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December 11, 2014

Shit I maybe should be doing — but aren’t

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There’s quite a lot of it, I’m sat here indoors by the fire listening to the traffic swish through the rain outside, I’m on my second cup of coffee, having used the first one to browse PoF and the usual fucking sites, fuck all fresh meat there.

Last night I went out to meet a skank, from the photos it was a 2 at best, but hey ho, the chat seemed on song, but I made it clear to her, she is buying the first round, and this was her one and only chance to play her cards right.

So this creature turns up, it only looks vaguely like the photos, but I am a brave mofo with no morals and no standards left, so I let the skank buy the drinks, and we chat for a minute or two, and I hit her with it, lets go and fuck, Y/N.

We walk outside and she says she is up for some fun and messing around, but she doesn’t fuck on first dates, I tell her, babe, if you don’t fuck on first dates there is no first date, the hambeast is visibly upset at this, clearly she has some idea that I’m prepared to wait, that there is some inherent quality in her that is masked by all the blubber that I am going to find alluring, if not irresistible, so she offers again to have some fun and messing around, there is the hint there that maybe she will fuck on first dates for me, but then again, maybe she won’t… penny hasn’t dropped that she has already blown it, she already spilled the beans, she already told me what her attitude is.

That’s the thing see, if you listen, people WILL fucking tell you all about themselves, they WILL tell you about their attitudes to life, and at that point, if yours are different, there is no point talking any more. Game over man.

This is why I have no time for anyone who works in politics, or law, or law enforcement, or social services, or sales, or hairdressing, or nail technicion (sic) or any of that other shit, there is just no point, the only interactions I can have with people with different attitudes is if they are working in a shop selling milk or bog paper and we execute a trivial financial transaction.

Part of listening, part of letting people tell you about themselves, is listening to and understanding language.

One of the PoF criteria is are you a smoker, and will you date one, and the choices of being a smoker are YES, NO and OCCASIONAL.

So, can I be an OCCASIONAL paedophile, an OCCASIONAL murderer, an OCCASIONAL  liar, an OCCASIONAL enhanced interrogation operative?

No, not really, you either do shit, or don’t do shit, and the only possible nuances are might do shit in the future and used to do shit in the past.

I used to do grass / speed / acid, haven’t done it for fucking years, many many years, so that is a nuance on don’t do shit.

Apply this to PoF and you go from 30,000 eligible wimminz in your area, and start deleting all the ones with mentions of frogs, or making them smile, or live laugh love, or tossers in tinfoil, and so on, and don’t forget the non-verbal communications that nonetheless are just cues to actual verbal communications and attitudes, different colour hair in every pic, skanky tats on the tits, faces that look like they’d crack if they smiled naturally, and so on and so forth, and suddenly you are down from 30,000 eligible wimminz in your area to 30.

And just as my sarky definitions of OCCASIONAL above are varied, but all deal with the same thing, there are variations between a wimminz professed desires and self identity, and a politicians, or a cops, or a lawyers, or a sales droid, but at heart they are all exactly the same thing, as Vonnegut said, they are religious self delusions, and god help you if you threaten or question any of them.

Language, as a medium of communication, has ceased to exist, it serves now only to obfuscate and obscure and mislead, dictionaries are worthless and the meanings of every single word are so fluid and vague as to be meaningless.

My words to the skank last night prior to our meeting, and during it, were quite clear and concise and left no room whatsoever for ambiguity.

At least they did in a vanishing world where language as a medium of communication still existed as a viable and normal medium of informational exchange.

To the skank, who had long since abandoned that world, they were just gurgling sounds like you make to a baby, totally devoid of meaning, but you have a sexy voice she says, and to be fair, her words were also totally devoid of meaning.

I want to be quite clear on this, I’d lay good money I could have gone along with her fun and messing around, and ended up fucking her, I’d lay good money it was more than a possibility, well into the realms of distinct probability, albeit not a certainty.

Thing is, that would have taken EFFORT on my part, which is kinda where were came in with the title of this, in that the things I kinda maybe oughta should be doing instead of typing this, well, they require EFFORT, and the REWARD does not entice me to make the EFFORT.

I have said this before on this blog, people talk about love and hate and war and destructions and all sorts of things, they are all ACTIONS, but by far the most powerful and long lasting thing is APATHY.

Apathy doesn’t look like much, nor does rain and running water, but it makes mountains crumble and carves the land and turns all iron into rust and so on and so forth.

Over time, its a powerful motherfucker, immensely powerful, and it is what creeps in, puts its feet up, and makes itself at home in your soul when efforts are not met by just rewards.

For 99.999% of the female population, I am bored shitless by any prospect of any interaction with you that is more complex than me emptying my balls in you.

For the males, by the way, you don’t even offer me THAT fucking utility, so lets not have any shit about AfOR being a misogynist, wimminz have it better than niggerz.

For that 99.999% of the female population, your feewings on the matter are an irrelevance, just. not. fucking. interested.


Me feeling of total apathy at the prospect of playing your game by your rules doesn’t make me (insert insults here)

I’m not even trying to save the world, or the wimminz, or the niggerz, by the same token, I’m not trying to bring it down, see I could have gone back with that skank last night, she WANTED me to, but the only roles available in that play weren’t roles that appealed to me, and some of the possible outcomes were even less appealing, ooh, you coerced me into sex… bitch, you aren’t worth any amount of coercion, I need bribing to empty my balls into you… geddit?? No, apparently not.

What I am is flatly refusing to do, for the word, the wimminz, the niggerz, is ***any*** maintenance on it, the only shit I am looking out for is my own shit, in feminazi speak, deal with it.

I made it abundantly clear to last night’s skank, the instant I was the only one putting effort into it, game over, and no bitch, turning up in your hambeast body does not fucking constitute sufficient effort. Demonstrating both a willingness and an enthusiasm to fuck does.

Who knows, it is entirely possible that by opening that particular door, you could continue to demonstrate same, and hold my interest for some considerable time.

A few weeks ago I fucked a similar hambeast (all you bro’s out there owe me lots of beers for saving y’all from the task..lol) and she got it more right than last nights, she was willing to get down and dirty from the get go, maybe 15 minutes after meeting her we were in bed with her tits tied up and her tongue deep in my ass before I emptied my balls into her skanky hole.

She fucked up because she wanted a lot *more* kinky shit, effort and reward again, she expected me to go to a lot of extra effort to give her *all* the kinky shit she desired, but there were no *extra* rewards for me, sure, maybe she is more suited to a guy who is a proper sadist, or a guy who actually hates wimminz, but that ain’t my problem, every transaction is different, and every transaction has to equate effort to reward.

That, at the heart of it, is why I am single today, I haven’t found a wimminz whose attitudes to effort and reward match my own, that would make her a woman, after all.

That, at the heart if it, is why I am still in the day job I am in, and not in any other job, the pay reward sucks, but the effort required to get it is equally minimal, hell, I did 50 hours actual work in October just gone by, but still got paid 9-5 Monday to Friday.

That, at the heart of it, is why I am still basically a happy and relaxed and nice person with a reasonable amount of charm and charisma, unlike all the ugly wimminz and niggerz, who all expend far more effort on their collective delusions than they get back in rewards for doing so…

August 24, 2014

Technology rarely lies… too much…

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WhatsApp, I use it quite a bit.

I can look through my contacts, (does just that to prove a point) last seen 22/08 at 22:03…

looks at contact which is in fact my other phone, gives the same info, turn other phone off and remove battery, gives last seen date and time…

Reinsert battery in other phone, power up, open whatsapp, BLOCK my first phone.

Go back to first phone, look at contact of second phone, suddenly no status as to when last online, send a message, same as normal but you only get the one tick, message sent, the second tick, message received, won’t come up.

The kicker is the no status as to when last online, that is the sign you have been blocked, the second tick, well, their phone could be off, or they could be in a weak reception area, but it will still say when last seen online, even if that was last year.

So this skank, I mentioned this a day or so ago, decides to block me and move on, fair enough and fuck you very much, but I sent her an email saying fine block me and get on with your new old start in life, like I give a fuck, can I have my shit back that I left there, and do you want to collect your fucking iphone (like me, she has more than one phone)

So I get an email response , which my mate saw as he was here and I was using the big screen, and this email says basically I dropped my phone in the water that’s why I ain’t been in touch, but fuck you back too and kthxbye.

Now my mate is saying to me, could be true, and I say to him, no, for starters, this skank lies, I know this for a fact, and for seconds, if she had dropped her phone in the water, my phone would still show her last online status.

So the whole I dropped my phone in the water thing is a lie.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if she wants to block me, that’s fine, her life, her right, that isn’t the issue, the issue is the lying, and the fact that the technology doesn’t back up the lie, it exposes it.

What was the purpose of her email, which did not even mention my shit which she has, or her shit which I have, all it says is if that’s all you think of me then kthxbye, and that she didn’t block me, she dropped her phone in the water.

She says three things, we already know the second thing is a lie, she may or may not have dropped her phone in the water, (thing one) it’s not relevant, but she did block me. (thing two)

And the third thing is the driver, blaming me, I did wrong, she didn’t, and for falsely accusing her, allegedly, kthxbye, which is the thing #2, but now it is justified somehow.

The driver is the anatomy of the lie, and the liar.

She could not NOT send that email, falsely claiming innocence and also victim-hood of my allegedly false assumptions…. in her own mind she knew that just blocking me instead of saying hey, it’s been fun, but I want a fresh start, was the cowards way out, and the wrong (much less than optimal) way to handle the situation.

What I found amusing was my mate’s relative “weighting” of the technology saying one thing, and some skank with monster tits saying quite another.

Whereas the reality of ongoing contact between us meant her maintaining the ongoing and ever more complex web of lies that she had built about her life away from me vs her life with me, because she knew damn well I did not buy *any* of the shit she fed me about her life away from me.

But.. my mate says… how do you know for sure?

The technology *could* be misleading, well, yes, it could, in theory, in practice, as a by product of the time we spent together, and I am not talking about or including the digital content that *I* created, I am talking about content that she created while we were not together, but left lying around my place digitally, simply because she doesn’t really grep the technology, and did not turn off syncing and backup, even when I told her to, after the sync and backup served its purpose at at early visit, I have a 4 gigabyte backup of everything on two of her phones, and a 95 gig compressed backup of her pc, and no I am not going to show it to you, consisting largely as it does of home made porno still and video and swingers hookups and so on, all of which are also created with date and time stamps, and yes, I can tell you for a fucking fact, the only time I can guarantee she wasn’t lying to me was when I had my cock down the back of her throat.

(why should I delete it, it wasn’t created without her knowledge or permission, it was created for a purpose, which it was used for, I don’t use it, it just sits there, archived and ignored, consider it future insurance, you can’t be too careful.. see elsewhere on this blog for talks about digitally archiving every fucking thing… just in case)

But, the other killer is this, I sent my farewell but what about all this fish email to the three email accounts of hers that I knew, cc’d, I knew she had others, but didn’t know the actual email addresses, the reply came from a domain I did not know she had an email account with, sent via a phone on a network I did not know she had an account with, in a completely different name from the kind of name she usually used.

Lots of people will have JohnSmith@domain, and JSmith65 (being the year of birth) @domain, and JohnnyS@domain, but even then, there is a limit to how many different emails most normal people will normally use….

I’m kind of at that limit, 4 email addresses that I use, on three different domains, and two mobile phones, on two different networks.

One thing that became apparent about my psycho skank ho ex was that she had about a dozen or more emails that she used regularly, on half a dozen different domains, and with significantly differing handles, like JohnSmith@domain1, JukeboxJonny@domain2, JayJay@domain3 and JonJones@domain4, etc.

And this skank is doing the exact same thing.

So, in her desire / need to tell me this lie…

1/ she just underlines the fact she is a liar.

2/ she reveals yet another user name she is going by

3/ she reveals yet another email account / domain

4/ she reveals yet another mobe contract / sim card / provider / network

All of which simply highlight the compartmentalisation that she is attempting to use to keep all these separate threads of her existence separate from each other, and failing miserably.

I would lay good money that she doesn’t in fact remember what lies she has or has not told me, and couldn’t work it out if her life depended on it, and it is fact this complexity that goes a long way towards being the ticking clock on the *relationships* that she does form.

Incidentally, talking of technological prowess, these sorts of skanks will typically have thousands of pictures on their PC, a good proportion of which are porno selfies, and yet, the sum totality of pictures is usually “organised” into just two or three folders, all of which sit under C:\users\skanksname, right alongside C:\users\skanks13year old son and C:\users\skanks15yearold son, both of whom of course grew up in the digital age…

And this ongoing train crash is what my mate thinks *might* be telling the truth, OK, the bitch has genuinely big tits, and she is a genuinely willing and dirty and will do anything you like at all fuck, but that is *it*

He looks at me askance… Do you like her, he asks… *NO*

Did you ever, he asks, no, can’t say I did, sure, there was a period there in the beginning before the proofs came in that X Y and Z that she has told me were lies, and during that period there was I will admit an acceptance of the idea of spending every weekend fucking her ass off, you know, she would have been OK to *own*… but even that, it has to be said, was 99.9% theoretical, I never actually bought into any of it emotionally, or built any castles in the sky of my own, much less actually thought about giving up my pad and cohabiting or any of that shit… it was a good free fuck… that’s all.

Do you wonder about what could have been, he asks.

You mean, like could have been as in if shit were shinola, purest impossible fantasy stuff, or what could have been as in a total fucking train wreck involving police and social services and all the rest of that shit, quite possible real world shit?

I tell him, I could, if I wished, go through that 100 gig of archives of hers, and I could pull out every pic and vid selfie of her fucking, and I could then pull up *my* data, and compare the two, dump all the pics that pre-date *us* and all the pics that post date *us*, and then go through the rest, and what I do find interesting if I do that, and I haven’t, but I have glanced though the archive, isn’t that when we weren’t together she was fucking other guys…

Does that bother you, he asks… no, why should it, I was fucking other sluts…

No, what is interesting is I am 99.99% sure that *NOWHERE* in that archive is a single picture or mention of me.

No, don’t ask me why I think that is, that is one rabbit hole I do not want to go down, but during that period, I was seeing her *way* more than any of these other guys, and I know for a fucking fact she had at least three naked selfies of me, because I fucking sent them to her.

Do you miss her, he asks, in any way at all.

No, the sex was good, no doubt about it, but the lies man, they kill the sex, they kill the sexual response, they kill the “phwoarr” response, it’s like looking back at a now famous rock band that are crap and sell outs, but you saw em many times back in the day, when they were taking off, but had not yet slid all the way down the sewer….

.. for sex today, hey, I got another skank, a little older than this one (who was 20 years my junior) but nice and compliant and dirty and a good sized pair of tits, and who hasn’t actually told me any significant lies yet, so what’s to miss?

I’m supposed to miss damaged goods?

Yeah, I feel a sort of melancholy, it’s all so fucking senseless, she is her own worst enemy and in a world where shit was shinola she could change into something better and turn her life around, but in this world, with my life ticking away a day at a time, and me with no skin in that game?

Bitch has two teenage sons who *definitely* are aware of exactly what she does, and a pre-pubescent daughter, and it all just gets fucking worse from there on in.

And then my mate said the dumbest thing I have ever heard the asshole say, and I said to him, in all the years I have known you, that is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard you say… he said do I think her environment and circumstances made her the liar she is, you know, building castles in the sky as a sort of self defence against the harsh realities of the fuck-up that is her life.

So, you don’t think that’s the case then.

I said, water finds its own level.

I can introduce you to people living in shit-hole estates with fuck all spare cash, and they don’t tell lies, and their lives aren’t a never ending train wreck, because they know how little of a buffer they have, and because they know that actions have consequences, and enough of them you can’t claim the exception proves the rule.

Her living on a sinkhole estate or her getting through 100 cocks in a year didn’t make her have a dozen or more different emails and so on, and compartmentalise life into different castles in the sky, nor does being the kind of dishonest person she is with dozens of email addresses mean she has to live on a sink-hole estate or get through 100 cocks a year, not everything at the waterhole is a croc.

Hell, there is a woman not five miles from here with a ton of money and property and everything else you can think of, in every other way she is identical to this bitch, damaged goods. (and that doesn’t imply some other cunt did the damage neither)

Living in a shit-hole is a CIRCUMSTANCE.

Lying like a cunt is a CHOICE.

My mate says yeah, now you’ve said that, I got the words to explain what I really mean, couldn’t explain it proper before, its like, when the whatsapp thing happened, you just, ok, maybe not jumped, but went straight to the conclusion she blocked you, and when you saw her email there, you went straight to the conclusion she was lying, and ok, she lied to you before, but does that mean she *couldn’t* have been telling the truth, like, shouldn’t she, or anyone else, have the chance to be believed?

But, I said, the technology rarely if ever lies, the only two ways that you can not get a contact’s status on whatsapp is if they have blocked you, or the whatsapp network isn’t synced to your phone properly, so you reboot the phone and it syncs, and I reboot my phone daily, I’m a cunt like that, and it was three days her whatsapp status was giving no info.

OK, like, she *was* fucking lying man, like, she has (for the time I have known her) always been a fucking liar, leopards and spots man.

Dude, I tell him, technology can lie, sort of, the oil pressure warning bulb that doesn’t light up because it is blown and so it doesn’t warn you your oil pressure is low, or the dead neon in the mains extension lead that doesn’t warn you the lead is live.

They aren’t *lying* to you, there is no INTENT TO DECEIVE…. it doesn’t sit there and say “Fuck him”, or treat you differently to me, it doesn’t have an AGENDA.

Liars all got an agenda, and the only thing that is ever on it is themselves.

That got nothing to do with having a hard life of living in a shit hole.

That’s about a total lack of respect, and sure, your oil pressure bulb don’t respect you either, but it is inanimate, so the full phrase is a total lack of respect for another human being.

How can she respect me, when she doesn’t respect her two technologically turned on teenage sons, and keeps pics and vids and records of her sexual exploits on computers the whole family uses, even the pre pubescent girl?

It’s all part of the greater whole man.

Sure, I may take it personally when my psycho skank ho ex dropped an FRA on my ass, and it was personal, but I ain’t the only fucker she pulled that on in her life, on the contrary, you can’t find nobody she did not shit on.

He got it then, 99.99% of our ACTIONS, not personal circumstances, but ACTIONS, are characteristic of our personality, it is incredibly rare for someone to do something truly out of character, leaving the toilet seat up, switching a light off when you leave a room, washing a cup or putting it in the sink and leaving it, checking zerohedge before you check slashdot, or vice versa, having multiple emails, or blocking people on whatsapp because you can’t think of any new lies that even you would believe, it is all IN CHARACTER.

I didn’t see something and jump to a conclusion, or claim the boy had cried wolf, or anything else, there wasn’t a rush to judgement, it’s just observation, like observing that a particular vending machine only ever drops out tins of 7up, it doesn’t matter what button you press, all you ever get is 7up.

So when tomorrow rolls around and you see (no matter who pressed the button, or even if they ASKED for a 7up) the same machine drop a can of 7up you just nod to yourself and think ayup. No change there then.

No matter what the CIRCUMSTANCES of our past purely sexual relationshit…

… the skank CHOSE to lie to me, the same CHOICE she made numerous times in the past.

I don’t judge her for her CIRCUMSTANCES, I do for her CHOICES… and EVERYONE has choices.

Except technology, technology doesn’t have free will.

As he was walking out, my mate asked, so what has these recent events with this skank done, have they actually made a difference to how you see her?

I said yeah, if she’d just ignored me she would have been filed away in my ex skank mental filing system as some ex skank with a significant large negative number -n, representing the depth of the hole she has dug in my estimation.

Since she replied with yet more bullshit and lies, that negative number is now greater and that hole in my estimation is deeper, it’s already well below my water table of would get involved with again, so now its just a case of deepening the well, or cess pit.

Not just got no skin in that game, but thank fuck I got no skin in that game, so long, and thanks for all the kinky fucks… In the words of Captain Cornelius Butt, I never forget a face, but in your case, I’ll make an exception… and the next time you’re passing my door.. keep going…

June 27, 2014

And on our left, we have another asshole.

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oops, it’s a mirror, which means the asshole is me.

Can’t actually say I got played again, because I put nothing out, just got ma groove on, can’t even actually say I bought any of that shit, no, the sin I committed against myself was to temporarily entertain the mere possibility that some one (OK, some skank) might have learned a lesson.

That’s the trouble with my attempt to render extinct the possibility of giving a fuck about a skank, I’m not really an individual, more of a collective, and it seems some members of the collective, albeit reclusive and very minor members, have taken some of the last surviving members of the poor leno genus and kept the cunts alive in a zoo.

I’m talking about this because I can’t talk about work, which was utterly fucking pathetic today, because if I do talk about work I will blow my cover totally, might as well just come out and name names, but it was a classic example of a whole series of fucked up decisions that all follow on from some corporate asshole actually cancelling something on a fixed date at the beginning of a project, according to the alleged schedules that this project would run to, said schedules and costings being of course conjured up out of thin air by the sales team of the new supplier of that something, and some other bullshit, probably trebles all around at the 19th hole…

OK cupid is fucking me off too, apart from myself, all the >80% matches are fucking 18 years old, which I can sorta go along with, or fucking yanks, which I can’t, or fucking freaks, which I can’t.

I got a sneaking suspicion that poor leno got cousins, and they live in the work environment and in OKC and prolly a lot of other slices of life too, which means it may be time to call it quits of just shooting every one of the bastards I see, and just agent orange-ing every-fucking thing, that, or take off and nuke the fucker from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

Gotta make sure there ain’t no skanks on the crew though, they’re sure to allow one of the poor leno’s off the surface as a stowaway somewhere, so nuke the bitches too.

Not wanting to report on the Ukraine, or Russia agreeing to take payment in Roubles or Yuan for hydrocarbons sold to China, our lovely press has fuck all to talk about except more alleged crimes from the never charged much less convicted, but the cunt is dead now so he can’t sue us for calling him a monster paedo at every turn, Jimmy Saville, apparently he was boogying down with corpses down the mortuary as well… though dead and buried, you’re not forgotten, cos I’ll dig you up, and fuck you rotten…

Comes a time, and you have to admit, if these are all examples of human beings, then I’m drifting away from humanity, or, if I am human still, they all are, either way it’s getting to be bestiality at best, and if you’re going down that road things like the age or sexual maturity or mental capacity of the beast you are about to hump have already faded into insignificance.

All I do know is I got nothing in common with the fucks, so whatever alleged atrocities one group of assholes allegedly commit against some other group of assholes, it all makes no fucking difference to me at all.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I’m about to start my own personal red brigade and start offing assholes everywhere, quite the opposite, I don’t care one iota if the cunts live or die (just stop screaming while I’m trying to get some shut eye eh) which means I have exactly the same motivation to save one of the worthless fucks as I do to fuck them up, which is to say, precisely none.

I’m a personable and likeable enough asshole, I know that, people who meet me in the flesh don’t have any issues with me, but at the same time I know this shit just runs off me like air cooled below the dew point pouring off a flask of liquid nitrogen, not just an odour, but an effect so strong it is visible to the naked eye.

But instead of what I would expect, all these worthless cunts (OK, not all, but quite a few eh) seem to have the equivalent of the TG brain parasite that makes cat piss smell interesting to mice…. these worthless cunts find me interesting… go figure…

Stop the world, I wanna get off.

Actually, that’s not true, I want these cunts to get off.

We have gone soooooooooooooo far down the road of lies and bullshit about absolutely everything that even bloated unfuckable land whales, even if they are only 25, on swinging sites are throwing hissy fits because some bloke they turned down left em with a parting shot that her tits were way droopy for a twenty-something, which is true, and an understatement, and doesn’t even go near the rest of that fucked up protoplasm.

How is a guy like me supposed to get laid in a world like that? Pretty much by treating it all like bestiality, but I’m not that into bestiality, so you end up like a post apocalyptic smoker, all the cigarettes are long gone, and all there is to smoke is some old dried potato skins, and who the fuck wants to smoke that…

Things are fucked up when you start feeling like some Jules Verne character who hides away from the world out of disgust for humanity, better to go down the path of Dr Moreau, but that market has already been corners, with skimpily dressed 6 year old giving pole dancing demonstrations at primary school open / parents days, and I shit you not on that one.

Pre-pubescent children sexualised in every way possible by the MSM and state and world + dog, apart from actual hardcore pornography and actual physical sex acts, oh no, must not do that, you filthy paedo, and you must also look at all this blatantly sexual shit and not see anything sexual in it.

Which is a problem for me, because I will not do hot and cold, on and off, up and down, in and out, together and apart, with you and without you, the price is just too fucking high, and there is no pay-off.

In the year 2014, the most incredible, unlikely and unbelievable, literally, the thing least likely to be uttered or believed, is the fucking truth.

The last sightings were in the 19th century on the shores of Madagascar, where it was being stalked by the Dodo.

It’s the feeling I had when the psycho skank ho ex dropped the FRA on my un-suspecting ass, and then I start having to talk to da po-lice, lawyers, social workers and all, all of whom are only interested in twisting everything I say and taking it the wrong way and insisting I answer bullshit questions like “do you still beat your wife” with a yes or no answer, but now it is how the wider world is.

I mean, come on, be fucking serious, what the fuck am I supposed to say when I see a fucking six year old mini skank in a skimpy bikini doing the bump and grind on a pole???? “Will the bitch burst if I fuck her?”… cos you can fucking guarantee that no matter what you do say, however much or little truth or honesty or reticence you inject into it, it will be wrong and criticised and used as an opening to put you down with.

The parents and the pole dancing teachers and the school and everyone else is innocent, but god help you if you whip out your smart-phone and take a picture of your own kid, and this mini skank is bumping and grinding in the background, cos that’s kiddie porn bro, an absolute offence, which means no defence is legally possible.

Hell of a thing to live in a world where there are “crimes” to which is it legally impossible to make any kind of defence, and “courts” that are secret and closed, and gagging orders with penal notices attached for anyone who dares to fucking say anything.

***waiting*** for the fucking collapse??? It’s already underway.

June 7, 2014

Deterrent or Motivation.

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So there is this skank, 40 ish, has to be said, a damn good body for her age, she must have been fiiiine when she was 20, so so face, but the usual “the last guy I was with was a complete bastard” attitude.

For shits and giggles I play it for a bit, conversation wise, text back and forth, within 24 hours she is calling me sir and saying she wants me to dump cum in all her holes, within another 24 hours it has all gone horribly wrong, you see, I am apparently another one of those nasty pushy controlling men.

What went wrong was I was all OK bitch, let’s talk again on the phone and arrange a time when we are both free to meet and fuck, and she was all I can’t talk now because you see my sons are here, and I’m like I don’t give a fuck, one has nothing to do with the other, and it ended there see.

There is another one, not so much to look at but loves my ass and all that good stuff, in her case it is daughters and not sons, but it’s the same deal, they get in the way of mummy having any social or sexual life, and just to be clear here, I am talking kids between the ages of 16 and 25, not small children.

Now, to be clear, I’m not doing an about face on the thing that a mother should put raising her kids properly in a good home environment and lead by example first, I’m not talking about bringing home an endless series of randoms who the kids call uncle billy and so on.

But, just because you don’t bring random men home, does not mean you cannot have, from the kids perspective “a boyfriend” that they don’t see… it could be a string of random men and as far as the kids are concerned it could be just the one boyfriend.

If you can text me from home, you can fucking talk to me from home, the only people who CANNOT do this, are those who are hiding something, like a live in husband / boyfriend / lover / etc.

I understand that there are inappropriate times, you’re at work, you’re driving, you’re cooking dinner, but there are times when you are just relaxing and you can talk, or you should be able to, except, your physical location prevents it, you can’t talk at home, unless it is between 9am and 5 pm… eg you can only talk from your own home when nobody else is there.

You don’t mind talking to me, provided nobody else there overhears your conversation.

THAT is what should set alarm bells ringing.

Not so much because it is a sure sign you are a cheating lying cunt, it isn’t, not 100% sure, but it is a 100% sure sign that you are not the master of your own ship.

I am the master of my own ship, If I choose to answer the phone (and it automatically goes silent from 9pm until 8 am, unless you are one of the privileged few in my contacts list) then I can talk at any hour of the day or night, with anyone I choose, about any subject I choose.

In the case of the skank I didn’t get to fuck, she was expecting me to make concessions to her life style and choices and kids. No deal.

In the case of the one I still fuck very occasionally, she knows I won’t make concessions, so she is all sorry, I’ll get back to you in a few weeks when I can make some time, and if you feel like seeing me then, that would be good.

On the face of it the two sound very similar, in reality there is one huge and vastly important difference, one knows her lifestyle isn’t acceptable to me, and hopes that when she gets time off from her lifestyle I might be able to make time for her… she isn’t captain of her own ship, but she doesn’t have dick to say about how I run my own ship.

The other one, well, she isn’t captain of her own ship either, but she does want to have dick to say about how I run my own ship too.

It’s all modes of behaviour, neither one of these wimminz is going to make changes to their lives, because nothing is motivating them to, and the deterrents to prevent continuation of the same old same old do not exist.

There is this other skank, off a swinging / fucking site, she is all my weekends and daytimes are my time, so any playing is gonna be done weekday evenings or not at all, which I don’t have an issue with, clearly stated boundaries are not an issue, so I say to her “tempt me” and she comes back with “I’m a good cook” and I am all like baby, maybe you is, maybe you isn’t, but it ain’t relevant because I ain’t coming over to yours weekday evenings only to fucking eat, you gotta bait the hook…

She comes back with “I don’t wanna be seen as bait”, I tell her that is her prerogative, mine is to walk, because there is literally nothing being put on the table, by her own choice, to tempt me. She goes potty mouthed at me.

Guess which one of the two wimminz above she most resembles.

The skank with the kids who can’t talk at home, and the swinging skank with nothing on the hook both share something in common, they both seek to change my behaviour, but offer me neither motivation to do so, nor deterrent from continuing to be me… quite the contrary actually.

The skank who says her life is a mess, she’ll call me when she is free, and if I am free also, maybe we can hook up for a night, she isn’t asking me for much, and she is making an offer at the same time, knowing that at that time I may or may not feel like taking it, time will tell, no worries either way.

OK, so far this is a lot of waffle about a few skanky sluts who may or may net get a load of cum dumped in them, a lot of words about nothing, a lot of long winded shit.

But it is necessary to state it this way, because it is full and frank disclosure, and it lets you dear reader see, in all boring and mundane clarity, what goes on in a man’s mind when a wimminz pings on the radar.

It is necessary because this sort of mundane day to day background noise of the psyche sets the scene, now I can say something like I have heard every possible variation of every bullshit excuse and story any wimminz can ever tell me about anything, ever, and you can colour in the background yourself.

I have no motivation to listen to yet another rendition of the same old refrain, and frankly all that is left is a deterrent, I really do not want to sit through yet another one wimminz play about how the widdle unique snowflake pwincess was sooo unwucky and kets meeting all these nasty men who yadda yadda yadda.

It is necessary because now, perhaps, you can have an inkling of the instant resonance I get when I read the words another man wrote, “We didn’t start the fire, so don’t expect us all to suddenly become firemen.https://wimminz.wordpress.com/02-people-do-what-they-wanna-do/

It is necessary because just as these wimminz own chaotic home lives seep into limiting their freedoms of movement and expression and decision and interaction with men like me, all this shit always seeps across into other areas of one’s life and health and thoughts and attitudes.

WE don’t become one trick ponies, we aren’t all sad men solely fixated on not seeing our kids, or getting raped in divorce courts, or getting laid, however much it may suit the aims of those who wish to characterise us this way.

Once the scales fall away from your eyes, NOTHING looks the same.

We can talk computers or technology or cars or motorcycles or music or food or money or employment or accommodations or pensions or peace or war or investments or tools or politics or films or literally anything else you like, and I have discussed all these subjects and more in this blog alone, which is only a tiny subsection of my life as a whole, and we find that it has seeped into everything that we see, think and do.

Motivations and deterrents.

Where “you” is society, the state, the system, the media, et-fucking-cetera, then “you” have provided, across the fucking board, the best deterrents possible from me ever buying any of your shit ever again, EVEN IF IT FUCKING HAPPENS TO BE TRUE, I won’t be buying from you, and as for motivations, god damn but my life is a lot simpler and more relaxed and more stress free, since I started rejecting ALL “your” shit.

“WE didn’t start the fire, so don’t expect us all to suddenly become firemen.”

That resonates, through the very fibre of my being, “you” don’t get it, not even slightly.

“We” will watch *everything* burn, rather than intervene, because nothing can possibly motivate us to do anything to save any of “your” shit from the fire “you” started, because we have already endured so many deterrents at “your” hands where “you” threw “our” shit on the fire “you” started.

It’s not hate, we don’t hate you, it’s not personal, it’s not political, it’s not sexual, it’s not about power or money or anything else, it’s not greed or envy, it is in fact incredibly simple.

Deterrents and Motivations.

***ANY*** involvement with “you”, no matter how trivial and tiny, always, without exception, comes back to bite us on the ass.

We just learned the lesson “you” have been so busy trying to teach us, how do you like them apples.

Nota Bene, that text in bold purple, that includes trying to do you down, fuck you up, screw with your shit, hurt you, etc.

“you” don’t need me as an enemy, you are more than capable of fucking everything up beyond all recognition on your own, in fact, I dunno that I could do as good a job as y’all are already doing….

All three of the skanks mentioned in this story will reap their own rewards, at their own hands, and their own hands alone, I didn’t start any of those fires either, and I certainly ain’t going to change my lifestyle to don any craptain save a ho / fireman uniform… DON’T. WANNA. KNOW. OR. HAVE. ANY. FUCKING. PART. IN. IT.

One of them *might* however get some more nights with me, *if*, if *she* makes the effort to make the time to make it happen in her life, and that happens to coincide with a window in mine.

Said it before, saying it again.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Doesn’t mean what they tried to tell you it meant in school.

Means he didn’t start the fire, so he didn’t become a fireman, he just pulled up a chair and some booze and sat back and watched the show.

No motivation to intercede, every deterrent going against getting involved.


This isn’t a warning or a threat, y’all better start valuing us and treating us nice of we won’t play at firemen later on, the bell has been rung, the lessons have been learned, no going back.

This is just a y’all have a nice day now, none of my business.

May 5, 2014

Good shit.

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I’m a fan of good visuals and diagrams, sadly in this powerpoint age apparently nobody else is, just going for the visually impressive.

But a good diagram doesn’t need to be drawn, if you can’t visualise it, it isn’t a good diagram.

Here’s one, let’s take as an example a CNC CO2 laser cutter / engraver.

For any given spec or size of machine, you can draw a line, and along that line you can plot the QUALITY of the components, from a crap tube that claims 100 watts output but probably won’t really see it, and which will have a working life of 1,000 hours if you are lucky, to a top spec tube that easily produces the claimed 100 watts, and which is certified for a 8,000 hour working life, minimum.

You can draw another line, and along this line you can plot the technical expertise, good design, good assembly, ergonomics, TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE and so on that the manufacturer puts in to the machine.

You can draw another line, and along this line you can plot COST or price.

You can put all three lines together to form a cube, and label the sides / axes as above, and say that all approximately 100 watt CO2 laser cutter / engravers will be a point somewhere in that cubic field.

Yeah, really neat, but it is fucking meaningless unless you take a statistically significant sample of said machines, inspect them, and plot each one one said visual diagram.

Do THAT and you will get something you did not expect.

Epilog and the yank stuff, yeah, great quality, great product, but high price too.

RS Laser, great product, great quality, but very reasonably priced.

Cheapo ebay flavour chinese stuff, average product, poor quality, but cheap.

and carry on till you have 40 or 50 points plotted in 3D

You’ll find that you cannot get a great product for cheap money… with one or two exceptions that stand out because the product is not great, but it is bloody good, bang per buck.

You’ll find that the cheapest are usually the worst products with the worst quality.

You’ll find that the most expensive really aren’t that much better than the reasonably priced, with some exceptions of course, at both ends of the distribution.

You’ll find that your brain starts to hurt, as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of logic to it all, some products are literally twice the price of others, some products could be made 100% better for 10% more money, it’s hard to work out on any of the products where the ticket price is distributed, and why the decision was made to build it that way.

Epilog is like Apple and iphones, it is a good product, but at a premium price, and a lot of the premium price goes to pay for the branding and marketing.

It could be smartphones, digital cameras, computers, cars, motorcycles, routers, flat screen displays, you’ll see the same thing everywhere.

Logically it doesn’t make sense, and if capitalism and free markets was anything more than a theory, a 3,000 dollar 50″ 1080p screen would be three times as good as a 1,000 dollar one, because there shouldn’t be *enough* wriggle room in those three axes of the visual idea cube to have it any other way…

If the 1,000 dollar one is nearly as good as the 3,000 dollar one, why isn’t the 3,000 dollar manufacturer using the same components as the 1,000 dollar one and dropping the price, or why isn’t the 1,000 dollar one being sold at 3,000, what is going on?



A genuine OKC profile, a 22 year old geeky chick from Hampshire, these are all, not edited, all, her answers to the subset of questions OKC classifies as sexual… IN THE ORDER THEY APPEAR.

Are you a virgin?
Skank Yes

Do you believe that regular sex is necessary in maintaining a healthy relationship?
Skank No

If you’re in a relationship you expect will last for the rest of your life, is it important to you that it be the most satisfying sexual relationship you have ever had?
Skank No I’m polyamorous, one of the advantages being relationships can have different things that make them wonderful.

Group sex (with 3 or more people):
Skank It seriously interests me.

Would you ever consider cutting a partner (who asked for it) in sexual play?
Skank Maybe A difficult one- I’m uncomfortable with knives and it would be a difficult thing to do safely. But I wouldn’t want to just dismiss a sexual request without giving it thought.

Is a tongue stud a turn-on?
Skank No

Receiving anal sex?
Skank I like it / I think I might like it

Regardless of future plans, what’s more interesting to you right now?
Skank Love

You’re in a new relationship and your partner admits that they have had 14 sexual partners. Does that sound like a lot to you?
Skank I guess, but It doesn’t change how I feel.

Would you ever consider a relationship where you would take on an exclusive sexual role as master or slave?
Skank No. As a switch I find the idea of taking on one role for a whole relationship, and this question makes it sound like a 24/7 thing, extreme.

Would you consider being in a relationship with someone who has had homosexual sex?

Skank Yes

Which do you like more? Be honest.
Skank Receiving massages

Are you fetish-friendly?
Skank Bring out the toys! ‘toys’ indeed. Yes. I’m friendly to kink.

Would you need to sleep with someone before you considered marrying them?
Skank Yes

Orgasms are clearly the most important part of sex.
Skank I disagree.

Would you rather…
Skank be tied up during sex Truly I enjoy both, but I had to chose one.

Have you ever had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex?
Skank Yes, and I enjoyed myself.

Did you join OkCupid just so you could find people to have sex with?
Skank No

Would you honestly answer any question concerning your sexual history that a partner might ask?
Skank Yes. I think as long as it’s someone you care about there’s no point in not being honest.

Is there a such thing as having had too many sex partners?
Skank No

Do you believe contraception is morally wrong?
Skank No

Is a guy who’s slept with 100 girls a bad person?
Skank No

Which of the following would you be most disturbed to find in a 13-year-old child’s room?
Skank Weapons.

Is a girl who’s slept with 100 guys a bad person?
Skank No

Are some sex acts with consenting adults inherently wrong or immoral? Assume no unusual risk of injury.
Skank No

OK, so you’re a fucking poly-amorous kinky fetish friendly VIRGIN who also likes to TIUTA, and you 14 previous partners sounds like a lot, but 100 previous partners is something you’re Ok with…

A little disclaimer here, the profile in question was sent to me by a reader who lives extremely close to the skank in question, he asserts it is all quite genuine.


You see, the two things are not unrelated.

The bitch is legally sane and legally rational, and she is just like the rest of the herd, some of whom will be working in various companies making various widgets and so on.

The profile SHE WROTE HERSELF, contains such obvious aberrations and mutually exclusive statements, and yet she herself is apparently completely unaware of this… the thought literally never entered her head… these things, which she claims about herself, are nonetheless invisible to her on a cognitive level.

As much as we might ridicule her, and rightly so, she is far from unique.

People do not just hold false views on things, they will hold false and mutually exclusive views on things, and no cognitive processes ever go anywhere near these things, so it is safe to say that no cognitive processes are involved in these things, and where these things are present, cognitive processes are absent.

And then you dig a little deeper, and find more false views on things, and so on, and so on, as you seek to find something somewhere in her head that could be identified by Mr Spock as being quite logical Craptain…

And you recoil with horror, because you can’t find anything, anywhere, all you see is shortcuts and conditioned reflex and stock answers.

And so you start looking elsewhere, you start looking at “successful” people, bankers and lawyers and politicians and doctors and managers and so on, and all you can find is more of the same, monkey brains sitting on top of lizard brains sitting on top of some wetware BIOS, and it is all MIMICKING intellect and cognition, it’s taking shortcuts like a motherfucker 24/7, whatever uses the least compute power and don’t kill em, good enough.

And you start looking at products in a new light, because they are all heavily dependent on human beings and the functioning of their brains.

Did Samsung copy the iPhone? Doesn’t matter, all you need to know is that when faced with a question, given a choice between spending compute energy on working an answer out, and looking around and seeing an already existing answer, and just taking that and using and making it fit somehow, for almost no compute energy, the low energy solution is taken, every, single, fucking, time…

Herds of beasts carving pathways through the savannah, less compute power than finding your own fucking way 10 feet off to the side.


I’m typing this in fits and starts, I’m the death watch beatle, old boy at death’s door, lots of talk about EOL and DNR, but as usual it’s like the next rain, nobody knows exactly when it’s coming, could be later tonight, could be a few days, could be a few weeks, but nobody believes that.

Meanwhile notably all the wimminz are running around like cunts making spectacles of themselves, the old cunt is dying, but THEIR public displays of grief come first, and second comes arguing about his will… poor fucker isn’t even dead yet and they are arguing about how his meagre estate will be apportioned.

It’s a dying shame, literally, one of the old crew from the era when NOT using your fucking brain had rather immediate and often severe and some times fatal consequences.

Just one or two of the older ones there got it, talking about him at the fall of singapore, him on the channel patrol boats, him as a young man, him mellowing with age, him and his absolute sincerity and integrity.

They were the ones making sure the nurses were ok, making sure the doctors knew DNR, making sure he was peaceful and comfortable as can be expected, making sure he had the last rights, and from a friend too.

Just taking care of the good shit.

January 28, 2014

Living on a prayer

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I see lots of people who proclaim they are looking forwards to the reset.

There is an old saying, “Paybacks are a bitch”, and the meaning was they were a bitch for BOTH parties, so sure, in a reset you may well get a wimminz offering you herself and both her hot teenage daughters in a kinky as anything you can imagine foursome, in exchange for shelter for the night and a 99c hamburger each.. but…

But, you yourself will be no saint when times get that hard, why pay 99c for something you can take for free, and if you can take it, so can anyone else, from you too.

Prepper? Buddy, the only bullets that count are the ones you are actually carrying on you, AND, that you can send downrange accurately.

Short of these sorts of “full” reset, things still aren’t pleasant, the Weimar Republic, the collapse of the Soviet Union, these things all look one way from a distance, from afar, from the uninvolved, but for those personally going through it, deeply unpleasant.

There is a meme going around in the manosphere, where a guy in his late thirties says to a wimminz in her late thirties “bitch, you didn’t want me when I was 18, I don’t fucking want you now you’re 38

If there *is* a fucking reset, you’ll need guys like me (tradesmen with physical trade skills and trade experience) to keep you all alive, and I mean that literally, and frankly, our attitude is going to be the same as the guy above to the cock carousel rodeo imminent wall impact 38 year old skank ho…. so your *reset* is going to stagger, as indeed it did in Russia, sure, many of the tradespeople “turned up” for work even though they hadn’t been paid in cash by their employers for months or years, but they ate at work and so on and mainly they didn’t bust their asses… so it was a survival strategy, not a charitable act.

“let’s re-negotiate the deal that I offered you previously….”

See, this is a truism in human nature, unless you have personally atoned for and learned *sufficient* contrition for your acts, you will do those same acts again, absolute certainty. Trust me on that.

Unless the personal “cost” to you of said acts of contrition and atonement *significantly* exceed both the cost and opportunity cost of whatever it was you did that sucked, then the contrition ain’t sufficient.

YOU have to find your actions more revolting than I do.

YOU won’t, as long as you have freedom to choose otherwise, if you were any different, you wouldn’t have acted in these ways.

You cannot “learn your lesson” and still be the same person, the lesson changes you, or it was not learned… end of.

So if there is a *reset* it isn’t the case that all the men who have had their hands burnt get their chance to get even, and start having kinky foursome sex with skank ho mommy and her twin daughters in exchange for a 99c burger, because the men too will be in a different headspace, if we are playing at the struggle for survival scenario then the 99c burger will be more attractive to you than the 4some with ms skank and her twin mini skanks, plus, and this really is crucial and sets the men apart from the boys who will soon be dead, that is 3 to 1 odds against you… they *will* be able to take you down, and no you *won’t* be expecting it, because if you were, you would not have permitted 3 skanks inside your innermost defensive perimeter (you naked and chilling) in the first fucking place.

One of my favourite sayings is “The difference between theory and reality is greater in reality than in theory” and it is particularly true in this case.

I can speak with some experience when I say to the skank ho’s, one of the very last things I will want from you, or that you will be able to offer me, is the use of your cunt. When that is all you have to offer, you are as good as dead.

When I say lets sit down and re-negotiate the deal I offered previously, I do NOT mean I am even more dom and you are even more sub, oh, and your daughter gets thrown in to the pot too.

What I mean is IN ADDITION to the sexual stuff which was part of the initial offer, which is now put aside a bit, tell me about your ability to knit, darn, sew, cook and prepare from scratch, do laundry by hand, scrub floors by hand, scavenge, not attract trouble, stay healthy and active, fetch and carry.

And for my part, in exchange for all this additional shit, I am now offering a lot less than I was previously.

Hey AfOR, you’re such an asshole, you’ll never make a sale…


You’re assuming I need to.

I do not *NEED* to enter into any arrangement with any wimminz that does not show me being ahead on the deal, and that is now…  if there is a partial or full reset, I will be even more mercenary about it, not less, because frankly I won’t be ABLE to be as relaxed about shit as I am now, it will be survival time, remember…..

Nobody in an economic crash sits there drooling over a triple black barracuda with a big block 454, what happened to the bluesmobile, I traded it for a microphone.

Honda C90 now, that’s an object of desire.

And that’s the point, really, the theory and reality thing, if there is a full reset, the Honda C90 is worth more than your 454 and your wife and your twin daughters and your rolex and your own fucking life come to that.

I can manhandle a C90 over any obstruction too big to ride over, it’s tough and reliable, it’s quiet, and I can carry enough fuel in a rucksack to drive it 200 miles, on metalled roads I can strap two jerrycans of fuel to it and travel 1,000 miles at 30 mph.

This guy isn’t me, but he is local, and proof that some of the younger ones still do the same shit we did. He may not know it, but he is learning invaluable life survival lessons.

January 1, 2014

Paying for sex.

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I used to say, often, that I never paid for sex, and this was true, even when I was running a bar that catered to the US 6th fleet and got freebies from the girls, I was fucking whores and not paying for it…

Yet, in many ways it is also true that I never got sex for free, even the casual meaningless one off swingers site hookup involved the cost of a PC, the electric it used, the internet connection, and the extra hot water and soap shower afterwards.

Now I could talk about certain romantic days in the year, which could be any day with a “y” in it, or absence making the heart grow fonder, or whatever, but the fact is da wimminz have quiet periods too, and sometimes they will get to thinking of you, and, if you haven’t made it too unpleasant on them hamster wheel wise last time, who knows, maybe they will drop a dime on you.

And so it is, a couple of the lads are around, because frankly it is fucking pissing it down here, (this pic is my “recycling” bin, the fuckers left the lid open last collection, 19 days ago, as it was empty, nothing to recycle, so this is 19 days rain…)IMG_20140101_130504s and I have the heating on and endless supplies of good coffee and chillin’ sounds, and we are discussing shit like all the crap games on Steam, it’s like yank TV, 999 channels and nothing I want to watch, although Crysis 2 did get another outing last night, and new years resolutions.

So yes, my resolution for this year is get the bobber back together, road legal and on the road, it’s been too fuckin’ long, so that was discussed a little…

… and my phone goes, an SMS

So, there is this chick, we have been on and off, fucking wise, a couple of times already, off because she goes off on some hamster wheel insanity, on because when she isn’t on the hamster wheel insanity I connect to her quite well and the sex is fucking great, I don’t mind admitting this, I don’t see the problem, am I only supposed to fuck stuff I find revolting? How does that work?

So, the SMS pops up, and this point I’d better mention that one of these guys is a dude I have known for many years, married with kids now and freely admits his wife is nuts, but.. you know the score, at least he is getting his oats regular and there are the kids to think of, and the other guy is someone I have known 3 or 4 years, and this new years is his first anniversary of a nasty break up, he spent last new years in a police cell as a result… so…

The SMS pops up, and I get the oh noes you’re not really going to talk to the skank again are you schtick, and I am like, sure I am, the fucking was damn good, and it may be on the cards again if I play it cool…

But dude, they both chime in, look at the money you spent on the bitch….

So I had to explain the following points;

  1. Yes, I did spend considerably more money when I was in her company than I would have spent had I been sat at home alone for those same periods of time.
  2. A goodly proportion of that money was spent on me, for example if I buy her ingredients so she can cook me a meal that I like.
  3. A reasonable proportion of the money was spent on her, in such a way that at the point of spending I knew I was never going to see that money again, and that is the attitude I took while spending it, that it was being spent, never to be seen again.
  4. Despite all this “needless expenditure on a wimminz” I remain firmly in credit with the bank, all bills paid, zero debt, etc etc etc, so essentially I was spending money I could afford to spend.
  5. Even if you take the worst case scenario, paint it black as possible, include everything you possibly could and call it money spent on the skank, yes, that way it adds up to a large number, call it X bucks, but when you divide that number by the number of hours I spent in her company….. call it Y hours…
  6. I got, all together, five or six months of sexual entertainment, and some comforts and shit too, so that Y hours really is pretty significant, and as far as the X bucks, the married guy visiting spends more than that on being married in two weeks, and the first anniversary single guy spent more than that in fines in one night for punishment for decking the bitch, a straight right into the mouth, she flies back unconscious, in response to her spending 27 seconds (as recorded by CCTV) slapping him around the face for talking to “another girl” in the bar, the other girl being the chick he used to see every month when paying his rent to the flat rentals agency.

I wouldn’t like to sit here and give an actual number for the sum X bucks total / Y hours total and get an hourly rate, the margin for error is about the same magnitude as the number, so we are talking something of the order of a buck fifty / two bucks an hour, plus or minus up to 100%

So, the point of all this.

I would struggle, I really would, with the idea of handing over 50 quid or 100 bucks for an hour with a whore, or whatever the going rates are now for a HOT young 20’s all holes open for business whore.

It’s not the paying for it, it is too much money for not enough time is all.

Fifty quid / 100 bux for two hours I’d go for it, 50 for three hours I’d block book in advance.

Similarly, I struggle with the whole “girlfriend experience” thing, because it involves not just money, which I spend when I am with the skank in question, but time spent doing what SHE wants, which I do NOT do when I am with the skank in question.

Yes, I have spent significant amounts of money while being in this skanks company, over a period of 5 months or so, but as an hourly rate it prolly works out less than what I have spent on Steam, and it is money spent on MY leisure time, I wouldn’t be whining about spending money on a holiday to Acapulco, and dividing it by the number of times I got laid on that holiday, because I did other things than just getting laid, and the same holds true here.

Essentially, I didn’t do anything out of character, or that wasn’t selfish or in my own self interests, in fact the only way you can really fault it is from the “girlfriend experience” perspective, where you spent time with someone because you love them and they love you…sic..

Hell, if you want to talk about being a loser, look at this guy.


But even then you can say at least he got food in exchange for his money, even if his stated purpose was a complete failure.

My stated purpose was a complete success, for the time we spent together I had unlimited kinky sex and very pleasant company and comforts.

The sour taste bit keeps coming back, as I was trying to impress upon these two guys, that I was “paying for sex”, no cash, no gash, and that is the bit that sticks in the blue pill craw.

And the pseudo red pill craw too, you should not be effectively supporting these skanks by paying them to continue to be skanks.

Which is the point at which I depart company from many self professed MGTOW types, while not claiming to be MGTOW, or indeed anything else except me, I do not see how I have betrayed myself or my principles here.

So, I paid for sex+, (because I got a lot more than just sex, so I call it sex+) informally, not formally as with a whore.

Fucking frog and scorpion guys.

Paying a scorpion to dress up as a frog so you can have freaky kinky monkey sex with it doesn’t turn that scorpion into a frog, it was dress up, pretend, make believe.

WTF is porn, or marriage, or career, but make believe?

So the SMS came in, at this stage that is all it is, your guess is as good as mine as to whether I am going to spend any time with that skank in future.

Would I, given the opportunity? Hell yes…

In preference to the “closer to free” swinging NSA hookups? Hell yes…


Well, if you have 1,000 bucks in the bank and only so many meals you can eat in a day, would you choose between the 99c BK daily or the $5 Minute steak and blow job?

Very important point here, the INSTANT you stop talking discretionary spending and start eating in to bills and hobbies and garnishing future pay-checks to buy jewellery and gifts are cars and houses, it is an utterly different ball game.

Time is something we also spend, yeah, sure, I’d like it if the skank in question gave me all that she did out of pure love and the money ended up even, like a dog would like two dicks, but that wasn’t ever on offer.

I spent the money and the time, and the combination of the two was that I can look back on the time I did spend with that skank and grin, I had a fucking good time, and a good fucking time, and it was time and money well spent.


Of course, perception is a funny thing, I could take on board and internalise the whole paying for sex is wrong thing, or I could cut my cock off, or I could throw the baby out with the bathwater.

What is the ultimate goal here?


To live by a set of rules in the hope that following these will somehow make life better.


To do things (and fuck wimminz) in such a way that you can look back on them and grin and go YUP and should you be presented with the opportunity to take that ride again you go YUP. No regrets.


It is a profound question.

Let us say, right now, just for the purposes of example and argument, that the X bucks spent was 500, and the Y hours of cool company and creature comforts and kinky monkey sex was 250.


I could be sat here now with one of two outcomes;

  1. An extra $500 in the bank, but none of those memories of that kinky sex and creature comforts and good times.
  2. My current positive bank balance, and all those memories.

It’s back to that profound question about the ultimate goals here.

What matters is that FOR ME, I took the better of the two options.

Isn’t that what this should all be about, what is GENUINELY in my own personal long term best interests, looking back with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.

Yahbut, they say, you clearly have a soft spot for this skank.


I have a soft spot for Milan, doesn’t mean I want to fucking live there for the rest of my fucking life.

Where did this idea come from that ANY and every positive (or even non negative) opinion or feeling about a thing that is overall pretty bad and fucked up is a betrayal and dangerous etc etc.

Yeah, AWALT, AWALT means All Wimminz Are Like That, it does not mean that you are not allowed to find beauty in the curve of a tit or the folds of a cunt or a cute ass bent over in front of you.

You know there is really no purpose in your so called freedom and enlightenment if you gain the courage to declare that AWALT; but lack or lose the courage to state that some aspects of the female form are fucking beautiful, and that you do not regret one second that you spent enjoying that.

November 26, 2013

A tale of two shitties.

I have a friend.

For her sins, she decided to give a home to a girl who was not a relative, time passes, the girl leaves, time passes, the girl returns to the same town, and it basically a complete, using, nasty, worthless cunt.

My friend is ***slowly*** accepting the truth, the girl was *always* a nasty worthless cunt, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, thing was, she only acted like a decent human being while my friend gave her a home and in effect controlled her environment.

There is a lesson here, the lesson is two-fold…

  1. Just because people behave when you control them, it doesn’t mean they have learned anything or that their nature has changed.
  2. When you remove controls from people, what you see is their true nature, what you saw before was just an act.

This is why I, and many men, don’t big up ourselves at every opportunity, we know that in a post apocalyptic / anarchic / end of the world party scenario the brakes come off, scores get settled, and I will fuck you up just to see that look on your face….

We have humility.

Just like smoking 20 a day for 30 years becomes a habit, so does “obeying the rules” and being a good citizen, neighbour, employee… it becomes automatic, second nature.

All of which makes it tough on anyone under say 30, they haven’t lived long enough to form good habits, especially not if they grew up in a skank single ho wimminz household with a deadbeat dad who hasn’t been seen for years due to false accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

I’d love to love my sons, but I don’t, I have zero contact of any kind with them, and for that I just detest their lying skank ho mom, and avoid her, and THAT is my priority, never giving that psycho skank ho another second of time.

The little bastards will either follow nature and fall close to the tree that is me, or follow nurture and fall close to the tree that is psycho skank ho mommy… time will tell, and there is no substitute for that.

Could this have been avoided? Of course it could, but my thoughts on that matter were not worth shit…

It’s a cruel and callous and cold approach, but it works, and it is, contrary to the friend who started this off by providing an environment of positive reinforcement, the only possible result of providing an environment of negative reinforcement.

I am being TAUGHT to be a cunt, fair enough, I got the memo, I will be an ace student.

Last night a shocked a group of people at a pub, they were discussing a newspaper article about young girls exchanging sex for favours / status / goods / booze etc… and one of the stories was a girl of 12 who let a guy fuck her in exchange for 20 cigarettes…. they were all doing the usual, oh how horrible, I asked what brand of smokes, were these 20 tailor mades or 20 rollups? Because if it was 20 tailor mades the guy overpaid… I coulda slapped faces and had a lesser reaction.

They were all fucking outraged at my attitude, told em, why should I give a fuck, not allowed to give a fuck about my own kids, why should I give a fuck about yours or anyone else’s?

Well yes, what happened to you is wrong, they say, but you shouldn’t apply that to everyone… they say… why not, I ask, well, it is just wrong, you know….  no answers then, just we don’t like it… we don’t like you actually attending the lessons to be a cunt and studying and getting straight A’s, we don’t got shit to say about the classes and courses themselves, or you attending, we just don’t want you learning them lessons pardner.


They were discussing this too, I dunno, how you can be a SLAVE in a house where you can come and go as you please, aren’t liable legally for any bills or costs, write hundreds of uncensored letters, yadda yadda yadda is fucking beyond me… to me slavery meant ownership, property, zero rights.

But then again, it was born with a cunt so it must be a victim, and the support groups hit the nitrous and pedal to the metal and talk about this being the tip of the slavery iceberg in the UK…. while waving their iDevices which were manufactured by people a damn sight closer to slavery, but still nevertheless free and independent…

It’s been insane for decades, but hear me well brothers, it is getting hysterical now with the meedja and nothing but wall to wall reporting on how da wimminz be suffering one way or another, whether is it because not enough of them are billionaires or too many of them are victims of some atrocity or another at the hands of evil men.

TWO of the guys (shades of the previous article about beta boys suddenly going all alpha and won’t back down) puckered up and said they didn’t buy it, it wasn’t slavery, and they were fucking sick to death of wimminz this and wimminz that and wimminz other, and boy you shoulda seen the look on the faces of their wimminz, utter disbelief, and I’ll give these two fuckers their due, they didn’t back down in front of their alpha wives, they just stuck their chins out and said it’s gone too far, that’s all… we are just sick of hearing this bullshit.

The wimminz of course looked at each other for consensus… lol

The rich irony with the slavery story is it then transpires that the alleged slave masters were not exactly unknown recluses, in fact, they were so well known that they were the actual characters that inspired the cult British TV comedy series Citizen Smith, back in the day…. three decades of slavery, and nobody noticed… on a fucking council estate where *everything* is seen and noticed… not even the Scotland Yard and MI5 investigations into their communist activities uncovered any slavery or abuse.

Because, it didn’t fucking happen.

Justin Beiber better fucking watch out, he may think all those young sluts are of their own free will choosing to buy his shit and scream incoherently at his concerts, but the reality is he is a dark, sinister and abusing cult leader who should be yadda yadda yadda… if things continue as they are, in 2040 Beiber will be in solitary Charles Manson style.. infamous for his crimes…

The disconnect between the reality that many are trying to imprint upon the mass consciousness, and the reality that is seeping into the peripheral vision of the masses on the street, is now starting in earnest.

In the film it was glitches in the Matrix that disturbed peoples dreaming, it reality it is glitches in the propaganda that are disturbing peoples wakefulness, and the real danger here is the the genuine danger signals are being ignored or drowned out by all the false alerts and warnings and panics, we are ignoring all the traffic warning signs and dashboard lights, some of which are telling the truth, and putting our foot down in a bid to get past all the bullshit ones, and next thing we know we will be looking at the  >>>>>>>>>>> chevron signs coming at us at 80 on a corner that an F1 car couldn’t take at 40…



October 14, 2013

Love = ownership

Got this skank, she has been proclaiming undying love for me for some 18 months now, thing is, to her, her “loving” me means she should be able to control me.

I am not talking about “I love this person so I don’t want them to hurt me” which can be a huge grey area depending on the definition of hurt me, but I love you so you should do x to please me.

I had this discussion, what is love anyway, with a FWB over the weekend, and I had to admit, I had no idea what love actually is.

It’s not that I am a robot or psychopath without feelings, it is that no definition I can come up with carries any more meantingful, empirical and semantic content than Meh, bleugh, wibble… though I was able to tell her that every time I had felt what I would have described as love, I ended up getting hurt, often badly.

So, what is love, other than some sort of catch all code used to cover and express the indefinable and inexpressible?

I can remember that ache in the chest, “such sweet sorrow”, but I am always reminded of something my dad used to say, that yawning wasn’t a sign of tiredness, but a sign of not being well, he was right, I yawn when I’m running on empty, grab more oxygen the body says, not when I could crash out 10 seconds after putting my head down… but looking back that is what that ache was, the realisation that something wasn’t as I wanted it to be, the ache was because my dog was gone, not because I loved him.

They also say love and hate are two sides of the same coin, I’m not sure what hate is either, but it sure isn’t the inverse of love, I’d toast the great spaghetti monster if the psycho skank ho ex had a long and painful battle with cunt cancer, but I don’t feel great that those I care for are healthy.

I literally wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire, but it is an apathy and a refusal to participate, not a participation in her downfall.

I conclude that actively seeking her downfall is going to be down to one or both of two things, anger and obsession.

Hate is a word that is abused as often as love, “I hate broad beans” no, I don’t, I just don’t like the taste of them.

It seems that in fact both words are used to describe a state of irrationality, of being absent from your senses, and therefore absent from a state of both rationality and sound judgement.

Back in the day, one day Queen was unheard of, then a week later they were all over the radio and telly, seven seas, my dad took one look at them and said “Queen,. Queer more like”… and thirty years later people were still debating freddie’s sexuality, and not debating the rest of the band, someone who should be in the know once told me that deaky was the only band member never to have sucked on a cock… but to the female fans, which was most of them if we are going to be brutally honest here, boys were more into Purple / Foghat / Zep / Yes / BTO, falling in love with a lead singer who preferred cock was a state of being absent from reality.

I fail to see how something that defies description as well as love does, can play a functional part in POSITIVE evolution, and I fail to see how something that fails to play a functional part in POSITIVE evolution can be anything else but NEGATIVE evolution.

Positive evolution is me fucking the psycho skank ho ex and creating a son to carry on the DNA

Negative evolution is me not reproducing.

Homosexuality is negative evolution, save for those rare cases when faggy uncle chris can save the life of nephew joe.

Homosexuality is not eliminated by evolution, therefore it is an artefact of evolution, and it is not the fact that fags are created that we should be focusing on, but the fact that fags (by and large) do not reproduce, DNA don’t care what you are, just what your genetic legacy is.

And when I say homosexuality I mean homosexuality, only being with one sex, your own, not people who put “bisexual” on a profile because it makes them sound trendy and everyone else is doing it too.

Loyalty and bonding, they play a part in DNA, and are therefore real.

Love and hate, no, don’t buy it, so they are just “noise”, plenty of signal, but no valid data.

Which ties in with the fact that I can quite easily explain and point to examples of loyalty and bonding, no difficulty whatsoever, unlike love.

In the final analysis it always appears to me that “love” is used as a get out of jail free card to justify actions and behaviours that would otherwise be beyond the pale.

When a child does something unforgivable, and that act is then forgiven, it is always love that is used as an excuse… whereas loyalty and bonding between a parent and child can be destroyed totally by that same act.. never darken my door again.

The skank that started this off, who proclaims undying love and then gets all upset when I don’t dance to her tune, she will never get the fact that it is the very fact of her getting upset when I won’t dance to her tune that puts her firmly in the “have fucked, won’t fuck ever again” category.

Her self declared love for me survives all this undiminished.

In effect her desire to remain irrational and absent from her senses remains undiminished.

My failure to comprehend love, is, I feel, not exactly unlinked to my failure to feel guilt and shame at being a deadbeat dad.

Only someone who is irrational and absent from their senses would feel guilt and shame over something that he would nether wish for nor make happen nor had any control over.

Grief, yes, I feel grief and sorrow, as I would if my dog was run over by a truck that crashed into the garden, something I am neither responsible for nor have control over.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, it is telling that a phrase that was mentioned a *lot* in secret family court, along with “the child’s best ‘interests” was love, “duty” was only even mention as something belonging to the court, and “loyalty” didn’t get a look in.

I did a word analysis of the affidavits filed with the court by by psycho skank ho ex, in which I was accused of a decade of every manner of vile and disgusting and violent and abusive actions possible.

What was remarkable was the fact that until I did this, no matter how often I had read the documents in question, I completely failed to notice what words were missing.

World like pain and agony and bruising and uncomfortable and so on were either completely or totally absent, I’d run though the house waving a dagger and screaming I was going to kill her, or she would wear high necked and long sleeved tops to cover the bruises (used once) but no mention of the things a body feels when it has been subjected to such treatment.

Words and phrases that can be found in every other affidavit seeking child custody ever written were littered throughout, feelings and controlling and abusive and violent and scared and afraid, dozens and dozens of mentions of all of them.

What is love?


January 22, 2012

Developments in internet dating…

Has to be said, I am seeing an evolution in the wimminz using internet dating, I wasn’t sure at first because the evolution is so similar to another wimminz tactic that it was very difficult to actually be sure if I was seeing something new or not.

The thing that it was very similar to was the wimminz ability to reinvent themselves at the drop of a hat, so dirtybird45‘s profile does not produce the desired result for the skank ho, she goes away and comes back with a sweetsarah22 profile, and unless you have been prowling the site for 5 minutes a day doing the YES / MAYBE / NO to the meet me on all the new profiles, you won’t realise that there is something more than a little familiar about sweetsarah22‘s picture etc.

If you are a clever, sneaky, methodical bastard, you will, whenever you find a real prospect of a profile, as in a real prospect or turning into your cum bucket at least for one night, you will habitually save a local copy of that profile page…. and then you match the picture, and find enough common threads in the two profiles to see exactly what has been re-written… and this is the point where we have to be careful and watch for some time to spot the difference.

Up until now this re-invention has been the usual wimminz lying about their past history shit, some profile pics get deleted, other new ones get added, eg all the slutty drunk party ones go, better dressed more classy ones come in, certain bits of history get erased from the profile, and of course what she is looking for changes from “dating” or “friends” to “long relationship“.

What has changed is that in the new version the wimminz are re-writing profiles to omit things that portray them, quite correctly, as unproductive life sapping leeches and parasites, so suddenly all the jobs in “social work” get changed to working in “care“, all the police and suchlike get changed to “public sector” and so on, of course this is not an exhaustive list, but it makes the point.

Dating a psycho skank ho wimminz social worker or cop is playing Russian roulette with your cock and your liberty, it is only a question of time before you wake up either with your cock cut off, or falsely accused of some crime against wimminz or children.

Wimminz social workers re-branding themselves as care workers (who can be kinky and dirty) and wimminz cops re-branding themselves as public sector is false fucking advertising, and if a guy did it he would be all over the front pages and then hauled up on charges, but the wimminz are going down this road, and it means you as a man cannot just block them the instant you see their profile, you end up contacting the psycho skank ho cunts before the penny drops, and that has, my friend, already put you in the fucking danger zone.

The obvious and logical conclusion is the correct one, the wimminz in question have realised that the “Sold as seen, come and worship me you worthless man” shit no longer flies, not alpha cock, not beta cock, basically nothing but the dregs, guys who will fuck the likes of dickhead above are the only cock they are attracting.

To a wimminz the solution is both obvious and simple, change what is on offer, “Sensitive, smart, sensual and sincere seeks sucker H^H^H^ nice man” and lo and behold, a completely new product.

The slutty party girl pics go, the dress at a friends wedding pic comes in, but what *might* stay in is the pic of the cat, the pic of the bike, the pic of her with some exotic holiday scene in the background, the pic of her looking down from above hiding the obesity and making the floppy bags of tit look like bulging firm melons.

The fact that it is in fact the same old cum dumpster doesn’t matter to these wimminz… to them the illusion is the reality, for in fact for the entire lives of these wimminz that has been the case, they have been able so simply re-invent reality at will, nasty man beat you? of course you can have his house… etc etc etc.

Because here we get to the real meat and potatoes, wimminz who will tote an iPhone, with all the commensurate exploitation of poor Chinese workers, yet refuse to step foot in say Tesco, because of the way they treat some other supply side sector. This dichotomy is not merely a tell tale, or a substitute for identity, it is the DNA of these hateful creatures.

You have to have this sandbox ability literally wired into your brain structure in the first 5 years of life so that you can live this lifestyle and live with yourself, and it is the symptoms of this sandbox ability that we have traditionally been looking for in internet dating.

The classic “where have all the good men gone?” question, is a classic symptom of this, the inability to make the connection with their own lifestyle and attitudes, and the rarity of pink elephants playing pianos, or available good men.

The symptom I describe above is not so much these wimminz realising that there is a connection between their own lifestyle and attitudes and the rarity of pink elephants or good men, but these wimminz perceiving the environment and society is changing, and not having your own personal pink elephant is getting much more important, maybe even vital, so with typical wimminz logic their standard reaction is to camouflage themselves as blue giraffes, figuring this will be more appealing to the pink elephants.

It is, after all, about bagging the prey, whether that be pink elephants or a “good man“.

This is a FUNDAMENTAL error that most of those in the MRM and most feminazis and wimminz and niggerz make, the idea that they themselves are a significant player, as opposed to the truth which is that everything in the jungle is lunch for something else, and these wimminz are just adapting, which as I have always said is one area where the wimminz are ahead of the men, they have no sympathy and no heart and no soul, and can adapt to a change in circumstances between one heartbeat and the next.

It is exactly these sorts of small signs that everyone else misses that we can directly attribute to “where the fuck have all the animals gone?” an hour before your place is flattened by an earthquake or a tsunami… and this is why these tiny insignificant signs are so significant and so important to those of us who intend to survive, because if you miss them you get trampled in the stampede with every other motherfucker.

If you can see your environment, the internet dating scene, as the veldt, the savannah, the jungle, then watching for these changes does not become your method to become a better hunter, to get more cunt, to be more alpha, because everything from the alpha to the omega becomes no more than grist to the mill when the quake or wave hits, so watching for these changes is your method for knowing when to join the more sensitive creatures and head for the hills 60 minutes before the quake or wave hits.

I’m not playing this game and dumping my cum into a succession of skank ho sluts because I want to prove to myself that I am alpha, or because I love fucking sluts (though it doesn’t exactly cause me pain) or any of the other reasons the “haters” will tell you.

I’m playing this game because my own personal FRA was a wake up call, just how close this society was to collapsing, because the crap economy alone or the changes wrought by technology alone etc weren’t enough, it took a perfect storm, all of the above and more plus a collapse in social order and justice and integrity, and with the rise of the internet there were a ton of people telling me things like watch the gold price, watch the oil price, watch housing prices, which may all be factors but lacked flesh and blood, and to me it has always taken a flesh and blood reaction to get the fuck out 60 minutes before the quake or wave hits.

Getting into pork bellies an hour before 9/11 isn’t much use if you are in the north or south towers, and that is the point, we are all in one of those towers, that is what our western societies and economies are, great edifices that make living easy.

Or, you can just write me off as a paranoid crazy motherfucker, it really does not make any difference to me, just as your sanity is of no concern to a quake or a wave.

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