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July 29, 2013

So… last night….

…it all kicks off at the neighbours, I knew it would because he came home and was screaming into the phone to various people about where was his woman.

So she eventually turns up, they get into a shouting match, he accused her of fucking Tom, you lying fucking bitch, you promised, we were going to try again.

I’m possibly the only neighbour who didn’t ring da po-lice, because I knew how it would go down, nor did I knock on their door and clue the guy in, because he was blue pill central.content03

So officer dibble and his mate turn up, handcuff the guy for DV, he bleats that he loooves her, she says she never cheated on him and she is leaving (of COURSE she is gonna say this in front of third persons, eg plod) he gets carted off to Babylon.

Today she turns up with some mates, plenty of laughter and joking and light airy voices, you’d never guess the man she loved was in custody instead of at work, watching his life go down the crapper, some of the girl friends leave, leaving just her and one guy, and they are now fucking.

I wonder if he is Tom, or yet another white knight in her retinue.

Meanwhile matey is probably sobbing in his cell, wondering where the woman he loves so much is… lmfao.

You think the red pill is tough, it’s a lubed up finger compared the the cactus suppository that is the blue pill.


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