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September 4, 2012

If any of her friends are a slut….

… then so is she.

Now, when I say slut, I don’t just mean yer average skank ho with yer average cock count, I mean a slut.

I mean it’s more like a straight guy reading an illustrated book on the more bizarre and kinky gay sex fetishes, you may say “fuck it” and put the book down at Felching, but there is a whole lot more in that book and just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t make those pages vanish.

Of course a large part of this is YOU WANT IT TO STOP, so you are quite happy to accept the “it only happened once when I was drunk” excuse, but those who do not, those who persist, always find the same thing.

They find the other 499 pieces of the jigsaw.

The finished jigsaw is a picture, in that picture is at least one of “your” slut’s friends, and she is also a 500 piece jigsaw, and when you piece that one together and get another picture, you notice something, there are a few other people in both pictures.

Pick one of those people at random and they are also a 500 piece jigsaw, put it together and more of the same, your slut is there, the friend you know about, the handful of faces common in both your sluts jigsaw picture and your sluts friends jigsaw picture, and introducing a bunch of new faces too.

So that “admission” you got about her sexual “history” is really just one frame in a long, multi episode, unfinished, still filming, porno shoot / documentary, and if you were to watch the whole thing, most of her friends that you know about have various parts, from bit parts to regular guest star appearances, chances are some of YOUR friends have bit parts too, maybe not in the same scenes as your slut, or maybe just not yet in the same scenes as your slut.

In the past week two wimminz who I have fucked, one once and one twice, and one wimminz who I nearly fucked but couldn’t be assed, all decided to dump my ass…. and you know what, I have lost NOTHING of any value, on the contrary, my life is enriched for having moved on.

It’s real hard to feel any sense of loss when there is an endless supply of bit part players waiting in the wings for a walk on and spread em or walk on and kneel part in my own little porno extravaganza.

But the sluts DO love to talk, and as much as I minimise it, I do get exposed to the other side of the story, not the story you tell about your slut and the piece of her history that she admitted to you or got caught out doing, and not the bit you read on a wimminz problems / advice dating site, but the bit about the same scene in the same shoot from her perspective.

And it is like those jigsaws I was talking about earlier….

YOU love your new Ford, to the guys in the Ford dealership (who drove it before you) it’s just another fucking Ford, now, the new 2012 Merc E class….

But to the guys in the Merc dealership, its just another Merc, and the beat goes on.

After a while no new car excites you, ooh look the new 2013 Lambo, it’s just another shitbox with a wheel at each corner to me, and fucking useless at negotiating speed humps or parking in car parks

So move on to yachts, well, same deal folks, no new boat excites me, I just see holes to pour money down and a so called possession that actually is no more than a millstone around your neck tying you down.

Sure, I’ll drive and ride and sail and fuck all these 2013 models, but not on my fucking dime.

You want me to get excited about a new 500 piece jigsaw?

You want me to get excited because you found ONE FUCKING PIECE of the 500 piece jigsaw that is “your” slut’s ACTUAL sexual history?

Blokes sit down in front of trashy soap operas and go ” wow, this is just too fucking far fetched to take seriously, your estranged wife had a sex change and used to be your best friend in school, but she fucked your current wife and made her pregnant with the kid you now call son, and when she moved back into the area she knew you were there and knew you had a son, but didn’t know who your wife was, so now she and your “son” are fucking and deeply in love, meanwhile your gerbil “faggot” has hepatitis…..

Bitches lap all that crap up, because, lets face it, that IS what their 500 piece jigsaw sex lives and histories are like.

The 20 year olds and under KNOW all this shit, the smartphone generation walk around in a world where your sexual history is known, they know about the time you took on four blokes, they know about the swinger couple you see regularly for threesomes, they know you have fucked all your best friends blokes, while she was with them, they know what your cunt looks like, they know all about the 500 piece electronic jigsaw of MMS picture attachments and SMS fuck me tonite, they have seen and shared it, as you have embraced the technology they have embraced the data it carries.

Your mom is a skank ho!

No she ain’t

here’s some video of her taking on 4 guys, and none of them are your dad, but one of them is my brother and one of them is the guy from the betting shop and I dunno who the other guy or the nigger are


Fact is, if you are in your mid 30’s or over, the kids walking past your house probably know more about your sluts sexual history than you do…. hell.. “your” kids probably know more than you do.

Fact is, if you are in your 40’s or later, then what the kids walking past your house know about your slut daughters will blow your fucking mind.


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