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July 18, 2012

Cause and effect, a clue by four…

It’s something I see ALL THE TIME, not cause an effect, but the masses of people confusing the two.

Wimminz emancipation and elevation and misandry in the western world?

Do you think that is a cause, or an effect?

Heroic victim status skank ho single mummy battling violent abusive deadbeat daddy endlessly through the court system?

Do you think that is a cause, or an effect?

Picture said psycho skank ho single mummy, then picture the legion of “professionals” that surround her, people who work as cops, courts staff, lawyers, social services, child services, shrinks, local authority housing, state handouts, etc etc.

Is said pycho skank ho single mummy the STOCK IN TRADE, the ASSET, the PRODUCT of that legion, or the general in charge of that legion?

FACT – In my own FRA / secret family court case, every single person involved was mainly concerned with maximising the amount of billable hours, and therefore maximising the time they kept their snouts in the public purse trough.

Let me put it another way, with an analogy.

One one side you have a whole slew of corrupt and lying financial types (just pop over to Zerohedge) and on the other side you have fucking idiots taking out 100% interest only homeloans and getting into negative equity with the live now, pay later, home as an ATM thing.

Now, I will be the last one to portray said underwater “home owner” as a victim, they are a stupid shit who deserves everything they get, however, the fact is the financial industry REQUIRED a seemingly endless supply of stupid shits, so it marketed the fuck out of everyone to mold/create the kind of stupid shits it required, from the raw stock of stupid shits.

How is this, in effect, any different from my psycho skank ho ex?

Sure, she pointed the gun at me and kept pulling the trigger, but she did not make the gun or ammo, or buy it, or anything else, rather it was those who would profit by her pointing the gun at me and pulling the trigger that made sure she had a gun, made sure she know how to pull the trigger, made sure she believed that she would be both immune from prosecution herself, and better off herself, by pulling that trigger.

She is no more a “victim” than those stupid shits who signed up for liar loans for their McMansions, because like them she walked into it of her own free will.

HOWEVER, she, like the liar loans assholes, were certainly sold a bill of goods.

My psycho skank ho ex is, in reality, significantly worse off, with much poorer future prospects, now that I am out of her life, however, she is, just like those in negative equity, fucking angry, because the reality on the ground is that in many ways her life is as crap as it was BEFORE I came along (before the liar loan for the Mc Mansion came along) and so she will remain angry, and wanting someone to pay.

Of course those expert are marketing and creating demand for their “services” are just as adept at deflecting that anger away from themselves, and stoking it, to retain an ongoing profitable relationship with that user, with that PRODUCT.


“Follow the fucking money” has long been a truism… my psycho skank ho ex hasn’t seen an extra penny from anyone…. despite being the hired gun, she never got any payment from the shooting.

WHY do you think the first thing the lawyers do is impose a Scientology like ring of steel around the wimminz, around the product, so that there is absolutely no form of simple verbal face to face communication permitted between the hired gun and the designated target of the day?

The fucking worst thing that can happen is the violent abusive deadbeat dad gets to ask her questions such as these…

So really any remedy to the situation we face in the west can’t be found by dealing with the wimminz, any more than any remedy to the financial situation can be found by dealing with the stupid shits who signed up for liar loans for their McMansions.

Hopefully, by now, you are way ahead of me, and thinking “drugs”, “users” and “pushers”.

From the dealers perspective, everything that does not limit their activities is good, because the very least it does is act as a smokescreen / camouflage.

From the dealers perspective, drugs and users are the product, and marketing will always ensure an endless supply.

From the dealers perspective, the more divisions and strife there are between users and non-users, the better, as it makes marketing cheaper, and saps the energy of and diverts the efforts of non-users away from themselves.


The rich irony here is this…

If you could be a fly on the wall while all those “professionals” who dealt with my own secret family court case are sat having coffee and lunch in between whatever cases they are working today, I abso-fucking-lutely-guaran-fucking-tee, that they will be whining about the “crooks” who manipulated Libor, the crooks who manipulated the Euro and QE, the crooks who manipulated the stock market and devalued their pensions, the crooks who… you get the idea.

The problem is the same, the “dealers” are too tightly enmeshed WITHIN the mechanisms of the State itself to ever allow the passage of any laws that block their own access to the public purse trough.

The MRM will never win against the dealers.

The MRM *cannot* win by staging a battle with the wimminz, because they are just users, and users will never be in short supply.

This is a battle you “win” by being the last man standing, AFTER all the dealers have destroyed each other in a “tragedy of the commons” pursuit of the public purse trough while externalising to that same trough everything that wasn’t personal profit.

You only “win” by being last man standing if you discard, early and often, everyone who does not get it… because as times get tougher, you will be one of the items on the menu, as the dealers look for a convenient diversion.

You can only be last man standing if everyone else thought you were already dead, or beneath notice, while the battle wore on… you only stand up when they have exhausted themselves.

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