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December 11, 2013

I could just be unlucky

or maybe I have some sort of genetic deformity that emits a secret pheromone, or maybe god just hates me.

I mean, otherwise, what are the chances, you know what I mean…

It is statistically improbable beyond the point of credibility or belief that mere bad luck on my part can account for me to spend fucking decades drifting through life, imagine a being walking amongst the teeming masses, and yet I have managed, so far, to completely and utterly fail to meet even one single wimminz who didn’t lie through her fucking teeth for a pass-time, and who said one thing yesterday and did something completely opposite today.761Bv

I mean, can you imagine something where you have a guy, and every single dog they have ever met bit them…. you’d start to get suspicious… maybe the guy is giving off “bite me” smells to the dogs…

And then you dig deeper, and find that guy has never met another guy who has had a different experience, sure, he has met a few who claimed different, and when you point out the puncture marks and scabs they claim Fido was just being playful and didn’t mean anything by it.

At what point are you going to stop and say, you know, maybe this guy isn’t the salient factor here, maybe we should be looking at these dogs.


I chose dogs for a reason, the reason is that you can argue both sides of the coin, back in pre-history did early humans adopt early dogs and tame them, or did early dogs adopt early humans and tame them…. it’s a bit of a quandary, but either way we are now in a place where dogs are a man’s best friend overall, and vice versa.

Now, if human beings are just DNA‘s way of making more DNA, you can start to get into some interesting thought experiments.

Here are some;

1/ It is not necessary for DNA (or indeed RNA) that males and females get along all cosy like and everybody wins, in fact you can look at things like the life cycle of the Malaria disease, provided nobody loses so badly it affects the propogation of the Malaria, Malaria doesn’t give a fuck.

2/ Nor is it necessary in sexual reproduction for the two sexes to get along all cosy like as equals, in fact, I will challenge you to name a SINGLE species anywhere on the planet where this is true…. as long as reproduction takes place at a rate sufficient to sustain both evolution and population, all is good.

3/ Alpha males / pack leader was one way for a male to ensure continuation of his DNA, and the competition served evolution too, and then came speech, so it stands to reason that if speech were all Star Trek Vulcan and always 100% truthful / logical / accurate, at least when it came to matters of sexual reproduction, it wouldn’t work, the liar will win every time. Yes, this is your child.

4/ Genetically speaking, the evolution takes place in the male, XY and all that, and genetically speaking, a foetus is somewhere between a symbiote and a parasite on the host organism, so in evolutionary terms, the female needs something extra to make up for this, and that extra was to become a parasite to the male, and live off their effort…. Suddenly communication came in to play… Yes, this is your child.

5/ Genetically speaking, it is only in the last 150 years that the female stood *any* chance of being caught out in such a lie, humanity lived in small isolated groups that didn’t mix much, everyone in the community *was* a relative. It took the advent of the railway to provide enough mobility that a female could produce a child that clearly was *not* related to anyone in the village… Yes this is your child does not work when the child suddenly has brown eyes, or red hair, or dark skin.


I touched on this yesterday, with the what will the wimminz really do thing.. but the point here is this.

Genetically and evolutionary wise, the last 150 years of technology and the ability to breed outside the local gene puddle is such a short time it isn’t even the blink of an eye.

Hell, it was only the invention of the chimney in the 1500’s which changed the way houses were built that permitted people to fuck in privacy, before that it was one big room…

Up until this time…

Far from the patriarchy being a privilege, it was the only possible way that you could sell a guy on the idea that he had to sit still and be a host to a parasite that lived off the fruit of his labours… and such labours were such a significant part of each man’s total output that the mere idea of any of them being stolen by a cuckold was serious, serious, shit.

As the Stones sang, the so called privileged patriarchy alpha male was in effect, from many many many viewpoints, no more than a beast of burden, and any so called male privilege that he got was in fact no more than the minimum you could possibly do to convince any beast of burden to stay harnessed to the yoke… no point being a plough horse if the wild ponies eat better, I want my fucking fresh yummy oats.

I see a wimminz lie to me, one week promising me the earth, next week I do not exist, bitch is doing me a fucking favour, she is showing me her inability to fulfil her end of the bargain and provide me with my fresh yummy oats every day, so I refuse to put on the harness and yoke and be the beast of burden.

Again, as I alluded to in the last piece, from the DNA perspective this sounds like an instant lose / lose proposition, but no, because now the wimminz are parasites on the state, and the state is putting men to the draft as beasts of burden.


You know, I got a *lot* of shit for fucking a wimminz and her daughter, but honestly, get fucking real, you turn up in my presence with another adult female that is younger and more fertile than you, WTF do you think I am going to think? One thing I *do* know for sure is it ain’t *my* fucking daughter, so why should I not want to fuck it?

Seriously, where is the payoff for me for *not* fucking you both?


Sure bitch, *you* don’t like it, but to prevent it all *you* had to do was stay with the father, assuming you even knew who that was…. if you dump him you can’t complain if 20 years later some other random guy is as willing to fuck her as he is you.

But, to get back to the plot.

Instead of being parasites on individual men, or on small groups of related men, now wimminz be parasites on the State, and I fucking DEFY any of you to come up with a better definition for a creature that takes their entire life and gives nothing back but more of their own DNA other than a fucking parasite.

Men went from having a parasite that was at best carrying his own child, and at worst carrying his brothers or cousins child, either way there is a LOT of his DNA there, and he gets to see and influence that child throughout their growing years…. to the situation we now have, where the one person LEAST likely to be anywhere near their own DNA is the father, but, via the State, you still get to pay… and not just for your own personal parasite, in exchange for regular fresh oats, but as a social bill, and no oats in return.

For the parasite, the wimminz, there is no downside to all this, in fact it is win/win, now they can not merely have 5 kids by 5 fathers and maximise the DNA mixing, which is their role as host to the foetus, which, if male, will be the actual engine of evolution, but they can pull a train of 5 guys for each pregnancy, and let the most fertile sperm win.

The only downside to all this is the beast of burden, who is supposed to just carry on pulling that plough, not getting any fresh oats, and shut the fuck up, while also accepting that his *individual* role in that evolutionary DNA mixing lotto machine is minimised to the maximum extent possible.


So the world as a whole is looking at the engine of everything, the ultimate host for all subsequent tiers of parasites, the working man, as a boiler, and they are pouring more and more coal under it and demanding ever greater volumes of steam and ever greater levels of superheat, because, you know, that is all parasites can do (Scorpion and Frog bro) and when rivets start creaking and seams start rumbling what do they do?

They pick up a hammer and start beating on the individual rivets and seams, and, to an extent, yeah, this can actually work, if you are a fucking lunatic with a death wish who is feeling very very fucking lucky.

Back in the day, in the old Board of Trade days when you were sitting your Chief Engineer exams, they used to throw in the odd not so trick question, to see if you were awake and thinking…. one of these questions was, “What steps to you take when the main steam line fractures?

The answer was of course “The engine room steps… and fucking quickly.” Because 60 to 90 seconds later everything in the engine room is bathed in superheated steam, it’s not just dead, it is cooked and tender enough to fall off the bone.

If you suspected a boiler was getting near failure, you opened all the valves, dumped the hearth and aimed hoses at it to cool it down, ideally you did all that in a few seconds, and then took the fucking engine room steps or equivalent, and retired to a safe distance, and you did not return until the temperature inside the boiler was below boiling and the pressure was open to atmospheric.

You didn’t run up with a hammer and start trying to beat on the rivets and seams in question.


Well, let’s look at that, we have a population of parasites, wimminz, and their parasites, kids, that have already vastly exceeded whatever resource consumption they could get directly from males as individuals.

So the situation evolved to the one we have today, where the required resources for the parasites are taken from the males en masse, socially, via the State.

And you think a big war, which of course means MALES going off and getting killed, which even further unbalances the situation, is going to solve anything???

The facts are that there is a direct correlation between the number of years a parasite, wimminz, stays in a monogamous relationshit with a single host, man, and the maximum number of womb turds she can produce, when you look at society as a whole.

Statistically speaking the catholics/jews/muslims/you name it in 40 year monogamous situations out-breed everyone else.

Simply because the individual males, hosts, responsible for that level of parasitic activity stand for it, they get fresh oats daily.

Sans the State, wimminz can *maybe* support 1 or possibly 2 kids, but it is a life of grinding hardship, and nothing is off limits, 2 dollar whoring is good… and this is a big maybe, most will abandon the kid or kill it, as they will already not have enough resources for themselves.

Expect lots of die offs, kids first…. if TSHTF

Nothing that involves silencing those creaking rivets and seams is a solution, it is a part of the fucking problem, at this point the solutions are not going to be pretty.

An engineer is someone who can look at doing nothing until the boiler blows and everyone is fucked, some time in the future, who knows when, keep kicking the can, or turning the spigot back from 110% to 40% for the foreseeable while repairs are made, and people start dying NOW in large numbers, and not see any real choice or difficulty.

November 21, 2013

It goes deeper than that.

Someone sent me a link a few days back, some blurb on reddit about some skank who was happily in a relationshit with this guy, until one day she suggests they have an “open relationshit” so she can fuck other guys, this guy says fine, packs his shit, leaves, and blocks her in every way possible, she spends days cwyyying and trying to get him back.

Thing is, the thing *none* of the commenter’s got, though they did all correctly explain what prolly motivated the guy to bail, not that she was capable of listening and understanding, the thing is, they bought into her version of events where she just raised the subject.

Raising a subject requires forward planning, I have yet to meet a wimminz actually capable of this, but met many who know how to mimic it to fool men, but question them on the details of this alleged forward planning, and it all vanishes into a puff of thin air and an angry expression.

We have been together 5 years now, so how about we have an open relationshit for a bit and start fucking other people?

This, on paper, and as expressed verbally, makes it sound like forward planning… this is what she claims she said.

Since, as *I* know, wimminz are incapable of forward planning, what she was really saying was….

We have been together 5 years now, and I am getting some extra cock, and I want your approval for this to continue.

*UTTERLY* different, and, I suspect, the other side of the story, that we haven’t heard, from the guy in question, will include an awareness of this second, true, version.

Without exception in the swinging scene, couples into cuckolding include a wimminz who describes herself as a feminist and who quite often also described her guy as a feminist also.

Now I know that on the face of it there appears to be little in common between my assertion that wimminz are incapable of forward planning, and my observation that most wimminz in cuck couples identify themselves as feminazis, but bear with me.

Forward planning requires some sort of grip on reality, children say “I will invent something and make ten million” or when asked about lack oxygen on Mars they will “invent something to make oxygen from the martian atmosphere so men can breathe it”, which is all very well, and sometimes these things are, technically, possible on a lab scale, but to bring them up to world scale you need (to make a practical electric car) a battery no bigger than two cubic feet that will hold the energy equivalent to 75 kWh and which can be made at a rate of several thousand per day and which can be made for less than 100 bucks a pop, suddenly it doesn’t work.

Kids, though lack of knowledge and experience, lack the necessary grip on reality.

That’s why kids will invent “something”, where “something” is nothing more than a required mental bridge to get from point A to point B… it doesn’t need to have any substance or detail of its own, it is a “something”… good enough.

I see the same thing with wimminz, oh, I’m going to open a cup cake shop, I’m just off to the bank to borrow 25k to start my new “business”… so I ask questions.. such as OK the rent and light and heat and wages and shit is 500.00 a week, cup cakes won’t sell for more than 0.75 each, of which 0.25 is ingredients, so 500 / 0.50 = 1,000 which is the number of cup cakes you need to sell, every week, abso-fucking-lute minimum, just to break even, much less make a profit…. then dig into how many you can actually make in an hour on the premises with the kit you have, and how many you can actually sell, as in how long it actually takes to sell one cake, pick, wrap, ring up on till, make change, plus not all hours of opening are equal, workers morning tea break you’ll sell more per hour than the last hour before you close…

So, you have to sell 52,000 cup cakes a year to break even, 75, 000 a year to pay off your start up loan in 3 years, and 100,000 a year or 2,000 a week to pay yourself a wage good enough to give you the lifestyle you aspire to.

2,000 a week is 400 a day, which is (if you are open 8 hours) 50 an hour, which is one every 72 seconds, and it takes 120 seconds to pick, wrap, ring up and make change…. so basically your dream is unattainable even under ideal theoretical circumstances.

At which point **I** become the enemy.

I haven’t done anything, except invoke reality.

It is this inability to grasp reality that lies behind wimminz inability to do any genuine form of forward planning, and this same inability to grasp reality that lies behind wimminz in cuck relationshits claiming everything in the garden is both happy and healthy and perfectly normal and sustainable, thank you very much.

When, instead of approaching things as they are marketed, you take the “open other end” approach, and START from the premise / observation / assumption that wimminz suffer from an innate inability to grasp reality as a part of the thought process, things suddenly start to look very different indeed, and you yourself become open to the idea that THIS idea has ramifications and consequences that reach much further than you first assumed, and go much deeper than you first assumed.

It goes deeper than that.

If wimminz suffer from an innate inability to grasp reality as part of the thought process, then *NO* thought that wimminz have can be trusted in any subject matter dealing in any way with reality.

Want someone to write a fantasy book about vampires with 10″ cocks? No problem.

Want someone to make practical financial or business decisions? Run the fuck away.

Recent EU directives that 40% of all board room positions must go to wimminz make entirely as much sense as a directive that a further 40% of all board room positions go to children under the age of 8.

Which makes you ***really*** pause and consider, when you look at a cuck husband, this is a creature that has elected to subjugate himself before a child…. not with caveats or exceptions or a veto, but absolute submission.

Now that we have established our scorn of cuck males…. I have to tell you, married males are no better, just removing the sexual aspect from the table doesn’t make everything else THAT much better, they still have a child making 99% of their decisions for them.

Which brings into sharp relief a memory I have of many years ago now, being sat in my brother’s house one morning, with one child, his then wife, asking the other children what they wanted for breakfast, like the children were adult patrons of a restaurant, and of course the three children chose three separate meals, and only one stuck with their first choice, two changed their mind after their first order was accepted.

it goes much deeper than that….

July 20, 2013

OK Wimminz, here is the truth

Because so many of you have been asking for it lately.

But before I get into that, this is why you won’t understand.

You dint ax me if he wuz racis

Yeah, we all know who and what I am talking about, the 400lb fridge gorilla cum star persecution witness in the Zimmerman trial. You just know doritos packets are easy to open because if it required an IQ in double digits to stuff your face that bitch would be thinner than a fucking fishing line.

But we are treated to this bitch who cannot even speak her own native tongue with the fluency of a 4 year old, axplanin’ to y’all the differences between nigga and nigger, and cracka and bein racis…

Sure, my shit here is full of typoes and spoonewisms and autokorrect erros and a million other glitches, cos I don’t proof read, I am a two finger poke and hope typist who has to look at the keyboard to type, and once that shit is typed I ain’t about to go over it like I was writing the fucking Constitution.

Nevertheless, I can speak and comprehend the English language with a very high degree of familiarity and competency and fluency.

I know the difference between an analogy and an adequate explanation.

Pointing out that used cars with their best 20+ years long gone in the rear view mirror do not command 4 digit sale prices, even thought that same car cost 49k when it was new, and that was when 49k would buy you a fucking house, and then making an analogy between this and virgin teen cunt vs skank ho used cunt 20+ years later is just that, an analogy.

By definition it leaves out more than it includes.

To wimminz, who do not understand language, or the importance of words or meaning or communication, who do not see them as the binocular vision and upright bipedal stance and opposable thumbs of nature, it is the end of the line, all change.

Fresh teen virgin cunt, and I know of what I speak, having first hand experience of deflowering intact hymens that could barely pass a little finger prior to my arrival, vs skank ho cock carousel cunt, if you try to run that car analogy in reverse it falls flat on it’s face.2003-08-10 our_factory

A car with 2 previous owners and 50k on the clock is not twice as valuable as the same car with 4 previous owners and 100k on the clock…. a *huge* fucking chunk of the depreciation happened when the first owner first turned the key, even just six months later with the same owner and only 5k on the clock, essentially all the original value has been lost.

But even then, even in the showroom with no previous owners and 4.7 miles on the clock, not all new cars are the same, because the factory and workers and model are analogous (there we go with analogies again) to the family and home that raised the young teen virgin debutante.

Obama is right, he coulda fucking been Trayvon, and that car would be a backstreet no name “welcome to our factory” car, 5 cents and you can buy the whole week’s worth of production…. and you would still have lost out on the deal.


But politicians / wimminz / niggerz are all unable to master language, so like all bad tradesmen they use the tools they have to do the job, adjustable wrenches and mole grips instead of spanners and sockets, and lo and behold you get rounded nuts that are never torqued correctly ever again, which leads to damaged threads, etc etc etc

And so telling wimminz the truth is like pearls before swine.

On fucking sites (not just an expletive, I am referring to websites where people hook up and fuck) da wimminz just love all those verifications and testimonies, so do I, if anywhere in these extensive lists is someone I consider unfuckable, then since you fucked them I consider you unfuckable too .. I have mentioned this previously, there being sub groups or classes of people within the scene, search for “sperm brothers”

it is simple male logic.

  1. “X” is a worthless cunt
  2. you associate with X
  3. ergo, you are also a worthless cunt
  4. I don’t want X anywhere near my life, therefore I don’t want you anywhere near my life either
  5. check please…

Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

But, since this blog is for men, and those rare wimminz with an intellect, the following 1,000 words are those truths for wimminz, but translated BACK into English, so that men may see it, and understand the wimminz perspective somewhat better.












November 26, 2012

NOW I get it, errrr, no I don’t, oh… wait…

Interesting story in the daily fail


Thing is, she is right in everything she says.

Thing is, she is too stupid to realise that the same things apply to everything else she has said in the past, that is all wrong and complete bollocks, about wimminz coming off second best at the hands of evil violent rapist misogynist patriarchy men.

I guess you could say I am a people watcher, always have been, so while I might say AWALT, that doesn’t mean I dismiss the phenomenon, rather, I watch it with the same avid curiosity that a naturalist will watch a family of otters.

Absolutely without exception, AWALT wimminz feature the exact same sort of blinkered disconnect and failure to apply logic and extend that the writer of the above article does.

Yes, what the social services did in this case is wrong on every level imaginable, but taken against the larger picture of the role social services play in family breakup and the criminalisation of innocent fathers, it is rather like criticising Hitler for outfitting the SS in leather and not ecologically sustainable and renewable wool… and ignoring shit like annexing the sudetenland and the night of the long knives… it’s all related.

You’ll also note that she isn’t calling for summary sackings and terminations of all benefits and pensions accrued etc.

And so we move to another story in the daily fail, by another wimminz


and a choice quote from the first link, not the one just above;

“In the early Nineties, I unearthed what, it is no exaggeration to say, was a climate of totalitarianism in social-work training.

Anti-racist zealots had captured the social workers’ training body, and built into the social-work diploma the explicit assumption that society was fundamentally racist and oppressive.”

Yeah, so you have spent the last twenty years since the early nineties campaigning against this haven’t you bitch…. oh… wait….

These zealots were just anti racist of course, weren’t they, bitch, they weren’t anti male and anti heterosexual either were they… oh…. wait….


  • Studiously sees a problem and correctly identifies it, then deliberately fails to apply it to other similar and related things.
  • Studiously fails to see a problem that brings personal benefits which would be at risk should said problem ever be acknowledged.

That is both at the core of, and endemic to, all wimminz and niggerz.


They ALL work this way, even the ones you are busy trying to label as NAWALT so you can fuck them and declare your love for them.

Men see consequences, even a long way down the line… sure, we may discount them, especially if they are far enough away and sufficiently nebulous, I’ll worry about lung cancer when I get it, says the smoker, adding that he may get run over by a bus next week.

I have been to prison, basically an almost exclusively male institution since the victorian era, even though the wimminz commit plenty of crime, for the past 250 years it has been men that get locked up.

If you want a REALLY hard fucking time in prison, start bleating about how you didn’t realise you might end up in prison for committing whatever crime you were found guilty of, and about how unfair it all is.

You’ll get the same sort of treatment in a foxhole with enemy ordinance spanging around you, whining to your squad mates that you didn’t realise you might actually get shot and killed for signing up, it’s so unfair the enemy is shooting at me, what did I do to them, all I did was sign up, or mebbe get drafted.

It is not the kneeling in former squad mates intestines and fecal matter (how the fuck did Freddie get carrot lumps in his guts from MRE‘s?) and then pissing in them, cos you gotta go, and survivor bonding that men long for in the military mystique.

It’s the no bullshit your shit stinks fuck up you die fuck up badly you kill me so I will fucking kill you myself first unless you get your shit together “valour” thing that men long for in the military mystique.

A world where seeing a problem and failing to apply it to other areas is fatal, a world where ignoring a problem that benefits you short term at the cost of your squad mates lives is fatal, a world where consequences always follow choices.

Even though many of those consequences suck donkey balls, and very very few of those choices were actually made by you at squad level, you at the FEBA just get the consequences of the choices the REMF‘s made, even that is attractive to men.

Wimminz and Niggerz? No, whole ‘nother kettle of fish theah boy…

We live in a fabled land where we buy a house built on a flood plain, and as is happening here now, the rains fall and the flood plain starts being used by the catchment area that feeds the river that runs through it, and suddenly it is everyone else’s fault, and the astonishing thing is that shit actually flies more often than not.

Vanishingly few people who get flooded out lose everything and walk away with nothing but their lives… the insurance buys new carpets and tellies and white goods, the council fixes the roads and drains, the electric co runs in new cabling and transformers, the water company flushes the pipes and the sewers, and three months later you’re actually BETTER off because all your old shit got replaced with new shit, even your car is new.

Run THAT shit past the more extreme yanks who hate everything “socialist” but utterly fail to see that motor and house insurance is in fact nothing more than socialism in a capitalist hat, and see where it gets you.

Cunts living on the slopes of Vesuvius are assholes, me living on a flood plain or under sea level in the big easy, ah, that’s DIFFERENT, and this is EXACTLY the same disconnect the skanky ho’s in the above two articles are guilty of.

So we have “skank ho” wimminz and niggerz mentality, and “foxhole” or cell block C mentality, I’ll call them skank ho mentality and foxhole mentality.

Here’s the rub.

It takes, historically speaking, in the sense where historically refers to all of human history, an INORDINATELY wealthy society to support any form on large scale and long term skank ho mentality, most of human history was foxhole mentality.

Now, being a man, being aware of consequences, sat here just typing this in the warm and dry with a full belly and a half empty coffee beside me, on the most technologically advanced thing this human society has ever seen, a modern high end thinkpad, I gotta tell you something.

I don’t wanna go back to no foxholes, I KNOW what the consequences are, and if I have to go BACK (yes, I have done it before) to living without ANY mains services of any kind, no electric, no telephone, no running mains potable water, frankly I don’t wanna do it here, I wanna do it back in 1960 in the tropics, where being a white man with technical skills made you king of the fucking heap… if wishes were horses.

Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons” is alive and well, and kicking the shit out of modern western society, and Hardin wasn’t the first, William Forster Lloyd said it before him about the stunted cattle on common land, as Twain said, history may not repeat itself, but it surely does rhyme.

My strategy, and frankly the unconscious strategy of all AWALT / MGTOW men, is to build of comfy foxhole in the middle of skank ho ville, and while that foxhole is comfy for the owner, it is minimalist and far far far more sustainable than everything out there in skank ho land.

I have a friend, not a NAWALT, but so so so many men think she is NAWALT, she is pursuing a career, and doing so quite well, with single minded determination and vigour.

She spends an awful lot of time looking for “unexpected” events and consequences that will impact her career path, and so as a result manges to head many of them off at the pass, and progresses herself yet again… fair enough, this is all good hard work.


Like the wimminz above who wrote that article, I am met with complete blank incomprehension when I ask what she will do when the unexpected happens.

To her, the unexpected is a customer going to a competitor or a sales droid fucking up.

To me, the not so unexpected is war in the middle east and all the Chinese products that your company sells and which constitute 90% of its product catalogue goes up the swannee or trebles in price due to exchange rate / fiscal policy changes, or when the parent company is wiped out when one of the European banks crashes for a week… what the fuck is your planned and chosen career path going to give you then?

What is your plan B?

What will you do when, for example, HP buys your parent company and sacks y’all, because they already have a sales channel.

November 14, 2012

Little Bo Bernanke

The riddle / rhyme about Bo Peep works for the wimminz, leave them alone, and they’ll come home, wagging their tails behind them.

It’s not the first time I have seen parallels between wimminz and sheep, both run away if you chase them, both bleat a lot, both are as dumb as a box of rocks.

Which brings me to a recent story kinda doing the rounds, which suggests that humans aren’t as intelligent now as they were a couple of thousand years ago.

The author is correct, and also deeply mistaken.

The brain is a muscle in exactly the same way that my biceps are, the more they are worked the more powerful they become, (within limits, severe overwork will damage them) and the less they are worked the more atrophied they become.

In this example we would equate the power of the muscle with the intellect in the brain.

The more you use your brain, the more intelligent you become.

At this point, please do NOT confuse intelligence and that thing known as an IQ test, which is in reality no more than a reading language and comprehension test… “Roofs are to houses as xxx are to options 1, 2 and 3

Means sweet fuck all if you can’t speak English, or can’t read because you were never taught, or any number of another things

I could print that test question in Chinese ideograms and 99.99% of my readers wouldn’t know it from a menu item and a takeaway, so they would get an IQ score of zero for that one…  clearly, any test of INTELLIGENCE would not depend upon language.

use as many or as few of these items as you choose, and get yourself from this side of the river to that side of the river over there, without getting your feet wet.. the person who does it in the minimum time is the winner” is much more of an intelligence test.

I know someone who did this and won, after much argument with the judges, by wrapping his feet in two refuse sacks and taping them up with duct tape and swimming across… HE got fucking soaked… his feet however were indeed dry.

So let us look at a list of the skills one needs to master, and exercise the brain in doing so, in modern western society…

  • Nobody builds their own house, so construction skills are not required, nor are skills such as cutting down trees to get wood or smelting iron ore to make nails etc
  • Nobody catches or prepares their own food, it is all pre processed and much of it is partially or wholly pre-cooked.
  • Nobody makes fire, click, oven turned on.
  • Nobody makes tallow candles, click.
  • Nobody makes clothes, or repairs them, no one can sew or darn, a skill ALL men had 50 years ago.
  • No job needed, guvvmint will give you a cheque, especially if you are a wimminz with womb turds
  • No entertainment needed, turn on the idiots lantern
  • No sanity needed, always doctors on call
  • You get the idea

It is quite possible to get to say 30 years of age and never to have once had to puzzle a single thing out in order to stay alive, in fact it is not merely possible, but it is extremely likely to be so.

In fact, it takes extraordinary dedication and talent to die young in western society… I’ve lived over half a century and I do not know ANYONE in western society who;

  1. starved to death
  2. failed to obtain both clothing and footwear
  3. got eaten by a predator
  4. died of dehydration
  5. failed to get any access to medical treatment ever
  6. failed to get access to dietary necessities (no more rickets etc)
  7. died of dysentry or cholera or dihorrea or malnutrition
  8. etc etc

Hell, I have known people so abjectly stupid they got shit-faced on psychotropic drugs and ended up unconscious, smashed up and bleeding somewhere, minutes or hours away from certain death BEFORE they would ever regain conciousness or do anything about it, and STILL someone came along and called someone else who involved some other and saved their worthless fucking lives.

Contrast this to some places on the planet where pre-teen orphan kids think themselves lucky, literally, if they can find some rotting fish heads to eat.

I walk up and down the aisles in my local supermarket and I feel like that 2,000 year old man, aisles and aisles of stuff made to be eaten, but no actual fucking FOOD….

Take away the biscuits and crisps and pastries and cakes and sweets and instant meals and pot noodles and nappies and 4,096 varieties of shampoo and you have maybe 10% of the supermarket left, take away the booze and you’re down to 5%, take away the tobacco and you’re down to 3% left which is actual fucking food.

Three time so far in my life I have seen supermarket shelves emptied of bread, and shelves full of plain flour, emptied of milk, but tins of condensed milk and cans of powdered milk and the odd carton of UHT long life milk left, cleared of instant meals, but 2 Kg bags of rice and tins of curry and chile left.

I have visitors to my crib laugh, because I buy bog rolls in packs of 24 and never have less than 6 on hand, I never have less than 5 kilos of sugar on hand or a kilo of coffee, never have less than a dozen tins of some sort of meat and a kilo or rice.

What they don’t realise is that a case of 8 (400g)tins of beef curry, 8 tins of chile, 8 tins of minced beef and onions all at 90p a tin, plus a 2 kg bag of rice, and the odd things like a fresh onion or three and some herbs and spices will keep you not merely alive but well fed on one good meal a day for almost a month, and none of that shit goes off in 24 hours without refrigeration etc, and push comes to shove you can do it all in one pan cooking style off any heat source good enough to simmer a couple of pints of water.

Sugar and coffee and bog roll and a few bars of soap and whatnot and you’re good to go.

A 15 Kg bottle of butane or two, regulator and gas ring and you’re really good to go.

That lot and four 5 gallon plastic jerry cans full of potable water will all go in the boot of a car, which is itself shelter from the direct elements of wind and rain, and you really really are good to go.

I’m not even “prepping” and I have nearly a month’s food and shit to hand, and I can move it all to a car in maybe 5 minutes.

I mean really, what the fuck were these people in NY thinking of???

I just got my quarterly bills for the crib… crib includes a workshop out the back, and in the crib it is a technology wet dream, approx £90 each for gas, water and electric, this is £3 a day for gas water and electric, £4 a day if you include teh intertubez cable sub

This all means I can live COMFORTABLY and run a fucking car on £100 a week.

In reality I live better than kings did as recently as 100 years ago.

But then, I don’t live with a fucking wimminz… when I did the bills were £300 a week and MY fucking lifestyle was no different.

However, on the other side of Europe the Greeks have refused to put Athens metro fares up from 1.4 euros to 1.75 euros (both figures are heavily subsidised) because to them this is an “austerity measure” too far…


Because the fucking wimminz will be up in arms.

They are in for a rude fucking awakening, but thank fuck I am too old and ornery to be drafted for WW3…

October 20, 2012

Dream lover

Dreams are funny shit…

I’m driving down the road, looking into the sunset, and remembering the dream I was having when I woke up that morning.

So in this dream I have gone back to a house I used to live in, and in the interim the village has changed, some houses have disappeared, some new houses have been built, and in the back yard of where I used to live someone split the house from the yard, property wise, and built four horrible art deco style townhouses, and it looks like it should be a studio set or a record album cover.

Someone beside me says “Yeah, those houses have been empty since they were built 27 years ago“… and at that point I wake up and the alarm is going and it is time for me to move my ass.

So 10 hours driving later this “…empty since they were built 27 years ago..” is still floating around at the back of my head, and I start doing mental arithmetic, and realise after a few minutes of that would have been in 1980, so that means that that would have been 1982, so sort of stuff, and I come to the conclusion that I left that house with the big back yard, wait for it, 27 years ago now.

So my fictitious characters in dreams have instant access to facts that I, in my awake state, have to sit and think about, not something new as revelations go, but this one struck me, because it struck me how much the world fucking changed in that period.

27 years ago was 1985.

The big house with the huge yard set in the idyllic countryside was UK £25,000 on an 8% mortgage from NatWest, which at the time my bank, Midland, manager called “financial suicide” on the part of NatWest, so banks were changed, mortgages taken and property deeds altered.

Back then the multiple was 4 x your salary, I can’t remember car prices but I can remember NOT buying a new with dealer miles MHR Ducati Mille Miglia for £4,500 (which gives you some idea of house prices relative to top of the line bike prices) because that and £500 gave me the 20% deposit of £5,000 on the house, which allowed me to sneak under the mortgage multiplier of 4 x with my £5,000 salary, or approximately £100 a week.

I can tell you that £100 a week wasn’t an especially good wage for 1985, remember I was more interested in partying evening and weekends, and would never have considered overtime or anything like that. From memory the dole was about £25 a week at that time.

I can tell you that is was five short years from 1979 when my dad said he would “stop driving when petrol got to one pound a gallon” and there we were five short years later in 1985 (forgive my maths) and there it was just about to go through two pounds a gallon.

(today at £1.44 per litre and 4.54 litres to the (imperial) gallon it is £6.54 per gallon)

I can particularly remember this as on the last trip up to see the MHR before I passed on it, I stopped to fill the twin tanks on the old shovel, it was on reserve and I handed over a TENNER and got some change, and the guy pumping fuel (manned pumps still in 1985) said “come next year it will cost you more than a tenner” (to fill that motorcycle up with fuel…) which was insane… I only earned £100 a week before tax…. and here I was splashing £10 into a motorcycle to fill up dry tanks!

Here is another way to look at it… in terms of gallons of petrol…

In 1985;

  • I earned 50 gallons of petrol a week before tax
  • A top of the range exotic sportsbike cost 2,250 gallons
  • A LARGE house with a LARGE yard in the country cost 12,500 gallons

So lets take our £6.54 gallon and work that backwards;

  • A mid twenties guy should have no problem finding a job that pays £6.50 x 50 = £325 a week, no overtime, no nothing, £325 a week is £17k per annum, local city bus drivers make that, just, if they work overtime…. so by any meaningful metric wages today are 25% to 50% lower in gallon of gas terms than they were in 1985… the average weekly wage is nearer 250, which at £6.50 a gallon = 39 gallons of gas
  • A top of the range sportsbike £6.50 x 2,250 = £14,625, closest my local dealer, the same one I was going to buy the MHR from back then, has on their website price wise is a 2013 Kawasaki VN1700 Voyager custom at £14,599… a 2012 VMAX is £21,499, so we aren’t a million miles away really.
  • A LARGE house with a LARGE yard, £6.50 x 12,500 = £81.250…. this is where it gets fucked.

The actual house in question, you can go there today and and see not four art deco creations in the back yard, but one large detached freehold, which according to http://www.nethouseprices.com sold in April 2009 for £325,000…. the original house, now minus the huge yard because the above mentioned extended £325k place with outbuilding was build in it, so it now only has a moderate but still large by UK standard 1/8th acre garden sold in June 2011 for £277,000

You have to remember that while what I did in 1985 was just about financially doable, it was considered by my own bank manager to be, and I quote, “financial suicide” on the part of the lenders, NatWest, and myself, racking up that much (£20k, I had £5k deposit) debt to buy a big house in the country.

There is a sound reason for referring all these things back to the gallon of gas / benzine / petrol / essence / whatever…. and that is that a gallon of gas = a pretty much fixed quantity of energy, and energy is the lifeblood of a modern technological society.

That house with that land (eg building plot) has to be what the house went for in June 2011, which is 277k, plus minimum 100k for the plot the 325k house and outbuildings now sits on, plus 20k for the long strip of land sold the other side to give access to the land at the bottom, which was never ours, but which now has yet another executive house built on it, so 277 + 100 + 20 = 397 lets not mess around and round it up to 400k

It is also worth noting that in 1985 this house cost 12,500 gallons of gas, today £400k / £6.50 = 61,538 gallons of gas…. 61,538 / 12,500 = 4.92, call it five times the fucking price in energy terms.

£400,000, now I had a 20% deposit and took a mortgage for the remaining 80%, today that would represent a £80k CASH deposit and a mortgage for the remaining £320k….. like fuck, what mid twenties guy has that kind of loose lying around today.

We have already seen that if you are prepared to put in the overtime, our modern mid twenties guy can drive a city bus and pull in £17k…. 320/17 = an 18.82 times multiple, get a liar loan for the full 400k and 400 / 17 = 23.53 times multiple.


We went from a 4x multiple, which my bank manager said was financial suicide, but hey, it was my funeral, to buy a house worth 12,500 gallons of gas, to the EXACT SAME MOTHERFUCKING HOUSE now costing 61,538 gallons of gas.


But wait, there is more.

While I looooove my technology and teh intertubez and my mega LED flat screen and 1080p HD did-yit-all moovie cameras and all that shit, all that shit didn’t exist commercially in 1985, you could spend half a weeks wages on a Sinclair 8 bit micro, you could spend a lot of money on Hi-Fi, you could buy a stupidly big 26″ colour telly… monthly bills were pretty much landline phone rental plus light and heat… there just wasn’t anything else.

Credit cards were also very rare, as indeed were debit cards.

People who travelled to foreign countries or worked abroad might tote a Diners Club and an AMEX card, they might, emphasis on might, most didn’t.

Mostly you wrote a cheque or paid cash.

Cash was king, because everyone had the legal right to be paid weekly in cash, and 80% of the population was, and if you are in ANY doubt that removing that legal right (Thatcher government) was anything other than a planned and necessary step on the road to personal credit / debt for everyone then you too are fucking dreaming of 1985…

A £20,000 mortgage for 20 years at 8% interest is £169.75 a month, getting on towards HALF of my gross wage in 1985….

IF I had stuck it, and all other things being equal, which is by no means certain, I would have been mortgage free seven years ago…. and my last year of mortgage payments would have been 2005, and a mortgage of some 40 quid a week in 2005 would have been peanuts…. especially compared to the new “Council tax” which in reality is something you pay in exchange for getting your bins emptied once a week, and for that house, which was LARGE, the council tax in that area is £2,200 a year, or £42 a fucking week.


The present financial “dreamworld” that we live in is however anything but a dream, no fucker is going to wake up from this and idly run things through their head behind the wheel many hours later with mild amusement.

So far we have been inflating things in terms of a gallon of gas, when the wheels fall of that wagon and the actual cost of a gallon of gas doubles in five years, then doubles again in another five, which is what happened 27 years ago, all sorts of bed dreams and evil spirits come home to roost.



October 11, 2012


You know the story, guy wakes up with utterly amazing thing in his head, goes to write it down, someone or something interrupts, and it is all gone…. and that is my excuse for why this blog is mainly crap, someone or something keeps interrupting me.

See, here’s the thing, I have seen and heard many people place the blame for their own lack of achievement or greatness on the demands of others, if only I didn’t have a wife and kids and mortgage to support, I could have gone to medical school.

MGTOW however reveals another thing entirely, guys who spend most of their time doing sweet fuck all, sure, they may have half a dozen projects on the go, but none of them are a rush…

… be nice to get the motor-sickle back together and on the road in time for next summer… but that is a sentiment that has been expressed the last three winters, and a couple more won’t hurt…

… mainly the 16 hours of wakefulness each day are filled by doing sweet fuck all of note, but doing it in your own pace and at your own time and in your own way.

Living such a life Coleridge managed to produce three poems of note, a guy called Darwin went on a sea voyage because he was suitable intellectual company for another gentleman (that was his only role, he was not voyage naturalist) etc etc

Yet when we are told about MGTOW’s we are always pointed at workaholics like daVinci and Tesla and Brunel, guys who couldn’t sit still and contemplate the possibility of needing a fart or needing a crap, they’d have to build a machine to take care of both eventualities.

Give up wimminz and suddenly you will have all that free time, in which to be industrious for yourself, and in no time at all you will have a fleet of motorcycles, three cars, a 4×4, a yacht and a speedboat, and apparently no fucking time at all in which to enjoy them, or contemplate needing a fart or a crap…

Is that what the draft pony dreams about? Giving up the company cart to pull just so he can still be a draft pony and pull his own cart, or does he dream about just saying fuckit, throw off the cart and harness, I think I’ll wander over thataway and chew some grass..

Anecdotally and tangentially, PoF is seeing a huge influx in new sign-ups from wimminz in Wales, and as those of you who know anything about UK geography and economics knows, Wales is in many ways the canary in the coal-mine as far as employment goes, as for the wimminz themselves, I’m reminded of an auto maker who is convinced that the answer to the collapse is sales is to re-brand everything with some new badge engineering, take a whole slew of new publicity shots, and start a whole new publicity campaign, this alone will be sufficient to change something from “Boy, you can’t polish a turd” (Christine) to something that sells like Buzz Lightyear the first time around.

The Xanadu interruptions to sedentary navel gazing and lotus eating are not necessarily a bad thing though, the good thing about the sedentary lifestyle is that it IS open to impromptu interruptions, and these interruptions can be interesting and pleasant, in a very Zen kind of way.

One of these interruptions was while writing this, just such a wimminz, but not welsh, we chatted on PoF a few weeks ago and she didn’t seem to me to be making any effort to get in my pants, so I walked away in boredom and ennui…. turns out I was right, as she had another guy in the holding pattern, turns out he wasn’t as good at sex as she was hoping so she pops up again today, and fuck the “long term” in her profile, within 2 minutes she is talking about needing a damn good dirty fuck, can I oblige?

Who knows, it’s a three whorse (sic) race to see who is going to keep my balls drained this weekend, and it may even be that the race will be cancelled by me if don’t just see a clear winner, and that isn’t first past the post a book for definite on X night, but first past the post who also looking like they are desperate and will do anything to win.

That’s the thing with the sedentary MGTOW, because he is quite happy to spend 10 minutes contemplating whether he needs a crap or a fart, quite happy to be having three or four long term no rush at all projects on the go, he is the marketing department’s nightmare…

Trying to get him motivated and eager like an apple fanboi is next to impossible.. “you want me to pay how much? for what? and no new features or ability?” next thing you get is “nah, I’ll pass” and if you keep it up you’ll get “take your products, all of them, stick them up your ass, and fuck off, forever

Passivity is actually an incredibly powerful thing, it is INORDINATELY difficult to get someone riled up or involved in something they literally no longer give a shit about.

Now, we are actually starting to talk, at higher levels of state, around the periphery at least, about the problems caused by the fact that we no longer make anything, we are a service industry run by and for wimminz and niggerz, and everyone else is a single mum on the state teat.

Trying to involve me in this debate is like a load of 3′ tall dwarves who have spent the last 30 years destroying the levees, trying to involve a 6′ tall Zulu in what should be done when the flood waters rise to 40″ high…

Sedentary animals don’t burn a lot of energy, but they are often capable of astonishing feats of physical prowess… wander into the African bush and if you manage to see a big cat without actually also disturbing them, chances are they are lying there half asleep, wondering whether to take a crap or just fart.

A rising tide lifts all boats equally (and as I said before here a falling tide strands all poorly crewed boats equally) but rising floodwaters kill everything that lives underground and can’t swim first, then everything that is very short and can’t swim, then everything that is slow and can’t swim… the red-neck motherfucker on the lilo with a cheap ass polystyrene (floats) cooler full of suds is better equipped that 99.9% of life to survive that flood, he has what he needs, and nothing that he doesn’t need.

Having nothing that I don’t need in my life is why I can live for so little, in monetary terms, so little, in effort terms, so little in stress terms, so little, in giving a shit terms, so little, in involvement in society or people’s problems, so little, in energy expended terms.


February 12, 2012

Up, and down, up, and down…

…it’s a song from 1999 that for some reason got stuck in my head last week, so instead of conversation, such as “Oh yes” or “and what did you say” or “so how was that new bar you were going to” I end up wiggling my eyebrows at them and saying “Up, and down….Up, and down….”

mental health, it is an issue… lol, we have met the enemy, and he is us, our enemy is the enemy within, the white knight niggerz mangina that is bred into us all, programmed by the very language we speak, and I do not mean the feminazi MSM dialogue, I mean the language of English itself.

It’s only when you learn OTHER languages that you start to make connections about English as a language, and a language is of necessity a programming language, it is the language we use to communicate and describe the world around us.

Sometimes language is also like an aquarium, the view from outside looking in is different from the view inside looking out, and sometimes you have to venture out of your own aquarium to find a language capable of expressing that which you wish to describe.

There are probably few actual English words left in English, and those that survive have been changed, all the rest is imported from abroad… just as it is flatly impossible to separate out the influences of the Roman conquest 2,000 years ago and the Norman conquest 1,000 years ago (and the Viking raids etc) and arrive at a true English culture.

So only a non Spaniard can go to Spain, and point to three words;

  1. Casa – House
  2. Casado – Married
  3. Casadoras – Handcuffs

….and smirk, to be met by utterly blank looks on the faces of the Spaniards themselves, as though you just pointed out “the” / “there” / “theremins” … because by definition being a native English speaker I will not be able to come up with three English words that do this, or spot them when pointed out to me.

So thought processes end up in a rut, in a closed loop, much like the Vengaboys – Up and down song that started all this off, a mindless little tune and lyric that gets stuck in your head, and you end up talking crap to people, crap that is perfectly in context from your perspective, but from theirs makes them look at you as if you were slightly mad.

What’s that you say? All wimminz are filthy lying whores?

Bzzzzt, does not compute, you end up sounding like a candidate for the nice men in white coats, because just as the Spanish word for foreigner and the Spanish word for stranger are essentially the same thing, estrangero, the English word for someone who has truly swallowed the red pill and gone all the way down the rabbit hole, and the English word for someone who is a menace to society are essentially the same thing.

Every man who has stood in a secret family court and / or been falsely accused of  rape knows EXACTLY what I mean, they are using words that sound exactly like the words you grew up with, except they now have radically different meanings.

Down the rabbit hole where NOT buying your girlfriend a diamond ring for valentine’s day does NOT constitute a pre-meditated act of domestic violence and oppression and control.

So yesterday I am on PoF and this skank ho tells me the reason she split from her ex, was they weren’t getting on, and so one day she slapped him, and he put her in the hospital for three days… so I ask her, what did you learn from this, and get the predicted response, don’t be around violent men, and I point out to her a better lesson might be don’t bite off more than you can chew, after all, she instigated the violence. What did she expect???

It is only when I quite correctly pointed out that (due to other things and inconsistencies said in chat) that she is a liar and a hypocrite that she started to go all cold on me, me siding with the guy who allegedly put her in hospital for three days did not turn her off.

These brain draining parasites in the secret family courts, wimminz movements and so on all inhabit a world where no woman ever gets a throbbing dripping wet cunt at the thought and practice of a man giving her exactly the kind or pre-arranged and discussed and agreed to rough sex that she desires, the whole idea of kinky sex from a bit of slap and tickle all the way up to BDSM simply does not fucking exist, because in a real world where a man does not rape or beat or abuse, there can be no evidence (use the search facility on this blog and look up “locard) of these things.

Evidence of sex is not evidence of rape, accusations of abuse not backed up by any medical notes or photographs of bruises is not evidence of beatings, failing to do or provide certain things for a woman who nonetheless chooses to stick around for several years is not evidence of abuse.

Yet should you have any further doubts upon this matter, should you question whether control of the definitions of the programming language is the one thing they all actually care about, all you have to do is to dare to question any of the definitions of this language, as I did…. consensual slap and tickle and consensual rough sex BDSM is not fucking rape and abuse.

When you point out the that “enormous” sex implements, note the use of the word implement and not toy, which in reality means anything larger than 1″ diameter and 6″ length, were bought by the psycho skank ho in question who is accusing you of being the abusing rapist, reality and the subject will shift to the next item on the agenda, and sooner of later there will be one you cannot answer, because in your world and your language a response is meaningless, and the question itself nonsensical, yet in their world every response you can possibly make can and will, as the caution says, be used in evidence AGAINST you… nothing is ever used FOR you, but then, they never say it will be in caution….

When the psycho skank ho’s lawyers allege that the woman who decided to walk down the road to your house two or three times a week for ten years, to have sex, to have children by you, to be taken shopping by you, to have Christmas lunch with you, to use you as unpaid taxi and 24/7 multiskilled DIY man on call, was in fact nothing more than the woman you have been raping and abusing for ten years, and this is just one of many reasons why you should never be allowed anywhere near your own children ever again…. what do you have to say to that, Mr Afor?

You might as well wiggle your eyebrows, smile, bob your head from side to side bop to the beat and say “Up, and down…. up, and down”

January 2, 2012

The Death of Apprenticeship.

Now and again in my old “day job“, which is to say my TRADE, which is to say TIME SERVED APPRENTICESHIP, I used to come across situations where I ran up against the fact that I was clearly one of the very last people to get anything even remotely resembling a PROPER old fashioned apprenticeship.

I didn’t have a PROPER old fashioned apprenticeship, my father did, his parents had to pay his “employer” to allow him to go to work every week for the first 4 years, because until then he was a drain on the company, and after 4 years he was good enough to earn them money, and boy let me tell you in his day if you laughed at your master for making a trivial mistake, your master would punch you in the mouth, and unless you wanted your apprenticeship to end then and there, you took it…

My own apprenticeship was not quite that tough, I didn’t actually have to pay for permission to go to work, though I did get paid sweet fuck all, and did have to take whatever was dished out.

Turns out, in later life, I realise that I had some other apprenticeships too, even though I didn’t realise them at the time…

Turns out growing up a boy in a traditional family was one hell of an apprenticeship in how to be a father and a parent.

Turns out growing up generally was an apprenticeship for being a Man, for being a Husband, for being a breadwinner, a lover, a protector, a provider, and another cog in the machinery that is civilization.

Turns out, many of those “skills” are as in demand nowadays as buggy whip making.

Turns out, that whole process of learning shit did not so much teach me about the shit in each particular subject, but more generally it taught me HOW TO LEARN.

Turns out, I learned, late maybe, but well… AWALT, fuck yeah.

Turns out, as I look around, the REASON that AWALT, the reason that “the youth of today“, the reason that “bankers today“, the reason that “industrialists today” etc etc etc are all useless fucking cunts, is that none of them had much in the way of these various apprenticeships while growing up.

Whatever innate talent I had for engineering, plus whatever exposure I had to training, it was like the christian parable of the seed that fell on fertile soil vs the seed that fell on stony ground.

A modern kid raised in a single skank ho mummy household is the “stony ground” in the parable, the stony ground specifically being that kid just not getting all those other apprenticeships as it grows up, not getting the “Kid growing up with mummy and daddy“, not getting the “mummy home maker, daddy world shaper“, not getting the “this is your home, where you are always safe and secure from the world” etc etc

It’s like learning languages, you cannot learn latin or greek or french or spanish or german, without also learning more about english.

Just as there are no longer any engineering apprenticeships available, no matter how talented or enthusiastic you may be, there are also essentially no more father / husband / man / mother / wife / woman / citizen / etc apprenticeships.

There is the feral skank ho slut and the feral skank cock on legs, we have reduced society to the level of rutting animals, and all those who possess the ability and experience to train a new generation of apprentices have been told, in no uncertain terms, like myself, to fuck off.

And we as men have listened.

My (male) kids only possible light on the horizon for anything even approaching an apprenticeship in being a human being is to join the fucking Army, and if that isn’t as fucked up as anything can get you don’t know your history.

The thing that should absolutely literally scare every western adult citizen out there into literally shitting themselves with fear is this simple fact;

I am in my 50’s, and I am the absolute last of those who can take on apprentices, whether it be studying engineering or IT or being a parent or being a son or daughter in a secure and loving family, and when I say I am the absolute last to be honest I am borderline…. really you should be looking at someone 55 or older…

But since this is my blog I will talk about me and my perspective, I am in my early 50’s, and I am the last ones who can take on apprentices simply because nobody younger has the experience / knowledge / ability.

But, why the fuck should I?

What is in it for me?

Nothing any feminazi skank ho can offer me will tempt me.

In another 15 years, maybe only 10 years, I will be too old to take on apprentices, in any of the above fields, and then it is game over….. all those skills are lost, and will have to be re-discovered, which is anything but trivial, quite the opposite actually, and then where the fuck will society be, where single psycho skank ho mummy raising feral kids who are the very definition of “stony ground” are the fucking norm, when that is all there is….

Who will keep the lights burning? Who will keep the bytes churning? Who will keep the potable water flowing?

It won’t be my problem…  maybe those whose problem it is can throw another skank ho on the pyre to keep themselves warm.

September 11, 2011

EnvironMENTALism and Feminazism.

Now, while it is a truism that as you get older you gain in experience, and you gain in knowledge, it is also true that your intelligence does not also continue to grow.

I attribute about 25% of my intelligence to innate ability, and the other 75% to the fact that from the age of 0 to the age of 7 my brain was taught to be inquisitive and to observe and puzzle things out, this I owe to my parents, who provided the environment I grew up in.

From the age of 7 the mould was cast, and with more practice I may have continued to grow my intellect up to the age of 16 or so, at which point it pretty much levelled off, and all the apparent gains since then are really down the the ever increasing amount of knowledge and experience that I gain year by year. Grist to the mill.

If we assume that IQ is a valid measure of intelligence, which is a moot point, we know that by default the average intelligence is by definition an IQ of 100, and we can say that me being an arrogant bastard I will place my IQ at 125.

Going from the above it means that 25% of that, or IQ 31, is the raw computing power I was born with genetically, and the remaining IQ 94 comes from a combination of training that raw computing power and feeding it an ever accumulating pile of data and experience.

If I had had less nurturing parents, instead of gaining 94 IQ points I might only have gained half that, 47, which added to my born with 25 would give me an IQ of 72, or considerably below average intelligence.

Obviously this is a bit like human diet and height, if you make people progressively dumber year on year, by definition the average IQ of 100 will represent a progressively dumber but still average intellect individual. (and there is an inverse correlation between intelligence and obesity)

As I look around me today, I am reminded of the film “Idiocracy” which if you have not seen, go out and rent it, allegedly a comedy but in fact almost a documentary, people today are a lot dumber on average than they were when I was a small boy.

I often tell people to go and read about the Tolpuddle Martyrs, and especially the quote from George Loveless, a fucking common farm labourer, in 1834, and by God it blows away anything a farm labourer in 2011 could write, even with the internet and the benefit of 11 years of compulsory schooling in a modern technological society.

In short, irrespective of the initial potential supplied by nature, the very rapid changes in nurture since I was a boy to the present day have clearly had a profound effect on intelligence.

As you all know, I bang skank ho’s for a hobby, and this means I come into contact with a lot of todays kids, in their own homes where they are most relaxed, and I have to tell you, they are as dumb as fucking turds…. I have to emulate Beavis and Butthead in order to have any form of meaningful conversation with them, if I try to have anything even remotely approaching a conversation that I would have had at 16, invariably within three sentences out of my mouth I have said at least two things that completely went over their heads, they never heard of it, or anything even remotely related to it, they have an iphone and ipod and itunes, because they are cool, but have never heard of Jobs or Wozniak or the Apple ][ or Mac or anything else.

So I talk to them about this, and they do know for a fact that they literally did not learn one single fucking thing in their 11 years of compulsory schooling, and it pisses them off…. that 25% raw materials I mentioned before is smart enough to know it has been kept in the dark and fed on shit, and to resent it and the entire planet for it bitterly.

Incidentally this is how I get to fuck young chicks, compared to “my era” average IQ of 100, they are around IQ 75, even though that is today’s IQ 100, and that means just smart enough to find a clever older man interesting and sexy, a clever man their own age would be a cunt… go figure.

And as we all (we being you reading this, because chances are you have seen the same shit going down and formed the same opinions of it) know this decline has gone hand in hand with the rise in feminazism… Achtung Herren


What we actually have is a correlation between feminazism and a general lowering of intelligence, the more areas of society that feminazism penetrates then the more areas that are dumbed down and the increasing downwards pressures on intellect.

And what do we have rising alonside feminazism and lowering intellect? Why, we have all the environmental / greenie / tree hugging motherfuckers, “nucular” power is teh evil etc….

And so it is that after Fukushima, Germany, once known as the greatest technical and engineering nation on the planet, not exactly known for earthquakes since it does not reside on any tectonic plate boundaries, and not exactly known for tsunamis since it has fuck all coastline, just ups and closes all it’s nuke power stations due to popular demands, and commissions a bunch of coal burning plants, which, since coal contains many trace elements including pitchblende, which WE learned about in school (Mme Curie) which contains many lovelies such as rare earths, lead, thorium and mainly uranium oxides, the net result is that coal power plants produce and release more “nucular” pollution than nuke plants, much, much, much more, plus all the other noxious shit and particulate matter.

So we have people today who are too ignorant to know that extremely long half life = very low level radiation, but extremely short half life = very high level radiation, complaining about “nucular” waste that will be “dangerous” 10,000 years from now. I’m going to close this piece with an informative graphic at the bottom.

I quite like the way it starts, correctly comparing the radiation dose received by living within 50 miles of an operating nuclear plant for one year, with an equivalent we can all relate to, EATING ONE FUCKING BANANA.

Incidentally, wind farms are legally exclusion zones, you are not allowed anywhere near them, perhaps you sort of knew that, but never thought about it, well think on this, all the wind power installed in the UK has a peak theoretical generating capacity of around 8% of Fukushima, but add all the exclusion zones together and they exceed the current Fukushima exclusion zone in area.

Anyway, back to the plot.

“Carbon tax”, when I was at school I was taught that “Organic chemistry” was the study of chemistry that included the carbon atom as a component in the reactions. When I left school and went home I would watch Spock and Bones in Star Trek series one talk about carbon based life forms, and the next day at school we would hear some more about the Carbonaceus period of pre-history.

With the dumbing down of society that feminazism has accompanied, if not directly caused, you aren’t going to find many people who can relate to what I am saying here, if you can they will probably be male and 50+

By reason of my sex, I have been excluded from raising my own kids, and excluded from any mentoring of any other kids in any educational setting too, because let’s face it the facts of the matter are that feminazism has always seen men as evil, and sought to place barriers between us and impressionable young minds for fear that we would infect them with the fucking ability to think and reason for themselves, aka brainwashing to the feminazis, so that they can keep the kids dumb and brainwashed, aka liberated to the feminazis.

The end result is not the world we have today, this is just the overture, but already we have reached a stage where the things I talked about above have come to pass, and we have reached a place not only where my own considerable practical technical skills and experience are not merely insufficient to get me a job because nobody wants those skills, but there is also nobody I can pass those skills on to, and as I know from my own first hand experience, (for want of a nail the kingdom was lost) the only possible way to acquire those skills is by being apprenticed to a master for several years, and ideally growing up with one of those masters being your own father so you started absorbing that shit at ago 0 and by the time you were 7 you had absorbed more about the subject by osmosis than the modern university book learning asshole knows by the time they leave uni with a degree.

My knowledge and skills are going to die with me.

In *theory* I have enough years left to train a bunch of apprentices and students to the point where they are smart enough to not cut their own hands off and safe enough to start actually learning and accumulating their own experience ready to pass on, in theory I could wait five years to start doing it and still have enough time, which would just about allow enough time for this system to crash, and suddenly realise they need men with skills to rebuild.

But here is the kicker.

What the fuck is this new society going to bribe me with, given that it will be largely based on the cunts who stole my own fucking children from me, and lacking a time machine that can’t be put right.

Wall to wall teen pussy?

Fuck, I get enough now, and I get time to kick back and enjoy it and myself, and frankly I’m quite happy to spend the rest of my days continuing to kick back and enjoy myself and not give a fuck, and most of all, NOT TAKE ON ANY MORE RESPONSIBILITIES!

What’s that? Get someone younger than me, you mean someone in their thirties, a child of the eighties, a child of the feminazi world, a child from a broken home, a child who went to dumbed down schools, and a child who should by rights already have benefitted from the apprenticeship to someone one generation older than him, eg the likes of me… sorry, won’t cut it.

I’m a man, I have bred, my DNA imperitive has been met.

Doesn’t matter how desperate YOU get, MY priorities are no longer yours.

Society shit on me, I’ll be remembering that until the day I die.

Now I will ask you again, what do you have to bribe me with, that I want or can use?

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