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June 29, 2015

Greek Roundabouts and Swingers

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So, while still being a recidivist misogynist bastard, I got a regular squeeze that often stays over, so this morning as she is off to work and I have a later start, she comes back to the bedroom after getting washed and dressed and ready to leave, and gives me a morning blow-job.

You literally can’t get that morning blow-job if you are hard-line MGTOW and kick the skank out at midnite after emptying your balls into her….

***irrespective*** of the merits or perils of being hardline MGTOW or having the bitch stay overnight, the significant factor here is you can’t get the morning blowjob if you kick her out at midnight and retire to your bed alone.

It’s 100% either or.

Greece (and most of the rest of the western world) is like that, or at least it is as soon as you stop with the bullshit and delusions and live now pay later kick the can down the road defer the bill as long as fucking possible while still stuffing your face at the all you can eat buffet.

Once the music stops and the light go up it’s back to reality, and either or.

But there is reality, and then there is everyone’s opinion on what is reality, and opinions are like assholes, we have all got one, and most of them are similar, but separate.

So far nobody has commented on the fact that the Greek reality happened on a Saturday the 27th of the month, typically just in time to NOT pay everyone’s wages into the bank on the last day of the month (Tuesday 30th this month)

How convenient for TPTB.

How inconvenient for the proles on the street.

So let me tell you a few things about ATM’s, I work with these things, but I don’t work for a security firm filling them with cash, if I did I’d have been programmed to freak out with secrecy and not discuss any of this with outsiders.

Think if a BIG office printer, the kind where there are multiple drawers of bins holding the feed paper, you’re kind of on the right lines, now securityify the thing up, rigid steel frame, panels, doors.

Doesn’t actually need a print head, as the paper in the bins is pre-printed, so it’s only a question of dispensing 5 sheets from the 10 bin when you ask for 50 etc.

round the font you have a flat screen and some keypad and buttons for the user interface.

round the back there are more keypads and stuff so the security droids can get it to unlock the empty drawer cartridges and accept the full ones, after inputting the correct codes and personal identifiers and codes of the day / week etc

And then there is the internet connection… of course the ATM uses this to check with your bank that your card is valid, and that you have 50 available to withdraw, and then tells it you have done so, and your new balance is applied to your account etc.

The ATM of course also uses this to report on its own health, intrusion detection operations, software and firmware updates, code registry updates and so on and so forth.

No internet connection = “We’re sorry, this ATM is not available” message on the front.

As to what they hold, the typical full size machine can hold easily in excess of a million in cash, they can hold a few millions actually, if you get one that is chock full, which means one that has just been filled, which also means one that all of the drawers and cartridges are used in.

Let’s say it takes 60 seconds for a complete user cycle, lets say each user can draw 250 bucks / quid / euro / fecalcoin notes, that’s 250 x 60 per hour which = 15,000 an hour, over a 24 hour period that’s 360,000, over a 7 day period that’s 2.520 million, and they really need to go a week or two between refills…. and you usually have two together, so customers aren’t “inconvenienced” when one is down for maintenance etc

Obviously the guys and gals filling these machines are carrying around several million in cash every day, but it isn’t loose cash, it’s in these tins or cartridges… hell, inkjet ink is the most expensive liquid known to man, but nobody actually HANDLES the shit with bottles and funnels and pouring and so on, in the same way nobody actually HANDLES the cash.

THAT is done behind high walls and closed doors and rules that you can take your cellphone and car keys and credit cards with you, but ALL cash and coin stays in your home, you don’t even have any in your car which you drive to work in.

Because essentially nobody is trusted, so these steps all serve to remove every single individual from temptation.

So, if you have a “Greek” event…. all you have to do is send an update via the internet to all your ATM’s, don’t let anyone draw more than 50 if they are greek or more than 100 if they are a bloody tourist.

It’s no different to an ISP sending a throttle command to the modem they provide you with for “free”, or a suspension of service command to the radius server that lets you get access to their network, or a fuck you go use this proxy instead of a direct connection.

You see, it’s simple programming, provided you have the computer power floating around somewhere, you can do the following.

1/ Take all unique personal account customers of natbarcloyd banks details, and use those details to create and populate a new database of customers of the new nationalised natbarcloudstatebank

2/ set up a cron job to push 100 newbucks a week into each account

3/ allow every user to draw up to 20 newbucks a day from the ATM

4/ send a command to every ATM to not dispense anything from any cartridges still tagged as containing euros

5/ send G4s out with newbux to replace the euro in the ATM’s

it’s literally a 24 hour financial coup that CAN be implemented from the top down, if you have access to the correct level of coders and security types, you’re talking a group of maybe 50 people can MAKE this happen and push it out to the masses.

It’s like my morning blowjob, in the either or sense, you either hand a banking system that allows this shit, in the system sense, or you have one where it is impossible, and if you have one where it is impossible, you don’t get your morning blowjob, ever.

Letting the bitch sleep overnight is letting the bankers / state impose / use a fiat currency, it’s either / or.

Back when I was  lad, the technical definition of inflation was “an increase in the money supply”

If there was one billion pounds of money in the system (doesn’t have to be all banknotes in a fiat monetary system, digital credits count too) and you increase the supply to 1.1 billion then you got 10% inflation.. end of…

Fractional reserve banking and loans are therefore inflationary by nature.

Here in the UK we have 60+ million people who think we are independent, because we use the Pound Sterling, not the fucking Euro, wherever it is printed.

They all forget, we USED to have Pounds, shilling and pence, 240 pence to the pound, or 20 shillings of 12 pence to the shilling, then we had “decimalisation” and an ENTIRELY NEW currency of 100 new pennies to the “pound”, but it was still ***called*** pennies and pounds, so nobody reacted to it like a name change from say drachma to euros.

Of course, this was all “before records began” back in the late sixties, the fact that it was in living memory is neither here nor there, now we have a constantly moving goalpost of “when records began”, see, that’s another way of changing the playing field, changing when your records begin and discarding all the older stuff.

Since records began in 1996 not only have house prices not risen *that* much, but the Mongol hordes under Genghis Khan haven’t invaded anyone at all, bastards still go on about my armed robbery and murder convictions throughout the seventies and eighties when I was a gangland kingpin though…

Which all brings me neatly and disjointedly to a local swinger “couple” as in they aren’t a couple and don’t live together but for the purposes of swinging they are a fuckbuddy couple, as in, she only comes as part of a couple, but he meets on his own, and she does not ever, so don’t ask, or it will offend, fnaar fnaar.

So they get pissed off when I say Fuck you I’m not interested in you as a couple unless she swings alone with me, and when I point out that ALL I AM DOING is imposing upon them, that which they seek to impose upon others, it’s toys outta da pram time.

And that’s the grexit in one sentence, when the Greeks try to play turnabout is fair game, it’s a bit like the Russians and Putin being labelled “aggressive” and “escalating” and “warmongering” for noting that all those NATO bases are within 100 miles of Russian borders, and none of them are within 1000 miles of USA borders, or the Russians deploying a mere 40 new nuclear missiles, some decades after Bush II administration said fuck you and walked away from Nixon’s 1972 limitation treaty and started building new nuclear missiles.

That shit isn’t an unfortunate CONSEQUENCE of an asymmetric system, the fucking asymmetric system is chosen mainly because it has those fucking properties, that is the whole fucking idea, shit runs downhill, asymmetric systems exist to define the direction of the slope.

I get a nice blowjob and not a slit throat or an empty wallet in the morning BECAUSE the relationshit is asymmetric, she does not hold the power and dare not fuck it up, and all that keeps that shit clean and lean and clear is the fact that the one with the power does not abuse it.

But then, I got morals and standards, despite the fact that my claimed total lack of morals and standards of any kind is always the first refrain of everyone who tries to manipulate me and make me their (too meek and timid to stand up for themselves) bitch.

Hey, no worries, the “contagion” from the greek collapse and exit is planned for and contained.

Now, who wants a blowjob in the mornings, OK, form an orderly queue and vote here…


February 11, 2014

so long and thanks for all the fish, and donations… fnaar

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The following (in italic) was posted on mgtowforums last night, as it was shut down.

Dear all,

For 3 years I’ve worked to build up MGTOW Forums into a force to be reckoned with, but alas it has failed. It has failed because of the very reasons which brought down the previous MGTOW board: inexperienced idiots who were angry at not being able to get laid – betas, zetas, red pills and the rest of the rubbish.

A forum is an inanimate object, MGTOW forums was at all times held tightly by the throat by nacho himself, so if there was any failure here, it was in the management style.

I’ve seen the same thing so often in bars, run by people who tried to control the type of clientele they had, as though the bar was a private social gathering held in their own front room, and not a business catering to what the paying punters wanted.

At MGTOW Forums, we spent years fighting such fools who were psychos, incels and who vocally supported other places, that I won’t mention, over our own. Such people were against us yet we managed to beat them time and time again.

You’re either for me and against everyone else, or you are for everyone else and against me… yeah buddy… you’ll find I called paul elam and others on their bullshit on this blog long before you or anyone else woke up to it, and he who laughs last laughs loudest, so how exactly did you beat all these people, since they are still online and you are no more nacho?

And of course the perpetual question, if it has run it’s course, why pull the content, why not leave it up…. I am closing the library AND burning the books.

For some strange reason, many of our so called supporters found it just fine for our competitors to constantly attack us whilst they themselves used rhetoric such as “we’re all in it together” and “we’re all after the same thing” when clearly we were not. As someone who has always stood up against bullies, I thought my own energy to go head to head with such people would be appreciated. But instead I found myself surrounded by fools who were more concerned with likening our way of life to a fantasy sci-fi flick? The same fools then wondered why folk like Manboobz, who was more friendly to us than our enemies, constantly mocked them?

Matrix, red pill blue pill, it’s a metaphor dude, get over it… metaphors were good enough for Jesus for fuck’s sake.

Well today is MGTOW Forum’s 3rd birthday and quite frankly the vast majority of you deserve what’s out there. For me, things have got to the point where I recognise there is no support for taking MGTOW Forums into the wider world. However, MGTOW seems to be a successful concept for incels and psychos so that is where I’m going to leave it.

NO SUPPORT, like Bill at the spearhead, I take this as thinly velied code for money, so you failed to monetise this thing you held so dear, so you are taking your toys and your pwam and sulking.

I’d like to thank hasmat, toadman, cobalt, womanhater, fairi5fair, jake, thrasher, dsc, Waking Up, pcr, MrLahey, Labisah, Nim and all the other guys who have tried to tame the immature beast that is MGTOW.

Not Zed? Ah well, maybe he was one of the ones to old, too wise and too ugly to open his wallet, who knows, we never will, now that debate has been shut down by decree.

As for those who donated, well I have to thank you for contributing towards the server and other costs. It was very much appreciated. I had recently upgraded the server because I had plans to take us further, what a waste of time and money.

Not really dude, you still have the upgraded server, though frankly speaking a fucking arduino would almost run a pozy little website, which in technical terms this was, so where did all the fucking money go?

When the curtain falls it is time to get off the stage and that is what I propose to do. I’ll leave you all to wallow in the Red Pill and Alpha/Beta/Zeta fantasy garbage which was our downfall. If things are going to change then the habits of old have to be swept away. I steadfastly refuse to let MGTOW Forums become the graveyard that is MABTW, so better to put it out of it’s misery now rather than watch it suffer a slow and painful death.

Because despite all the talk, nacho’s definition of MGTOW is the only one that is allowed.

As of yesterday, our average daily traffic was in excess of 6,000 unique visits per day. So I was doing something right eh? Meh…very few of you were worth the effort.

Dude, 1,400 a day here, and this is a blog, with essentially no contributors or participants, when compared to a forum…. but talk about a slap in the face for all those that DID contribute, none of you were worth the effort…. jeez

Good luck and time for me to Go My Own Way

Adios and fuck off

Nacho Vidal

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out of teh intertubez nacho.

February 9, 2014

Click my links motherfucker

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Cos everyone wants to be popular.

A certain MGTOW site (site a) is harping on about how another MGTOW site (site b) that is dissing them is a fucking loser, because site a gets so many more hits than site b.

Obviously nothing I say has any value whatsoever, because I get 6 hits a year, hang on a minute while I beat myself up for being an unpopular loser with a small penis who needs to man up and get hits…

Nothing it seems is allowed to have any internal value all by itself, some external metric must always be applied, and that is all that ever counts.

“You don’t listen”

If I talk to you, it is because I am saying something, it really is not my problem if you do not take the time to consider the import and accuracy of what I am saying, and treat it just like some other noise you hear from some wimminz or niggerz pie-hole.

Who absolved you of the fucking requirement to make an effort?

So time passes and it’s an “I told you so” from me, which is just as unpopular as the original message…

So here it is for a young lad brought up by a single skank ho mommy.

  1. It doesn’t matter if she is good, bad, or indifferent, your mum is female, there is nothing she can teach you about life as a male.
  2. You are a male, there is nothing any female can teach you about life as a male.
  3. None of your male contemporaries have any more experience than you. There is nothing they can teach you.
  4. As a male, none of the safety nets and options that are automatically in place for all females are in place for you, neither the state nor anyone else has your back.
  5. Every single action you take in life has consequences, and those consequences ripple forwards in time until the day you die.
  6. As a male, NOBODY has your back, nobody is going to provide you with a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, running water, a toilet and paper to wipe your ass, food, clothing or laundry… if you want these things, you will have to provide them for yourself, for the rest of your life. Nobody else gives a fuck.
  7. If you are not prepared to stand up and look everyone in the eye and admit it tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, twenty fucking years from now, don’t fucking do it today.
  8. You got what you got on your plate today, and that is all you have to work with.

Number eight is the most important one.

Wimminz and niggerz will talk shit about a glass being half full or half empty, all bullshit, because both include the concept of what might have been.

Yeah kid, it’s not your fault you were born to a slut who sent you to a shit school and your bedroom to play video games while she was sucking on random cock yadda yadda yadda.

It’s not my fucking fault either, and nobody gives a fuck, the only FACTS here in town are that right here and right now what you got on your plate is all you have, and all you have to work with, everything else is bullshit, including comparing it to what might have been, or what Fred has on his plate, or how you got here, or anything else, you got what you got, end of.

You got what you got, what is on your plate right now is all you have to work with, any plan or course of action that does not accept that as a primary and over-riding principle is doomed to ultimate failure, no matter how good it seems now or how close the payoff seems now…

There is only one thing on the planet you should ever man up about and accept and get over and get on with, and this is it.

If you want what little you have on your plate now, along with any possibility of improving it in the future to disappear, ignore item number seven too.

In fact, what you have here are 8 simple rules to live by, anything that does not accept that all 8 of them are true, in a form of logic gate approach, is something to avoid doing or participating in.

As important as what the 8 rules do say, are all the myriad things the 8 rules do not say, ain’t nothing in there about having fun or having a great time or being cool or getting laid or dreams coming true.

Even if you live to 80, by the time you are 25 you will probably have cast the mould, if we discount the first 15 years as childhood, that means the things you do in the first 10 years of your adult life set the boundaries on what you are going to do for the next / remaining 55+ years, and if that doesn’t sober you up, nothing will.

Even if you think you are already fucked, have nothing to lose, and won’t live that long anyway, you’re still wrong, and you’ll have 50 years of adult life to reflect on that…. and no fucking time masheen….lol

As a 50+ year old man, I am fucking surrounded by wimminz and niggers who serve no other purpose quite so well as to underline the profound and universal truths of these 8 simple rules, and the absolute impossibility for any mere human being to escape them or their reach.

Like the click thru rates, I have wimminz in their 30’s who are clinically obese, living walking delusions, bringing up bastard children, make believe jobs or living on the state tit, no intellect to speak of and no intent whatsoever to accept reality, who think that they are, as far as I am concerned, a fucking catch, something I should be chasing.

The reality is that their entirely negative values can only ever be mitigated somewhat by being a cum receptacle for me, and to any real extent by submitting all authority and decision making to me.

This of course they are not prepared to do, because this requires an awareness of rule number 5.


When I was growing up we were heading into an ice age, then later on we were heading into a runaway greenhouse effect, now it is climate change.

Something like 95% of all greenhouse effects (once we also accept that solar output both varies over time and is also outside man’s ability to influence) are due not to carbon dioxide or barbie sparkles or ozone or anything else, but to fucking WATER VAPOUR.

Never seen anyone with a plan to affect that on a global scale.

Right there you have the problem, 99% of the planet are operating under delusional bullshit, the delusion that they know what the fuck they are talking about, and lest you fall into the trap, a significant proportion are totally and utterly convinced not only that they are right, but that they have the facts too.

Here, in the south west of the UK, we have had rainfall slightly above recent historical averages, for values of slightly up to 50%, and recent for geological timescales as insignificant as 40 or 50 years.

The famous south coast railway line, that runs along the coast between the Exe and Teign rivers, has been breached by the sea.

Now people from all over are standing up and asking what asshole thought it might be a good idea to run a railway line along a beach.

That would be one Isambard Kingdom Brunel, which, if you were not a mental midget, you would already have known, and if you were not a mental midget, you would know you were singularly unqualified to even pass comment upon his engineering decisions, and if you were not a mental midget… you get the idea.

Of course, I remember the storms of 44 years ago, that were as fierce, that tore up the platform at the station in question, and said platform was never reinstated, and the groynes out on the beach that Brunel put in to build up sand bars and combat longshore drift were never either reinstated or even fucking maintained in my lifetime, but they were pretty much wrecked by the storm 44 years ago….. sea walls that I could jump from to the sand below as a boy now have a 30 foot drop to their footings… instead of waves breaking on a rising sand bar and losing much of their force, they slam full strength into a stone wall and footings… a stone wall that was not maintained and pointed routinely…  You get the picture…. none of these FACTS are even mentioned in the MSM dialogue today though…

Similarly the below sea level Somerset levels, everyone is claiming the problem is the rivers are not dredged, but water cannot flow uphill, and it would have to for the carrying capacity of the river to be a factor, the only factor is the pumps to transfer water from the drainage canals to the sea level discharge of the un-dredged rivers, the increased building on “flood plain” type land, and trivial insignificant recent works like fucking great motorway embankments cutting through said plains, that and 50% more rain than normal.

But no, it is all someone else’s fault, so anyway the Great Western Railway that Brunel built and operated has basically ceased to exist, the line is now cut in three places, it is not possible to travel by rail from the south west to anywhere else in the country.

There *used* to be alternate routes, but they were torn up in the 60’s, and now with the way things are run with independent companies owing the track, the stations, the franchises on the stations, the rolling stock, the signalling and so on, is it really any fucking wonder.

If you see parallels to the Great Western Railway as Brunel built it, and what there is today, and women and men as they used to be, and wimminz and niggerz as there are today, well, welcome to the club.

Thank fuck I was born early enough not all the wheels had fallen off society, and thank fuck I was wild and carefree enough to do the things I did, I have memories, and I have discharged urges that dwelt within, I’m (largely) content to pull up a chair next to Nero and chill while Rome burns, cos, you know, there was no decline before Nero got there, oh no…..







October 21, 2013

Flying pigs, part two

In part one I mentioned Calhoun’s mice metropolis experiments, and the point that I kinda thought “everyone knew about this“, until I realised the truth was nearer “nobody under 50 has heard about this“, due to a post on another blog that drew parallels to Calhoun’s “beautiful ones” and the phenomenon which is known in Japan as “grass eaters”

In the mice metropolis experiment, these mice *looked* bloody good physically, but far from preserving themselves in readiness to exploit the die off, they died off too… they couldn’t handle *any* change from the existence they had forged.

The, to me, most important points of Calhoun’s experiment will likely be missed by those it is new to.. so, let me summarise…

  1. Mice heaven was divided into 16 equal segments, and each segment could provide for all the needs of up to 200 mice… for a theoretical maximum of 3,200.
  2. The experiment started with 4 or 6 mice, I forget which now.
  3. Each segment was identical, even down to provision of water and food.
  4. Nevertheless, the peak population never got beyond 2,200
  5. There were ***NO*** survivors of the die off phase.
  6. The population clustered, it didn’t spread out equally across the 16 zones.

point #5 is the one, this wasn’t some theoretical computer based life simulation based on foxes and rabbits etc, and *nobody* in the experiment expected it to end in extinction.

Sadly in 2013 if google hasn’t indexed it, it doesn’t exist, so it is only in my memory, not a link you guys can follow,  that Calhoun said in an interview much later that it was almost like god / dna / darwin was watching, growth expanded to fill most of the space, eventually realised that this was a closed system with no way to breach the boundaries, and so the same grow and expand triggers that made the population squabble, ended up just turning off the lights and going to sleep and never waking again.

In effect, there were not enough possible moves or options left for the mice to evolve, it was a monoculture, and at some point some inbuilt trigger in dna flipped over to extinction.

Not all species that become extinct do so solely because they cannot eat and breed fast enough to overcome predation and environmental changes, many species that should have been able to carry on just quit.

Not enough moves left in the game.

Which makes an interesting thought experiment

If these grass eaters, or “men going ghost” / MGTOW, are a direct analogy to the beautiful mice, then they are not a sign that marxism / feminism has had its day, but that homo sapiens has had its day.

Time for the next evolutionary step.

Homo makemeasammichbitch

The bit everyone forgets from Idiocracy is the obvious fact that if Not Sure hadn’t stopped them from irrigating the crops with Brawndo, everyone would have been dead, pronto, even before the remaining functioning stuff fell into dust and killed them that way.

OK, Earth isn’t a closed system / monoculture, so species extinction, maybe not, species speciation, maybe so, maybe so with bells on.

Maybe we are in the middle of such a speciation right now.

Certainly, as far as I can tell, wimminz and niggerz aren’t actually human, it is far more useful to think of them as some sort of alien body snatcher copies, they just imitate rational thinking beings, rather than having any ability to indulge in individual rational thought themselves.

It is interesting that in sci-fi whenever there is a call for a creature that copies the host organism, said creature always takes on the appearance of a human female… the *only* exception I can think of is an early English sci-fi film in which the creatures took on the appearance of young pre pubescent boys… it ended with a famous scene of the guy imagining a brick wall to avoid thinking about the bomb in the suitcase that would wipe them out.

As we now know, there is at best a vague and passing *positive* link between brain size and complexity, and intellect.

In my travels and in my life I have met some very very important and wealthy and influential people, and with truly rare exceptions I have come away with a profound impression of disturbing levels of stupidity, just a sense of “them and us” that makes any imagined psychopathy in what I wrote above look like a candle next to a bonfire.

To sum up.

I have never taken up the mantle of myself as being a PUA or having mastered game, it just does not sit right with me.

Nor does the whole grass-eater / MGTOW thing

I would caution men who are dissatisfied with the legal and social systems in place today, that MGTOW may not be something to aspire to, it may be nothing more than dropping out and spending your remaining time ensuring that you make a handsome corpse, for about 3 hours until morbidity sets in.

Perhaps, instead, aspire to evolving yourself into a different creature altogether, a shape-shifter that can pretend it is human, but unlike the wimminz and niggerz, the camouflage is not to conceal the lack of a functioning brain, but the presence of a keenly analytical brain.

October 11, 2012


You know the story, guy wakes up with utterly amazing thing in his head, goes to write it down, someone or something interrupts, and it is all gone…. and that is my excuse for why this blog is mainly crap, someone or something keeps interrupting me.

See, here’s the thing, I have seen and heard many people place the blame for their own lack of achievement or greatness on the demands of others, if only I didn’t have a wife and kids and mortgage to support, I could have gone to medical school.

MGTOW however reveals another thing entirely, guys who spend most of their time doing sweet fuck all, sure, they may have half a dozen projects on the go, but none of them are a rush…

… be nice to get the motor-sickle back together and on the road in time for next summer… but that is a sentiment that has been expressed the last three winters, and a couple more won’t hurt…

… mainly the 16 hours of wakefulness each day are filled by doing sweet fuck all of note, but doing it in your own pace and at your own time and in your own way.

Living such a life Coleridge managed to produce three poems of note, a guy called Darwin went on a sea voyage because he was suitable intellectual company for another gentleman (that was his only role, he was not voyage naturalist) etc etc

Yet when we are told about MGTOW’s we are always pointed at workaholics like daVinci and Tesla and Brunel, guys who couldn’t sit still and contemplate the possibility of needing a fart or needing a crap, they’d have to build a machine to take care of both eventualities.

Give up wimminz and suddenly you will have all that free time, in which to be industrious for yourself, and in no time at all you will have a fleet of motorcycles, three cars, a 4×4, a yacht and a speedboat, and apparently no fucking time at all in which to enjoy them, or contemplate needing a fart or a crap…

Is that what the draft pony dreams about? Giving up the company cart to pull just so he can still be a draft pony and pull his own cart, or does he dream about just saying fuckit, throw off the cart and harness, I think I’ll wander over thataway and chew some grass..

Anecdotally and tangentially, PoF is seeing a huge influx in new sign-ups from wimminz in Wales, and as those of you who know anything about UK geography and economics knows, Wales is in many ways the canary in the coal-mine as far as employment goes, as for the wimminz themselves, I’m reminded of an auto maker who is convinced that the answer to the collapse is sales is to re-brand everything with some new badge engineering, take a whole slew of new publicity shots, and start a whole new publicity campaign, this alone will be sufficient to change something from “Boy, you can’t polish a turd” (Christine) to something that sells like Buzz Lightyear the first time around.

The Xanadu interruptions to sedentary navel gazing and lotus eating are not necessarily a bad thing though, the good thing about the sedentary lifestyle is that it IS open to impromptu interruptions, and these interruptions can be interesting and pleasant, in a very Zen kind of way.

One of these interruptions was while writing this, just such a wimminz, but not welsh, we chatted on PoF a few weeks ago and she didn’t seem to me to be making any effort to get in my pants, so I walked away in boredom and ennui…. turns out I was right, as she had another guy in the holding pattern, turns out he wasn’t as good at sex as she was hoping so she pops up again today, and fuck the “long term” in her profile, within 2 minutes she is talking about needing a damn good dirty fuck, can I oblige?

Who knows, it’s a three whorse (sic) race to see who is going to keep my balls drained this weekend, and it may even be that the race will be cancelled by me if don’t just see a clear winner, and that isn’t first past the post a book for definite on X night, but first past the post who also looking like they are desperate and will do anything to win.

That’s the thing with the sedentary MGTOW, because he is quite happy to spend 10 minutes contemplating whether he needs a crap or a fart, quite happy to be having three or four long term no rush at all projects on the go, he is the marketing department’s nightmare…

Trying to get him motivated and eager like an apple fanboi is next to impossible.. “you want me to pay how much? for what? and no new features or ability?” next thing you get is “nah, I’ll pass” and if you keep it up you’ll get “take your products, all of them, stick them up your ass, and fuck off, forever

Passivity is actually an incredibly powerful thing, it is INORDINATELY difficult to get someone riled up or involved in something they literally no longer give a shit about.

Now, we are actually starting to talk, at higher levels of state, around the periphery at least, about the problems caused by the fact that we no longer make anything, we are a service industry run by and for wimminz and niggerz, and everyone else is a single mum on the state teat.

Trying to involve me in this debate is like a load of 3′ tall dwarves who have spent the last 30 years destroying the levees, trying to involve a 6′ tall Zulu in what should be done when the flood waters rise to 40″ high…

Sedentary animals don’t burn a lot of energy, but they are often capable of astonishing feats of physical prowess… wander into the African bush and if you manage to see a big cat without actually also disturbing them, chances are they are lying there half asleep, wondering whether to take a crap or just fart.

A rising tide lifts all boats equally (and as I said before here a falling tide strands all poorly crewed boats equally) but rising floodwaters kill everything that lives underground and can’t swim first, then everything that is very short and can’t swim, then everything that is slow and can’t swim… the red-neck motherfucker on the lilo with a cheap ass polystyrene (floats) cooler full of suds is better equipped that 99.9% of life to survive that flood, he has what he needs, and nothing that he doesn’t need.

Having nothing that I don’t need in my life is why I can live for so little, in monetary terms, so little, in effort terms, so little in stress terms, so little, in giving a shit terms, so little, in involvement in society or people’s problems, so little, in energy expended terms.


January 19, 2012

Death’s Radio

It’s an interesting little meme used by Greg Bear.

Not quite the same thing, but sorta related and more likely to be felt by the average MGTOW is the “unknown but familiar and wholly understood signal from outside” we get when we stumble across a situation wherein a mangina / niggerz gets shit tested on the NAWALT catechism.

By way of example, some of us older guys, when listening to a young guy express shock and horror at the idea that his girl might have had more cock than previously suspected, and getting that “ping” over Death’s Radio from the same thing in their own past, from the long dead and buried mangina / white knight that they used to be…

The pic on the right is however a classic example of a ping from Death’s Radio being completely unrecognised, and treated as alien, probably hostile and malicious… skank ho mummy has a total and complete disconnect from her own feminazi cultural lifestyle and her young thug doing the two in the pink and one in the stink hand jive.

The next pic is of another skank ho mummy, and her own teenage sons copping a quick feel of her tits… the youngest boy is probably far enough into puberty that the paedo label cannot be applied, and the tits in question are covered so the sexual contact is limited enough the incest label cannot be applied, however, it is at the very least faintly disturbing.

Contrast the expressions on the boy’s faces, they are slurpy / sucky / sexual fuck faces, these boys are thinking about sex, not the comfort and innocence of breastfeeding, with the expression on skank ho mummy’s face, she is enjoying the taboo…. let us not forget the crucifix in the cleavage… a fine religious mummy… lmfao

This second picture may not be quite as obvious to the newer MGTOW’s, or to those who do not fuck skank ho’s for a hobby, in terms of the Death’s Radio signal that it is sending.

Those of you who do fuck skank ho mummies and have done for some time will inevitably have come across the situation where skank ho mummy is quite happy to indulge in sexual behaviour with you, in circumstances that make you feel decidedly uncomfortable, due to the proximity of her kids.

The fact is if either of these photos were reversed, a dad holding a pubescent daughter who made a hand gesture simulating a hand-job, or a dad with his two pubescent daughters with a hand each cupping his crotch, then not only would he lose custody / access to his own kids, not only would he be investigated and probably charged and maybe even convicted of child sexual abuse, the most significant factor is that in both cases a dad would have an expression of sheer fucking terror on his face…

In fact even sitting safely at home and looking at these pictures and just CONTEMPLATING the personal consequences of a role reversal would have most men paying a quick trip to the toilet.

Not many men end up with custody of their kids, and being straight I don’t fuck those that do, but I cannot imagine them being happy to fuck they new girlfriend on the sofa while the kids are still awake and floating around the house, a circumstance that at least 30% of the skank ho mummies I fuck are quite happy to do.

Of course the real Death’s Radio ping is when these exact same wimminz who indulged in this exact same behaviour (clue… AWALT) then turn around and accuse your entirely innocent self of the most indecent and disgusting acts, and all the feminazi state storm-troopers leap to arrest your ass and generally end your life as you knew it.

You get a Death’s Radio ping from the person you used to be, the father who loved his newborn children so much he carried them down to the shops rather than spend any time away from them (while skank ho mummy is “recovering” from the “ordeal” that is a western woman’s pregnancy and childbirth) a person who is now dead, and who has been replaced “Body snatcher” style, with a person who is now considered to be a sexual risk to that same child, and who has simply adapted to survive, and who has learned that AWALT, and wimminz and like police, the only ones you can trust are in the graveyard, and even then, best to keep one eye on them…

And then you remember, that tee shirt you bought in 1977, it said “as you are now, I once was, as I am now, you will never be” and you start to wonder, maybe Death’s Radio is like the cosmic background radiation, it has always been there, but you have to have your own baptism of fire before you become attuned to it.

Given enough time, you realise Death’s Radio isn’t just a signal, a ping, there is a lot of groove, a lot of beat, a lot of rhythm going on… Death’s Radio is pirate peer to peer radio for MGTOW, not broadcast, not one to many, but peer to peer pirate radio.

Death’s Radio is the special glasses in the immaculate They Live, We Sleep.

Turn on, tune in, drop out.

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