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October 8, 2013

Stuck in the RAM

I have had jobs where sites stop being able to connect to the mother-ship, usually these are sites using an xDSL modem to log into the mother-ship, and login is of course by the trusty Radius server.

The problem isn’t that the cheapo xDSL modem is dead, though that is always the second thing investigated, or the cheapo xDSL line is dead, though that is always the first thing investigated, the problem is the Radius server just stopped working, and you can “fix” it by making a change that simply should not make any difference, changing the Radius password on the Radius server and xDSL modem / router.

I’ve had this on Cisco kit too, you need to TFTP a patch across so configure terminal and then give it an IP address, give your laptop and IP address and as a final sanity check before starting the TFTP you attempt to ping each box from the other, and it doesn’t work, and you can repeat the process ten times, and it won’t work, but if you reboot the Cisco box it will work first time.

Neither of these problems should exist, within the framework of “things as they should be” or rather “things as they are taught”.. for example it is heresy to suggest rebooting the Radius server, so it is discounted as a source of problems when a client site cannot log into a mother-ship, and for example it is heresy to suggest that any console / command line output from Cisco IOS is less than 100% truthful, and yet, if either of these statements were true, the fixes I used would not work.

When asked what the problem was, I say something “Was stuck in the RAM“, which is of course meaningless *and* inaccurate, but it is an explanation of sorts, and it is *far* closer to the truth than the official answers.

I’m not a coder, but I suspect the truth could be found somewhere in the realms of buffer overflows and bounds checking.

However, nobody calls a senior coder in when a remote office fails to connect to the mother-ship, (which one way or another is what 99% of my day job is about, making two sites connect to each other) so as a result you get anything *but* the truth.

As an aside, before I continue, if you are thinking that these are only problems encountered because I am working with cheap ass kit on cheap ass contracts for cheap ass clients, you would be as mistaken as you can possibly be… I absolutely guarantee that even if you have never set foot in the UK you will know 50% of the end users by brand name and reputation alone, even if they do not have a presence local to you.

Most of the kit is relatively speaking not very much money, anything from 500 to 5,000 bucks a box, and that is not a lot of money for a site that is turning over a million a week or an engineer that costs the end user 250 bucks before I even leave MY home, much less turn up on site… the kits itself is very mediocre quality, hardware wise, and that is me speaking as an engineer. Trust me on this.

Cisco kit sells because it all runs IOS, and finding people with Cisco qualifications who can write / edit / troubleshoot the config files, which are the files that tell the IOS what to do, is about as hard as finding a web designer, worst case scenario is there are several tens of thousands available for not very much about 90 milliseconds away in Mumbai.

This, by the way, is the SOLE reason everyone loves the cloud and virtual machines, virtual machines don’t have ANY hardware, so you NEVER need a field engineer to turn up and move a patch cable, power cycle to unstick the RAM, do an actual install or upgrade, or anything else…

So, back to the plot…

It’s down to ETHOS, car brakes were basically designed so the default state was that they were off, truck brakes were designed so the default state was they were on (and it took air pressure to keep them off).. so you pressurise a car system to make it stop, and you leak pressure out of a truck system to make it stop.

Ask yourself two questions;

  1. Which is safest.
  2. Which is cheapest to make.

Suddenly everything becomes clear.

Unless you are the bit of NASA writing the actual code that directly controls the spacecraft flight hardware, or the bit of GE writing the actual code that directly controls the control rods in the nuke pile, or… and I cannot think of a third fucking example…..  then option 2 always gets a look in.

Most of the time the bottom line is the bottom line.

“Good enough” (mostly)

By definition you are excluding the “one in a million” event from your calculations.

Which is great, *until* that event comes along… luckily for humanity in the sphere of my job until I fix it that means someone didn’t get their wages, someone didn’t get their stock in trade to sell, someone didn’t get a product or service that they were going to re-sell to someone else.

It can all be very serious and even life changing to the individuals concerned, but, the small print can cover that shit, nobody got killed…. fuck em…

We have had quite a few “cascade failures” in teh intertubez, they aren’t yet as serious as the power grid blackouts we have had, but then again the power grid is everywhere and literally in everything, and the net is still a relative newbie, chromebooks running exclusively on data living on a virtual machine in the cloud somewhere and 100% of fast net connectivity even to boot up into anything useful are still rare.

But the times, as Dylan said, they are a changin’

I am seeing, as a result of these changes, where the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level responses to problems simply do not work, because the RAM that is stuck is not in the local machine, it is in a central machine that MUST NOT be rebooted, or worse still, in a cloud virtual machine.

At that point the on the spot field engineer (me) can no longer just ring the remote server engineer, compare notes, agree on a likely cause and course of action, and resolve the problem.

I saw this happen, in the flesh, before my own eyes, for the first time, personally, yesterday, NetApp, unfortunately there were so many levels of virtuality that the server guy couldn’t diagnose which layer or virtual RAM was stuck, or where, and there was no possibility of simply rebooting as that would take the entire enterprise down and trash that whole day’s production, which was already sold and due to be in the shops tomorrow, or changing chap/tacacs/radius logins and resetting the problem that way… no worries, a whole new virtual machine was created, problem ignored.

Fuck it, I still get paid either way.

Asking people like me about my opinion on such things, well, that would be like asking a doctor about disease, fuck that, ask the pharma marketing machine, they have their eye on the bottom line.

September 4, 2013

Dating is a job interview.

Bear with me…

Take a look at the picture, imagine it is not a mirror image of the same girl, but two views of the same girl, your view, and my view.

You see a beautiful young wimminz, I see a filthy lying whore.Image10101

What’s the difference?

I have some data about her that you do not.

e.g. your opinion is based upon nothing more than a LACK OF DATA.

This is the basis of AWALT, all wimminz are filthy lying whores, no exceptions.

Now let’s say this wimminz is actually known to you personally, but not known to me personally, so you have some known data about her, specifically, and I have none, specifically.

Make any difference?

No, because YOUR opinion is still based upon a lack of data, whereas mine is based upon the fact that I have only ever found scorpions that have stung, and scorpions that have not yet stung, I have never yet seen a peacenik scorpion that I will let sit on my cock.


So here you go, you are a wimminz and you meet me, your first and major fuck up is that you do not view that process as an interview for a job, a job with one vacancy.

  • You think you can go trawling around a bunch of other potential employers, and I am going to sit here with the patience of a saint, just in case one day you might want to take the job.
  • When I say take the job, I mean of course turn up 10 minutes before quiting time, do your nails, fuck around on your iphone, and then demand to know where your fucking holiday pay is.
  • As / when / if you get an interview, eg meet me, which will only happen if you treat making an early appointment and turning up on time, eg as someone keen to get the fucking job, hearing that you had 497 other jobs that you quit on the day you got them, you know, because the boss was a fucking asshole, doesn’t really endear me to the idea of taking a chance on you and hiring you.
  • One previous long term employer that you parted with on good terms is the thing to aim for.
  • Like any other job, turning up with your womb turds doesn’t make you a candidate for employee of the month, while there is the danger of maternity leave for the single wimminz, in your case it is guaran-fucking-teed that there are going to be constant days off and early quits because junior has some lego lodged in his ass, plus, there is the danger of future maternity leave too.
  • Turning up with an unknown and un-checkable history doesn’t do you any favours either, I’ve been trying to fill this vacancy for 30 fucking years, and I have heard every variation of every story at least fifty times, you are not a precious snowflake and I don’t buy your bullshit excuses.
  • Expecting to get instant holiday pay, company expense account, directors car parking spot, and company medical and a promotion to CEO within 4 weeks doesn’t fly either, the job being advertised is cock and bottle washer and sammich maker, with the potential for advancement through the ranks, by becoming an invaluable employee.
  • Expecting, at the end of the interview, to be able to sign a cast iron contract guaranteeing you everything, but asking nothing from you, with no possible sacking offences, that I can’t get out of, isn’t going to make me think you are the next Tesla and everything you touch will turn to gold.
  • Having previous jobs as bukkake and felching queen and general 2 dollar whore and miss gangbang 2009 is likely to adversely affect your employability in a role that ultimately reflects upon the company and myself, ditto skank ho tats and piercings.

But, it is not all bad news…

  • You *can* take the cards on the table, ex con looking for a fresh start, willing and eager for an opportunity to shovel shit, approach.
  • The above approach doesn’t mean I see you as less, see the pictures above, you merely confirmed that data that I knew was there anyway, but, the reason you get the look in is you chose to not to try to bullshit me.
  • This approach better not end the instant the interview does and I offer you a period of trial employment, as many wimminz have found, the instant the no bullshit approach ends, so does the fucking job.
  • Being an overweight 5 isn’t a drawback either, I’ll get over firing your fat ass a lot quicker than if you were a sex bomb 10.
  • If you need extra, come to me BEFORE you go moonlighting.
  • If you call in sick to go moonlighting, don’t even bother coming in for your back pay… I already used it for your leaving party.
  • There are plenty of get rich quick con schemes out there, but this is a REAL job, with prospects measured in decades, it’s a steady living.
  • The more work YOU put in and the more loyalty you show the company, the better your long term prospects.
  • You can do a hostile takeover, but 3 seconds after your ass hits the MD’s chair the company ceases trading, the guy you just sacked took the customer base with him, 100% of them, forever.

You get the idea lay-dees….

AT this point in time the company has “progressed” to the point where merely getting an interview entails you blowing the MD (me) on the directors couch.

It may not be NASA, but a skanky ho like you ain’t even getting the URL of the fucking contact page from them, and no fucking way are you going to the moon, but at least this little wrong side of the tracks porn company has good capitalisation and a long term future ahead of it, which will put a roof over your head.

I find THIS singularly appropriate to post again.


January 16, 2012

Of sealing wax and string theory.

English: Official portrait of Deputy NASA Admi...

Image via Wikipedia

There are three separate things that I want to tie up in this post.


This (http://www.the-spearhead.com/2012/01/14/nasa-clears-the-air-on-low-energy-nukes/) post on the spearhead prompted me to write a comment calling people dumb motherfucker, and offering 500 bucks to anyone who could find that video on the NASA website, some time later Bill P posts a follow up saying hey, here is that NASA url


So, two things, because the general consensus here is I ought to pay Bill 500 bucks and I just got proved wrong.

Thing A is my mouth ran off with the 500 bucks comment, I really should not have made such statements unless I was actually willing and able to cover such a “bet” at the drop of a hat, heat of the posting moment and all that, and thing B is going to sound like making excuses not to pay out on a bet I lost, but hopefully since I already addressed that it will be clear that this is not the case, and thing B is a real thing all by itself.

Thing B is that http://technologygateway.nasa.gov/ is not, to me, the same thing as http://www.nasa.gov, the whole “technologygateway” subdomain is, to me, that essentially fucked up female marketing droid crap, a feelgood PR fluff shithole that should never ever have been allowed in the first place.

Straight engineering dope it ain’t.

I am not going to go into the whole room temperature fusion / suppressed technology crap here, I still maintain that anyone that buys into these ALWAYS TOTALLY UNSUBSTANTIATED AND NEVER EVER EVER DUPLICATED BY INDEPENDENT FACILITIES crackpot theories is indeed a dumb motherfucker, the purpose of this bit of this post is to address the fact that I was however wrong to post in the heat of the moment what sounded one hell of a lot like a serious cash bet without PROPERLY stating my criteria, and I was wrong to not state my criteria, that the technologygateway nana subdomain did not count.


No man ever had erectile dysfunction, last week I was with a chubby skank ho wimminz, and I will be honest, I could not get my cock hard, even when inside her cunt, not hard, engorged maybe, but not hard… fuck this I thinks to myself, and text one of my booty call bitches, still a skanky ho but at least she has a hot fuckable body, and guess what, no limpness in sight.

So no, you do not have erectile dysfunction, your cock just has much better taste in skank ho’s than you do, and your cock declared that bitch un-fuckable and went on strike, that is all.

Supply your cock with a more fuckable skank ho and all your “sexual function problems” will go away…

Nobody would ridicule you if you could not get an erection to fuck a hairy guys asshole, or a young child, or an animal, so why should you be subject to ridicule when the hole in question is JUST AS FUCKING ABHORRENT, but is attached to a wimminz.


Sometimes things get too much to ignore, this is from a 44 year old woman on PoF, copied and pasted, unedited in any way, these really are all her spelling, grammar, syntax and other mistakes as they appear in her advert.

“hi wel i am patricia i am looking 4 some 1 in my life as i been on my own to long and looking 4 some 1 in my life that dont lie and not just looking 4 sex fun or a 1 night stand as that not 4 me and yes i no my pic look sexy but that way i like to look so u man out thaire when u see my pic ok i am stil a good woman and not just looking 4 sex so if that all u are looking 4 plz dont tx me ok as i not like that to i am good careing woman and if u not got a pic plz dont tx as i not going to get back to u wel it 2011 stil no luck on this wot can i say now wel let see i love going out staying in cooking 4
that some 1 to love going away on wke to but if i do find that some 1 got to be slow see wear it go THANK U 4 LOOKING AT IS AND IF I NOT 4 U TAKE CARE GOD BLASS X X X WISHING U ALL THE LUCK TO”

I have to say, her picture doesn’t dispel any bad impression given by the text of the ad, a blowsy, fat old skank with sagging flesh and cheap ass skank ho tats visible, clearly been no shortage of one night stands in the past, but now all the sell by dates are gone she is actually trying to RAISE the price on what amounts to everyone one else’s leftover and used and no longer wanted cum dumpster.

The reason I am posting this here is because you always hear shit about older men should not fuck younger wimminz because when the fucking is done you have nothing in common to talk about, well quite honestly I have owned dogs that were clearly smarter and better educated than the wimminz that wrote that load of gibberish, so not only is there nothing in common to talk about AFTER fucking this particular wimminz, there is no motivation to do the fucking in the first place.

My point? She is NOT an outlier or an exceptional case, as at 44 she was born around 1968, in other words a child of the western world as corrupted by feminazism and the contraceptive pill and the welfare state, this bitch is going to seem SMART compared to what is coming down the line….

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