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November 21, 2013

It goes deeper than that.

Someone sent me a link a few days back, some blurb on reddit about some skank who was happily in a relationshit with this guy, until one day she suggests they have an “open relationshit” so she can fuck other guys, this guy says fine, packs his shit, leaves, and blocks her in every way possible, she spends days cwyyying and trying to get him back.

Thing is, the thing *none* of the commenter’s got, though they did all correctly explain what prolly motivated the guy to bail, not that she was capable of listening and understanding, the thing is, they bought into her version of events where she just raised the subject.

Raising a subject requires forward planning, I have yet to meet a wimminz actually capable of this, but met many who know how to mimic it to fool men, but question them on the details of this alleged forward planning, and it all vanishes into a puff of thin air and an angry expression.

We have been together 5 years now, so how about we have an open relationshit for a bit and start fucking other people?

This, on paper, and as expressed verbally, makes it sound like forward planning… this is what she claims she said.

Since, as *I* know, wimminz are incapable of forward planning, what she was really saying was….

We have been together 5 years now, and I am getting some extra cock, and I want your approval for this to continue.

*UTTERLY* different, and, I suspect, the other side of the story, that we haven’t heard, from the guy in question, will include an awareness of this second, true, version.

Without exception in the swinging scene, couples into cuckolding include a wimminz who describes herself as a feminist and who quite often also described her guy as a feminist also.

Now I know that on the face of it there appears to be little in common between my assertion that wimminz are incapable of forward planning, and my observation that most wimminz in cuck couples identify themselves as feminazis, but bear with me.

Forward planning requires some sort of grip on reality, children say “I will invent something and make ten million” or when asked about lack oxygen on Mars they will “invent something to make oxygen from the martian atmosphere so men can breathe it”, which is all very well, and sometimes these things are, technically, possible on a lab scale, but to bring them up to world scale you need (to make a practical electric car) a battery no bigger than two cubic feet that will hold the energy equivalent to 75 kWh and which can be made at a rate of several thousand per day and which can be made for less than 100 bucks a pop, suddenly it doesn’t work.

Kids, though lack of knowledge and experience, lack the necessary grip on reality.

That’s why kids will invent “something”, where “something” is nothing more than a required mental bridge to get from point A to point B… it doesn’t need to have any substance or detail of its own, it is a “something”… good enough.

I see the same thing with wimminz, oh, I’m going to open a cup cake shop, I’m just off to the bank to borrow 25k to start my new “business”… so I ask questions.. such as OK the rent and light and heat and wages and shit is 500.00 a week, cup cakes won’t sell for more than 0.75 each, of which 0.25 is ingredients, so 500 / 0.50 = 1,000 which is the number of cup cakes you need to sell, every week, abso-fucking-lute minimum, just to break even, much less make a profit…. then dig into how many you can actually make in an hour on the premises with the kit you have, and how many you can actually sell, as in how long it actually takes to sell one cake, pick, wrap, ring up on till, make change, plus not all hours of opening are equal, workers morning tea break you’ll sell more per hour than the last hour before you close…

So, you have to sell 52,000 cup cakes a year to break even, 75, 000 a year to pay off your start up loan in 3 years, and 100,000 a year or 2,000 a week to pay yourself a wage good enough to give you the lifestyle you aspire to.

2,000 a week is 400 a day, which is (if you are open 8 hours) 50 an hour, which is one every 72 seconds, and it takes 120 seconds to pick, wrap, ring up and make change…. so basically your dream is unattainable even under ideal theoretical circumstances.

At which point **I** become the enemy.

I haven’t done anything, except invoke reality.

It is this inability to grasp reality that lies behind wimminz inability to do any genuine form of forward planning, and this same inability to grasp reality that lies behind wimminz in cuck relationshits claiming everything in the garden is both happy and healthy and perfectly normal and sustainable, thank you very much.

When, instead of approaching things as they are marketed, you take the “open other end” approach, and START from the premise / observation / assumption that wimminz suffer from an innate inability to grasp reality as a part of the thought process, things suddenly start to look very different indeed, and you yourself become open to the idea that THIS idea has ramifications and consequences that reach much further than you first assumed, and go much deeper than you first assumed.

It goes deeper than that.

If wimminz suffer from an innate inability to grasp reality as part of the thought process, then *NO* thought that wimminz have can be trusted in any subject matter dealing in any way with reality.

Want someone to write a fantasy book about vampires with 10″ cocks? No problem.

Want someone to make practical financial or business decisions? Run the fuck away.

Recent EU directives that 40% of all board room positions must go to wimminz make entirely as much sense as a directive that a further 40% of all board room positions go to children under the age of 8.

Which makes you ***really*** pause and consider, when you look at a cuck husband, this is a creature that has elected to subjugate himself before a child…. not with caveats or exceptions or a veto, but absolute submission.

Now that we have established our scorn of cuck males…. I have to tell you, married males are no better, just removing the sexual aspect from the table doesn’t make everything else THAT much better, they still have a child making 99% of their decisions for them.

Which brings into sharp relief a memory I have of many years ago now, being sat in my brother’s house one morning, with one child, his then wife, asking the other children what they wanted for breakfast, like the children were adult patrons of a restaurant, and of course the three children chose three separate meals, and only one stuck with their first choice, two changed their mind after their first order was accepted.

it goes much deeper than that….

June 8, 2013

no shit, part 93,954

There are some things I just can’t talk about, and others that I can, but I have to choose my words very carefully, and, sometimes, that act of choosing the words carefully makes talking about that thing pointless, because the redacted bits were an integral part of the story..

So, I wrote something on here nearly 18 months ago, it concerned a “fuck me now” skank I found on PoF… chat on PoF, invited over, fuck the crap out of her, leave… never been back… she is still there on PoF…

Imagine my mirth when this same skank turns up on a different site, and takes a look at my profile and decides to give it a go.

At this stage there are no face pics from me, and no profile pics at all from her, and so as usual I accuse her of being a man unless she can send me some pics, which she does, and I am thinking “I know that bitch”

So (and here we again see the benefit of keeping digital archives in perpetuity, backed up to the cloud of course) I check my records and yup, that’s teh grrrrl.. this could be fun.

So she asks for a face pic of me, and I send one, sitting back, smirking, waiting for the expected reaction. Or, simply being blocked.

And guess what, she carries on like she has never seen me before in her life.

I have mentioned this before in the internet dating stuff about wimminz forgetting who they have and have not selected and rejected in the past, and never to take rejection as permanent, but fuck me, to not remember a guy you invited into your house just over a year ago, a guy who spent several hours plundering all your holes to his heart’s content, and then you’re trying to tell the “new” me that you don’t often fuck, that you often go months without, that you still ain’t into three figures cock count wise…

… and we are not going anywhere near the issue of the PoF profile portraying one thing, and the other profile portraying a filthy whore who will do just about anything (that profile at least is correct)

I mean, WTF, I know you fucking wimminz are as thick as shit, and I know your hamster wheels and temporal narcissism can cause you to re-write some history and simple omit or ignore other bits on a whim as it suits you, but, I have to say…


Do you really think ***I*** won’t remember the cunt I fisted, the ass I pounded, the tits I bit or the face I slapped and pissed on, all at your request bitch, only just over a fucking year ago! WTF

Apparently *you* do wimminz, because otherwise you’d keep a MUCH closer watch on who YOU’VE fucked, so that the scenario I am describing here could never happen.

I can kinda get not caring enough who you fucked a year or two ago to not ever think about them, but to not CLICK when you cross paths with them again…

I was just chatting about this to a mate on the phone, and he joked that I am just pissed that I wasn’t a good enough fuck for her to remember me.

I pointed out that we can both remember skanks we talked to or IM’d or SMS‘d but for one reason or another it never got past that stage.

I ***KNOW*** the memory is in this skank’s head, because I have seen this so often with wimminz, but they really do appear to have the multiple personality schtick where the personality I am talking to now, is not the same personality that holds long term memories, and this personality knows the other one is there, and it could go ask that one and get answer, but just can’t be bothered to…

No wonder hitting the wall is such a major system shock for the skanks.

Wall? what wall? what are you talking about? BLAM! WTF? Boo-hoo…

December 21, 2012

Giving a fuck.

Tis the season of goodwill and all that bollocks.

So naturally enough I start talking about relationshits and how people aren’t haaapy… I sometimes pull out the android smartphone and treat them to a rendition of It’ll be lonely this Christmas by Mud, fuck it, here you go.

Thing is, 2012 is a very different planet from as recently as 2002, a mere ten years ago.

In 2002 you could pretty much guarantee than no average 13 year old on up had 24/7 access to mobile comms, hell in 2002 not that many people had “broadband” at home, for values of broadband that meant 512/128 kbit ADSL, but they did have landline phones and post addresses for snail mail, that was pretty ubiquitious.

Fast forwards to late 2012 and I can get 5 mbit up and down on my android smartphone, uncapped, for less than 30 quid a month, and in addition to SMS and MMS messaging it monitors 5 separate email accounts and whatsapp and a couple of sex/dating accounts/sites.

I am accessible 24/7, and every wimminz of fuckable age in this country is accessible 24/7 because they are also carrying around smartphones.

If anyone wants anything, from train times to the weather to the car breakdown guy, they whip out the smartphone and 60 seconds later they are in contact.

It really is as simple as that, anyone can contact anyone else they want within 60 seconds.

Which means if you haven’t been contacted by that person, it’s because they don’t want to contact you right now… if they haven’t contacted you for 24 hours, then they haven’t wanted to contact you for 24 hours, if they haven’t contacted you for a week, then they haven’t wanted to contact you for a week…

The ONLY exceptions to this are those where you are given an advance warning, as in I’m going on holiday for two weeks starting tomorrow.Yahoo-mobile-modes-whitepaper-24_7-mobile-usage

So this guy’s girlfriend has an iphone with his number on it, a crackberry with his number on it, a laptop with his personal on it, and she has stayed over at his place and has a car so she knows where he is, in addition she knows who he works for and what his employers website is and that he can be contacted via this company website.

It don’t matter what she says when he is with her, if he don’t hear from her, not a peep, for 48 hours straight the only possible explanations are that she is dead, or she hasn’t wanted to contact him for 48 hours.

He’s rubbing his head with the palm of his hand, and asks me does this happen to me, do wimminz not contact me for hours or days at a time?

Fuck yeah, of COURSE they do, it is in their nature, which is why I don’t plan my life around the bitches, and more importantly, why I always keep a background search on for jane48, jane49, jane50 etc while I am “with” jane47, because sure as god made little green apples, jane47 is going to have periods where she doesn’t contact me, and the only possible reasons are I AM NOT A FUCKING PRIORITY TO HER.

Bitch can SAY anything she wants to deny that, the FACT is she probably looked at her smartphone at least once an hour, but did not take 15 seconds to send you an SMS saying “Hi babes missin’ u xxxxx“… that’s a fucking FACT Jack.

Fuck what she says or claims, what she DOES or DOES NOT DO trumps words and claims every fucking time.

But, he blubbers, she is supposed to be my GIRLFRIEND….

Fuck that, she is a fucking fuckbuddy, no strings attached.

Girlfriend is the conjunction of two words, Girl + Friend.

Neither of these words implies 24/7 joined at the hip ping pong “luv u hunni” texting, and while it is nice to think that while she does not have your cock in her, she is thinking about your cock and you, that ain’t the way wimminz work…..

out of sight, out of mind is a phrase that is tailor made to describe how wimminz minds work.

When the bitch wants something, she will be in touch, bet your ass on that one.

Which means you gotta be like the car breakdown guy, you can’t sit there 24/7 hoping your one potential customer will call…. you got to have a fucking customer base….

If the bitch phones the car breakdown guy, and he is already out on a call, well she can fucking join the queue…

December 14, 2012

I have been challenged…

… by a friend, to explain exactly what is going on with a current FWB

(I should explain, in the spirit of full disclosure, there is a reason for his question, this FWB has come a lot closer to my affections than the usual pump and dump material, for the purpose of this post we will call her “Julie”)

uuuh, it’s a wimminz, innit…” was my reply.

He laughed and said you don’t get off that easy, I want you to be charitable and play devils advocate and argue in her favour.

You mean blue pill?” I say

Nope, I mean red pill, but on an individual level, like you’re a cunt because the wimminz have taught you that is what they want and how to survive them, so do the same for her, on an individual level, who taught her to be what she is?” he says

As always happens, we soon drifted off topic, but I woke up this morning and found myself still thinking about it.

The fact is, it was a good question, and it is a good question because it is a hard question, and it is a hard question because to answer it honestly, I will be forced to examine some of my own armour and learned reactions to the wimminz….

Imagine if you will a man living alone out in he wilderness, and imagine a wild dog floating around the man’s camp, sniffing for scraps, there are a few possible scanarios;

Group 1

  1. Man shoots dog
  2. Man chases dog away
  3. Man stays in camp, dog stays outside camp 100 yards away
  4. Man entices dog into camp.
  5. Dog decides to walk into camp.
  6. Dog decides to attack man

From options 4 and 5 above some further options pop up;

Group 2

  1. Man attempts to domesticate dog and succeeds
  2. Man attempts to domesticate dog and fails
  3. Dog attempts to attach to man and succeeds
  4. Dog attempts to attach to man and fails

Group 1 option 1 is Jonathan Vass, as discussed yesterday, Group 1 option 6 is of course the FRA

Group 1 options 2 & 3 is the MGTOW theme…. I’m sure you can work out the rest.

Group 1 options 4 & 5 are the interesting ones though, because they involve contact between man and dog, and either option 4 or 5 can lead to any of the options in Group 2, and I’m sure you don’t need me to point out which is an analogy to what when it comes to men and wimminz…

But, if I am going to be truly honest with myself, which is where my friends question comes in, Group 2 option 3 is what we all seek, the dog bonding to us, always assuming it is a dog we like the look of in the first place… the love of a dog for his master.

The unquestioning love of a dog for his master.

To be fair, this is the kind of love men want to give wimminz, until they get the shit kicked out of them for their troubles, so we end up either cowed and tails between our legs niggerz or fuck it growl at everything and bite first chew later post wimminz men….

Which is my friends question, but it was sneaky, because it did not allow me to generalise all wimminz, but asked me instead to look closely at one individual dog, and judge that dog on its individual merits.

It’s doubly sneaky because it invokes the nostalgia and yearning for Group 2, Option 3, that thing we all seek, the companionship and love of a good dog.

It’s trebly sneaky because it makes me choose between actually coming up with a considered answer to his question, or simply chucking out a stock answer, AWALT, end of discussion.

It’s quadruply sneaky because it is not a challenge to AWALT, this individual wimminz is still AWALT, the question is, how did she come to be that way, and is it by choice, or was she as much a made thing as I am?

It makes me examine my own thought processes.

  • Notably, it is a man, and not a wimminz or a niggerz that poses such a question.
  • I realise that much of my though processes with wimminz involves a negative check-list or weighted score, quantity and quality of tramp stamp skank ho tats, check, she’s a skank ho.
  • I realise that much of the “slack” I give the more favoured long term FWB is simply no more than the absence of certain of these check-list items, wow, this bitch only has 84 of the 100 possible flaws, and only 6 of the 10 most serious red flags…
  • I realise that somewhere in my sub-concious, with this particular FWB, as well as a reasonably low score on the negative check-list, there are actually some things about her that I like and approve of…

So group 1 option 3 dog attempts to domesticate man, man looks at dog and grins, it’s a mangy cur of a mongrel bitch with plenty of bad habits and fleas, but… it makes the man grin.

The man’s friend sees this, and asks the man, why does this individual dog make you grin, it shares more in common with the other curs roaming around your camp than it has to set it apart from them… and what caused this individual dog to be the way it is.

It is a bloody good question.

It is a bloody good question because I cannot answer it without also answering the same question about myself, and not in a superficial way that I have, because I got accused of wanting to fuck my own kids up the ass by my psycho skank ho ex who also made an FRA against me for good measure… but in detail, what sort of man ignored the red flags with the psycho skank ho ex, and why, and how was HE made, and so on back in time….

All the way back to the pre-pubescent me who just knew various things, the sun rises in the east, water is wet, and one day you will grow up and fall in love and get married and have a family of your own and boys who will call you daddy.

I have been making a serious, possibly fatal in the longer term, mistake.

Take a 5 gallon pail of water and tip it out at the top of a slope, watch how it runs downhill, how obstacles and other things change the flow, you can never get the same effect twice, if you think so you ain’t looking close enough, that flow is life, my psycho skank ho ex is a large rock downhill of where I was tipped out into this world, and my serious and possibly fatal flaw was looking at where I am now, the pattern I have made so far, and assuming that that is pretty much it, this form has basically been determined.

I am the pinnacle of my evolution.

The flaw is that change only stops with death, so I must continue to flow downhill into the future and find new patterns and channels and obstacles, or I can die.

I did not HAVE to allow my psycho skank ho ex to do what she did, at the first touch of that obstacle in my life I could have rebounded and found another path, one that cut around her instead of one that washed over her.

I face the same choices in the future.

“Julie” the mongrel cur faces these same choices in the future, and the future starts now.

The man in the camp grins at “Julie” the mongrel cur, because she chose to do what 99% of the other mongrel curs who walked into camp did, but with variations.

The man’s friend asked the question, and the man is forced to conclude that some of those minor variations are that in this mongrel’s history are that it chose to rebound and find another path when it met certain obstacles…. unlike the man, who just assumed he was smart enough and tough enough to overcome… the cur yelped and ran away… who was smarter?


In 1988 I knew an alcoholic, nobody had any time for him, but he had respect for my father so I would talk to him and buy him the occasional beer.

He was an alky because he fucked up, married into a banking family, and blew it by drinking too much and becoming an asshole.

He said one thing to me that I have never forgotten, and the older I get, the smarter it seems.

When I was 20, I knew everything and my dad knew fuck all,
when I was 30, I knew a fair bit, and my dad wasn’t as stupid as I thought,
when I was 40, my dad knew a damn sight more than I thought he did.


“Julie” the mongrel who has wandered into my camp?

Well, I’m sitting here laughing to myself, remembering my dad pissing himself at a scene in a Pink Panther film.

Sellers / Clouseau is harassing an organ grinder outside a bank, of course he completely missed the fact that the bank is being robbed, as he fixates on the organ grinder, does he have a permit etc…

Sellers “Do you have a li-cence for ze minky (monkey)?

Organ grinder “Listen mate, I don’t take his money, and he doesn’t tell me what to play.

That’s kind of the deal with the man in his camp and the mongrel.

December 7, 2012

Life is one big shit test

Chances are, if it, whatever it is, makes you angry, it is a shit test.

Chances are, if your responses upon feeling that anger are to express your anger, calmly, quietly, verbally, and then walk away, you just aced that shit test, by doing the exact last thing they hoped you would do.761Bv

Having a slow fuse is pretty much essential for beating shit tests.

Having a stiff neck too, because this prevents you turning your head while walking away so you can go back and check on the results.

It’s pretty much baa baa black sheep time, you have to deliver your response and walk away, you can’t lead a horse to water.

This is all relevant stuff, because as you get older you accumulate experiences, and these experiences reflect back upon your demeanour and attitudes….

If your dad died on the 17th December 2000, your son died on the 18th December 2001, your best friend died on the 19th December 2002, your wife ran out on you on the 20th December 2003, and your dog died on the 21st December 2004 then right about this time of year you are not in a good frame of mind.

Any shit test life throws at you now is likely to unleash additional anger, above and beyond what the shit test itself incurs, and this is important, because you must only respond with the appropriate level of disgust that the shit test alone warrants, go over the top and you go at a stroke from aceing the shit test to failing it, abysmally…

Yesterday I talked about knowing what to do, but having to sacrifice something and not be able to keep it in order to actually do that thing, today I am talking about shit tests, and I want to round this off with a third thing, a quote attributed to St Francis of Assisi;

Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change,
he courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.”

And so as it happens late last night / early this morning today I am granted another shit test in life, this time from a wimminz with a cunt full of my cum.

  1. In the knowing what to do and being prepared to sacrifice it, it is a case of telling her that her shit test was insulting and demeaning and angered me, and walking out, and not keeping my access to a total slut bod with monster tits and a tight cunt.
  2. In the shit test sense it is a case of allowing my righteous anger to flare, controlling it so it never gets past my eyes and tone of voice, and listening to that red pill that is the righteous anger in response to unjust treatment, and reacting accordingly, but with dignity and justice and maintaining the moral high ground.
  3. In the St Francis sense it is knowing that I cannot change the nature of the wimminz, having the courage to walk away from the poon, and being smart enough to know which one is useless wheel-spin burning up my tyres, and which one gets me outta there lickety split.

As I tell my wimminz who hope to graduate from pump and dump one night stands to FWB to long term FWB, being with me is an IQ test, if you aren’t smart enough to want, of your own volition and by your own efforts, to be with me, then you failed the fucking IQ test and you are no use to me.

Me trying to be nice to them, me trying to accommodate them, me pandering to their whims, all just turns into counter-productive effort, I enable their bad habits while simultaneously weakening my own moral position.

When a child misbehaves and stamps its feet and throws a tantrum the worst thing you can possibly do is reward that behaviour by telling the child you love them, or that they are beautiful, or special, or lovely.

You have to chastise them and explain the error of their ways.

There HAS to be an accounting, there HAVE to be consequences for transgressions, there MUST be a net mean worth that is affected negatively by negative actions on their part, and positively by positive actions on their part.

In the land of the blue pill here will be much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, but by doing this you risk losing the very wimminz you say is potentially so good for you.

On the contrary, all I am losing is the ILLUSION of this putative good wimminz, if she was genuinely good, then she would see the justice and truth and fairness in my position, and amend her own behaviour and attitudes, and show empirically by direct experimental proofs that she is indeed as good as she is made out to be in my dreams.

I was 17 and desperately in love with a very hot, very special, very sexy motorsickle, my dad came along to look at it, and basically found every single fault with it, and shattered my dreams and illusions and fantasies.

It was a tough fucking pill to swallow, but the old bastard was RIGHT.

I lost my faith in that particular bike, (Benelli 6 with 3,000 miles) but I retained my faith in motorsickles in general, and in my father in particular.

The irony here is the red-pill motherfuckers like me who have zero time for the wimminz and niggerz of the world, are the very ones most likely to keep faith with the real women, and the real men, should we encounter them.

On that day that my dad trashed the Sei he just trashed bikes owned by assholes who rode everything like they stole it, and consequently taught me to feel compassion for every motorsickle and car I did subsequently own…. even to this day I am the only fucker who around here who goes out in December, starts the car at idle and runs it at 750 rpm until I see the temperature gauge start to move.

All I ever hear is people telling me I am either lucky or good with vehicles, because I buy cars for less than a thousand euros in today’s money and drive them for three or more years, doing essentially no work apart from fluids and filters and pads…

A vehicle that has been owned by someone who rode it like they stole it can only ever be ridden like you stole it, and can never be relied upon to complete one journey, much less the return journey as well.

Same shit applies to wimminz/women.



December 2, 2012

No sheeeeit sherlock

There is a blog post here http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/saturday-essay/

The salient and interesting paragraph is this;

There is a connection here. None of my chums would do business with Mobile Phone Pushy Token Memememeee Woman if they could help it: their view in two out of three cases is that life’s too short for arseholes, and if people want more than they offer, they’re politely invited to look for it elsewhere. The third person (a woman, as it happens) takes a more pragmatic view: she simply charges them more – which, she argues, is perfectly fair. I’m inclined to agree. We not only get what we pay for in this life, quite often we pay for what we think we ought to get. Assumed entitlement comes expensive – as indeed it should.

I have highlighted in red text the real red pill nugget at the heart of this.

Jon, the blogger, was talking about three friends who are running small self employed businesses and making a living by the simple tactic of being honest.

To MY mind, #3, the wimminz, is just being a wimminz, and is being anything but honest.

When in the same situation myself, I have always said the following to the MPPTM wimminz, niggerz and other assorted assholes who wanted to give me shit;

My job is to do x, for this I charge x per hour. My rate for eating shit is 50x per hour. Now, you choose which it is to be

Which of course always ends up with me walking out within 5 minutes, which is exactly what I knew would happen when I say it.

THAT, is being honest.

Not saying anything and charging them extra for being a cunt is valid in many ways, but it is not honest.

Honesty is when you tell them UP FRONT that you are going to charge them extra for being a cunt.

I have my own small self employed business, I am in hours worked terms radically under employed… to be strictly honest, I should be doing another 5 hours a week in financial terms, but that does not stop me turning down two to three jobs for every one I take, and the jobs I turn down I do so with honesty and candour.

You won’t want to pay me what I will have to charge you in order to do a good job, and I am not prepared to do a bodge job for what you would want to pay me, but in any event here is some free and good advice about what I would do if I were in your situation.

It means I only ever worry about being a bit short of dough, I never worry about getting a bad name or a bad job coming back to haunt me and cost me money.

I’ll give an analogy that anyone reading this can relate to.

Desktop computers and servers are a lot easier to fix properly than laptop computers.

There is, fundamentally, one reason and one reason only that this is true, desktop computers and servers are built to STANDARDS, such as ATX, PCI, AGP, RGB/VGA, USB, etc.

Laptops on the other hand are custom, I cannot open up a Dell and a Vaio and simply swap the motherboards over, there is no standard such as ATX, they are all unique.


Most of you are probably familiar with ATX, and perhaps mATX, but these are just two mainboard standards out of many, PC104 anyone?

Similarly a 12.1″ 4:3 aspect ratio laptop screen, it could EASILY be made a standard, both in physical dimensions as well as mounting points and electrical connections, irrespective of resolution or refresh rate or anything else.

What DROVE the revolution in personal computing was the foresight of IBM and others in defining these first physical standards.

What has STAGNATED and is KILLING the revolution in personal computing is the abandonment of this and embracing of the bad old days.

In the real bad old days before the industrial revolution there was no such thing as a standard screw thread, each bolt and nut was unique, and if there was any interchangeability it stopped at the factory level.

After the industrial revolution things got better, but there were still issues, yank kit turning up in Europe with JIC pipe fittings where the local shops only had BSP or maybe NPT fittings in stock was always fun, and extra work… and it produced some real howlers… for a few years in spain and italy you could buy bolts with BSF or Whitworth threads and shanks, and nearest Metric millimeter size heads for use with metric spanners and socket sets….

Of course when you come across these things fitted and all you can see is the head, you start swearing and asking what cunt put a 12mm metric bolt in a fucking Gardner engine….

And yet, this is what we are going back to (and this incidentally is the real reason I hate Apple, their engineering is all DELIBERATELY proprietary, and therefore by definition atrocious) a world in which nothing is standard any more.

You see, when you go to a real engineer, and you ask them to do something foolish, they will tell you to go somewhere else, but when you go to one of these wimminz and niggerz that call themselves engineers, they will just charge you more and give you what you asked for, with no thought as to the future consequences for the industry.

By using a standard port such as mini USB, there is almost nowhere that I can go with my Samsung Galaxy S3 ***** and not be able to charge the fucker up, even without carrying my own mini to full USB lead.

By using a proprietary port like crapple does, there is almost nowhere you can go with an iphone and charge it up, and I know personally of at least three wimminz with iphones who have found themselves in hospital with a severely ill child and a dead iphone, and no way to recall various contact numbers.

I know several “road warriors” who carry a plethora of charging and DC supply devices, all with different voltages, OR the same voltage but different proprietary plugs.

A STANDARD is the engineering term for HONEST, and it only applies to the things explicitly defined by the standard in question, so any ATX mobo will fit in any ATX computer, but chances are the 50 buck MSI board isn’t a patch on the 300 buck Supermicro board, and as referred to by the explicity of the standard, which does NOT mention CPU sockets, there is no guarantee to you swap ALL the components over from one ATX board to another.

Honesty is of course always the enemy of those who want as big a slice of the cake as possible, for the least effort possible.

Which brings us right back to the quote at the top from Jon Ward’s blog, what is interesting is that Mr Ward spent his working life in marketing, so as we see that explains his congenital inability to spot that the wimminz in his trio of “honest tradespeople” does not belong in the same company or group as the two honest tradesmen.

Laptops are not a pain in the ass to repair because Johnny Ive is a style guru or because they HAVE to be that way to be those dimensions and weight and have those outside appearances and layouts, laptops are a pain in the ass to repair because they are explicitly NOT based on standards, and as such they are not honest in engineering terms, and are a regressive step.

The other thing about standards is you have to choose APPROPRIATE ones…

There is no valid reason on this planet for there to be at last count some 50,000 proprietary and unique wheel sizes for automobiles, and for there to be no basic set of common standards…. I don’t know about now, but for many years all the trucks Henry Ford made in Europe were all metric fasteners, except for the wheel nuts, which were BSF, because they kept the fucking wheels on where the metric thread did not, BSF being a far superior thread.

A LOT of the economic pain we are suffering is a direct result of this avoidance of standards.

Indeed, the whole concept of a fiat monetary system is avoidance of a standard.

It’s going to get worse.


*****Disclaimer, while I admire and like my SGS3, and while the common mini USB interface is great, I would no rather repair it than an iphone or ipad, the internals are all devoid of standards, except for the SIM card and mini SD card sockets.


November 26, 2012

NOW I get it, errrr, no I don’t, oh… wait…

Interesting story in the daily fail


Thing is, she is right in everything she says.

Thing is, she is too stupid to realise that the same things apply to everything else she has said in the past, that is all wrong and complete bollocks, about wimminz coming off second best at the hands of evil violent rapist misogynist patriarchy men.

I guess you could say I am a people watcher, always have been, so while I might say AWALT, that doesn’t mean I dismiss the phenomenon, rather, I watch it with the same avid curiosity that a naturalist will watch a family of otters.

Absolutely without exception, AWALT wimminz feature the exact same sort of blinkered disconnect and failure to apply logic and extend that the writer of the above article does.

Yes, what the social services did in this case is wrong on every level imaginable, but taken against the larger picture of the role social services play in family breakup and the criminalisation of innocent fathers, it is rather like criticising Hitler for outfitting the SS in leather and not ecologically sustainable and renewable wool… and ignoring shit like annexing the sudetenland and the night of the long knives… it’s all related.

You’ll also note that she isn’t calling for summary sackings and terminations of all benefits and pensions accrued etc.

And so we move to another story in the daily fail, by another wimminz


and a choice quote from the first link, not the one just above;

“In the early Nineties, I unearthed what, it is no exaggeration to say, was a climate of totalitarianism in social-work training.

Anti-racist zealots had captured the social workers’ training body, and built into the social-work diploma the explicit assumption that society was fundamentally racist and oppressive.”

Yeah, so you have spent the last twenty years since the early nineties campaigning against this haven’t you bitch…. oh… wait….

These zealots were just anti racist of course, weren’t they, bitch, they weren’t anti male and anti heterosexual either were they… oh…. wait….


  • Studiously sees a problem and correctly identifies it, then deliberately fails to apply it to other similar and related things.
  • Studiously fails to see a problem that brings personal benefits which would be at risk should said problem ever be acknowledged.

That is both at the core of, and endemic to, all wimminz and niggerz.


They ALL work this way, even the ones you are busy trying to label as NAWALT so you can fuck them and declare your love for them.

Men see consequences, even a long way down the line… sure, we may discount them, especially if they are far enough away and sufficiently nebulous, I’ll worry about lung cancer when I get it, says the smoker, adding that he may get run over by a bus next week.

I have been to prison, basically an almost exclusively male institution since the victorian era, even though the wimminz commit plenty of crime, for the past 250 years it has been men that get locked up.

If you want a REALLY hard fucking time in prison, start bleating about how you didn’t realise you might end up in prison for committing whatever crime you were found guilty of, and about how unfair it all is.

You’ll get the same sort of treatment in a foxhole with enemy ordinance spanging around you, whining to your squad mates that you didn’t realise you might actually get shot and killed for signing up, it’s so unfair the enemy is shooting at me, what did I do to them, all I did was sign up, or mebbe get drafted.

It is not the kneeling in former squad mates intestines and fecal matter (how the fuck did Freddie get carrot lumps in his guts from MRE‘s?) and then pissing in them, cos you gotta go, and survivor bonding that men long for in the military mystique.

It’s the no bullshit your shit stinks fuck up you die fuck up badly you kill me so I will fucking kill you myself first unless you get your shit together “valour” thing that men long for in the military mystique.

A world where seeing a problem and failing to apply it to other areas is fatal, a world where ignoring a problem that benefits you short term at the cost of your squad mates lives is fatal, a world where consequences always follow choices.

Even though many of those consequences suck donkey balls, and very very few of those choices were actually made by you at squad level, you at the FEBA just get the consequences of the choices the REMF‘s made, even that is attractive to men.

Wimminz and Niggerz? No, whole ‘nother kettle of fish theah boy…

We live in a fabled land where we buy a house built on a flood plain, and as is happening here now, the rains fall and the flood plain starts being used by the catchment area that feeds the river that runs through it, and suddenly it is everyone else’s fault, and the astonishing thing is that shit actually flies more often than not.

Vanishingly few people who get flooded out lose everything and walk away with nothing but their lives… the insurance buys new carpets and tellies and white goods, the council fixes the roads and drains, the electric co runs in new cabling and transformers, the water company flushes the pipes and the sewers, and three months later you’re actually BETTER off because all your old shit got replaced with new shit, even your car is new.

Run THAT shit past the more extreme yanks who hate everything “socialist” but utterly fail to see that motor and house insurance is in fact nothing more than socialism in a capitalist hat, and see where it gets you.

Cunts living on the slopes of Vesuvius are assholes, me living on a flood plain or under sea level in the big easy, ah, that’s DIFFERENT, and this is EXACTLY the same disconnect the skanky ho’s in the above two articles are guilty of.

So we have “skank ho” wimminz and niggerz mentality, and “foxhole” or cell block C mentality, I’ll call them skank ho mentality and foxhole mentality.

Here’s the rub.

It takes, historically speaking, in the sense where historically refers to all of human history, an INORDINATELY wealthy society to support any form on large scale and long term skank ho mentality, most of human history was foxhole mentality.

Now, being a man, being aware of consequences, sat here just typing this in the warm and dry with a full belly and a half empty coffee beside me, on the most technologically advanced thing this human society has ever seen, a modern high end thinkpad, I gotta tell you something.

I don’t wanna go back to no foxholes, I KNOW what the consequences are, and if I have to go BACK (yes, I have done it before) to living without ANY mains services of any kind, no electric, no telephone, no running mains potable water, frankly I don’t wanna do it here, I wanna do it back in 1960 in the tropics, where being a white man with technical skills made you king of the fucking heap… if wishes were horses.

Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons” is alive and well, and kicking the shit out of modern western society, and Hardin wasn’t the first, William Forster Lloyd said it before him about the stunted cattle on common land, as Twain said, history may not repeat itself, but it surely does rhyme.

My strategy, and frankly the unconscious strategy of all AWALT / MGTOW men, is to build of comfy foxhole in the middle of skank ho ville, and while that foxhole is comfy for the owner, it is minimalist and far far far more sustainable than everything out there in skank ho land.

I have a friend, not a NAWALT, but so so so many men think she is NAWALT, she is pursuing a career, and doing so quite well, with single minded determination and vigour.

She spends an awful lot of time looking for “unexpected” events and consequences that will impact her career path, and so as a result manges to head many of them off at the pass, and progresses herself yet again… fair enough, this is all good hard work.


Like the wimminz above who wrote that article, I am met with complete blank incomprehension when I ask what she will do when the unexpected happens.

To her, the unexpected is a customer going to a competitor or a sales droid fucking up.

To me, the not so unexpected is war in the middle east and all the Chinese products that your company sells and which constitute 90% of its product catalogue goes up the swannee or trebles in price due to exchange rate / fiscal policy changes, or when the parent company is wiped out when one of the European banks crashes for a week… what the fuck is your planned and chosen career path going to give you then?

What is your plan B?

What will you do when, for example, HP buys your parent company and sacks y’all, because they already have a sales channel.

October 31, 2012

Ain’t fattening no more frogs for snakes.

(It means do not put too much effort into improving someone when they could leave, and you will have lost too much of your money, time, and energy/love. The moral is you should find a fat frog to begin with.)

The red pill is a curse, a bit like the toxoplasma gondii brain parasite, once infected, or more accurately once the infection is cleared, you just can’t look at some shit the same way ever again.

Once you rid yourself of the blue pill that tells you to fatten frogs for snakes, well, you just can’t look at some shit the same way ever again. No Sir.

When the wimminz realise that you have given up frog rearing, they will look at you with that peculiar “does not compute” crossed with “waiting for the predator to strike” look, and that shit you either know what I am about from first hand experience or you don’t.

But, once you have swallowed that red pill and had that particular meme / parasite burned from your brain, damn but that shit makes you aloof and philosophical, 100% of wimminz endeavour and 100% of niggerz endeavour, which means 95% of human endeavour, is like watching cows graze, it apparently has purpose, but it is devoid of all sentience.

A couple of PoF chats I have had recently…

Wimminz “I am waiting till I find someone who is my equal!

AfOR “Well I suggest you become a lesbian then.


Wimminz “Why are you so nasty to me when I lust after you so much?

AfOR “Whatever


Thing is, I’m more than willing to date a “fat frog”, but she better have got fat by her own efforts, I am totally unwilling to date skinny frogs that expect me to feed them, or partly fed frogs that got fed by other men, they are pump and dump material, and self made fat frogs are like the proverbial unicorn shit….. in theory there may be some out there somewhere, but scientists have yet to discover them.

Sometimes you think you may have found a potential candidate, but bide your time, chances are she is just holding her breath, blowfish style, or if you are really unlucky, so inflated with toxins she is about to burst.

And so I have become, Zen like, the Restaurant At The End Of The Hypergamy Universe for the wimminz, and they want to come along and choose from the menu of my accumulated wisdom and experience, they want to order scrambled eggs, but they want it without any milk or butter in the ingredients, and free range zero calorie eggs, and by the way I have no money so can I have this on layway where the bills never come due and I can sit here and keep ordering exotic dishes.

So I point them to the sign above the door, “Ain’t fattening no more frogs for snakes” and the sign above the bar “No credit” and the sign over the other door, “Exit

They look at me like I am mad, and gesture around my restaurant at the end of the hypergamy universe, where all the tables are empty, and say but I have NO customers, you have to treat frogs nicely if you want to have customers, so I just smile at them with a well fed predator’s grin and say, “That’s the way I like it baby, this is MY place, and I LIKE IT LIKE THAT

I remember Frank Future, he was delicious.

And so the penny drops, and most of them stomp out of the exit while telling me I have a very small penis and will never get a real woman (thank fuck for that, the plan must be working) and a few of them start to blubber that life just isn’t worth living, so they too stomp out of the exit when I direct them to the funeral parlour 5 doors down… of course, being wimminz, they end up in the massage parlour next door… hey, it was nearer and easier, right…

October 26, 2012

You go to the zoo to see an african lion, and the White House to see a lyin’ african

When a wimminz (or indeed anyone) asks you, “So, do you have any kids?” What do you say?

More to the point, why is the question “do you have any kids?” and not “are you a mum/dad?

These are not two ways of asking the same question, they are two very different questions, yes I have kids, no I’m not a dad, not my choice, but, shrugs…

You can sit in someone’s home, even if they aren’t there, and just tell if they are a dad, but you can’t tell if they have kids, and the whole question is really a bit of deliberate mutual self deception.

Question such as these, that say one thing but ask another, and which normally expect an equally false and deceptive answer that says one thing but not another, are in many ways a dance, where the wimminz are concerned.

The dance is as deceptive as the questions, because the dance is all about the biggest unasked question of all…

Look, we both know I am a lying slut, I’m just trying to work out what lies I can tell that you will know are lies, but which you won’t call me on, so we can pretend they are true for a little bit, and fuck, which is what I’m here for.

So, the correct answers… F=female M=male

FGot any kids?

Mmmmmm yeah baby

FHow many?

Mdo you really care baby?get on up, I’m a sex machine, get on up.. etc

and the in-correct answers

FGot any kids?

MYeah, you?


MSo who’s looking after them now?”   screeech..

Again, you see, the subtext or alternate text is the one that counts, and the uttered words are pretty much just dust in the wind.

So now I want to move on to something completely different, but in some ways with many similarities.

The manosphere is replete with example of wimminz saying one thing and doing another, hamster wheel rationalisations, and guys shaking their heads and saying…..

WHY WHY WHY, if only the wimminz did THIS instead of THAT, not only would they win, but we would too, and we would love them, and …..

Well, that’s not what Nature likes.

Nature likes dynamic and opposing forces and inherent instability, just like a high performance fighter jet, the high performance comes from the fact it is closer to instability than stability.

Ying and Yang baby, there is nothing wrong with making wimminz one way, and making men a different way, and having a recipe for sparks to fly.

The problem starts when you make the wimminz way legal, and the man way illegal, which is what we have today.

So the problem is not that wimminz do THIS instead of THAT, the problem is now we have laws that say wimminz can do THIS or THAT or any fucking thing they please, and they never get to suffer the consequences.

However, this isn’t a problem that can be fixed by whining about it, nor is it a problem that can be fixed by rolling back a bunch of laws…. you need a time machine too to roll back all the shit they pulled.

The fix is more like a blues song, we put it in, and it gots to come out, let that boy on his own….


Fuck it, listen to the two track above again, they make more sense between them than I ever will, and if you think they were born out of anything but strife, you need to wake up and smell the fucking coffee.


October 7, 2012

Red pill pizza


I’ve been pondering whether to write about this.

The reason I have been pondering is because it is a bit like a white guy writing about a black guy losing out to a white guy at something, because the black guy is black.

The black guy, assuming he was CONSCIOUSLY unaware of the problem, because he sure as shit wasn’t unconsciously, can’t do much about being black.

The thing I want to talk about is cock size.

Now there are LOTS of aspects to this, a six inch cock on a midget looks fucking huge, the same exact cock on a 275 lb muscle-bound 6′ 6″ hulk looks pretty fucking small, the same cock on a 275lb 5′ 9″ fat bloke is invisible and inaccessible…

Get yourself a fat chick and even doggy style fact is you need an extra 4″ over what you need for the slim / skinny chick, if you want to be poking her womb with your bell end.

Then of course there is the whole subject of measurements themselves, and with the possible exception of wimminz dress sizes, nothing else comes close to cock sizes when it comes to the rubber tape measure….

I have lost count of the number of wimminz who will tell me about an ex who was REALLY big and filler her up but goooood, so how biiiig was he I ask, and they, being herd creatures, always say something about nine inches.

When this conversation takes place at my place (and we are all still clothed) I go out of the room and return with a 9″ sex toy (and a tape measure to verify that it is in fact less than 9″ long, it is 8 and three quarters) and slam it down on the table…

WITHOUT FUCKING EXCEPTION… the wimminz all go “Oh my God!

None of them ever, ever, ever went “Yeah, that is the size of ****’s cock

So either this guy was measuring from his asshole forwards, or confusing centimetres with inches, or some other shit.

So if you were gifted with the approximate average six incher, and this wimminz saying her ex was nine inches, 50% more than you, you just *might* have had some feeling of inadequacy, until you see the anecdote above..

And of course until you take the red pill like the old joke where the guy whips out his three inch cock, at which point the wimminz starts laughing and says “who are you goin’ to satisfy with that?” and the guy just grins and says “ME!”…

So, one more detour before we get back to the plot..

That detour is sex toys like the one above, like it or not, fact is the trend in the past twenty years is that there are bigger and bigger toys available, and if you think that blue thing is big compared to what is available, then you have lived a sheltered life, it is at the very bottom end of the “bigger than the average human cock” range of sex toys.

95% of wimminz have the ubiquitous basic rabbit vibe, which has an INSERTABLE length of just 4.5″, and they manage quite fine to have all the orgasms they want with that.

So back to the main plot, which is cock sizes, and as we can see from the sales of the rabbit, 4.5″ is enough to get the job done and make a wimminz cum, and while there are guys out there with less than 4.5″, measured properly along to top of the cock, they are in the percentile minorities, so what the fuck is going on, particularly what the fuck is going on with swinger couples, of which there are at least as many as there are single wimminz on PoF.

What is going on is without exception the wimminz has managed to convince the man that he has a micropenis, so number 1 is he must eat her cunt regularly because his micropenis cock just ain’t enough, and that while she loves him and all, number 2 is what she really wants is a bigger cock, and to show how much she loves and trusts him she will let HIM arrange all that and find the guy(s) and set up the threesome/foursome/moresomes.

I hear shit from these guys like “OK she is into this that and the other but kissing is reserved for us, is this a problem for you?” and I am like “dude, if you want to kiss her after she has rimmed me and swallowed and load of my cum, go right ahead, and similarly if you want to eat her cunt after other guys have dumped a load in there, go right ahead..” of course I don’t say this, I say “No problemo” and look at the slut with a grin, and she grins back, and the dumbass niggerz can only rub his hands together and say “cool” and congratulate himself for being a beta provider for his slut, getting her the cock she craves, and the rewards she will bestow on him after I have gone, and after he has done the rest of the chores like taking out the rubbish etc.

So, harking back to the point at the beginning is that there isn’t a lot of point telling a black guy that a lot of his problems are because he is black, there isn’t a lot of point telling a guy with a small cock that a lot of his problems are because he has a small cock…


Being black is not of itself a problem, the problem is the white guy who has a problem with you being black, and who would rather hire another white guy… now you can take on board the white guy’s guilt trip and become a nigger, or you can say fuck it, didn’t want to work for your honky ass anyway.

Having a small cock is not of itself a problem, the problem is the wimminz/wife who has a problem with you having a small cock, and who would rather ride a bigger cock…. now you can take on board the wimminz guilt trip and become a niggerz, or you can say fuck it, didn’t want to fuck your skanky channel tunnel anyway.

But, this is 95% of so called swingers, wimminz who have managed to persuade niggerz not only that the slut deserves extra cock with no consequences, but the niggerz should arrange it for her and have the self delusion of being in control of being cuckolded.

HOW? By first persuading the niggerz that the problem is not her slutty nature, but the size of his cock, which in all probability hasn’t changed more than 5mm since you were good enough to marry or cohabit with and start a family with….

Just like persuading a wog that the problem is not my attitude, but the skin colour he was born with, once you get them to buy into that then you have a nigger slave for life.

From my perspective, when your skanky slut ho decides to take things off the reservation and text me without your knowledge or oversight, or mouth “I love you” when you can’t see, or any other the other shit they do, the ABSOLUTE FUCKING WORST thing you can do is puff your chest up and stand on your hind legs and pretend to be a man and start talking tough, because if you had a single dangerous bone in your body you would not be her niggerz slave for life in the first fucking place.

The problem isn’t the colour of your skin or the size of your cock or your sexual prowess brother, the problem is you let some other cunt convince you that those things were reasons enough to supplicate yourself before them, and you can’t really complain when everyone else sees you kneeling before a false god and treats you like shit.


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