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March 23, 2013

April 21, 2012

The “John Lewis” FRA skank

It’s one of the peculiarities, YOU know it, so YOU don’t see it, so YOU don’t point it out to someone else, so THEY don’t see it either, and an opportunity is missed, until / unless a chance remark is made and you go “hang on….”

In the John Lewis FRA story, yeah, go and read it, only takes a few seconds.

Now here is the clue to the bit you didn’t see… “wasted 376 hours of police time”

That is ten officers doing a 37.5 hour week, and this is a SIMPLE and OBVIOUS FRA that is dead easy to disprove, as simple and quick as it gets, and still TEN MAN WEEKS of police time were DEDICATED TO FINDING EVIDENCE TO CONVICT THE FALSELY ACCUSED MAN.

I talk about this in my own FRA, whatever else, I just can’t see any way an actual rapist can commit a rape and get away with it in the UK, just cannot see it, because the pigs spend so much time and effort leaving no stone unturned, and they have an essentially unlimited budget…

Just fucking think about that, ten man weeks, ten man weeks of people who are expert at finding dirt and evidence, and NO FUCKER is clean, everyone has dirt….

That “joke” you wrote on your phone 2 years ago in response to a joke someone else said to you, the joke bout the bitch just needs a good man… ten fucking man weeks to find that buddy, and next thing you know you are charged and convicted for something you didn’t do.

SO that is the thing no one sees, the rape industry has been so effective that every single rape accusation made to the police get a minimum of ten man weeks of work done on it, looking for evidence to support a prosecution, exculpatory evidence is ignored, it is only if blatant and totally impossible to ignore evidence of perjury is present that they will prosecute the bitch, as in this case, when she continued to claim rape right until the end.

This is what even the most innocent man is up against when the FRA card is played, ten experienced at digging dirt and backed by warrants and search and seizure and forensic labs cops spending an entire fucking week looking for dirt enough to file a prosecution…

60k rape claims made in the UK per year = 600,000 man weeks, or 12,000 man years, or 12,000 cops doing nothing but digging dirt on FRA’s, and kids, let me tell you…. as a minimum 94% of them are false…

12k employees in the sex crimes squads nationwide sounds about right.

and at 37 quid an hour that gives you 37 x 12,000 x 52 x 37.5 = 865,800,000 or 0.86 BILLION pounds sterling every year, which again sounds about right for a staff of 12,000 on the public purse, it actually sounds light, no provision for pensions or transport of forensics or IT.

Think about it





PS hope the spearhead is back up soon, story to tell there I suspect… bill become a target.

January 23, 2012


Because I am a single man free from the financial burdens of wimminz, I was able to turn around at work today and announce “I am bored shitless, I am going to go into town and buy an android pad.

Because I am a single man free from the yoke of wimminz or managers I am able to indulge such whims, if you don’t like it sack me.

Because I live in the UK, our yank readers will need to know that PC world / Currys / Comet are the Walmart / Bestbuy equivalent, and Maplin is Radio shack.. oh, and for price conversions just take US dollar price and remove the dollar sign and replace with a pound sterling sign.


First port of call is Maplins, I like Maplins for two reasons, one is the staff all know their shit, on offer was a Viewsonic 10 inch tablet for 200 quid.

The other reason I like Maplins is they have a 28 day no quibble no questions asked money back guarantee policy, which I like, a LOT, and the staff as I said know their shit, their opinion is the thing ain’t bad once you get rid of the fucking awful Viewsonic launcher and install any other launcher you like, such as the Go launcher.

Thinking “meh” mainly because this thing lacked a GPS chip, I headed up to the local Pissy World.

Knowing pissy world as I do, I buttonhole one of the sales droids and check the spec of the item being sold, in this case an Asus Transformer, is this a 101 or a 201, and what spec….. because in true pissy world style the label neatly omits stuff like RAM / CPU / GPS etc.

The droid eventually informs me this one has “One meg of ram

I tell him “my phone has 512 meg, you think maybe that should be a gig of ram?

He says maybe , but that is what their in store crib sheet says, so I ask him what their return policy is.

He tells me 21 days, provided I do not open the package.

I ask him, how do I know the fucking thing works as advertised (especially given that it is an Asus, and the known problems with GPS and Wi-fi, thanks to Asus putting the fucking thing in a metal case) he says we can test these on display in the shop, I say they do not have connectivity, so he types something in to make wi-fi work while admitting the in store net connection is shit, I try google maps and the fucking process crashes, ho hum, open the browser and type in http://news.bbc.co.uk/ because this is a fairly good test of browser capability…. blank page that refuses to render, droid suggests BBC site is down, I look at him in disgust, whip out my phone and bring up BBC news website… oops… works perfectly.

SO I play with the Asus slider next to it, same shit… I just look at the punk, this is a £450 sale he is not going to make.

Fuck off to Currys, who it has to be said aren’t exactly in fierce competition with pissy world, tell them my problems at pissy world, they have the same returns policy, and then the fucking asshole suggests that there may be more to it with the failed BBC news website, I said yeah, android and a browser, the asshole says there may be something else required to make the website work, I look at him in disgust and shake my head and tell them to forget it, another £450 sale lost forever.

Fuck off to Comet, same policy, then I spot that they are stocking 101 transformers at 201 prices, eg 399 quid a pop.

Fuck off home.

So basically there isn’t a decent android tablet around, except possibly the 10 inch Samsung galaxy, but it is 200 quid too expensive and nobody who does stock it has a decent returns policy…. has to be said buying on-line invokes distance selling rights which are good, but with these stores you’ll have to fucking fight the cunts to get your rights.

I won’t buy Asus because their stuff is always shit under the hood and shiny ponies on the outside.

Maplins is the only shop of those mentioned where I would spend ANY money, partly because their returns policy is superb, partly because the staff are knowledgeable, but mainly because they aren’t incompetent lying cunts selling overpriced dreck like everyone at pissy world et al.

The viewsonic comes closest, the price is right and the spec is right, pity about lack of GPS but the rest is livable, but for one killer flaw, not 100% Google Android compatible, proprietary code and hardware and proprietary market (not google android market)= death for the tech savvy buyer…. because INVARIABLY these proprietary features always make the thing a buggy piece of shit for the sake of 5 bucks saved and annoying, intrusive and futile branding imposed.

Because I am a single man free from the buying pressures imposed by wimminz and kidz, I DID NOT BUY A FUCKING TABLET COMPUTER.

I went back to work refreshed and happy…. with the money still in my bank / pocket.

Perhaps late 2012 will see some decent android tablets.

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