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July 3, 2014

Luddites, or something else.

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Over at the Slog, John is yet again moaning about what a lot of bastards Microsoft are, it’s not that MS shit won’t work, or can’t be made to work, it is that it doesn’t work in EXACTLY the same user interface way as he *wants* it to work.

One of his commenter’s was whining about that fact that somewhere around the 98/Me/Xp days, those evil bastards at microshaft swapped around the order in which My Documents and My Pictures appeared on the menu’s, confusing the living shit out of everyone, who had to relearn how to use an OS as a result.

John goes on to tell us that Windows 8 & 8.1 are also a steaming pile of shit, blissfully unaware of the fact that Windows Server 2012 is basically windows 8 with bits added… of course what he really means is the new GUI confuses him, shit ain’t where it used to be.

Was talking to someone else about bridge cameras, they’d just bought a Sony, I went all meh, Sony are on my shit-list and have been for many years now, since before the root-kit fiasco, so what would you have bought, they ask, in that price bracket? Canon SX50HS, no contest. No question. No hesitation.

Oh no, they looked at that and didn’t buy it because it got a 1 star review from another old experienced photography hand who said the EV (electronic viewfinder) was total shit, they refused to use the rear LCD screen, cos they have always used the viewfinder to compose…  plus the Canon only has 12 mega-pixels, and the Sony has 20… so it’s better.

Now I grew up around photography, Dad had Rollei’s and 8mm clockwork cine cameras, back in the day, I’ve known several true pro photographers, and by true pro I mean mainstream media, their pics made the front page and the reuters wire, know one now, who estimates it would cost him in excess of quarter of a million dollars US to replace all his kit, and this is shit he uses all the time, not a collection on a shelf, he carries a Canon SX50HS *as well* as everything else, he says everyone else can make do with *just* an SX50, it will do everything they could ask, and they aren’t good enough to use better.

I agree with him, but lots of people on Amazon for instance do not, they think it is a shit camera.

I’ve sat in this guy’s garden and he has taken 6 pictures with the SX50 and leaned over and handed it to me and I have taken 6, then we go inside, his pictures were fucking jaw droppingly good and eye popping and wow, mine were sooooo much better than they would have been with a smart-phone camera…lol… but you could printed all 12 out and stopped some random fuck on the street and said sort these into two groups, the 6 you like the best and the 6 you like the least, and you know mine would have been in the 6 they liked the least.

Having said that, that demo was enough to get me to go on Amazon and order one there and then, and a few extras, remote control, spare battery, carry case, etc.

He came back out with about 8k worth of DSLR and lens (EOS 1DX), and took the same six shots, we went inside, as he said, unless you were blowing them up to poster size, not a lot in it, if we repeated the test at midnight, OK, there you would have seen a *clear* difference, but UK£8,000 worth? Only if you did that shit for a living…. and could bill it back… he can, people will and do pay him £2,500 a pop for a single photo.

Same as JW thinks Microsoft is all shit, (then he goes and buys a shitty little HP laptop with Win 8 and starts complaining about MS…) and it is always the same refrain.

I doesn’t do what I want it to do, the way I want it to do it, by pressing the buttons I want to press.

Shades of my pro photographer mate, nobody I know of any age or experience who works in IT actually thinks MS is complete shit, sure, they think there are a lot of people running 2012 server on boxes that really do not require it, but that’s matey and the SX50 HS vs EOS 1DX comparison again.

Or indeed the 2014 Mk7 1.6 blue-motion diesel golf vs Audi R8 comparison…. for legal road use where you intend to actually keep your licence… the £125k Audi is no better or faster A to B than the £22k VW, for 99.999% of users.

Being better and faster on the Autobahn doesn’t apply unless you actually drive the fucking autobahn’s regularly…. and then you need the actual driving skill and ability as well…

I don’t think any of these people are actually Luddites, per se..

As said in the previous post, technically a Luddite is someone who throws clogs in the new machines to break them, as the new machines threaten their old way of life.

The JW’s of this world are a different kettle of fish, it isn’t a case of deliberately breaking something, it is the case of being unable to use it properly, and being unwilling to learn how.

Now, while I do not expect everyone to be renaissance man…….. let’s look at my mum, she has never used a PC, or a tablet, or a smartphone, or the internet, nor does she have any interest in any of these things, none at all, she is quite happy with her digital terrestrial satellite TV, DVD/CD/MP3 player, music centre for audio CD’s and Radio and LP’s, books, and so on, and the landline push button telephone.

It’s not that she is *incapable* of learning how to use a PC, she just has no interest.

Contrast this with the JW’s of this world, who insist on using one, in order to publish his blog, but, being brutally honest, flatly refuse to learn how to use one properly, and insists instead that it is the evil and shit Microsoft who cannot write an operating system and application software exactly the way JW likes.

I deleted his blog link some time ago, because it became increasingly evident that far from merely falling short of some idealised lofty goal of being a renaissance man, JW is in fact nothing more than a fucking idiot.

In this case, his whole attitude towards MS etc *is* indicative of his general intellect and ability to perceive the world as it really is.

Even fucking idiots can be right about some things some of the time, and that’s how I ended up adding a link to him in the first place, more fool me…

More fool me because of the innate human tendency to cut someone some slack on items D through Q if you know that items A, B & C they were pretty much spot on with, so you give items D through Q head time that you would not have done otherwise.

It’s shades of Ben Bernanke refusing to accept that if QE as applied by him doesn’t fucking work, then the fault does not lie with him, or how he is using tool X, but instead the fault lies with the tool itself, or worse still, the material the tool is being used to modify.

A bad workman always blames his tools.

As a proverb this goes back at least as far as 1290 AD

I have come to the conclusion that no matter what specific field it is that the “workman” in question is blaming his “tools” for, no matter how distant that field appears to be from the subject in question, the fact that he is doing so is such a profound statement about the character of the “workman” themselves, that suddenly it becomes very relevant, not just to this field too, but to any and every field that “workman” may touch.

As in, it is a fucking serious and base and ripples-like-veins-through-marble fucking character flaw.

As in, it’s like a wimminz with dyed bright RED hair, that tells you enough, there are NO areas of her character that are worth a damn, or safe enough for you to be in any proximity of any kind to.

April 5, 2014

The Personal Computer – part two

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(before I get stuck in too far, it is already obvious from comments and messages that not everyone agrees with my take, that’s fine, everything I say is always of necessity and personal viewpoint, but that does not necessarily make it invalid, just because it is not your viewpoint, just because it differs from yours… these things are / were true at the time, both to me, and those who I met)

So, in part one we hopefully got the point across that the PC as we know it today, and the OS, is really an iterative function that survived 25+ years of marketing and sales, rather than an iterative function that evolved through 25+ years of refinement and development and natural selection.00717_0015

If you watched The Pirates of Silicon Valley (itself a retelling rather than a fly on the wall CCTV compilation) hopefully you came away with the idea that Gates and Microsoft won simply because Gates and Microsoft excelled at “business”.

Don’t forget you could just go out and buy a personal computer in 1975, the Altair 8800, this was already out there in the environment that Woz and Jobs and Gates et al found themselves in.

But stories like these are incomplete, in ways that you won’t understand without also having watched things like James Burke’s “Connections” series from the seventies.

You also have to follow stories like BBC Horizon “Now the Chips are Down” from 1977, talking about the “Fairchildren” and Intel and so on, and stories about the development of spinning rust, hard disk technology. And none of the above are sufficient unless you also watched the 8 part series BBS, The Documentary, from 2001, particularly part 8, compression, the true story of PKZip… so many shades of Q-DOS and Microsoft.

And out of this frothing sea of pre-biotic stew, life crept and crawled ashore.

I’m in my fifties, and that is as young as you can be and remember the introduction of consumer devices featuring the electronic transistor in the commercial marketplace…. so in many ways it is also as young as you can be and also remember the silicon chip, and computing, and then personal computing, all coming in for the first time.

So, hell, I have a dial up modem ring-tone on my Samsung Note2, you’d be amazed how few actually know what that noise is….

It’s a bit like meeting some chick in her late thirties, you only have her word on how many cocks she has ridden, how many three/ four / moresomes, how many porn flicks, whereas I grew up with her, I know ALL that shit.

You get some more data points, for example you watch all those films I mention above, which will take you 10 or 12 hours, and now you think you know everything, you don’t, you are just more informed and less ignorant.

You will never get the perspective I have, unless you also went to school, and they taught you about ASCII 5 hole punched tape and matrices, because this was the shit you were going to need to know, in this new world of computers… probably barely 6 years after those schoolroom lessons I had my own 8 bit personal computer, and you typed shit into it on an alphanumeric keyboard to make it work…. to this day I have never either actually PERSONALLY used a punched tape or matrix to program or input data into a computer.

And don’t get me started on hacker vs cracker, in fact, nobody puts it much better than dick osband… http://cheshirecatalyst.com/identity.html

SO, we are talking about Personal Computers, and in many ways this Socket 2011 i7 X79 SSD Win7 job I am typing this on is doing EXACTLY the same job as my first 8 bit monstrosity and acoustic coupler giving me 300 cps and 4/500 quid a month phone bills into various BBS’s etc.

It is allowing and facilitating me communicating with other individuals, too dispersed around the planet to simply walk out my door and 10 minutes down the road to meet.

As Personal Computers advanced, again, my early ones did remarkably similar things, I played games, I played with editing graphics, I played with music, I played with I/O… in many ways it was the same device you’d find at work, was that a work computer or a personal computer, good question.

Because although “personal computer” has one meaning, which is a computer in your home that is not your work computer on your desk at work that your employer owns, it is your personal car, not your company car, it originally had another meaning entirely.

The original meaning of “personal computer” meant “not a thin client or dumb terminal“, eg processing etc was done locally, not remotely on the mainframe.

My mobile phone works this way, it is just a thin client / dumb terminal for the telco “mainframe” network of towers and switching and routing centres etc.

If we are stood 400 yards away from each other on the opposite sides of a river, and the telco “mainframe” goes down, what we now call “no signal”, then we cannot talk to each other or send SMS to each other, these are not “personal” voice and SMS communication devices in the way that two walkie talkies would be.

This is a vital point that you really need to think about and absorb, before we can move on to part 3.

The modern analogy to the personal computing revolution that my generation lived through, is if you could go out and buy a mobile phone, no sim, no telco contract, no nothing, and talk DIRECTLY to any other person on the planet.

DIRECTLY in this case means the call goes directly to them, it doesn’t depend on or route through the telco system at all.

IN THEORY mesh networking could ultimately do this.

In practice the middle ground is no voice calling of any kind, nor 2g, or 3g, or anything else, just wireless network data comms and VOIP, as far as the network is concerned your VOIP call is routed the same way your email is, over the same circuits, with possibly some QOS to differentiate the two, but that is about it.

Once you can grasp this, the universal personal communications device that requires no sim and no telco and no contract and no usage billing or allowances, and nobody else’s permission to use, but makes direct calls to whoever you wish, wherever they are, then you are ready for part three.

…. to be continued….

December 31, 2013

NSA, sex or spying

It amuses me that the National Security Agency shares an acronym with a type of casual sex known as No Strings Attached.

It amuses me that millions of people can watch Bond movies and be amazed at the gadgets from Q division, then act horrified when they find out the NSA (and every fucker else) has 99 different ways to hack into a PC including embedding shit in VGA cables, USB cables, RJ45 ports, etc etc etc


It amuses me that so many people think you have said something profound and intelligent when you say “And Bill Gates walks into a Shanghai sneaker factory, and everyone is a millionaire, on average….” into a conversation about cost of living and inflation and average wages.

It amuses me that when people discuss distasteful stuff like paedophilia or incest or bestiality, they think that evil abusers + poor victims = 99% of all cases, and not just the 1% of all cases that were so unhappy about it they complained, when there is no particular real reason for only these crimes to be comprised only of abusers and victims, which doesn’t add up, for every other crime there is a whole milieu of activity that may well be criminal, but all the participants are quite happy to carry on partaking.

It amuses me that merely asking for a scientific proof of something before making a law criminalising everyone is equated to being either an apologist for that thing or worse still a believer in that thing.

It amuses me that at 14:07 hours someone can be quite happy to live in a certain place, talk to a certain person, buy a certain product, and at 14:08, though nothing FACTUAL has changed one iota, except that someone just got some extra data that they personally were not aware of before, they are no longer happy about anything.

It amuses me perhaps most of all that despite the fact that we now live in a 24/7 world of IT, and despite the fact that my job is field engineer, and my office is manned 24/7 and I am on call, the traditional 2 week fuck all happens Christmas and new year hiatus still applies, and January will be as dead as it always is in IT, when there is zero technical or physical reason for this seasonal hiatus, yet, when it is over, suddenly everything is going to be very very very urgent all over again.


I’ve spent that last couple of days talking to a couple of guys determined to better themselves, and to this end they are investing a considerable amount of their own time and own money to get Cisco and Microsoft certification.

So they turned to me, as someone actually earning money in this field, for my opinion, it wasn’t what they thought it would be, as inevitably you can’t discuss employment and salary without touching on the wider economy… but… here is what I told them.


At my level / role / position, you can’t really extrapolate to other roles / levels positions, sure, a full set of Cisco and MS certificates will be the kind of thing the guy pulling a solid high 5 low 6 digit salary will be holding, and sure, that guy will have forgotten more about such subjects than I will ever know, but….


You can’t say with any authority that having all those certs will guarantee you that sort of job at that sort of salary, but you can pretty much guarantee that if you do have (the full set) them, nobody is going to offer you MY job at MY pay scale, even if you were happy enough to take it.


So, despite it being the same field, that guy with all the certs, and me with decades of field experience, actually don’t have much in common, any more than the guy who fills the ATM at your local bank branch has in common with the regional accountant for that same bank.


At *my* level, I tend to see the same faults over and over and over again, do the job 12 months and you have probably seen them all at least once, that doesn’t really give you/me a good basis for assessing the value of the full set of certs, or the capabilities of someone with them… however….


Two other things that are not necessarily congruent are a body holding a full set of certs, and that same body actually having a functioning brain…. I have *literally* had conversations with people holding said certificates doing the remote while I am on-site, and I have had to repeat myself three fucking times to explain the concept of a fucking “air gap”, eg the cable ain’t plugged in / there is no electrical or data connection, ergo no data is going to pass between these two items, eg the thing you are talking about cannot fucking physically happen.

So of course the obvious parallels here are to our leaders, our bosses, our CEO’s, our bankers and economists and politicians.

They are all certificated up the wazoo too, but, we only notice the ones with the certification who can’t do the fucking job, because they have the certs but not a functioning brain.

I *do* come across those who have the certs *and* a functioning brain, in fact quite a lot of my fellow employees and colleagues fall into that category… but I recognise that I am in the minority in being able to say that, if I worked in retail for instance I would not be able to.

Which brings us back to our two chaps pursuing certification.

They are in place X career / employment wise, and they hope these bits of paper will put them in place Y career / employment wise, because, being brutally honest here, these are about the only options on the table.

Statistically speaking, they have as much chance of making it to that high 5 low 6 digit salary in a place Y career as they do of getting a job alongside me, but at least the path they are taking has an established procedure, the path I took looks like nothing more than random chance / luck / chaos theory at work.

Speaking factually, the guy who took a chance on me and gave me the job was worried, even after spending a couple of weeks at HQ boning up on their shit, because the only way he could asses me was to ask me a couple of questions, just like an exam, just like a cert…. and my answers were correct, but slow in coming, because I was running through them in detail before actually speaking.

Meanwhile the guy who has spent two weeks with me making sure I knew their shit told the other guy “he’ll be fine” – “you sure?” – “yup

Which very very neatly highlights the problem with certs.

Cisco and MS particularly try to address this by making the exams *hard* as in you get hundreds of questions that cover all areas of everything, but then you get a vicious feedback cycle, and the tuition then becomes cramming and committing to memory type learning, rather than real understanding type learning.

So I will get guys who hold ALL the certs telling me that the noise, signal and attenuation numbers for the line, which are measures in dB, which is a logarithmic scale, don’t really matter, because the coursework is concerned with how for example a xDSL connection works in theory, but to understand that properly you have to understand the telecomms side of things and the cabling side of things to, which these certs don’t cover.

This started YEARS ago, I am one of the last few that experienced a secondary school eduction that featured “Chemistry” lessons, and “Physical Chemistry” lessons (ditto physics etc) where you actually went into the chemistry lab and attempted to replicate what you had learned from the books in the classroom based chemistry lessons.

I won’t even bother trying to number the amount of times or regularity with which I would sit there in the class just not getting any of the shit I was being taught, sure, I was hearing it, and could muddle through when coaxed by the teacher, but none of it was sinking in or making any proper sense, I wasn’t actually LEARNING…. then we would go to the lab, try and replicate that stuff physically, and suddenly it all just fell into place and made sense, made so much sense that my brain took it, processed it, and ran with it, so for example we were being taught at 13/14 about the various bonds and structures of the various forms of carbon (this was before buckminster) and it became obvious that these were like the tiles on a floor, great, but what happens at the edges, if you print all these out of paper and cut the paper in half you get all messy sticky out bits, aha, teacher says, surface chemistry, this is a whole other field of chemistry, go to university if you want to study THAT…

You see the problem here.

You end up with certificates up the wazoo types, which is a bit like those that persevered in classroom chemistry, they’re good, but there is little true knowledge and understanding. Ther can fire up the CAD workstation and simulators and design a car.

And the me types, haven’t got a (relevant to Cisco or MS) piece of paper to wipe my ass with, but, within the limited roles of responsibility that I have, eg a grease monkey for t’intertubez, I’m a good guy.

Nowhere is there an Issigonis, a Chapman, a Brunel, and more importantly, nowhere is there the kind of guy they would employ and work with on a day to day basis….

Which makes it really difficult, getting back to the two guys pursuing certs, to know what to say, or advise them, or even just how much truth in required when answering their questions… at what point does truth become non-helpful.

There are the territories knowledge and skill wise where I work now, I can’t go much higher, it gets rarefied real fast, and the level of effort I have to put in rises real fast, and the remuneration for all this extra effort and so on is not an up front deal, so where is the incentive, given I can live on what I earn now, and work basically fuck all,

Let’s take device X, call it a Cisco box.

One of the factors limiting the quantity and quality of certified guys available to connect to that box is your budget, that is pretty much as it has always been, but, it is now a global marketplace, if I want to start a new business ISP that always has 10 x CCNP + 2 x CCIE + 1 x CCT on 24/7 availability I can go out and hire that, and I don’t care if they are Chinese or Indian or Brazilian or Martian, except the ping times might make things difficult for the Martian.

It’s no big deal.

One of the other factors limiting the quantity and quality of certified guys available to connect to that box is the physical connection, there has to fucking be one.

If the box is dead swap it out or reflash the config or IOS, if it is a cable or switch issue again someone has to go onsite, and again ultimately if there is 3g coverage all you need is a guy with a 3g tethered laptop connected directly to device X, and some remote control software.

Yes, there are middle grounds, there are times when the ideal solution is to get a certified network security guy on-site with direct physical access to the switch layer, but these cases aren’t the bulk of it.

The bulk of it is the hands on guys on site need to be good enough all rounders, to ensure that the cubicle guys with all the certs can connect and do their thing.

Right there, it isn’t just a case of certification = salary any more, it is a case of do you wanna effectively be your own boss on the road every day to a different physical site, or do you wanna be a cubicle guy.

The potential employer has two good reasons not to give the guy with all the certs the field job, one, he is overqualified so will prolly walk for more money, and two, it is not exploiting his abilities in return for the maximum revenue for the company.

What do I tell these two guys, who clearly haven’t even considered being the red stapler guy in the cubicle in return for this high salary.

Which job is more resistant to both emerging technologies, eg cisco going from command line to just checking some radio boxes in a GUI, and virtualisation, eg not a physical router layer but a virtual one, and to the ongoing financial pressures of outsourcing?

Under certain circumstances, that 420 second ping to Mars vs the 0.15 second ping to Mumbai might not be a show stopper, if the Martian is willing to work for 10% of what the agency in Mumbai is asking.

Would the certified guys be willing to relocate to Mumbai and take a 90% drop in salary to keep their jobs?

You see, the other thing, because I tend to see the same shit over and over again, I get very good at it, the certified up the wazoo guy may spend 0.5% of his time coming across these issues, but I spend 90% of my time on them, so within a year *I* am the expert with the specific experience, and because we are only talking about that small sub-section of all that the certified up the wazoo guys know, it’s my specialist subject, and they think I am hot shit.

I get to shine….. without trying.

Big fish in a small pond…lol

You see why I think I have (while it lasts) a great job.

You see why trying to advise these two other guys is so difficult, and despite their ambitions, I do not envy them one bit.

October 6, 2013

Selling your soul

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This one comes up regularly in conversations, so time to put it here.

It doesn’t matter if it is on a fucking site, PoF, okcupid, fuckbook, a job interview, or real life.

You can give it any fucking trendy name you like, your account, your profile, your CV, your party hat on… it doesn’t make any odds, what you are doing is writing an advert…. this leads to options… Person A who is honest, and Person B who is dishonest.

  1. Advert is true
    1. Person A visits advert and likes it
      1. Game on
    2. Person A visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you aren’t compatible, no sale today
    3. Person B visits advert and likes it
      1. Game over, they are dishonest, you won’t like the price
    4. Person B visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you are honest, they don’t like the price
  2. Advert is false
    1. Person A visits advert and likes it
      1. Game over, your deception will be revealed
    2. Person A visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you aren’t compatible, no sale ever
    3. Person B visits advert and likes it
      1. Game on/over, you’ll make the sale, sure, but you’ll regret it, deeply.
    4. Person B visits advert and doesn’t like it
      1. Game over, you’re a liar, so are they, no foundation of trust, no sale

So, out of 8 possible outcomes;

  1. One (1.1.1) gets you the “sale”, ching ching. Je ne regret rien.
  2. One (2.3.1) gets you the “sale”, brick in an iPad carton.
  3. One (1.2.1) doesn’t get the sale, but doesn’t alienate the other person.
  4. Five are no sale, a waste of effort.

If you aren’t getting (1.1.1) in whatever endeavour you are doing, say getting laid on a fucking site, then that is TRUE market forces at work, your honestly marketed product is not desired, even if it is free (like Linux)

If you attempt to change the advert to get a sale then you’re (2.3.1) you changed yourself from an honest vendor to a dishonest vendor, and no honest buyer will ever want to know you again, what’s perhaps more pertinent is you can never make another honest sale, honest buyers who are looking for what you really are will be put off by your advert, which saying something else entirely about you, and there is no way to say hey, wait a minute, none of this is true, I was only trying to make a sale here…

Item 4 above, the other five are no sale, a waste of effort, well, it is no effort at all to set your stall out honestly, it is just being you, take it or leave it, but it is a lot of effort, and an ongoing effort, to maintain an illusion.

Maintaining the illusion and making no sale is a monster waste of effort, but, it is better than maintaining the illusion and selling the brick in the iPad box, one is un-interested potential buyers, the other is someone you ripped off, even if they also paid you in counterfeit notes… y’all richly deserve each other.


Like I say, this doesn’t apply just to one small area of your life like getting laid.

Do *****NOT***** confuse this with those who are marketing the illusion, and who also say “fuck ya if ya don’t take me as I am, I ain’t changing for no-one” s these are just people who are more in love with their own delusions than with making an honest sale.


ALL your problems start from an initial assumption that you aren’t worth shit if you haven’t made a sale, you are a failure, a loser, a beta, a nobody, yadda yadda yadda.

As a potential employee there have been situations where potential employers could use me, but were not prepared to pay me what I thought my labour was worth, this doesn’t make me unemployable, they still have the vacancy and I still have my labour to sell.

I have some machine tools that I attempted to sell on fleabay, I put a fair minimum price on them, I didn’t make a sale, I still have them.

I *could* have made a sale, one guy came around and would have given me 50 cents on the dollar and I would have made a sale, but I chose not to, I actually ended up spending more money on the items to get them better than they were and kept them.

At 50c on the $ I would have considered myself exploited, I’d rather give them away or sell for scrap.

This, essentially, is why I am a single man.

My time and interest and effort and loyalty are indeed for sale, I just can’t get any interest in this market at the minimum prices that I am prepared to open negotiations and start haggling at.

I had one guy say to me, “there is this chick on a fucking site, I’d give it one and all that, but she is overweight and has a list of demands that the guy is at least six foot yadda yadda yadda…. how do I deal with that?”

It’s simple, you don’t. she falls into one or more of the (2.x.x) series of options above, no good can come of it, the best possible scenario is you use some forged currency to buy a brick in an iPad box, but the chances are you’ll be spending real money, so it’s even worse.

You know, this is what red pill / MGTOW is *really* all about, it is about not contaminating yourself by associating with liars, and not being a liar yourself, or to yourself, or about yourself.

And yes, this includes whatever you do for 40 hours a week to earn a crust.

You cunts need to learn the difference between COMPROMISE and NEGOTIATION.

Red pill doesn’t fucking compromise, the two are mutually exclusive.

I am open to negotiation, but not compromise, and that makes me “no sale” to 99.9% of the planet, including wimminz and niggerz and employers.

Sadly, even modern dictionaries have re-defined the word, so here it is, the essential difference, because both words are broadly similar and broadly involve two parties in discussion on a given subject.

In a NEGOTIATION there is no expectation of any kind that an agreement between the two parties will be found. Rather, the discussions centre around exploring the possibility that such an agreement can be made.

In a COMPROMISE either such an agreement has already been made, or both parties are working under the assumption that such an agreement is the end goal.

You can say “You have compromised yourself by taking that money from Luigi”

You cannot say “You have negotiated yourself by taking that money from Luigi”

I just spent 15 minutes on-line trying to find a link to a site that did not confabulate the two UTTERLY disparate and separate things into one, and failed… My print edition 1950’s Oxford dictionary had no problems whatsoever differentiating the two, though to be fair http://oxforddictionaries.com/ makes a fair attempt at it, and neither definition mentions the other one, which is as it should be.


The only form of compromise that is acceptable to a red pill man is the sort I made recently with the Noo Pee Cee build, I had to compromise between the spec I would like to build and the money I wanted to spend…. eg one I make with myself, because I can usually trust myself to play both sides of the argument fairly.

Any outside (of me) agency that has as its starting point that I must make some compromise, is kept outside the perimeter of my life, and that is NOT negotiable mother-fucker.

September 22, 2013

Nooo Peee Ceee – Final

OK, brain dump time..

Almost invariably these mobo’s like the PX79XPRO have in addition to the Intel X79 sata ports some others, in my case Marvell, but you find Highpoint etc too, and these are always used for software raid.

  1. Never use software raid, never, ever, ever, if you want a raid set up go out and spend the bucks and buy a pukka LSI or Adaptec card.
  2. Never ever use these ports for anything except “last” when all the other sata ports are full.

Software raid is like fucking a bloated bitchy entitlement pwincess skank, hardware raid is like fucking a hot 16 year old slut with a great body who worships your cock… so the moral here is unless you have used hardware raid you don’t know shit about how raid is supposed to look and feel and perform.

When doing a new build;

  1. set up the bios
  2. with NO network cable installed (network hardware possibly wont work anyway without the drivers) install winders flavour of your choice
  3. make a folder called “Drivers” on your HD, make a new folder inside this for your drivers CD‘s, mobo, gfx, etc
  4. copy the entire contents of each cd to the appropriate folder
  5. go to control panel > device manager, look at all the hardware without drivers, work your way through it updating the drivers and telling it to browse to the “drivers” folder and search sub-folders, if it can’t find one, move on to the next.
  6. repeat #5 with the aid of another PC, Google and the hardware makers website support / download section if required.

Basically the idea here is to install the drivers, not all the bloatware and crap that using the cd in auto-run mode will install, Asus, like everyone else, are cunts for this… the reason for unplugging the network cable is you want the manufacturers drivers, not Microsoft ones via MS update.

If the drivers asks you to reboot, LET IT, don’t be tempted to save time by whacking half a dozen in before rebooting…

You need ALL the drivers sorted before going any further, or even thinking about installing software or testing your PC for speed or reliability.

On another PC, go to ninite.com and tick all the stuff you want, click get installer, save to a USB stick, put on new build. It will be a tiny file, 300k or so in size.

Then you can connect the network cable and run the ninite exec, and let the background winders update.

Prior to doing all this, at the build stage, hot air rises, so your fans should promote this, my build has a 120 mm fan low at the front of the case drawing air in, and a 120 mm fan high at the back of the case expelling the air, creating a good flow path through the case, the big noctua HSF is angled to work WITH this flow, not against it or across it.

Always “offer up” the motherboard before installing it, personally speaking I place the mobo on something soft but firm, a clean dish towel laid on a table is fine, then install the following;

  1. CPU
  2. HSF
  3. RAM

and then install that into the case… this can make some screws awkward to get at, but a tiny dab of grease or Vaseline on the end of the screwdriver will hold all those screws to the screwdriver.

Don’t cable tie and tidy your cables away until after you have checked nothing is fouling or pulling on anything else, and that the build is basically working.

Don’t force anything, even though everything is within spec, you can get situations where some shit just don’t fit, that big Noctua HSF just fouls the side on lots of cases, because those cases go outside spec and put windows or dished centres or grilles or fans and crap in the side door, stop the build and go and buy a proper fucking case.

Once your basic PC is built and sorted, you have your windows updates done, via ninite you have your a/v software (I like !Avast) in, and you have some basic utils, NOW IS THE TIME to ensure you have a good system restore point, and set up backup, ideally to a network location such as your NAS, if you don’t have a NAS box yet, use your old PC to build one.

NOW you are ready to install your software, and start with the shit that is going to stay on there longest, so, no matter how much you are itching to try GTA-V on that baby, Office comes first.

Everything installed and working, one last job…

  1. right click the disks in my computer and select properties > disk cleanup
  2. hopefully you grabbed auslogic defrag in ninite, so do a full defrag and optimise, yes, even on an SSD on a new build.
  3. do a full, in depth a/v and malware scan.

Good to go..

December 29, 2012

The rise of the internet.

I was an early adopter, fidonet / bbs’s and all that good shit.

Back then we knew the MSM (main stream media) was all “push” bullshit, and we thought we were at the cutting edge of the revolution and the new way forward.

Then all the “me too” AOL‘ers came online and fucked everything up for everyone, and what followed was useful evils like google and pernicious evils like facebook and linkedin, the dream was dead.

And then… well… then a funny thing happened, the sheer mass of people online exceeded the ability of the corporates to steer and control it.

It is a literal truth to state that certain news items come to my attention via discussions on swinging sites long before I ever encounter them on a MSM news site.

Then, as stated here, (http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-12-28/what-america-really-thinks) there is the growing awareness that it doesn’t really matter who “they” are, “we” the great unwashed public, just don’t believe anything “they” say, or try to tell us, or try to inform us of, or try to educate us about, or try to sell us etc.

It’s not how we early adopters predicted things would turn out, not by any means, but this mass jaded apathy and cynicism is no bad thing.

“They” can no longer run any kind of article about divorce or the family courts or domestic violence and have a comment section that is not over-run with men saying it is all bollocks.

In typical bolting the stable door weeks after the horse has bolted fashion, the powers that be are trying to impose curbs and filters and controls on the bits of this new network that so far remain in their control, to whit, the internet connection from your house to the backbone and back.

But they watch what happened in north Africa and shit themselves, nearly three years ago now I bought a Samsung Galaxy S1 smartphone, I didn’t need no stinking internet, I didn’t even need no stinking 2/3g connection.

I didn’t need those things because I was carrying around a device the size of a packet of cigarettes with Star Trek capabilities, that would charge from any USB source, that would on demand operate as its own wifi hotspot and share files between similar devices, no need for swapping SD cards or bluetooth transfers, any fucking thing with wifi.

Three years later I have the third iteration of that device.

What I have, basically, is what we used to call sneakernet.

It was an old saying, never under estimate the bandwidth of a holdall full of backup tapes, and in actual fact it is as true today as it was in the dawn of the digital age.

Never under estimate the bandwidth of millions of people walking around with hand held devices that can exchange files trivially between themselves once they are within a few metres of each other…. sure, the latency and ping times are a bastard, but latency and ping times don’t mean a fucking thing when it comes to text based discussion and information sharing.

We knew that back in the fidonet / BBS days.

I was reminded of this by something my mother said a couple of days ago, my bro is literally on the other side of the planet, so he sends me an SMS message, and it gets to me in a couple of minutes.

When I was a lad a letter used to take two weeks to do that journey, par avion, (fuck it, it used to take three days to fly from London to Singapore, and we thought that was fast… it took 28 days by fast liner) and if that wasn’t good enough you could send a very similar message to an SMS, but it was called a telegram, and it cost a lot of money, and it still often took a day or two, or sometimes even more…. I was in Africa when a family member died, it was this time of year, by the time I got the telegram the family member had already been buried.

The last big fuckup we had in Europe was Yugoslavia, but as recent as it was, it was before the smartphone revolution, before Windows95, before “the internet” as the AOL’ers knew it.

Fast forwards to Egypt and Libya and even those populations with minimal smartphone market penetration and the revolution is utterly transformed by the ability of these devices to form ad hoc mesh sneakernet networks…

The gap between Yugoslavia and Libya is far far far smaller, technologically, than the gap between Libya and your average western school-yard today.

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle, you could literally pull the plug on ALL internet and 3G systems in the UK and while it would cause uproar, data would still flow, and while ping and latency would be atrocious, I’d say 8 hours tops for anything meme-worthy to transit from one end of the country to the other.

You can’t un-ring a bell, and you can’t put this technology away again once Pandora opens her box.

Samsung, for example, may have intended “bump to share” as a fun little feature to drive sales by allowing people at a social event to take and share pictures etc on the spot, but then again the internet was intended to route around damage in traditional switched networks in the event of a nuclear war, and we see how that turned out.

May 15, 2012

Just a quick anecdotal really

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Because the last thing I want this blog to get to be is to be a link farm for wimminz who have made false rape accusations or a link farm for stories of wimminz outrageous behaviour, a lot of stories I see I just ignore, if that shit interests you you can easily enough find it on your own with a google news feed.

Nevertheless there are some things that I see that interest me, and I wonder if anyone else has noted the same things;

PoF is a great barometer… changes in PoF are changes in wimminz in the real world.

I am seeing greatly increased levels of;

  1. Wimminz PoF adverts stating that they want an industrious and hard working man, in the fucking headline.
  2. Wimminz adverts from Wales.

Wales is one of those places, take away the artificial economic subsidies and it collapses back to its default state, which is with the (coal) pits closed is 90% unemployment.

Lots of wimminz from Wales signing up to PoF is canary in the coal mine shit, they are looking for something they cannot find locally, and that ain’t cock, so it can only be;

  1. A man with a weekly wage packet
  2. A man who doesn’t live in wales, e.g. a way out (of wales)

Shit testing them ( I have zero intention of fucking any of them, welsh bitches are unfuckable because of the accent alone) on subjects such as long distance relationships and the like reveals what can only be “Russian bride” attitudes to the whole subject.

Shit testing them on the subject of my claimed employment also reveals huge attitude changes, to the wimminz who are all of course managers at the very least, the worst job you could have said was something lowly in IT “I fix computers” was an almost guaranteed way to break off contact, a dweeb who was limp and pathetic and who spent all hours with his head under the hood of a computer, not any more, suddenly it sounds like a full time gainfully employed job, but make sure you work for IBM or Microsoft, no self employed MD / CEO of my own business, unless it is IBM, because all these wimminz seeking a way out are managers and owners of their own businesses, and they will not and can not see any disparity between custom (inedible) cup cakes made to order and your 24/7 call out plumbing business…

I have always maintained that as herd animals wimminz are always a lot quicker to sense and change in the wind and react accordingly, if so then here you go, here is another sign, hard times are a coming and the smarter and faster reacting of the wimminz are looking to secure a place with a new stud in a new valley a long ways away from the current one.

Lots of these bitches also have horses, or worse still mini bitches who also have horses.

In the UK if you put 3 horses in an acre (4,000 M2) field before long there will be nothing but mud for the horses to eat and medical issues with hoofs will start to set in, you can rotate 3 horses through two or three one acre paddocks, provided you provide feed, because that tiny amount of land will not feed them.

Storing a week’s feed takes a fair bit of space, then if you have horses you have all the bridles and saddles and tack, which also needs storage space and maintenance space, then you have all your vets bills, because living cooped up in a tiny one acre paddock is completely unnatural for a horse, and the beat goes on, and on…. oh yes, the paddock needs fencing, wood as well as electric, then there is the shit to pick up…

Basically you can run an old motorcycle, say a 70’s SOHC Honda or late Norton or AMF Harley, for what it costs to run one horse, in time and resources and money, so these skank ho’s with two bitch daughters and three horses, you are basically be expected to take on the running costs of three people into old bikes, and their bikes, which is fine, AFTER your own fucking garage is full of classic iron that you play with and ride every day…

No wonder they are looking for hard working men.

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