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February 14, 2013

As dumb as a box of rocks.

You know, sometimes you know in advance it is futile, but you have a go anyway, partly to kick the nest, partly WTF why not, partly because you want to reassess and reconfirm some things.


And so, on a swingers site I sometimes frequent, where “safe sex” is defined as vaginal or anal sex with a condom, oral sex without, in the same session, and where “bareback” is defined as dangerous and irresponsible, I decided to kick the nest.

I pointed out some facts, like condoms reduce the transmission of chlamydia by up to 26%, gonorrhoea by up to 60%, and HIV by up to 82%

I pointed out that a risk reduced by 50% equated to two fucks with a condom being the same risk as one fuck bareback with that same person.

I pointed out that whatever protection vaginal and anal sex with a condom offered, that protection was nullified the instant you indulged in oral sex in that same session with the same person(s)

I pointed out that the condom was really good at preventing infections from travelling into the penis during sex.

I pointed out that the condom actually increased the risks for transmission of some STD’s

I backed it all up with fact, suggested people go and read http://www.who.int/bulletin/volumes/82/6/454.pdf for a starting point.

I spoke nothing but truth and facts.

I had a few private messages from people telling me that I was wasting my time because most people on the site were too stupid to tip water out of a boot with the instructions written on the bottom.

I had a loooooong thread in which every single person, most of them wimminz, wilfully misinterpreted everything I said, and tried to indulge in shaming language to shut me up.


It’s not because the bitches do not know, or do not agree with what I was saying.

It’s like the looking for cocks, must be 9+” adverts / profiles, people thing these adverts profiles were written for us, the single men reading them.

They weren’t.

They were written for the niggerz these wimminz live with and are in relationshits with.

The one thing I said that was studiously ignored was when I pointed out that out of the last ten people I had met and fucked off that site, every single one of them had safe sex written in their advert, but not one of them even mentioned condoms in the flesh.

So what the fuck is it?

Well, even niggerz need to be fed crumbs to keep them believing the wimminz bullshit and to keep working at that relationshit.

See honey, it says in my H^H^H^ our profile, safe sex only, that I only bareback with my man, which is you baby

See honey, not just any cock, only the rare and freakishly deformed 9+ inchers is what it says in our profile, because you are my man and you have a wonderful cock

You see what is being done, that which they are seeking is being portrayed as something quite outside and unconnected with the relationshit, something that not only does not threaten or demean or denigrate any part of the relationshit, but something that actually strengthens it.

Yes baby, us getting an extra man or two in our bed every week really shows how strong and loving and real our relationshit is.

uh-huh, and if you object it be because you don’t trust the bitch and you is a controlling abusive mofo, and it’s not like it was your permission that was being sought anyway…


So there is illiteracy and falling educational standards and a lack of interest in anything except what the kardashians are doing today, but that isn’t the big issue, rather it is a consequence of it, collateral damage.

The big issue is you will never get anyone to understand something that their lifestyle and welfare depends upon them not understanding…. and depends on nobody else letting the cat out of the bag either…

These skewed versions of reality where there aren’t that many 9+ inch cocks out there, and hey the guy lied to me/us and measured from the asshole forwards, but he is here now so I am gonna ride that nice average cock, and while you are looking niggerz dear it is safe sex, maybe, buy you just play with me a bit while I suck this bad boys cock bare because that is safe sex too.

As anyone in sales knows, the best salesmen are the ones who are either wildly cynical manipulative or psychopathic, or those who buy their own bullshit hook line and sinker.

And that pretty much sums up all the wimminz and niggerz.

And that pretty much sums up why stating facts and evidence and hard science, as I did above, is like poking a wasps nest with a stick.

And that pretty much sums up the essential ingredient that makes porn work, nobody ever made a porn film where the bitch actually SAID anything that was not overtly sexual.

And that pretty much sums up looking at some bitches pix on the net and thinking “damn, I’d hit that” and then you have to content with the reality, a bitch that says something not overtly sexual.

And that pretty much sums up why some guys will say to other, what the fuck did you dump that Julie chick for, she had the most amazing body.

And that pretty much sums up so called modern male erectile dysfunction and lack of arousal.

It’s not that you are as thick as shit that makes you unfuckable bitch, it is the attitude you have, the attitude that depends on you being as thick as shit and denying reality and surrounding yourself with equally delusional psycho skank ho girlfriends and pussy begging niggerz, and that’s the ones with the good bodies….

It is for these people that ancient phrases such as You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink, were made for.

Me daring to chuck some FACTS about safe sex etc into the arena wasn’t about educating the illiterate and ignorant, it was me threatening the very existence of the wilfully dumb and stupid, and so within no time at all a thread is full of a hundred wimminz telling me what a worthless small penis living in his mother’s basment never get a real woman loser I am, and 99% of them were clinically obese or other wise unfuckable anyway.

And then I get one pretty damn hot and quite fuckable wimminz start sending me private messages, and when I woke up this morning I find that when she woke up this morning one of the first things she did was sit down at the computer and send me another one.

So, by deliberately setting out to alienate the unfuckable heifers in the herd, what happens, the remaining fuckable ones sit up and take notice.

It’s a tough life being an UN-reconstructed misogynistic cave man.. lol



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