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January 9, 2014

Just…. WTF….

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My comments interspersed in red

Jabberwocky asked me to write a bit about my marriage and how it’s been, and I think that’s a fair question, given that I’ve written a lot about marriage, including plenty of criticism as well as attempts to reform the institution. yeah, you reformed the shit outta dat Bill, *NOT*, then, it appears, you went ahead and signed on the dotted line all over again…

He also showed some insight into my character, such as the fact that bachelorhood doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t think that word means what you think it means… This is true. Following my divorce, I avoided women for a few years because I was still recovering from the trauma it caused. there is a difference between hiding, and recovering I think that was a good thing, as it allowed me to focus on my kids and rebuilding my life (as well as building The Spearhead) without drama or distraction. However, by the time I started to feel normal, which happened almost exactly three years after my separation, nature once again took its course, and I met my wife. Yeah, and I “fell” pregnant, and we “ended up” having sex, and I “found myself” mainlining heroin again…

We’re a far better match than my first wife and I were. Given that your view of your relationshit with the ex is 20/20 hindsight, and your relationshit with this new bitch is all crystal ball gazing, just how do you know this? My first wife and I met when we were quite young, and I had this idea that I would be a normal, middle-class guy who could make a family and grow old in peace, then enjoy old age with grandchildren. Yeah, and maybe you thought you’d end up a millionaire with a great career or retire at 35 too, nothing wrong with dreams, and no connection between having dreams and having the shit kicked out of you I idealized that lifestyle because my parents divorced when I was very young, I grew up witnessing a lot of family turmoil, and had a fairly rebellious and unstable adolescence as a result of that. So in other words your first marriage was proof that as an adult you recreate the lessons and lifestyles learned as a child from your parent(s) In my young man’s mind, domestic peace and tranquility, decency, modesty and humility were goals to strive for, perhaps partly in defiance of the chaos of my youth. No, you strive for them because they are the minimum civilised standard, it’s not a fucking goal to aim for, it is the minimum possible acceptable standard, you don’t even think about playing house unless that particular set of ducks is lined up like a motherfucker, with ZERO effort to make it so, or keep it so.

So I married my ex, thinking all would turn out alright if I believed enough and followed the conventional steps. See previous post, I believe Although I had some gnawing doubts from the beginning, so why weren’t they addressed, before you put the noose around your own neck? I figured that since we didn’t argue, a woman in wallet seeking mode argue? she seemed fairly loyal “seemed fairly loyal” WTF??? Bitch better be 100% loyal by any test I can make before we even sit down and the table and discuss fucking playing house, WTF Bill… and we were both healthy, it would work. We had two kids no, she did, even if it is you DNA, she did, and she still has her property, you just pay for it, bitch in quick succession shortly thereafter, and with them this sense of confidence vanished. Why waste any energy on making a convict think they are roaming free on the prairies? It turned out that the reason our relationship had worked before was because it was so easy or it turned out you were so easy to entrap and ensnare and emasculate and our needs so few. Suddenly my ex, despite having decent motherly instincts WTF is this shit, bitch had some puppies, what instincts are needed, none, which is what she had, even ONE decent instinct would have prevented her from separating the kids from their dad, was “not happy.” LRFH Our income was much reduced, LOL the babies were loud, no shit sherlock I realized my pay was a lot lousier than it seemed before (especially for Seattle) your pay was fucking unchanged, you just didn’t do the math, and trouble with the in-laws began to boil over into real resentment. well at least this tells you where her “character” and “qualities” came from, but, did you marry the in-laws too? big mistake right there… Less than a year after my daughter was born I already had the sense that things were not going to turn out well, and you were still the last one to get the joke and within just six months of that it was over. on the contrary, the real purpose of the whole thing was just beginning, cupcake was opening a new “chapter” It was a short marriage. it was also too long, should done the math on your salary, waited to see about loyalty, waited to see about kids, well, assuming any of those choices were yours…. If it were a person, it would have one of those sad little inconspicuous children’s tombstones you see at the cemetery which, despite their humility and small profile, are the most arresting of all. It was a person, several people actually, most of them dysfunctional from the sounds of it. From HER perspective it was the PERFECT marriage.

This time, however, hallelujah brothers and sisters, gather ye around, I have found the fabled NAWALT I found a woman I really like to talk to. I talk to my fucking laptop, doesn’t mean I have to.. oh.. never mind, the stupid is strong in this one Obi One whose interests coincide with mine, RED PILL, oh yes baby I love everything you love.. who enjoys my sense of humor, puke and who says what’s on her mind. bitch doesn’t talk much then? oh, she does talk, so you mean she says what she thinks will get you to treat her as NAWALT, OK, gotcha, wimminz in wallet seeking mode We both have a love of the written word I like readin and ritin 2 and are polyglots, covering five languages between the two of us (actually seven or eight if you use a more liberal interpretation), bet you can’t speak ass raping divorce court legalese “controlling behaviour”, that’s one of the languages she speaks you ain’t aware of yet… which is a lot of fun if you’re into that kind of thing. sure must be fun having a wimminz who can tell you to take the trash out in 5 different languages It doesn’t hurt that she has a lovely figure so far and pretty face cuntstruck…. bah… dunno why I bother with nice brown eyes (I’ve always liked brown-eyed women),no worries man, they’ll go green in time, then luminous rd… just you wait..  but physical attraction is never enough to keep people happy, better get your ass down to the gym then boy, get some tatts, cultivate some aura and start insisting everyone calls you “toecutter” or some such.. what? you weren’t expecting what? oh, you were talking about your attraction to her… I see… nods wisely at dumbass while measuring him up for his next coffin.. despite what some may think, and even the most beautiful women can come to be tiresome. usually about 3 seconds after I have finished emptying my balls into them, just want to chill and have a smoke and a coffee before skating out of there, and the bitch will start nagging and complaining… whaaaat? you’re going? just like that? what about meeeeeeeeeeee????

Another difference is that we openly express disagreement —disagreement my ass, I chastise my bitch, and I do it righteously… fuck them apples..  a lot more than I ever did with my ex. openly expressing disagreement while voluntarily putting your head in the noose again don’t mean shit. This may sound bad to some, but voicing disagreement is communication. that has to be the most limp wristed pathetic pile of shit I have ever heard in my entire fucking born days, MY BODY MY CHOICE ring any bells, your ex bitch sure COMMUNICATED to you when she disagreed with 100% of what you wanted, including seeing and raising your own fucking kids… If there’s a problem, it’s much better to work it out with someone who is willing to argue than someone who will not. If there is a problem, the bitch ain’t listening. If your wife disagrees with you and is not willing or doesn’t care enough to argue about it, guess what? she doesn’t know her place, end of….. Your marriage is in big trouble. Nope, the marriage is fiiine, it is YOU that are in big trouble.. It may already be over.

As for my men’s issues writing, she sometimes disagrees vehemently, no shit sherlock, she is a wimminz and gives me some grief over it, slap the bitch until she learns her place then, which is not to comment on what her man does. but she also agrees with a surprising amount. You bet your ass she does, and it will ALL be used against you in your next divorce The main sticking points are support for mothers, ROTFLMFAO… whoooda thunkit… DANGER will robinson, red pill alert, DEFCON98, ah, wtf, nobody is listening, certainly not billy boy… which I think should be conditional, careful there tiger, don’t wanna get tooo radical and she does not, and that’s your death warrant Bill, only you can’t and won’t see it and whether younger women really are sometimes proper for older men (she scoffs at the idea). She’ll also scoff at some younger cock herself, but that’s OK, she’s  cougar innit… But she isn’t a typical American feminist — not yet, but now she is living in seattle it won’t take long… ignition in 5… 4… she’s a NE European, with a more “Mitteleuropa” cultural sensibility, so some of the craziness of Anglo feminism, hey, but only some of it.. right… such as support for throwing women into battle hey, I’m not greedy, I’ll settle for the gutter.. or demanding that women “lean in” seems absurd and backward to her, at least, that is what she says around you and the opposite of what she’d call progress. Billy boy making the classic mistake, hooking up with a wimminz who ain’t from hereabouts, meanwhile, back where she does hail from, very fucker has a story about her… Someone could probably write a book about the myriad philosophical differences between European and American feminism. 4 legs good, 2 legs bad, cunt good, penis bad… do I collect my royalties now? Interestingly, as a European she’s much more of a moderate on the abortion issue than American feminists, seeing abortion as a negative thing overall, what, she has YET ANOTHER apparent opinion that just so happens to mesh with your own stated views on a given subject,,, wow, better man up and put a ring on that bitch… especially in the context of small peoples like her own, and thinks the 12 week limit, standard in much of Europe, is adequate (it may surprise people to know that American abortion laws are, in general, more liberal than European ones). All in all, we probably agree more than disagree when it comes to sexual politics, sexual politics.. bitch, unless you agree the State has NO place in sex, we disagree, vehemently.. with some notable exceptions. no, no, don’t tell me, domestic abuse and control, domestic violence, sexual abuse, spousal rape, she holds stronger views than you eh…

As for whether she supports me writing about these things, this isn’t really an issue. No, but it will be the instant she files those papers on your ass, then it won’t be an issue, it will be evidence We’re both pretty liberal about allowing each other to express ourselves freely, well how fucking enlightened of you and in any event it’s a form of honest work, so is prostitution, well, more honest than marriage and child support even if it doesn’t pay off all that well (I hope to make some changes in that regard). Hey, nothing changes, same as your first job in your first marriage eh However, if I were writing obscene or otherwise sexually explicit material, you mean like vampires and wolves with huge cocks gangbanging and taping poor innocent little sluts trapped in boring marriages to boring web authors? I think that would probably be a dealbreaker, ain’t nothing a dealbreaker and that’s fine by me — it would be unreasonable to expect a wife to tolerate that when I’d never accept it from her. Except when it comes to misandrist state laws, single mommy support, that sort of thing… uh-huh

Will it last? No. I hope so, you dumb fuck… but part of marriage these days is accepting that you can only do your part. and your part is to be the dumb shit who spends the rest of his life paying for it, so tell me again why you would go anywhere near such a thing, even at gunpoint? Actually, I suspect that’s always been the case. Read Hosea for some Biblical context on the issue. Dysentry was a bitch back then too I’ve come to understand that if someone really wants to go, How about my policy, the bitch isn’t even here in the first fucking place unless THAT is what she wants more than anything else in the world… the best thing you can do for yourself is to play is smart and protect yourself beforehand, but that is neither what you are doing nor advocating let them have their way and keep a philosophical attitude about it. I suppose taking it up the ass eventually gets to be pleasant Bill, I’ll take your word for it, I shan’t be finding out for myself… I believe this is even expressed in the New Testament (1 Corinthians 7:12-16). Lots of shit is expressed in the bible, dining on babies foreskins, you name it, doesn’t seem like a good authority for life in the 21st century to me In other words, I can only keep my promises in that regard, and that’s quite enough to ask of one man. and of course how dare we ask anything from da wimminz… sigh…

Hopefully, this is enough to satisfy readers’ curiosity. No, it just confirms all my suspicions about you, and everything I stated about you previously. In general, I try to keep my family out of things, but since I’m writing about these issues so much it’s bound to come up from time to time. As a final little note, we just found out that we’re having a boy, clonk, there was the other shoe falling God willing.This god of yours, you do realise he must fucking hate you…

October 17, 2012

Do anything you wanna do…

I have, or rather I thought I had, covered this many times.

Apparently I didn’t, or if I did, I wasn’t fucking blatant enough.

It’s 2:30 am, and you know who you are, so this is inspired by you, just so there is no future mistake.


This applies to wimminz and niggerz too, by extension, if people do not do something, it is because they couldn’t be fucked, not because of any other excuse they gave you, or any excuse you are making for them…

  • If she doesn’t call you, it is because she can’t be fucked to call you.
  • If her responses to you are short and not so sweet, it is because she can’t be fucked to take the time to give you longer and more considerate answers
  • If she has only ever got real close to you when she wanted something, it is no coincidence that she is not around you when she does not want something from you, or worse still from her point of view, when you want something from her.
  • If she does want you to know she is thinking of you, caring for you, available for you to fuck, wild horses will not prevent her from letting you know this every single fucking day of your life, network problems, app problems, phone problems, email problems, work problems, money problems, sick kid problems, yadda yadda yadda, none of it will stop her letting you know, if she wants you to know.

Are you getting the fucking picture yet?

Here is what I do, I have two “historical” categories for wimminz, those I set my stall out for but didn’t fuck, and those I set my stall out for and did fuck.

The differences between the two groups are actually non-existent, apart from one, there is only one difference, and it is not that I fucked one group and not the other, it is the REASON I did NOT fuck one group, and that is they are totally unable to control their own bullshit long enough to get laid by me, the other group being those able to control their own bullshit long enough to get laid by me.

These two groups have one thing in common, I never contact them…  they return the favour… if I tried to contact them I would be “creepy” and a “stalker” and end up with an injunction…

So I have two “groups” of contacts on my phone specifically for the wimminz, “bunnies” and “boilers“, every skank ho ends up in one or the other, the bunnies I fucked, the boilers I did not fuck.

In three years, three wimminz have managed to stay out of one or other of those two categories for more than a month, one of them has managed it for a rather astonishing year, by the simple fact that what they wanted to do was stay in touch and make sure I knew every day (while it lasted) that their cunt was available for my use 24/7.

Once a wimminz gets into either the bunnies or boilers groups of contacts, I will never, ever, ever contact them first again, I ***may*** respond if they contact me, which can rarely happen, but I never ever ever instigate contact, both groups are the morgue, the graveyard, the cess pit.

People do what the fuck they want to do.

  • If she has a threesome with the janitor and pool guy, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she walks out on your ass, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she takes your kids, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she trashes the car, it is because she wanted to.
  • If she falsely accused you of rape or DV, it is because she wanted to.

Are you listening buddy? All that crap about her personal problems and her history and her kids health and yadda yadda yadda, it is all bullshit.

She is doing exactly what she wants to do.

Judge her by her ACTIONS, not her words.

She is NOT making sure you know every single day that her holes are available for your use 24/7, that is an ACTION, to be specific an action she is choosing NOT to make, at least towards you.

The reason it took until a 2:30 phone call instead of a till 2:00 phone call was part two, convincing the guy that this shit applied to him too, be a man of ACTION, not a man of words, specifically do NOT bother writing one last email to the psycho skank bitch telling her she is too flaky and dishonest and skanky for you.

Be a man of ACTION, but her in the bunnies pile or the boilers pile, and forget the bitch ever existed.

THE FUCKING REASON for the bunnies pile and the boilers pile is one day, one or more of these psycho skank ho bitches IS going to decide that she WANTS to talk to you again and maybe hook up for a bit, and you being you will only remember the fuckable bits of that cunt, if anything, and you’ll be all “Hey how are they hangin’” because you never know, you might get laid or a free blow job… right…?

Wrong, they are in the bitches and boilers piles for one reason and one reason only.

So you can NEVER EVER EVER EVER FUCKING EVER forget that they all have one thing in common.

They all had one chance with you already, and they blew it.

It’s about time YOU did what YOU fucking wanna do, which is NOT sit around agonising if she got that text, if the network is down, if her car is broke down, if her ex is giving her a hard time, if her kid will make it through surgery, or even if she wants to fuck you.

Which inevitably brings me back to the three wimminz in three years who managed to stay out of the bunnies / boilers groups, the two who managed it a month were worth the odd casual fuck, and the one who lasted a year I got to quite like, but in a sexless sorta way, available to fuck and reasonably fuckable, but lets be honest, I’ve had everything she has to offer sexually, so where is the fun, so what was the fucking point…. beyond getting my ironing done.

All three fell into the bunnies / boilers just as soon as what they wanted to do was to not to let me know daily that they were there for me, because all three for something / someone more interesting to do what they wanted to do with.

Just in case you missed the point;

  • smokers smoke cause they want to
  • drinkers drink cause they want to
  • liars lie cause they want to
  • cheaters cheat cause they want to
  • thieves steal cause they want to
  • people do what the fuck they want to do

Judge them by their ACTIONS towards you, not their words, not spoken words, to written words, not SMS words, and not unspoken, unwritten or untexted words either.

They WILL get a babysitter / breakdown truck / train / flight / mobile signal / day off / what the fuck ever, WHEN IT SUITS THEM, when it is what they want to do.

The title of this bit, 1977 baby… good lyrics

October 7, 2012

Red pill pizza


I’ve been pondering whether to write about this.

The reason I have been pondering is because it is a bit like a white guy writing about a black guy losing out to a white guy at something, because the black guy is black.

The black guy, assuming he was CONSCIOUSLY unaware of the problem, because he sure as shit wasn’t unconsciously, can’t do much about being black.

The thing I want to talk about is cock size.

Now there are LOTS of aspects to this, a six inch cock on a midget looks fucking huge, the same exact cock on a 275 lb muscle-bound 6′ 6″ hulk looks pretty fucking small, the same cock on a 275lb 5′ 9″ fat bloke is invisible and inaccessible…

Get yourself a fat chick and even doggy style fact is you need an extra 4″ over what you need for the slim / skinny chick, if you want to be poking her womb with your bell end.

Then of course there is the whole subject of measurements themselves, and with the possible exception of wimminz dress sizes, nothing else comes close to cock sizes when it comes to the rubber tape measure….

I have lost count of the number of wimminz who will tell me about an ex who was REALLY big and filler her up but goooood, so how biiiig was he I ask, and they, being herd creatures, always say something about nine inches.

When this conversation takes place at my place (and we are all still clothed) I go out of the room and return with a 9″ sex toy (and a tape measure to verify that it is in fact less than 9″ long, it is 8 and three quarters) and slam it down on the table…

WITHOUT FUCKING EXCEPTION… the wimminz all go “Oh my God!

None of them ever, ever, ever went “Yeah, that is the size of ****’s cock

So either this guy was measuring from his asshole forwards, or confusing centimetres with inches, or some other shit.

So if you were gifted with the approximate average six incher, and this wimminz saying her ex was nine inches, 50% more than you, you just *might* have had some feeling of inadequacy, until you see the anecdote above..

And of course until you take the red pill like the old joke where the guy whips out his three inch cock, at which point the wimminz starts laughing and says “who are you goin’ to satisfy with that?” and the guy just grins and says “ME!”…

So, one more detour before we get back to the plot..

That detour is sex toys like the one above, like it or not, fact is the trend in the past twenty years is that there are bigger and bigger toys available, and if you think that blue thing is big compared to what is available, then you have lived a sheltered life, it is at the very bottom end of the “bigger than the average human cock” range of sex toys.

95% of wimminz have the ubiquitous basic rabbit vibe, which has an INSERTABLE length of just 4.5″, and they manage quite fine to have all the orgasms they want with that.

So back to the main plot, which is cock sizes, and as we can see from the sales of the rabbit, 4.5″ is enough to get the job done and make a wimminz cum, and while there are guys out there with less than 4.5″, measured properly along to top of the cock, they are in the percentile minorities, so what the fuck is going on, particularly what the fuck is going on with swinger couples, of which there are at least as many as there are single wimminz on PoF.

What is going on is without exception the wimminz has managed to convince the man that he has a micropenis, so number 1 is he must eat her cunt regularly because his micropenis cock just ain’t enough, and that while she loves him and all, number 2 is what she really wants is a bigger cock, and to show how much she loves and trusts him she will let HIM arrange all that and find the guy(s) and set up the threesome/foursome/moresomes.

I hear shit from these guys like “OK she is into this that and the other but kissing is reserved for us, is this a problem for you?” and I am like “dude, if you want to kiss her after she has rimmed me and swallowed and load of my cum, go right ahead, and similarly if you want to eat her cunt after other guys have dumped a load in there, go right ahead..” of course I don’t say this, I say “No problemo” and look at the slut with a grin, and she grins back, and the dumbass niggerz can only rub his hands together and say “cool” and congratulate himself for being a beta provider for his slut, getting her the cock she craves, and the rewards she will bestow on him after I have gone, and after he has done the rest of the chores like taking out the rubbish etc.

So, harking back to the point at the beginning is that there isn’t a lot of point telling a black guy that a lot of his problems are because he is black, there isn’t a lot of point telling a guy with a small cock that a lot of his problems are because he has a small cock…


Being black is not of itself a problem, the problem is the white guy who has a problem with you being black, and who would rather hire another white guy… now you can take on board the white guy’s guilt trip and become a nigger, or you can say fuck it, didn’t want to work for your honky ass anyway.

Having a small cock is not of itself a problem, the problem is the wimminz/wife who has a problem with you having a small cock, and who would rather ride a bigger cock…. now you can take on board the wimminz guilt trip and become a niggerz, or you can say fuck it, didn’t want to fuck your skanky channel tunnel anyway.

But, this is 95% of so called swingers, wimminz who have managed to persuade niggerz not only that the slut deserves extra cock with no consequences, but the niggerz should arrange it for her and have the self delusion of being in control of being cuckolded.

HOW? By first persuading the niggerz that the problem is not her slutty nature, but the size of his cock, which in all probability hasn’t changed more than 5mm since you were good enough to marry or cohabit with and start a family with….

Just like persuading a wog that the problem is not my attitude, but the skin colour he was born with, once you get them to buy into that then you have a nigger slave for life.

From my perspective, when your skanky slut ho decides to take things off the reservation and text me without your knowledge or oversight, or mouth “I love you” when you can’t see, or any other the other shit they do, the ABSOLUTE FUCKING WORST thing you can do is puff your chest up and stand on your hind legs and pretend to be a man and start talking tough, because if you had a single dangerous bone in your body you would not be her niggerz slave for life in the first fucking place.

The problem isn’t the colour of your skin or the size of your cock or your sexual prowess brother, the problem is you let some other cunt convince you that those things were reasons enough to supplicate yourself before them, and you can’t really complain when everyone else sees you kneeling before a false god and treats you like shit.


September 19, 2012

Sorry we are unable to accept comments for legal reasons.


That’s what it says NOW under the article at


They had, as usual, no problem accepting comments for legal reasons until it became apparent that all the comments were totally negative and calling for the psycho skank ho to get three consecutive 21 year sentences…

Is there anyone left who is so fucking stupid they still do not realise that the MSM is anything but a “news” or “reporting” machine, and nothing but a “propaganda” and “brainwashing” machine?

Which brings me to wogs… specifically wogs in Africa.

Now before anyone starts, which they always do, I have not merely been to Africa on a 10 days safari package holiday, I lived there, had a home there, so unless you can lay at least that much on the table, good luck telling me I am wrong, based upon some MSM inspired beliefs about what Africa and the wogs are all about.

The white man basically built Africa, the roads, railways, farms, mines, power stations, you name it, if it was more advanced than mud huts and rough hewn lumber the white man built it.

Then we got all touchy feely and liberal and some white man educated wogs, and a few million other people who have never been to Africa and will never go, but were “educated” by the MSM started getting all liberal and touchy feely, give Africa back to the wogs, so we did, and it has at best stagnated and at worst descended into tribal hell and the total collapse of infrastructure.

See any parallels to giving Africa back to the wogs and giving the western world to the wimminz and niggerz? You should, it is the same shit at work, and the same thing getting sidelined, the white man with his tools in hand.

While we have adverts locally for city bus drivers, saying that with overtime they can earn up to 18k a year, wimminz working on the DV / wimminz refuge industry in this same city are pulling down 37k a year with no overtime… more than fucking double… of yeah and the wimminz in question’s lives are nothing more than tales of skank ho sluts threesome and foursome and moresome-ing it up every weekend.

While the city will without a doubt grind to a halt without bus drivers and refuse collectors and suchlike, while the city council is fat enough to employ one wimminz for the same money as they could hire two working men to do an infrastructure job, you should take ALL their claims about being broke and having to go to Poland to find people willing to drive buses or collect trash with the large dose of shit they deserve.

I’ve been trawling PoF for free skank ho cunt for around three years now, I have read tens of thousands of wimminz profiles, I have not yet seen one with a proper fucking trade, the bitches are all self employed (hairdresser who rents a chair somewhere) or fucking managers in an office or some such shit… the literal handful who claimed a trade such as engineering that I contacted simply because of this to find out what they actually did, were not doing anything even remotely resembling engineering…. assembling fucking wheelchairs from bits imported from China (I shit you not) does not make you an engineer, bitch.

Now, I haven’t been back to Africa for years, but I know people who have, and they have all told me the exact same thing…. the Chinese are there and they are as hard headed and practical as the white man was 100 years ago, and they are fucking transforming everything they touch, except, of course, the wogs and the bleeding heart liberals back home here, who paint the Chinese as filthy yellow slanty eyes exploiters.

Which makes for an interesting conjecture, will they come into the west and do the same thing when we slide further down the shitter.

The thing everyone forgets about the Chinese is they are at heart a practical and ruthless people, no race that has a recipe for everything from dead dog to snake and lizard is soft and fluffy.

We used to be that way here in the west, but somewhere along the line we got fat and lazy and let the wimminz and niggerz take a seat at the table and have a say in shit, and while I am not claiming that feminazism and liberalism are the same thing by any means, they do inhabit the same socio-politico-economic culture, and a fair analogy is to say that they are two (of several) distinct diseases that all produce similar symptoms and ultimately the demise of the host / patient.

Meanwhile in the USA prezident niggerz has signed into law the right for the military to grab an american citizen and incarcerate, interrogate and anything else they like, for as long as they like, with no due process or recourse to law….  not even the sham of justice that is recourse to law when the law is David v Goliath… fuck it, no need to even pretend any more.

Gearing up for war in the middle east and $200 a barrel oil, and when I say “barrel of oil” it is just another way of saying 1,900 kWh, so a big spike in energy costs.

Again, I will draw the analogy that nobody gets, that the various levels of technological society and like the stall speeds of various types of aircraft, so lets take a 747…

A 747 normally cruises at around 550 mph but stall speed is 160 mph, your 3000 mile flight at 575 mph = 5.21 hours, cut back to 400 mph (which may consume considerably more fuel than cruise speed at higher altitude) and that same journey will take 7.5 hours, and cost a lot more in fuel, cut back to stall speed of 160 mph and the same journey will take 18.75 hours, but you’ll never make it in one hop because fuel consumption will be so high, but back to 150 mph and you fall out of the sky and crash and burn and die.

This analogy holds true with a technological society, there are certain stall speeds below which certain things stop becoming merely slower or more inefficient, they just cease to work at all….

So to continue the analogy we have the wimminz and niggerz mandating ever lower flying speeds to make sure the most inefficient and crap airlines can “keep up” and be “equal“, and one day all the jets fall out of the sky, and all that is left is “Air Labia” with the old Dakota that can actually fly at 140 mph (but can’t fly London – LA or LA – Sydney at all) meanwhile the passenger complaints about the atrocities committed by Niggerz Air et al are, like the Daily Fail comments above, simply expunged if at all negative…. for legal reasons y’all understand.

And we are right back to Carl Sagan and a society based upon science and technology (daily kWh per capita to maintain a modern technological society) being run by people who haven’t got a fucking clue about science and technology, and the massed kept sheeple like and fed on pap….

By any standard applied at Nuremberg Tony Blair and Dubya Bush are war criminals who should be rotting in Dachau for the next 40 years, not because the war that was not a war was right or wrong or good or bad or necessary or not, but because it was started without proper legal authority…. “dodgy dossier” indeed.

One of the biggest demonstrations in modern UK history, over a million people turned up in London to protest that the about to be launched war against Iraq was illegal and should not be started…. this is in a country with only 50 million people on the mainland, yet 1 in 50 of all PEOPLE, not just adults or just men or just lefties, but 2% of the entire fucking population got off their asses and travelled to the capital city to protest.

Their “comments” were not accepted for legal reasons, and the war went ahead.

Right there, that should have been all the proof anyone needed that we are not living in anything even remotely approaching a democracy… so stop doffing your cap to the cunts and stop paying them royally to lie to you and fuck you up the ass.

We live in interesting times, to be sure…



September 14, 2012

Wimminz be so fluffy and caring


Just some links





Note again, in the last link, when a wimminz does it it is never reported as what it is, which is (statutory) rape, but as what it is not, and can not ever be, because minors cannot consent, which is sex.


September 13, 2012

A lucky bastard, how to be one…

One of your aims in life should be to create situations where the wimminz expose their own inability to tell the truth, while simultaneously creating a situation where the wimminz realise you are not for them.Lose weight FAST with Dr Mengele's slimming pills

When I say “realise you are not for them” I mean that in EXACTLY the same fucking was as walking down a city street late and night and seeing and making eye contact with the potential mugger BEFORE they see you, so the mugger decides you aren’t easy meat just waiting to be separated from your wallet.

If you think the wimminz you encounter have any more altruistic and pure motives than the mugger down the dark city street at 3 am, then you just need to travel some more…..

I have found that the following four simple personal attributes, when laid out in front of a wimminz, have the same effect as holy water on a vampire, so if you are just out for a fuck, don’t deploy them BEFORE you get your dick wet;

  1. Have a clean and ordered kitchen and be able to demonstrate an ability to do laundry and keep things clean, a pile of clean fluffy towels could after all have come from the laundromat / linen service.
  2. Demonstrate an equal affinity for the expensive things (giant TV if a viewable thing, horsehair mattress if not a viewable thing) you purchased for cash, simply because they are self evidently pure quality (not crapple products here, I mean genuine quality) and you wanted them so you bought them for cash, and the second hand and cheap but serviceable things in your home, such as the perfectly comfy sofa and perfectly serviceable dining / kitchen table.
  3. State that you have no credit of any kind whatsoever, you have a credit card that you use for some purchases for the additional security, but you clear the balance immediately, no car finance, no mortgage, no bank loan, no overdraft, no store credit cards.
  4. State that you work only as many hours as you have to to maintain all of the above, by choice, and that you refuse to work any harder, by choice….

These simple 4 steps, and like the potential city mugger, the wimminz in question will walk out of your life, never to return, never to call you again, never to text you again, and never to contact you again (or respond to your attempts to contact her, were you so stupid as to try)

Again, the reasons are FUCKING IDENTICAL to the city mugger, you are clearly anything but easy prey, fuck it, another loser will be along in a minute.

There are no wimminz who are immune to this.

Now, while you could use this shit as part of your getting free cunt game plan, in fact you SHOULD use it as part of any plan you have that involves fucking, that isn’t the real point for mentioning it.

The real point is the wider picture.

To any man, the 4 steps above make a good start for the ideal partner, to every wimminz out there, they forever cross you off the list, so far off the list you literally drop off their radar and become invisible…. why?

Well, what are the chances of convincing a man like me that we really need the 4 piece black leather sofa on £0 down, 0% finance and just 60 low low easy monthly payments?

Or the new dining table and 6 chairs, the new wallpaper and sconce lamps, the new shag pile carpets, the new rustic oak kitchen, the 2013 model convertible.

It doesn’t matter to these bitches that everything I have from car on up is ALREADY better than what they have now, so would be a trade UP…  this is where the mantra about wimminz being “hypergamous” falls flat on its face.

All that matters to these bitches is that they know they are 100% unable to hitch me to a live now pay later (and she gets to choose what “we” buy), wagon.




That is not, by any definition of the term, hypergamy, this is the predatory mugger preying on the weak, stupid and docile, maximum compensation for minimum effort and risk, bottom feeding.

Turn up at a wimminz house to fuck her, note the broken car, and say “I could fix that” and you are fucking history….. so you better already have had your cock sucked dry

Turn up at a wimminz house to fuck her, note the broken car, and say “You know you’d look good in a Audi A5 convertible, what’s your favourite colour?” and when she objects about the price say “Baby, they are only £500 down, and 0% finance, I could get one this afternoon!” and she will be chomping on your cock before you can finish speaking…

This is NOT hypergamy, it doesn’t exist.

This is making your own luck by avoiding courses of action that may make you look like easy prey that will co-operate with the mugger’s demands and won’t fight back.

September 10, 2012

Fucked up the ass

You ever wonder why the story about the emperor with no clothes features a little boy who tells it like it is?

Because if an adult man had said it he would have been fucked up the ass by the FBI, CIA, FAA, BATF, you name it, and the emperor would have continued to walk around bollock naked.

He starts talking at 2:18, and he talks about taking it up the ass from the TLA’s for mentioning the emperors bollocks being in view at 14:00

If you think about it, hardly a week passes without someone claiming that the emperor has no clothes in a very public way, but unshielded by hundreds of millions in the bank, we find ourselves informed by the mainstream media that this person is actually a raghead terrorist paedophile deadbeat dad pimp drug pusher selling videos of himself doing something unspeakably sick and evil.

And yet, yet you never, ever, ever hear or see or read anything about the high profile movers and shapers and leaders fucking “chickens” (well hung underage boys) up the ass or snorting coke off the flesh or pre-pubescent girls or owning a 15% stake in a landmine factory.

Pure coincidence of course.

I guess it is also pure coincidence that The Spearhead has been offline for 18 hours and counting, first with a database error and now just not resolving / responding to http requests… I mean, it is sooooo fucking hard to FTP up an “index.htm” file written in notepad saying “oops I borked the database” or whatever, not that there is even any excuse for that, given the level of donations and ad revenue involved, the bitch could have easily funded a round robin DNS and site mirror on a geographically separate server for a 100 bucks per year….

Nor when you consider that many very smart and technically savvy people (myself included) always offered free advice or help every time Bill talked about his technical difficulties, none of which were ever taken up.

I guess new poon is even more time consuming that ex-poon taking you and your kids to the cleaners in secret family court, because while that was going on he managed better uptime…

Hell I can introduce you to guys who are using nothing more than good quality regular hosting packages coming in at under 100 bucks a year all in who are running fairly significant e-commerce operations, and by fairly significant I mean detached house, regular foreign travel, 4 cars and a boat in the driveway, the odd hooker, employees, the works.

And you could put a .44 through their server hard disk and broadband + and FTP client like Filezilla and 10 minutes later they have upped the server website “www” directory image, and 5 minutes after that phpmyadmin and imported the .sql file and they are back up and running…. this is WORST FUCKING CASE SCENARIO

But hey, all those subscriptions, and this is Bill talking about the fucking manosphere “growing up”… yeah, a grown up with some new poon (no doubt serenaded by all those subs monies) who can’t even keep a fucking website up.

You couldn’t make this shit up.

Nor could you make up the shit about the new European Stability Mechanism (QE99 bailout for the banks and wall street) as reported here

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my day to day life is still overflowing with red pill goodness… and endless supply of sluts only genuinely happy when told to their faces that they have to earn the honour of being my 100% obedient cumbucket slut rimming machine, these being the same chicks who kicked their husband to the kerb a year ago for daring to suggest she take it up the ass one time…

Mind ewe, there are some crazy fuckers out there, probably created when the little woman refused to take it up the ass and instead kicked them to the kerb so they could rim me every night, and this is anecdotal stuff and who would believe anything a wimminz says…


I have to laugh out loud real fucking hard when skank ho’s tell me I am the nice guy, and proceed to tell me about the last guy they met off PoF, who when they turned up at his place whips out a car battery and jump leads to attach to her nipples….  the force is strong in this one…

Jack Donovan is right (I have ALWAYS paid attention to fags on the subject of men) when he says that there is no connection between being a fag, and being a limp wristed queen, any more than dipping your wick into some poon makes you a manly man, arguably losing some poon and his kids made Bill man up, and getting some new poon made him wimp up again.

Dumping a man who has done the 9-to-5 for fucking years to put a roof over your head and feed and clothe you, while refusing him all sorts of kinky sex, then offering all that kinky sex for free on a fucking plate to a guy like me (and trust me, ALL these dumped men work this out sooner or later) and do you really have to ask who made Mr Jump Leads?

Course, if Mr Jump Leads had been a real fucking man it would be 24 volt truck battery and proper commercial grade leads, not some wimpy little thing out of a mini…

September 7, 2012

I’ve only slept with 4 guys (but I’ve blown around 60)


And other fucking lies and hamster wheel rationalisations.

You know the old saying about the ideal age for a wife being half your age plus seven years, well I have another one.

For older wimminz the number of cocks they have ridden = their age in years, for younger wimminz the number of cocks they have ridden – their age in months – 150.

So, for a 45 year old wimminz assume 45 cocks, for a 25 year old wimminz assume 225.

A bit like the slut (skank A) above, 29 years old and initially claimed only 4 guys, then the 60 guys who got blowjobs comes out, then I meet her skank ho slut friend (skank B) who regularly has foursomes and threesomes and fucks anything that moves, who lets it slip that at least one threesome and one foursome that skank B had was with skank A… so the numbers go up from 64 to around 84
84, 84, do I hear any raise on 84, going once, going twice…..

But it does rather focus the spotlight on the subject and wimminz and their fucking lies, it isn’t a case of the bitches lying now and again, or quite a lot, it is however a case of pretty much everything they fucking say being a lie, with the odd exceptions of the unguarded comment.

The secret with the unguarded comment is they usually come out in a sentence, and it goes like this, “comment about this, comment about that, unguarded comment, comment about the other

Quite often, in hindsight, if you have a good memory and actually give a shit enough to remember, it is that unguarded comment that rings the bell, yeah, that is the one that fit in with the skank’s subsequent actions, or subsequent disclosures about her previous actions.

Thing is, wimminz aren’t even aware they are uttering the unguarded comment, and if you repeat it to them, they go into denial and hit the turbo boost button on the hamster wheel.

So how big a thing is this?

If we take the last 50 wimminz that I have fucked, and the last 500 that I have talked to, from PoF, pick the one who lied the absolute LEAST, she told me more lies that I told all 550 wimminz PUT TOGETHER.

What I am getting at here is another facet of the AWALT object, and it is the one skimmed over the most, the sheer extent of wimminz lies just doesn’t cover it, the total paucity of wimminz honesty is much, much, much, closer to the mark.

I would rather face the challenge of finding a water hole in the Gobi desert, than the challenge of finding a woman whose utterances were ONLY 95% bullshit and lies.

I have LITERALLY seen wimminz who have had skank ho friends confess to deliberately and with extreme malice aforethought fucking up her relationships by fucking the first wimminz boyfriends, then listen to the very next thing the psycho skank ho “friend” says, which I know for a fact is a total and absolute fucking lie, because it concerns me, and believe the psycho skank ho “friend”.

In short, wimminz lie so habitually, so regularly, so fucking profoundly, that not only do they not know the fucking truth when they hear it, but the truth is such a rare thing that they find it scary and frightening and repulsive.

Wimminz “I may be 45 but I feel 21! Why can’t I get a man?

AfOR “Yeah, but you LOOK 60, bitch. That’s why you can’t get a man.

Wimminz “Fuck off you nasty homo bastard, I bet you have a small penis and live with your parents, you are a nasty angry man who obviously hates wimminz!




September 4, 2012

If any of her friends are a slut….

… then so is she.

Now, when I say slut, I don’t just mean yer average skank ho with yer average cock count, I mean a slut.

I mean it’s more like a straight guy reading an illustrated book on the more bizarre and kinky gay sex fetishes, you may say “fuck it” and put the book down at Felching, but there is a whole lot more in that book and just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t make those pages vanish.

Of course a large part of this is YOU WANT IT TO STOP, so you are quite happy to accept the “it only happened once when I was drunk” excuse, but those who do not, those who persist, always find the same thing.

They find the other 499 pieces of the jigsaw.

The finished jigsaw is a picture, in that picture is at least one of “your” slut’s friends, and she is also a 500 piece jigsaw, and when you piece that one together and get another picture, you notice something, there are a few other people in both pictures.

Pick one of those people at random and they are also a 500 piece jigsaw, put it together and more of the same, your slut is there, the friend you know about, the handful of faces common in both your sluts jigsaw picture and your sluts friends jigsaw picture, and introducing a bunch of new faces too.

So that “admission” you got about her sexual “history” is really just one frame in a long, multi episode, unfinished, still filming, porno shoot / documentary, and if you were to watch the whole thing, most of her friends that you know about have various parts, from bit parts to regular guest star appearances, chances are some of YOUR friends have bit parts too, maybe not in the same scenes as your slut, or maybe just not yet in the same scenes as your slut.

In the past week two wimminz who I have fucked, one once and one twice, and one wimminz who I nearly fucked but couldn’t be assed, all decided to dump my ass…. and you know what, I have lost NOTHING of any value, on the contrary, my life is enriched for having moved on.

It’s real hard to feel any sense of loss when there is an endless supply of bit part players waiting in the wings for a walk on and spread em or walk on and kneel part in my own little porno extravaganza.

But the sluts DO love to talk, and as much as I minimise it, I do get exposed to the other side of the story, not the story you tell about your slut and the piece of her history that she admitted to you or got caught out doing, and not the bit you read on a wimminz problems / advice dating site, but the bit about the same scene in the same shoot from her perspective.

And it is like those jigsaws I was talking about earlier….

YOU love your new Ford, to the guys in the Ford dealership (who drove it before you) it’s just another fucking Ford, now, the new 2012 Merc E class….

But to the guys in the Merc dealership, its just another Merc, and the beat goes on.

After a while no new car excites you, ooh look the new 2013 Lambo, it’s just another shitbox with a wheel at each corner to me, and fucking useless at negotiating speed humps or parking in car parks

So move on to yachts, well, same deal folks, no new boat excites me, I just see holes to pour money down and a so called possession that actually is no more than a millstone around your neck tying you down.

Sure, I’ll drive and ride and sail and fuck all these 2013 models, but not on my fucking dime.

You want me to get excited about a new 500 piece jigsaw?

You want me to get excited because you found ONE FUCKING PIECE of the 500 piece jigsaw that is “your” slut’s ACTUAL sexual history?

Blokes sit down in front of trashy soap operas and go ” wow, this is just too fucking far fetched to take seriously, your estranged wife had a sex change and used to be your best friend in school, but she fucked your current wife and made her pregnant with the kid you now call son, and when she moved back into the area she knew you were there and knew you had a son, but didn’t know who your wife was, so now she and your “son” are fucking and deeply in love, meanwhile your gerbil “faggot” has hepatitis…..

Bitches lap all that crap up, because, lets face it, that IS what their 500 piece jigsaw sex lives and histories are like.

The 20 year olds and under KNOW all this shit, the smartphone generation walk around in a world where your sexual history is known, they know about the time you took on four blokes, they know about the swinger couple you see regularly for threesomes, they know you have fucked all your best friends blokes, while she was with them, they know what your cunt looks like, they know all about the 500 piece electronic jigsaw of MMS picture attachments and SMS fuck me tonite, they have seen and shared it, as you have embraced the technology they have embraced the data it carries.

Your mom is a skank ho!

No she ain’t

here’s some video of her taking on 4 guys, and none of them are your dad, but one of them is my brother and one of them is the guy from the betting shop and I dunno who the other guy or the nigger are


Fact is, if you are in your mid 30’s or over, the kids walking past your house probably know more about your sluts sexual history than you do…. hell.. “your” kids probably know more than you do.

Fact is, if you are in your 40’s or later, then what the kids walking past your house know about your slut daughters will blow your fucking mind.


September 1, 2012

What a cunt

I’m talking about Bill at the Spearhead, I thought he had jumped the fucking shark sometime ago, so today I get sent a link to his latest…… WTF?

Remember, The Spearhead bills itself as a MEN’s RIGHTS website… mmmkay

So, deconstruction time…
Original, full, unedited article in blue italic


The arguments for and against being a PUA are largely moot, and the culture will continue to be restricted mainly to people in late adolescence, because most people simply can’t handle the bachelor lifestyle.

I abhor labels, but I’m in my 50’s, I picked up and banged a slut same day midweek last week, then the next day did the same with a different skank ho, who turned into an FWB (still have my long term FWB floating in the background) who yesterday texted me saying that she was with her bestie GF and telling her about me (sexually) and now the bestie wants a threesome, just waiting for the bestie to get my number from the FWB and contact me direct, but in the interim last night had another picked up same day skank ho come over.

Meanwhile my crib is as comfortable and manly and as “man cave” as I can get it, and I love it.

Can’t handle the bachelor lifestyle, a moot fucking point in modern society with hypergamy enforced by the boys in blue and ex parte non molestation orders, no fault divorce, secret family courts and FRA and all that good stuff.

Better fucking learn to handle it and “man up” dude, because this environment isn’t going away anywhere this side of a societal reset, if anything it will get worse first.

Being an uncommitted bachelor has never been the norm throughout human history. Men are social creatures just like women, and most of them don’t have what it takes to maintain emotional distance from the women in their lives for an extended period of time, so the PUA lifestyle will never be appealing to most men.

See above bitch, hard labour, disease, conflict and death aren’t and never will be appealing to most men, but we don’t get to choose the fucking world you get born into.

Yeah, I want a long term stable secure loving committed intimate relationship with one wimminz, I also want a fucking flying car and a star trek replicator and my own private fucking island, or better still planet…. AIN’T… GONNA… FUCKING… HAPPEN…

The alternative, real life in 2012, may not be as appealing as my dreams, but guess what, that’s why it’s called real fucking life.

In fact, the only way the average man could maintain a PUA lifestyle without feeling empty inside would be to live with someone who fulfills the role of “companion” that their lovers fail to provide. In some cases this could be a man, but more likely than not it would be a female family member, such as a mother or sister. I suspect this is why being a player comes more naturally to those people from cultures where men have close, intimate relationships with their mothers well past childhood, such as southern Europeans.

Oh here we go, an American telling us how southern Europeans are wired, yeah you know ALL those spicks and eyeties live with their mommies until they are 60 and eat ice cream and ride vespas and are tres chic yadda yadda

You want feeling empty inside motherfucker, try sitting in a cell having just been arrested for a False Rape Accusation from the mother of your own fucking kids, then going through life never being allowed to see or hear or have any contact with those fucking kids.

A good fucking dog would provide that companion role, at least it ain’t a fucking NAWALT skank ho that will also stab you in the back like your own mom or sister or daughter, and at least it ain’t a fucking niggerz bitch like the spearhead and its remaining crew has become.

Where men are expected to cut familial bonds and strike out on their own from an early age, being a player is generally far more rare. In these places, men tend to rely on a female companion for emotional comfort and support from the beginning of adulthood, so those who are having sexually adequate but emotionally shallow relationships with women are left unsatisfied in most cases. If sexual gratification were all men required, a prostitute would suffice, but obviously that isn’t enough for most of us.

It ain’t enough for most of us because we were sold the motherfucking bill of goodz you pussified dumb fucking niggerz blood clot…. we were told all about loving wives and the joy or having and raising kids and the joy of a career and standing in the community and the great and wonderful legal and justice dispensed by our courts and the policeman is your friend to protect and serve.

Then the rubber hit the road and we learned all about the reality out there, that females, companions or relatives, DO NOT MOTHERFUCKING PROVIDE emotional comfort and support… quite the fucking opposite.

Prostitutes, they are for when I am 70 and can no longer pull 20 and 30 year old sluts for free, if that day comes, you never know… like the saying goes, all the guys I know who use whores pay them to leave, because they are all fucking married, every last fucking one of them.

All that said, Game probably does have value in that it can help a man increase his options and find a better woman.

That’s like saying finding a better turd to dump on your meal as a garnish, AWALT motherfucker…. not being a game proponent, but it seems to be the value of game is teaching you that the better woman is a mythical motherfucking creature like the unicorn.

However, those who promote Game as a route to male happiness should remember that for most men – although not all – a series of short relationships that end before real intimacy develops is a sad existence, and tends to feel like a failure after some time.

It is a million times better than the motherfucking alternative, a longer relationship that ends when cupcake decides an FRA and stealing your kids is a great way to get all your shit for free.

In nine out of ten cases, the goal really should be finding the “right one,” and there’s always the danger that promiscuity itself can get in the way of that — even for men.

Yet again, every fucking line from this useless cunt that used to be Bill is infused with NAWALT.

cos, you know, the streets are fucking littered with wholesome virgins wanting to pledge their troth till death us do fucking part.

If Game should come with any caveat, this is it.

Yes, the saintly skank ho sluts that has had one foursome and three threesomes and around 30 cocks really really really wants a virgin who does not know how to fuck and satisfy her juices, and that is the average to good young chick on the street, the EXCEPTIONALLY good have only had half a dozen cocks, the other end of the scale is the 20 year old who has had literally many hundreds of cocks from working in the low end home grown porn “industry”, taking on anything from 15 to 30 cocks at a time, you know, to earn some extra money for her two womb turds at home, one of which is yours, and you, you dumb fuck that married her, think she is having girlie nights out because raising two kids and tidying a house is you know, so fucking stressful.

You go back and read Bill’s early stuff back when he was Welmer, and then the early Spearhead stuff, then read his latest, culminating with the piece above, and what you are looking at is a horse that has been broke by his bitch and the courts.

Bill may once have been a man, but as Chaucer said, aptly enough in the Pardoner’s Tale… “I trowe he were a gelding or a mare” (“I thought he were a niggerz or a wimminz”)

Top tip, go read the pardoners tale link above… as I said yesterday about human nature never changing, could have been written today.

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