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September 11, 2013

Michael Evil (sic)


So, after spending a year dishing dirt on the guy, the meedja now want to know what’s wrong with the fucking system… any old lies to sell more copies and ad impressions eh.

One the one hand, no evidence of any kind is sufficient to drag him into court, but no evidence of any kind is suddenly insufficient to drag his false rape accuser into court, funny that…

and now I want

to say something


fucking important.

Every single fucking time this happens, some cunt trots out the platitude that at the end of the day there are only two people who really know what happened, the accuser and the accused.

Speaking as one of the accused, allow me to clear that point up, the accused knows he didn’t fucking do it, or anything even remotely like it, but let me assure you of one thing, one of the truest and most profound things you can say about any many falsely accused of rape is not that he is one of two people on the planet who know what really happened, he is in fact the one person on the planet most in the dark and confused about what happened.

To this fucking day;

  • I do not know what happened.
  • I was one of the last to hear that the po-lice were not going to charge me
  • I was only given sight of my lying psycho skank ho ex FRA’s actual testimony in court, in my case a seekrit family court, in mike evil’s case a criminal court
  • I (like mike evil) was not permitted to see my accuser in court, the cunt hid behind a screen, everyone else could see her
  • I was the one person on the planet not allowed to contact my accuser, or anyone who knew her, to ask WTF was going on
  • etc
  • you get the picture

I really do wish the guy all the best, as I say that as someone who couldn’t stand the soap he was in, or his character in it, or his acting, and on any other day I would have said he deserved 20 years for it, but that was all a bit tongue in cheek, what he went through was real, and it isn’t over.

On the contrary, the news is now filled with stories of the soap directors offering him a quarter of a million quid a year, so there is 250,000 reasons for more false accusations to come out of the woodwork.

He is however slightly better off than the other celebutards charged but awaiting trial, as his trial was such a fuck up there will be vastly increased pressure to get a conviction on one of them.


January 13, 2013

That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into

Well, there is this wimminz, it ain’t all that but I have been dumping a load into in now and again, but also being very wary because this wimminz works in the feminazi industry, pretty close to the sharp end.

Now, I’ve never made a secret of my own FRA and somehow at some point got talking to this wimminz about her own chaotic life and toxic female friends, but as always they don’t listen, or if they do it is only partially… so my warnings were falling on stony ground.

So, to cut a long story short, she got involved in the sort of wimminz feminazi all men are evil rapists shit that she does for her work day, as part of her off work day, by way of one of these toxic female friends.

Now you have to bear in mind she has previously told me this story, and I told her it was complete bullshit, and proceeded to completely de-construct it and point out all the obvious contradictions and mutually exclusive claims etc, it’s total bullshit, and she agreed with everything I said, and then accompanied this toxic friend to the po-lice so the toxic friend can tell these same stories about her alleged historic abuser(s), who just happen to be living family members.

Of course within 12 hours all the female relatives of the accused male are screaming blue murder and abuse at “my” cum dump wimminz, and now they are out to destroy her life, turnabout is fair play eh… to all of which she is just shocked, shocked I tell you, after all, she didn’t do anything, it was her toxic mate who claimed to have been abused…

So it is with great mirth and delight that I point out that this system, this feminazi wimminz system in which she herself works and is a part of, in this system, the very first casualty is truth, because as soon as something is said, suddenly there are a handful of professionals, just like her, eager to charge 200 an hour, for as many hours as possible.

<wimminz head assplodez>

So about four times in the next 20 minutes I throw into the conversation the fact that if she thinks she has it tough, spare a thought for the man her toxic friend just railroaded, of course sympathy for a man whose cock they do not desire is a bridge too far for all wimminz, AWALT, so she really doesn’t not want to think about or discuss that, the whole thorny subject of personal consequences and responsibility being totally taboo for all wimminz.

But then something priceless happens.

I tell her a good indication that a rape allegation, or any other fucking story a wimminz tells, is a lie is if it solves more problems FOR THE TELLER than it creates, as was the case here

I tell her that this scenario is true for the 88% of rape allegations made to the police which are false, just like the one her toxic mate just made, she agrees.

Then the priceless bit.

I tell her that I doubt that in all the years she has been working at the sharp end of the feminazi wimminz industry, I doubt there were more than three wimminz who walked through her doors and told the truth about the violence and sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of evil men….  and she is quiet for a minute, nods, and actually fucking agrees with me.

What is interesting about this story, is yet again I see first hand proof.

First hand proof that when forced to face the consequences of their actions and lifestyles and choices, it is AWALT, all wimminz just cease to function intellectually (assuming they ever did) their heads assplode and all mental processes get stuck in a loop where the interrupts / breaker is always, always, always, the issue of individual personal responsibility and consequences.

If I have said it once I have said it a million times, when you warn someone about the course of action they are embarking on and they ignore you, do not listen to you, it is always one of two things;

  1. they think they are smarter than you, and so what you say is wrong
  2. they are not prepared to accept the changes they must make in life, and so what you say must be wrong.

Generally speaking men are group 1 and wimminz are group 2, generally speaking.

The wimminz I was dumping a load into and whom I warned fell into group 2, not prepared to dump her toxic friend and tell her that like all wimminz she was a lying sack oh shit, so what I was saying was wrong, so my warnings could be safely ignored…

… and 48 hours later TSHTF, in EXACTLY THE WAY I WARNED….

…worth pointing out, that the wimminz who are out for her blood because she “enabled” her toxic mate to go to the po-lice and report a family member for alleged historic abuse, are not out to get her because an innocent man is going to get the chop… oh no… but because of the consequences of an innocent man who also happens to be their husband / father / uncle / neighbour getting dragged off by the rape squad… the consequences that mean it will, in these other wimminz’ words, cost THEM everything to have this innocent man carted off… loss of a husband, loss of a father, loss of an uncle, loss of a breadwinner, loss of face in the community.

None of them are mourning the fate of the innocent man.

Me me me me me me me me me , that is all any of them are ever thinking, if you will forgive me for using the word thinking…. my cum bucket in this little story is typical of the breed, it doesn’t matter one iota to her that her entire working life and social circle is comprised of toxic scum feminazi wimminz, and what she is facing now is a vastly overdue and vastly watered down red pill, all that matters to her is she is nice and hasn’t done anything to deserve this and wants it all to stop, now.

And this little scene is of course one that has played around every single man falsely accused of domestic violence or raping his wife or buggering his own children.

It is true (just look at our so called leaders) that 95% of men never grow up, they remain spoiled children all their lives, the niggerz, but it is also true of 99.999% of wimminz.

My own cum bucket in this scenario blows all the breakers when she participates in a situation that in reality puts 99.9% of the hurt on an innocent man, and 0.099% of the hurt on the wimminz around him, and 0.0001% of the hurt on her, even though in reality she should be facing at least 10% for being the one who finally “enabled” her toxic mate to take her bullshit victim story to the po-lice…

What the fuck is she, and all the other wimminz in society, gonna do when the economic hurt train comes to town?

“Man up” or “Think it through” are two phrases that do not spring to mind.

She won’t give a fuck if it a GI with candy and nylons or a SS guy with a bottle of claret, bitch is going to spread em faster than a mousetrap can spring shut, to get that GI or SS guy before the bitch next door does.

When times get tough you will NOT see lines of wimminz queueing all day for a loaf of bread, or land girls, or keep calm and carry on.

When times get tough you will see millions of wimminz SCWEAMING for their magic pwincess barbie unicorns, and any one and any thing that they can get their hands on is going to get torn to fucking pieces by the mob.

The only option that will get us out of tough times, manning up, knuckling down, keeping calm and carrying on, cutting our suits according to our cloth, etc etc, is THE ABSOLUTE LAST FUCKING THING THESE WIMMINZ WILL EVER ACCEPT.

To them this is total and absolute capitulation and being utterly broken to harness like a horse or a nigger slave, everything including death, is preferable.

Especially when, being wimminz, it comes to death, because it will be someone else doing the dying, so they can continue to sit there with the mental breakers chattering away and making no changes whatsoever.

Doubling down? You ain’t seen nothing yet.


As an aside, PoF is going through the usual january dry spell, so I have been getting most of my action on the swinging scene.

As I have said before, the couples on the swinging scene are without exception some loser niggerz and his wimminz owner, and most of the single wimminz are fairly toxic attitude wise too.

What is interesting, and the purpose of this aside, is the single guys, many of them are straight out of the wimminz guide book to being a man, many of the forum posts are about what wimminz want, and the vast majority of these men are considered lucky if they get three meets a year.

Contrast this with me, who has a profile that does everything wrong, according to the forum posts on how single guys can get laid, I demand anal, I demand oral, I demand fisting, I demand bareback, I demand submission… I get loads of action, and 99% of it from wimminz who devote their profile to telling guys they are not a sub, safe sex only, vaginal sex only, and oh yeah, you gotta go down on me.

These are the wimminz alluded to above, the first ones to open their legs when the GI’s or SS walk down the high street the day the tanks roll in to town.

December 13, 2012

I’m not even going to post a link to it

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But there is a story doing the rounds based on a TV dramatisation of a “true” story.

The “true” story is wimminz accuses man of repeatedly raping her, WHEN THEY SPLIT UP, so again historical allegations, man is remanded in custody awaiting trial for alleged rapes, man appeals and get released on bail, you can google him, Jonathon Vass if you like, he is now convicted of murdering her, but the alleged rape allegations lie on file and were not laid against him in court because it was deemed “Not in the public interest

Given the eagerness with which historical claims of rape are pursued, this is odd.

As an ex FRA myself whose ex also only decided she had been raped repeatedly in the past at the point which she sought a separation and sole custody of our kids, you can guess my first thoughts on, this, and I say this merely in the spirit of full disclosure, I am biased against any automatic belief in any rape allegation, but even so, I am aware of that bias, but what I find REALLY interesting is this;

In here diary the ALLEGED victim, one Jane Clough, states, “I do not think Johnny will just lie back and let a jury find him guilty.” and later “I am worried about Johnny coming to find me and kill me when he is released from his sentence.

I put it to you, dear reader, that these are not the words a woman who had ACTUALLY been raped would use in a private journal… remember, everything you think and write is based upon what you ACTUALLY recall and know to be true, not what you claim to be others to be true but which you actually recall to be completely false.


She has an actual first person recollection of events, actual events, I put it to you, dear reader, that if she had an actual first person recollection of being raped, she would see Mr Vass as being guilty, game over, and her worries would be over the jury finding the “right” verdict, or “seeing through” his denials, or “protecting other women” by taking him off the street….

I cannot conceive of any mental scenario where she would state that she was worried that the accused man would not simply lie back passively and LET a jury find him guilty, rather than mounting a strong and robust defence.

Similarly, I put it to you dear reader that if she had an actual first person recollection of being raped, Mr Vass being imprisoned would be seen as a just act, and she would have little of no concerns about him seeking her out “.. AND KILL ME WHEN HE IS RELEASED FROM HIS SENTENCE..

On the contrary, these statements lend credence to my initial scepticism, that Mr Vass, like so many men, was simply falsely accused of rape and DV by an ex (now a pre-requisite for full legal aid to be awarded to the wimminz) and realising that his life was over decided he had nothing whatsoever to lose for killing her, for him the choice is going to prison for a crime he did not commit, or going to prison for a crime he did commit.

Clough herself claims Vass was “always” violent, yet despite the paper mentioning that he was banging two other wimminz while banging Clough (yet ANOTHER reason to suspect an FRA, revenge and spite by the cheated on wimminz Clough) neither of these other wimminz, nor any other wimminz in Vass’s life have come forward to corroborate this, and you KNOW they would have, and you KNOW po-lice went to them all and asked them this.

Which brings us back to the decision NOT to prosecute him for these alleged rapes, AFTER he is convicted on his own confession for murder, on the basis of it not being in the public interest.

The only “not in the public interest” scenario that I can come up with that is even remotely plausible is that there was not a snowball’s chance hell of convicting him, which brings about the interesting scenario where he did indeed commit a murder, but only after being falsely accused of rape and DV by his ex, and we can all see how THAT would play, not in the public interest indeed.

We must also remember that Vass, on his initial arrest for these alleged violent rapes, was remanded in custody, yet when he appealed this he WAS RELEASED ON BAIL, and there is ZERO fucking chance of that happening if there is even the merest fucking hint of any kind of violence in your history…. ZERO…. FUCKING…. CHANCE….

The only scenario that adequately answers ALL the questions posed here is that Vass saw himself being railroaded for a crime he did not commit further to an FRA by Clough, sees, as I did, that the po-lice and everyone else involved have no interest in the truth or justice or who really did what, certainly not prosecuting someone for the heinous and vile crime of making an FRA, and so he decided he had sweet fuck all to lose and took justice into his own hands.

This indeed is something that would not “be in the public interest” were it disclosed in court, because Vass would then be playing the justifiable homicide in self defence when the po-lice and state singularly failed to protect HIM from the malicious actions of another criminal, Clough…

Obviously, only Vass and Clough know the truth because only they were there, Clough is now dead and Vass is incognito behind bars, and any hope of any release at all is based upon him keeping his mouth shut and NOT proclaiming innocence.

and so so a story I WILL link to.


Again, reading what is actually written, this wimminz was convicted of rape, because while the age of consent is 16, if there is any relationship of influence such as teacher, parole officer or step parent / girlfriend of the kids father, then the age of consent is 18.

Again, she was placed on the sex offender’s register.

And yet, the story is full of excuses for her, she “fell in love” it was a “sexual fling” when it was none of these things, it was fucking RAPE which is why she is convicted of rape and on the sex offenders register, but then we do need to tone it down to explain just why this convicted rapist and sex offender was given a SIX FUCKING MONTHS SUSPENDED SENTENCE….

You contrast this with the Vass / Clough story above and ask about the “pussy pass” and misandry in sentencing…



August 13, 2012

Paedo love

Following on from yesterday’s True love post.

NOTA BENE – I have deliberately chosen a tough and emotive subject. Not for any reason other than it is a tough and emotive subject, which makes it a very strong test of the logic of anything I say now.

When I say “paedo” above I do not mean the accusation leveled at men in family court in order to gain a non-molestation order and sole custody of the kids, nor do I mean older people having sex with younger people who are above the age of consent, neither do I mean those who find those who are sexually mature but below the age of consent attractive.

Specifically, I am talking about a subset of those who find pre-pubescent kids sexually attractive, and the subset I am talking about is the one that actually fucks those kids.

(Nota bene, I did not say “men”, because just as many are wimminz)

I make this clarification not so much to make a point of using the correct definition for a word, but to make sure we all know exactly what we are talking about, adults who fuck small children, for values of small children meaning under 10 years old.

Got that?

Do you think that said paedo can look at themselves in the mirror and feel either;

  1. the same thing YOU feel when you look in the mirror
  2. fear loathing disgust hate etc

Now this is a critical thinking test, are you able to separate your feelings for paedos from the quite separate question being asked here, the question of self perception.

I hope so, because if the claims about the prevalence of paedos and rapists are true then every single day paedos and rapists are making major life changing decisions on your behalf, the air traffic controller, the hospital blood lab tech, the 911 dispatcher, the insulin vendor, the insurance adjuster, the tax collector…

If you are capable of this piece of critical thinking, you’ll see that the answer to the question above is #1

The question of whether the person looking in the mirror sees someone who does wrong / bad things and hurts others is quite the separate question.

Human nature is to deny this, methinks the lady doth protest too much, as the victim of a malicious FRA I might want to think that my mental processes have nothing whatsoever in common with those of my psycho skank ho ex who made the FRA against me, I might want to think that, but it isn’t true.

I have far more in common with her, on the level of mental processes, that I have to differentiate between us… to be sure, those small differences are very important, but they don’t change the fact that most of my mental processes and hers are alike.

Critical thinking, it has to be so, or all these deviants like paedos and my psycho skank ho ex would self terminate, the fact that they don’t is proof that when they look in the mirror, what they feel isn’t that far from what you or I feel.

The stuff they don’t like, well, that is easy explained away by externalizing everything, in my psycho skank ho ex’s case everything will be my fault, and the fault of every other man she has ever known… in the case of the paedo it will also be externalized in exactly the same way.

And this, my friends, is the point of this little piece of critical thinking, the OUTCOMES may be different in the case of a paedo fucking a ten year old, my psycho skank ho ex making an FRA against me, and me deciding not to pay out on a bet I lost that my car was faster than yours down the strip, but the MENTAL PROCESSES are the same.

Here is another piece of critical thinking, does it matter to you if you get back to your car and the stereo is still in it, because;

  1. I did not steal it because it is morally wrong and do unto others etc
  2. I did not steal it because I don’t want to get caught and convicted and pay the consequences

It *might* matter if you know me personally, #1 makes me more suitable as a friend, but other wise?

Let’s go back to the paedo, but this time we are talking about the paedo that has the urges, but refuses to act on them, does it matter to you if;

  1. your kid is safe because the paedo knows that to act on those urges would be wrong and would injure an innocent child
  2. your kid is safe because the paedo doesn’t want to do 20 to life

Sure, tough question, because to answer it you have to question a whole load of basic stuff about YOUR life, because what you really want is a third option, where the paedo is segregated from society at birth, because that option means you do not have to analyse your own mental processes… you just want to look in the mirror like me and be OK with what you see.

So now we have two examples, (three if you include the FRA) the car stereo thief and the paedo, and while we WANT to separate these two as widely as possible, as we can see, the same mental processes and choices are present in both…. do I refrain because it is just plain wrong, or do I refrain because it will cost me personally?

Clearly, as I have discussed previously in standards, we all got em, re the porn sluts, relying on people refraining from doing bad stuff because it is just wrong doesn’t get us very far, because there are enough out there with enough different standards that sooner or later your path is going to cross someone who has wildly different standards to you.

They will do stuff that will hurt you, but to them, genuinely, they have done nothing wrong.

Enter codified and standard penalties and punishments.

Are you now driving 20 in a 20 limit because it is safer for the pedestrian if you should have an accident, or because you don’t want the fine and ticket and insurance increase?

Probably, like most humans, a bit of both, and the amount of each varies from day to day, but overall you always stay on this side of the line.

Go back to the car stereo thief and paedo, probably, in most cases, a bit of both, a varying amount each day, but overall they stay this side of the line.

Once you indulge in this bit of critical thinking, and grep that it is the MENTAL PROCESSES that we all share in common that are at work here, you are ready for the next step.

Quantitatively and qualitatively, it is much worse for society and the individuals concerned, if one paedo is pushed over the line from restraint to action, than if a car stereo thief is pushed over the line from restrain to action…. but at the MENTAL PROCESS level, it is the same thing, just a push from this state to this state, from the range 0.0 to 0.49, into the range from 0.5 to 1.0, the binary 0 to 1, from inaction to action, from did not to did.

You will probably object, how dare I compare jacking a stereo to raping a kid, which is a straw man argument, because the whole point is that I am not doing this… jacking the stereo and raping the kid are actions that take place after the binary shift from 0 to 1, I’m talking about what makes the binary shift in MENTAL PROCESSES from 0 to 1

200 years ago you would have been asking what the fuck I was on about, if I was discussing rape in the same breath as an adult being in a sexual relationship with a 12 year old, because the latter was quite legal..

The proof of what I am saying lies in the simple fact that making an FRA is now so routine that police do not even prosecute, except in the most egregious cases, eg where they themselves have been made to look like complete assholes by the FRA claimant.

Once this (bearing false witness) was considered a terrible crime, there is no commandment that thou shalt not have sex with 15 year olds, or 17 year olds if you are their teacher…

How to you create a set of circumstances that will promote the binary shift from 0 to 1 in MENTAL PROCESSES with regards to ;

  1. jacking stereos
  2. raping children
  3. making FRAs

The answers are of course quite simple, because we human being aren’t really that complex, and we don’t really think a lot about stuff before choosing an action

  1. make the penalties for jacking a stereo lower than the benefits to the potential thief, so create an environment where a stereo = a couple of small rocks of crack.
  2. make the definition of children ambiguous, by sexualising children as young as possible, kiddies beauty pageants, whores outfits for 6 year olds, padded brassieres for 8 year olds, and sidelining and ignoring all the quiet kids, while removing the traditional protections, the father of the household
  3. reward those who make them while emasculating those who they are made against
  4. In all of the above, the more you can make it happen, the more common you can make it, the easier it is to get the next person to flip that switch from 0 to 1, after all, everyone else is doing it…

So, here I sit….

False accused of rape, domestic violence, of wanting to fuck my own flesh and blood kids up the ass.

see above, two forces, 1 it’s morally wrong, 2 I get punished

If ever anything was going to push a man to cross a line it is the above, and yet I did nothing, not even enough for her to go to the police and claim fear… but, if you think that because the above accusations and the consequences of them were not enough to push me from 0 to 1 in the MENTAL PROCESSES that turn inaction from action in this case, then no changes were made in my mental processes, you would be totally wrong.

Not merely totally wrong, but FATALLY wrong, should your continued existence or welfare depend upon me making the “right” decision or doing the “right” thing.

If you think the changes made in other areas of my mental processes were to push thresholds closer to the boundary between action and inaction, you would also be totally wrong… it has pushed me the other way… MGTOW’s do not “see” wimminz and kids being mugged and raped and abused.

Now, if you have been able to control your revulsion at the subject matter, and follow the critical thinking, we are finally at the meat and potatoes of this post.

Asking me to go back to being a citizen, because it was all a big misunderstanding, a temporary blip of feminazi insanity, and frankly the world desperately needs engineers like yourself right now, write your own cheque… is gonna fall on stony fucking ground.

I cannot CTRL-Z undo the changes in my mental processes any more than a car stereo jacker can walk past a car with a top of the range Blaupunkt fitted and not see it, or a paedo can walk past a tots beauty pageant and not see the posters outside advertising it.

I must stress this analogy, all three examples above are examples of INACTION, things were seen, “opportunities” (whether right or wrong) were noted, and inaction was selected over action, the inaction potentials exceeded and overwhelmed the action potentials.

In a world that focuses on ACTION potentials, inaction potentials are the ash that chokes the fire.

I am no more likely than I was 5 years ago to rape my girlfriend, to beat her, to fuck my own kids up the ass, not just a case of binary 0 still being binary 0, but to three significant places 0.002 is now 0.001 and so far away from the 0.4999 tipping / rounding point as to be meaningless, approaching zero so closely as to be zero.

However, I am now binary 0 (inaction) where I abso-fucking-lutely would have been and indeed was binary 1 (action) where it comes to protecting my psycho skank ho ex from harm, and that has been extended to the secret family courts, police, and indeed wimminz and niggerz and the state in general.

And that should fucking terrify you, because though I say so myself, my personality and experiences and abilities made me one of those men who could get shit done, whatever the odds.

Shades of this ongoing story


All I see when I read the series of articles about this developing story is that I have yet to see a single mention of the dead girl’s biological father, or his thoughts and feelings… but I can guess the backstory.. and at the end of the day it was a girl killed, not a boy, so no big deal in the great scheme of things.

Just as the right thinking tend to reject everything about paedos, including denial of the 99% of mental processes that we share with all human beings, paedos included, the wimminz and niggerz will reject with horror everything I say here, and everything I am and everything I stand for, but I share 99% of mental processes with them.

That 1%, that wasn’t where I accepted responsibility for my own actions and deeds, I always did that, the really significant portion of that 1% is the bit where I “manned up” and accepted responsibility for the false and malicious allegations of my psycho skank ho ex, and the actions of the secret family courts, police, state, all of whom were following their own personal advancement agendas.

I manned up and smelled the fucking coffee and decided, inaction potential win the day;




Hope ya’ll like the bed you’ve made for yourselves, because you’ve utterly alienated those who could pull your balls out of the fire, and when I say “alienated” I mean I will listen to your pleas and entreaties after the last paedo has their wishes granted.

April 30, 2012

A classic he said / she said, and a dire warning to all men..



Why does this one concern me?

  1. The alleged victim herself states that she never informed on the guy because she thought no one would believe her.
  2. Zero evidence of any kind, all she said, anecdotal, historical allegations.
  3. Girl has lots of other lifestyle issues indicative of a Cluster B personality disorder.
  4. The story just does not hold water.

I’ll deal with these in reverse order.


What are the chances that a wimminz who lives hundreds of miles from my own FRA and has precisely nothing in common except for the fact that they are female, is going to use phrase after phrase to define various events, and all those phrases are going to be absolutely identical to the phrases my FRA’s used, and this is no accident, as actually this wimminz and my own FRA’s do have something in common, they both spend an awful lot of time being coached / counseled by specialist rape squad police, shrinks and lawyers.

These rape squad types will tell you, when you point this out, that this is because they are all victims of terrible abuse and this shared experience is what makes them all sound the same.

4/ the story doesn’t hold water.

She is claiming the abuse is real, and therefore awful for her, and yet as any kid knows, she has options, she did not have to go back home to dad if he was such a cunt, nor allow him to visit her in care, nor any of the rest of it… she tries to write this off as her being frightened and lonely, without her abuser she is totally alone, and again the shrinks etc will sing this song, but it just is not fucking true, not least of which because she is fucking other guys…

NOBODY is so LONELY or SCARED that they will exchange being penned up with a serious sexual abuser IN PREFERENCE…. you PREFER being RAPED to being ALONE!!!! This is what she is saying, but again, in the rape industry we are not allowed to question such things.

3/ The girl is a walking Cluster B red card, everything about her lifestyle… terrifyingly FOR ALL MEN, it was her MOTHER who put her in care, who DID NOT VISIT HER, and only years later after making contact with her mother, does she come up with these allegations….

2/ ZERO evidence, yet she claims throughout that she always knew it was wrong, and even admits trying to entrap daddy in a phone conversation, but no evidence of any kind that she and her father have had ANY form of inappropriate sexual contact…. much less systematic rape and abuse as she claims…. daddy is shooting blanks she says, that’s why she is SIMULTANEOUSLY fucking this OTHER older guy, who gets her pregnant, and she knows the kid is not daddys…. what does dad’s alleged ability to have a child have to do with DNA evidence?? It would have been SOOOOO easy to entrap this guy for good, especially as he was always begging for one more fuck…. get the DNA of his semen in you AND record it on your mobe.

1/ nobody would believe her

Even in this short article, this point is made twice… and as any shrink will tell you, why would she think no-one else would believe her? BECAUSE SHE HERSELF KNOWS IT IS ALL A LIE. You just cannot get your head settled that other people will just buy something that you know for a fact is bullshit, because you were there.

You slept in the guys bed and NOBODY who knew you at that time buys it? Why not? Is every last one of them so stupid that they can’t see something going on? Even though they are primed to see it because such things are a staple of soaps and wimminz magazines…. or maybe because you know it just ain’t true, so why would anyone believe it.

So whatever, here is what we do know for a fact.

In an age where scientific forensic evidence is trivial to amass, everything from the DNA swab to to covert recording on a mobile phone, and where anyone can secretly admit to anything anonymously on the net, to seek help (IF true this girl would have been googling incest etc etc for years to try to rationalise her own feelings and reactions) but traces of which could later be found (yeah, I posted as “lonelychick”) we do know for a fact that a man has been sent to prison for raping his daughter, on no more evidence than her word.

_I_ know that the two pictures of the girl taken allegedly at the height of her abuse do not show anyone who has been suffering abuse, she just does not have that thousand yard stare.

_I_ know that the current picture of her wearing clinging flesh tight jeans does not equate with someone who has been sexually abused, they do everything they can to mask their own sexual allure.

_I_ know that if the wimminz in the current picture told me the sky was blue I would stop and look up and check.

You and I, we were not there, we will never know what actually did or did not happen, the coincidence of mummy coming back on the scene and infidelity of some sort to be explained t the new (older man) boyfriend makes me suspicious, as does the observation that any rape accusation that apparently solves more problems for the accuser than it creates is always suspicious.

What we do know is her word alone sent a man to prison as a rapist.

The Daily Mail ran a story last week about two adopted girls


red it… then come back to this one, he said, she said, and she was believed….

April 28, 2012

Peter Pecker Picked a

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I have been debating whether to discuss this, and have decided yes as the guys in question have agreed.

Basically last week a couple of guys came over and we spent some hours shooting the shit, and then the subject of erections came up… lol

You mean it’s normal?” was the separate reaction from both of them, when I said;

  1. I have had days / wimminz that I just could not get hard for.
  2. I have had days / wimminz that I could get hard for, but could not cum into.
  3. I have had days / wimminz that I have fucked and enjoyed in the past, but which right now I have no interest whatsoever in sexually, not even a tiny throb or twitch of the cock, not even if I try to make it happen.

which led to an admission from one of them regarding little blue pills..

before you speak” I said “let me tell you this, I have never taken viagra or anything similar, but have been with loads of wimminz who have been with men who have, and they all say the same thing, the guy can stay hard for hours, thrusting into her cunt or ass, but they never seem to cum and it is always crap sex

e.g. viagra does not help you over that hump to orgasm, it just makes your cock hard, and lets face it a vacuum pump and some liquid nitrogen will do that….

So on the principle that my cock is Peter Pecker (gotta have a name, can’t have a complete stranger making many of your decisions… lol) and I am me, I have had a lot less stressful sex life from the day I accepted that I should have precisely ZERO input into who / how / when / where / why Peter Pecker likes to get wet.

Every single time, without exception, when I have had some level of internal strife or sex, and as soon as I start describing this in any form of detail these viagra guys start talking about how I am describing their SYMPTOMS that they took viagra to CURE…. think on that…. every time, without exception, when I have had some level of internal strife it has always been because ___I___ have decided that ___Peter___ should come out to play, and Peter has had exactly zero interest.

Instead of shrugging and saying catch ya laters, I have tried to force it, come on man, we’ll go out, get some beers, have a laugh and a great time, meet some sexy hot girls…. meanwhile peter is saying he just wants to stay home alone and watch re-runs of Firefly.

The reason for THIS post is how powerfully that resonated with these two guys, one who readily admitted buying viagra, and the other one who admitted it a couple of hours later, when he had determined that he did not have a cock problem after all… lol

What is interesting is asking the question, where does the idea come from than a man, any man, every man, can snap his fingers and his cock will stand to attention and 3 minutes later be spurting a hot load into some wimminz cunt?

Seriously, where does that come from?

No man I know or have ever known has had a cock that worked like that.

No mammal that I have ever known has had a cock that worked like that.

Well it clearly came from the people that brought us “All men are rapists” and “All fathers want to fuck their own daughters” etc.

Every man I have known has needed an initial stimulus to get Peter hard, an ongoing stimulus to keep Peter hard and playing the game, and a final stimulus to get completely different systems over the hump and into orgasm so Peter can be a conduit for a load of cum.

Every description we have of cock, which includes the legal description, which deals with rape and consent, completely ignores these facts… every description we have was clearly written by creatures who do not have a cock….  wimminz and their pet niggerz.

Every man I have known can identify with the stimulus to get hard, another one to stay hard, and another one for the orgasm and spurt of cum.

Once you frame it correctly like that, viagra is not a sex aid.

Viagra, like the vacuum pump and liquid nitrogen, can get you hard, but it is by definition incapable of providing the stimulus to get you over that hump into orgasm…. on the contrary, it interferes with that process.

So viagra is not a sex aid, it is a rape aid, so that men can be coerced into getting hard for unfuckable wimminz.

“pecker time”

we will call this the time between me letting go of an empty coffee cup, and that cup hitting the floor… pecker time is like bullet time, it is the speed at which the pecker computer works, and if you shut the fuck up and give Peter Pecker access to your vocal cords, pecker time can give you the answers you need.

“So why don’t you get hard at the prospect / opportunity of fucking Tracy any more?” you ask Peter..

right back at ya in pecker time, “Because the bitch is UGLY dude.”

so you ask “But that didn’t stop you the first couple of times!!!”

right back at ya in pecker time “Bro, it was dark, and it was a new conquest…” shrugs

so you say “But, but, I need to be able to fuck her later tonight!”

right back at ya in pecker time “Why?…. really dude, why…. that’s like saying you need to be able to go back and play Half Life 1 just like you did the first time, and forget everything you have done since, everything you know about hardware and software development since then, just so you can bang an ugly bitch….”

so you say… “but… I need to get HARD… and FUCK..”

right back at ya in pecker time “no problemo, bring me something like this….”

which brings us into all sorts of interesting territory, not just is Tracy in this story unfuckable, but is she un-rapeable by the same guys / cocks… and if she is, which as men we know she is, then just how vile and abhorrent and anachronistic is the entire legal and social structure that has been built around the premise that it is only the threat of detection and punishment and imprisonment that stops Tracy from being raped every single day or her life, everywhere she goes…

Historically rape was a very very very rare offence, it was much rarer than murder.


So how come, according to the wimminz, has rape SUDDENLY and out of nowhere assumed epidemic proportions, and what triggered it?

In my own secret family court case, CONTRARY TO ALL THE PATHOLOGY, as well as in a total vacuum evidence wise, I was accused of being a rapist of adult wimminz, I was accused of wanting to rape very young (less than 10) female children, I was accused of wanting to sexually abuse very young male children, I was accused of being obsessed with bestiality, which is at least three different MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE sexual pathologies, but never mind, as long as it can be used to further the time that snouts can be kept in the trough of the public purse.

And that right there is where it all comes from, poisonous worthless parasitic bastards who have built entire careers out of believing at least three impossible things before breakfast, don’t give a damn about anything except furthering their own careers.


April 21, 2012

The “John Lewis” FRA skank

It’s one of the peculiarities, YOU know it, so YOU don’t see it, so YOU don’t point it out to someone else, so THEY don’t see it either, and an opportunity is missed, until / unless a chance remark is made and you go “hang on….”

In the John Lewis FRA story, yeah, go and read it, only takes a few seconds.

Now here is the clue to the bit you didn’t see… “wasted 376 hours of police time”

That is ten officers doing a 37.5 hour week, and this is a SIMPLE and OBVIOUS FRA that is dead easy to disprove, as simple and quick as it gets, and still TEN MAN WEEKS of police time were DEDICATED TO FINDING EVIDENCE TO CONVICT THE FALSELY ACCUSED MAN.

I talk about this in my own FRA, whatever else, I just can’t see any way an actual rapist can commit a rape and get away with it in the UK, just cannot see it, because the pigs spend so much time and effort leaving no stone unturned, and they have an essentially unlimited budget…

Just fucking think about that, ten man weeks, ten man weeks of people who are expert at finding dirt and evidence, and NO FUCKER is clean, everyone has dirt….

That “joke” you wrote on your phone 2 years ago in response to a joke someone else said to you, the joke bout the bitch just needs a good man… ten fucking man weeks to find that buddy, and next thing you know you are charged and convicted for something you didn’t do.

SO that is the thing no one sees, the rape industry has been so effective that every single rape accusation made to the police get a minimum of ten man weeks of work done on it, looking for evidence to support a prosecution, exculpatory evidence is ignored, it is only if blatant and totally impossible to ignore evidence of perjury is present that they will prosecute the bitch, as in this case, when she continued to claim rape right until the end.

This is what even the most innocent man is up against when the FRA card is played, ten experienced at digging dirt and backed by warrants and search and seizure and forensic labs cops spending an entire fucking week looking for dirt enough to file a prosecution…

60k rape claims made in the UK per year = 600,000 man weeks, or 12,000 man years, or 12,000 cops doing nothing but digging dirt on FRA’s, and kids, let me tell you…. as a minimum 94% of them are false…

12k employees in the sex crimes squads nationwide sounds about right.

and at 37 quid an hour that gives you 37 x 12,000 x 52 x 37.5 = 865,800,000 or 0.86 BILLION pounds sterling every year, which again sounds about right for a staff of 12,000 on the public purse, it actually sounds light, no provision for pensions or transport of forensics or IT.

Think about it





PS hope the spearhead is back up soon, story to tell there I suspect… bill become a target.

April 19, 2012

A generation of young sluts..

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from the daily fail article

Actually, it is well worth a read… some selected red pill quotes

It’s like being in a virtual nightclub. Even though you don’t fancy some of the guys, you still like the attention.

sending revealing pictures to potential suitors these days is simply an expected part of flirting — ‘just part of the tease’

Researchers at the university found that one in ten 16 to 24-year-olds have used the internet to set up one-night stands with strangers.

As usual the article is all evil predatory male paedophiles and rapists using the interwebs to take advantage of these poor innocent victims, while trying to paper over the very obvious facts that these wimminz are deliberately going online and seeking out men to fuck…

and even so, the odd nugget of gold slips through the feminazi dialogue…

The University of Plymouth study was published just days after an inquest earlier this year heard that bullied teenager Simone Grice, 15, of Illogan, Cornwall, killed herself by leaping off a motorway viaduct after trying to bolster her self-esteem by meeting older men online. She is believed to have jumped after one person tried to sever contact with her, because she was under-age.

What’s that!!! The evil predatory rapist paedophile male SEVERS contact with the girl when he finds out that she is UNDERAGE,


Sounds like pretty decent, responsible, law abiding above board and self liberty preserving behaviour to me, odd how you can find that in this place which, as the whole basis of the article and the feminazi message it is trying to promote, is in fact a place infested with evil predatory rapist paedophile MEN…. very odd indeed…

And the “victim” in that case was so upset when a man acted decently, responsibly, law abidingly and openly with her when he caught her out in her lies about her age, that she went and KILLED HERSELF… this same man who would have been up on statutory rape charges if maybe he was not quite so decent, responsible, law abiding, open, and of course CAUTIOUS and SUSPICIOUS…

I particularly like the third quote from the top, because we all know positive responders to these sorts of things are low-ball, if you are in your twenties, it means there is a LOWBALL 10% chance your girlfriend has met random guys off the internet for sex… what chance relationship there?

None, as we again see in a little nugget of gold, the 40 random guys over the net…

(yeah, the true number is going to be FAR higher, trust me I know, the average is 25 different partners / hookups per year, she was doing this 5 years, so 125 guys, roughly in line with what we would expect, that the little slut, even when “being honest” is low-balling the numbers to a third of what they really are, and again experience will tell you a third is a fairly common amount for wimminz to low-ball such number by….)

… in that after her 5 years of trawling the internet for random cock, she tries twice for a “normal” steady relationship, and fails twice. who could possibly have predicted that.

You can’t go from scrambled eggs back to an egg in its shell and some milk in an udder.

In closing, times are getting tough in Greece, as I predicted for the west, already on the table in Greece is a total wipe out of all State benefits for single mothers and large families… as well as further decimation of the State itself, which is as always a mainly wimminz employer.

April 16, 2012

What is love..

So tempted to embed Haddaway here… lol

But I had one of those nights with a call from a friend and we had a real heart to heart, so much so I had to grab the charger.. lol

The full title of this piece ought to be “What is love and why can’t I get a hard on?” because that is really the issue.

A man’s cock is in many ways an independent valuer, YOU can sit there and say the sight of your best friends wife in a bikini does nothing for you, but your cock may well have a different opinion, similarly you may profess desire for a certain female, but your cock may well have a different opinion.

In my considerable experience, there were three things that got / get my cock hard;

  1. Lust for fertile flesh
  2. Love for a specific woman
  3. Lust for kinky flesh

I did not deliberately put them in that order, but since I have it is good to go.

Lacking one of these three, my cock stays limp, and contrary to all the feminazis and niggerz like to claim, when a guy’s cock is limp, his bloodstream most definitely is NOT full of fuck hormones.

Erectile dysfunction and Viagra is for guys that simply do not fancy the woman they are with, in the least, and if you talk to guys who experience / use them they will ALL tell you, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, that they have their eyes shut and pretend they are fucking a 10, anything BUT the skank slut they are actually banging.

Going out and raping some random woman you don’t know is like going out and robbing them at knife-point, easy to talk about, but very few guys could actually go through with it, if put on the spot… the fact that this is contrary to feminazi rape industry thinking is neither here nor there.

Rape is not, as the feminazi rape industry like to claim, “all about power” either, sure, there may be an ELEMENT of that in there somewhere, but mainly rape is a form of sex and procreation, and again yes it does happen, but a LOT less than anyone would have you believe.

Rape is perpetrated by serial rapists and gang rapists, and both of these fall into category 3 above…

“Rape” as a term has been abused by wimminz, who all have gangbang fantasies, but that is disgusting so let’s remove the source of the wimminz disgust, her willing and eager participation, and lets call it a rape fantasy

it isn’t, it is a gangbang fantasy that you are lying about being up for….  basically I have met two groups of wimminz, those who admit to gangbang fantasy and those who admit to rape fantasy, and the demarkation is obvious once you know, character wise.

Marital rape, for example, isn’t rape, in the same way that being involved in a row at home with your partner is not the same as being involved in a street fight with a bunch of strangers on crack….. however we have allowed the feminazis and their niggers to steal control of the language, and the definition of what is, is, etc.

Which brings us back to the three reasons.

Love is for the young and naive, which soon gets burned out of you, and that leaves lust for fertile flesh and lust for kinky flesh on the table.

Fertile flesh I can get, but like my late night caller last night, the  DESIRE to have more kids is gone, and the only reason I don’t have the snip is I think it is stupid to undergo a medical procedure (there is no such thing as zero risk) for something that does not benefit me personally, and buddy, only propaganda says me shooting blanks is good for me….

Which means that fertile flesh is then loaded negatively (I kind of talked about all this before in the mathematics of pussy post) by the fact that the fertility is unimportant, so all that counts is young and firm and fresh, which is not at all the same as fertile.

And then there is the kinky stuff, but that too can get old pretty quick, especially with a rode hard and hung up wet skank ho doing the dirty slut act.

Which gets us to the point where yes bro, your little man can indeed hang there all limp and uninterested, and IT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS BROKEN, OR NOT WORKING.

Look at it this way, the car/bike sat outside on your driveway isn’t broken just because it isn’t burning down an autopiste/autostrada at 3 am when black is purple and dreams are possible.

It is ready for use, should a worthy drive/ride come along.

The same is true of your cock.

It may be some time, again, not a problem, as these things tend to go in phases anyway… how often do you want to watch re-runs of I love lucy anyway? Your cock feels that way about the wimminz you have been fucking… lol… and you know it, deep down.

Hell, it may even be that it isn’t coming back, and again why should this be a problem, just the passing of a phase like playing with trains as a kid.

What you do NOT do is sit there feeling like a sad sack of shit and looking for an opportunity to go for that midnight ride to somewhere cool and fun… you can’t manufacture opportunity, only grab it as / if / when it comes along.

Trust me, when offered a suitably hot bit of flesh, your cock WILL rise to the occasion…

Which brings us to the burning question that started all this, what is lurve, if not hot sex?

Guess what, I have a standby, and by far her most attractive feature is that she is easy to be around and looks after my ass / panders to my needs.

For the rest, as I have said before, by three fucks it is starting to look like I love lucy re-runs, and the fact is you just know the next batch are going to be the same, and sometimes your cock wants to take a sabbatical.

So chill, spend that time and mental energy on other things.

That car / bike on the driveway, when was the last time you did an oil change and checked the brakes for wear etc?

March 31, 2012

Team Cunt 1 – Men 0

Nothing new there….

AT first glance, THIS story sounds different, it sounds like some skank ho bitch got jailed for false paternity claims.

Then you read deeper, and maybe dig deeper…

Turns out, back when she was banging him, she was banging a bunch of other guys too.

So she gets pregnant, and given the kid is now 13 this puts this as being 1998, so not exactly back in the dark ages of contraception or sex education.

Once pregnant she knows for a fact that this guy is not the father, but he does have money so she puts him in the frame, and proceeds to milk him for in excess of 50,000 UK Pounds Sterling over the next 9 years, an average of around £100 per week, allegedly for the welfare of this girl child.

So come 2008 one of the many people who have known all along that this man was not the father spills the beans to him, by the way dude, that chick you think is your daughter that you have been paying £100 a week to support all these years, while you and your wife do without, well she ain’t your kid, never has been, and mummy always knew it.

So faux daddy confronts mummy and asks for a DNA test and stops opening his wallet in the meantime.

So skank ho mummy accuses him of raping her, he is arrested and police investigate etc, been there, done that, got the tee shirt.

So the rape accusation fails to work,  guy eventually gets the Courts to order a DNA test, comes up negative, (which is incidentally the only way a DNA test can be 100% proof and fact, when stating a NEGATIVE, that there is no match whatsoever between these two people / samples) so faux daddy takes lying skank ho mummy to court, for the one thing out of all this that can actually be made to stick against a woman “Obtaining monies by deception”.

Meanwhile mini skank, the now 13 year old faux daughter has decided to play for team cunt, and begs the Court to let mumsie off scot free… after all she is a wimminz… and a big fuck you to the man who though he was her daddy for the first 9 years of her life and who arguably at £100 a week paid for her ENTIRE rearing.

The judge basically apologises, and says he has no choice but to jail this wimminz, since she is clearly guilty of obtaining monies by deception, but we will give her the minimum, 20 months, which means she will serve one third, less than 7 months in a soft open prison.

No order made to repay the 50k

Nota Bene;

This guy did not waste his time trying to do the psycho skank ho for false rape accusations, or for falsely claiming he was the father, no point, the wimminz are legally immune from all that shit and they know it, but he was smart and like Al Capone and his tax returns, went after her for the MONEY she obtained fraudulently as a fraudulent FINANCIAL criminal act.

Which the judge had no choice but to imprison the bitch for.

Faux daddy better watch out, or mini skank will be doing the monkey see monkey do thing and taking after her skank ho mum and claiming he touched her inappropriately, YMMV

See, even at 13 and pubescent in the first flush of womanhood, mini skank is as worthless a piece of trash as her skank ho mummy, and it does get any younger of fresher than not yet baked, and we cannot even blame mummy skank being like she is on a broken society, because she had the benefit of a good education and a two parent family,  but the instant she was let off her leash, she, like all wimminz, reverted to the norm, scheming amoral psycho skank ho sluts.

Good for fucking, and not much at all else.

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