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August 30, 2013

Accoms wanted

Mate of mine, in reference to stuff I have said about wimminz and the worsening economy, said go check out the accoms wanted section of gumtree in your area.

why? I asked him, just do it bro, he says, so I do, while he watches, grinning.

Damn, 85% of the adverts are wimminz looking for cheap / small / rooms / studio places to stay, and 85% of these wimminz are young wimminz, early to mid twenties. What’s more, they apparently have no womb turds to complicate matters, or to get them free social housing, depending on how you look at things.

It would appear that being born with a cunt as a form of career might well be losing its executive status….

As he says to me about the wimminz upstairs who moved a new guy in within 5 days of the old guy getting carted off in handcuffs by da po-lice, you don’t really expect the bitch to (be able to) pay the fucking rent by herself do ya?

It reminded me of a case I know of personally where an FRA was made, and the wimminz in question also asked the judge to kick the guy out of the house they both rented together, claiming he was a deadbeat anyway and she paid all the bills. She also attached a list of all the furnishings that she claimed were hers, even though she had bought none of them.

So the guy said fine, knowing what was coming, before the judge could actually make the order, he called his bro and spent 24 hours moving out and his shit, giant tv, motorcycle engines, welder, that sort of shit, and called the local house clearance people to take everything else in exchange for him paying them the equivalent of 100 bucks or so, then spent the remaining time blitzing the place clean top to bottom so it was in identical condition to when he moved in, took pictures of everything, including the two cardboard boxes of her clothes, and the one piece of furniture she had actually bought, a sideboard.

Hands the key back to the landlord and walks away.

He hears back from the landlord three months later that the bitch moved in, then six weeks later gave her notice in, seems she couldn’t afford to run the place herself, which is strange, because she should have been BETTER off, what without his dead beat ass to support.

That’s the thing about “independent” wimminz, if they really are independent and living off their own wages, they never have a pot to piss in, and at best live in a room in a shared house, but “friends” it ain’t.

If they have a pot to piss in, then they are never independent, some way or another it is always big daddy state contributing heavily… or some dead beat guy whose resources they are living off, while telling the world & dog that they are actually supporting him.

Of course wimminz always were suckers for status.

You could give a guy a job title of “shit shoveller”, pay him 30k a year and he would be quite happy.

You can give a wimminz a job title of “manager”, pay her 15k a year and she is quite happy.

In my day job I walk into retail outlets run by wimminz and niggerz “managers” on this kind of money, 16k a year, they work antisocial split shift hours in retail, and they act all happy when regional management get on the blower and set them a “challenge” to defrost 3 freezers a night when the shop is shut.

I don’t have the heart to tell them that the one hour I am spending in their office reading something on my Galaxy Note 10.1 while on hold to Mumbai waiting for the green light to move the patch cable from port 5 on the switch to port 17 is the only work I will be doing that day, and I’m on more money than them… and I get other benefits.. and a free car and fuel… and expenses so my lunch is paid…

Speaking of which it is basically September now, and management have sent me an email reminding me that I *still* have 19 days of (paid) holiday to use up before the year’s end, which is basically a month off.

I do so wish I was something important like a “manager” and not some lowly “oh, you’re the internet guy”…

It is such a trial having money in the bank, and no-one to spend it on except myself, and all bills paid in full the instant they land.

It was so awful that last month the skank ho I was banging regular-ish was a bit short at the end of the month, well, she was driving herself over to my place every week which was 100 miles each way, so I bung her a fifty saying here you go, pay me back when you can, and she made huge protestations of paying me back cos she don’t take charidee.. no siree… before sticking her tongue up my ass in gratitude.

So when it came time to kick the bitch to the kerb and she made noise about paying me back someday at 5 cents a week I could just be all cool and say hey, no worries bitch, keep the fifty, nobody can say I don’t pay my ho’s…

it was one of those “priceless” meme moments

That shit made me smile for a whole week.

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