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February 2, 2014

Ten little niggers

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I have actually been *the* white man in a country of black men, surrounded by black men, so I have seen first hand, for example, the fucking *enormous* challenge the white trainers had to get black troops to actually absorb the drill and lessons.

One day they would be issued rifles, and three weeks later the black recruits were still closing their eyes when they fired, and working under the assumption that the harder they pulled the trigger, the faster the bullet went… and I shit you not here, I am being completely literal… unfortunately, only those who have first hand experience will know what I mean.

To everyone else, I am “racis”

When I tell you that the black men were like children, which is the real reason people called them boys and not men, again, I will be told I am being “racis”

When I tell you that education doesn’t matter, you can take the black out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the black, and as soon as he gets off the plane having been educated in England, and heads back into the bush, he reverts to type, I am being “racis”

Well, it can be as “racis” as all get out, but it doesn’t change the facts on the ground, and the facts on the ground were the sanctions you had to use to get the “boys” to behave like men were things you simply would not consider¬† doing with white men.

For example, if you employ white men, you have to assume some of them will steal valuable things, and most of them will steal pens and paper-clips and so on, and some will steal nothing, and all will have various reasons from being caught to just not worth getting sacked for or well it’s only 50 cents

With the blacks, assume every last one of them will steal everything that isn’t nailed down, this may not be actually literally true, but if you treated them like white men, the end results would be the same as though it were actually literally true.

Whenever you came across someone who did not treat the “boys” this way, because it was “racis” and wrong, that person never actually grew up around them, they were a recent import.

I’m coming to an age now where experience triumphs over expectations every time.

Let’s take an example, and make it slightly ridiculous to make a point, lets say there are whites, and blacks, and if whites and blacks mate, the offspring are milk chocolate brown, doesn’t matter if the father is black and the mother is white, or vice versa, the offspring will be milk chocolate.

Now go around and round up all the milk chocolate babies, and separate them into two groups.

Those who were born to a white mother and those who were born to a black mother.

Most of them will be born to the white mother, nobody talks about this much, but it is to be expected, white wimminz have a wider range of acceptable breeding partners than black wimminz, it’s a hardwired genetic thing

So, back to the point, treating the blacks as boys, because if you treated them as men and equals you got bitten in the ass.

As I said, I am at an age where experience triumphs over expectations every time, I do not necessarily find this to be a pleasant or edifying experience, but I cannot deny the reality of it.

And so, as a function of age and experience, I have come to a point where I see no difference between treating all African tribal black men as boys, boys with adult male bodies and tempers to be sure, but emotionally and intellectually as boys, and treating all wimminz as girls.

NO African “boy” ever willingly assumed the yoke of subordination to the white man, not out of true freedom of choice, where all choices were equally open… the ones that chose it did so because being under the yoke of the white man was a better deal than being “free” in the tribal life of the village.

A sentiment every working white man who ever walked the earth can attest to, none of them ever paid for permission to go to work at Encorpera.

Those that adopted the yoke did so because the grass was greener, others were not given a choice, and the grass was still greener, and those that wanted to throw off the yoke only wanted to as long as they could retain access to the green grass, none of them wanted to go back to tribal life and the status they came from…. that option was always open to them.

You can see the parallels to the modern white wimminz here.

Now I was raised a catholic, and I don’t go in for the anti-catholic rhetoric, although I personally am as lapsed as it is possible to be, I find all religion to be a crutch for the weak minded, but, having seen it first hand, it is impossible to overstate the *turmoil* that the catholics caused when they turned up in Africa with priests and nuns and tried to impose a whole set of new beliefs, non African beliefs, non tribal beliefs, beliefs that carried a lot of weight, because even the most humble and poor missionary or nun had access to wealth beyond the imagining of yer average African.

When the native is dressed, literally (I have photos, and you can see me in them so you know they are contemporary and not photo-shopped from 1901 or anything) in a tie dyed rag headscarf that came from India, and a sack that still clearly says Eureka Flour Mills as a dress, and nothing else, buck fucking naked apart from the dirt, then the most humble and poor nun in her white cotton robes, gold metal ring signifying her betrothal to God, and metal necklace and metal cross, it has an effect like an intergalactic spaceship landing.

When the village chief lives in what used to be a mud hut, but his vast and awesome wealth and status sees his hut not covered in thatch and mud, but in old cast off and stolen corrugated iron, a thing as awesome as a medieval cathedral, and these “poor” missionaries and nuns turn up and start building stuff with tools, and you get square buildings and straight walls and peaked roofs, all clad in gleaming new corrugated iron, you just gotta see it first hand.

Then these indescribably wealthy aliens start preaching this creed about selflessness and giving up all worldly comforts and living in simplicity with “nothing”

And if you listen to them, they will show you paper, and books, and pictures, and tell you about things back home, real wealth and power.

Yeah man, I’ll chuck all this tribal shit and sing songs to this God of yours, if you are the poorest person in your country and you can still come to this country and make our chief look like a termite in his mound, I’ll sign up for that shit, and any other message that you want me to tell you I believe in.

While I am at it, Africa is not the cradle of man, some of the natural resources out there, fucking mind numbing, so the Welsh had coal mines, go to Africa and dig down 30 feet and you have the start of one open cast pit that held as much coal as all the welsh coal mines ever produced, go to Cornwall and find the copper mines, then go to Africa and find whole fucking mountains practically made out of the stuff, I myself have cut “stick”, four inch around, six feet long, strip the bark, whack em in the ground and use the bark to lash them all together as a fence… 2 months later the fucking stuff is sprouting, stories of planting a walking stick in the ground and it will sprout roots, not all that exaggerated… and yet when the white man turned up they weren’t even iron age, does not fucking compute… and they they go and get their English educations and come back and kick the white man out, and everything fucking collapses, cunts can’t even keep it running when it is gifted them.

This isn’t “racis”, it is fucking fact, white man went to India and the Rulers there laughed at what we considered wealth, even today, you could go to India and look at the railways and think my god what crap, and then you look at the sheer numbers of people it shifts daily, and pretty much on time, and shifts in excess of SEVEN FUCKING BILLION passengers annually… it’s awesome, then compare it with Africa, and it’s not like India didn’t have similar issues, colonialism, caste systems, wars and pillaging… but they were a different fucking breed to the blacks.

Same shit with wimminz… now, I will be the first to put my hand up and say I do not, can not, and never have, driven a proper truck in anger for money.

So I catch this shit from Oz, some bint who used to be a model and used to be a mum and used to be a businesswoman, hear me roar, her and her co-driver get in a truck to do a trip across Oz, and the bint balks, because the truck in question has a manual gear stick, and she can only drive automatics…. I dunno what the rest of the show said, and frankly I don’t give a fuck if she can back that bitch up like a pro or anything else, how the FUCK can you get a fucking licence and call yourself a fucking truckie if you can only drive an auto?????

WHY the FUCK is there is even one man in the entire continent of Australia unemployed, when this cunt has a job as a truckie????

Fucking Leyland tipper I used to drive was a rigid, 11 tons or so, and an exempt vehicle, so I would never even dream of calling myself a truck driver, but NO POWER STEERING, NO POWER ASSIST CLUTCH, and NO SYNCROMESH manual shift box…. fuck it, most of the cars I started driving didn’t have syncro in 1st or 2nd, and unless it was something posh like a Merc, or a yank car, it was stick shift…. and this fucking cunt calls herself a truckie???

Now don’t get me wrong, the difference between the blacks and wimminz is that in actual fact some blacks are not like that, some of them are as good as me or better than me in any way you care to measure, which is why I say I am not “racis”, because I would never accept that any black man could be my equal or better if I was a racist, and I have met black men who were my equal or better, and considered myself fortunate to count many of them as friends.

So it isn’t the same, it isn’t the case that I accept that it might be so in theory, but in practice I never met one, experience triumphs over expectations, some black guys are not like that, and I know that as a fact, just as I know most (where my definition of most includes Africa etc, cos I have been there, don’t just mean most within a ten mile radius of me) are like that.

With wimminz, I have NEVER YET MET ONE, and every fucking time I thought I did, every fucking time I thought here was a wimminz who was actually exceptionally good at this, lo and behold, she was standing on a hidden platform held up by men.

Experience triumphs over expectations.

When you’re young you start to wonder what the fuck is wrong with you, to keep attracting these crazy fucked up children that call themselves wimminz, why can’t I get a proper woman? Is there something wrong with me? There must be, because all of em can’t be like this, so it must be down to me.

Eventually, you have released the pound of lead and pound of feathers at the same moment enough times, you realise the result is never going to change, and the weight isn’t, as you have been told, the all important factor here.

The pound of lead is always going to hit the ground before the pound of feathers, you are always going to only ever meet fucked up lying crazy bitches.

Zimbabwe is never going to make the most of it’s vast resources and advantages, and the blacks there are never going to drag themselves up to be on the same level as the white man used to be on…. to be sure, we are no shining example at present.

I’m a realist enough to know that if I was born as a female, or born as a black man, I would not view such things with the same level of equanimity that I do from the perspective of an educated white male, patronage and patronise have the same root, one is good, one is bad, and one cannot be thrown out without the other.

You can have the white man going to Africa and lording it over the natives, and the natives end up better off than if he was not there to exploit that which always existed, but which they did not have the wit to exploit for themselves.

Or you can import a culture that does not belong, all are equal before God, which is patently absurd in the extreme, and it turns into a clusterfuck, because wimminz who can’t even shift a fucking transmission will start calling themselves truckies, and for every one that does, a man that could do the job is denied the job.

There ARE black men in Zimbabwe with ability and knowledge, I know this for an absolute fact on a personal basis (although, to be fair, most of them preferred to leave and ply their trade elsewhere) but when they see their own personal opportunities taken away and given to those of no ability of note, and when they see the fruits of their own personal labours not merely just taken away and given to others, but seen as an object of envy and jealousy, is it any wonder that they make no effort at all.

Bitch, you can look at me now, and say, old man with no future, earning a pathetic wage, living in accommodations too small for a family, there is no attraction there for me.

I have been (self made) wealthy twice in my life, hell, I was a (true) millionaire before I was 30, briefly it is true, but there was a 7 digit bank balance, plus my other assets, and I was working a physical hard fucking work job seven days a week, and pulling in a quarter of a million a year nett, you lack the intellect to see that I am that black man of ability and intellect living in Zimbabwe, staying dumb, staying below the radar, staying inconspicuous, and I like it not, but, what other sensible choice do I have?

The only possible route out is one directly through the middle of the bubble of your own ego and entitlement and undeserved privilege and status.

And you won’t stand for that.

Not while you have any power or influence at all remaining.

So you look at me and reject me as being inadequate for your desires.

I can live with that. You are the one that is doomed by it.

A ship can only have one Captain, if you will not allow me to Captain the larger ship with your kith and kin and progeny on board, and hold sway over them all, then I am quite content to be Captain of this “inadequate” little single berth tub, and hold sway over only myself…. anything larger would be a folly, a hostage to tempest and tide, and this old sea dog isn’t in that great a rush to see Davey Jones.

Oh, and when your run by a committee gin palace starts going down by the stern, I know enough not to get too close, and get swamped by “survivors” like you, though I may, just may, make space for one small cute one.

Let me leave you with a little thought, a gem of wisdom, a distillation of experience over expectation.

Countless people spend countless thousands of hours deciding what wheels to put on their bike, spoke or cast,  40, 80 or 120 spoke, 3, 4, 5, 7 webs cast, chrome or polished or black.

You know, you can only ever tell, even gross features like spoke vs cast, when the fucking bike is parked, you can’t tell when it is moving.

So all that energy goes into something that can only ever be seen when the bike is unused, all show, no go.

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