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September 5, 2013

Politicians, managers, wimminz…

They all appear to have one thing in common.

They all have an idea, a plan, an agenda, that they are pushing forwards, and reality on the ground and anything and everything else contradicting this is simply dismissed as not being relevant, or representative, or important, or real.

This is why Syria is just the latest in a series of geopolitical events to trouble me.

Cameron doesn’t know anything about the reality on the ground in various parts of London, much less say rural Dorset, yet they are pontificating about a completely different country with a completely foreign culture and history and geography.

And yes, I get the whole they are just puppets and figureheads thing, but that is just an excuse, the same could be said for Assad or Putin or anyone else.

It is all shades of claiming that Jim Carrey was actually a wuuuunderful thespian, and so he should have no personal blame attached whatsoever for being Ace Ventura etc. Bollocks, he took the fucking money, so suck it down.

You kill something by cutting off the head, if it is just a figurehead and the creature still lives, you achieved two things, you killed the whore acting as figurehead, and you revealed the nature of the creature that employed it.

The internet achieved that decapitation process, not as well as it could have, but more effectively than everything that went before put together.

Just one lifetime ago Goebbels and his peers knew that all you had to do was tell the pubic that X is an enemy and means us immediate harm, and up until that point that had been true for the entirety of human history.

True, satellite TV broadcasting and so called media groups that control television, newspapers, radio, film and music all under one roof are a pestilence, but they aren’t the only game in town.

I know *lots* of intelligent people who publicly subscribe to all sorts of off the wall cults, the more ludicrous the better, and they don’t actually believe one iota of it, it is just camouflage and an opportunity to party and meet in the flesh, and in reality they are hip to what is going on, and mercilessly cynical and sceptical of *everything* spoon fed by the MSM.

Are they paranoid?

Well, it is only paranoia if the other guy isn’t out to fuck you over, and by any actual metric you care to use, the greatest threat facing any individual western citizen at the moment is his own state, and his fellow sheeple.

If person X is able to make decisions that adversely affect my life, which in a modern technological society means there are a *lot* of person X’s out there, do I really care if their MOTIVE for that bad decision was because they thought they knew it all, or they had an agenda to push, or they were pre-occupied with the latest episode of Draghi Boo Boo or Syria’s Got Talent or I’m a Shi-ite, Get Me Out Of Here or Scud Factor?

Back in the days when we fought actual dirty on the ground wars with infantry, it was well known that a friendly bullet would kill you just as dead as an enemy bullet.

Ideas and beliefs and agendas are the same as bullets, a friendly one will fuck you up just as much as an enemy one, there isn’t one iota of difference to you.

Don’t kid yourself, it is amateur night out there, a bonfire of the vanities, and these are the people both pulling the strings and acting as willing puppets.

May 31, 2012

You picked the wrong man to ask the right question.

It is a popular myth, and indeed a created and crafted myth, that while we today are smart, we are smarter than those in the past, and while we today are smart, we aren’t smart enough because the problems are just too big and complex you see…

The subject / title of this post is by the way a direct quote from a Greek, in 1971, 5 years into the military coup after their last economic collapse.

I was fortunate enough to tour Cyprus, the entire island, that year, the last year you could do so, because Turkey invaded…

… fast forwards to 2012, and Greece is on the ropes again, the puppet government just had secret talks with the generals, and the Turks just changed the name of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to the Turkish Republic of Cyprus… interesting times.

For those of you who do not know Europe… Greece is “odd”, it is not a western country, but neither is it a middle eastern country, rather it is like a mix that did not work, think milk and alcohol, whereas Turkey and the Ottomans is clearly middle eastern in flavour, with western influences like veins running through marble.

Further north we have the soviets, further south we have the Med separating off Africa, but the Greek / Turkish border has always been a locus.

The best way to protect such a border is to turn it in to a minefield, and the purpose of a minefield is to be inhospitable, and the territory inside a minefield does not matter to those who live outside it.

Better for the rest of Europe to fight a land war in the Balkans and Crimea than on their own soil, and all that good stuff.

Which brings me right back to the title of this piece, and the hidden facts behind it.

There have always been no shortage of men on the street who knew EXACTLY what the fuck was going on, who knew how to express it eloquently and simply, in phrases such as those above, while themselves living under the hammer of state oppression.

Twain said history does not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme, and the fact is that the cattle are a lot easier to manage if they never learn the lyrics of the song.

The map above tells you everything you need to know about a great method for resetting the world’s economic / monetary / social / cultural policies, and doing so in a way that is “outside” the home soil of all of those with a problem… the only problem is wildfires tend to spread.

Interesting motherfucking times indeed.

September 14, 2011

The Perfect Storm

We are living in a powder keg.

Hopefully it is not too much of a stretch to suggest that those of you who read this blog are smarter than the average bear, you have your eyes and ears open, you use your brain, you are permanently on DEFCON 2 survival mode, probably due to being attacked out of the blue by some skank ex.

Hopefully you have been following some of the links on the Men’s links area on the right with some regularity, despite the fact that they have sweet fuck all, on the face of it, to do with the MRM, but because they are interesting and you are smart enough to see the interconnectedness of all things, and see that global economics and politics and finance all have a very profound effect on the future of Men.

Hopefully, because we really are living in very very interesting times, the world has become a veritable powder keg, and all the major players and busy upending and tipping out the remaining casks of powder to either steal the cask itself and sell it at the market, or to look for gold coins or other valuables hidden within the powder.

It stands to reason, with all the inevitability of an adult watching children playing with matches or a sharp knife, sooner or later someone is going to make a mistake, unfortunately for us, these are not matches or knives, these are the powder keg off the global situation at present.

There are so many players, all with their own agendas, and nobody is playing the responsible adult, nobody is enforcing safety rules and procedures, meanwhile the great unwashed masses continue to be distracted by the MSM and manufactured crises and trivialities, many of them centred around the alleged plight of some skank ho, or group of skank ho’s, or maybe a cute puppy stuck in a drain.

All those who remember the last time we lived in such a powder keg are in their nineties, or pushing up the daisies already, and nobody reads or studies history, the mantra as always is “lessons have been learned” and “that cannot happen now because things are different” and “nobody wants to destroy everything”

As though kids playing with matches want to get burned, and once lessons are learned you become an adult and stop acting like a child, and the only way things change so more kids cannot get burned is the parents who have learned the lessons and become adults supervising the children and keeping them away from matches.

Obviously, none of THOSE things are true, so clearly all the platitudes and excuses are nothing more than hot air.

When you realise that, you realise that the only thing preventing a spark in the powder keg is pure blind luck, not rules, not procedures, not common sense, not enforced safety procedures, not a responsible adult, nor even responsible children.

All we have are children who point to all the other children emptying caskets of powder, who point to all the powder lying around, and who say “it has ever been thus, we are not like the crazy and irresponsible children of yore of which you speak” and who continue to play amongst the spilled powder, all pursuing their own selfish and short term goals.

As Mark Twain said, history does not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.

Something that rhymes with the Great Depression or the Great War is in our immediate future.

How did the wimminz react last time? Well the Pankhurst cunt did a deal with the Prime Minister to hand out white feathers to men on the street to shame them into signing up to become lions slaughtered by donkeys in the quagmire of the Somme, in exchange for the vote for wimminz, who did not, as fucking usual, go anywhere near the front lines…. backed up as usual by a lot of white nighting mangina niggerz who did the dirty work but who themselves mananged to stay far away from the same front lines they were sheperding other men into.

The perfect storm when some stupid self centred child causes the spark in the socio-political-economic powder keg is imminent, and then you men will really begin to understand what it means when the wimminz double down in an attempt to sacrifice anything and everything to preserve and enhance their own priviledged status…

A market collapse allied with USA/UN veto of Palestine admission at the behest of Israel while the rising star of Turkey eclipses the falling pyre of Israel is all it takes, this is effectively taking those children playing in the powder keg and passing out cigarettes and matches.

What could possibly go wrong?

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