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July 29, 2012

49.9 shades of WTF!!!


Well, I really don’t like to fling the shit, I don’t mind telling it like it is, but flinging the shit is altogether more childish, so it is with some disquiet that I find myself in a place where what I am doing is only just over the border between flinging shit and telling it like it is.

So here we are, Bill over at the Spearhead has finally jumped the fucking shark with a review of 50 shades… I mean WTF, this is the sort of shit I’d expect from boyboobz clickfarm….

Fact is, if you wanted to do ANY sort of serious treatment of the books on an MRA site all you could do is cite the various legal punishments that would be meted out to the main character in the real fucking world of police and family courts for using his evil financial advantage, raping virgins and inflicting them with filthy perverted torture and abuse…

But even that schtick would be old hat for a mature MRA site like the spearhead, it may stretch as far as a 12 pane cartoon, but that’s about it.

Now we get to the bit that is perilously close to flinging shit;

I am not exactly a stranger to IT, I can tell you for a fact that 50/75 bucks a year will buy you all the web hosting and bandwidth you need, 10 gigs of server disk space, 500 gigs a month of Tier-1 backbone connectivity, just throw some Open Source code at it, say wordpress which Bill is using now, and that there is your total annual fucking cost.

There are no other fucking bills to hold your hand out for, unless you want to be a bitch and get paid for writing, in which case you’d better be turning out stuff a million times better than anything I could produce, or reviews of 50 fucking shades.

You think I write this shit, a survival guide for men, for fucking MONEY??? I do it cos like Muddy Waters said, I got it in me and it gots to get out…. some day if you meet me in real life buy me a fucking coffee or a beer if you like it enough.

I couldn’t bring myself to take your money, because then I’d be your bitch, and this site would make me its bitch too, having to produce x words per week… fuck that…

I have yet to see my first exception when a site owner starts holding out the tin, it always signifies the beginning of the end of what was once there… so far Bill isn’t doing anything to make the spearhead look like an exception.

So, that’s it for me, its gone from the links and I have it routed to in the firewall hosts file… so long and thanks for all the fish Bill.


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