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June 13, 2013

Dirty Love

Well, I was reminded again today of one of the truisms of wimminz.

You can sell anything you want to a wimminz, just promise instant gratification in return for the money.

When it comes to something valuable, eg me, it is a different story, because a wimminz has to work for that by suppressing all her psycho skank ho hamster wheel hysteria, and as well all know, that’s about as likely as her getting fried snow.

So, a specific wimminz in question, who could have had me as a good buddy, but who couldn’t resist being a cunt, no longer has me in her life, and her solution, more beta cock of course.

The bit MOST guys don’t get is this, if she HAD me in her life, then she already HAS that, right, so no need to put any effort in to THAT SHIT, keep your eye on the shit you ain’t got and go chasing after that.

The MRM tends to call this “hypergamy”, it ain’t, sure you have all seen two small kids on the ground playing, one wants whatever toy the other has, and grabs it, other kids picks up another toy, first kid instantly loses all interest in the toy they just grabbed, and now want the next one.

It is, in short, fucking infantile.

But anyway, was chatting about this particular skank today to an old sometime acquaintance who was all sex and drugs and rock and roll back in the day, usually off his face on stage and off, and he was saying that of course back then he KNEW he was a fucking sex god, and one day years later he met one of the regular groupies, who informed him quite gently that he wasn’t all that in bed, and it dawned on him she was telling the truth, he thought he was, but that was the drugs, fucking on acid is quite the experience for the one tripping.. as I know well enough.

Which brought us to wimminz and their reality distortion field, where facts are ignore and feeewings become the truth, morning after regrets even though you were gagging for it the night before, that’s rape then innit.

Which troubles him somewhat, because of the current fad of historical sex crime allegations against faded celebs, if it’s the 70’s and you’re whacked on acid in bed, and some young chick walks in naked apart from the joint she is holding, you don’t ask yourself what’s next to the moon, or even if she is underage, and you certainly don’t want to be thinking about her, or any of the others, 40 fucking years later, shades of Mandy Smith and a certain rocker.

See, back then we had to DELIBERATELY imbibe mind altering chemicals in order to fuck up our perception of reality, and when the drugs wore off, reality kicked back in… whereas wimminz, it’s like they have a permanent IV drip of acid and ludes, and when you start to look at things in that light, much if not all female behaviour starts to make sense.

This morning my job took me to a supermarket, so there I am at the customer service desk with a trolley full of high tech kit, paging the site/store manager, and this old cunt who was before me getting a refund on a half empty 1 litre bottle of milk that had gone off…. I shit you not… just stands there looking at my trolley, which I have my hand on, as it contains about 25k worth of kit, and says “excuse me” in a tone of voice and with a look on her face that made what could have been a polite and civil request anything but polite or civil.

See, her problem was, my trolley was on her chosen direct line out of the store, of course she COULD have simply walked around the single palette of “on offer” shit, but no, that ain’t good enough for the crusty cunt, she wanted me to move the trolley so she could walk in a direct line, so I answered her, “yeah?” and she says “I want to get past“, to which I replied (and I am concious I am at work… albeit not in a uniform, just a shirt and tie) “I’m not stopping you” to which she says “I want to go THAT way“, to which I replied, point at the palette of crap “and you can’t walk around that?” to which she says “no

So I smiled at the crusty old cunt and said “That’s too bad, I guess you’ll have to stand there till I’m done then.” but I looked at her with that mugger’s whatyagotinyapursegranny look.

And teh two wimminz, both in their sixties, behind the customer service counter both smiled at me, not because I didn’t back down to the old cunt, but because they were in uniform and had to eat her shit and refund the price of a full litre of milk for a half empty bottle that prolly hadn’t been refrigerated but had nowt else wrong with it, but an entitled old cunt like that is gonna be trouble if she ain’t made haaaaapy, an impossible task anyway.

She wasn’t on drugs or anything, just an old cunt that thought she was entitled to special treatment anywhere she went, in exchange for merely existing.

The thing I fucked and dumped because of her attitude (e.g. a lack of respect for me) that has moved back on to the beta cock carousel, that was just a younger version of the old cunt in the supermarket, and frankly even with the literally anything I want sexually attitude, and daily gym visits to keep the body toned, it was getting past it’s sell by date.

This is I think why old wimminz like cats, no dog, except a rat lapdog, would put up with an owner with a shit attitude like that, not in silence anyway..lol


listen to the lyrics, always was a fave song..


October 2, 2012



It’s a fucked up word to use for cunt, and only manginas and niggerz do it, so start training yourself… here’s how.

“Pussy” is a soft and sweet word, which evokes thoughts of cute furry kittens (ugh) and nice and friendly etc, as well as the obvious cunt connotations.
Start, both in your head and out loud, mis-pronouncing it, not as PUH-SEE, but as PUS-Y, something that exudes pus, which is actually a pretty damn good and accurate description when it comes down to it.

Fact is, as the old saw goes, you just can’t trust something that bleeds every 28 days, but doesn’t die… but the real point here is that it is a red pill red flag… so… things to avoid in wimminz…

  1. Wimminz who refer to the cunt as pussy
  2. Wimminz who wear big hoopy earrings
  3. Wimminz who wear red nail varnish
  4. Wimminz with asymetric or short hairstyles
  5. the list in fucking endless

But the good news is there are some things to look out for as positives

  1. Wimminz who refer to the cunt as cunt
  2. Wimminz who wear studs or nothing in their ears
  3. Wimminz who wear very dark nail varnish
  4. Wimminz with longer or symmetric hair
  5. the list isn’t very much longer

But right up there at #1 is wimminz (and indeed anyone else) who use the word pussy when talking about cunt… it was OK for Richard Pryor to use the word pussy in films in the 1980’s, because it was films in the 1980’s, now it is the 2010’s and we see and hear the word every day in films and video, so there is no excuse.cunt-juice

Pussy Riot…. nah, Cunt Riot… much more apt….

“Safe sex” is another one, never trust a wimminz who insists on condoms, it’s really all about control for them, and sex with a condom is like taking a bath with your clothes on, you can do it, but what’s the fucking point… same bitch who demands “safe sex” will give you a blowjob and swallow your load, so any diseases you may have get in that way, it ain’t “safe”… similarly there are a squillion and one female contraceptives out there, so be very clear on the fact that it is all about control for the wimminz….  and fuck leaving your sperm around for her to impregnate herself with after you are gone, you are leaving your SEXUAL ACTIVITY DNA around for her to do with as she pleases later… this is another reason for never cumming anywhere except INSIDE a wimminz body, never over her face / tits etc… that gives a pure sample.

Lots of wimminz are going to be doing lots of doubling down as the economy starts to tank, and they will play every card in the fucking book… using the word CUNT instead of pussy marks you out to them as a much less helpless potential mugging victim.



August 13, 2012

Paedo love

Following on from yesterday’s True love post.

NOTA BENE – I have deliberately chosen a tough and emotive subject. Not for any reason other than it is a tough and emotive subject, which makes it a very strong test of the logic of anything I say now.

When I say “paedo” above I do not mean the accusation leveled at men in family court in order to gain a non-molestation order and sole custody of the kids, nor do I mean older people having sex with younger people who are above the age of consent, neither do I mean those who find those who are sexually mature but below the age of consent attractive.

Specifically, I am talking about a subset of those who find pre-pubescent kids sexually attractive, and the subset I am talking about is the one that actually fucks those kids.

(Nota bene, I did not say “men”, because just as many are wimminz)

I make this clarification not so much to make a point of using the correct definition for a word, but to make sure we all know exactly what we are talking about, adults who fuck small children, for values of small children meaning under 10 years old.

Got that?

Do you think that said paedo can look at themselves in the mirror and feel either;

  1. the same thing YOU feel when you look in the mirror
  2. fear loathing disgust hate etc

Now this is a critical thinking test, are you able to separate your feelings for paedos from the quite separate question being asked here, the question of self perception.

I hope so, because if the claims about the prevalence of paedos and rapists are true then every single day paedos and rapists are making major life changing decisions on your behalf, the air traffic controller, the hospital blood lab tech, the 911 dispatcher, the insulin vendor, the insurance adjuster, the tax collector…

If you are capable of this piece of critical thinking, you’ll see that the answer to the question above is #1

The question of whether the person looking in the mirror sees someone who does wrong / bad things and hurts others is quite the separate question.

Human nature is to deny this, methinks the lady doth protest too much, as the victim of a malicious FRA I might want to think that my mental processes have nothing whatsoever in common with those of my psycho skank ho ex who made the FRA against me, I might want to think that, but it isn’t true.

I have far more in common with her, on the level of mental processes, that I have to differentiate between us… to be sure, those small differences are very important, but they don’t change the fact that most of my mental processes and hers are alike.

Critical thinking, it has to be so, or all these deviants like paedos and my psycho skank ho ex would self terminate, the fact that they don’t is proof that when they look in the mirror, what they feel isn’t that far from what you or I feel.

The stuff they don’t like, well, that is easy explained away by externalizing everything, in my psycho skank ho ex’s case everything will be my fault, and the fault of every other man she has ever known… in the case of the paedo it will also be externalized in exactly the same way.

And this, my friends, is the point of this little piece of critical thinking, the OUTCOMES may be different in the case of a paedo fucking a ten year old, my psycho skank ho ex making an FRA against me, and me deciding not to pay out on a bet I lost that my car was faster than yours down the strip, but the MENTAL PROCESSES are the same.

Here is another piece of critical thinking, does it matter to you if you get back to your car and the stereo is still in it, because;

  1. I did not steal it because it is morally wrong and do unto others etc
  2. I did not steal it because I don’t want to get caught and convicted and pay the consequences

It *might* matter if you know me personally, #1 makes me more suitable as a friend, but other wise?

Let’s go back to the paedo, but this time we are talking about the paedo that has the urges, but refuses to act on them, does it matter to you if;

  1. your kid is safe because the paedo knows that to act on those urges would be wrong and would injure an innocent child
  2. your kid is safe because the paedo doesn’t want to do 20 to life

Sure, tough question, because to answer it you have to question a whole load of basic stuff about YOUR life, because what you really want is a third option, where the paedo is segregated from society at birth, because that option means you do not have to analyse your own mental processes… you just want to look in the mirror like me and be OK with what you see.

So now we have two examples, (three if you include the FRA) the car stereo thief and the paedo, and while we WANT to separate these two as widely as possible, as we can see, the same mental processes and choices are present in both…. do I refrain because it is just plain wrong, or do I refrain because it will cost me personally?

Clearly, as I have discussed previously in standards, we all got em, re the porn sluts, relying on people refraining from doing bad stuff because it is just wrong doesn’t get us very far, because there are enough out there with enough different standards that sooner or later your path is going to cross someone who has wildly different standards to you.

They will do stuff that will hurt you, but to them, genuinely, they have done nothing wrong.

Enter codified and standard penalties and punishments.

Are you now driving 20 in a 20 limit because it is safer for the pedestrian if you should have an accident, or because you don’t want the fine and ticket and insurance increase?

Probably, like most humans, a bit of both, and the amount of each varies from day to day, but overall you always stay on this side of the line.

Go back to the car stereo thief and paedo, probably, in most cases, a bit of both, a varying amount each day, but overall they stay this side of the line.

Once you indulge in this bit of critical thinking, and grep that it is the MENTAL PROCESSES that we all share in common that are at work here, you are ready for the next step.

Quantitatively and qualitatively, it is much worse for society and the individuals concerned, if one paedo is pushed over the line from restraint to action, than if a car stereo thief is pushed over the line from restrain to action…. but at the MENTAL PROCESS level, it is the same thing, just a push from this state to this state, from the range 0.0 to 0.49, into the range from 0.5 to 1.0, the binary 0 to 1, from inaction to action, from did not to did.

You will probably object, how dare I compare jacking a stereo to raping a kid, which is a straw man argument, because the whole point is that I am not doing this… jacking the stereo and raping the kid are actions that take place after the binary shift from 0 to 1, I’m talking about what makes the binary shift in MENTAL PROCESSES from 0 to 1

200 years ago you would have been asking what the fuck I was on about, if I was discussing rape in the same breath as an adult being in a sexual relationship with a 12 year old, because the latter was quite legal..

The proof of what I am saying lies in the simple fact that making an FRA is now so routine that police do not even prosecute, except in the most egregious cases, eg where they themselves have been made to look like complete assholes by the FRA claimant.

Once this (bearing false witness) was considered a terrible crime, there is no commandment that thou shalt not have sex with 15 year olds, or 17 year olds if you are their teacher…

How to you create a set of circumstances that will promote the binary shift from 0 to 1 in MENTAL PROCESSES with regards to ;

  1. jacking stereos
  2. raping children
  3. making FRAs

The answers are of course quite simple, because we human being aren’t really that complex, and we don’t really think a lot about stuff before choosing an action

  1. make the penalties for jacking a stereo lower than the benefits to the potential thief, so create an environment where a stereo = a couple of small rocks of crack.
  2. make the definition of children ambiguous, by sexualising children as young as possible, kiddies beauty pageants, whores outfits for 6 year olds, padded brassieres for 8 year olds, and sidelining and ignoring all the quiet kids, while removing the traditional protections, the father of the household
  3. reward those who make them while emasculating those who they are made against
  4. In all of the above, the more you can make it happen, the more common you can make it, the easier it is to get the next person to flip that switch from 0 to 1, after all, everyone else is doing it…

So, here I sit….

False accused of rape, domestic violence, of wanting to fuck my own flesh and blood kids up the ass.

see above, two forces, 1 it’s morally wrong, 2 I get punished

If ever anything was going to push a man to cross a line it is the above, and yet I did nothing, not even enough for her to go to the police and claim fear… but, if you think that because the above accusations and the consequences of them were not enough to push me from 0 to 1 in the MENTAL PROCESSES that turn inaction from action in this case, then no changes were made in my mental processes, you would be totally wrong.

Not merely totally wrong, but FATALLY wrong, should your continued existence or welfare depend upon me making the “right” decision or doing the “right” thing.

If you think the changes made in other areas of my mental processes were to push thresholds closer to the boundary between action and inaction, you would also be totally wrong… it has pushed me the other way… MGTOW’s do not “see” wimminz and kids being mugged and raped and abused.

Now, if you have been able to control your revulsion at the subject matter, and follow the critical thinking, we are finally at the meat and potatoes of this post.

Asking me to go back to being a citizen, because it was all a big misunderstanding, a temporary blip of feminazi insanity, and frankly the world desperately needs engineers like yourself right now, write your own cheque… is gonna fall on stony fucking ground.

I cannot CTRL-Z undo the changes in my mental processes any more than a car stereo jacker can walk past a car with a top of the range Blaupunkt fitted and not see it, or a paedo can walk past a tots beauty pageant and not see the posters outside advertising it.

I must stress this analogy, all three examples above are examples of INACTION, things were seen, “opportunities” (whether right or wrong) were noted, and inaction was selected over action, the inaction potentials exceeded and overwhelmed the action potentials.

In a world that focuses on ACTION potentials, inaction potentials are the ash that chokes the fire.

I am no more likely than I was 5 years ago to rape my girlfriend, to beat her, to fuck my own kids up the ass, not just a case of binary 0 still being binary 0, but to three significant places 0.002 is now 0.001 and so far away from the 0.4999 tipping / rounding point as to be meaningless, approaching zero so closely as to be zero.

However, I am now binary 0 (inaction) where I abso-fucking-lutely would have been and indeed was binary 1 (action) where it comes to protecting my psycho skank ho ex from harm, and that has been extended to the secret family courts, police, and indeed wimminz and niggerz and the state in general.

And that should fucking terrify you, because though I say so myself, my personality and experiences and abilities made me one of those men who could get shit done, whatever the odds.

Shades of this ongoing story


All I see when I read the series of articles about this developing story is that I have yet to see a single mention of the dead girl’s biological father, or his thoughts and feelings… but I can guess the backstory.. and at the end of the day it was a girl killed, not a boy, so no big deal in the great scheme of things.

Just as the right thinking tend to reject everything about paedos, including denial of the 99% of mental processes that we share with all human beings, paedos included, the wimminz and niggerz will reject with horror everything I say here, and everything I am and everything I stand for, but I share 99% of mental processes with them.

That 1%, that wasn’t where I accepted responsibility for my own actions and deeds, I always did that, the really significant portion of that 1% is the bit where I “manned up” and accepted responsibility for the false and malicious allegations of my psycho skank ho ex, and the actions of the secret family courts, police, state, all of whom were following their own personal advancement agendas.

I manned up and smelled the fucking coffee and decided, inaction potential win the day;




Hope ya’ll like the bed you’ve made for yourselves, because you’ve utterly alienated those who could pull your balls out of the fire, and when I say “alienated” I mean I will listen to your pleas and entreaties after the last paedo has their wishes granted.

May 5, 2012

Quick reference card for PoF etc

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Here, by request, is a quick reference card for the wimminz.

Ignore it at your peril.



Kinky Slut

Run away

Nail varnish

None / Clear

Black / Dark



None / Clear




None/ Small

Small & >1 per ear

Big / Hoopy / Dangly







1 nipple / tongue

Cunt / Face / 2 nips / belly


Long classical

Medium length

Short / pigtail / bangs / lopsided cut


Estate agent / Sales

Nurse / Manager / Carer

Social / Cop / Teacher


Dog / Fish

Dog / Rabbit / Hamster

Horse / Cat / Birds / small dogs


Not fussy

Loves rock

Hates rock


Classic and cheap

Non driver

People carrier / sports / jap bike

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