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October 24, 2013

Ah yes, the Jewish Problem.

Jimmy Saville, I don’t know if he was Jewish or not, he had a Jewish-ish surname, and Jewish-ish facial features, but whether or not he was an actual Jew I know not.

My psycho skank ho ex always hated him and said he was creepy, but then she hated clowns too, and as a policy taking the exact opposite viewpoint of a psycho false rape accusing lying skank ho cunt has some appeal.

What I do know for a fact is the now deceased Jimmy Saville was never convicted of anything in court, which makes him innocent, but being dead he can’t sue the meedja for referring to him as “the sick paedo saville” at every opportunity.

Nor can he do anything when every new atrocity that comes to light gets associated with him, girl goes missing in 1979, ooh, Jimmy Saville was known to be 5 miles away from where she was last seen in 1979, so maybe he did that too.

Next we will have it on good authority that Saville colluded with Goebbels, Goring and Himmler and as such had 24/7 access and a staff key to the kindergartens in Auchwitz…. the dirty fucking paedo…

For the record, I don’t actually have anything against Jews, or any other race, though on a bad day I’ll make an exception for anyone called Barry or anyone who drives a silver car…

But, I do have two eyes, so I can see things, and Jews are the biggest niggerz of them all, they were the ones who invented “hate speech” as a legal cudgel.

If I was living in La Belle France right now it is a CRIMINAL, not civil, but CRIMINAL offence to say the following.

The Jew claim 6 million jews were exterminated during WW2, if we use the metric system and assume the average human being weigh’s 50 kilos, then the Wermacht had to round up, transport and dispose of 50 x 6,000,000 = 300,000 Tonnes of human flesh.

If we assume Auchwitz was 500 metres by 200 metres, and a mere 1.2 million Jews died there, that is 1,200.000 / 100,000 = 12 per square metre, so Auchwitz would be a mound of dead bodies at least 4 metres high, meanwhile the SS super soldiers with their secret genetic enhancements that would have been required to resist the plague conditions of living in and on a solid mass of decaying corpses, were utilised not on the front lines to kick ass, but in a fucking prison camp next to a war goods factory (IG Farben)

And don’t give me that shit about they were all cremated, I have at one time cremated cattle for a job (BSE, 30 months) and it uses an EXTRAORDINARY amount of energy (that the Wermach were always short of anyway) and still leaves FAR more ashes that you would believe, the mound would still be 50 cm high over the entire site.

To question the “6 million” is NOT the same thing as denying that atrocities did indeed take place, or denying that Auchwitz et al were basically death camps, or denying that the Nazi party had it in for the Jews.

But, it opened the door, the Jews were pushing for this since 1945.

It is not mere censorship, but a re-write of both the dictionary and reality.

it is an example the feminazis followed well, with similarly staggering levels of “success” in their endeavours…

The real “Jewish problem” is how they managed to twist reality so far away from actual reality that just questioning something and asking for empirical proof, or an open discussion, is now considered a crime.

The real “Wimminz problem” is that THEIR policies touch more people every day, and more intimately, and they also probably won’t stop until they make questioning any of the feminazi propaganda a criminal offence.


January 21, 2013

Fucking Crazy

I was, last night, fucking a crazy that is… comes from the school of do as I say, not as I do, I guess, but anyway, there I was, fucking this self confessed crazy bitch who fried her brain’s biochemistry years ago on ganja.

OK, I wanted a fuck, but really the reason was this, when I started talking to her she reminded me of a crazy chick I knew and fucked in around 1980, bitch would go moo and maa and all that shit and smoke some grass and then take a handful of mogadon, and then we would get it on, crazy bitch but an interesting fuck.as

So I took it in my head to do some brideshead revisited and fuck a similar ish crazy bitch 30 years later in real time, but 20 years later in crazy bitch time, as this one was 40 and had been hitting the pills for 20 years.

Shit that amused me back then was frankly boring as fuck when it came out of this bitch’s mouth, heard one delusion / psychosis heard em all, heard on tale of infantile sexual abuse heard em all, heard one vile attempt at poetry heard em all, heard one the aliens mind control nazis po-lice and coming to get me heard em all…

… and so it was that at 11 pm when I had finished plundering all her holes and dumping my cum, I did the whole make me a coffe bitch thing and got dressed, and set my phone to do the Fake Call Me thing in five minutes, drink my coffee, phone goes off so I give her the whole Babe-I-gotta-go-the-mothership-is-calling-we-are-moving-the-invasion-date-up thing and get the fuck out.

And so it is that as midnight strikes I am sitting in my warm german mothership listening to the muted beat of the straight six diesel at 2500 RPM on roads largely deserted because of the ice and snow, reflecting on the passage of 20 years of self medication on crazy bitches, and brothers, there are a lot of them out there..

And I move on to the other bitches on the production line and realise I have done it again, I have reached that stage beyond asshole game and arrogant asshole game and extreme asshole game and gotten to “meh” game, that cycle where my desire for new cunt is sub-zero, and any amount of pleasure extracted from dumping my cum is always exceeded by my distaste for the bitch involved.

As the miles hum by I come to realise something, the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 has seen a startling shift in wimminz, and I was too close to the cunt to see the trees.

Bitches are starting to get desperate and scared… it’s the fucking swansong and they know it.

In the last six months bitches have NO money, stories I have seen and heard, interest only mortgage (by definition, NONE of the capital paid off) with a year to run and ZERO possibility of a re-mortgage, bitches have to choose between buying food or buying heating oil, bitches have to choose between buying food or putting fuel in the car to come see me and get fucked, bitches being told their jobs are at risk, and they realise they have no savings and debt falling out of their asses, bitches considering getting back with their ex’s, because the ex is still working and has money, bitches who are accumulating broken appliances around the house, because they have to money to repair or replace, and so, in short, bitches who are getting more desperate and ironically MORE demanding, they less they have to offer and the greater their need.

Take back the night and take back the streets, the bitches are getting scared, because they can walk through the city in the day time in a week day and see less people about, less shoppers, very few people carrying bags from shops, and they are starting to feel alone and vulnerable, not a part of the crowd.

The city I was in last night fucking crazy is known for being an an area that paradoxically lost most of the native industry and so is poor, but also had a shitload of development money thrown at it, so there are gleaming new city centres and white elephant buildings, and out in the burbs it is all mass unemployment and petty crime and drugs.

The younger wimminz, in their twenties, can trade cunt for drugs, the older wimminz hand over their cash cards to the dealers who go to the hole in the wall every week and draw out the monies paid in by the state for child benefit and then hand over the dope.

Wimminz who fuck up have cash bounties put on their heads for s severe beating, and even I raised my eyebrows at the prices, spoke to one chick living in fear, she knew who put the bounty on her, and she knew it was £100, but she can’t even earn that sort of money on her back, not even at £10 a time because it is all she can do to get one guy to pay £10 to fuck her, mark to market economics at its best…. fuck me back in 1980 it was 50 quid for a good beating, and 50 quid in 1980 is worth at least 500 today.

I drove into the place at around seven pm, and from the motorway exit to the bitch’s flat I did not see one single pub or shop open, most of what I did see was not merely shut, but boarded up…. times are hard when not even the paki’s will move in and open a corner shop, and not even the chinks will move in and open a takeaway…

…and this isn’t even a sinkhole estate, this was a *good* area of the city in question…

To be honest this was largely why I decided it was time to do some fucking crazy, she lived in a city I hadn’t been to for a while and it was an excuse to go there and drive through it, thinking when she opens the door I can always decide no way and walk away, but when she opened the door it wasn’t that bad so I stayed and fucked it and got distracted from my alternate purpose by her crazy.

I’m glad I did, because otherwise the local picture is the only one you see, and you can end up with confirmation bias.

I’m also glad I did because fucking crazy was enough to tip me over the edge and complete another cycle of fuck / don’t fuck.

I’m also glad I did because the serenity of cruising back along deserted highways in the mothership gave me time to think and realise that lately the wimminz have been getting desperate and nastier with it.

I’m glad I did because all these things are feedback loops, they all play a part in my losing interest in fucking bitches for a while, and my losing interest in fucking bitches for a while allows me to see all these things a little more clearly than when dumping some cum is on the agenda.

As an interesting anecdote, fucking crazy is also convinced that 2013 is when it starts to go bad for real.

Fucking crazy reminded me of an old story, allegedly true. (this is from before the days of mobile phones and breakdown cover)

Guy is driving along a road in the country, and THUMP, gets out and finds one wheel has fallen off his car, the wheel is easy enough to retrieve, but of course the 4 wheel nuts are all long gone.

Guy starts cursing and kicking the shit out of the wheel in question, when he hears giggling behind him.

Guy looks around and sees a brick wall “St Eustatic Mental Hospital” on a sign, and this fella leaning on the wall.

Fella leaning on the wall says “HI, I’m a patient here, got a cigarette

Guy thinks what the fuck, could do with a smoke myself to calm down, so pulls out the smokes, hands one to the fella and lights both up.

Fella says “Why don’t you take one wheel nut of each of the other three wheels, and use those three nuts to attach that wheel?

Guy is impressed at this, and says so.

Fella says “Listen mate, I’m fucking crazy, not stupid.


January 14, 2013

It’s a wild world

I make lots of small bets with myself, like “that’s it, that bitch ain’t gonna ask me for another fuck” and so on, and often times I find myself wishing I was a much bigger cunt than I am, so that I could name names, post SMS history, use actual images.

It would be a lot easier to explain what I am trying to say that way.

For want of a better moniker, jane49 falls into this category, we met, we fucked like bunnies for a month or two, she pulled some typical wimminz dissembling bullshit on me, I called her on it, she went away with her feelings hurt, we still talk now and again, but she ain’t gonna ask me for another fuck, that’s my bet.

I’d quite like to fuck her again, massive tits, smells nice, good company, but that is just one aspect of her personality, the other aspect is the career girl…

Just this morning I was talking to another chick, this chick has been diagnosed as schizophrenic, but the ironic thing is, unlike jane49, this chick knows she has separate and conflicting personalities and desires, jane49 doesn’t, so as soon as her sexual life with me started to creep out of the petri dish that her career girl life imposed, everything got closed down.

It’s a fucked up world when those with severe mental issues are more honest with themselves and you than an apparently got it together independent career girl.

But it all serves to remind me of a simple fact of (my) male psychology, and that simple fact is that if a wimminz does not fuck me for two weeks, she is fading fast from my radar, and as soon as you start fading from my radar it is the good things that fade first, sure, I remember the GG cup tits, but with fondness not lust, meanwhile the negatives occupy more of the remaining radar plot, the skin that really should have been better on a 30 year old, the weight that really should have been 40lbs less, the way my bathroom stank of hairspray when you did stay over and got ready in the morning…

And then these fade too…

And then some months later I hook up with a chick who wants me to come over and use and abuse her, so the bitch gives me her address and zip for the GPS, and I think, “Hey, jane33 lived in that village, wonder what she is up to now” because the fact is jane33 fell off the radar, the same way jane49 is now, and so the road to oblivion and old age smelling of cats and piss is paved for all these wimminz.

There are a lot of janes’ out there that I simply pass on, unfuckable and nothing about them would induce me to waste an hour of my life in their company, and without exception if you could wind the clock back ten or twenty years, or cocks, or whatever, go back in time, they would have been different, they would have been a jane33 or a jane49.

I don’t even feel sorry for these janes’ any more, I don’t even sigh at the wasted potential… my life is too short to expend even that much time on their plight, because it is totally self inflicted.

But I am aware that there is a general social cost, a debt stored away for future redemption.

I am also acutely aware that I am living a lifestyle that is tailored to minimise my exposure, while living off the fat while I can, my current lifestyle is no more moral or high born than a crow, hopping across a battlefield and eating the eyes of the dead.

Fuck it, rather pull up some old David Allan Coe and chill.

But, I have to be honest, there is a nasty part of me that hopes he is still in contact with jane49 when the wheels fall off her wagon, ayup, “How’d that work out for ya?” and “Told ya so!” spring to mind.

See, let’s take jane49 as an example, the story and details will change with the jane, but the basic backstory and principle is all the same.

Jane49 has a house on a mortgage, but it is a modern mortgage, (back when I was a lad doing accountancy a mortgage = a debt = a liability, nowadays people call it a fucking asset… go figure) negative equity special before we even get a property crash, but thankfully for her she has some tenants in that are paying enough rent to cover the mortgage payments, so she just isn’t looking at what could go wrong here, or how wrong it could go, so her eye is firmly on the fact she just rolled a bunch of sixes in a row, and the only permit-able reality is she is going to be able to continue to roll sixes… you can try to talk to her about it, and she will accept that other outcomes are possible, dislike where that train of thought is going, and dismiss the whole issue, after all, she is rolling sixes.

She has a job here, some distance from her house, so she has a flat on a lease / rent, and her job is basically sales, and it is a foreign owned company, and 99% of what they sell is basically cheap imported crap from china.

Between this that and the other, despite the company car, she doesn’t save any money, all those salon treatments, nights out and so on.

So of course all it takes is a blip in the UK economy, which is tanking, or a blip in the chinese economy, or a simple thing like a blip in the exchange rate or shipping costs, and the whole business model of the foreign company she works for crumbles.

She isn’t going to get ANOTHER job elsewhere in sales, because the sorts of things discussed above hit the whole economy, it’s not like the kenyan coffee company goes tits up because of a civil war in kenya, so you can go work for the colombian coffee company instead.

The first thing the foreign company will do is drop the 9,500 chinese made things from the product line, and go back to the 500 EU made things, that’s called restructuring, and that means job losses across the board.

A “career” in sales isn’t a great thing when the economy tanks, and you have no savings, no transport when the company car is taken, no home because yours is rented out, and oh yeah, house prices just dropped 30% so you can’t sell as you owe £130k on a place that might sell at £100k, if you are lucky.

You’re now mid thirties, so your best reproductive years are behind you, and all you can do is wail that “Nobody could have predicted this!!!

Me coughs politely… “‘scuse me bitch, I did predict this, exactly… so remind me, bitch, this career of yours that was more important than a relationshit with me, how did that work out for ya?

And then we get to the nitty gritty… even if she threw herself at me, what’s in it for me?

It was all fine and dandy when the bitch had a disposable income and could feed and clothe herself and turn up at mine with a bottle and some eats, or I’d go to hers because she had a nice place and the heating was on and there was coffee in….

But NOW? Now you don’t have shit?

The really interesting thing, for the boy that used to do accountancy within me, is if you do a balance sheet for her life NOW, when everything is find and dandy and her career comes first, she is left with net liabilities, and if you do another one where she has lost her job / career, and her house is in 30% negative equity, she is still left with net liabilities, and to be honest, they aren’t THAT much greater than now.

The difference will be in the cash flow, income and expenditure department, she won’t be able to service those liabilities, or me…

And that little detail is what is going to screw up so many people that you won’t believe….

That little detail is why I can walk through the city centre, and see few people, and see almost nobody with bags of shopping, and all the shops are empty…. it’s not just a question of assets and liabilities, it’s a question of cash flow.

The greater your liabilities, the greater your minimum cash flow needs to be to keep you above economic stall speed, but the effects are the same when you hit it, game over and you fall out of the sky as an independent economic entity.

There is an old saying about being nice to the people you meet on the way up, because you will probably meet most of them again on the way down.

A lesson the janes of this world will learn the hard way.

January 13, 2013

That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into

Well, there is this wimminz, it ain’t all that but I have been dumping a load into in now and again, but also being very wary because this wimminz works in the feminazi industry, pretty close to the sharp end.

Now, I’ve never made a secret of my own FRA and somehow at some point got talking to this wimminz about her own chaotic life and toxic female friends, but as always they don’t listen, or if they do it is only partially… so my warnings were falling on stony ground.

So, to cut a long story short, she got involved in the sort of wimminz feminazi all men are evil rapists shit that she does for her work day, as part of her off work day, by way of one of these toxic female friends.

Now you have to bear in mind she has previously told me this story, and I told her it was complete bullshit, and proceeded to completely de-construct it and point out all the obvious contradictions and mutually exclusive claims etc, it’s total bullshit, and she agreed with everything I said, and then accompanied this toxic friend to the po-lice so the toxic friend can tell these same stories about her alleged historic abuser(s), who just happen to be living family members.

Of course within 12 hours all the female relatives of the accused male are screaming blue murder and abuse at “my” cum dump wimminz, and now they are out to destroy her life, turnabout is fair play eh… to all of which she is just shocked, shocked I tell you, after all, she didn’t do anything, it was her toxic mate who claimed to have been abused…

So it is with great mirth and delight that I point out that this system, this feminazi wimminz system in which she herself works and is a part of, in this system, the very first casualty is truth, because as soon as something is said, suddenly there are a handful of professionals, just like her, eager to charge 200 an hour, for as many hours as possible.

<wimminz head assplodez>

So about four times in the next 20 minutes I throw into the conversation the fact that if she thinks she has it tough, spare a thought for the man her toxic friend just railroaded, of course sympathy for a man whose cock they do not desire is a bridge too far for all wimminz, AWALT, so she really doesn’t not want to think about or discuss that, the whole thorny subject of personal consequences and responsibility being totally taboo for all wimminz.

But then something priceless happens.

I tell her a good indication that a rape allegation, or any other fucking story a wimminz tells, is a lie is if it solves more problems FOR THE TELLER than it creates, as was the case here

I tell her that this scenario is true for the 88% of rape allegations made to the police which are false, just like the one her toxic mate just made, she agrees.

Then the priceless bit.

I tell her that I doubt that in all the years she has been working at the sharp end of the feminazi wimminz industry, I doubt there were more than three wimminz who walked through her doors and told the truth about the violence and sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of evil men….  and she is quiet for a minute, nods, and actually fucking agrees with me.

What is interesting about this story, is yet again I see first hand proof.

First hand proof that when forced to face the consequences of their actions and lifestyles and choices, it is AWALT, all wimminz just cease to function intellectually (assuming they ever did) their heads assplode and all mental processes get stuck in a loop where the interrupts / breaker is always, always, always, the issue of individual personal responsibility and consequences.

If I have said it once I have said it a million times, when you warn someone about the course of action they are embarking on and they ignore you, do not listen to you, it is always one of two things;

  1. they think they are smarter than you, and so what you say is wrong
  2. they are not prepared to accept the changes they must make in life, and so what you say must be wrong.

Generally speaking men are group 1 and wimminz are group 2, generally speaking.

The wimminz I was dumping a load into and whom I warned fell into group 2, not prepared to dump her toxic friend and tell her that like all wimminz she was a lying sack oh shit, so what I was saying was wrong, so my warnings could be safely ignored…

… and 48 hours later TSHTF, in EXACTLY THE WAY I WARNED….

…worth pointing out, that the wimminz who are out for her blood because she “enabled” her toxic mate to go to the po-lice and report a family member for alleged historic abuse, are not out to get her because an innocent man is going to get the chop… oh no… but because of the consequences of an innocent man who also happens to be their husband / father / uncle / neighbour getting dragged off by the rape squad… the consequences that mean it will, in these other wimminz’ words, cost THEM everything to have this innocent man carted off… loss of a husband, loss of a father, loss of an uncle, loss of a breadwinner, loss of face in the community.

None of them are mourning the fate of the innocent man.

Me me me me me me me me me , that is all any of them are ever thinking, if you will forgive me for using the word thinking…. my cum bucket in this little story is typical of the breed, it doesn’t matter one iota to her that her entire working life and social circle is comprised of toxic scum feminazi wimminz, and what she is facing now is a vastly overdue and vastly watered down red pill, all that matters to her is she is nice and hasn’t done anything to deserve this and wants it all to stop, now.

And this little scene is of course one that has played around every single man falsely accused of domestic violence or raping his wife or buggering his own children.

It is true (just look at our so called leaders) that 95% of men never grow up, they remain spoiled children all their lives, the niggerz, but it is also true of 99.999% of wimminz.

My own cum bucket in this scenario blows all the breakers when she participates in a situation that in reality puts 99.9% of the hurt on an innocent man, and 0.099% of the hurt on the wimminz around him, and 0.0001% of the hurt on her, even though in reality she should be facing at least 10% for being the one who finally “enabled” her toxic mate to take her bullshit victim story to the po-lice…

What the fuck is she, and all the other wimminz in society, gonna do when the economic hurt train comes to town?

“Man up” or “Think it through” are two phrases that do not spring to mind.

She won’t give a fuck if it a GI with candy and nylons or a SS guy with a bottle of claret, bitch is going to spread em faster than a mousetrap can spring shut, to get that GI or SS guy before the bitch next door does.

When times get tough you will NOT see lines of wimminz queueing all day for a loaf of bread, or land girls, or keep calm and carry on.

When times get tough you will see millions of wimminz SCWEAMING for their magic pwincess barbie unicorns, and any one and any thing that they can get their hands on is going to get torn to fucking pieces by the mob.

The only option that will get us out of tough times, manning up, knuckling down, keeping calm and carrying on, cutting our suits according to our cloth, etc etc, is THE ABSOLUTE LAST FUCKING THING THESE WIMMINZ WILL EVER ACCEPT.

To them this is total and absolute capitulation and being utterly broken to harness like a horse or a nigger slave, everything including death, is preferable.

Especially when, being wimminz, it comes to death, because it will be someone else doing the dying, so they can continue to sit there with the mental breakers chattering away and making no changes whatsoever.

Doubling down? You ain’t seen nothing yet.


As an aside, PoF is going through the usual january dry spell, so I have been getting most of my action on the swinging scene.

As I have said before, the couples on the swinging scene are without exception some loser niggerz and his wimminz owner, and most of the single wimminz are fairly toxic attitude wise too.

What is interesting, and the purpose of this aside, is the single guys, many of them are straight out of the wimminz guide book to being a man, many of the forum posts are about what wimminz want, and the vast majority of these men are considered lucky if they get three meets a year.

Contrast this with me, who has a profile that does everything wrong, according to the forum posts on how single guys can get laid, I demand anal, I demand oral, I demand fisting, I demand bareback, I demand submission… I get loads of action, and 99% of it from wimminz who devote their profile to telling guys they are not a sub, safe sex only, vaginal sex only, and oh yeah, you gotta go down on me.

These are the wimminz alluded to above, the first ones to open their legs when the GI’s or SS walk down the high street the day the tanks roll in to town.

November 4, 2012

You can’t wind back the clock / things were different man.

Time is a funny fucking thing, especially when looking back upon it in your own personal life and history.

I cannot, with any shred of honesty, look back on myself at 25 and state that I was the same person I was then, and when I was 50… to be sure I can say I aged pretty fucking well, despite all the lifestyle, and I can in many ways favourably compare myself with a modern 25 year old in 2012, but, there are still huge differences.

Some things in life fluctuate over time, such as the age at which a child becomes an adult, and the age at which an adult retires, and one of the walls you hit is the one that states if you have a kid NOW, you will be a fucking pensioner before that kid is an adult.

Other things you become aware of is the realisation that murderers get separated from their family and society for a shorter period of time than young kids in an acrimonious separation / divorce, and whatever the future holds for those kids no-one can put time back in the bottle and give them the childhood they deserved, complete with both sets of parents and extended families.

One of the conversations that I keep having with young wimminz is the conversation about actions having future consequences, usually utterly predictable ones, and having to carry forwards the burden of whatever actions and choices you made in the past.

Wimminz are SPECTACULARLY crap at this, I will relate a story about a young wimminz who with toddler age kids who ends up with videos of her being gang-banged all over the internet, and the wimminz go all oh noes, but until I mention that in 10 years time those toddlers are going to be in school with the 2022 smart-phone and one of their classmates is going to walk up in the playground and show them videos of mummy being gang-banged… then the wimminz get SCARED… but until I mentioned it, it never occurred to them.

I had a chat with a young lad in his twenties last week, I used to roll with what he now calls the grey-beards, legends of old and 1% ers through and through, and I kept saying the same thing to him, things were different man.

And I find myself like some cross between Hunter and Hopper, a modern Mephistopheles who was lucky enough often enough to walk away unscarred and unscathed, trying to impart words of wisdom to the young buck, who is all “Wow, you were THERE for that legendary event” and far too fucking eager to cut me slack I do not deserve.

We’re sat there at the table, smokes and phones and keys and coffee.

I say to him “You know the old adage about there being no such thing as an unloaded gun?” He says yes, but I stress the point as he has little hands on experience, there ain’t no such animal as an unloaded gun.

He’s up to speed on that one so I reach out and tap one of the smartphones on the table and say “There ain’t no such thing as a digital device that ain’t recording

I wait for that to sink in and add, “and that includes the digital devices you can’t see.

That sinks in for a minute or two and I go all Hunter / Hopper on him again.

This is the digital age man, this shit is everywhere, so common it is invisible, but it is there” I take a sip of coffee and refer him back to some of those “you were there!” legends, and hit him with “… and I wouldn’t be fucking sat here now, if this digital shit was around back then… dig?

Slowly, ever so slowly, the penny is dropping.

We only got away with that shit because it was organic, analogue and hand written or hand types paper records and hand filing, no instant recall or access to anything, a record search meant someone going into a cellar and going through boxes of paper files, by hand.

Back then I knew a guy who used to forge post office savings books, deposits and withdrawals and remaining balances were written by hand into a book, and then stamped, and this guy had some artistic talent and used a socket set to make the concentric rings of the stamp, forge a £5k balance, which was a lot of money back then, and go into a post office (not the same one where the deposits were allegedly made) in overalls and draw £300 a day and talk to the cashier about just having moved house and doing a mountain of renovations..

How far would that shit fly in the digital age?

Computer says you have no money.

And this applies across the fucking board.

Cut’s both ways too bro, if you were smart or lucky or crooked enough to get files altered during the transition to the digital age you were golden.

Computer says you have no history of violence.

Just as bad is when the computer records are fucked the other way.

Computer says you have a history of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

I tap the fucking smartphone again, say “Digital age” again, and look at one of the skanks there, and say “If you had been recording that night last week, instead of complaining to me about being assaulted, which frankly you bear 95% of the responsibility for creating the situation where it happened, Mr X would now be in prison on remand awaiting trial and guaranteed conviction and prison time for sexual assault”  Which would be wrong, because the whole truth is that everyone involves was drunk as a skunk and what’s more were all scum. Just because the guy was born with a penis however he would take the fall.

The digital age man, edited sections of a story are even more powerful than listening to or watching the whole tape…

So, back to the subject in question, and the two wimminz there who are available for pump and dump, but who want more from me.

The edited sections of the story that portray you as a decent young wimminz only work in scenarios where the man doesn’t give a fuck about the story, because you are pump and dump material.

The whole story is another matter, the whole story is what eventually comes out when you spend enough time with someone, and if the whole story involves you being pump and dump material in the past, no way you can expect the current man to see you as anything else.

Changing the story doesn’t change the person.

Just as the only way you get to hear about any legendary stuff we pulled back in the seventies is to listen to one of the greybeards, because that wasn’t a digital age.

It also means that very, very, very few of those stories could even happen today, and if they did, we wouldn’t be sat here grinning and shooting the shit.

It also means that the shit you DO pull today is gonna follow you around forever, for values of forever that fall short of mushroom clouds over what were once google data centres.

Not only can you not wind back the clock, you also can’t get away from digital surveillance and recording, and those data points never fade… what I typed in to a web forum in 2002 is as fresh as what I typed here a decade later in 2012.

The Jimmy Saville story isn’t really a story about privilege and fame and groupies and sexual exploitation, JS lived his life like groundhog day, HE never changed, it is really a story about how the changing technology changes the landscape.


May 28, 2012

What MEN want.

Further to the weekend’s pub scene, I had a text from one of the guys, the young 18 y.o one, the chick who he told to buy her own drinks asked him what men wanted in wimminz, so he asked me, because he didn’t know where to start or how to put it in words.

So, wimminz, pay attention.

EVERY SINGLE ITEM IN THIS LIST is a negative point against you for any kind of relationship material, many of them are also negative points against you as being pump and dump cum bucket material, go work out for yourselves which is which.

I would suggest that if you can say “yes” to five or more of these, your future is going to be “interesting”, in the same sense of the Chinese curse about living in interesting times.

  1. You have kids.
  2. You have had more cocks than your shoe size.
  3. You have difficulty keeping a home clean.
  4. You have difficulty keeping the larder stored and cooking good home food from scratch.
  5. You have difficulty living within a strict household budget.
  6. Your inner thighs touch when you stand upright normally.
  7. You have any tats anywhere.
  8. You have or have ever had a facebook page.
  9. You ever make any claim of any kind that you have been the victim of DV or sexual abuse.
  10. You have ever had a threesome.
  11. You have ever cheated IN THEIR DEFINITION on any of the guys you have been with.
  12. You spend more on “beauty” products than you do on “cleaning and sanitary” products such as soap, shampoo and sanitary towels.
  13. You have more than 7 pairs of footwear or any description.
  14. You have more trousers/jeans/shorts than dresses.
  15. You do NOT have a waist.
  16. Your hair does not touch your shoulders.
  17. You cannot spell or do math.
  18. You like to watch soaps or chick flicks or rom coms.
  19. You have anything more than a single piercing in each ear.
  20. You do not TIUTA for your man (Take it up the ass)
  21. You cannot swallow at least 6″ of cock, and / or you do not swallow cum.
  22. You ever let your man get his own drink, whether it be coffee or a beer.
  23. You ever let your man run his own bath.
  24. Your topics of discussion ever include what your girlfriends are doing, where they are going on holiday, what they have, etc.
  25. You snore.
  26. You ever smell of anything except soap and water and perhaps FRESH sweat.
  27. You ever complain about period pains, or that you are on the rag.
  28. You ever tried to re-write your past.
  29. You ever lied to your man. This includes withholding shit like letters from the bank.
  30. You ever took a ten spot out of his wallet.
  31. You ever asked for permission to take a ten spot out of his wallet, or anything else that means opening his wallet.
  32. You ever took any kind of argument, disagreement or mood upstairs, much less into the bedroom.
  33. You ever talked down to or insulted or disrespected your man IN HIS EYES in public.
  34. You ever raised your hand against a man.
  35. You ever disrespected a man’s friends, or made them less than welcome.
  36. You ever flirted with a man’s friends, or allowed them to flirt with you instead of saying “Bob, I am with Steve, end of story.” or whatever as appropriate.
  37. You ever threw anything from the past in your man’s face.
  38. You ever put yourself before family, which your top priority is maintaining your kids relationships with their father, your husband.
  39. You get too drunk to drive more than once a month.
  40. You smoke more than 5 cigarettes a day.
  41. You take drugs.
  42. You ever fucked anyone radically outside your own ethnic group.
  43. You ever called the Police on a man.
  44. You ever called a Lawyer on a man.
  45. You ever tried to blame someone else for your own bad choices or judgement.
  46. You ever tried to ration sex with your man.
  47. You ever interrupted a man when he was speaking.
  48. You ever said Tom & Jerry or Cowboys and Indians is too violent for small boys.
  49. You ever failed to greet your man with a hug and a smile and a quick kiss.
  50. You ever failed to see your man off with a hug and a smile and a quick kiss.

April 30, 2012

A classic he said / she said, and a dire warning to all men..



Why does this one concern me?

  1. The alleged victim herself states that she never informed on the guy because she thought no one would believe her.
  2. Zero evidence of any kind, all she said, anecdotal, historical allegations.
  3. Girl has lots of other lifestyle issues indicative of a Cluster B personality disorder.
  4. The story just does not hold water.

I’ll deal with these in reverse order.


What are the chances that a wimminz who lives hundreds of miles from my own FRA and has precisely nothing in common except for the fact that they are female, is going to use phrase after phrase to define various events, and all those phrases are going to be absolutely identical to the phrases my FRA’s used, and this is no accident, as actually this wimminz and my own FRA’s do have something in common, they both spend an awful lot of time being coached / counseled by specialist rape squad police, shrinks and lawyers.

These rape squad types will tell you, when you point this out, that this is because they are all victims of terrible abuse and this shared experience is what makes them all sound the same.

4/ the story doesn’t hold water.

She is claiming the abuse is real, and therefore awful for her, and yet as any kid knows, she has options, she did not have to go back home to dad if he was such a cunt, nor allow him to visit her in care, nor any of the rest of it… she tries to write this off as her being frightened and lonely, without her abuser she is totally alone, and again the shrinks etc will sing this song, but it just is not fucking true, not least of which because she is fucking other guys…

NOBODY is so LONELY or SCARED that they will exchange being penned up with a serious sexual abuser IN PREFERENCE…. you PREFER being RAPED to being ALONE!!!! This is what she is saying, but again, in the rape industry we are not allowed to question such things.

3/ The girl is a walking Cluster B red card, everything about her lifestyle… terrifyingly FOR ALL MEN, it was her MOTHER who put her in care, who DID NOT VISIT HER, and only years later after making contact with her mother, does she come up with these allegations….

2/ ZERO evidence, yet she claims throughout that she always knew it was wrong, and even admits trying to entrap daddy in a phone conversation, but no evidence of any kind that she and her father have had ANY form of inappropriate sexual contact…. much less systematic rape and abuse as she claims…. daddy is shooting blanks she says, that’s why she is SIMULTANEOUSLY fucking this OTHER older guy, who gets her pregnant, and she knows the kid is not daddys…. what does dad’s alleged ability to have a child have to do with DNA evidence?? It would have been SOOOOO easy to entrap this guy for good, especially as he was always begging for one more fuck…. get the DNA of his semen in you AND record it on your mobe.

1/ nobody would believe her

Even in this short article, this point is made twice… and as any shrink will tell you, why would she think no-one else would believe her? BECAUSE SHE HERSELF KNOWS IT IS ALL A LIE. You just cannot get your head settled that other people will just buy something that you know for a fact is bullshit, because you were there.

You slept in the guys bed and NOBODY who knew you at that time buys it? Why not? Is every last one of them so stupid that they can’t see something going on? Even though they are primed to see it because such things are a staple of soaps and wimminz magazines…. or maybe because you know it just ain’t true, so why would anyone believe it.

So whatever, here is what we do know for a fact.

In an age where scientific forensic evidence is trivial to amass, everything from the DNA swab to to covert recording on a mobile phone, and where anyone can secretly admit to anything anonymously on the net, to seek help (IF true this girl would have been googling incest etc etc for years to try to rationalise her own feelings and reactions) but traces of which could later be found (yeah, I posted as “lonelychick”) we do know for a fact that a man has been sent to prison for raping his daughter, on no more evidence than her word.

_I_ know that the two pictures of the girl taken allegedly at the height of her abuse do not show anyone who has been suffering abuse, she just does not have that thousand yard stare.

_I_ know that the current picture of her wearing clinging flesh tight jeans does not equate with someone who has been sexually abused, they do everything they can to mask their own sexual allure.

_I_ know that if the wimminz in the current picture told me the sky was blue I would stop and look up and check.

You and I, we were not there, we will never know what actually did or did not happen, the coincidence of mummy coming back on the scene and infidelity of some sort to be explained t the new (older man) boyfriend makes me suspicious, as does the observation that any rape accusation that apparently solves more problems for the accuser than it creates is always suspicious.

What we do know is her word alone sent a man to prison as a rapist.

The Daily Mail ran a story last week about two adopted girls


red it… then come back to this one, he said, she said, and she was believed….

April 6, 2012

If sexual assault was a wad of cash….

In a week that seems to be more than usually filled with hateful micro-cephalic feminazi skanks biting my ankles, I had one of those “bro in need” phone calls.

This is how I pay back my dues, I am my brother’s keeper when he wakes up and smells the feminazi’s roasting his nuts over an open fire….

So I explain to this particular brother, who just started a walk in shoes familiar to many of us, a separation and child custody battle kicked off by accusations of domestic violence and sexual abuse, because since 2010 there has to be one or the other for the wimminz to get the full unlimited Legal Aid…

Imagine there is a wad of twenties done up in a rubber band, just sitting there on the passenger seat of your car, you can equate this wad of twenties to the scantily dressed young woman.

e.g. just because it is there on show does not mean that it is OK for you to smash the window, reach in and grab it.

So far, all the feminazis will be along for the ride…

If you take that wad of notes, and start repeatedly riffling it right under my nose, that is not the same thing at all, while you cannot exclaim total surprise and “who could possibly have predicted that that might happen” if someone throws a brick through your car window and grabs the wad of bills, if you start deliberately riffling the wad literally right under the noses of people, literally in their faces with it, expect someone to take it off you and shove it up your ass, along with your teeth… not if, but when.

The feminazis of course will still wilfully and misleadingly gaslight and equate riffling the wad in some guys nose as being no different to leaving the wad in your car.

But wait, it gets worse….

Seeing the alleged effect that a wad of money / being scantily dressed and young and sexy has, some wimminz decide to emulate this behaviour, except they kinda fall short at being scantily dressed, and look like cheap sluts, often rode hard and hung up wet cheap sluts.

The wad of bills equivalent is turning up with a wad of monopoly money.

and this is where the feminazis get REALLY pissed, because it is all fucking true.

Leave a wad of monopoly money in plain sight on the dash of your car, and you could probably do so in a convertible and still come back an hour later and find that “money” right where you left it.

Which will of course piss off the feminazis, because you found their money unattractive and un-stealable and unworthy of your attention and time… so they will gaslight you and make it about anything at all except the rather obvious fact that you had no fucking interest whatsoever in the bunch of less than toilet paper, which is what the monopoly money was to you, at least you can wipe your ass with toilet paper.

Take that wad of monopoly money and riffle it under the nose of random guys and you will still get it shoved up your ass, along with your teeth, because frankly it was the in your face taunting that provoked the reaction you got, the “twenties” being real or monopoly money made no difference whatsoever, another sore point for the feminazis.

Which brings us to the whole “why would I steal that which I do not want even when you are giving it away” argument, and god forbid you actually tell the truth, which to get back to the case of the brother in question was “why the fuck would I want to rape the bitch, she now weighs 190 lbs, not the 125 lbs she did when we got married, and the total lack of any sexual attraction is where the fucking relationship died….

This is real anathema to the feminazi skank ho’s and their niggerz…

Why the fuck would I steal your monopoly money you stupid lying childish bitch?

Course, there is no sane or rational or logical answer to that, so the feminazis invoke the whole gas-lighting thing, because the one question you must never ever ever be allowed to voice is the one that goes “Is the real problem here that I am NOT interested in your/her fucking monopoly money? much less whether or not I actually stole any of it….

And so it was with my “brother in need” we had this conversation, it’s not about the fucking money, or if it was stolen and if so by whom and how, it’s about whether the fucking “money” was actually greenbacks or sterling or francs, or whether it was monopoly money.

And so it was with my “brother in need”, yeah man, it is as fucking obvious as the noses on our faces to all concerned that it is indeed monopoly money, so the question you need to ask yourself is this bro, why are the police and child services and lawyers and family court all treating this case as though that monopoly money was real…  because it is as obvious to them as it is to you or me that were a real wad of real twenties involved here, whatever did or did not go down would have been radically different in detail to what is being alleged here….

And so it was with my “brother in need”, if everyone concerned knows it wasn’t a real wad of twenties, why is everyone treating you like a cunt? Because that is their JOB, that is what they DO, that IS their 9 to 5…. these fuckers have all “specialised” in the whole feminazi industry.

And so it was with my “brother in need”, monopoly money or not, it serves to earn those concerned real money (obvious parallels here to the whole western debt crisis, but there we go) so any threat to “out” the paper in question as being monopoly money is a threat to cost them all real money… you are effectively waving REAL money under their noses, and threatening to take it away from them… you wonder why they treat you as the fucking enemy bro?

My brother in need now sees the days and weeks and months ahead of him for what they really are, a job club for these parasites, there is no justice, just us.

In his own words “I guess deep down I always knew, but I didn’t want to go there because it means no matter what I do I am fucked and I have lost my kids, and I didn’t want to accept that, I’m a man, and men are supposed to fight to the death for their kids….”

“says who” I replied…………. “says the very people that depend on keeping YOU in the game to maximise their ongoing future earning potential….”

I told him, my own FRA, I got arrested for sure, spent 5 hours in custody and 90 minutes being interrogated, and that was it Jack, I didn’t call the ex bitch, didn’t email her, didn’t do shit, nobody on the criminal side got even one more hour of billable time, and the fucking civil / family court side only got the bare minimum, because I never did a damn thing that allowed them to add a single hour of booked time, while maintaining throughout an air of polite but utter contempt for them all.

THAT was why they all hated me bro, because I was wise to the game and did NOT play by their rules, and start screaming and shouting about the injustices of being railroaded for some fucking monopoly money that never even existed in the first fucking place… and thus allow them all to add wads of billable hours to a case with ongoing increasing complexity.

They all got sweet fuck all from me, but the contempt for all of them written all over my face.

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