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January 7, 2013

Paris by air

I often find myself quoting the wisdom of St Francis to people, “Lord, grant me the strength to change the things I can, the serenity to deal with the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference.” because it especially applies to the wimminz, but there are two other bits of wisdom to impart.

  1. Some shit, just eat it and walk away, because life is too fucking short to fight every battle.
  2. Life’s a bitch.

You see the thing is, it probably doesn’t matter who or what you are, a wimminz, an employer, a guy walking down the street, a mugger, what probably does matter is something about me.

I am a lousy bet.

Wimminz, I am a lousy bet because I have eaten so many red pills I now piss and shit them, for employers I am a lousy bet because I have been through all the stunts that employers pull, and the beat goes on.

So all of you can shaft me for little things, see point 1 above, but getting me to commit to the point where I expose myself to the bigger things, well, good luck with that.

There is an article in the press today that our leaders are warning out that outlaw patch motorcycle gangs are making inroads into society and we the sheeple need to be on the look out for outlaw biker gang wars over turf for things like drugs and prostitution etc.

Being a lousy bet means I can handle these guys, I got nothing they want and they got nothing I want and we say “Hi bro” to each other and go all snake eyes and nod and go our separate ways.

And yes I know all about the criminal enterprises some patch clubs get up to to earn a crust, but I also know that in reality they are small time bit players, if ALL you look at is their ability to distribute drugs as a part of the whole drug scene for example.

The other thing about patch clubs is they aren’t exactly the invisible fucking man, mr incognito, the wraith…

There are all sorts of things the guy stood next to you in the checkout queue could be, off duty policeman, swinger, doctor, wimminz outreach co-ordinator, but if the guy stood next to you is full patch, you will fucking know.

Speaking personally (and I had more than one opportunity to prospect for true outlaw patch clubs) my big problem with it was the patch was a huge fucking target on your back that you wore 24/7, and the remuneration frankly wasn’t that good.

And then I saw other things, and while the temptation for the reader is to say yeah yeah anyone an say this shit, the fact is, club business is club business, so even though through circumstance I have been party to some of this, and could drop names, and could tell stories about outlaw chapters formed from member ejected from mainstream well know outlaw patch clubs  for being too fucking violent and out of control, and some of the shit THEY got up to, I won’t, because you don’t tell tales out of school, especially not to write a book or big yourself up.

Ultimately above the patch club there is the brotherhood, so the things individual chapters have pulled, or the things individuals have pulled, don’t outweigh the principle of being loyal to the brotherhood as a whole, or hanging your dirty washing out in public.

Nevertheless, there are things that can be discussed.

One of the things you can discuss is the fact that veterans returning from overseas conflict is something that periodically happens, and they are a different breed to the guy recruited off the street, so you get demographic and generational changes and swings in any individual club or chapter, and for me personally I always found it was the veterans who I got on with best, you could fuck up and get into a fight and literally two minutes later fuck it bro, cheers, swig a cold one through the blood and swelling bruises, and grin, whereas the ones recruited off the streets were always, to me, little peacocking motherfuckers out to climb another run on the ladder.

That was always the source of negative waves for me, the prospects and new shiny patch members saw me as an outsider, much much much less than them, and yet here are the prez, the sergeant, the enforcer all allowing me to turn up unannounced at their front doors, it was enigmatic and confusing for them, which I get, but it was only enigmatic and confusing because they did not have first hand experience of the real enigmatic and confusing things in life, such as lying in a ditch somewhere trying to fuck yourself into the ground while the lead spanged overhead.

So now we have the latest spat of foreign conflicts producing disillusions and disaffected vets returning home to a home that no longer exists and welcomes them, and some of these guys like the nam vets and so on will end up gravitating to the outlaw patch clubs, so suddenly you have groups of disaffected vets associating with each other… and if you are the big daddy state, that needs to have a bunch of people assigned to it…

So while I personally am not prepared to put that patch on myself, assuming they would have me, after all, as said above, I am a lousy bet, it also has to be said that the brotherhood never fucked me over, but the state did…. so if push comes to shove it ain’t hard to work out where my sympathies lie, and which group I personally identify with the most.

Which brings me to one of the janes, the one I fucked saturday night into the wee hours, it wasn’t constant fucking, there was talk too, and so here is the slim fairly sexy just in her 30’s babymomma and she starts talking about 9/11 and the two towers in “free-fall collapse” and building 7 which wasn’t hit by anything etc.

She knows she is “a lousy bet” as far as the state is concerned, because she knows like J Edgar and “un american activities” and witch-hunts, it only takes a stroke of the pen for her to become one of the undesirables, she doesn’t have to actually DO anything wrong, just fit into a demographic, like the returning vets who gravitate towards patch clubs, that someone decides bears watching and monitoring.

In the paper article that talked about these impeding immigrant biker club turf wars, the comments section was delicious, with comparisons drawn to Abu Hamza al-Masri, asking, tongue in cheek, if these immigrant outlaw patch clubs will be given council houses and state handouts and so on, like the other 850,000 illegal immigrants to the UK currently living here and not being deported.

Credibility given towards the MSM premise that these are all nasty evil criminal gangs involved in drugs and vice was approaching zero, or if it was above zero is was so what, when compared to bankers and politicians.

Contrast the song above with a comment I heard from a man who said to me “…of course, the last time I saw Paris by air, it was to drop bombs

As I have said before, the common misconception is that our leaders are any smarter or more competent at their jobs than the average droid in the geek squad down at the local chain computer store.

What people do not get is the danger inherent within that statement.

When you give incompetent people power, and when the wheels start to fall off the wagon, they always, always, always use that power to try to fix things, and they always, always, always, just fuck things up even more.


We are hearing a lot in the news about gun control in the USA, and the random shooting sprees, and of course the MSM makes a point of NOT covering storied where the random shooter get shot by someone carrying, such as happened December 17th 2012 in San Antonio, before they can kill a mass of people and then get suicide by cop.

It occurs to me that you never, ever, ever hear about one of these shooters getting tooled up with their arsenal, and then going out to the local gun range to see how many people they can kill… it’s always a fucking school or similar.

Anders Breivic did this too, because the MAIN PURPOSE is always the same, to kill as many as possible, so obviously you go where the odds are stacked in your favour, and you do not go somewhere were it turns into a game or personal survival, who is the baddest badass before game over.


Following on with this simple logic.

If you wanted to be a successful big time drug dealer and vice kingpin, the last thing you would ever fucking do is state that all members of your criminal society must wear a uniform which makes them stand out in any crowd anywhere any time of day or night, which is why I said in read at the top of this, sure, there are some patch clubs and chapters and member who deal in drugs and vice, but they are small time compared to the market as a whole.

Ergo, attempting to associate them with impending turf wars for drugs and vice is yet more smoke and mirrors, if you gave a shit about drugs and prostitution you have to start with the police force, they are the ones who have to take the payola to turn the other eye while THE VAST BULK of these industries progresses.

But again, as said above, you have to be both competent at your job and intelligent to see this, and those in control are neither, no more competent than the drones in the geek squad.

Just because I choose to not personally become closely involved with patch clubs does not mean I am unable to tell when they are getting a bum rap.

The now dead Sir Jimmy Savile is being open called, without quotes, a paedophile in the MSM now, despite never having been convicted much less charged with anything, and lo and behold there are teams of lawyers trying to track down his allegedly missing millions, so that the alleged victims can get some compo… again, it is a bum rap…

Gary Glitter / Paul Gadd, another bum rap.

Not saying any of these people or groups are saints (and please do not try and draw any lines between me talking about Jimmy Savile and me talking about patch clubs in the same post) or anything even approaching it.

Am saying that those busy flinging the shit are the same in both cases, big daddy guvvmint and the MSM, and am saying that these people have previous form for getting it horrifically wrong, and making up out of whole cloth reasons and allegations that suit pre-ordained conclusions and end targets.

Even the janes know this shit.

And the incompetent leaders with vast powers that we have know that even the janes know this shit.

And THAT, my friends, is why you should fucking worry, and in the meantime do your best to avoid being included in any category that they deem needs special attentions.

April 17, 2012

Killing me softly

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There are two things that have been said, and repeated, many times recently, and I am going to repeat them once more.

If there was a conspiracy (in the financial / banking sector) would the results look any different?

Democracy in Greece is being slain, while politicians and the media here studiously ignore this.

These two things that have been said, and are being said, set the stage.

If you wonder how feminazism and the niggerz brought about a system where fathers are routinely demonised and treated as sub-humans without rights, forced to participate in and pay for and rubber stamp the destruction of their own families and children, or if you are stupid enough to wonder how this “terrible mistake” can be rectified, go back and read those two sentences above.

Greece is not afdiggastan, some place people can’t find with a pin on a map, it is arguably the home of modern western civilisation, education, democracy, theology, art, you name it.

Barring a short stretch of water for the English, for the rest of Europe Greece is but a drive away, and thanks to schengen etc that is no “papers please” at the border.

According to google maps Paris to Athens by road is 2,578 Km going via the ferry at Brindisi, 1 day 5 hours at normal driving speeds.

eg to all intents and purposes, ESPECIALLY in this internet day and age, it is in our back yard.

and what is being said about it? sweet fuck all…. and these are the VERY SAME PEOPLE who HAVE to be on board to see any positive changes in the status of fathers or the future for kids…  you assholes still think there is hope of “fixing” anything?

As it says above, and as I discussed elsewhere (look in the Head Candy section on the right re conspiracy) if the results are the same as if there were a conspiracy, then looking for a conspiracy is not merely a moot point, not merely a waste of time and resources, but often fatal.

As also discussed elsewhere in the Head Candy section, 99% of everything happens in the last 1% of time of that event, a slight exaggeration, but not much, when ships sink, when buildings collapse, when economies fall over, when societies descent into chaos and war, the vast majority of the CHANGE from the previous state to the new state happens VERY FAST right at the end, by which time you barely have time to say “oooooh shiiit” much less have time to do something to maximise your own personal survival strategy.

These *agencies* that will sell not just an entire COUNTRY, but and entire CULTURE down the river are the very same people you have to get on board to make ANY effective changes in the rights of father or men, you really think they care, or they have other fish to fry, and the feminazis and niggerz are just useful fucking idiots, as are all of todays’ politicians and so on….  because there are ALWAYS useful fucking idiots when the gravy train rolls through town.

Anecdotally my mother just sold all her gold, wiped out all her debts and overdrafts and plastic, hunker down for the long view, she didn’t just live through the last war, she served.

I felt sort of sorry for the guys paying her 95 cents on the dollar of the latest spot market prices for her gold…. thinking they are making money and cannot lose, no way are fucking gold sovereigns worth 250 Pounds Sterling each, or krugerands, or ounce ingots.

You can’t eat that shit, or swap it for food or anything else when times get tough… my mum lived through seeing that first hand, gold was just a way to get killed by people taking the longer view, nobody ever traded it for anything worth having.

January 8, 2012

The third fuck

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Some questions are difficult to answer, questions about me and the way I feel I can answer, ask me for the mechanism behind all that and it gets more difficult, how much of an independent and unbiased party am I when describing things about myself?

Such was the case when I was asked not what is wrong with wimminz today, but what it is about me, what process it is, that the wimminz fail at in that historical progression from stranger through dating through girlfriend to intimate relationship…. I will fuck you bitch, but I will not get intimate.

It was actually a good question, because it catalogues what went wrong with the wimminz, and how the changing sexual and relationship environment forced men like me to adapt and survive the new and evolving conditions.

And so on to the answer…

The first fuck is easy, the sap is rising and I want to dump my cum, so yes I will display what roissy et al call “asshole game” and attitude, and then we get together and get naked, and I can already tell if there is going to be a second fuck, but my balls need emptying so enough of that, and enough of the “I am the best fuck you will ever haveshit that was only part of the game we were both playing, like you told me you have only been with 6 men… lmfao, so I spurt and empty my balls and whatever pleasure you get out of that is your business.

At this point if your out of focus PoF photos do not match the wrinkles on your face, or your ass is bigger, or you are nuts, or you have an unpleasant voice, or basically fucking anything, it is time for me to get dressed and go. We have been together anything from 15 minutes to an hour.

Guaranteed ways to end the game right here is to start shit testing me with what wimminz want…..

If, however, none of these things are in my face too much, then I will stick around, let you rub my back etc, drink a coffee, and fuck you a second time.

The second fuck is not like the first fuck.

The second fuck requires that in that interlude after the first fuck not only were you nice to me, not only were there no too hard to ignore issues with you, you also have to posses enough of that kinky slut factor to make me want to have that second fuck, because the second fuck is more kinky, takes longer, and has to tap into that reserve in my balls that nature intended to be spurted into a second cunt.

I’d say 30% of PoF wimminz that I fuck fail at this hurdle, I get dressed and go.

So the second fuck is done, and 3 hours have passed, now you (the wimminz) have the next challenge, which is exponentially larger than the last, which is making me relaxed enough to stay around for the third fuck… the third fuck may or may not be later that night, it may be a breakfast fuck, but getting me to stick around for it is the trick.

Conversation is out, you are a wimminz, so what is in is basically waiting on me hand and foot, rubbing my back, scratching my balls, making me comfortable… if it is overnight then you’d better not snore for example.

I’d say 60% of wimminz fail at this hurdle. I have my second fuck and get dressed and go.

So the third fuck comes and goes, and then I leave, whether it be late at night having been with you 5 or 6 hours, or first thing in the morning having been there overnight.

Note well, I have talked about my PHYSICAL needs here, draining my balls, having my shoulders rubbed, having my balls scratched, being fed and watered… up until the third fuck there is nothing else you can offer me or have to offer me.

This is what feminazism and the wimminz and niggerz have done, all the talking and getting to know you and walking hand in hand and all that shit has gone, forever, never coming back…. now you have to get to the third fuck.

After the third fuck I’d say another 9% of wimminz fail at this hurdle, I get dressed and go and have no urge to come back for more at a later date.

This leaves us with 1% of the wimminz that I fuck. Which, we must remember, is probably 1% of the wimminz who I contact on PoF, which is probably 1% of the total wimminz on PoF in my area…. as I type this there are 110,000 wimminz actually on-line on a Sunday morning in my area.

On the 1% rule this means 1,100 are potentially fuckable, on the 1% rule this means 11 will have my cum dumped into them, and this is what is on-line NOW, not forgetting the constant churn in membership, not forgetting the possibility of expanding my dating area beyond 20 miles.

1% get past the third fuck, and here it starts to get really grim and turns into a bloodbath for all those wimminz expecting roses and chocolates and being whisked off to Paris for a weekend.

(disclaimer, of course my percentages are made up and off the top of my head, not the subject of actual statistical analysis, the one time I did that over a period of one year I found that approximately 1 contacts who I started chatting to on PoF turned into a fuck in real life, for every 3 that turned out to be a waste of time, so 3 wasters for every cum-bucket, the precise percentage was 21.875% fucks and 78.125% flakes)

As it type this in the beginning of 2012 I have;

  • One skank ho who made it past the third fuck, who I have no interest in as a human being, but who worships my cock, who lives only a few hundred yards away (the irony of internet dating) and who essentially performs the role of a prostitute, minus the negotiation, payment or indeed talk. This slut likes it kinky and is one of those rare wimminz who can actually give a good blow job.
  • One skank ho who made it past the third fuck, who I have no interest in as a human being, who is going to join the other handful from 2o11 who were worth of second or thirds meetings, and then it just sort of fades out… a shame in a way as she is as submissive as fuck and will use her mouth for anything, and gives a passage blowjob.
  • One skank ho who made it far enough past the third fuck to qualify as a human being, albeit a faulty one, who has thus far been what can only be classed as a very nice person towards me, but that is thus far, and I limit my interactions with her to once a month or so, which keeps her desperately keen on me, she wants much more.

And there we have it…..

Or do we? Because actually we have only just scratched the surface of the armour that I have donned as a necessary precautionary measure when venturing out into the world of wimminz and niggerz.

Dig past that and you’ll get to the “what the fuck do I want with some wrinkled old dried up bitch with sagging tits” while completely ignoring the question of my own age and experience and baggage.

Dig past that and you’ll get to the “I have to physically find you and your body sexually attractive and nice to look at” which excludes everything over weigh and over 35ish

Dig past that and you’ll get to the “You’d had better not have any limits sexually on what you will do, and how eagerly you will do it, with me.

Dig past that and we get to the whole question of CAN I actually like you, is your house tidy and clean, do you feed and water me well, can I relax in your company.

And should you make it past all that, as one of the three “contenders” up above has, instead of breaking through to the mother lode, you find yourself in free fall in limbo, because the core of me got removed for safe keeping after my last escapades with a couple of your female species, and let me tell you girl, no wimminz is ever, ever, ever going to earn my trust ever again, not even “trust lite” where I share a small secret about some minor misdemeanour’s that I may have performed at work by buggering off after lunch but charging for the whole day, because it is bad enough years later to have made up false shit thrown at you as accusations without also having the odd titbit of truth thrown in for good measure, which you, being a man, admit to being true, which is then used to make all the made up shit sound true…

SO there we have the three fucks rule.

It’s a bit like star ratings for a restaurant or hotel.

Most places / wimminz are no stars, most of the rest is one or maybe two star, and overpriced, and three star is sort of the cut off point.

There is four and five star out there, but it is ridiculously expensive, and no matter how much shit the marketing says not like your own home, quite apart from the cost.

Fuck four is not the start of intimacy, it is just the suspension, not end, suspension, of treating you like a freaky psycho skank ho, you just graduated to skank ho, possible freaky and psycho tendencies, keep under observation.

That whole chocolates and roses and walking hand in hand, that is for emotional children, those who have not been to war, those who have not seen the enemy, those who have not had to fight for their own survival and abandon their kids to the skank ho and the state.

Chocolates and roses and weekends in Paris gets filed in the same drawer as the tooth fairy and santa claus and all the other childish and innocent nonsense that gets you killed in the real world.

There is no romance in a battlefield, and a battlefield is what the feminazis skank ho wimminz and their niggers have made modern life in the western world into.

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