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January 21, 2012

Profile pix, and other games of insanity

There is some funny shit going down in the on-line dating scene, some of it is just old shit recycled, but some of it is new formulations of shit specially designed and brought to the marketplace late 2011 early 2012.

Pick me for my personality...

It’s a bit like this profile pic, it is 100% designed to emphasise this wimminz tits, that is all there is, it is a sexual advert and nothing else… yet you just know the skank ho will be whining about all the players and where have all the good men gone and why oh why can’t I get myself a loyal and trustworthy man?

Probably because you go to great lengths to portray yourself as a 20 dollar whore, you stupid skank ho…

Now there is nothing wrong with messaging these kinds of wimminz on PoF, and there is nothing wrong with wimminz using PoF to find men who will pay them attention and massage their egos, but YOUR strategy is to get what you want, not to give them what they want, so if your initial “Hi, want to talk?” message doesn’t generate a dialogue that leads quickly to the skank ho buying you a coffee and then draining your balls, but to the skank being on-line but NOT talking to you, you need to very rapidly adopt a different strategy, and that strategy is your “walk away and thrown over your shoulder line“.

“Not a bad pair of tits, shame they are wasted on you and the men you waste time with.”

It’s surprisingly effective, yes you will get an apparently hostile response, but depending on your response to that…. so you replying to the skank’s hostile response that YOU could make money out of those tits in porn can pull the cat out of the bag.

All of which is of course assuming that said picture is of the skank ho in question, and that it is less than 15 years old, and then we get to the thorny question of how the fuck did you manage to take an out of focus picture of yourself with an autofocus camera, the answer of course is she didn’t, she used one of the many on-line photo editing tools to get the soft focus look and lose all the wrinkles and blemishes… beer goggles in effect.

Remember the lessons from the Internet Dating articles, you need to make a snap yes / no decision at a subconcious level when you see a profile pic, fuck it? y/n.

To be fair, I hate being photographed, and I hate pictures of myself, and I hate how I look in pictures, so I do have a lot of sympathy for anyone of any sex who cannot find a picture of themselves that they like or are happy enough with to put on line as a profile pic, so I am NOT insensitive to the place these wimminz are coming from, but there is a million miles between “Jeez I look like a fucking dork in this image” and going on-line and editing the image to attempt to conceal or minimise all the bits you don’t like….

I noticed this yesterday with my genuine Google+ profile, I decided to play with a stock promo / professional / corporate mugshot of me that I use, and right up there are tools like “fake tan” which it has to be said works very well, but there is no fucking way I could accept putting such a fake doctored image online and claiming it is me…. being a man the Jasc Paint Shop Proone click photo fix” button that auto adjusts brightness / contrast / gamma is about my limit for such things.

But the wimminz looove this shit, and apply the fake tan and wrinkle removal and blemish removal to ALL their fucking pics, tits, cleavage, cunt, hands, face, you name it.

So remember, always remember, profile pics like the one above are NOT there to inform you, or turn you on, or do anything else the wimminz expect, their main purpose is to be archived by you along with the SMS and IM and emails and everything else, save ALL the bitches profile pics, because the only thing that you CAN take to the fucking bank is that the one place you will not see her dressed / posing like this is in the fucking police station / court making a false rape accusation against you… and she will have long deleted such things.


January 6, 2012

When Friday feels like Sunday.

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Very weird out there now, just got back from banging one of my skanks, which in this case means driving back through the entire breadth of one of the UK’s best known south coast seaside towns…

… and it is fucking DEAD out there, the streets are fucking empty of vehicles, the pavements are fucking empty of pedestrians, and the establishments that are open are empty of fucking customers…. and it is a FRIDAY, and reasonably early (but not too early) and unseasonably warm, and dry, and it feels like it should be 3 am on a Sunday, not fucking 8/9 pm on a Friday…

Part of the reason I was out, instead of fucking the skank again and staying for breakfast was that the skank obviously decided that our second fuck-date was an ideal time for the psycho skank ho shit test, she started telling me about what a violent and evil bastard her ex was… cue Fake Call Me, an excellent Android app that I got turned on to at work by a guy who uses it to get out of meetings (“What, there is a burning smell coming from the server room?”   lmfao) the pro version is excellent because it not only calls you, it will play an audio file that purports to be your caller, so you can take a call in a silent room or take a call on speakerphone, superb, so my response to this “my ex was a nasty violent man” shit test is to pretend to check my texts, and set Fake Call Me to call me in 5 minutes and play spike.mp3, which is a recording of Spike telling me there is a burning smell in the server room OMG panic panic come quick (I have done one for him too) and so on and so forth, exit stage left, nice and clean, no fuss, no arguments, no hassles.

So, wondering if it was just me, I took a look at http://www.webcamgalore.com/EN/United+Kingdom/countrycam-0.html and what do I find? A bunch of empty roads like the set from 28 Days, not what I expect from a Friday night, party night.

So I am left with this weird feeling like I used to get, back in the days when I used to go to the cinema, which was a long time ago, but the sort of weirdness you got after seeing 2001 A Space Odyssey or Tron and then walked out into daylight in your local town, zap, only this time I walked from a bedroom with a skank ho and her shit test, into a country and economy that appears to have flatlined while nobody was paying attention…

I mean we are only ONE FUCKING WEEK into 2012 and to all intents and appearances everyone is completely and utterly fucking broke, not even any wriggle room left on the plastic, and then I started hitting the smaller towns and villages on my way home, and noticed / remembered a funny thing.

The places we all used to congregate as kids, the places all the kids used to congregate in, the places are still there, but the kids ain’t, so they will be at home interacting with other kids via high tech virtual comms, so there is a parallel there, all the bars and pubs were empty, so no chance of picking up some skank there, but there is always the high tech virtual comms world of PoF and the like, and in fact the real streets turning into sets from 28 Days is only going to drive more eyeballs to the virtual world… and of course it was a virtual person that Fake Call Me used in order to give me a nice clean exit from a real world interaction with a skank ho, to the cocoon of my vehicle and eventually home here to my techo-hermit-crib…

Of course it makes perfect sense, if money is tight then comms in a virtual world provides so much more bang per buck than the real world, but similarly the virtual world is virtual… lots of shit just doesn’t fly…

Over the past couple of years I have become quite the expert at converting from the “cold sell” on PoF to the physical pump that cunt and dump, with minimal effort, virtual or real, and zero effective expenditure, and the wimminz really really really do not “get” it, compared to real life, which means all the advantages that wimminz tend to enjoy in real life just do not play out in the virtual world, there is no herd, there is no wingman, there is no toilet to dash into, no nose to powder, no drink to get someone else to buy, no “you and him” to “let’s you and him fight over me”, no nothing… not even the allure of actual flesh…

Suddenly it is a minefield for the wimminz, and one wrong move means “KTHXBYE” from the man, and with no other wimminz to commiserate with that means the wimminz are basically in the position of asking the man what they have to do, buy you a coffee, ask you back to theirs, give you all the kinky sex you want and no chat / shit / hassle…

Interestingly enough, this new paradigm, where “take no shit” virtual chatting up leads to take no shit fucking pump and dump, makes me even LESS interested in wimminz bullshit, shades of playing call of duty all day making me more callous and bloodthirsty when I enter a warzone, but in this case making me more impatient and jaded, pump and dump and as soon as they money shot has spurted fake call my ass outta there…. the next one? fuck, the supply is essentially unlimited, like the next zombie to shoot in some game, or the next car to steal in GTA, which brings me full circle, to the realization that the skanks that you DO see, for example walking out of the local university at lunchtime, all look like GTA hookers, they all smoke, and dress and walk and act like the sluts they are.

I guess this economic crash is going to be a lot more interesting that I had initially assumed, because the new factor in play is that the virtual world is going the play the role of the third world in manufacturing and service industries, our actual streets will be a ghost town, while the virtual resources are made to fit the outsourced and vastly cheaper new environment, and while girl with a dragon tattoo may be all the rage in broadcast holly-weird world, in the interactive virtual world the role models for the wimminz are more GTA whore / PoF slut / Fuckbook trout pout / etc

For the wimminz, “one cunt to rule them all” has turned into “game over man” while nobody was watching.

December 18, 2011

Sluts, slags and slaves

I guess this was partly prompted by a comment on another article about the wimminz on PoF, and partly by events in my own life, but however we got here, we got here, so let us get on with it.

PoF is as far as I can determine the proverbial canary in the coalmine for the wimminz, because it is the biggest truly free dating site on the planet, in the same way that your local free ads newspaper was the canary in the coal mine for what your second-hand car was actually worth.

Time was you had an old Ford and the local free ads newspaper had very similar cars listed for 500 notes, you wanted 850, it wasn’t worth 850, but you wanted 850 to go towards another piece of junk, so what did you do?

You washed and waxed it, cleaned the interior, parked it in front of somewhere nice, took some flattering pictures, paid some money over and stuck it on the Autotrader website for 850 notes.

That is the “high-end” of the market, so likewise to pay for dating sites are the “high-end” where the cunt has been washed and waxed and propped in front of somewhere interesting and a flattering photo taken and an unrealistic but hopeful if a mug comes along ticket pice is put up… oh yeah, one careful owner, never ridden hard…lol

PoF is more the local free ads, not so much the “low-end” of the market, just the realistic end, Parkers guide, trade price on that used cunt.

You can kick the tyres, have a test drive, the lies about number of previous owners are half-hearted at best, you can have a good look and see what is beneath the wash and wax and have a look in the real world, no fancy backdrop, fancy lenses or fancy angles.

They may be asking 850 for the old clunker, but you and the seller both know the rag is littered with similar rides from 450 on down to free to a good home…. as soon as the seller realises you are not the misty eyed young mug with a pocket full of cash and no experience…

Bottom line is the wimminz has the profile on PoF, she is desperate to sell, because PoF is the free ads, gone are the days when she was eligible for the fancy dealer showroom on the turntable in the plate-glass window with 0 miles / cocks on the clock.

Gone are the days when it was worth a significant fraction of the new price as a trade in or “slightly used“.

Gone are the days when it was possibly worth spending even more money on accessories and maintenance and upkeep.

Gone are the days when she had that “new car” feel and smell, and the sense that you could run hard and fast all day without blowing the motor.

In fact the cunt / car analogy is so good….. that if you take the age of puberty or legal consent as being zero and treat everything before that as design, manufacture, shipping and delivery to the showroom, so the 16-year-old virgin and the 6 month old BMW are both sat there with the clock sat at ZERO, and it only starts ticking when the car is bought or the girl is fucked, it gets to be a very very good analogy indeed.

My car is currently 20 and a bit years old, so to a wimminz that would equal 20 + 16 = a 36-year-old wimminz.

I drive a classic german diesel, it was horrendously expensive when new, literally one of the last ones made where everything under the bonnet was all precision mechanical engineering with nary a computer chip in sight, and a combination of luck and a handful of conscientious owners means it / she drives today better than most new cars with 0 miles on the clock.

And yet, the cash value of my car, despite the quality of the ride, despite the class, despite the reliability, despite the comfort, despite the security, despite the safety, despite the status, despite the handful of careful owners, is basically the old clunker value, because nothing takes away from the fact that it is, after all, a fucking twenty year old car, or in wimminz terms a 36-year-old…. it doesn’t matter how classy and refined and cared for and how few owners, at 36, that wimminz is an old clunker.

THIS is the Wil-e-coyote moment, when the wimminz realise that no matter how much they looked after themselves, no matter how few cocks they rode or how few kids they had, they are the equivalent of a 20 year old car.

So lets take my analogy further, a 20 year old girl, been on the sexual market for 4 years in theory, 6 in practice, 3 kids by 3 fathers, drinks, smokes, cheap ass DIY tattoos, rough as fuck. Subtract 16 fro 20 to get 4, but this is a 4 year old car that was bought as a taxi, and has been a taxi, three 8 hour shifts a day, in the city.

So we have one equivalet 20 year old car, and one equivalent 4 year old car, with the same “market value“, eg not a fucking lot, clunker territory.

Even the new car / young flesh can incredibly quickly become corrupted, but no matter what, not many years have to pass before the once proud new car is either someone’s slut, slag, or slave…. there are no other choices in a buyers market.

The wimminz on PoF broadly fall into two categories, those who realise and accept that they can be my slut, slag or slave, and those who do not, those who still think they can get 7,995 for that 20 year old clunker.

As the economic crises unravels and times get harder, that moment of truth is hitting more and more wimminz, and indeed the influx of the real rode hard and hung up wet fugly wimminz devalues the net worth of ALL wimminz on PoF.

Sure, you may only have had 30 cocks to her 300, you may only have had 1 kid to her 5, you may only have had 5 cheezeburgers to her 500, but put all that together and it only makes a small pile of beans, because she will do anything for free and pay for my room and coffee and diesel, so why would anyone pay you…. even 1 red cent.

When I have (and I do) women who are literally putting their hands in their own pockets and booking hotel rooms so that they can be my own personal slut / slag / slave for the night, and I am talking no holds barred kink, no mere ass to mouth, but bitches that will call me “master” and lick my asshole clean, and thank me for permission to do so, you just have to realise that to BEAT that a wimminz has to play every card she has, and play them cheaply and up front.

And if you think that all I can possibly be doing is fucking hideous skanky fat ho’s that nobody else wants to fuck, then you haven’t been paying attention, this is MALE HYPERGAMY at work, with every new wimminz that joins PoF the value of individual wimminz decreases, and I trade up, week by week by week.

So what’s it going to be girls, slut, slag or slave?

December 7, 2011

My children come first… and other fucking lies

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…but the “my kids come first” is one of the biggest and most mind-fucking-est lies that wimminz tell on dating sites.

This lie comes in many forms, “my kids are my world” and “my kids come first” and “my kids are everything” yadda yadda yadda.

Put at its most basic form, any variation of this lie, tells you three essential things about the wimminz in question;

  1. You are going to come LAST in any fucking relationship with this bitch, after her, and after her kids, fuck you very much.
  2. If her kids really were her world, in the way a man means it, the bitch would still be with their daddy, making the relationship work for their sake, so when SHE says they are her world she means it like AMEX, DINERS CLUB and CHEQUEBOOK, they are her own personal money pit, git orf my land…..
  3. If her kids really were her world, in the way a man means it, you wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near her fucking house or children, ever, certainly not for the first year or three…

Lots of guys don’t get this, lots of them like Bill at the Spearhead do not want to get it, because frankly that way lies madness, unless you just shrug and walk the fuck away from your kids lives.

All the skank ho’s I fuck on PoF who have kids, these are other men’s kids, kids often loved by their fathers, always paid for by other men and often their fathers, and usually kept away from their fathers, who have injunctions and restraining orders and false allegations against them.

Let me tell you the truth about these “my kids come first” wimminz….

  • Kids have a notional “bedtime”, with single mommies this is whenever the kid wants, and actually means kid retiring to its bedroom to go online etc, the kid ain’t asleep or deaf, mommy is quite happy to get shit faced and fuck like a slut in the main room of the house though, no pretense of being quiet.
  • In many cases I have discovered that the laptop mommy used to send me pictures of her cunt, and to promise me sexual submission and filth and depravity, is being used by one of the kids, with the same default windows account.
  • Fuck the skank ho well, and little Jimmy and little Susie are told in no uncertain terms to make themselves scarce (go to their rooms and stay there) and not to hassle mummy’s new friend, what this actually means is kids, do not do anything that stops mummy’s new man from paying attention to mummy, specifically, mummy’s sexual desires.
  • Wimminz are quite happy to fuck in front of their kids, the least and most implausible and intangible “thing” can be used by wimminz to create a situation that is not, in their eyes, “in front of the kids”, and this thing can be as simple as a corner in a room blocking direct eyesight, perhaps a net curtain, perhaps a thin stud and plaster wall, perhaps just a TV to distract the kid and keep it, in theory, looking elsewhere…
  • All that protects YOUR kids from further abuse is not the skank ho mummy, it is the guy like me fucking her, who draws a line in the sand between what he can prove he did not do with archived SMS etc and everything else that is on offer.
  • Take a look at that pic up there, she has turned her head and seen the kid, but her hand is still spreading her cunt for the camera, because as far as she is concerned from where the kid is, the kid cannot see the cunt, see my point above about “not in front of“… this is what wimminz mean by “not in front ofyour kids….
  • Note well, I am not going ANYWHERE near the dangerous and scary wimminz, the alcohol abusers, the drug abusers, the mental ones, the ones who are a LOT MORE FUCKING COMMON THAN YOU WANT TO BELIEVE.

Without exception, I have found the “my kids come first” wimminz to be the very worst mothers you could imagine, and the very last sort of person any father would want their children left in the effective sole control of…. sadly, for the likes of Bill over at the Spearhead (and no, I haven’t posted this shit there, some head’s ups you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, so I chose don’t) the high conflict type wimminz who manufacture divisions and distance between fathers and their children, are the very sort of wimminz most likely to have a “my kids come first” profile on a dating website.

What you will never see, but should, is a wimminz advertising that she will put, if not her new man himself first, certainly the relationship with him first, and without a couple there is no family and the kids suffer, so in actual fact what is best for wimminz and kids is wimminz putting men first in their relationships…. you know, the mirror image of men always putting wimminz and kidz first in any relationship, and see where that got them….. fucked and evicted from their own lives.

November 27, 2011

What is a man, after all?

Last night‘s post about the disobedient skank ho was only half the story.

In pill-popping terms it was the delivery mechanism, and this post is the payload.

Part 1 of the payload is the after separation SMS, which from me was “so long, thanks for all the fish, don’t think we are suited but good luck” or words to that effect, and the reply from her this morning was “You don’t know anything about wimminz and you are a nothing who will never get a real wimminz but good luck on PoF

Archived to the cloud, fuck the insult, fuck the delusions, fuck everything, that morning after exchange is the icing on the cake in your defence against any and all future accusations, and that is the SOLE point of ALL your archived communications.

Part 2 of the payload is the conversation the skank and I had before I departed.

This part deals with the thorny question of what is a man, after all, and indeed what is a woman.

As I explained to the skank ho, with every human being there are two factors, one is what that person really is, and two is how they see themselves, if you like you can visualise these concepts as two lines drawn along a graph, with the time axis at the bottom, with a man, a real man not a mangina or white knight, his life is an ongoing relationship between the two, where he tries to keep the two lines as close together as possible.

What ALL human beings share in common is the belief that the gap between those two lines is very small, yes, white knights, manginas and wimminz will all think they do a pretty good job at that, like last night’s skank ho who promised total sexual obedience in bed, was totally disobedient, and yet who insisted that she was being totally obedient.

So I said to her, when you tell a child to tidy its room, and the child says I will when I finish watching Craptain Save-a-ho cartoon on the telly, is that child being obedient or disobedient, and of course to her that was obedience, to me it was disobedience.

So we come closer to a useful definition of the difference between Men and wimminz and niggerz, it isn’t the gap between the two lines on the graph, it isn’t the perception of the size of the gap between the two lines, it is however a willingness to swallow bad tasting medicine, and to make efforts to change BOTH lines, both what we actually are, perhaps by avoiding alcohol, and what we see ourselves as, perhaps by accepting that we have alcoholic tendencies.

Logically the problem with this solution / approach is that this skank’s opinion of me is just as valid as my opinion of her, we both believe we are right and neither one of us will give up our own viewpoint… it is like putting a priest and a rabbi in a room and expecting them to come to some agreement, when the reality is there are only two possible intelligent solutions, they both agree to immediately get up and leave the room together, or if prevented from doing so they both agree to meditate in silence, as it is impossible for them to converse on any subject with their differing world views.

Such an agreement was not on the cards last night, so I had the choice of unilateral action, to leave, or to meditate in silence, and you know how long that would be tolerated by a wimminz.

In effect I am stating that to be a Man, I must be passive in my dealings with other human beings, unless we mutually agree to instigate active dealings with each other, and I must also be active in my dealings with myself and my two lines on the graph.

Now, finally, we are approaching some sort of qualitative test that can be applied across the board.

It still carries the danger of subjectivity, that one person can make active changes in themselves, and another person can say yeah, but you should not be making THOSE changes, you should be making THESE changes, but the blue text above gives the clue, the passive person will not give voice to that opinion to the other person, they may think it, but not say it.

Which is a massive Red Pill moment, because we are taught that to be manly is to challenge and change the environment, and that to be passive is weak and worthless and wimpy.

I assert that passivity is manly, because in effect passivity is the refusal to create ties and bonds between yourself and the thing that you are acting passively towards, when addressed from this perspective, passivity is in fact the assertion of self and isolation over the option of we and connectivity.

So now we apply this qualitative test to those we meet, and use it to determine if they are the kind of people we wish to associate with passively, or if they are the kind of people we wish to distance ourselves from passively.

I’ll give you a clue here by pointing out that the reason I am single is I have not found a woman who passes this qualitative text, and I am not a fag so the many men who pass this text become friends and perhaps brothers in arms but no more.

The passivity link above to Wikipedia talks about passivity, and then co-mingles it with subservience and submission, typical trick cyclist bullshit rhetoric.

I like sexually submissive women, this was used by the ex’s lawyers to label me a rapist and child abuser, a domineering and aggressive monster with severe sociopathic issues who must never be allowed anywhere near his own kids.

The truth is that last night’s skank’s total lack of sexual submission very quickly made her totally lacking in all kinds of sex appeal or attraction to me, my passivity to her lack of submission was total, my cock was limp and nothing could make it hard, I no more manifested the tendencies ascribed to me by the skank ho ex’s lawyers than a guy sat behind a market stall exhibits the traits of an armed bank robber and extortionist…, he is sitting there, passively, displaying his wares, with “an invitation to treat“, he is content to deal actively only with himself and his own dealings, he prices his wares and sets them out on display, sits back and reads a book.

This secret family court red/blue pill is not therefore about the contents of the red and blue pills, or their efficacy, or side effects, or c0-morbidity, just that the red pill is a prohibited class A drug, and the blue pill is state mandated daily fare.

Protesting otherwise just gets you labelled as a psycho heroin dealer advocating that kids be given free access to heroin.

Application of the blue text above to everyone else involved in my secret family court appearances neatly categorises them, far better than any other test that I can come up with, and the more power they had over other human lives, the less passive and restrained they were in their dealings with them, and the less active and more restrained they were in dealing with themselves.

November 26, 2011

Skankin’ dreadstop

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Well tonight was an interesting night.

It was interesting because it proves that anyone can fuck up, even me… lol

The signs were all there early on, and I broke my own rule about limiting my expenditure to one cup of coffee and splashed for the motel room, basically on the promise of total sexual obedience.

What I got was (apart from dumping two loads into her) was total disobedience, didn’t matter what I said, she had to resist just doing it, and then denied utterly that she was being anything other than totally obedient.

So for me instead of an all-nighter it was a “fuck it, I’m outta here” and since I had not been hitting the vodka bottle I could do just that, get in my car and drive…. there was nothing else to do because false advertising, a wimminz claiming she is something she is not, eg 100% obedient in bed, is a total turn off, and fuck it, I ain’t there for the company or conversation or to keep my feet warm…. the skank ho also did not read my profile and complained about my cigars… told her straight, my profile says “smoker”, your profile says fuck all about stretch marks and a sagging belly, and also says “occasional” drinker… gesturing at the half empty bottle of vodka that was nearly full two hours before.

I have no clue if she is still there, or DUI on the way home, not my problem (again, archived SMS / IM / etc so my ass is well and truly covered) when what should happen on my drive home but the fugly skank with the great bod mentioned previously rings me to tell me her teenage daughter is having a stayover at her dads, do I want to come over and use and abuse her for an hour or two.. lol

BTW, you gotta check out the Red Riding Whore link at the bottom.

So anyway, back to the plot.

The plot is you gotta learn to listen to your instincts, no matter how quietly they whisper in your ear, in this case when I spoke to this skank on the phone prior to meeting her she sounded as thick as shit, not so much a conversation peppered with “yeah”, “hmm”, “You know”, but a conversation consisting mainly of such inanities, and a little voice asking me what the fuck am I doing talking to this dumb bitch…

I could have saved the 40 spondulicks I blew on the motel room, on the other hand, it was a timely lesson well worth 40 spons, and fugly with the hot bod came through to save the day anyway.

Then I come home to find a message from a 29 year old chick on PoF, we’re off for coffee the coming weekend, she is buying, so the skank above and the red riding whore slut below both have that “surplus to requirements, sold as seen” status firmly embedded in their psyche, and I have had a top up of the attitude required to exist on the same planet as wimminz, you really do get desensitized to what useless lying fucks they are, and getting desensitized is incredibly fucking dangerous…

If you are lucky, and have made your own luck, you will find yourself in a motel room, sober, with a car outside and SMS / IM etc archived in the cloud, and some fugly skank ho slut lying on the bed available to fuck, but zero further interest.
Shrug, walk away, get in car, drive away, get on with YOUR life.

If you are unlucky, and have not made your own luck, you will find yourself trapped with the bitch, whether just for the night, or for far longer, or the light at the end of the tunnel is the FRA train coming to smash you.

Thank God I am a Man.

November 13, 2011

Road games.

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The Spearhead (link on right) recently had an article all about the responsibility of being a father… and how the wimminz and family court systems are whining that we fathers ain’t being responsible enough, while they simultaneously strip us of all responsibility for and contact with our children.

I guess it was percolating away in the back of my head, along with the production line skank ho I fucked on Friday night (the one previously mention in “Nice Legs”) and the fact I was heading up the road to fuck last night’s production line skank, who has achieved friends with benefits status, so anyway I grabbed the phone and took this pic to remind me to write this piece today.

See, the thing is the State, Secret Family Court, associated parasites, and my psycho skank ho ex all conspired to erase me from my kids lives, they do not even carry my name any more, so there I was age 50 something cruising up an empty road at night, smoking, chilling, listening to and singing along to some old tunes, on my way to party down and fuck some slut, and it struck me.

I dunno if this is just me, or just men, or what, but there I was acting and feeling EXACTLY the same way I acted and felt when I was barely into my 20’s, enjoying hugely the feeling of being alone on the road at night, doing my own thing, AS FREE AS A FUCKING BIRD, and it felt fucking wonderful.

Being cut off from my psycho skank ho ex is like being released from life in prison, like being cured of cancer, like winning the fucking lottery, being purged of parasites and leeches, it is the best thing she could have ever done for me, and being honest with you, freeing me of all responsibility for my kids, since I was only ever going to be offered the responsibility end of the stick, never the quality time end of the stick, is again the best thing she could have done for me.

I know she is still sat there, rather like the cartoon in the Eye of Sauron article, soaking herself in delusions about how miserable her actions have made me, how she has ruined my life, how she has broken me, while in reality my life is better than it has been at any time since that dark day in ’99 when I met the bitch.

I guess on many levels I knew this anyway, but it took the deja vu of an empty road at night, some good tunes and a smoke and me on my way from partying down with one skank ho to partying down with another for the penny to fully drop at all levels of my consciousness simultaneously.

It’s 1981 again, put em all in a field, bomb the bastards, and let God sort em out.

November 11, 2011

Nice legs, shame about the face.

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I have often noted that there is often very little relationship between a woman’s body and her face…. to be specific, you can get some real fugly birds who when dressed and you can only see the face, you would rate at a 1, but when naked with a bag over their head (more on this later…lol) they rate at least a 9.

The lastest skank on the production line is a classic example of this, the face is a 2 at best, and possibly only a 3 when she was 16, but the body is a solid 8 even at the age of 40.

And so we see, under normal circumstances I would never have seen her body, one look at the face and I or any other man would have been off, but due to my production line PoF dating SOP, (more on links on right) in which I basically ignore their entire profile and click yes or no on the basis of things that men would never normally use to judge a wimmin’s suitability to fuck, I ended up fucking this skank ho and seeing her naked.

Yeah, I hear you saying, but what about the fugly face, that just has to be a boner killer.

Well, nope, because part of the point of treating all wimminz as filthy lying skank ho’s is that you just don’t “do” making love, or vanilla sex, or any of that shit, you fuck, hard and dirty and kinky, and one of the things all these skank ho’s love is being tied up, blindfolded, and fucked senseless.

Which presents you with the opportunity to expand the definition of “blindfold” somewhat…. I say somewhat because turning up with a gimp mask is a definite no-no, but you can and should certainly expand on the blindfold to use a large piece of cloth, the size of a man’s scarf, which not only covers up the eyes but most of the face except the mouth, which you have to leave free to get your cock in, just in case she starts to talk… lol

And thus you have what I had last night, and what I am off out tonight to pork again, a body that is a solid 8, which the face that is the 2 safely hidden away from boner-killer status, win/win.

Which brings me to a related subject, cunts.

Some cunts look bladdered, some look well used, but some do look just so fuckable, and again quite often these are found on the bodies of wimminz whose faces and bodies themselves rate less than a 3, and you will never see or fuck them if you use normal methods of selecting your wimminz, but you can also use boner-killer protection techniques to cover up, or present, the wimminz body to you in such a way that it emphasises the good and hides most of the bad, such as for example bound and kneeling on the bed in front of you… provided she does not have a huge ass of course…lol

Should also mention in closing, that some of the fugly wimminz make a special effort to be particularly good at something such as deep throat etc in a bid to make up somewhat for the fact that they are fucking fuglies.

October 26, 2011

Cunt and Linux

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There is a thread going on over at MGTOW dealing with Vacations for married men.

It, like so many of these “imponderables” about wimminz, all boil down to the exact same thing.

That same thing is the illusion that all niggerz have that cunt is something that has a value, that you must pay for, and even worse, that the value of any individual cunt is related to the price you are paying for it.

The internet is replete with jokes about if Linux made a car (go and read the link) but the fact is in human beings humour / jokes are often no more than a way of saying that which is not sayable any other way.

Anyone who PAYS UK£400 for a Windows OS and Office install needs their bumps felt, when you can get a totally free Linux install which does all this and far far more.

And yet like the linux car dealership in the story linked to above, the free cunt car lot is almost deserted, but the pay by installments for a licence for an inferior prodct that you never own and is less reliable etc etc windows cunt car lot has queues around the block 24/7

and these, these are the telling lines that all red pill Men will recognize when dealing with wimminz and niggerz and those young enough to break away before fucking their lives up.

Hacker with bullhorn: “Save your money! Accept one of our free tanks! It is invulnerable, and can drive across rocks and swamps at ninety miles an hour while getting a hundred miles to the gallon!

Prospective station wagon buyer: “I know what you say is true…but…er…I don’t know how to maintain a tank!

Bullhorn: “You don’t know how to maintain a station wagon either!

Buyer: “But this dealership has mechanics on staff. If something goes wrong with my station wagon, I can take a day off work, bring it here, and pay them to work on it while I sit in the waiting room for hours, listening to elevator music.

Bullhorn: “But if you accept one of our free tanks we will send volunteers to your house to fix it for free while you sleep!

Buyer: “Stay away from my house, you freak!

And that, in a nutshell, is why Cunt is like Linux, it will never compete with Cunt repackaged as Windows and sold for vast sums of money, because niggerz have been programmed to equate cost with quality, and that won’t change until the wheels fall off the economic wagon and the only price cunt anyone can afford is free cunt.

The eternal shitshine of the sparkless mind

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Yesterday I had a couple of those “rather interesting” conversations with a wimminz, that you can sometimes get when they know you well enough to know that their shit isn’t acceptable.

Both of these conversations started around the developing economic crisis, and the implications this will have for society and wimminz.

Both of these conversations I related the anecdotal evidence that I was getting ever younger and higher quality skank ho’s chasing me, to be their man and protector.

I laughed at her (wimminz #1) when she described the last three guys she has fucked (in about a week) and proceeded to say “I’m not a slutbecause she was only fucking one of them at a time, and we got on to the economy.

These are two direct quotes from that conversation.

Well I knew that was coming any way, World War 3 will start in the middle east. I hope I have a large cock up my ass when I die lol

and, on the subject of spreading your legs in times of scarcity;

Yes that’s very true I would for food and a smoke and anything else I wanted

This is important for men to understand, because here is a wimminz that simultaneously claims that “slut” = “threesome“, that knows hard times are coming, and that freely admits she will fuck for a cigarette or anything else she wanted.

What makes this skank useless for anything more than a pump and dump is not any of these though, it is her belief that she can hold all these other attitudes to life, and yet retain a value to a man greater than say a dog…. that she is entitled to any more than “sit“, “stay“, “suck“.

So then I am talking to this other skank, who for a wimminz is quite smart and quite realistic, and who understands that no man has any value for her greater than a dog, and is (for now at least) accepting of that, and we started discussing a subject I covered recently, What men really want in a wimminz, specifically Rule 1

  1. Everything you have ever done at any time in the past sexually better be on the table now as an absolute fucking MINIMUM, any other option is like saying I am not worth as much as them, in which case go fuck off back to them. I may not want to do all that shit with your skank ho ass, but it sure as fuck better be on the table and on offer, gratis.

Sure, I may not actually WANT to do “x” that you did with that guy last year, but it sure as fuck better be on the table, and the gratis bit counts in spades, you don’t get to think any of this stuff is worth a damn thing, means a damn thing or is going to earn you a damn thing…. not in my eyes.

And the penny drops for this smart and realistic skank, every time she does something “new” with a man, that becomes the minimum stake with the next guy, the table stake, the amount you need to sit down at a table, before you play the game, and it doesn’t take long before a skanky ho has nothing left to bet with, she has blown it all at previous tables, so she is forever excluded from that level of player and game.

And then the penny drops further, and you can hear the gears grind inside her head, and remember, this is one of the smart and realistic wimminz, the top 1%, 24 years younger than me with a half decent face / body / education / background, and sure she has ridden the cock carousel, but not as hard as some, and thanks to her background with a better class of cock than many her age, and the penny rattles all the way to the bottom of the barrel, and she says to me, “So no matter what I do, even if you weren’t the best man I ever had, which you are, by far, from here on in it is all going to be downhill for me.

And I say “Yes.

and she says “You’re the best man I am ever going to get, no matter what, so I have to do whatever it takes to keep you wanting me.

And I say “Yes.

And THAT gentlemen, is when hypergamy and the cock carousel meets reality and the impending economic crisis.

The dumb and older skanks are already primed to spread their legs for a cigarette, and their aspirations are if push comes to shove I hope I die with a cock up my ass, meanwhile the younger and much smarter skanks are primed to abandon hypergamy and the cock carousel and be property to survive, and to pass on their DNA (don’t forget the younger skanks still have functioning wombs, wimminz in their late 20’s are plenty fertile, and this affects their thinking) to the future.

In short we are seeing hardwired DNA survival traits impinging upon what passes for wimminz minds and day to day attitudes. Men may be smarter and able to focus on long terms goals and the consequences of their actions, but the wimminz are far better than us at sniffing a change in the wind and reacting to it FAST, meanwhile the niggerz get left behind in the stampede.

Now, I’m not young enough or fool enough to believe that this young skank ho is still going to be around to empty my colostomy bag in another 30 years, hell, I do not even know that *I* will survive what is coming and live that long, but, I would be a complete cunt to pass up the opportunity to play Ceasar again for a while, for as long as this young skank ho believes I am her last and best and only chance of long term survival and prosperity, she will worship me for allowing her to be my property, and really, if that lasts a week, a month, or even a year, it beats the living fuck out of playing Gears of War on the Xbox…

Plus, it pisses so many people off, it pisses off all the other wimminz so see men with skank ho’s young enough to be their daughter, because it devalues (though that were possible) older wimminz even further, it upsets the niggerz with their lot, and for those of you like me who have been through a nuclear war legal separation nothing upsets the skank ho ex quite so much as seeing how much better your life is now she is out of it.

In closing here, I must address one point for you men, and that is the fact of pissing all the other wimminz off to see a man with a younger chick on his arm… obviously you have to be in your 40’s as a minimum to pull this “generation gap” younger chick shit, and I am being brutally serious here, with the way rape and grooming laws are going the chick absofuckinglutely MUST be out of her teens, and someone you have never met before and have no other connection with or authority over, so no shared workplace, nothing.

Being a man we might think the older wimminz get pissed at us having a young skank ho hanging off our cock because, like the “will fuck for a cigarette” wimminz above, it puts their relative value down and so they better be ready and eager to do the most kinky and fucked up sex you ever had, to compete with the younger flesh.

That is NOT how the older wimminz think, assuming “think” is a word appropriate to a DNA driven reaction.

The older wimminz do not see a younger skank ho with firmer tits and smoother skin hanging off your cock, the older wimminz see a young, wet, fertile womb hanging off your cock, END OF FUCKING STORY.

Trust me on this boys, this is where ALL the fucking hatred and poison comes from, all this shit in the mainstream media about “when a new lion takes over the pride he kills all the young uns that don’t have his DNA”, yeah, well I have fucking lived in these places and I can tell you in the wild females routinely kill the offspring of other females, and their own offspring if it suits them or they don’t like who the father is.

You had better have all your other fucking ducks in life lined up in a row, and be as sorted and invulnerable as you can be, if you are 40+ and intend to be hanging around younger fertile wombs.. I shit you not.

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