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January 13, 2013

That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into

Well, there is this wimminz, it ain’t all that but I have been dumping a load into in now and again, but also being very wary because this wimminz works in the feminazi industry, pretty close to the sharp end.

Now, I’ve never made a secret of my own FRA and somehow at some point got talking to this wimminz about her own chaotic life and toxic female friends, but as always they don’t listen, or if they do it is only partially… so my warnings were falling on stony ground.

So, to cut a long story short, she got involved in the sort of wimminz feminazi all men are evil rapists shit that she does for her work day, as part of her off work day, by way of one of these toxic female friends.

Now you have to bear in mind she has previously told me this story, and I told her it was complete bullshit, and proceeded to completely de-construct it and point out all the obvious contradictions and mutually exclusive claims etc, it’s total bullshit, and she agreed with everything I said, and then accompanied this toxic friend to the po-lice so the toxic friend can tell these same stories about her alleged historic abuser(s), who just happen to be living family members.

Of course within 12 hours all the female relatives of the accused male are screaming blue murder and abuse at “my” cum dump wimminz, and now they are out to destroy her life, turnabout is fair play eh… to all of which she is just shocked, shocked I tell you, after all, she didn’t do anything, it was her toxic mate who claimed to have been abused…

So it is with great mirth and delight that I point out that this system, this feminazi wimminz system in which she herself works and is a part of, in this system, the very first casualty is truth, because as soon as something is said, suddenly there are a handful of professionals, just like her, eager to charge 200 an hour, for as many hours as possible.

<wimminz head assplodez>

So about four times in the next 20 minutes I throw into the conversation the fact that if she thinks she has it tough, spare a thought for the man her toxic friend just railroaded, of course sympathy for a man whose cock they do not desire is a bridge too far for all wimminz, AWALT, so she really doesn’t not want to think about or discuss that, the whole thorny subject of personal consequences and responsibility being totally taboo for all wimminz.

But then something priceless happens.

I tell her a good indication that a rape allegation, or any other fucking story a wimminz tells, is a lie is if it solves more problems FOR THE TELLER than it creates, as was the case here

I tell her that this scenario is true for the 88% of rape allegations made to the police which are false, just like the one her toxic mate just made, she agrees.

Then the priceless bit.

I tell her that I doubt that in all the years she has been working at the sharp end of the feminazi wimminz industry, I doubt there were more than three wimminz who walked through her doors and told the truth about the violence and sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of evil men….¬† and she is quiet for a minute, nods, and actually fucking agrees with me.

What is interesting about this story, is yet again I see first hand proof.

First hand proof that when forced to face the consequences of their actions and lifestyles and choices, it is AWALT, all wimminz just cease to function intellectually (assuming they ever did) their heads assplode and all mental processes get stuck in a loop where the interrupts / breaker is always, always, always, the issue of individual personal responsibility and consequences.

If I have said it once I have said it a million times, when you warn someone about the course of action they are embarking on and they ignore you, do not listen to you, it is always one of two things;

  1. they think they are smarter than you, and so what you say is wrong
  2. they are not prepared to accept the changes they must make in life, and so what you say must be wrong.

Generally speaking men are group 1 and wimminz are group 2, generally speaking.

The wimminz I was dumping a load into and whom I warned fell into group 2, not prepared to dump her toxic friend and tell her that like all wimminz she was a lying sack oh shit, so what I was saying was wrong, so my warnings could be safely ignored…

… and 48 hours later TSHTF, in EXACTLY THE WAY I WARNED….

…worth pointing out, that the wimminz who are out for her blood because she “enabled” her toxic mate to go to the po-lice and report a family member for alleged historic abuse, are not out to get her because an innocent man is going to get the chop… oh no… but because of the consequences of an innocent man who also happens to be their husband / father / uncle / neighbour getting dragged off by the rape squad… the consequences that mean it will, in these other wimminz’ words, cost THEM everything to have this innocent man carted off… loss of a husband, loss of a father, loss of an uncle, loss of a breadwinner, loss of face in the community.

None of them are mourning the fate of the innocent man.

Me me me me me me me me me , that is all any of them are ever thinking, if you will forgive me for using the word thinking…. my cum bucket in this little story is typical of the breed, it doesn’t matter one iota to her that her entire working life and social circle is comprised of toxic scum feminazi wimminz, and what she is facing now is a vastly overdue and vastly watered down red pill, all that matters to her is she is nice and hasn’t done anything to deserve this and wants it all to stop, now.

And this little scene is of course one that has played around every single man falsely accused of domestic violence or raping his wife or buggering his own children.

It is true (just look at our so called leaders) that 95% of men never grow up, they remain spoiled children all their lives, the niggerz, but it is also true of 99.999% of wimminz.

My own cum bucket in this scenario blows all the breakers when she participates in a situation that in reality puts 99.9% of the hurt on an innocent man, and 0.099% of the hurt on the wimminz around him, and 0.0001% of the hurt on her, even though in reality she should be facing at least 10% for being the one who finally “enabled” her toxic mate to take her bullshit victim story to the po-lice…

What the fuck is she, and all the other wimminz in society, gonna do when the economic hurt train comes to town?

“Man up” or “Think it through” are two phrases that do not spring to mind.

She won’t give a fuck if it a GI with candy and nylons or a SS guy with a bottle of claret, bitch is going to spread em faster than a mousetrap can spring shut, to get that GI or SS guy before the bitch next door does.

When times get tough you will NOT see lines of wimminz queueing all day for a loaf of bread, or land girls, or keep calm and carry on.

When times get tough you will see millions of wimminz SCWEAMING for their magic pwincess barbie unicorns, and any one and any thing that they can get their hands on is going to get torn to fucking pieces by the mob.

The only option that will get us out of tough times, manning up, knuckling down, keeping calm and carrying on, cutting our suits according to our cloth, etc etc, is THE ABSOLUTE LAST FUCKING THING THESE WIMMINZ WILL EVER ACCEPT.

To them this is total and absolute capitulation and being utterly broken to harness like a horse or a nigger slave, everything including death, is preferable.

Especially when, being wimminz, it comes to death, because it will be someone else doing the dying, so they can continue to sit there with the mental breakers chattering away and making no changes whatsoever.

Doubling down? You ain’t seen nothing yet.


As an aside, PoF is going through the usual january dry spell, so I have been getting most of my action on the swinging scene.

As I have said before, the couples on the swinging scene are without exception some loser niggerz and his wimminz owner, and most of the single wimminz are fairly toxic attitude wise too.

What is interesting, and the purpose of this aside, is the single guys, many of them are straight out of the wimminz guide book to being a man, many of the forum posts are about what wimminz want, and the vast majority of these men are considered lucky if they get three meets a year.

Contrast this with me, who has a profile that does everything wrong, according to the forum posts on how single guys can get laid, I demand anal, I demand oral, I demand fisting, I demand bareback, I demand submission… I get loads of action, and 99% of it from wimminz who devote their profile to telling guys they are not a sub, safe sex only, vaginal sex only, and oh yeah, you gotta go down on me.

These are the wimminz alluded to above, the first ones to open their legs when the GI’s or SS walk down the high street the day the tanks roll in to town.

August 31, 2012

Ship of fools

Apart from being a rather good Robert Plant song, as well as an increasingly relevant and poignant sixties film, originally it was a 15th century oil painting by Bosch.

Thing is, the great thing about classics and art is that the more you absorb, the more you realise that nothing, not the microchip, modern warfare, screw thread, plastics, nano-materials, agriculture, transport, space flight, NOTHING changes basic human nature.

You could invent a time machine, pluck Machiavelli from the past and air drop him into modern western politics and a week later he would be calling the fucking shots and defining the spin / propaganda of today… same goes for all the sycophants and hangers on.

The jaded and weak will look at all this, shake their heads, and mourn that there is no hope for humanity, and maybe we need another dinosaur killer impact.

I disagree, I see this and see instead a dynamic system, a natural system, that is evolved not only to ensure that all possible avenues are always explored and niches populated, but also a system that is by design inherently unstable and therefore subject to regular radical change, and therefore stimulus.

Of course, this is the macro view from 1,000 miles up, with a time frame where years = seconds, and in the micro view it sucks donkey balls if you are one of the individuals that gets to take it up the ass, so that some other individual has someone who they can fuck up the ass.

Given that what is good for the whole on the macro scale is of necessity bad for certain individuals within that whole on the micro / individual scale, it follows that the programming and design of each individual that makes up the whole is going to be compliant with the process.

This means that while there may be individual exceptions (which again serve the purposes of the macro) such as Michaelangelo and Tesla, on the whole the sheeple should be, well, sheeple, not cursed with the ability or disposition to think things through too much.

You see, too many individual and informed and thinking players will screw the game up as a whole, and we see this in every single area of human endeavour, artificial man made rules are put in place to ensure that the game as a whole does not suffer.

It can be a sports team, or a company making widgets, or an army, or a socio-econo-political system, always, without exception, all the individuals are penalised by rules for limiting the scope of individual informed thinking and choice.

For every Ghostrider who can actually ride like a motherfucker, there are a million like me, who are merely adequate in our ability to control our vehicles…

Just 50 Ghostriders a day using the 118 mile stretch of the M4 motorway to commute between Bristol and London would leave it looking like fucking Beirut in the 80’s, THEY would be fine and get to their destinations every day on schedule, doing the trip in 45 minutes, everyone else would be either in a pile up, or negotiating one, and the two hour nominal journey would take four or five hours, assuming you actually made it in one piece.

So we put in place rules, rules which don’t really affect the sheeple that much, maybe we are limited to 70 when our actual driving ability would top out at 90, and we simply don’t have the balls or skill to do any of the other stunts involved in sustained high speed riding, but these rules totally cripple the informed and thinking and truly able players from using their abilities.

Sometimes, when the shit hits the fan and the wheels fall off the wagon and the rules and structures disappear without a trace, sometimes, along comes someone with that exceptional ability, and suddenly you have an Audie Murphy.

Pick HIM up from the past and drop him into the 2012 US Army in afdiggastan and it is only a question of time before he gets shitcanned straight out of the stockade.

There is no room for a Wozniac or Gates in today’s IBM, any more than there was 30 years ago.

By now, my regular readers, who will know how I think, will be if not one step ahead of me but at least prepared for me to draw parallels between those who mourn the state of humanity today and consider a dino killer to be no great loss to the planet, and those who morn the state of the beta provider male and consider a total societal reset to be no great loss to the planet.

They both miss the point.

The point is that if you are an individual with the ability to inform themselves and have independent thought and reason to guide your actions, you have one of three choices;

  1. Stick your head above the parapet and get it shot off.
  2. Keep your head below the parapet and wait in hope for a SHTF moment when control ends so you can shine.
  3. Devise your own third path.

As we can see from the above observations about the Ghostrider et al, taking the third way entails the following restrictions…

  1. It is NOT an answer for the sheeple majority, it can only ever be an answer for the minority.
  2. It is only good if you studiously avoid BOTH scenarios #1 and #2 above, in EVERY aspect of your life.
  3. It is only good if you do not pine for the camaraderie of #1 above, or the glory of #2 above.

It’s a bit like the pic on the right… (from a pay per porn site teaser)

Yes, Mr Black Stud has a monster cock that is 11″ long…

Well, provided you stick the end of the tape in his asshole, if you notice that the root of the TOP of his cock is at the 4″ mark on the tape, then 11 – 4 = 7″, which ain’t bad, but it certainly ain’t huge or worthy of note.

The first way is be one of the sheeple who pays for that site, despite the fact that the promo pic is a lie, so everything else inside is gonna be a lie too.

The second way is to try to be the guy in the pic, the porn star.

The third way is to neither patronise the site with your money, nor the porn sluts with your cock, but to sign up to PoF and fuck up the ass the wives of all the guys who are taking the first way while dreaming of being the second.

While ensuring that at no point do you either find yourself sharing a parapet with types #1 and #2

August 1, 2012

It only takes a minute girl

for a story about a wimminz being unspeakably evil to be moved off the news pages completely, while stories of evil men languish on side bars and features for days…


Up for less tha 24 hours, and mirabile dictu, yet again a story that comments are not enabled for..

So the bitch leaves a 1 year old and a 3 year old alone in a bath to go downstairs to smoke a spliff and talk to neighbours about being wasted on voddy, screams up at her screaming 3 year old to play with the shower to stop being bored, and just about an hour later decides to go back in the house to probably in reality get another spliff, and discovers the bath is full and the 1 year old is dead… whereupon she tries to blame the 3 year old for deliberately killing his 1 year old sibling.

So, she eventually gets convicted of manslaughter, it THEN comes out that she also walked away from her part in a murder 6 years ago, and basically walked cos she was born with a cunt, so this time she gets 45 months, which means she will do 22, less than two years, in cushy wimminz prisons at that, and the surviving 3 year old will live with granny, who is, you guessed it, also a slut skank ho single mommy…

Pure coincidence that bad press for team cunt gets buried quickly and always has problems with comments working/being enabled… and of course throughout these stories always a TOTAL LACK OF ANY COMMENT OF ANY KIND regarding how the psycho slut managed to GET sole custody of the kids, or mention of where daddy is or how he and the paternal family feels about it all….

Yanks won’t know this FIRST HAND, because of the geography, but here in Europe we are a short car ride away from places that has a similar what really happens / what gets reported in the news, and how, thing going down, for example East Germany, where everyone knew that ALL the “news” was just propaganda, all the time, and where everyone also knew that at least 1 in 20 people were a Stasi informant, and everything but everything was about committees and consensus and perceptions and image, and you could, if you were a very good boy and hard worker, go out and buy a papier mache Trabant auto…

You probably can’t go anywhere in Europe now and be 50 miles from someone who lived through that, and they will all tell you pretty much the same shit, nobody believed a fucking word anyone in authority or anyone in the press said, sure, “lip service” was paid, long live gotham city, but nobody actually fucking felt that way for an instant, and so year on year living standard actually went DOWN in real terms.

The disparity between the “have’s” in the west and the “have nots” in the east was STAGGERING, especially for those of the west who crossed the border, 20 smokes could and did buy you a whore for the night…. 4 of us booked into a hotel in Poland, eat a massive meal, drank like fish, and partied down with some sluts, the bill the next day worked out at 10 UK Pounds Sterling each the next day come checkout, I think that included the sluts…

There were jokes that at the time seemed quite funny, what’s the definition of confusion, father’s day in Dresden….

Little did we realise it was all just a foretaste of life in the west to come…

The difference, and there is one notable difference between then and now, is IT…. back then I met some guys setting up the first ever Polish yachting magazine, just some young rich polish guys doing their thing and using presses in germany and sending rolls of film and stories by UPS from wherever they were to a german pole who would do the typesetting and get a print run of 10,000 and on with next month’s edition… you could only do that shit in the days before the net really took off as it has today.

Today I can sit in the middle of a field with a thinkpad (which I can charge off a car cigar lighter or any mains voltage or frequency) and wifi hotspot a smartphone and publish to my website anywhere on the planet, hell, there is a wordpress plugin for android smartphones, I could (and sometime have) post stories to a blog such as this with nothing more than a smartphone, which can be smuggled ANYWHERE.

SO nowadays we could still be going into a place where 1 in 20 are Stasi informants, and also where 1 in 20 have a blog, which brings us to another issue… how do you select your sources..

Let’s take a look at Fathers4Justice, specifically Richard’s story, now frankly speaking, when MY own FRA / child custody battle in secret family courts came out of the blue, I went online and did research, and 99% of what I read was like Richard’s story on F4J, to put it bluntly, a lot of sanitised politically correct bollocks, carefully phrased to avoid alienating the very cunts who are the enemies of fathers in the first fucking place…. no prizes for guessing why I started writing THIS shit, because THIS shit is the sort of thing I NEEDED to see and be aware of….

There IS no Justice, just US…. to quote a tee shirt I owned many years ago.

Nor is there ever going to BE any justice, not in the present regime, nor will there be any in the NEXT fucking regime, as long as it has troughs where the usual suspects can feed off the State nipple.

F4J cannot work, because it is trying to work with the professional child abusers in the system, nor is a Basque/ETA style terrorist campaign going to work, because most go to prison and after 20 years the guys at the top sell out to the establishment, like the IRA, so the only thing that works is stop participating in and financially supporting the fucking system that wants to fuck you, passive disobedience Ghandi style if you want to be above the radar (the martyr’s option), passive disobedience MGTOW/ghost style if you want to be below the radar (the survivors option)

There aren’t any other options, life just ain’t fair, to win, first you have to survive and maintain your ability to act and adapt so you can survive some more… fair doesn’t come into it.

The skank ho in the daily fail story above is an example of a skank ho who hasn’t seen the writing on the wall and still thinks she can play the precious princess card as long as she has a cunt and is fuckable, but for every one of her, there are others, wimminz her age and younger, who have been thrown on the scrapheap and used as cannon fodder, exactly like men, but who because they ARE wimminz and so naturally not as endowed with the survival gene, get a much rougher time of it.

I can introduce you to skank ho sluts barely out of their teens, who fucking HATE their mothers, and to a lesser extent their fathers for not standing up to their mothers and being MEN, they will tell you mummy knows the score and doesn’t give a fuck, and daddy, well daddy is in denial, he knows but can’t admit it to himself, because then he would have to act, and he is too scared to do that shit because it is life changing, and anyway, what’s in it for him?, He’s already been robbed of his little girl…. she is now a whore / porn slut / burnout.

If you think it is tough for a man / father to pick him self up, dust him self off, and get on with life, spare a thought for these young girls who get it… they don’t have the years of life experience behind them, but they do have porntube videos of them doing 5 guys at once for money, and now they can quit all drugs and alcohol and other anaesthetics to life, and try to rebuild something in a world slowly going to hell in a handcart…. and if you talk to them you notice a funny thing… some of them are smart, smart enough to hide how smart they are from the world, and their social circle, and go into survival mode, just like a man.

Now, I am not saying NAWALT about these young sluts, but it would be a mistake to just lump all wimminz into one homogenous lump of misandry, some of them get it, and some of them, can make (literal) strange bedfellows in adversity… in the west conditions are right, and getting “righter”, to bring about again the olden way in which young wimminz sought out much older men to be their masters and owners.

Do, for fuck’s sake, make sure the slut is at least 21 years of age before you fuck them, in the UK the age of consent is 16, unless there can be shown that the man has some position of authority (eg a teacher or step dad) over them, in which case it is 18, and it is called grooming, and even if you fuck them at 18 but have known them since they were 17 and three quarters, it will still be called grooming, so no contact unless they are 21, which by any standard anywhere in the world is a legal adult, do have all that good shit in the cloud archived forever, and do not ever sink into love or equals or any other that crap, they want a master, an owner, someone who can tell them what to do and teach them shit (so you see why this is a slam dunk for “grooming” if they are under 21, EVEN IF SHE MADE ALL THE RUNNING) and above all be that manly father figure that they never had…. and don’t kid yourself that they won’t grow out of it or that you will not be dying alone….. this is about making hay while the fucking sun shines…. survival does not have to be grim, don’t be like Richard in the F4J story, be a MAN and enjoy the ride like the guy sat on the bomb in Dr Strangelove.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because I am the coldest most calculating survivalist bastard in the whole fucking valley… and that makes me the most alpha, teen cunt magnet you ever saw… lol

July 21, 2012

I reject any group that rejects me

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No, I’m not just talking about the wimminz…

I am what I am, in frank and open face to face discussions with someone last night they said that all my comments (that they had seen) on the Spearhead and MGTOWforums were consistent from a “guess the writers personality perspective” and all of them I identified myself with a link back to this place, which contains a far greater volume of “output” which is again consistent with the comments left in other places (FRS etc) which is again consistent with other stuff I have done in various noms de plume online in various places since 2000 at the latest.

As was said to my face, “You may not be to everyone’s taste, but you can at least get a handle on who you are, and to be fair while nobodys online persona is exactly equal to their real life persona, in your case it is a fairly accurate, for the small slice of you it represents, and every time I have seen someone meet you in RL who knew you online they all had the same reaction, there are a lot more sides to this guy than the online version of him

Which was interesting and took some digesting, so I asked what it was, from their perspective, that caused me to eventually say fuck it and drift away from various online MRM sites.

The response was NOT what I was expecting.

Leaving out the names and identities, this is what it was;

This site is run by a wimminz, who is basically using it as a shop window for her job, this site is run by a lawyer, this site and this site and this site are all run by divorced dads who got screwed in court, but they all have daughters…

… and you know, THAT had not occurred to me, *I* thought it was just a case of having heard all they had to say, as you see from the sidebar on the right, I said all I had to say and then ended with the new stuff… THIS stuff here is just random musings and crap, but the stuff on the right sidebars is what this blog is really all about, a fucking survival guide.

A commenter on the previous thread about this subject said that he had noticed that a lot of these sites, wimminz like, seek consensus on a topic, rather than being content with diversity.

Here is a solid example, the person who I was discussing this with is anti eastern europeans, not because of what they are, not because of where they are from, just the ones coming HERE and ignoring all the laws that bind us and taking us to the cleaners as a country.

I myself am seen by many as anti jew, not because of what they are or where they are from, but because like wimminz they are a protected species legally, and the fact is in many financial circles the jewish community has more influence than proportional representation would account for…

I am not racist, because I can and do say the EXACT same thing about fucking lawyers in politics, but because one “influence group” is lawyers I can say it out loud, because another is jewish and another is wimminz, I cannot say it out loud without being labelled a racist and accused of hate speech.

So, the guy who is anti eastern europeans, and me, the anti jew, disagree with each others viewpoints, but neither feels the need to convert the other, we instead focus on what we have in common.

If either one of us rejected the other persons right to have a DIFFERENT, BUT CONSISTENT viewpoint, we would not be friends…

Which brings us back to certain posters (no names and no pack drill) on other sites, I don’t have a problem with them having a DIFFERENT viewpoint, I call them out when their stated viewpoint is INCONSISTENT.

For example, I have a mate who staunchly believes that NAWALT, he accepts that the majority are, but he reckons there are exceptions to be found.

But, he is consistent in that he realises that the reason he can’t actually find a NAWALT wimminz in the flesh is because the legal landscape is weighted so heavily that it would take a NAWALT woman of literally inhuman levels of integrity and self control to refuse ALL the advantages offered by the law, for 40 fucking years straight… the analogy being can you resist being a thief is everyone leaves cash on the car dashboard and open windows, and the laws of the land state that you will never actually be prosecuted if you do steal any… can you resist that, for 40 years straight?

The above consistency is why he accepts that the Not All Men Are Like That argument when some man is in the news for doing something evil, cannot be directly transferred to Not All Wimminz Are Like That, because the legal environment for men and wimminz is just so different.

What holds true for the law on cruelty to a pet dog does not apply to cruelty to a pet cockroach.

I can kill your pet cockroach and the law will not touch me.

So we got back to the subject of consensus vs diversity, and I asked my friend if I was the outsider / outlier in these websites collection of commentators because I was an FRA.
(False rape accused)

Nope, they said, you’re an outsider because you are an FRA survivor, and the important bit there is not the FRA bit, but the survivor bit.

I asked them to explain.

Listen mate,” they said, “I’ve known you what, 30 fucking years now? So, you’re a guy who when he starts out to do something either gives it 100% or says fuck it, can’t be assed, if it is one of those things you give 100% on 100% means 100%, no holding back, no reserve, if it can be done you get it done… and I’ve seen you go through some hard times too, and I’m not talking divorce and shit, remember when the SHTF, like that time in xxxxx when xxxxxx happened and the xxxx looked at you afterwards and said ‘snake eyes’ and it wasn’t really a compliment, because you didn’t dive in…

Yeah, I said, I remember that.

so..” he continues “… you do that ‘snake eyes’ shit back home on the street too dude, in day to day life, you don’t see it because to you it is just one day when you say “take this job and stick it up your ass” but your mates do see it, we are on the outside looking in, it’s still ‘snake eyes’ at work, just the stakes are smaller so you don’t see it

Hmm, maybe you’re right

Dude” he says “You never wondered why lots of guys start to get close to you and then one day just go all distant?

Now you mention it, I have noticed it, but some people are just like that.

No dude” he says “I’ve been there and seen it, remember when xxxx looked at you and said ‘snake eyes’ and afterwards he avoided you… ‘snake eyes’ is them seeing that when push comes to shove you will dump their ass, no warning, the instant you become a negative in your life

I protested, strongly, actually I told him to fuck off I’m a damn good mate who never lets a mate down

I know” he said “you’re my mate, but think back, xxxx was never your mate, he was just one of the guys, happy to kick back when you were giving 100% and taking the load… dude, just look at you watching one of those five people stranded somewhere and need to trek out to safety films, every fucking time you say “shoot the asshole and dump the body” about the character that could pull their weight but doesn’t and is instead a burden on the others… that’s the ‘snake eyes’ dude, you’d cut your own throat in a heartbeat so save your own kids a broken bone, but only if you could guarantee it would work, when you’re faced with a no-win situation like back in xxxx or your divorce you just go snake eyes and say fuck it and walk away stone cold motherfucker, you aren’t pretending to be hard, you just change your “to do” list and walk the fuck away…. ‘snake eyes’ that’s what scares people about you dude, always has, because you’re a survivor, push comes to shove and you just drop everything that isn’t survival to you.

Gotta confess, by now I am not feeling too good about this, and say as much.

They laugh their ass off, and say “That Eric asshole, you know why he hates your fucking guts, because even over the fucking internet he knows you’re the ‘Bad Boy’ and come to that so do these sluts you keep getting over the internet, sure, you can sit there dressed like a citizen and act like a citizen and talk like a citizen, but everyone who meets you soon knows you’re the bad boy

I protest and deny this, I am a NICE guy.

Sure, you are,” he says “but you are ALSO the bad boy, always have been dude.. look at you, fucking fifties and you have a workshop with a couple of motorcycles in it that’s a third of the floor area of your house, you have a fuck off giant tv, fuck off classic stereo, classic car, people want to BE you, because everyone who meets you knows you can go ‘snake eyes’ and tell someone to stick their job up their ass, and still fucking live the same lifestyle… you any idea how many people out there dream of being able to do that…

I still protest, even if these things are true, it doesn’t make me sound like a nice guy.

Dude” he says “you are NOT a nice guy, what you are is a STRAIGHT guy, does what it says on the tin guy, that’s a different kind of nice… every time in the 30 plus years I have known you that you fucked up was without exception when you buried the ‘snake eyes’ and made a deliberate effort to be ‘a nice guy’… look what that got you, your ex, who you would otherwise have dumped after 4 weeks after that xxx incident…..

That was what was circulating around my subconcious last night while I slept.
(that’s the only reason I put it here, because without the background the last para doesn’t make much sense)

Is this the basis for the Eric(a)’s of this world, the inconsistent NAWALT adherents, some deep seated programming that alters the definition of “nice” from what I am to what I hope to be, and did I just hope to be that thing in the expectation or belief that being “nice” would get me a good woman?

How deep does this socio-linguistic rabbit hole go?

So I just looked up the etymology of the word “nice”

nice (adj.) late 13c., “foolish, stupid, senseless,” from O.Fr. nice “silly, foolish,” from L. nescius “ignorant,” lit. “not-knowing,” from ne- “not” (see un-) + stem of scire “to know” (see science).

Just goes to show, never too fucking old to learn….

Eric(a) and Keyster et al surely are nice guys… now I know what nice actually means… and sat here thinking, what sort of asshole would aspire to be nice.


July 16, 2012

Oh won’t you take me on a, sea cruise.. ooh ee baby

I dunno that wimminz are intrinsically hard wired to be baser than men, but men are certainly hard wired to give each other a hard time for failing to live up to the standards of the day.

Back when I was a kid and there were no fat bastards visible in school photographs, you had the odd kid in every year who was a little overweight, that kid was always “fatso” or some variation on this, and then when there was National Service the fat kid was the one who couldn’t get over the wall on the obstacle course, and as a result received a ton of abuse from everyone else.

Fatso lost weight, because as Corporal Marsh (“My name is Corporal Marsh, that is spelt B-A-S-T-A-R-D!“) used to say, they were no fat bastards in Belsen, genetics my hairy ass.

So we went from men who ran away to sea for the Battle of Jutland in WW1, who were re-enlisted into the wavy navy and torpedoed (and sank) THREE separate fucking times on the Murmansk run on tankers in WW2, and lived to tell the tale, whose five kids were ALL in the services in WW2, who come home from one torpedoing to be handed a white fucking feather by some skank ho cunt within 24 hours of getting back on dry land. (this is an actual true story)

Because you see much of the “men moderating other men’s behaviour” was still very much in play, snapping the skank ho cunts neck, which she richly deserved, would have resulted in his own demise at the hands of other men.

But, post WW2, millions of men came home to countries that discarded them, in the USA some of these guys said fuck it, bought surplus sidevalve harleys and formed what later became bike clubs.

Lots of those who came back in the UK found wives who were pregnant with other men’s kids, those in protected trades, civil servants, and other men home on leave from the front.

And then the rot really set in, when all the commies and socialists established themselves in the Technical Colleges and Universities, and they themselves gave rise to the whole socialist teacher thing, who gave rise so socialist students, who themselves became teachers, and everyone turned into a bleeding heart pansy.

Men’s moderation of other men’s behaviour was increasingly curtailed, as was women’s moderations of young wimminz behaviour, and then along came the contraceptive pill.

Men’s role and ability to instil discipline and order within their own homes and families was steadily eroded, if we brought back 1950’s style National Service now, instead of one fat bastard who couldn’t get over the wall on the obstacle course, there would be one slim bastard who could, and everyone else would be suing Corporal Marsh for abusing them and making them cry like the babies they are.

Saying “No, we don’t have the fucking money for you to have your own new car, go to the hairdressers every week, your own store card and three fucking foreign holidays a year” is now considered such serious “abuse” that it is worthy of divorce and loss of all your assets and children, but you still get to pay.

Last week on PoF some rode hard 40 year old psycho skank ho says to me that she is looking for a rich man to spend all his money on her, I laugh and say meanwhile back in the real fucking world…. fuck it, even if I was interested in paying for it I could get three 16 year old sluts for what this 40 year old slut would expect me to spend on her, what with her acquired tasted and elevated self worth.

Meanwhile there is a link on Zerohedge to a guy who lived through the Bosnian thing commenting in a preppers forum, talking about a tin of corned beef buying wives and daughters for a couple of hours, a bic lighter being worth more than an ounce of gold, and a car battery being worth two rifles and some ammo… of yeah, and a bar of soap and antibiotics worth so much they were never traded for anything, ever, because they really were life and death possessions.

Oh yeah, if ANYONE else thought you had a stash, you got dead real quick.

Without fucking exception, guys who have lived through this shit all say the same fucking two things;

1/ TSHTF *real* soon after everyone started saying everything was all right now and we were past the worst of it.

2/ Today’s enemies were yesterday’s friends.

So today in summer 2012 in the western world there is more debt floating around than you can possibly imagine, so much debt that simply wiping 90% of it out still won’t balance the books, so we really have two fucking options.

1/ Wipe the debt out TOTALLY, which means simply erasing all currencies and banks worldwide. Game over.

2/ Don’t wipe the debt out, which means a mixture of indentured servitude, Weimar republic style devaluation, and something to replace commerce in the interim, e.g. nationalisation of assets and then war and seizure of assets.

Economists have known for decades that a married man with a stay at home wife raising the kids is more productive (production includes consumption, it is nett) than a divorced dad or single man PLUS a single mum, for starters it is one home to run…

Plus those of us old enough to remember a different way are now at or approaching retirement age, I may still be able to work a modern 20 year old man into the ground, but I am not a patch on what I used to be, so the only way out is to offer me the Master (/Apprentice) role in charge of a bunch of young men, who, unless I can be Corporal Marsh will just cry and run away.

Those who are prepared to put up with Corporal Marsh are the young guns, the young MGTOW, they know the fucking score, but assholes to you if you think they are going to share the fruits of their labour with anyone else, especially wimminz…. why share when a tin of out of date corned beef will get you any wimminz you like for a couple of hours…

If you don’t have a TRADE, a SKILL, such as mechanic, plumber, carpenter, medic, road builder, electrician, etc, then you are just going to be cannon fodder along with the buggy whip makers and nail technicians and hairdressers.


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