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September 14, 2013

Safe sex

This is a thing you’ll see used almost universally on profiles and discussions on swinging / fucking sites, what they are actually talking about is the guy wearing a condom while fucking the wimminz in the cunt or ass.

Blowjobs are not included, so of course there is wilful and deliberate ignorance (that gets very irate and very angry very fast if you dare to challenge it) about the relative risks of STD transmission via oral sex vs vaginal and anal sex.

Red pill alert.

What you are about to read is raw red pill, this may expose you to the fact that you have been blue pill thinking this, all the while thinking you were red pill all the way.

  1. If you actually study the subject, you’ll find that the term STD in its broadest sense can cover all sorts of things from the truly serious such as HIV all the way down to “I have an itch”, and in some case is even expanded to cover things that are not diseases, such as pubic lice.
  2. If you actually study the subject, two things leap out at you,
    1. Condoms, when treated as a preventative of STD transmission, have varying efficiencies depending on the disease in question, with rates ranging for a 60% reduction in risk up to a 99% reduction in risk, but, same as for pregnancy, condoms are not 100% effective
    2. In the cases of *some* STDs, condoms can actually *increase* the risk of transmission, vs bareback.
  3. Now, one of the things people really do not want to discuss is the *huge* disparity between transmission risk, depending on *direction*

Let’s take #3 first, on one side we have the “receptacle” which is what it says it is, INTERNAL flesh, be it mouth ass or cunt, on the other side we have the cock.

Transmission from receptacle to cock is much much much harder than transmission from cock to receptacle.

If you are a hetero guy (holds up hand) who *never* eats or licks cunt (holds up hand) you are way ahead of the game, because you have zero receptacles.

If you eat cunt you have one receptacle.

If you are a bi/gay guy you have two receptacles.

If you are a wimminz you have three receptacles.

Just as not all diseases are equal, not all receptacles are equal, some diseases prefer oral as an infection path, some prefer vaginal or anal.

And of course not all cunts or mouths are equal, different brands of soap, different diet, all kinds of things come in to play, so it is the same as not everyone in the office getting the cold bug that goes around.

So, the first part of this red pill on safe sex is that wimminz be most at risk of catching something, and guys like me be least at risk, and the risk *gap* between those two cases is fucking huge.

You simple CANNOT take transmission risks from cock to receptacle, and from receptacle to cock, and lump them all together in one big pile. It is dishonest.

I want to take a moment to talk about risk, if wearing a condom is “safe sex”, then you can simply pop one on, and fuck some skank with HIV, no problem, you’re protected…. right? no?

No, lets say condoms are 90% proof against HIV

Lets say as a man with HIV, fucking a wimminz who is “clean” gives you a 1 in 20 chance of infection, e.g. on average if you fuck her 20 times you can statistically / probability wise almost guarantee infection, fuck her 10 times is a 50/50 risk, fuck her once its a 1 in 20 (but, that first shot could also be on target..)

Add a prophylactic, with 90% reduction in risk, which is 9 outta 10

If it was 1 in 20 before, it’s now 1 in 200, so fuck her 200 times you can statistically / probability wise almost guarantee infection, but, that first shot might also do the job, depending on your luck.

In other words, when play with risks it is just a question of iteration, if you keep playing long enough you roll a six, add a bother dice and keep playing long enough and you’ll roll a double six, add another dice and keep playing long enough and you’ll roll a treble six.

This then is not “safe” anything, sure, it is safe-er, but that ain’t how it is marketed.

Russian roulette with a revolver with 1,000 chambers and 1 bullet is not safe Russian roulette, it is just safe-er than playing with a six gun, keep playing and you die, 100% guaranteed.

Nothing that is 100% guaranteed depending on the number of iterations is “safe”.

Less people die per air-plane mile than per auto-mobile mile, so it is safe-er, but, the flip-side is there are no fender benders that everyone walks away from completely uninjured when a plane crashes.

So to reiterate the first part of this red pill, while using condoms can REDUCE risk, it doesn’t eliminate it, and in any event it is a tiny bit like pregnancy in the sense that it is mainly a wimminz problem, and the more you fuck the more likely you’ll hit the jackpot.

The second part of this red pill is human nature, people driving clunkers with dodgy brakes drive a lot more carefully than that same person in a car with airbags / ABS / ESS / etc, it’s a known fact, we all have a safety comfort zone, this is too unsafe and dangerous, this is too safe and boring, this is just right, so if you alter things and give them a safer car, they drive more aggressively to get back into that comfort zone.

Hand anyone a bunch of condoms and talk about safe sex, and they will go out and fuck people that they would not fuck bareback.

Disagree with me all you like, I’m a 50+ year old man who has seen and done it all, and that is all I have ever seen. Take it as Gospel.

The third part of this red pill is symbolism, totems, and bullshit.

I’m gonna talk about the swinging community, and again as a 50+ year old man who has seen and done it all, let me tell you the difference between the swinging community and everyone else.

Swingers admit they fuck around.

Bit like the old joke about there being two types of men, those who admit to having a wank, and liars.

Swingers admit they fuck around, and often the condom, or lack of it, is used to make a distinction without a difference, a line in the sand, a way of differentiating one person they are fucking from the others, that’s it, a psychobabble prop.

To use the russian roulette analogy, this is like being presented with a selection of revolvers, the safe sex swingers / fuckbuddies which are 1,000 chamber jobs, and your regular partner / husband / wife, which is a six chamber job… and playing with all those revolvers.

To reiterate the first part of this red pill, being a hetero male who doesn’t eat cunt, ever, or kiss, ever, I am already a 10,000 chamber revolver.

And so we come to the last part of this red pill.

And while the blue pills in all of you can intellectually see all the sense in what I have said up until now, this is the bit of the red pill that is like the grainy sour grit in the bottom of a cup of medicine, the hardest to swallow, but, the bit with all the goodness…  that first bit of the cup was just a prophylactic…lol

And here we go.

As a 50+ year old male (YMMV is you are 40’s, 30’s, 20’s, but not as much as you may think, not so much it puts you on a par with the wimminz) we have to examine what happens when the hammer does not drop on an empty chamber, but a full one.

I personally know some people who are HIV+, one I first met in 1993, she doesn’t know when or where or how she caught it, to look at her today you would never know, she looks and acts fine. I met her via I guy I know and knew, he met her, she disclosed she had HIV, me and everyone else told him to run the fuck away, he didn’t, they are still together 20 years later, for the first few years they were careful, protected sex only, then one night drunk he thought fuck it, then it happened again, then he thought fuck it and stopped bothering, still got tested every six months.

Eventually, after 12 years of fucking her bareback, he caught it, again you wouldn’t fucking know, it basically doesn’t affect his life as much as people I know with diabetes or people I who who are allergic to wasp stings.

Basically, for the man, if you get something that looks or feels nasty and painful, you go to the doctor and you can take some shit and the *symptoms* disappear.

Sure, the infection is still there, but the symptoms aren’t

It is a known fact, due to regular blood screening in hospitals, coupled with bizzarro rules about disclosure and privacy and so on, that a minimum of 250,000 people in England have Hep-C, with a population of 53 million that is one in 200

it is also a known fact that there were only 7,000 *reported* cases last year, the symptoms are indistinguishable from over indulgence in alcohol, which so many do nowadays.

That factual statistic, 250,000 known infections, v 7,000 reported cases last year, is a useful guesstimate for all other STD’s, only 1 in 35 is reported, because only 1 in 35 generated enough symptoms in the patient that they went to a doctor to get whatever it was seen to.

That and the other fact, and it ain’t patriarchy or misandry, just biology, that basically this shit just doesn’t affect men that much, but it really does affect wimminz, and more often that not that effect is manifested in their fertility, or lack of, or their menstrual cycle, and the discomfort of, or in the smell from their cunt, and the embarrassment of…


Now and again I counsel young men, I tell them the following;

  1. Risk is something you take, and you own, if you take a risk and it comes up snake eyes you have to own the consequences.
  2. If you want kids, well, STD’s can affect sperm production and quality, but the real deal is whether the mother has any.
  3. Going to a clinic regularly and using prophylactics does not make you safe, and if it comes up snake eyes, and then you infect someone, you are doing it knowingly, and that is a criminal offence, and being a man, you will get charged.
  4. A condom does not make someone fuckable, the way to reduce risk is to be discerning, wash your cock and balls immediately before and after fucking, and hydrate, so you can piss immediately after fucking and before washing.
  5. Do not eat or lick cunt
  6. Do not suck cock or take it up the ass.
  7. Lots of things and spots and minor damage can naturally occur to your cock, it doesn’t mean you have VD, you can damage it on wimminz cunt stubble for example, but until it heals, stay away from cunt…
  8. EVERYONE fucks bareback, just because they and you do not do it together, does not mean they or you are safe.
  9. If you don’t want kids, or are living alone, and you have no symptoms, it’s not your problem. Obviously it is FAR better to not have any health issues, but the same thing applies to smoking and drinking and eating well,we still do them.
  10. Just because something is communicable does not suddenly make it exclusively your problem, see point #1, you are responsible for YOUR health, own it, and expect everyone else to do the same.
  11. Unless you are a really unlucky sonofabitch, you could be a walking STD petri dish and not even know it, so why is it a problem, just because the infection is SEXUALLY transmitted, as opposed to something you get off a toilet seat or a dirty cup or food or by breathing?
  12. Buy a dictionary and read the definition of the word asymptomatic.

The red pill, STD’s are a wimminz issue, just like cunt cancers and tit cancers and all the rest, not my fucking problem, and won’t be until every hospital has a specialist MEN’S HEALTH department to go along with the fucking specialist wimminz health department.

Prophylactics are just wimminz way of countering the increased risk of the contraceptive pill, which allows all wimminz, not just the village bike and whore, to have a large cock count.

I make a point on swingers sites of saying my policy is bareback or fuck off, I’m just picky about who I fuck, I have to tell you two facts.

  1. I have yet to fuck a wimminz who did not have some variation of “no glove, no love” on their profile/advert.
  2. I have yet to have any of these wimminz even mention condoms when we fuck, bareback. No glove, but my cock went in all three receptacles, because that is another of the points I make on my advert, access all areas or fuck off.

To sum up, all sex involves some risk, my attitude is you use your brain to mitigate that risk, not a condom, which is just a way of deceiving yourself, and if you are a hetero male who doesn’t eat cunt or kiss, and who is hygienic and picky, you’re still at risk, but you are waaaay ahead of the crowd.

If you are a young wimminz, then your risk factors are astronomical, and a lifetime cock count of three is pushing your luck.

In closing, if you are  young wimminz, one of the biggest problems you dramatically raise the risk of with a high cock count is cunt cancer, no fucker but me will tell you this, but give yourself another 40 years and you will see the empirical truths for yourself….  every wimminz I know with cunt cancer or even just a cunt cancer scare that was caught early and had medical intervention, had a cock count in three digits.

I shit you not.

February 14, 2013

As dumb as a box of rocks.

You know, sometimes you know in advance it is futile, but you have a go anyway, partly to kick the nest, partly WTF why not, partly because you want to reassess and reconfirm some things.


And so, on a swingers site I sometimes frequent, where “safe sex” is defined as vaginal or anal sex with a condom, oral sex without, in the same session, and where “bareback” is defined as dangerous and irresponsible, I decided to kick the nest.

I pointed out some facts, like condoms reduce the transmission of chlamydia by up to 26%, gonorrhoea by up to 60%, and HIV by up to 82%

I pointed out that a risk reduced by 50% equated to two fucks with a condom being the same risk as one fuck bareback with that same person.

I pointed out that whatever protection vaginal and anal sex with a condom offered, that protection was nullified the instant you indulged in oral sex in that same session with the same person(s)

I pointed out that the condom was really good at preventing infections from travelling into the penis during sex.

I pointed out that the condom actually increased the risks for transmission of some STD’s

I backed it all up with fact, suggested people go and read http://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/82/6/454.pdf for a starting point.

I spoke nothing but truth and facts.

I had a few private messages from people telling me that I was wasting my time because most people on the site were too stupid to tip water out of a boot with the instructions written on the bottom.

I had a loooooong thread in which every single person, most of them wimminz, wilfully misinterpreted everything I said, and tried to indulge in shaming language to shut me up.


It’s not because the bitches do not know, or do not agree with what I was saying.

It’s like the looking for cocks, must be 9+” adverts / profiles, people thing these adverts profiles were written for us, the single men reading them.

They weren’t.

They were written for the niggerz these wimminz live with and are in relationshits with.

The one thing I said that was studiously ignored was when I pointed out that out of the last ten people I had met and fucked off that site, every single one of them had safe sex written in their advert, but not one of them even mentioned condoms in the flesh.

So what the fuck is it?

Well, even niggerz need to be fed crumbs to keep them believing the wimminz bullshit and to keep working at that relationshit.

See honey, it says in my H^H^H^ our profile, safe sex only, that I only bareback with my man, which is you baby

See honey, not just any cock, only the rare and freakishly deformed 9+ inchers is what it says in our profile, because you are my man and you have a wonderful cock

You see what is being done, that which they are seeking is being portrayed as something quite outside and unconnected with the relationshit, something that not only does not threaten or demean or denigrate any part of the relationshit, but something that actually strengthens it.

Yes baby, us getting an extra man or two in our bed every week really shows how strong and loving and real our relationshit is.

uh-huh, and if you object it be because you don’t trust the bitch and you is a controlling abusive mofo, and it’s not like it was your permission that was being sought anyway…


So there is illiteracy and falling educational standards and a lack of interest in anything except what the kardashians are doing today, but that isn’t the big issue, rather it is a consequence of it, collateral damage.

The big issue is you will never get anyone to understand something that their lifestyle and welfare depends upon them not understanding…. and depends on nobody else letting the cat out of the bag either…

These skewed versions of reality where there aren’t that many 9+ inch cocks out there, and hey the guy lied to me/us and measured from the asshole forwards, but he is here now so I am gonna ride that nice average cock, and while you are looking niggerz dear it is safe sex, maybe, buy you just play with me a bit while I suck this bad boys cock bare because that is safe sex too.

As anyone in sales knows, the best salesmen are the ones who are either wildly cynical manipulative or psychopathic, or those who buy their own bullshit hook line and sinker.

And that pretty much sums up all the wimminz and niggerz.

And that pretty much sums up why stating facts and evidence and hard science, as I did above, is like poking a wasps nest with a stick.

And that pretty much sums up the essential ingredient that makes porn work, nobody ever made a porn film where the bitch actually SAID anything that was not overtly sexual.

And that pretty much sums up looking at some bitches pix on the net and thinking “damn, I’d hit that” and then you have to content with the reality, a bitch that says something not overtly sexual.

And that pretty much sums up why some guys will say to other, what the fuck did you dump that Julie chick for, she had the most amazing body.

And that pretty much sums up so called modern male erectile dysfunction and lack of arousal.

It’s not that you are as thick as shit that makes you unfuckable bitch, it is the attitude you have, the attitude that depends on you being as thick as shit and denying reality and surrounding yourself with equally delusional psycho skank ho girlfriends and pussy begging niggerz, and that’s the ones with the good bodies….

It is for these people that ancient phrases such as You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink, were made for.

Me daring to chuck some FACTS about safe sex etc into the arena wasn’t about educating the illiterate and ignorant, it was me threatening the very existence of the wilfully dumb and stupid, and so within no time at all a thread is full of a hundred wimminz telling me what a worthless small penis living in his mother’s basment never get a real woman loser I am, and 99% of them were clinically obese or other wise unfuckable anyway.

And then I get one pretty damn hot and quite fuckable wimminz start sending me private messages, and when I woke up this morning I find that when she woke up this morning one of the first things she did was sit down at the computer and send me another one.

So, by deliberately setting out to alienate the unfuckable heifers in the herd, what happens, the remaining fuckable ones sit up and take notice.

It’s a tough life being an UN-reconstructed misogynistic cave man.. lol



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