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August 6, 2013

Was that really last night

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One of the comments in “So, last night” from DGAF, he’s half right, there may well be naff tatts, but no cellulite, she is a skinny blonde thing, maybe a 6, but, something else.

When the boyfriend proper was there, they didn’t fuck much, and when they did you heard the bed squeaking for a minute or two maybe and that was it.

The temptation was to say that the boyfriend proper, being a beta tool, was also a lousy fuck.

The boyfriend proper is presumably still in custody, because his car is still parked outside and hasn’t moved, but she has this other guy there, who may or may not be the Tom guy that sparked the row in the first place.

So Tom and her don’t fuck much either, and guess what, the bed squeaks for a minute or two maybe and that was it.

Since the only common factor here is her, then it follow that it is her that is the lousy fuck, and just can inspire more than a quick fap fap fap out of a guy once every few days, despite her youth etc.

I have always maintained that my success with wimminz is not down to looks or charm or money or status or anything else, it is down to good sex, because I make it clear at the outset I am not interested in any wimminz who does not like it kinky.

A visual appraisal would have seen this wimminz make / pass the first cut / cull / filter, the AfOR must-be-kinky appraisal sees wimminz like this filtered out before they get anywhere near me.

I could sit here and name names and show you pictures and even videos of some of those who do make the cut, and especially some who are good enough not just for repeat performances but regular rooting, and I have to admit on a purely visual appraisal pretty much none of them would make the first cut.

It might be tempting to think that you can split wimminz along these lines, but that would be confusing the filter and results with the raw data, there are no shortage of wimminz who wouldn’t make the cut either in the visual appraisal or the kinky one, and there are almost no wimminz who make both the visual and kinky appraisal who do not do the kink for money, one way or another.

So it would be unsafe and wrong to say that pretty wimminz are crap in bed, and fugly wimminz are kinky in bed, while it is right to say that a filter for kinky sex culls 99% of the more attractive and visually fuckable wimminz from the herd.

I have had solid 9+ girlfriends in the past, and the sexy body alone was enough to make me as randy as a dog with two dicks, but the sex itself was never that good.

I have NEVER had a wimminz who was not both a 5 or less and a damn good kinky fuck as well,  turn around and suggest or even arrange for another wimminz to join us.

Again, correlation is not causation, but in the Tia Sharp murder case there were plenty of salubrious details, the mugshots of all those involved showed trailed park trash, and it was all threesome foursome moresome in a bed for the 99.9999999% of their lives when they weren’t involved in murdering and then covering up the murder of 12 year old girls.

So you can’t just baldly claim that those with fuck all else to offer education or employment or income or status or looks wise basically try to make up for it by fucking like rabbits on acid, anything goes. Correlation != Causation.

It is more accurate to state that those wimminz who were told from the age of 5 they were beautiful grow up into wimminz who spend 4 hours a day on their looks, and 4 seconds a day on practising running their tongue over a man’s balls, while those who were not told this spent an hour a day learning to iron, an hour a day learning too cook, and hour a day learning to clean, and an hour a day learning how to run their tongue over a man’s balls.

In Spain, when Franco fell, little girls stopped being taught that marriage was for life, and the way to keep a happy home was all the domestic chores, and if you were in Spain at the right time some years later you could fuck a selection of wimminz, pre and post Franco, and the pre Franco ones would get up in the morning and make you breakfast and tidy your apartment and make your bed before leaving, and the post Franco ones would get out of your bed and leave, hobbling down the hallways as they pulled their shoes on…

Indulging in kinky and perverted sex may well be immoral, but it is not illegal, and I can state with absolute conviction that just because *some* people who have immoral sex also do other illegal things, from the less serious such as prostitution up to the most serious such as murdering 12 year old girls, you could make as valid parallels about car drivers, or those who watch the Simpsons, and this is an important distinction.

These “slippery slopes” do not, in my experience deliver ever greater numbers of people to the greatest depths and extremes of depravity, vice and crime. If you like, the troughs of humanity to not get ever deeper or greater.

Instead, what happens is that the peaks of humanity are eroded away.

Widespread availability of cannabis didn’t suddenly double or treble or quadruple the number of people mainlining smack, thought that was always the argument used, one was a gateway or slippery slope to the other.

Widespread availability of cannabis did however significantly affect the number of people at the top who now take a toke and can’t be assed to get up and go to work in the morning and be a productive member of society.

My point here is that feminazim and sluttishness and skank ho single mommydom and mommy custody and all that shit doesn’t have the greatest effect at filling and deepening the troughs, despite the number coming out about the likelihood of kids “raised” by skank ho single mommies to fuck up or go to prison or jump off a high building, the real damage is all the cream that never got to rise to the surface.

The womb turd state didn’t suddenly produce a batch of rapists and burglars and arsonists and so on in never before seen numbers, what it did was stop the production of the time served engineering apprentice, the doctor, the engine driver, the pilot, the peaks of society got a shave.

This isn’t new, not the band, but the English political movement in the 1650’s the levellers, it was much of the same thing, a dumbing down, and that, really, is what Idiocracy was all about, not getting a hand job at Starbucks, but culling the cream of the crop.

I fuck kinky sluts, it’s fun, and it’s great camouflage, and if you *are* dumb enough to stick your head up and try to be counted, you *will* get it lopped off.


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