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January 2, 2012

You say po-tay-toe, I say pah-ter-nity

This one really does come under the heading of shit you can’t say, because they will shoot the messenger.

I am of an age, my folks were fairly well off, which is why I was able to discover dad’s 8mm cine film porn stash, and by accident find in there a home movie of my saintly and pure mum fucking some other guy…

Most kids my age didn’t have parents who were wealthy enough to own their own multimedia recording and playback apparatus, VHS was still in the design stage and at that only recorded broadcast TV.

Fast forwards to 2012 AD and most young teenagers have their own multimedia recording, playback and distribution equipment, mobile phones, and are busy producing what can only legally be classified as extreme child pornography.

You always find unusual answers in unusual places, you talk to someone who does blood work and tissue typing in a hospital department that deals with transplants, and instead of an interesting conversation about organ donation, transplants and organ rejection and suchlike, you have a completely different kind of conversation in which you do not discover just how many “fathershave been cuckolded, you find out how fucking few have not

You hear things like 35% being an absolute minimum head in the sand best possible case scenario for the percentage of kids who are not in fact fathered by the man they think, with a real world sensible figure of at last 50%.

Then you go on the internet and read all about skank ho’s and bad boy sperm… I have a confession to make, it is a confession to myself, just because I did not rape my psycho skank ho ex, or do any of the other shit she accused me of… that doesn’t make me a saint… I have been the proverbial bad boy…. that is what attracted her to me in the first place.

Just as I have probably spent most of my life minimising my “bad boy” ness, 100% of manginas and niggerz minimise their pussy whipped-ness, shades of “Physician, heal thyself“…

Being brutally honest I guess I always got away with being a bad boy because I had a certain charm, a certain style, an easy smile, I never hurt anyone, never stole from them, perhaps I could describe myself as a “bounder” or a “cad“, but again, perhaps I am romanticizing it.

What label should you put on it when your wife tells you she isn’t in the mood, then sneaks downstairs to blow the house-guest every morning and night? How about when it is a mother and a daughter, how about when it is two sisters, how about when it is two best friends?

What label do you put on it when some skank on PoF says to me “You might be an axe murderer” when I suggest we meet and she buys me coffee, and when I automatically respond, contrary to everything you have ever been told about the wimminz “I might be, the only definite thing is it makes your cunt drip.” and fully 50% of them snigger and carry on talking to me and eventually make a date…

What label do you put on it when at least half the wimminz on PoF, which is the same as saying at least half the wimminz on the fucking planet, lay out a list of things they abso-fucking-lutely will not do, participate in or enjoy, and if you are dumb enough to listen to them they drop you like runny shit, and if you laugh at them and their protestations that they do not and will not take it up the ass, painful or not, they will carry on talking and then book a fucking room.

What label do you put on it when you text some skank ho and tell her that if she did a better job of making herself and her holes available for your use on demand you’d use them more, and her response is to get hot and horny and basically request the pleasure of being your cumbucket later in the day, turn up, fuck, leave, no conversation or anything.

We have gone SO FUCKING FAR OFF COURSE with modern sexuality that almost none of you fuckers out there have a clue.

The wimminz have completely and utterly lost the fucking plot, now that they hold the upper hand legally and big sister state is the dyke husband and enforcer, there is no perversion that counts as being perverse any more.

Tell me something, if paedophilia and child abuse is such a fucking evil male attribute, how come there is always a handful of wimminz for the MSM to studiously ignore and for everyone else to try to paint as a victim?

Take the Vanessa George case, one man, three wimminz, so of course the wimminz, who actually physically abused the kids, were the fucking victims, while the man, who remained “virtual” throughout, is the evil manipulative and controlling fucking ringleader.

You can repeat ad infinitum with Fred & Rose West, the Moors Murders, etc etc etc I am not trying to minimise the roles that the men played in these cases, far from it, I am trying to be realistic, the wimminz were not mere pawns, mere cyphers, mere playthings of the evil men…

In every case these were wimminz who were outside the checks and controls of the evil patriarchal society, and now we have a society full of wimminz who are outside the checks and controls of the evil patriarchy…

In effect, wimminz with no paternity, what does it give us?

It gives us the most mind fuckingly kinky, filthy, perverse and sluttish cunt controlled creatures you can ever imagine.

12 months ago, at the beginning of 2011 you could go on PoF, grab a thousand wimminz a random, and get talking to them, and when you popped the question “what (sexual) things would you not do?” you always, always, always, got a three part response.

Shit / Animals / Kids

I haven’t had a three part response for 6 months.

I get “Kids”, and a halfhearted attempt to pretty up everything else by some variation of trying anything once and if I don’t like it I won’t do it again….. and frankly a lot of the time I don’t believe them when they say kids either….

Now, whether this is down to shifting values in the marketplace and wimminz feeling they need to compete, or whether it is wimminz competing with each other that is shifting values in the marketplace, who knows.

All I do know is this year is not even 2 days old and the first PoF skank of the year has booked the hotel for tomorrow night so it looks like being a good year for bad boys… lol

Footnote – I must return to 12 hour day work for a few weeks, I have enjoyed the break over the holidays, but as in the period before the holidays it means my posting rate will drop back to one or so a week until the end of January at least.

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