to do, to voluntarily walk away from the comfort blanket and financial support.

They drink from a poisoned chalice.

What men want, they aren’t going to get, so they are quite happy to sit back and watch society as a whole go down the shitter, good riddance to bad rubbish.

On an *individual* level, some men will lend a hand to other men, or sometimes the odd woman or child, but only if they have been convinced, over time, consistently, by that individual man / woman / child’s behaviour and actions that that particular individual is worthy of the effort, assuming it can be spared.

As DMJ says in The Insanity of a Hamster-Run Mind, an independent woman is a thing to behold, but just calling oneself independent does not make it so, that makes you a wimminz.

An independent man is a man, not a niggerz.


July 29, 2013

So… last night….

…it all kicks off at the neighbours, I knew it would because he came home and was screaming into the phone to various people about where was his woman.

So she eventually turns up, they get into a shouting match, he accused her of fucking Tom, you lying fucking bitch, you promised, we were going to try again.

I’m possibly the only neighbour who didn’t ring da po-lice, because I knew how it would go down, nor did I knock on their door and clue the guy in, because he was blue pill central.content03

So officer dibble and his mate turn up, handcuff the guy for DV, he bleats that he loooves her, she says she never cheated on him and she is leaving (of COURSE she is gonna say this in front of third persons, eg plod) he gets carted off to Babylon.

Today she turns up with some mates, plenty of laughter and joking and light airy voices, you’d never guess the man she loved was in custody instead of at work, watching his life go down the crapper, some of the girl friends leave, leaving just her and one guy, and they are now fucking.

I wonder if he is Tom, or yet another white knight in her retinue.

Meanwhile matey is probably sobbing in his cell, wondering where the woman he loves so much is… lmfao.

You think the red pill is tough, it’s a lubed up finger compared the the cactus suppository that is the blue pill.


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