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October 6, 2013

Selling your soul

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This one comes up regularly in conversations, so time to put it here.

It doesn’t matter if it is on a fucking site, PoF, okcupid, fuckbook, a job interview, or real life.

You can give it any fucking trendy name you like, your account, your profile, your CV, your party hat on… it doesn’t make any odds, what you are doing is writing an advert…. this leads to options… Person A who is honest, and Person B who is dishonest.

  1. Advert is true
    1. Person A visits advert and likes it
      1. Game on
    2. Person A visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you aren’t compatible, no sale today
    3. Person B visits advert and likes it
      1. Game over, they are dishonest, you won’t like the price
    4. Person B visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you are honest, they don’t like the price
  2. Advert is false
    1. Person A visits advert and likes it
      1. Game over, your deception will be revealed
    2. Person A visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you aren’t compatible, no sale ever
    3. Person B visits advert and likes it
      1. Game on/over, you’ll make the sale, sure, but you’ll regret it, deeply.
    4. Person B visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you’re a liar, so are they, no foundation of trust, no sale

So, out of 8 possible outcomes;

  1. One (1.1.1) gets you the “sale”, ching ching. Je ne regret rien.
  2. One (2.3.1) gets you the “sale”, brick in an iPad carton.
  3. One (1.2.1) doesn’t get the sale, but doesn’t alienate the other person.
  4. Five are no sale, a waste of effort.

If you aren’t getting (1.1.1) in whatever endeavour you are doing, say getting laid on a fucking site, then that is TRUE market forces at work, your honestly marketed product is not desired, even if it is free (like Linux)

If you attempt to change the advert to get a sale then you’re (2.3.1) you changed yourself from an honest vendor to a dishonest vendor, and no honest buyer will ever want to know you again, what’s perhaps more pertinent is you can never make another honest sale, honest buyers who are looking for what you really are will be put off by your advert, which saying something else entirely about you, and there is no way to say hey, wait a minute, none of this is true, I was only trying to make a sale here…

Item 4 above, the other five are no sale, a waste of effort, well, it is no effort at all to set your stall out honestly, it is just being you, take it or leave it, but it is a lot of effort, and an ongoing effort, to maintain an illusion.

Maintaining the illusion and making no sale is a monster waste of effort, but, it is better than maintaining the illusion and selling the brick in the iPad box, one is un-interested potential buyers, the other is someone you ripped off, even if they also paid you in counterfeit notes… y’all richly deserve each other.


Like I say, this doesn’t apply just to one small area of your life like getting laid.

Do *****NOT***** confuse this with those who are marketing the illusion, and who also say “fuck ya if ya don’t take me as I am, I ain’t changing for no-one” s these are just people who are more in love with their own delusions than with making an honest sale.


ALL your problems start from an initial assumption that you aren’t worth shit if you haven’t made a sale, you are a failure, a loser, a beta, a nobody, yadda yadda yadda.

As a potential employee there have been situations where potential employers could use me, but were not prepared to pay me what I thought my labour was worth, this doesn’t make me unemployable, they still have the vacancy and I still have my labour to sell.

I have some machine tools that I attempted to sell on fleabay, I put a fair minimum price on them, I didn’t make a sale, I still have them.

I *could* have made a sale, one guy came around and would have given me 50 cents on the dollar and I would have made a sale, but I chose not to, I actually ended up spending more money on the items to get them better than they were and kept them.

At 50c on the $ I would have considered myself exploited, I’d rather give them away or sell for scrap.

This, essentially, is why I am a single man.

My time and interest and effort and loyalty are indeed for sale, I just can’t get any interest in this market at the minimum prices that I am prepared to open negotiations and start haggling at.

I had one guy say to me, “there is this chick on a fucking site, I’d give it one and all that, but she is overweight and has a list of demands that the guy is at least six foot yadda yadda yadda…. how do I deal with that?”

It’s simple, you don’t. she falls into one or more of the (2.x.x) series of options above, no good can come of it, the best possible scenario is you use some forged currency to buy a brick in an iPad box, but the chances are you’ll be spending real money, so it’s even worse.

You know, this is what red pill / MGTOW is *really* all about, it is about not contaminating yourself by associating with liars, and not being a liar yourself, or to yourself, or about yourself.

And yes, this includes whatever you do for 40 hours a week to earn a crust.

You cunts need to learn the difference between COMPROMISE and NEGOTIATION.

Red pill doesn’t fucking compromise, the two are mutually exclusive.

I am open to negotiation, but not compromise, and that makes me “no sale” to 99.9% of the planet, including wimminz and niggerz and employers.

Sadly, even modern dictionaries have re-defined the word, so here it is, the essential difference, because both words are broadly similar and broadly involve two parties in discussion on a given subject.

In a NEGOTIATION there is no expectation of any kind that an agreement between the two parties will be found. Rather, the discussions centre around exploring the possibility that such an agreement can be made.

In a COMPROMISE either such an agreement has already been made, or both parties are working under the assumption that such an agreement is the end goal.

You can say “You have compromised yourself by taking that money from Luigi”

You cannot say “You have negotiated yourself by taking that money from Luigi”

I just spent 15 minutes on-line trying to find a link to a site that did not confabulate the two UTTERLY disparate and separate things into one, and failed… My print edition 1950’s Oxford dictionary had no problems whatsoever differentiating the two, though to be fair http://oxforddictionaries.com/ makes a fair attempt at it, and neither definition mentions the other one, which is as it should be.


The only form of compromise that is acceptable to a red pill man is the sort I made recently with the Noo Pee Cee build, I had to compromise between the spec I would like to build and the money I wanted to spend…. eg one I make with myself, because I can usually trust myself to play both sides of the argument fairly.

Any outside (of me) agency that has as its starting point that I must make some compromise, is kept outside the perimeter of my life, and that is NOT negotiable mother-fucker.

June 2, 2013

In the crib

So, a quiet weekend at home in “ma crib” just chilling, and going through the files ported across to the NAS box last week, no wimminz, no poontang, just me… smiley face.. blakes_7_gareth_thomas_2

And so it came to pass, sw something on the net about a remake of Blake’s 7, a seventies TV sci-fi thing by Terry Nation, so, thinks, aha, I am sure I have a copy of that on the NAS, ain’t see it for years… certainly not since my FRA etc.

Funny what you forget…

So the series starts with Rog Blake having his mind screwed with by the State, and when he doesn’t knuckle down like a good little drone, and witneses yet another State abuse f power, guess what the State does?

Yup, fits him up on child abuse charges, and so the now paedo Blake gets sentenced to transportation to a penal planet, and the series kicks off.

Authentic, and gritty.

I haven’t even visited the website of the rebooted version, but you just know that’ll be cut, and a bunch of strong empowered wimminz will be written in… not that the original series was short of them either, but they were portrayed as ice bitches, quite correctly.

Take 8 minutes out of your life to watch this bit of S1 E1

You can forgive the low TV series budget, the wobbly sets, the dodgy models and all the rest, because the plot is there and the acting is there, and remember folks, this was written for older CHILDREN, not adults or kidults per se… it aired just after 7pm.

In 1978 when this went out I was out of school and in work, but I watched it avidly.

There is really nothing else to say, I’ll let the clip above speak for itself.


December 13, 2012

I’m not even going to post a link to it

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But there is a story doing the rounds based on a TV dramatisation of a “true” story.

The “true” story is wimminz accuses man of repeatedly raping her, WHEN THEY SPLIT UP, so again historical allegations, man is remanded in custody awaiting trial for alleged rapes, man appeals and get released on bail, you can google him, Jonathon Vass if you like, he is now convicted of murdering her, but the alleged rape allegations lie on file and were not laid against him in court because it was deemed “Not in the public interest

Given the eagerness with which historical claims of rape are pursued, this is odd.

As an ex FRA myself whose ex also only decided she had been raped repeatedly in the past at the point which she sought a separation and sole custody of our kids, you can guess my first thoughts on, this, and I say this merely in the spirit of full disclosure, I am biased against any automatic belief in any rape allegation, but even so, I am aware of that bias, but what I find REALLY interesting is this;

In here diary the ALLEGED victim, one Jane Clough, states, “I do not think Johnny will just lie back and let a jury find him guilty.” and later “I am worried about Johnny coming to find me and kill me when he is released from his sentence.

I put it to you, dear reader, that these are not the words a woman who had ACTUALLY been raped would use in a private journal… remember, everything you think and write is based upon what you ACTUALLY recall and know to be true, not what you claim to be others to be true but which you actually recall to be completely false.


She has an actual first person recollection of events, actual events, I put it to you, dear reader, that if she had an actual first person recollection of being raped, she would see Mr Vass as being guilty, game over, and her worries would be over the jury finding the “right” verdict, or “seeing through” his denials, or “protecting other women” by taking him off the street….

I cannot conceive of any mental scenario where she would state that she was worried that the accused man would not simply lie back passively and LET a jury find him guilty, rather than mounting a strong and robust defence.

Similarly, I put it to you dear reader that if she had an actual first person recollection of being raped, Mr Vass being imprisoned would be seen as a just act, and she would have little of no concerns about him seeking her out “.. AND KILL ME WHEN HE IS RELEASED FROM HIS SENTENCE..

On the contrary, these statements lend credence to my initial scepticism, that Mr Vass, like so many men, was simply falsely accused of rape and DV by an ex (now a pre-requisite for full legal aid to be awarded to the wimminz) and realising that his life was over decided he had nothing whatsoever to lose for killing her, for him the choice is going to prison for a crime he did not commit, or going to prison for a crime he did commit.

Clough herself claims Vass was “always” violent, yet despite the paper mentioning that he was banging two other wimminz while banging Clough (yet ANOTHER reason to suspect an FRA, revenge and spite by the cheated on wimminz Clough) neither of these other wimminz, nor any other wimminz in Vass’s life have come forward to corroborate this, and you KNOW they would have, and you KNOW po-lice went to them all and asked them this.

Which brings us back to the decision NOT to prosecute him for these alleged rapes, AFTER he is convicted on his own confession for murder, on the basis of it not being in the public interest.

The only “not in the public interest” scenario that I can come up with that is even remotely plausible is that there was not a snowball’s chance hell of convicting him, which brings about the interesting scenario where he did indeed commit a murder, but only after being falsely accused of rape and DV by his ex, and we can all see how THAT would play, not in the public interest indeed.

We must also remember that Vass, on his initial arrest for these alleged violent rapes, was remanded in custody, yet when he appealed this he WAS RELEASED ON BAIL, and there is ZERO fucking chance of that happening if there is even the merest fucking hint of any kind of violence in your history…. ZERO…. FUCKING…. CHANCE….

The only scenario that adequately answers ALL the questions posed here is that Vass saw himself being railroaded for a crime he did not commit further to an FRA by Clough, sees, as I did, that the po-lice and everyone else involved have no interest in the truth or justice or who really did what, certainly not prosecuting someone for the heinous and vile crime of making an FRA, and so he decided he had sweet fuck all to lose and took justice into his own hands.

This indeed is something that would not “be in the public interest” were it disclosed in court, because Vass would then be playing the justifiable homicide in self defence when the po-lice and state singularly failed to protect HIM from the malicious actions of another criminal, Clough…

Obviously, only Vass and Clough know the truth because only they were there, Clough is now dead and Vass is incognito behind bars, and any hope of any release at all is based upon him keeping his mouth shut and NOT proclaiming innocence.

and so so a story I WILL link to.


Again, reading what is actually written, this wimminz was convicted of rape, because while the age of consent is 16, if there is any relationship of influence such as teacher, parole officer or step parent / girlfriend of the kids father, then the age of consent is 18.

Again, she was placed on the sex offender’s register.

And yet, the story is full of excuses for her, she “fell in love” it was a “sexual fling” when it was none of these things, it was fucking RAPE which is why she is convicted of rape and on the sex offenders register, but then we do need to tone it down to explain just why this convicted rapist and sex offender was given a SIX FUCKING MONTHS SUSPENDED SENTENCE….

You contrast this with the Vass / Clough story above and ask about the “pussy pass” and misandry in sentencing…



November 30, 2012

There are no good girls gone bad, only bad girls found out….

This (the title) is a phrase that I have heard so many times I have lost count from wimminz, and never ever from a man. It’s actually a quote from Mae West
(“A hard man is good to find.” & “It’s not the men in my life, it’s the life in my men” are others of “hers”)

One of the interesting things about Mae West is to my knowledge no nude photos of her exist anywhere, apart from a few infamous fakes, and of course the rumour is that “she” was actually “he”, to be specific a TV…. in fact it was allegedly the fact that she was actually a he that formed the foundation of the 1926 obscenity conviction that launched “her” career.

And so via Stan Boardman and the germans bombing our chip shops, I want to relate the story of two men I knew personally, now dead.

What they had in common was they both hated yanks.

The first guy was an RAF pilot, flying Mosquito’s in the pathfinder squadrons.

The way he told it, the yanks helped the war effort by sending over thousands of untrained young men in B17 Flying Fortresses to bolster Bomber Command, the problem was, these young yanks literally were in his eyes totally untrained, they lacked even basic skills and they lacked all forms of experience under fire.

This meant that their navigation was crap (no GPS back then, it was all dead reckoning and navigation by stars, the ground was blacked out, so if you couldn’t do that you flew by day) so the first few missions each new squadron of B17’s was sent on, Bob was sent in the Mosquito and the yanks played follow my leader to the target.

Of course all the Germans knew this so they tried to shoot him down, and the yanks knew this, so the forward gunners would try to keep the Germans off him, and often their .30 cal rounds flew straight through his plywood plane without even slowing down.

He was the only one of his pathfinder squadron to survive that tour, he lost two copilots and three navigators, two of them to .30 cal.

The second guy was in Korea, the French hadn’t quite left, and the yanks had only just arrived, of course this became “vietnam” later, but after his squad had been decimated several times over, his lasting and repeated memory / nightmare was the yanks on the flank opening up on full auto, cries of “more ammo” and that followed by “fall back”, meanwhile he and his lads with their single shot weapons still had ammo left, but had to fall back with exposed flanks, hence the regular decimation.

I was reminded of this because I met a chap who has been a professional soldier and then a professional merc for all his life, just back from afdiggastan, and he was basically telling the exact same story, the yanks sending in green troops and treating them as being as expendable as the ordinance they carried… which reminded me of the two chaps above and their stories… but this chap went on to say that the British Army troops he was assigned to were just as green and treated as just as expendable by their brass as the yanks.

He’s now been hired by the Chinese to go to north east Africa….

Like many professional soldiers he is very much the military historian, and says it is no coincidence that the lessons of the first world war were learned by the brass, officers no longer lead from the front and stand in front of “anonymous” ranged weapons held by the troops… at least in the west, he notes that many of the people he is fighting have an “officer” cadre equivalent that does indeed lead from the front, and has no fear of being shot in the back.

The difference between this chap, and the two above, is this chap is far more cosmopolitan, far less insular, than they ever were. When he was a boot he hated the French for selling effective weapons to the “enemy” he was fighting, and what changed wasn’t that he got older, he just got a lot more experienced and wiser.

You see the parallel here to the Mae West quote, the good girls did not go bad, they just got found out, and only a more experienced man who has taken the red pill is capable of finding them out.

In my own family we still have someone who hates the Japanese, only in the last 10 years he has allowed any Japanese electronics in his home, we had aa family friend who felt the same way. Our family member was ordered to stay behind when Singapore fell and report on the Japs activity, the family friend just didn’t get out, and was sent to the Burma Railway, where he had an especially humiliating experience, being a 6 foot 6 blonde… he was paraded around and used as an example.

The only time the family member got REALLY angry with me was when I, as a small boy, asked him why he stayed behind, after all it wasn’t the Japs that caused him his suffering (he was listed as MIA presumed dead for a year) but his own brass who basically handed him a suicide mission, stay behind and report as long as you can.

He flew into a rage about duty and honour and obeying orders.

Again, parallels to myself when facing an FRA and child custody battle with the psycho skank ho ex, basically we were both reacting with anger in preference to questioning the nature of the blue pill we had been eating quite happily up until that point.

It’s a bit like the video above, once you realise (it is a true story) that the Polish air ace whose life was being honoured (This Is Your Life) may well have spoken English with a foreign accent, but when he said Fokkers he meant Fuckers, because he had been there and knew the difference between a Fokker and a Messerschmitt, after all he had been shot at by both, it makes the misconceptions of the presenter of TIYL plain as day blue pill lack of experience.


November 4, 2012

You can’t wind back the clock / things were different man.

Time is a funny fucking thing, especially when looking back upon it in your own personal life and history.

I cannot, with any shred of honesty, look back on myself at 25 and state that I was the same person I was then, and when I was 50… to be sure I can say I aged pretty fucking well, despite all the lifestyle, and I can in many ways favourably compare myself with a modern 25 year old in 2012, but, there are still huge differences.

Some things in life fluctuate over time, such as the age at which a child becomes an adult, and the age at which an adult retires, and one of the walls you hit is the one that states if you have a kid NOW, you will be a fucking pensioner before that kid is an adult.

Other things you become aware of is the realisation that murderers get separated from their family and society for a shorter period of time than young kids in an acrimonious separation / divorce, and whatever the future holds for those kids no-one can put time back in the bottle and give them the childhood they deserved, complete with both sets of parents and extended families.

One of the conversations that I keep having with young wimminz is the conversation about actions having future consequences, usually utterly predictable ones, and having to carry forwards the burden of whatever actions and choices you made in the past.

Wimminz are SPECTACULARLY crap at this, I will relate a story about a young wimminz who with toddler age kids who ends up with videos of her being gang-banged all over the internet, and the wimminz go all oh noes, but until I mention that in 10 years time those toddlers are going to be in school with the 2022 smart-phone and one of their classmates is going to walk up in the playground and show them videos of mummy being gang-banged… then the wimminz get SCARED… but until I mentioned it, it never occurred to them.

I had a chat with a young lad in his twenties last week, I used to roll with what he now calls the grey-beards, legends of old and 1% ers through and through, and I kept saying the same thing to him, things were different man.

And I find myself like some cross between Hunter and Hopper, a modern Mephistopheles who was lucky enough often enough to walk away unscarred and unscathed, trying to impart words of wisdom to the young buck, who is all “Wow, you were THERE for that legendary event” and far too fucking eager to cut me slack I do not deserve.

We’re sat there at the table, smokes and phones and keys and coffee.

I say to him “You know the old adage about there being no such thing as an unloaded gun?” He says yes, but I stress the point as he has little hands on experience, there ain’t no such animal as an unloaded gun.

He’s up to speed on that one so I reach out and tap one of the smartphones on the table and say “There ain’t no such thing as a digital device that ain’t recording

I wait for that to sink in and add, “and that includes the digital devices you can’t see.

That sinks in for a minute or two and I go all Hunter / Hopper on him again.

This is the digital age man, this shit is everywhere, so common it is invisible, but it is there” I take a sip of coffee and refer him back to some of those “you were there!” legends, and hit him with “… and I wouldn’t be fucking sat here now, if this digital shit was around back then… dig?

Slowly, ever so slowly, the penny is dropping.

We only got away with that shit because it was organic, analogue and hand written or hand types paper records and hand filing, no instant recall or access to anything, a record search meant someone going into a cellar and going through boxes of paper files, by hand.

Back then I knew a guy who used to forge post office savings books, deposits and withdrawals and remaining balances were written by hand into a book, and then stamped, and this guy had some artistic talent and used a socket set to make the concentric rings of the stamp, forge a £5k balance, which was a lot of money back then, and go into a post office (not the same one where the deposits were allegedly made) in overalls and draw £300 a day and talk to the cashier about just having moved house and doing a mountain of renovations..

How far would that shit fly in the digital age?

Computer says you have no money.

And this applies across the fucking board.

Cut’s both ways too bro, if you were smart or lucky or crooked enough to get files altered during the transition to the digital age you were golden.

Computer says you have no history of violence.

Just as bad is when the computer records are fucked the other way.

Computer says you have a history of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

I tap the fucking smartphone again, say “Digital age” again, and look at one of the skanks there, and say “If you had been recording that night last week, instead of complaining to me about being assaulted, which frankly you bear 95% of the responsibility for creating the situation where it happened, Mr X would now be in prison on remand awaiting trial and guaranteed conviction and prison time for sexual assault”  Which would be wrong, because the whole truth is that everyone involves was drunk as a skunk and what’s more were all scum. Just because the guy was born with a penis however he would take the fall.

The digital age man, edited sections of a story are even more powerful than listening to or watching the whole tape…

So, back to the subject in question, and the two wimminz there who are available for pump and dump, but who want more from me.

The edited sections of the story that portray you as a decent young wimminz only work in scenarios where the man doesn’t give a fuck about the story, because you are pump and dump material.

The whole story is another matter, the whole story is what eventually comes out when you spend enough time with someone, and if the whole story involves you being pump and dump material in the past, no way you can expect the current man to see you as anything else.

Changing the story doesn’t change the person.

Just as the only way you get to hear about any legendary stuff we pulled back in the seventies is to listen to one of the greybeards, because that wasn’t a digital age.

It also means that very, very, very few of those stories could even happen today, and if they did, we wouldn’t be sat here grinning and shooting the shit.

It also means that the shit you DO pull today is gonna follow you around forever, for values of forever that fall short of mushroom clouds over what were once google data centres.

Not only can you not wind back the clock, you also can’t get away from digital surveillance and recording, and those data points never fade… what I typed in to a web forum in 2002 is as fresh as what I typed here a decade later in 2012.

The Jimmy Saville story isn’t really a story about privilege and fame and groupies and sexual exploitation, JS lived his life like groundhog day, HE never changed, it is really a story about how the changing technology changes the landscape.


October 29, 2012

The problem with BBC

Not the British Broadcasting Corporation, so not another article about bloody Jimmy Saville, but the other one, Big Black Cock.

See, the thing is, big black cock is attached to a black man, and as I have said many times here, I have far, far, far more in common with a black man than I do with a white woman.

So, what the fuck is it REALLY all about.

You never hear a wimminz say “I met this guy his name is Paul and we did that and he is like that and yadda yadda yadda” and somewhere at the end of it she lets slip something about him that leads you to think “Paul is a black dude“.

You always hear “black” right up front, as an intrinsic and major part of the deal, it is not “Paul, who happens to be black” in the sense of “Paul, who happens to be French“, it is instead always “black Paul

And, let’s face it, it is always derogatory, fucking black cock is slumming it, in the gutter, same as fucking dog cock or horse cock, but unlike dog cock and horse cock black Paul’s cock is attached to Paul, a human being, a man, not a dog or a horse, and certainly not less than a wimminz.

It’s in the same sense you always get wimminz on swinging sites demanding an “8 inch plus cock” but I have never ever ever heard a man demand an “8 inch plus deep cunt“… these wimminz are reducing it to a piece of meat, something rented or bought by the pound weight, or by the yard length, or by the slumming gutter species.

So, BBC, Big Black Cock, never Big Black Cunt, what is it all about if you happen to be “paul”?

Well, “Paul” isn’t stupid, he knows EXACTLY why the white trash skank ho wants to fuck him, and it has to be said, that (insulting and racist) reason is exactly why his black male friends Tom, Dick and Harry won’t go anywhere near skanky white ho’s with their cock, because they don’t need the fucking attitude, go fuck a dog or a horse.

Paul, however, has a different attitude….

Paul also has herpes, so do two of his BBC fuckbuddies who regularly pull trains on skanky white sluts, his attitude is if some skanky white slut wants to get down in the barnyard with the animals, they deserve to get some diseases from the animals.

Paul and I discussed this, and I made some comment about spreding disease amongst the flocks, thanks man, lrfh… Paul looks and me and says OK, pull up a swinging site, so we do.

He’s right, we draw up two lists, I would / would not fuck that, and there are zero exceptions, I would not fuck anything he would, and he would not fuck anything I would.

His “would fuck” list consists entirely of wimminz too trashy and slutty for me to fuck, my “would fuck” list consists entirely of wimminz who would not fuck him simply because they do not find him attractive…

So far this is all very interesting, but then the conversation takes what is an unexpected turn for me, and this is why I decided to write about it here.

“Paul” looks at me and asks, “Have you ever fucked a black chick?

Nope, never have, he asks me why not, “Dunno, just never really found them sexually attractive….”  not in any racist sense, just the same as clinically obese wimminz, they don’t set anything alight inside me sexually.

So he asks me if I ever been hit on by a black chick, oh yes, plenty times, just never felt the urge…

So there you go he says, one of those ways in which being a black man is different to being a white man, black chicks want white cock, this is of course after they have had their fill of black cock.

So then he tells me something else, the analogy to the too trashy and slutty to fuck white skank ho for black guys is the black chick who has worked her way through a mile of black cock and now craves white cock…. I guess my have my mouth open in surprise… he asks me where I think he caught herpes… banging some black chick who also craved white cock.

I am pondering this in my best Pinky and the Brain fashion, when he hits me with something else, “You know that stuff you wrote about the cat parasite in the brain that makes cat piss smell interesting to mice infected with it?” yup, toxoplasma gondii, “you know you say it is also in cat people’s brains, that’s why you have cat people and dog people” yup…

So he says, why should that be the only parasite or thing on the planet able to affect people’s behaviour?

What if there really is something in the inter-racial sex thing, once you go black you can’t go back, what if the fact that he only got the inter-racial sex thing AFTER fucking a wimminz who was into inter-racial sex isn’t just a coincidence? What if our respective “choices” in what were and were not fuckable wimminz were not choices, but like the cat piss parasite, some other parasite or agent was at work, affecting what we personally found attractive?

What about the parallels between the kind of aversion I felt for “cat wimminz” and “BBC wimminz”, maybe I feel a similar kind of aversion because there is a similar kind of agent at work?

Like Paul says, it doesn’t even have to be a parasite, simple transmission of an enzyme that subtly altered the brain biochemistry would do the same job, and the sharing of bodily fluids that is sex is a great way to share enzymes.

And then Paul reminds me of something I heard twenty years ago but had clean forgotten, your own individual DNA is not immutable and set it stone, it can and does change as you go through life, not just methylation, but also point mutation, frame shift mutation, deletion, insertion, inversion and expression / transcription errors.

It turns out even 15 minutes of exercise or a cup of coffee can affect the methylation of our DNA, and if a cup off coffee can do this, what about 20+ years of exposure to the contraceptive pill + phthalate packaged foods + moisturisers + eye liners + steroids in cows milk + perfumes?

Maybe all I am doing is reacting to the BBC wimminz in EXACTLY the same way I react to the clinically obese, the drug addict, the alky wimminz, maybe at some instinctive biochemical level I am reacting negatively to “infected”.

In closing, Paul hits me with an interesting thought, he knows I never eat cunt (he does), and he knows I am a dog person not a cat person, so he wonders what would happen if his lab (Paul is a research biochemist) got funding to do research into possible connection between wimminz with toxoplasma gondii parasite infection in the brain, wimminz who like having their cunt eaten, wimminz who like to “gush”, wimminz who like the BBC / BWC / inter-racial sex……

You can’t eat cunt without exposing yourself to the wimminz urine, and if the wimminz urine contains toxoplasma gondii….. “how’s about that then?

October 26, 2012

You go to the zoo to see an african lion, and the White House to see a lyin’ african

When a wimminz (or indeed anyone) asks you, “So, do you have any kids?” What do you say?

More to the point, why is the question “do you have any kids?” and not “are you a mum/dad?

These are not two ways of asking the same question, they are two very different questions, yes I have kids, no I’m not a dad, not my choice, but, shrugs…

You can sit in someone’s home, even if they aren’t there, and just tell if they are a dad, but you can’t tell if they have kids, and the whole question is really a bit of deliberate mutual self deception.

Question such as these, that say one thing but ask another, and which normally expect an equally false and deceptive answer that says one thing but not another, are in many ways a dance, where the wimminz are concerned.

The dance is as deceptive as the questions, because the dance is all about the biggest unasked question of all…

Look, we both know I am a lying slut, I’m just trying to work out what lies I can tell that you will know are lies, but which you won’t call me on, so we can pretend they are true for a little bit, and fuck, which is what I’m here for.

So, the correct answers… F=female M=male

FGot any kids?

Mmmmmm yeah baby

FHow many?

Mdo you really care baby?get on up, I’m a sex machine, get on up.. etc

and the in-correct answers

FGot any kids?

MYeah, you?


MSo who’s looking after them now?”   screeech..

Again, you see, the subtext or alternate text is the one that counts, and the uttered words are pretty much just dust in the wind.

So now I want to move on to something completely different, but in some ways with many similarities.

The manosphere is replete with example of wimminz saying one thing and doing another, hamster wheel rationalisations, and guys shaking their heads and saying…..

WHY WHY WHY, if only the wimminz did THIS instead of THAT, not only would they win, but we would too, and we would love them, and …..

Well, that’s not what Nature likes.

Nature likes dynamic and opposing forces and inherent instability, just like a high performance fighter jet, the high performance comes from the fact it is closer to instability than stability.

Ying and Yang baby, there is nothing wrong with making wimminz one way, and making men a different way, and having a recipe for sparks to fly.

The problem starts when you make the wimminz way legal, and the man way illegal, which is what we have today.

So the problem is not that wimminz do THIS instead of THAT, the problem is now we have laws that say wimminz can do THIS or THAT or any fucking thing they please, and they never get to suffer the consequences.

However, this isn’t a problem that can be fixed by whining about it, nor is it a problem that can be fixed by rolling back a bunch of laws…. you need a time machine too to roll back all the shit they pulled.

The fix is more like a blues song, we put it in, and it gots to come out, let that boy on his own….


Fuck it, listen to the two track above again, they make more sense between them than I ever will, and if you think they were born out of anything but strife, you need to wake up and smell the fucking coffee.


October 17, 2012

Do anything you wanna do…

I have, or rather I thought I had, covered this many times.

Apparently I didn’t, or if I did, I wasn’t fucking blatant enough.

It’s 2:30 am, and you know who you are, so this is inspired by you, just so there is no future mistake.


This applies to wimminz and niggerz too, by extension, if people do not do something, it is because they couldn’t be fucked, not because of any other excuse they gave you, or any excuse you are making for them…

  • If she doesn’t call you, it is because she can’t be fucked to call you.
  • If her responses to you are short and not so sweet, it is because she can’t be fucked to take the time to give you longer and more considerate answers
  • If she has only ever got real close to you when she wanted something, it is no coincidence that she is not around you when she does not want something from you, or worse still from her point of view, when you want something from her.
  • If she does want you to know she is thinking of you, caring for you, available for you to fuck, wild horses will not prevent her from letting you know this every single fucking day of your life, network problems, app problems, phone problems, email problems, work problems, money problems, sick kid problems, yadda yadda yadda, none of it will stop her letting you know, if she wants you to know.

Are you getting the fucking picture yet?

Here is what I do, I have two “historical” categories for wimminz, those I set my stall out for but didn’t fuck, and those I set my stall out for and did fuck.

The differences between the two groups are actually non-existent, apart from one, there is only one difference, and it is not that I fucked one group and not the other, it is the REASON I did NOT fuck one group, and that is they are totally unable to control their own bullshit long enough to get laid by me, the other group being those able to control their own bullshit long enough to get laid by me.

These two groups have one thing in common, I never contact them…  they return the favour… if I tried to contact them I would be “creepy” and a “stalker” and end up with an injunction…

So I have two “groups” of contacts on my phone specifically for the wimminz, “bunnies” and “boilers“, every skank ho ends up in one or the other, the bunnies I fucked, the boilers I did not fuck.

In three years, three wimminz have managed to stay out of one or other of those two categories for more than a month, one of them has managed it for a rather astonishing year, by the simple fact that what they wanted to do was stay in touch and make sure I knew every day (while it lasted) that their cunt was available for my use 24/7.

Once a wimminz gets into either the bunnies or boilers groups of contacts, I will never, ever, ever contact them first again, I ***may*** respond if they contact me, which can rarely happen, but I never ever ever instigate contact, both groups are the morgue, the graveyard, the cess pit.

People do what the fuck they want to do.

  • If she has a threesome with the janitor and pool guy, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she walks out on your ass, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she takes your kids, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she trashes the car, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she falsely accused you of rape or DV, it is because she wanted to.

Are you listening buddy? All that crap about her personal problems and her history and her kids health and yadda yadda yadda, it is all bullshit.

She is doing exactly what she wants to do.

Judge her by her ACTIONS, not her words.

She is NOT making sure you know every single day that her holes are available for your use 24/7, that is an ACTION, to be specific an action she is choosing NOT to make, at least towards you.

The reason it took until a 2:30 phone call instead of a till 2:00 phone call was part two, convincing the guy that this shit applied to him too, be a man of ACTION, not a man of words, specifically do NOT bother writing one last email to the psycho skank bitch telling her she is too flaky and dishonest and skanky for you.

Be a man of ACTION, but her in the bunnies pile or the boilers pile, and forget the bitch ever existed.

THE FUCKING REASON for the bunnies pile and the boilers pile is one day, one or more of these psycho skank ho bitches IS going to decide that she WANTS to talk to you again and maybe hook up for a bit, and you being you will only remember the fuckable bits of that cunt, if anything, and you’ll be all “Hey how are they hangin’” because you never know, you might get laid or a free blow job… right…?

Wrong, they are in the bitches and boilers piles for one reason and one reason only.

So you can NEVER EVER EVER EVER FUCKING EVER forget that they all have one thing in common.

They all had one chance with you already, and they blew it.

It’s about time YOU did what YOU fucking wanna do, which is NOT sit around agonising if she got that text, if the network is down, if her car is broke down, if her ex is giving her a hard time, if her kid will make it through surgery, or even if she wants to fuck you.

Which inevitably brings me back to the three wimminz in three years who managed to stay out of the bunnies / boilers groups, the two who managed it a month were worth the odd casual fuck, and the one who lasted a year I got to quite like, but in a sexless sorta way, available to fuck and reasonably fuckable, but lets be honest, I’ve had everything she has to offer sexually, so where is the fun, so what was the fucking point…. beyond getting my ironing done.

All three fell into the bunnies / boilers just as soon as what they wanted to do was to not to let me know daily that they were there for me, because all three for something / someone more interesting to do what they wanted to do with.

Just in case you missed the point;

  • smokers smoke cause they want to
  • drinkers drink cause they want to
  • liars lie cause they want to
  • cheaters cheat cause they want to
  • thieves steal cause they want to
  • people do what the fuck they want to do

Judge them by their ACTIONS towards you, not their words, not spoken words, to written words, not SMS words, and not unspoken, unwritten or untexted words either.

They WILL get a babysitter / breakdown truck / train / flight / mobile signal / day off / what the fuck ever, WHEN IT SUITS THEM, when it is what they want to do.

The title of this bit, 1977 baby… good lyrics

October 2, 2012



It’s a fucked up word to use for cunt, and only manginas and niggerz do it, so start training yourself… here’s how.

“Pussy” is a soft and sweet word, which evokes thoughts of cute furry kittens (ugh) and nice and friendly etc, as well as the obvious cunt connotations.
Start, both in your head and out loud, mis-pronouncing it, not as PUH-SEE, but as PUS-Y, something that exudes pus, which is actually a pretty damn good and accurate description when it comes down to it.

Fact is, as the old saw goes, you just can’t trust something that bleeds every 28 days, but doesn’t die… but the real point here is that it is a red pill red flag… so… things to avoid in wimminz…

  1. Wimminz who refer to the cunt as pussy
  2. Wimminz who wear big hoopy earrings
  3. Wimminz who wear red nail varnish
  4. Wimminz with asymetric or short hairstyles
  5. the list in fucking endless

But the good news is there are some things to look out for as positives

  1. Wimminz who refer to the cunt as cunt
  2. Wimminz who wear studs or nothing in their ears
  3. Wimminz who wear very dark nail varnish
  4. Wimminz with longer or symmetric hair
  5. the list isn’t very much longer

But right up there at #1 is wimminz (and indeed anyone else) who use the word pussy when talking about cunt… it was OK for Richard Pryor to use the word pussy in films in the 1980’s, because it was films in the 1980’s, now it is the 2010’s and we see and hear the word every day in films and video, so there is no excuse.cunt-juice

Pussy Riot…. nah, Cunt Riot… much more apt….

“Safe sex” is another one, never trust a wimminz who insists on condoms, it’s really all about control for them, and sex with a condom is like taking a bath with your clothes on, you can do it, but what’s the fucking point… same bitch who demands “safe sex” will give you a blowjob and swallow your load, so any diseases you may have get in that way, it ain’t “safe”… similarly there are a squillion and one female contraceptives out there, so be very clear on the fact that it is all about control for the wimminz….  and fuck leaving your sperm around for her to impregnate herself with after you are gone, you are leaving your SEXUAL ACTIVITY DNA around for her to do with as she pleases later… this is another reason for never cumming anywhere except INSIDE a wimminz body, never over her face / tits etc… that gives a pure sample.

Lots of wimminz are going to be doing lots of doubling down as the economy starts to tank, and they will play every card in the fucking book… using the word CUNT instead of pussy marks you out to them as a much less helpless potential mugging victim.



September 30, 2012



I’m not talking oil wells here.

I’m talking sex, female sex.

Thing is, I actually went to fucking school bitch, wimminz cunts don’t have any organs that can gush “cum” during orgasm.

Wimminz have cunt lining that can secrete juices.

Wimminz have a urethra connected to the bladder that can produce piss.

That’s it… there are no other organs analogous to the male testicles that can produce a sperm analogy that spurts on orgasm.

Gushing” is in fact “watersports” or “golden showerfor those too timid and full of shit to say “I like to play with (my) piss when I fuck… because that would be like, icky and sick and pervy.

So, you can imagine how well MY attitude goes down with these wimminz, lead fucking balloon, but hey, same shit goes for your attitude about gushing.

If we are at your place, piss on your mattress all you want bitch, if you are at my place and more than a drop of piss hits my mattress / sheets / floor you are scrubbing that shit clean to my satisfaction or buying new, and if you can’t control your bladder GTFO now.

But this post isn’t really about piss play, it’s more about psycho skank ho redefinition of everything that sucks, spammer like, as “that which we/I ourselves do not do”

I do not do piss play or watersports or golden showers, I “gush

yeah, right…

If you think PoF dating is soul destroying, or an eye opener, or a red pill experience, then you simply are not prepared for the swinging scene… I shit you not.

The differences are quite simple, many of the wimminz on the swinging scene have a pet niggerz beta houseboy, god fucking help you if you say something less than “gushing” (sic) praise for the wimminz, as she will set her pet houseboy niggerz on you, and all the beta niggerz who have worshipped at her cunt, and there could be anything up to 150 or more of these a year…

But even here, as I have noted elsewhere re PoF and the dating scene in general, much of the magic of the vagina is wearing off, and increasingly it is the fugly fat psycho bunny boilers and their coterie of niggerz that are left exposed as the tide goes out, shrieking in outrage and horror.

A rising tide may well lift all boats equally, but a falling tide is a motherfucker that strands everything that is not both seaworthy, but competently crewed….



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