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August 22, 2013

Conversations about wimminz

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in Conversations with wimminz a few days ago I glossed over one subject, a far more interesting subject is talking about wimminz with other wimminz.

Never, of course, do this with any other wimminz in earshot, you will get an entirely different wimminz if you do that, but, if your red pill fu is strong enough, talking to one wimminz about other wimminz can be enlightening for those tainted with the blue pill.elementwoman

But, before I get into that, NAWALT / scorpion & frog / etc etc etc, you really, really, really do need to *get* this point, to do otherwise is to get angry at steel for rusting, wood for burning or water for evaporating on a summers day.

You just can’t treat wimminz as equal adult human beings, you have to treat them as rather stupid and naughty children, or a dog that is a few tins short of a six pack.

This isn’t sexism or misogyny or patriarchy or anything else, it is materials handling, health and safety, and good working practices.

So, conversations about wimminz (b), with wimminz (a).

If your Fu is strong enough, you will hear NOTHING BUT a ringing endorsement of all the above, about wimminz b, from wimminz a, in fact, if your Fu is strong enough, wimminz a will treat is as a test of her knowledge of her fellow wimminz, and clue you in on a lot of attitudes you would not have guessed.

Just as many things that are overtly sexual are merely funny or merely boring to children, who are by definition innocent, a feeling we can all relate to, watching something as an adult that we watched as children, and realising just how much of it went over our heads (cf Swallows and Amazons with Roger the ships boy, and Titty, etc) the further realisation comes that you can’t actually explain this stuff to a pre-pubescent child… it’s like trying to explain colour to a blind man.

Similarly, as a man, trying to get you to actually understand and empathise with what goes on in the biochemical cauldron that passes for a wimminz mind, is like trying to explain the 16 million colours of the RGB gamut to that blind man.

But, just as you need a course of study in chemistry to understand how and why steel rusts, wood burns and water evaporates, you need nothing more than a room temperature IQ and a functioning pair of eyes to observe these phenomenon and come to expect them as a natural occurrence.

I have yet to meet anyone mentally retarded enough to express surprise that hot food put on a plate is stone cold an hour later.

And so it is with wimminz.

So when you hear, independently, from wimminz a, who you have fucked, and wimminz b, who you have not, about a proposed threesome with you and wimminz a and wimminz b (these two wimminz have had them before) and the ensuing catfight, and then witness the actual dynamic going on….. stop refusing to believe your fucking ears, stop refusing to believe that *all* wimminz “think” and operate this way, stop being such a fucking dumbass.

wimminz a is a fat slob fuckup with womb turds and a job on the state tit, wimminz b is a slob psycho fuckup who was unable to have kids or otherwise suckle on the state tit, so wimminz b keeps wimminz a as her pet toy to torture and abuse, trying to make someone not quite as unfuckable as she is into something below her own level.

Arranging and participating in the rape of wimminz a, arranging and participating in threesomes with wimminz a and her current cock, and thus fucking up the potential relationship between wimminz a and said cock, fucking wimminz a’s husband and calling wimminz a from the bedroom, claiming it was just done to prove to wimminz a that her husband didn’t really love her, not like wimminz b loves her, turning up or calling at all hours in dire need and distress, and the beat goes on, and on, and on.

And wimminz b rationalises this as her being in love with wimminz a, who is the kindest person on the planet.

And wimminz a rationalises this as her being bestest friends with wimminz b, who just is unlucky somehow, but they have been through so much together.

I shit you not, this is not just a case of I could introduce you to these “people”, I could prove to you, beyond all your worst nightmares, that AWALT.

They just will not EVER admit to it except in a 1 to 1 private conversation.

You ever wondered *why* team vagina existed?

If it didn’t, within 5 years wimminz would be reduced to the status of domestic animals, and they fucking know it.

You can handle wimminz, with the appropriate precautions, and that is what the red pill is, but you can never ever ever perform alchemy and transmute lead into gold.

First of all you have to find a wimminz that WANTS the level of handling required, and that’s tough jack, it’s especially tough if you are looking for gold and the only things on offer is some old iron ore (sic)

And a part of that handling is when you refine that iron ore into some low grade steel to cast a piss poor copy of the thing you really wanted in gold, you have better make the point, brutally, every day, that she better shut the fuck up and sit still for the wipe down with an oily rag, because the absolute worst thing you or anyone else can do to her, ever, is for you to simply walk away, and she will turn into rust, not even back into low grade ore.

And she better believe that with every fibre of her being, so much so she is grateful every day for that wipe down with the oily rag.

Every other option on the table is like that rather hurtful if true and amusing poster about the mong winning the race, he may have won the race, against other mongs, but he is still a fucking mong.

Is winning and fitting in really that fucking important to you?

Is anyone else’s opinion on the low quality of your low grade steel knock-off of the finely engraved and inlaid solid gold spoon really worth a fuck.

Is having one eye really such a disability in the land of those who have two eyes, and mock you for your one, but who nevertheless may as well be blind, because they cannot see, and worse still, do not think they are blind…

Did you *really* buy all that shit about poor impoverished families killing off their girl babies simply because they could not afford a dowry a decade and a half later when it came time to marry them off? And for no other reason at all?

January 28, 2013

The intersting thing about free will…

Is not that it isn’t free, but just how much of it is ruled by biochemistry.

I have wibbled on here before about Toxoplasma gondii, whichy makes cat piss smell interesting, and cat people, but there are better examples.

The guinea worm is one, you get it by drinking infected water, then it grows in the gut until it is as thick as a piece of spaghetti and 18 – 24 inches long, whereupon it burrows its way down through your limbs, and when it is ready to emerge and lay eggs and start the cycle again, it drives the host to water.

The point many people do not get, is these parasites are able to significantly influence the behaviour of the host organism, and it doesn’t really matter what the host organism is, human, oxen or goat, the same parasite is able to exude a biochemical trigger that has the exact same effect, not just across individuals, but across species.

Different parasites have different goals, and when you start to study it it is hard to come up with some aspect of human behaviour that cannot be either directly or indirectly influenced by the parasite

Which makes the whole concept of free will interesting, living in a modern technological society where were are effectively swimming in a biochemical soup all thanks to modern technology and mass produced products.

If a specific biochemical can trigger an interest in cat piss across species, and another specific biochemical can trigger an urge to go down to the pond or river and stand in the water, and so on and so forth, it isn’t really that much of a stretch to imagine a specific biochemical trigger that can make men more gay, or make wimminz more slutty.

In fact, it isn’t any kind of stretch at all, the contraceptive pill is nothing but a biochemical trigger, and I have been around this planet long enough and fucked enough wimminz to spot the marked differences in behaviour between a wimminz on estrogen, a wimminz on nowt and going through her cycles, a wimminz who is pregnant, etc etc etc.

Sure, it’s anecdotal, as is the observation that wimminz that drink over a litre of coke a day are all fucking cluster B and have a messy house, or the observation that wimminz who have had a lot of cock have a very high incidence of cervical cancer, or the observation that wimminz with blue cars don’t have steady boyfriends…

… but just because it is anecdotal doesn’t mean it is shit… red sky at night, sailor’s delight…

… which all reminded me of a crazy bitch I fucked years ago, she was every bit as crazy as the crazy I fucked last week, the word many will use is delusional… and she used to spout about the Nazi’s and BASF and Bayer and mind control through chemicals and all that good jazz.

To me she was just a crazy bitch and a good fuck, but about a year later I was talking to another guy who had porked her for a bit, can’t even remember his name, but he had a then brand new Yam XJ650, and during the conversation I found out he was a research biochemist, imagine my surprise when he tells me that in between fucking her they were talking and his job came up and next thing he knows she is hitting him with a whole load of (then) cutting edge biochemistry, and it was soon apparent to him that she was much better trained at his job than he was, she was in his own words world class and could write her own ticket anywhere on the planet, if she wasn’t so crazy…

But her “crazy” was insisting that all these big companies were collecting data on how various compounds could influence human behaviour, 30 years later she doesn’t sound so fucking crazy to me…

Now, I don’t pretend to know all the answers, or even a few of them, but I do find these to be interesting questions, and while I am the first to admit that correlation =! causation, there sure are a shit lot of parallels since around 1960 onwards to the changing environment in which we immerse ourselves, biochemically, and the way attitudes and society has changed.

The fact that we HAVE been performing this great biochemical experiment upon ourselves is not in doubt, where I would differ from the 1980 crazy is in suggesting that it is all deliberate and planned… if there is data gathering it is no wonder after things like Thalidomide, which could well have affected me if my mother took it during pregnancy, for I was of that era… nobody wants a lawsuit.

I share a lot of genetic material with one set of cousins, unlike them we always eat fresh food and veg, where they always eat frozen, the aunt in question was well known for having two chest freezers full of food and never any fresh foods in the house, “Mrs Bird’s Eye” she was called… so it is definitely a correlation that the cousins in question are all in poor health compared to me, despite the fact that I am older than all of them, but is it a causation… good question… I wish I knew the answer.

But it isn’t just health, there are broad and obvious behavioural differences between us too, as as far as nurture vs nature, well, one of their parents and one of my parents grew up together as siblings, so they came with common values and standards and history…

And when it comes to progeny, their kids bear almost no resemblance to them when they were little kids themselves, but mine are always seen as being “mini-me”.

Could this all be down to growing up eating processed frozen foods wrapped in plastics? Of course it could…but how to prove it, and even if you could what would be the point, you can’t go back in time and reverse it.

To this day, if I get the munchies I grab a piece of fruit or maybe a jam sandwich, biscuits and chocolate and crisps and pot noodles and suchlike are things I literally may eat once a year.

But then, in reality I am not a control specimen, I am just choosing to immerse myself in a different end of the biochemical pool that we all live in now, it’s not a deep or containing as many complex compounds, but it certainly isn’t 1950 style either…. maybe that by itself is sufficient to explain why my attitudes are perceived as being old fashioned.



January 19, 2013

Comments not aloud.

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See the DM is on again about this (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2264822/I-proud-children-DNA-tests-shattered-life–Anguish-divorced-father-paid-15-000-maintenance-offspring-werent-his.html) and as usual for anything likely to attract any red pill comments, comments are disallowed.

Back when I was a lad (OK, there was no intertubez, but that doesn’t void the principle) such loaded and opinionated pieces were identified by a special page in the paper, and the heading was “Editorial”.

Now the editorial has gone along with the news, all that is left is the propaganda.

Which is why it is both refreshing and surprising when Money Week says

We believe the outcome of this problem is inevitable… and the recession, joblessness and instability you see right now is only the first stage of it. Many people think the slump we’re in now is as bad as it will get.

But the truth is, it’s only the start. In fact, you will certainly see the consequences of this deep-rooted problem unfold across the cities, towns and villages of Britain. No one will escape the fallout.

In all recorded history, no country has ever recovered from the financial position we find ourselves in today.  No government has ever been able to reverse this trend. No emergency action has ever come close to a solution. This inescapable problem has only ever had one outcome: financial collapse.


So, the cat is finally out of the bag on the edges of the MSM, the edges where the sharks live, everyone else is still printing drivel about the Kardashians and men being evil for wanting to know if their kids are their own, and as the DM article shows, even the guy’s own mother turned against him, not because he was the instigator, he wasn’t, he was just the whistle blower who wanted some personal truth and justice.

2013 is here, you better have already left (the west) if you have serious wealth, or you better have already got yourself into a subsistence and survival lifestyle if you ain’t and you’re stuck here like most.

I smell fresh pussy…

December 27, 2012

Perceptions, illusions and reality.

It is tempting, and quite common in sci-fi, and indeed religion, to talk about humans as being flawed or without hope or destined to fuck up with annoying regularity.

This portrayal does not however withstand any kind of scientific scrutiny whatsoever.

When you look at humanity as a whole scientifically, all the things that I whine about on this blog are just a part of the whole, we are not a perfect system, what we are is an EVOLVING system, and part and parcel of evolving systems is they need to fuck up with regularity in order to weed out the crap, and retain the good.

The technology of modern western culture is good, the stuff absorbed into the body humanity, the sociology of modern western culture is crap, the steaming turd extruded from the anus.

Thankfully the days when the wimminz compare me to 50 shades of grey are passing, but again there is a lesson there, in the constantly changing values of sexual sluttishness that they will exchange for my company, or your company, or the ex’s company… and of course the one constant that the wimminz all pull out from 50 shades, that Ana is in love with Christian, but Christian is unable to love Ana, or anyone else…

All these things above are DYNAMIC structures in a state of evolution and change.

It may suck in the worst way possible to be a particular INDIVIDUAL in such a scenario, but for the species as a WHOLE things are going great thanks.

10 million deaths in a global war or pandemic is an awful thing for those involved, as awful as it gets, but for the species as a whole, it’s a good thing.

Losing a child with a congenital defect is an awful thing for the parents, but a good thing for the species, and so we get into the quicksands of eugenics vs evolution, I want to fuck Fred’s daughter and make her pregnant, not Sambo’s daughter, how much of that is me practising eugenics and how much is hard wired evolutionary imperatives forced upon me?

We are due a war or a global pandemic or maybe both, does it really matter to those who will die, or those who will live, if this is caused by some banker, or some politician, or some corporate type, when all of these and more are just the tail wagging the dog of evolutionary pressures?

It’s all rather chicken and egg, and all rather academic, it is like discussing if it was a red on blue bullet or a blue on blue bullet that just went through your buddy’s head and sprayed you with his brains, the effects are identical.

Surviving it is going to be rather academic too, your survival will either depend on something directly associated with the selection, such as a genetic trigger if it is a pandemic, or indirectly associated, such as a state of health if it is a pandemic, or vaguely associated, such as not being in a climate where the outbreak can thrive.

I cannot, Gattaca style, doing anything about my DNA, but I can do something about not being around in close proximity when the red and blue bullets start to fly.

Yugoslavia was a great place to be, until it fell apart, then it was a crap place to be. Being born there isn’t something you can change, STAYING there when TSHTF is something you probably can change, at a great cost for sure, but probably less cost than staying put.

A fat ugly skank who you can only bear to fuck doggy style and who you have no use for apart from the fucking is a lot less, sexually, than a harem of hot kinky sluts begging to do your bidding.

On the other hand, a fat ugly skank who you can only bear to fuck doggy style is a great way to empty your balls while remaining immune to confirmation bias and post coital “well, she ain’t that bad actually” slippery slopes…

Ultimately, on the macro scale, evolution and change will always win, ultimately, on the individual scale, vast swathes will be fed, alive and feet first, into the meat grinder of evolution and change.

Ultimately, on the individual scale, we are all dead anyway, it is just better to die of old age waiting your turn at the grinder than being fed into it.

Ultimately, on the individual scale, if you know for a fucking fact you’re headed for the meat grinder in the very near and not merely foreseeable but pretty much inevitable future, you may as well take some of the assholes who fucked you over with you.

In between these two lies the entirety of human society and history.

Knowing where you are in the space between these two, or even being able to influence your relative position between these two, that, my friends, is the secret, either be the stainless steel rat hiding in the walls, or Pol Pot… it’s living in the vast middle ground that will get you unawares.


December 24, 2012

We three kings

of course, there aren’t any kings any more, not like there used to be…. and as for gold, frankincense and myrrh…

When I was a young lad I saw a really crap sci fi film about this blob of stuff that doubled in size / mass every 36 hours, it was clearly based on bacteria…. the money shot in the film was some boffin using a spinning top as a model of the earth, so he sticks a big lump of plasticene in the spinning top, this is what will happen in 720 hours when the blob has eaten europe, and the top wobbles off the table, eg the earth will wobble out of its orbit and everything will die.

Of course this is crap, the entire planet could be converted to blob and stay exactly where it is in orbit, assuming the blob can convert every element in the periodic table to itself, assuming it gets some external energy source to keep doing this conversion, assuming the one thing it never starts eating is itself.. then and only then could you get the planet blob, devoid of all life and all everything except blob, but it would still be in the same orbit with the same axial tilt and rotation, and the moon would still be a lump of dead rock.

Real science vs horror film “science”

And yet, this horror film “science” is EXACTLY the basis for what we can our economies, all of which are predicated on the idea known as “growth”.

It doesn’t matter if growth is 100% in 36 hours as in the film, or 1.5% in 365 days as in a “weak” western economy, they are both, mathematically speaking, exponential functions.

As a small aside, ALGEBRA used to be taught in all schools, it was dropped, and later on, in higher education, CALCULUS was taught, differential equations and all that jazz…. Algebra and Calculus are two utterly different things… you can balance your chequebook or do the accounts for an entire army or bank or country with algebra, and while algebra will allow zero as a number, it will not allow infinity as a number..it is more “1 divided by 0 does not go” than “1 divided by 0 is infinity”

The thing that ALL exponential functions have in common, without any exceptions whatsoever, is once that curve starts climbing the y axis it very very very quickly reaches infinity.

If the sci fi blob had space-faring ability then it doesn’t matter if the growth rate is 100% in 36 hours, or 0.00000001% in 36 hours, by the time it has consumed the solar system the milky way doesn’t have long to live…. this is because the solar system is comprised of a mind staggeringly huge, but still very finite, number of molecules.

If all the gold in the world is 1.5 million kilogrammes, and it is all made into 1, 10 and 50 gram coins, and I lend you 10 grams at 10% compound interest per week, and you make no repayments;

  1. One week later you owe me 11 grams
  2. One year later you owe me 142 grams
  3. Two years later you owe me 20,176 grams (20 kilos)
  4. Three years later you owe me 2, 865,885 grams ( 2.8 tonnes)
  5. Four years later you owe me 407,078,825 grams, one third of all the gold in the world
  6. Five years later you owe me 57,822,669,934 grams, 57 million kilos, or 38 times all the gold in the world.

Fuck it, the week is doable, even the year is possibly doable, just have to mug someone, but a year later it is seriously tough, and a year later we are talking a fort knox heist, and a year later impractical for the USA & China & Russia working together, and a year later flatly impossible for the entire planet working together…

How about a lower rate of interest, not 10% a week, but a rate of interest over fifty times lower, 10% a year… it doesn’t matter, in 200 years you owe me one third of all the gold on the planet, and in 250 years you owe me 38 times all the gold in the world…

..and it is that stage of the exponential curve that goes from one third of all the gold in the world to 38 times all the gold in the world, whereupon it starts to get REALLY steep and ridiculous, that is the common feature of all exponential curves….

You can start with 1 gram of gold at the lowest rate of interest ever given and a couple of thousand years later you owe me an entire solar system made of solid gold…. once that happens I am the only one with any gold, commerce and industry and trade ceases… permanently.

“Growth” then, when spoken of by an economist, is the same as growth when spoken of by a sci fi horror doctor about the one solitary molecule of cancer in your testicles, right now it is nothing, by tonight you’ll have huge and very impressive balls, by midnight you will be 100% alien growth.

So we get to a place where qualitative easing follows qualitative easing, billions of debt turn in to tens, then hundreds, then trillions of debt.

Suddenly Weimar republic and Zimbabwe hyperinflation doesn’t seem like so much a problem any more, when there are more dollars and pounds and yen and so on owed than there are litres of brine in the oceans, and remembering the exponential curves this means there will be more global debt in units of currency than there are molecules in the entire planet……

perhaps, like the sci fi film, we need an agent that will dissolve the blob, while miraculously making no changes to the mass or spin of the planet that the growth of the blob threatened to, at least, according to the storyline…

We can hyperinflate away those burgeoning trillions and quadrillions of fiat currency debt until they are no more substantial than higgs bosons or quarks, dissolving invisibly into the cosmic background radiation.

Trouble is, the problem isn’t and never was the trillions of fiat currency debt… that’s just an inevitable artifact of the actual problem, exponential functions.

Cut to closing scene of sci fi horror film where everyone is partying down like it is 1999 after saving the planet, camera pans down to one remaining cell of the blob, which splits into two…

Because the exponential function is still there.


Much has been talked about FIAT currency, I even mention it here, as opposed to something like a gold backed currency.

The Weimar republic and Zimbabwean hyperinflation were products of fiat currencies, where the ink and paper on a 1,000 dollar bill is worth more than 1,000 bucks, so you have to make it a million dollar bill, then a hundred million dollar bill.

Fact is, we no longer have FIAT currencies.

You can roast a banker on a stack of burning ten trillion dollar notes, and then wipe your ass with them afterwards.

This is perhaps one of the most important things you have read in 2012.

We no longer have FIAT currencies.

We now have VIRTUAL currencies, traded virtually, in a world where the lightspeed limits of moving a trading house 50 miles closer to the stock exchange can lower ping times enough to gain advantages in HFT (high frequency trading) events that are over in milliseconds.

You can’t burn bits and bytes… and unlike anything based however loosely on real world physical phenomena such as paper and ink, the supply is essentially infinite…. you can quite trivially inflate the money supply to the point where there are more virtual dollars in existence than there are atoms in the universe.

1 x 10 exp 82, that is a 1 with 82 zeroes after it.


I can make that dollars, easy peasy


“You owe me the galaxy of Andromeda”

It is, literally, lunacy, but it is where we are at, our counting system for “keeping score” of who does what, who produces what, how much things cost to make and store and ship, has become completely virtual and completely arbitrary.

It’s a bit like the 1960’s programmers using two digit year codes and not worrying about y2k, they were not stupid people, far from it, but today solutions trump tomorrow’s consequences.

The same is true of the world of finance, despite popular belief, many of the worlds leading bankers and financiers are not merely stupid or greedy or power crazed fiends.

Like everyone else today they were born into a world where we shifted from one archaic system of monetary exchange based on precious metals, to another one based on fiat currency which is loosely tied to the amount of energy in a barrel of crude oil.

Going back to gold and silver coins isn’t the solution, fiat currency isn’t the solution, and as the world outside of the upper echelons of banking, and readers of this blog, is starting to realise virtual currencies aren’t the solution either.

Introducing calculus, an exponential function, into currency was the PROBLEM, it isn’t a new problem, 2,000 years ago the bible warned about usury, not because it begats evil bankers, but because it is an exponential function, and therefore a cancer.

I suspect, strongly, that as the cure is too daunting to stomach, we will see another band aid placed on exponential function, and weimar style deflation of virtual currencies….

A simple bash script run on all the banks saying “divide every single customer’s account by 100” will do the trick, the same trick as above with the gold, by shifting the steeper slopes of the exponential curve away to the right and further into the future.

Now you earn $20 dollars and hour and have $2,000 dollars savings and $200,000 owing on your mortgage and a gallon of gas is $4

Divide by 100 and you earn 20 cents an hour, have 20 dollars in savings, a 20k mortgage, and a gallon of gas is 4 cents, YOU are in EXACTLY the same place financially, in terms of buying power etc, but the exponential curve just got shifted further away to the right.


December 23, 2012


If you have the mind to listen, I am about the give you one of the greatest pieces of real world advice you will ever get.

I’m an engineer by trade, out back I have a yard long stainless steel ruler, when I pick up that ruler and handle it, it now being winter, the ruler warms up and expands, if it warms up by ten degrees celcius then it expands by about 6 thousandths of a inch over the yard length.

This means that at any temperature but the one at which it was calibrated, this ruler reads wrongly. Fact is in the real world it is accurate enough, known as meaningful levels of accuracy.

Another thing you come across in engineering is round stuff, pistons, bores, you name it, and round stuff defines the ratio of diameter to circumference, also known as Pi, fact is, like the inaccuracies in the steel ruler, saying Pi = 3.14 is inaccurate and gives you wrong numbers, but in the real world it is good enough, meaningful levels of accuracy.

Within these meaningful levels of accuracy, you can go anywhere on the planet and ask for a piece of brass square bar an inch a side and twelve inches long and get the exact same thing.

You, the speaker, and them, the person you are speaking to, are in effect using the same dictionary… 1″ x 1″ x 12″ means the same damn thing everywhere on the planet, just to be sure you may get asked the question “plus or minus a sixteenth” (of an inch) just to verify that you are both talking about the same dimensions, AND the same meaningful levels of accuracy, TWO dictionary definitions, add a third dictionary definition such as “British Admiralty Brass” and you just nailed it.

With me so far?

However, when it comes to people in general, and niggerz and wimminz in particular, you start to run into real fucking problems.

The real fucking problems are based on the simple fact that you do not share a common dictionary.

I’ve talked before about the wimminz who didn’t count blowjobs as sex, but it goes much deeper than that, and spreads much further than that.

The fact is that every word in everyday use has a different meaning, depending upon who you talk to, you relationship to them, the time of day, how they are feeling, etc.

The fact is that this is DELIBERATE, because it gives room for maneouver and manipulation and expansion and expression and so on, these people really do NOT want to talk to you like an engineer.

The downside is it makes it almost impossible to communicate accurately, I had a pingback today that refers to me calling Jack Donovan a fag, and assuming that I used that word fag in a somehow negative or pejorative way, and that as a result I must dislike Mr Donovan, or fags, or something.

For the record, I’ve never met the man, but quite like a lot of what he says and sees, and only saw fit to mention his sexuality because it was pertinent to what I was saying, that it must be a lot tougher and more distasteful for a fag to use a straight wimminz as camouflage to get accepted by society than it is for the likes of me, who likes cunt, to use a straight wimminz as camouflage to get accepted by society.

But, the above misconception by the person making the pingback is a classic example of the difficulty posed by the lack of a common dictionary.

Jane47 eventually came around to being a fuck buddy by coming around to accept something I said the day we met, that the first challenge is to work on a common dictionary, all the “problems” that she imagined existed between us were in fact no more than artifacts created by the lack of a common dictionary… no more significant or meaningful in themselves than the moire patterns and compression artifacts in a jpeg.

But, I must repeat that for 99.999% of human beings this is a state of affairs that they prefer, they prefer no common dictionary, and if we are talking about a wimminz or a niggerz then they absolutely fucking depend on an arbitrary and constantly changing dictionary.

Trying to get a wimminz or a niggerz to ever agree permanently to the definition of even one single word is like trying to nail smoke to the wall.

Which is why, as alluded to in the previous post, you have to judge them all on their actions alone, NOTHING ELSE WHATSOEVER, just their actions.

As long as you have a hole in your ass you will never make any progress on the common dictionary with these people, and every explanation for that will be made in words taken from arbitrary and constantly changing dictionaries.

From their perspective, arbitrary and constantly changing dictionaries are a great thing, everything you can possibly find fault with, from being late to things not being done to last minute changes of plan or shifts in priorities can be neatly dealt with by these dictionaries…that’s not what I meant, or worse still, you should know what I meant or you should know me better by now.

For example, one of the greatest victories of the feminazis and those behind them is to constantly shift the definition of words so simple even a 5 year old can comprehend them, words like “rape” and “violence” and “family“.

Words like “democracy” and “freedom” and “taxation” and “budget deficit“.

Words like “shame” and “decency” and “honour“.

How can a man, or anyone else, “live by his word” or “be as good as his word” or be said of “my word is my bond” when words themselves are rendered meaningless?

Our words, or language, are not just the programming language with which we describe and interact with the world we have built, it is much more fundamental than that, our words and our language are our very DNA of the world and society we have built.

Destroying language is like destroying DNA, it doesn’t just give the odd cancer here and there, it fucks up all life everywhere, and all relationships between living things.

I cannot be a “father” not because of any lack within myself, or any fundamental physical or economic or social barrier, I cannot be a father simply because the meaning of the word has been annulled.

NOBODY can be a “father” any more…. and without a “father” there cannot be a “mother”.

At this time of year, it is perhaps appropriate to mention the Bible, and the roots of the Bible itself, the Book of Genesis.

After the great flood the survivors all spoke one language, and determined to take steps to see that such calamity would not befall them ALL again, so they determined to build something to prevent them all being scattered again.

God came down to see what they did and said: “They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withheld from them which they purpose to do.” which of course would never do, so he said “Come, let us go down and confound their speech.

So it is hardly the first time the destruction of language was used to break the collective power of man.

Nor are these actions the actions of a being that is any friend of mankind.

October 28, 2012

I’ve put up with worse.

So the winter is coming back, and I was in a place that was quite cold, although I was adequately dressed if I had been doing any kind of exercise and generating any heat, but I was out of the elements.

And I am reminded of the other times in my life, where I was grateful to get out of the elements and into some kind of shelter, where the back of a broken down van is shelter, because it is out of the wind, out of the rain, and the wooden floor is better to lie on than wet mud and earth.

This seems to be a peculiarly male thing, to be able to look back and shrug and think “I’ve been through worse” and just carry on…. I learned at lot of lessons back then, sure, you may lose a huge proportion of body heat through your exposed head, but lying down on the ground in winter without some insulation between you and the ground was the better way to fuck yourself up in the core temperature stakes, and if things are that bad/cold just keep moving, sleep during the daytime when it is warmer.

Things change and times change but in the british army it was known colloquially as “stag” for some time, as in “stagnant” as in “stagnant water“… you just sat in one place unmoving, this is where you sit and where you stay and you monitor this.

It’s not a purely military concept of course, the night watchman, the furnace attendant, there are plenty of roles that involve being in one place and staying there to do a specific task until relieved.

Fact is, as soon as it shifts from “boring” to “uncomfortable” to “fucking miserable” you do find it is all the wimminz who crap out first and quit… of course this is no surprise because this is exactly what they do on the relationship front, crap out first and quit…

But… I think somewhere in their programming that little “I’ve been through worse” line of code was left out, which is more far reaching and profound than you may think, because suddenly if there is no comparison of relative bad-ness to previous events, then there is no point having any comparison to previous events, wimminz lives then become like Italian driving, if it is the rear view mirror it simply ceases to exist, it is history, gone and forgotten.

For sure, that same line of programming comes into play when I do something after getting out from the cold, and again upon reflection this is a purely male thing, and that is standing in front of a fire with your bare ass towards the fire, being deliciously toasted, I have seen a couple of wimminz try and ape it and fail miserably, never seen a wimminz actually do it, especially not alone.

Wimminz will crowd the fire, but they will toast their front, somewhere in the halls of DNA evolution something got hard wired into men to put their ass to the fire, night vision outwards, threat perception outwards, the reward for getting through another low water mark in the “I’ve been through worse” annals.

While there is a certain element of gallows humour to “I have put up with worse“, especially where a small group of men is concerned, all up to your balls in cold mud, some asshole will always comment that it could be worse, because it could be raining too….  there is also a certain element of “this too will come to pass” and once again you can warm your ass by the fire, as well as an element of “cheer up, you’re still much better off than you were when xxxx etc

Now to give a concrete example from the UK I quite like buying butane gas in the 15 kg bottles, these currently run around £32 (autumn 2012) per bottle, and there are several reasons I like them compared to turning on the central heating.

  1. It’s a real flame that you can warm your ass in front of.
  2. It is basically instant heat, unlike central heating.
  3. It is basically one room heat, unlike central heating.
  4. You are paying for it in advance, unlike central heating.
  5. In extremis, unlike the central heating, it works when the electric is out.

If I run out of gas I can just turn the central heating on, and the cost of keeping the whole bachelor pad warm with central heating vs one room warm with bottle gas isn’t actually much different, mains gas is cheaper than bottled, but items #1 and #4 in the list above are the killers….

There was a crazy old fart around here that actually wasn’t that crazy, he didn’t have or use any heating at all, instead he wove 70 watts worth of resistive heating wire into his clothes.. nights like last night where the mercury is hovering around the freezing and I have no female flesh to warm my bed I turn on the electric underblanket… toasty.. may not wake me up with a blowjob and a coffee but it doesn’t fart or fidget.

Chances are, if you are a man you read the above paragraph and had a small grin, chances are, if you are a wimminz and you read the above paragraph and shook your head slightly, and there it is, “I’ve been through worse

time for some more blues


listen to the fucking words… amen



September 14, 2012

Wimminz be so fluffy and caring


Just some links





Note again, in the last link, when a wimminz does it it is never reported as what it is, which is (statutory) rape, but as what it is not, and can not ever be, because minors cannot consent, which is sex.


July 4, 2012

Genetic Engineering

No, I am not so much thinking of gene splicing in a lab, or come to that the OMD track, but rather the real world experiments that is life itself.

Once notable thing that the feminazis and niggerz have inscribed into their DNA is the belief that they can, like some large corporation, externalise everything they don’t like or want.

The trouble with externalising everything is that it is only a workable policy in the short term, if you take the longer term you can see a multi-stepped chain of cause and effect in say, externalising the costs of making iCrap products in China.

Nota Bene, I am NOT talking about offshoring, which is a purely economic thing, Hung Pow will work for 5 bucks a day and no medicare or anything else, that is offshoring… externalising is when you follow Hung Pow home at night and see the migrant workers slums he lives in, then the next link in the chain to the subsistence farmers who used to work that land, then the next link in the chain to the extreme density and proximity of people and livestock, humans / pigs / chickens, and next thing you know Bird Flu jumps a species barrier again, and that gets shipped back to the USA/EMEA along with the boxes of new iCrap products.

My psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts think the actions that they have taken, and the attitude that they have forced me to adopt in response, is the end of that particular story… instead it is just the beginning of a much longer and more complex story.

My psycho skank ho ex and the secret family courts think the actions that they have taken, and the attitude that they have forced me to adopt in response, isn’t going to propagate any further changes in the world, or to anyone else, least of all by some circuitous route back to them, now that THEY have stopped what THEY were doing, instead that too is just the beginning of a much longer and more complex set of consequences.

Just as in the crammed together humanity and livestock in China, afterwards you can’t really establish a patient zero, it is more of case of if you encourage, either by action or inaction, by direct control or by direct externalisation, such living conditions, it is more a case of when, rather than if, Bird Flu #3 jumps the species barrier, so the identity and personality and so on of patient zero is not relevant, because any one of the people forced to live like that could become patient zero.

Of course, it was a man, Newton, who coined the phrase “Every action has a reaction”, so it should not come as a huge surprise that the wimminz and niggerz do not, and will not, understand this…

But nevertheless, it is fact, and we are indulging in MASSIVE social and genetic and psychological and indeed economic experimentation, upon ourselves as a whole.

In truth, it is even worse than this, we are not making one change, then taking notes and incorporating these findings into the next phase of treatment, what we are doing is simply doubling down every time we note that the desired end result has not yet materialised.

2 pills didn’t work, lets try 4, that didn’t work, lets try 8, that didn’t work, lets try 16, patients start dying of overdoses, well there was obviously something ELSE wrong with them, for them to have had such an unusual reaction, rinse and repeat.

Sooner or later you get to the stage that we are in now.

Where nobody who is alive is old enough to remember the average “control” status of things, before this great experiment started…..

… and then you get the flipside of this, I was born in the fifties, and I can barely open a so called “news” article and not come across the phrase “… since records began in xxxx” where xxxx is something like 1985, when I was already a man with a trade ploughing my own furrow in this wacky world…

Because of course any evidence that contradicts the aims of the current experiment must simply be erroneous data, so we discard it, hell, lets just discard EVERYTHING that does not fit in with the aims of the experiment.

Idiocracy was SUPPOSED to be a fucking comedy, not a guide book…

So now we are in a place where those running the ongoing experiment are themselves products of an earlier stage of that same experiment, the nearest thing to “control factors”, people like us, have opted out and bailed out, preferring to watch the slow motion train crash from the very rear of car #99 at the back of the train, let all the asshole experimenters ride in first class up the front…

all of which brings us to the other player, the one behind the curtain, the one with the 5 MILLION year plan, nature.

Nature is like the Chinese… if YOU think those fuckers are playing the loooooong game, you should see it from THEIR side, 2,000 year old experiments with fiat currency and 200 year old experiments with leveraged western banking systems are not something that they are on the outside of looking in.

The Chinese are in Africa in a big way, and they are in Africa the way the white man was at the beginning, accepting that the black african native is both lazy and stupid, and importing their own labour.

The Chinese are building ready made cities in Angola, urbanisations that will house 75/100 thousand people, built in exchange for local mineral resources, and these places stand empty, because the locals cannot afford them, so they sit there, waiting… waiting…

Until the west starts to collapse properly and we can no longer afford to project military and economic might, and suddenly 100,000 Chinese will move into that empty urbanisation and then it is game over for the Angolans, excepting a few corrupt politicians and generals, who will be enjoying themselves in Acapulco spending Chinese money.

Meanwhile back home here in the west, Nature will continue her experiment, and when the wimminz and niggerz want to stop and wind back the clock, Nature will step in and press the pedal to the metal, and it will be a very bad time to be a wimminz or a niggerz, sat screaming in first class at the front of the train as it rushes headlong into the buffers.

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