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March 2, 2012

Eeny meeny…

Temptation is a good thing, provided you don’t often give in to it…

Just today I have been tempted to turn this blog into a PoF slut revue, like a low rent playboy, but instead of the girls wishing for peace on earth it would be truthful, they’d wish to have 16 year old flesh again….. or maybe a carry on carrying on…. but the fact is I’m still on track with the plans to go a bit more techno and make each post a video post, watch this space…

I have been doing some shit in my daily life and trying to make things move on to the next stage, doesn’t matter exactly what, the point being that being slightly different, for example looking for a pickup when everyone else is looking for a sedan to buy, isn’t all hard cheese… pickups for sale will come along, and you will get a *lot* more pickup for your money that you would sedan, who needs those extra seats, and I laugh at your ability to throw a full set of golf clubs in the back.

Which brings me to wimminz, that useless skank ho slut that is only any use as a pickup, when world & dog is looking for a sedan to have a “welationshit” with, is a great find if you are like me only interested in a pickup.

Wimminz who say to me, in electronically archived text, that they only want me to fuck them and use them and hurt them, are not wimminz who are being oppressed or repressed by the patriarchy or anyone else.

They sure as hell are not long term relationshit / wife / mother material, but if all you want is a pickup.

Fact is that the problem is complacency… it is all to easy to get fat and lazy when there is a surplus of skanky wimminz, which there is, provided you want a pickup.

There are only so many hours in the day and I have my own life and hobbies to lead, and as I type this I have three down and dirty skank ho sluts who suck and fuck on demand, and one more comfort oriented one who will pamper and feed me on demand, and it is a REAL temptation to get fat on that shit and let the ongoing PoF search slide.

Now don’t get me wrong, none of these three are especially hot, but they are all obedient and willing sluts who crave my cock and being used and abused by me. It keeps my balls drained and keeps my attitudes straight.

And if I did that within 4 weeks all the suck and fuck on demand skank ho’s would be gone, and I’d be stuck with the pamper and feed one, and start thinking about a relationshit, cos that’s how we are wired too.

So keeping up with the PoF search keeps my hand and eye in the game, and it puts the three main skank ho’s on permanent notice that their role is under constant evaluation and the search for either a new staff member or a replacement for their role is ongoing…

So imagine you are a slut skank ho, you are one of three regulars that you know about that service my cock, and you know I am always trawling PoF for new talent… and you know that I know what a slut like you really wants, and I can give it to you.

Just how “militant” or “demanding” or “ultimatum time” can you get on my ass, on any given day at any given time, if you are not willing to come on over and lick my ring clean and suck my balls dry, you know for a fact there are two other wimminz who will gladly take your place…

And the flipside is some other swinging dick comes along and offers to let you suck his cock full time, well, he doesn’t have two other wimminz more or less competing for the cum, so how good can he be, so how good can that make you?

It is also really, really, really hard to get any wimminz “legal jackboot rape and sexual assault leverage” over someone who you text at least 6 days a week, because you are several miles away and quite safe and free from his influence at the time, say at your workplace, and describe in great detail your eagerness to serve as his cumbucket and sexual toy…

I know I bang on about this shit at length, but that last paragraph above boys, that is a truly wondrous thing….

I can hang out with these skank ho wimminz and know that I am effectively immune from any and all false allegations that they could make… in a country of 20 million men of sexual age, how many others can say that?


By definition, whatever the actual number, the only way to get that immunity is to do what I tell you here, archive all that shit constantly in the cloud, and get all that shit constantly too, not one cock worshipping SMS from each skank, but daily from each skank, they fucking love it anyway as proof of your suitability to fuck.

Hanging out with skank ho sluts who you are effectively immune from any and all false allegations that they could make is a very chilling thing, takes you back to the good old days, say 1527 AD or thereabouts, when wimminz were chattels, like the cow and the dog, and being in the same room as your chattels was something that made you feel good, not something that made you feel vulnerable.

It’s nice to have a CHOICE again, the opportunity to hang out with wimminz who do not have an automatic power of veto over my very liberty, by way of simply making a false allegation.

January 19, 2012

Death’s Radio

It’s an interesting little meme used by Greg Bear.

Not quite the same thing, but sorta related and more likely to be felt by the average MGTOW is the “unknown but familiar and wholly understood signal from outside” we get when we stumble across a situation wherein a mangina / niggerz gets shit tested on the NAWALT catechism.

By way of example, some of us older guys, when listening to a young guy express shock and horror at the idea that his girl might have had more cock than previously suspected, and getting that “ping” over Death’s Radio from the same thing in their own past, from the long dead and buried mangina / white knight that they used to be…

The pic on the right is however a classic example of a ping from Death’s Radio being completely unrecognised, and treated as alien, probably hostile and malicious… skank ho mummy has a total and complete disconnect from her own feminazi cultural lifestyle and her young thug doing the two in the pink and one in the stink hand jive.

The next pic is of another skank ho mummy, and her own teenage sons copping a quick feel of her tits… the youngest boy is probably far enough into puberty that the paedo label cannot be applied, and the tits in question are covered so the sexual contact is limited enough the incest label cannot be applied, however, it is at the very least faintly disturbing.

Contrast the expressions on the boy’s faces, they are slurpy / sucky / sexual fuck faces, these boys are thinking about sex, not the comfort and innocence of breastfeeding, with the expression on skank ho mummy’s face, she is enjoying the taboo…. let us not forget the crucifix in the cleavage… a fine religious mummy… lmfao

This second picture may not be quite as obvious to the newer MGTOW’s, or to those who do not fuck skank ho’s for a hobby, in terms of the Death’s Radio signal that it is sending.

Those of you who do fuck skank ho mummies and have done for some time will inevitably have come across the situation where skank ho mummy is quite happy to indulge in sexual behaviour with you, in circumstances that make you feel decidedly uncomfortable, due to the proximity of her kids.

The fact is if either of these photos were reversed, a dad holding a pubescent daughter who made a hand gesture simulating a hand-job, or a dad with his two pubescent daughters with a hand each cupping his crotch, then not only would he lose custody / access to his own kids, not only would he be investigated and probably charged and maybe even convicted of child sexual abuse, the most significant factor is that in both cases a dad would have an expression of sheer fucking terror on his face…

In fact even sitting safely at home and looking at these pictures and just CONTEMPLATING the personal consequences of a role reversal would have most men paying a quick trip to the toilet.

Not many men end up with custody of their kids, and being straight I don’t fuck those that do, but I cannot imagine them being happy to fuck they new girlfriend on the sofa while the kids are still awake and floating around the house, a circumstance that at least 30% of the skank ho mummies I fuck are quite happy to do.

Of course the real Death’s Radio ping is when these exact same wimminz who indulged in this exact same behaviour (clue… AWALT) then turn around and accuse your entirely innocent self of the most indecent and disgusting acts, and all the feminazi state storm-troopers leap to arrest your ass and generally end your life as you knew it.

You get a Death’s Radio ping from the person you used to be, the father who loved his newborn children so much he carried them down to the shops rather than spend any time away from them (while skank ho mummy is “recovering” from the “ordeal” that is a western woman’s pregnancy and childbirth) a person who is now dead, and who has been replaced “Body snatcher” style, with a person who is now considered to be a sexual risk to that same child, and who has simply adapted to survive, and who has learned that AWALT, and wimminz and like police, the only ones you can trust are in the graveyard, and even then, best to keep one eye on them…

And then you remember, that tee shirt you bought in 1977, it said “as you are now, I once was, as I am now, you will never be” and you start to wonder, maybe Death’s Radio is like the cosmic background radiation, it has always been there, but you have to have your own baptism of fire before you become attuned to it.

Given enough time, you realise Death’s Radio isn’t just a signal, a ping, there is a lot of groove, a lot of beat, a lot of rhythm going on… Death’s Radio is pirate peer to peer radio for MGTOW, not broadcast, not one to many, but peer to peer pirate radio.

Death’s Radio is the special glasses in the immaculate They Live, We Sleep.

Turn on, tune in, drop out.

January 2, 2012

You say po-tay-toe, I say pah-ter-nity

This one really does come under the heading of shit you can’t say, because they will shoot the messenger.

I am of an age, my folks were fairly well off, which is why I was able to discover dad’s 8mm cine film porn stash, and by accident find in there a home movie of my saintly and pure mum fucking some other guy…

Most kids my age didn’t have parents who were wealthy enough to own their own multimedia recording and playback apparatus, VHS was still in the design stage and at that only recorded broadcast TV.

Fast forwards to 2012 AD and most young teenagers have their own multimedia recording, playback and distribution equipment, mobile phones, and are busy producing what can only legally be classified as extreme child pornography.

You always find unusual answers in unusual places, you talk to someone who does blood work and tissue typing in a hospital department that deals with transplants, and instead of an interesting conversation about organ donation, transplants and organ rejection and suchlike, you have a completely different kind of conversation in which you do not discover just how many “fathershave been cuckolded, you find out how fucking few have not

You hear things like 35% being an absolute minimum head in the sand best possible case scenario for the percentage of kids who are not in fact fathered by the man they think, with a real world sensible figure of at last 50%.

Then you go on the internet and read all about skank ho’s and bad boy sperm… I have a confession to make, it is a confession to myself, just because I did not rape my psycho skank ho ex, or do any of the other shit she accused me of… that doesn’t make me a saint… I have been the proverbial bad boy…. that is what attracted her to me in the first place.

Just as I have probably spent most of my life minimising my “bad boy” ness, 100% of manginas and niggerz minimise their pussy whipped-ness, shades of “Physician, heal thyself“…

Being brutally honest I guess I always got away with being a bad boy because I had a certain charm, a certain style, an easy smile, I never hurt anyone, never stole from them, perhaps I could describe myself as a “bounder” or a “cad“, but again, perhaps I am romanticizing it.

What label should you put on it when your wife tells you she isn’t in the mood, then sneaks downstairs to blow the house-guest every morning and night? How about when it is a mother and a daughter, how about when it is two sisters, how about when it is two best friends?

What label do you put on it when some skank on PoF says to me “You might be an axe murderer” when I suggest we meet and she buys me coffee, and when I automatically respond, contrary to everything you have ever been told about the wimminz “I might be, the only definite thing is it makes your cunt drip.” and fully 50% of them snigger and carry on talking to me and eventually make a date…

What label do you put on it when at least half the wimminz on PoF, which is the same as saying at least half the wimminz on the fucking planet, lay out a list of things they abso-fucking-lutely will not do, participate in or enjoy, and if you are dumb enough to listen to them they drop you like runny shit, and if you laugh at them and their protestations that they do not and will not take it up the ass, painful or not, they will carry on talking and then book a fucking room.

What label do you put on it when you text some skank ho and tell her that if she did a better job of making herself and her holes available for your use on demand you’d use them more, and her response is to get hot and horny and basically request the pleasure of being your cumbucket later in the day, turn up, fuck, leave, no conversation or anything.

We have gone SO FUCKING FAR OFF COURSE with modern sexuality that almost none of you fuckers out there have a clue.

The wimminz have completely and utterly lost the fucking plot, now that they hold the upper hand legally and big sister state is the dyke husband and enforcer, there is no perversion that counts as being perverse any more.

Tell me something, if paedophilia and child abuse is such a fucking evil male attribute, how come there is always a handful of wimminz for the MSM to studiously ignore and for everyone else to try to paint as a victim?

Take the Vanessa George case, one man, three wimminz, so of course the wimminz, who actually physically abused the kids, were the fucking victims, while the man, who remained “virtual” throughout, is the evil manipulative and controlling fucking ringleader.

You can repeat ad infinitum with Fred & Rose West, the Moors Murders, etc etc etc I am not trying to minimise the roles that the men played in these cases, far from it, I am trying to be realistic, the wimminz were not mere pawns, mere cyphers, mere playthings of the evil men…

In every case these were wimminz who were outside the checks and controls of the evil patriarchal society, and now we have a society full of wimminz who are outside the checks and controls of the evil patriarchy…

In effect, wimminz with no paternity, what does it give us?

It gives us the most mind fuckingly kinky, filthy, perverse and sluttish cunt controlled creatures you can ever imagine.

12 months ago, at the beginning of 2011 you could go on PoF, grab a thousand wimminz a random, and get talking to them, and when you popped the question “what (sexual) things would you not do?” you always, always, always, got a three part response.

Shit / Animals / Kids

I haven’t had a three part response for 6 months.

I get “Kids”, and a halfhearted attempt to pretty up everything else by some variation of trying anything once and if I don’t like it I won’t do it again….. and frankly a lot of the time I don’t believe them when they say kids either….

Now, whether this is down to shifting values in the marketplace and wimminz feeling they need to compete, or whether it is wimminz competing with each other that is shifting values in the marketplace, who knows.

All I do know is this year is not even 2 days old and the first PoF skank of the year has booked the hotel for tomorrow night so it looks like being a good year for bad boys… lol

Footnote – I must return to 12 hour day work for a few weeks, I have enjoyed the break over the holidays, but as in the period before the holidays it means my posting rate will drop back to one or so a week until the end of January at least.

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