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September 4, 2012

If any of her friends are a slut….

… then so is she.

Now, when I say slut, I don’t just mean yer average skank ho with yer average cock count, I mean a slut.

I mean it’s more like a straight guy reading an illustrated book on the more bizarre and kinky gay sex fetishes, you may say “fuck it” and put the book down at Felching, but there is a whole lot more in that book and just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t make those pages vanish.

Of course a large part of this is YOU WANT IT TO STOP, so you are quite happy to accept the “it only happened once when I was drunk” excuse, but those who do not, those who persist, always find the same thing.

They find the other 499 pieces of the jigsaw.

The finished jigsaw is a picture, in that picture is at least one of “your” slut’s friends, and she is also a 500 piece jigsaw, and when you piece that one together and get another picture, you notice something, there are a few other people in both pictures.

Pick one of those people at random and they are also a 500 piece jigsaw, put it together and more of the same, your slut is there, the friend you know about, the handful of faces common in both your sluts jigsaw picture and your sluts friends jigsaw picture, and introducing a bunch of new faces too.

So that “admission” you got about her sexual “history” is really just one frame in a long, multi episode, unfinished, still filming, porno shoot / documentary, and if you were to watch the whole thing, most of her friends that you know about have various parts, from bit parts to regular guest star appearances, chances are some of YOUR friends have bit parts too, maybe not in the same scenes as your slut, or maybe just not yet in the same scenes as your slut.

In the past week two wimminz who I have fucked, one once and one twice, and one wimminz who I nearly fucked but couldn’t be assed, all decided to dump my ass…. and you know what, I have lost NOTHING of any value, on the contrary, my life is enriched for having moved on.

It’s real hard to feel any sense of loss when there is an endless supply of bit part players waiting in the wings for a walk on and spread em or walk on and kneel part in my own little porno extravaganza.

But the sluts DO love to talk, and as much as I minimise it, I do get exposed to the other side of the story, not the story you tell about your slut and the piece of her history that she admitted to you or got caught out doing, and not the bit you read on a wimminz problems / advice dating site, but the bit about the same scene in the same shoot from her perspective.

And it is like those jigsaws I was talking about earlier….

YOU love your new Ford, to the guys in the Ford dealership (who drove it before you) it’s just another fucking Ford, now, the new 2012 Merc E class….

But to the guys in the Merc dealership, its just another Merc, and the beat goes on.

After a while no new car excites you, ooh look the new 2013 Lambo, it’s just another shitbox with a wheel at each corner to me, and fucking useless at negotiating speed humps or parking in car parks

So move on to yachts, well, same deal folks, no new boat excites me, I just see holes to pour money down and a so called possession that actually is no more than a millstone around your neck tying you down.

Sure, I’ll drive and ride and sail and fuck all these 2013 models, but not on my fucking dime.

You want me to get excited about a new 500 piece jigsaw?

You want me to get excited because you found ONE FUCKING PIECE of the 500 piece jigsaw that is “your” slut’s ACTUAL sexual history?

Blokes sit down in front of trashy soap operas and go ” wow, this is just too fucking far fetched to take seriously, your estranged wife had a sex change and used to be your best friend in school, but she fucked your current wife and made her pregnant with the kid you now call son, and when she moved back into the area she knew you were there and knew you had a son, but didn’t know who your wife was, so now she and your “son” are fucking and deeply in love, meanwhile your gerbil “faggot” has hepatitis…..

Bitches lap all that crap up, because, lets face it, that IS what their 500 piece jigsaw sex lives and histories are like.

The 20 year olds and under KNOW all this shit, the smartphone generation walk around in a world where your sexual history is known, they know about the time you took on four blokes, they know about the swinger couple you see regularly for threesomes, they know you have fucked all your best friends blokes, while she was with them, they know what your cunt looks like, they know all about the 500 piece electronic jigsaw of MMS picture attachments and SMS fuck me tonite, they have seen and shared it, as you have embraced the technology they have embraced the data it carries.

Your mom is a skank ho!

No she ain’t

here’s some video of her taking on 4 guys, and none of them are your dad, but one of them is my brother and one of them is the guy from the betting shop and I dunno who the other guy or the nigger are


Fact is, if you are in your mid 30’s or over, the kids walking past your house probably know more about your sluts sexual history than you do…. hell.. “your” kids probably know more than you do.

Fact is, if you are in your 40’s or later, then what the kids walking past your house know about your slut daughters will blow your fucking mind.


November 27, 2011

What is a man, after all?

Last night‘s post about the disobedient skank ho was only half the story.

In pill-popping terms it was the delivery mechanism, and this post is the payload.

Part 1 of the payload is the after separation SMS, which from me was “so long, thanks for all the fish, don’t think we are suited but good luck” or words to that effect, and the reply from her this morning was “You don’t know anything about wimminz and you are a nothing who will never get a real wimminz but good luck on PoF

Archived to the cloud, fuck the insult, fuck the delusions, fuck everything, that morning after exchange is the icing on the cake in your defence against any and all future accusations, and that is the SOLE point of ALL your archived communications.

Part 2 of the payload is the conversation the skank and I had before I departed.

This part deals with the thorny question of what is a man, after all, and indeed what is a woman.

As I explained to the skank ho, with every human being there are two factors, one is what that person really is, and two is how they see themselves, if you like you can visualise these concepts as two lines drawn along a graph, with the time axis at the bottom, with a man, a real man not a mangina or white knight, his life is an ongoing relationship between the two, where he tries to keep the two lines as close together as possible.

What ALL human beings share in common is the belief that the gap between those two lines is very small, yes, white knights, manginas and wimminz will all think they do a pretty good job at that, like last night’s skank ho who promised total sexual obedience in bed, was totally disobedient, and yet who insisted that she was being totally obedient.

So I said to her, when you tell a child to tidy its room, and the child says I will when I finish watching Craptain Save-a-ho cartoon on the telly, is that child being obedient or disobedient, and of course to her that was obedience, to me it was disobedience.

So we come closer to a useful definition of the difference between Men and wimminz and niggerz, it isn’t the gap between the two lines on the graph, it isn’t the perception of the size of the gap between the two lines, it is however a willingness to swallow bad tasting medicine, and to make efforts to change BOTH lines, both what we actually are, perhaps by avoiding alcohol, and what we see ourselves as, perhaps by accepting that we have alcoholic tendencies.

Logically the problem with this solution / approach is that this skank’s opinion of me is just as valid as my opinion of her, we both believe we are right and neither one of us will give up our own viewpoint… it is like putting a priest and a rabbi in a room and expecting them to come to some agreement, when the reality is there are only two possible intelligent solutions, they both agree to immediately get up and leave the room together, or if prevented from doing so they both agree to meditate in silence, as it is impossible for them to converse on any subject with their differing world views.

Such an agreement was not on the cards last night, so I had the choice of unilateral action, to leave, or to meditate in silence, and you know how long that would be tolerated by a wimminz.

In effect I am stating that to be a Man, I must be passive in my dealings with other human beings, unless we mutually agree to instigate active dealings with each other, and I must also be active in my dealings with myself and my two lines on the graph.

Now, finally, we are approaching some sort of qualitative test that can be applied across the board.

It still carries the danger of subjectivity, that one person can make active changes in themselves, and another person can say yeah, but you should not be making THOSE changes, you should be making THESE changes, but the blue text above gives the clue, the passive person will not give voice to that opinion to the other person, they may think it, but not say it.

Which is a massive Red Pill moment, because we are taught that to be manly is to challenge and change the environment, and that to be passive is weak and worthless and wimpy.

I assert that passivity is manly, because in effect passivity is the refusal to create ties and bonds between yourself and the thing that you are acting passively towards, when addressed from this perspective, passivity is in fact the assertion of self and isolation over the option of we and connectivity.

So now we apply this qualitative test to those we meet, and use it to determine if they are the kind of people we wish to associate with passively, or if they are the kind of people we wish to distance ourselves from passively.

I’ll give you a clue here by pointing out that the reason I am single is I have not found a woman who passes this qualitative text, and I am not a fag so the many men who pass this text become friends and perhaps brothers in arms but no more.

The passivity link above to Wikipedia talks about passivity, and then co-mingles it with subservience and submission, typical trick cyclist bullshit rhetoric.

I like sexually submissive women, this was used by the ex’s lawyers to label me a rapist and child abuser, a domineering and aggressive monster with severe sociopathic issues who must never be allowed anywhere near his own kids.

The truth is that last night’s skank’s total lack of sexual submission very quickly made her totally lacking in all kinds of sex appeal or attraction to me, my passivity to her lack of submission was total, my cock was limp and nothing could make it hard, I no more manifested the tendencies ascribed to me by the skank ho ex’s lawyers than a guy sat behind a market stall exhibits the traits of an armed bank robber and extortionist…, he is sitting there, passively, displaying his wares, with “an invitation to treat“, he is content to deal actively only with himself and his own dealings, he prices his wares and sets them out on display, sits back and reads a book.

This secret family court red/blue pill is not therefore about the contents of the red and blue pills, or their efficacy, or side effects, or c0-morbidity, just that the red pill is a prohibited class A drug, and the blue pill is state mandated daily fare.

Protesting otherwise just gets you labelled as a psycho heroin dealer advocating that kids be given free access to heroin.

Application of the blue text above to everyone else involved in my secret family court appearances neatly categorises them, far better than any other test that I can come up with, and the more power they had over other human lives, the less passive and restrained they were in their dealings with them, and the less active and more restrained they were in dealing with themselves.

October 4, 2011

Internet dating in 2011 for advanced users.

Further to a conversation with a friend a couple of days ago…

…I thought it was time to talk about some of the more advanced aspects of internet dating.

The fact is that even if you are a hermit, typing your real name, your nickname/ handle, your email address, your mobile phone number, your street address, etc, into Google will bring up results.

Those results aren’t always “good”, particularly if you are a Man with a capital M who never indulged in politically correct crap.

You may have forgotten about the lunatic (literally) who believes that the illuminati are attempting to control his mind by way of secret signals embedded in television pictures, who you one day quite correctly on some obscure forum somewhere branded a kook, and you may have forgotten that he responded by calling you a paedophile, or you may not even have noticed because you filtered / blocked all his posts…

But Google didn’t forget.

So there you are merrily internet dating and doing very well thank you and you exchange email addresses to take things to MSN and suddenly the skank you were talking to ignores you, and you are wondering why.

Why is because she just typed your email address into Google and it came up with the kook in 2003 who accused you of being a paedophile / axe murderer / serial bigamist / whatever.

Having a rare name like Xerxes LaPlante just means that every google return sounds very very credible, having a common name like John Smith just means that every google return lumps you in with every other John Smith who ever annoyed a kook on the internet, and there are a lot of them.

So what do you do?

Well, the absolute worst fucking thing you can possibly do is to attempt to cover your tracks, because then every subsequent contact with any skank ho’s on dating sites is going to be seen in a bad light, here is the evil predator attempting to hide his history (the prosecutor will not give a fuck if said history is true or mere slander) suddenly you have fulfilled two of the three criteria necessary for you to be convicted, namely;

  1. Be stood in the dock as the accused.
  2. Be caught out in a lie or attempting to conceal something.
  3. Be unable to provide a cast iron alibi.

Specifically you just provided item #2 on the list.

Specifically in my case as you all know I was the victim of a False Rape Accusation as the opening salvo in my psycho skank ho ex’s separation / custody battle with me, and if you think rumours about that do not get on to the internet unless you are arrested and named in the Press, you need to wake up, your psycho skank ho ex will make sure those rumours are spread around the internet, just not in her name… all she has to do is anonymously email the kook you insulted in 2003…

So given that you cannot have no history, given that these cunts only ever look for material that paints you in a bad light, given that there is always going to be material that paints you in a bad light, what do you do?

You say “Fuck everyone stupid enough to believe everything they read on the internet.” and you take that attitude and you shove it in everyone’s face, and let it also be archived on the internet.

What you have then is “boy with a bad rep” who is quite happy to play the part, and frankly nobody who goes anywhere near you, employs you, fucks you, or anything else can claim innocence or victimhood.

Yes, you will get a significant proportion of skank ho’s suddenly disappearing on you, but you will not get less pussy, you are playing a numbers game and once you get to “enough” any missed pussy is not missed opportunity.

There is also the aspect to consider that any skank ho who does buy such internet gossip is probably exactly the kind of skank ho you want to avoid at all costs, so it has a positive benefit as a freak filter.

The one thing I do want to warn you about though are the groupies, the ones who read the internet gossip and who still want to know you, or worse still become fascinated by the whole thing and your devil may care, I don’t attitude to the whole thing. These groupie skank ho’s can be the kinkiest and best fucks out there, but frankly they are also kooky, so beware… be especially aware if they live within 40 miles of your own psycho skank ho ex, sure you can all spell “entrapment” so once again be especially careful to have IM / SMS / MMS / Email all archived to the cloud and no exceptions.

Do not fall into the trap of complacency either, just because your google results seem fairly safe today, google is like rust, it never sleeps, and things may be different in a week, and of course google is not the only player here, facebook etc all go into the mix and most of these sites are incestual and just index each other, yadda yadda.

You also have to watch out for emerging technologies that take a fresh look at existing data.

For instance any face pic uploaded to the internet in 2000 is probably still there, and a decade later this comes along


October 1, 2011

I got a girl she lives on a hill…

…she won’t do it but her sister will… (ZZ Top)

I have had to delay writing about this, because if I did it too quick the skank in question might have found this article and put two and two together and made twenty-two.

Basically there was this skank ho on the production line that moved up to meet in the flesh and pound that pussy status.

She only just made it on to the production line because I discovered in early discussions that her career was basically wimminz support, but she had had a career change and gone into real estate (lol) and the fact is she was unusually horny and dirty.

However, having been once bitten I made sure that my usual IM / SMS / MMS / email archives were particularly detailed and explicit, and left her on the production line and as said above moved her to actual cum bucket status.

Now, as my regular readers will know, when it comes to the wimminz I market my self as a dominant man, particularly sexually, so what I am looking for is basically a subservient and obedient slut.

No shortage of them, but as a solid rule of thumb, when exploring this with the wimminz and asking them what their “limits” are sexually, 99% of the time you get a stock answer, and that stock answer is “won’t do shit or animals or kids” and then you flesh out the details of what they will do or have done, but as I say, you get the stock answer 99+% of the time.

Except for this chick, who made a career out of working for wimminz causes, and has done the fucking lot, battered wives, abandoned mums, oppressed wimminz in the workplace, you name it.

Her response was “I have no limits

Which was interesting, not because I have always wanted a skank ho who will do 2 girls 1 cup (google it) with a child and a donkey, but because the lack of the stock answer was in conjunction with the fact that for a wimminz she was actually quite intelligent and intellectual, so I am left wondering if it is the case that she felt no need to roll out the stock answer because it should not need saying as a self-evident truth, or because she genuinely had no limits.

I will confess, at this point had she not had her history of working in wimminz causes, I would have simply blocked her as being potentially too fucking dangerous to have any contact with, but she did have this history of working in wimminz causes, and so I was fascinated.

So we met, and became regular fuckbuddies for nearly two weeks.  Yes, she was damn good, a definite 9.9 when it came to sex and a reasonable 6.5 in the looks department, considering her age (mid 30’s)

Basically I never felt any need to discover if she would fuck children and animals or wallow in shit, because her “thing”, her kink, her desires all were centred very strongly indeed on all the things that anyone working in wimminz causes should abhor…. to make her cum multiple orgasms and piss herself, all I had to do was grab her hair or throat, hard, and fist her, hard and fast, and I mean basically punching my fist in and out of her cunt like a piston… do that once and the gratitude she showed, and the willingness she showed on the promise of doing it again, meant that she was not merely willing, but eager to get as down and dirty as you like, the bitch would get on her knees and beg for permission to lick my asshole inside and out, as preparation for some hard, balls deep, throat fucking, while ignoring her need to gag or breathe.

Show the slightest amount of consideration or care or gentle caress and she got seriously upset, never put your hand on her head or caress her head when she was trying to get my cock down to her stomach, always always grab a fistful of hair, and make sure the hair was in tension, and using that grip ram her head up and down on my cock.

Without turning this into a blow by blow graphic sex story, you get the idea, the exact opposite of what you might assume a skank ho working in wimminz causes would be doing.

By the end of week two I had pretty much worked out what her gig was, and ended it by telling her that her that the fact she had two kids in school crimped my style and fucking hours / days too much, and quit quickly before she had an opportunity to consider dumping her rugrats for this bad boy…

Her gig was, she spent her career working in wimminz causes because listening to lying psycho skank ho’s tell her stories about being beaten and abused and raped by the tooth fairy made this chick’s cunt wet, it was erotic live pornography to her.

I have long suspected, particularly so after my own up close and personal introduction to these people following my psycho skank ho ex’s FRA as integral part of a separation and child custody battle, that this is what makes a lot of the cunts tick.

However, this chick was the first one that was even remotely fuckable herself, and also the first one I met in any circumstances that could have the “dating” label applied, so you see, while going large on covering my ass, I had to know.

Surmising something, and feeling its cunt muscles clench around your fist as actual indubitable physical proof of the subconscious processes at large, are two very very different things.

Before this skank I was most definitely in the AWALT and all wimminz are filthy lying ho’s, no exceptions, camp, but afterwards it was much more visceral.

Before I had first hand knowledge of living with a fucking a skank ho who later made an FRA against me, but that was only one part of the equation… the part of the equation that really had the potential to destroy my life was the part populated by all the rape squad wimminz police, the wimminz child welfare workers, the wimminz court workers, the wimminz court shrink, the mangina niggerz judge, and so on, and that part I had no experience of, outside of those “professional” encounters.

Now having biblical knowledge of at least one of the other side of that equation, suddenly an awful lot of what was going on made an awful lot of sense…. it isn’t just the case that these cunts get very well paid for fucking up men’s and children’s lives, and it turns out that for at least some of them, sticking the knife into men was not another one of their motivations, for at least some of them, their motivations are being very well paid, while getting their cunts dripping wet listening to what to them is pornography.

Should this be the case for more than this one wimminz who worked in the wimminz causes industry, then 100% of everything said in the manosphere about these cunts is not just wrong, not just dangerously wrong, but actually counter-productive.

If even 5% of these cunts work in these industries for their own personal sexual titillation, then we need a totally different approach.

Perhaps a leaf taken out of the book dealing with the stereotypical predatory paedophile in a position of authority who grooms and manipulates and controls the situation, exploiting others, for their own sexual gratification.

Perhaps, these cunts working in these industries are, according to the new expanded wimminz definition of the word, rapists, as an intrinsic part of their job, simply by being rape squad officers, child welfare workers, secret family court workers, lawyers and judges.

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