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December 11, 2013

You lying motherfucker

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It’s a thing, a wimminz says something to you, then some time later, and that time can be minutes or hours or days or weeks, sometimes months or years, they will do something that is UTTERLY at odds with that thing, for example, I have had wimminz wanting to spend the rest of their life with me, and a week later as far as I can tell they have been abducted by aliens and fallen off the planet.20131124_penis

And, it’s got me thinking, that and reading ZeroHedge, that is…

We’ve all talked about the economy tanking, and we have all talked about wimminz being nowt more than sheeple consumers, but has anyone actually sat down and thought what will happen to creatures who can say one thing one week and do something utterly different the next, as/ when  if the economy actually does tank?

I mean, really, what will they really do?

What will they do when something that is bigger and more powerful and even more callous than them, the economy, treats them the way they have been treating men?

I have had a few people talk to me about my job, they talk about the down sides, really not much money for what it is, should pay at least triple, lots of driving, not many perks because you’re always on the road to some new place, and yet a lot of it is the same old same old.

I tell em, yeah, sure, you can find all sorts of fault, but at the end of the day it is a job, it does cover my bills, it suits me, and what the fuck, I’m in my fifties.

What other fucking job am I gonna get? Nobody is queueing up to hire deadbeat dads less than a decade away from the pension book.

My fucking career, and being realistic most of my life, is fucking BEHIND me, hope ya had a good ride, cos all those boats sailed.

It’s an attitude guys get.


Not so you’d notice.

I know one skank with rug rats, she is off to college to get the sort of qualifications she should have gotten at 16, so she can then go to university for 4 years, so she can then get a job working with kids.

Never mind the fact she HAS fucking kids that are being neglected, never mind the fact that all this depends on state largesse and live now pay later student loans, never mind that even if all these ducks line up just so, she is gonna wind up newly qualified with zero experience in her fucking forties, and with a fucking mountain of debt behind her, and unless the Bernanke QE bucks keep flowing the state won’t be able to employ her or anyone like her, those roles will go.

My job may not be all that, but at least it was financially viable from day one, I didn’t have to go out and front 10k for a franchise or tools or a vehicle or any shit, eg it always was above (in aircraft terminology) above stall speed.

What’s more, even though my original trade was proper engineering, it’s not a huge leap to computers and shit, and anyway, I made that leap 25+ years ago, so 95% of my “learning” on this job was learning the company specific SOP and paperwork and shit.

Contrast with this wimminz, yeah I’ll just buy Concorde on a lease contract, when all the signs are that everyone else is looking for a prius with wings, and because of the debt it’s no good flying passengers so I’ll be flying bitcoins to Hong Kong, not that ANYTHING I have done in life to date can be counted as experience towards this… what the fuck could possibly go wrong.

So the skanky cunt can wake me up with a blowjob every morning last week, and act like I don’t exist this week, and carry on living the way she was.

But how the fuck is that gonna work when YOU HAVE NO FUCKING JOB OR SAVINGS, you live in a house provided by the state, you go shopping with money provided by the state, your current “shoulda learned that shit by 16” college course is provided by the state, and the only way you’re gonna get that 4 year degree is if all that keeps up, PLUS you take on a massive state supported student debt.

How the fuck are you gonna act like none of that exists next week and just carry on? When the state goes bust and can no longer pay for some or all of it? The fucking state ain’t gonna walk away and say cya bitch, and leave you to carry on your life, that three bedroom state provided house they can rent to some cunt like me, and if they MUST provide you with some shelter a one bedroom flat for you and your two womb turds will have to do.

I am serious here, what will these skanky cunts do?

They ain’t giving up the fucking Sky movies and internet package, something I don’t have (OK, I don’t want it, but these triple play deals cost a lot, you’re talking 50 quid a month MINIMUM, nearer 75 or 90) even though I am working, I ain’t got a fucking tassimo machine either, or pets, etc etc.

But then I DO have a fucking credit balance in my bank account and walking around cash in my wallet and all my fucking bills paid and zero debt.

*THIS* is why I said in earlier posts that the awe and amazement I feel when a wimminz just suddenly acts like I no longer exists never really wears off on me, because life fucking ain’t like that.

I know it HAS been, with the funneling of resources to wimminz by the state, but if the wheels are falling of that wagon, what will the wimminz really do?

I think those of us expecting to be able to pick and choose between wimminz offering all three holes sex + your ironing done + a sammich made are in for a shock.

Frog and the Scorpion.

It ain’t in the bitches nature to go quietly into that good night. Scorpions don’t do that…tumblr_mtc5x6Ns8Q1qb6cnho1_500

Ghost? Maybe, if that means you are living in a cave 50 miles hike from the nearest trail, and you don’t have *anything*, not even bog roll or clothes.

More likely they kick up shit and one day I get a knock on my door and they tell me I am a perfectly good white boy with one whole room in my accoms devoted to my machine tools and motorsickle, and another devoted to my computers and giant screen tee vee, so that’s TWO po’ white nigga skank ho’s and their womb turd y’all be having moving in, and you can fucking feed them too…  and if’n I don’t like it then big daddy state can just make sure I don’t get 8 hours a day peace to myself at work, I kin have a NEW fucking job, and since I won’t be earning money I’ll be homeless, but there is this pad with two white nigga skank ho’s and their womb turds and a newly unemployed and homeless white boy, who looked at lot like you, and they need a house nigga, in what is now THEIR house, and you it.

May not be as bad as that, but when I ask what will these skanks do, I’m not thinking they are gonna cry and start selling access to their cunts at 5 cents per day, I’m thinking they are gonna fucking freak.

The ONLY thing I can see them forgetting, like they forget I exist from one week to the next, is all the fucking years they had it made, and still never put shit away for a rainy day or tried to break the cycle.

I am DEADLY fucking serious bout dat.

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